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Reviewed Jan. 22, 2022

I officially canceled ConEd service on 11/29/2021 because I moved out of NYC to another state where ConEd doesn't exist. ConEd sent me confirmation that they canceled my service on 11/29/2021. AND I paid the rest of my balance off on 12/21/2021. But today I received a bill from ConEd totaling over $400 for the Billing period: Dec 17, 2021 to Jan 20, 2022! The live chat on their website is inaccessible. They haven't responded to my email. And as I write this, I'm currently on hold with them for more than 30 minutes and haven't spoken to a human. They are unreachable. I'm so glad I never set up autopay because it would be even more of a nightmare trying to get my money back!

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Reviewed Dec. 24, 2021

Long story short, I was late with my November payment, so I had to pay Nov and Dec. together, which was for 241.34. When I call to make the payment for those 2 months, ConEd said, I had to pay 666.33 Due to non payment. There’s a holding fee for 425.00. I said, “I will not pay for that amount”; I will only pay for what I owe and I will call consumer affairs. After a minute the lady kindly said okay, “I will waive the hold if you promise to pay the January payment by the 01/11/2022." When did ConEd start charging so much for late fee?

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Reviewed Sept. 4, 2021

Literally their name tells you they're a Con. Forced to pay previous tenants bill almost $2,500. I sent proof of lease, previous address and id. They saw that no one lived in the apartment for the past 6 months but will not open an account until the previous tenant bill is paid. The former tenant stills get her internet/tv bill there, told them her name, they said they can't track her down. It's the landlord responsibility. I asked them why didn't they close the electricity when the squatter was staying here they said they couldn't because of covid. If the Landlord had to pay her to move since you can't evict people because of covid. Maybe they would have moved sooner it ConEd did their job and closed their electricity. The government needs to investigate Coned because their actions should be illegal forcing working people to pay the lowlife bills.

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Reviewed April 14, 2021

As a landlord I have three with them on the same building. An error in their internal systems resulted in their inability to communicate full bank account number to the bank on two of the ConEd accounts (they were missing the last digit). The other ones were fine. As a result the bank returned their request for payment saying such account doesn't exist.

They turned around and put a block on automatic payment those two ConEd accounts blaming their own deficient internal processes and automation on me. They are unable to comprehend that they have processed payment using the same bank account on other the ConEd account at the same address and the challenge is with their own internal processes and systems. Their "customer service" is disrespectful and unable to understand that the words they choose in communicating with the client can easily be insulting but they do not care. We need their assets confiscated, their last mile monopoly eliminated, more open market competition in generation and distribution, especially the latter.

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Reviewed March 23, 2021

What an irony that someone had similar problem.. I moved in the month of Feb to a new apartment, just 2 blocks from my old apartment. Now the funny part is my old apartment was 3 bedroom flex 4 bedroom.. 4 roommates with 1 refrigerator and a tiny microwave.. In NYC in the hot summer, 3 roommates having A/Cs and 1 roommates just fan, my Con Ed bill was half of what I got in this new apartment. I lived for 2yrs and 6months in the old apartment, when I saw the bill for 5weeks in my new apartment the number didnt make sense, 'cause the new apartment we are only two of us and also we are energy saver.. So the entire 2 bedroom electricity is always turned off, and we are barely home...

We believe in saving electricity, water etc.. If it is not needed we shouldn't be wasting it.. When we are home we are in our bedroom 'cause we dont have sofa yet to sit in the living room, we just moved here and all lights except the bedroom is turned off and now we just use our cell phone. No computer, nothing. when I explained this to the ConEd guy, he said "the meter in your old apartment wasnt working..." without even asking my old add.. And I told him, "Oh so the meter wasnt working for 2 yrs and 6 months?? Hhhmm..." And I said, "It doesnt make sense..." And he said, "We can't refund you for that," and I said, "Who said anything about refund???" And he was shut...

Dude this isnt about money honestly... Also he was very rude from the beginning... I told him if someone is going to scam me and you think I should just pull my CC out and pay them, when I work so hard to making a living?? Then he went on telling me that the bill was wrong 'cause I got charged for the previous month as the refrigerator was on... The funny part is that the refrigerator was never on... I turned it on 1 day before I moved here.. I am a customer service manger and I have been one for past 8 yrs now... If you are going to have an attitude and lie to your consumer or customer you make sure you are good at it!! I told him, "After this call listen to your call and ask yourself if everything you said to me made sense. Thank you."

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Reviewed Dec. 25, 2020

I used to live 3 minutes away (in car) from my new house, now when we moved to the new house our electricity usage went from 300 Kwh to 730 Kwh in one month! The new house is almost the same size as the old one, the appliances (fridge and microwave) in the new house are smaller and energy saver (LG). When I called to ask about the change in my supply charge, the lady who answered me said that the average usage of the neighborhood is around this number, also the previous tenants’ electricity usage was around this number!

Above all that, she added that this summer the number is going to duplicate!!!! (according to her that is the average use of energy in the neighborhood!) I explained that the previous tenants’ usage of electricity has nothing to do with ours, we are energy savers, all our appliances are energy efficient (energy star). Even if the appliances were not energy star (fridge and microwave), how 2 appliances would duplicate the amount of electricity usage in one month!!!

My concern is that why they keep comparing our usage to previous tenants of the house or neighborhood?! What they fail to understand that some families use more electricity than others (depends on the family member etc.). I asked them to send somebody to check the meter but they said there is no appointments available for now! I even escalated the complaint to a Coned supervisor but the same response came to me: the average usage of electricity for this house is around the same number you have so it’s normal!!! I noticed something, that in my old house the meter was not a digital but in the new house the meter is the smart one. So, people think twice before updating your meter to a smart one.

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Reviewed Dec. 16, 2020

Con Edison made a huge billing mistake. I am on autopay. They will not stop payment but will send me a check EVENTUALLY FOR THE $1400.00 error. OR IF THE PAYMENT can be stopped BY ME they will not reimburse the bank fee that I will be charged for that cancellation. BUT of Course this is my fault because I did not call them about it 2 days sooner even though I just received the bill and it's not my fault the mail is ultra slow these days. Do NOT use autopay to Con ED.

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Reviewed Nov. 2, 2020

Not even sure where to start. Perhaps their atrocious, 1998-like website functionality, or their half-dozen different numbers to call, which of course always lead to ridiculous, Byzantine voice menu hell, seldom resulting in being able to speak with a human being. Or maybe it's just what happens when you give a company a monopoly, and they no longer care because they don't have to. The reality is, Con Ed would have been put out of business decades ago by even a slight amount of competition. They don't innovate, they don't provide good service, and they are nearly impossible to get on the phone. Even when you are trying to pay! What business does that? None. They are not a business. They are an idiotic, bureaucratic government-like edifice that should be put to sleep.

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Reviewed Oct. 13, 2020

CONED is the biggest scam I have ever seen. Because of Covid 19 they have been charging me for the apartment I haven't even been at and have had zero electricity or gas usage in, 2019 rates for those months because they "weren't doing in person readings." They told us "but don't worry, if you send a real reading of your meter then we will retroactively update you account and credit you back". Long story short, I had my Super take a picture, I sent to them back in July and after months of HOUNDING them to credit me back since March 2020 they came back with a $40 credit. I HAVE PAID OVER $350 DOLLARS.

Due to Covid 19 we are sick, unemployed, low on money, and this is how ConEd treats us. It's repulsive. They have a monopoly on NYC so you usually have no choice to go with them. The government needs to get this disgusting company out of here and shut down for good. I am telling you - if you have the option - go with ANYONE else.

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Reviewed Sept. 26, 2020

We have solar panels on our roof that generate electricity back into our grid when we are producing more energy than we are consuming. The department that handles this within our service provider of ConEdison is called Net Metering. I have made several calls to this department and have been told each time that in order to see this credit (the kWh hours my system is creating) I need to go outside and watch the meter run backwards. This would mean I have to be outside during the entire day (every day of that billing period) to account for this credit as these hours are never identified on our monthly bill. Extremely questionable and very nontransparent on the part of Con Edison. Does anyone else see an issue with this process?

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Reviewed Sept. 17, 2020

I smelled something strange, like gas leak, but not sure, so I called ConEdison for emergent gas check up. A guy came very quickly. After testing, he told me it was not gas problem, maybe AC system was leaking. Anyway it has nothing to do with gas. However, he called for help from his company. A big truck and a big digging machine arrived minutes later, and also came more guys. Two fire engines were also called in. They dig on one of the gas well near my house and did something, then they covered it.

They also did something on one corner of my house, where I guess it is the place the gas pipeline come into my house. I am very suspicious of what they did. If nothing wrong, why did they dig their gas well and the corner of my house. One guy, looked like a boss, told me I should call AC guy to check. But several hours after they left, the strange smell was gone. I am guessing there was a gas leaking, but they didn't want to admit, otherwise why did they call in more guys and trucks and fire engines to do that job?

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Reviewed Sept. 5, 2020

A big tree limb hit the electric service wire that runs across the street and causes a big lean in pole no. My service wire got detached from house from the tension BUT unless you lose power they won't fix anything. Any tickets called in and now calls to the PSC.

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Reviewed Aug. 20, 2020

Con Edison installed smart meters (gas and electric) in our development, Mystic Pointe located in Ossining NY, in late 2017/early 2018. Since then, we have seen double digit, year over year increases in select months, in the costs of gas supply ($ per therm supplied or used), gas delivery ($ per therm delivered) and electric delivery ($ per kw delivered). We use another ESCO for electric supply FYI, so that is not a Con Ed issue. It is impossible to determine if these Con Ed price increases correspond, or not, to the approved state of NY price increases that have been negotiated by Con Ed and approved by state lawmakers. The "meeting notes/reports" from Albany are sometimes 110-120+ pages, and are in technical speak, not regular English.

We learned this month that, after a $3400 gas bill (supply and delivery) for the 4/15-5/15/20 time period, that the smart gas meter had malfunctioned. Con Ed's own tech examined the meter, then told us that there was a broken part in the meter, and "the meter was spinning too quickly." Additionally, we are not the only household experiencing this issue. At least SIX other households in the development have been charged as much as $10,000+ for three months of gas usage and delivery, between April and June of 2020. We also have no idea when our home's meter broke, calling into question all bills from Con Ed since January 2018.

We think that Con Ed bought and installed faulty smart gas meters, and that they have no idea how long that they have been malfunctioning. Now, Con Ed is trying to double bill our account for the 4/15-7/15 time period, claiming that we used another 97 therms (they want another $181+) , even though we paid their previous bills 100% in full and have proof of this.

Further, natural gas costs are so low, shale oil producers are burning off natural gas finds/creating methane in the air, because they cannot make any money putting the gas in containers or pipelines and transporting it for sale. This being the case, how have our gas supply costs not decreased proportionately? Additionally, why is the delivery portion of the average monthly con ed bill 75% or more of our monthly bill? We are being billed $3 for every $1 of unit of energy used (therm or kilowatt), through the same pipes and wires that have been in place since the house was built in 1996. We also have no overhead wires or poles, so this is not due to storms and repair issues for our development or home.

Someone needs to call Con Ed on the carpet for this. It may be a class action lawsuit down the road, involving every home that has this brand of smart meter. We have no idea if it affects the electric smart meters as well. This may affect dozens or hundreds or thousands of Con Ed customers throughout New York State and in other US states.

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Reviewed Aug. 11, 2020

One of the worst companies and customer service I've ever come into contact with (and getting into contact in itself was a TIRESOME, almost impossible effort). The fact that this company provides my essentials and that I have no way around them is utter torment.

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Reviewed Aug. 7, 2020

This company is a total failure. Let’s start with the fact that they are a monopoly that should be broken up. They charge exorbitant amounts for service and I have never seen a single improvement to their systems. Their preparations and response times during storms are absolutely disgraceful. They have not learned a thing since superstorm Sandy and this recent debacle of Isaias is 100% proof that they were grossly underprepared. I am tired of paying top dollar for a company that simply couldn’t care less for its customers. Our elected officials should do something about this insanely negligent company and break up the monopoly once and for all.

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Reviewed July 6, 2020

They have on their web site that they have a low rate program for the disabled. I am disabled. I got a) WRONG information, and b) the RUNAROUND for six months, then finally some bureaucrat shrugged me off and said they do NOT provide a low rate program for the disabled unless I'm either already on assistance like SNAP or such. If I stopped paying my utility bill I could take my DISCONNECT NOTICE to a city agency (none of which are open due to coronavirus) and once I got benefits from them (how long does that take, six months? A year???) THEN and only then would they provide assistance. Here's an idea: STOP LYING.

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Reviewed June 23, 2020

Placed on long hold only to be hung up on. Called back and my simple concerns couldn't be answered. Workers are incompetent and rude, will be switching to National Grid immediately. Wouldn't mind if this was the first time, regardless shouldn't have to deal with this type of appalling customer service.

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Reviewed June 7, 2020

My bill is never over $50. I get an email from Con Ed saying my upcoming bill is $800. I call them and they correct it (to $43). 3 months later $500 was taken out of my bank acct. I called them ANGRY. They said I need to go down to my super, have them give me a reading and call con ed back. I told them absolutely NOT, con ed should have read it correctly when they came. They checked their record again and saw that the bill should have been $46. They said in 2 weeks they will send me a refund. I said that's unacceptable and I want my money in my account now. They refused. So, I called my bank and reversed the charge. DON'T DO AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS IF YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH THEM.

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Reviewed April 19, 2020

I would give this company no stars if I could! I signed up with Con Edison when I moved over to the States and I've been regretting it ever since. They have no sense of customer care and everyone who works for them are incompetent. From the month of November - February I was paying bills for over $500 for a 3 bedroom apartment! We rarely occupied the apartment and never used our electric heating (which was the reason for our extortionate bills, apparently). Naturally, Con Edison were useless. Their customer support team don't offer any guidance or solution to your problems instead you have no choice but to pay the outrageous bills, otherwise your electricity will be turned off and they'll issue you with late fees. Moral of the story is - DON'T SIGN UP WITH THIS COMPANY - THEY WILL ROB YOU.

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Reviewed April 17, 2020

Every single person I came in contact with at Con Edison are incompetent. You should all be on the unemployment line and save us the grief of your incompetency, lies and BS! Spoke to many different representatives and Supervisors and not ONE person knew what the hell they were doing. Public Service Commission agreed with my opinion. But they were a waste of my time. Both should get their acts together. It's no wonder so many have left or are leaving New York. Con Edison robs you and the Public Service Commission who oversees them, does absolutely about it.

I was found on a share meter. I was told it was a significant amount by numerous Con Ed employers, including Supervisors and their field inspectors. Two flipping years later, I'm now told I only overpaid $134.00 on my shared meter, YET, I have statements 3 inches thick that have numerous credits AND a printout I recently received by my request of my credits and charges which shows they owe me $247.00, BUT a recent statement shows I have a balance of $1,344.00, and that I'm disputing the amount of $2,500.00. What the hell? Where are these numbers coming from??? I'm disputing $2500,00? I OWE THEM $1,344.55? THEY CAN SHUT MY ELECTRIC OFF BECAUSE THEY WON'T GET A DIME OF THAT FROM ME!!! They are incompetent, lying thieves!!!

I never would have went through this for $134.00, never!!!! I have statements from them showing I have a credit of $1,988.00, and now I owe them $1,344.00 and disputing $2,500.00? They are out of their minds. I rent an apartment, no lights on all day, nothing being used and I receive close to $500.00 bills and/or high $400's/high $300's? I have been paying electric my entire life and NEVER HAD THESE BILLS. WHEN I SAY SOMETHING'S WRONG, SOMETHING IS WRONG!

When this Pandemic is over, I will be taking them to Court and contacting others regarding my situation. Most of their employees should be fired, as they are all incompetent! Thanks for nothing Public Service Commission who stated over and over again, they would help me, but did NOTHING so don't waste your time with them.

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Reviewed March 27, 2020

ConEd is upgrading their meters to digital. Mine was done in October 2019. It is now the end of March 2020 and I have not received a bill for service since August 2019. They tell me that they haven't activated the new meter. Of course, I will eventually get a bill for 7-8+ months of service. I have contacted them 4 times in the last 4 months but then just tell me that I have to wait. Shouldn't I get free service if they don't want to bill me? I worry that when I get billed it will be impossible to pay because it has piled up for so long.

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Reviewed Feb. 24, 2020

My bill up to November 2018 was 40 to 50$ a month. From December on bill went up to 120$ a month. Called ConEd several times. They always say it's because the new meters were installed. But my usage is same or even smaller from what I had with old meters.

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Reviewed Feb. 15, 2020

I hate Con Ed. Despite being a paying customer for 30+ years I still get demands from them for deposits and threats of turn-off even after I've paid in full. I already have a deposit of $175 with them for a couple of years now, but for months they have been demanding an additional $145 deposit due to a bill being paid late. There is NO other company I can think of that continues to harass and threaten its customers even after they are up-to-date with their bill! In addition, their bills are incredibly confusing, with the amount owed often appearing as an exorbitant amount because of the tacked-on deposit. I always feel like I'm paying off a gambling debt to the mafia. Wish there was another company to choose instead of them but unfortunately they have a monopoly hold on NYC. I hate Con Ed.

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Reviewed Jan. 17, 2020

I was awarded a one shot deal in 2013. I kept my light bill at a zero balance. 3 years later I close out that account and moved in with my girlfriend in 2016. We broke up in 2019. I then moved to Staten island NY and was told I owe for the one shot deal which was issue for me in 2013. They claimed that they sent this grant money to HRA for what I don't know three years later so that means that HRA got 500 dollars and ConEdison made interest plus they want me to pay for the grants. I'll fight them to the end.

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Reviewed Dec. 21, 2019

My last gas bill and electricity was $79.24 and I keep using the service the same way I always do. This December they sent me an account of $94.32. I don't accept that because it's an abuse of power. ConEdison do this to the consumer because they don't have a competitor. We have nowhere to go and we feel powerless. Someone needs to do something about this abusive action.

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Reviewed Nov. 5, 2019

Recently ConEdison installed a smart meter and then I got an adjusted bill for over 5 times my usual bill. I called ConEd to dispute the charges and they claimed that they adjusted my bill because the last 12 months they'd been sending us a "estimated bill" but once they removed the old meter they got an actual reading which showed I used more electricity than they "estimated" and so the increased bill to account for that usage.

When I inquired about why I was receiving an estimated bill for the past 12 months, Con Ed said no one at my home was available to give access for meter reading, but that's not true as for the past year, no Con Ed worker came out to do meter readings. They now refused to waive any of the charges and in order to prevent fees or service disruption, I've been told that I can enter into an agreement to pay off the balance in 24 months. This is a complete rip off and I am furious that I'm being charged this extremely high bill because of their failure to send out workers to read the meters. Quite frankly, I don't even buy this BS that my actual usage is higher than the estimated bills they sent, as they tend to give a estimate higher than the actual amount used.

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Reviewed Oct. 30, 2019

ConEdison should stop stealing people money. I was in vacation for 3 months. They charge me for electricity. I was not in my apartment. Customer service the worst ever. It’s time for this company to go away. We sick tired from them.

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Reviewed Oct. 22, 2019

On October 19, 2019 I got a WELCOME letter (plus nice blue brochures) that I'm included into ConEdison_Smart Edison Plan. Very smart judging by the three categories rates ConEdison have. Of course, not for the customers, but excellent for increasing the salaries and bonuses. I talk to them, saying I never sign any of their letters. She said I "was chosen" to participate. She also said that my name will be removed, as I was furious. Who is the person who decided I would like to participate (to donate officially to their CEOs) every month. It's time to audit this company for their ridiculous rates and their behavior to customers.

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Reviewed Sept. 20, 2019

ConEd made all of us switch to smart meters in our building. Since that happened our bills have increased tenfold even though they claimed the bills were supposed to go down. AND even though we have used LESS electricity, def not more. I have also been suffering health effects such as headaches and heart palpitations. My lights ALSO flicker since I had them installed which they never did with an analog meter. I want these things gone AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. There is NO positive benefit to them! Don't force or make us do anything for your benefits, and to spy on us. All the operators on the phone do is read from a script and tell you how they are better for you, and less radiation than a smart phone. My hiney! That radiation pulses through your whole body all day long.

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Reviewed Sept. 12, 2019

ConEdison maliciously refrained from billing me more based on my "estimated bills" until the summer was just about over, and charged me more for over 14 months worth of bills. When I called to ask why, they not only could not prove which meter readings were accepted or denied, they also refused to answer why they didn't start charging me for my "exact bill" for over 14 months. They admitted there were multiple "accepted" readings over the course of my time at this residence yet still refrained from notifying me or charging me for an absurd amount of time. ConEd uses their monopoly to take advantage of customers with little to no recourse on how to solve issues like mine. They completely disregarded their responsibility to be transparent to customers. They should not be allowed to be aware of customers' actual bills but not notify them, especially for long periods of time.

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