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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Extended Stay America?
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    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed May 11, 2024

    Horrible place. Fairfax, VA. Tried to charge me double. Dirty room. Smelled really bad and the host didn't understand a lack of English. Really bad for 192 for one night. Stay away. Marriot and Hampton inn is by far a 100% better.

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    Reviewed May 3, 2024

    The Extended Stay West Melbourne Florida is occupied with a known call girl/prostitute Kayla ** residing there using facilities for in call services. Can't imagine no one is aware with all the extra foot traffic coming in and out of this establishment.

    Reviewed May 2, 2024

    This review is specifically about the Yorba Linda Location. The stay here was awful and management was worse. I was cursed at by a manager, never received a full cookware set and lied to by the District Manager about a getting a refund for my stay. Corporate isn't interested in complaints and will brush you off to get a good review while offering nothing. I used to love this company but it turns out I was completely wrong. I've stayed with them many times but after viewing many reviews on different sites, this location is notoriously bad for service, cleanliness and customer concerns.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed April 23, 2024

    I made a reservation for May 23-26 on Feb 17th. At 1 am in the morning of April 23rd my card was charged, when I called, the manager wouldn’t allow me to speak, told me it wasn’t them and said there was nothing he would do. So now I’ve been robbed of 100 bucks and no reservation for the dates I needed. Thanks Extended Stay!


    Reviewed April 16, 2024

    I would give a half star, but I cannot. I've stayed here repeatedly but this will be my last time. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I have been here, something major was wrong with the room. Garbage disposal not working, the microwave not working, the bathroom light not working, no shampoo in the bathroom, one small towel in the bathroom, water from the unit above coming through the bathroom vent like Niagara Falls, today, the TV doesn't work and apparently, no one can or will do anything about it. I can't get another room with a working TV, unless I'm willing to pay more. The rooms routinely smell bad and have not had routine maintenance in likely a decade. Yes, they're "cheap" to rent but you reach a point where it's just not worth it. This is the Extended Stay in Malvern, PA on 8 Swedesford Rd. Why stay in business, if this is the level of "quality" you are offering people? You'd be better off sleeping in your car.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed April 10, 2024

    I was a resident there and I was almost at my 3 months tax exempt. When you go to the receipt folio they never show your deposit. They should but they don't. The staff is always sleeping at night managers, the gm doesn't do his job. Always ask for receipt when you pay. Water pressure issue, take a lot of money for you to stay. What a dump. Know your rights. Call your bank. Call a lawyer. No deposit, no room but they can't refund the money


    Reviewed March 30, 2024

    My stay at Extended Stay America was excellent. Assistant manager Milano provided excellent service. Showed genuine care. She makes stay here very pleasant. She is also very polite, makes me feel very welcomed. Ready to accommodate to needs if possible. I rate this hotel a 5 star. Her interactions with people staying here is excellent.

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    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingStaff

    Reviewed March 19, 2024

    I wish I had read the other reviews first! The worst: "front desk" people, worst management, rudest employees-threaten to kick you out, to call the police (who are there are at least one time a day), filthy, stinks, dog poop all over outside because there are people that stay here and just don't care! Double and triple check your bill because they will try to add additional charges!!! Drug sales and consumption, domestic violence occurrences in hallways, outside, etc. If you are looking for a place to stay for any length of time-ACTUALLY, ONE NIGHT WOULD BE TOO MUCH! Keep going and stay safe!!!


    Reviewed March 14, 2024

    Currently staying in Indianapolis and it has been a good one! The room is spacious and staff has been friendly and attentive. Extended Stay also provides a cheaper rate after a month of stay which definitely makes it more affordable than other hotels in the area. Definitely recommended!


    Reviewed March 11, 2024

    I am giving my stay a 2 out of 10 because the staff was really nice. When I arrived to check in, there was a man smoking marijuana 10ft from the main entrance. The room I booked was still being occupied so I was moved to another room with smaller beds, but I was told it was an upgrade. Entering my room I was SHOCKED!!!! The room was spacious but very run down. The decor was horrible. The furniture was old, chipped and absolutely disgusting. I requested a king size bed with a sofa sleeper. I am glad I was given the smaller beds, since I was not going to let my daughter sleep on the sleeper sofa after seeing how gross it was. We didn't even sit on it. My daughter and I shared a bed and my husband slept in the other. A double bed will not fit both my husband and I comfortably.

    The Bathroom sink looked like it was going to fall off the wall, and it had no vanity. I had to use the filthy mirror next to the TV to get ready in the morning. I found curly body hair in the shower, so we didn't use the shower at all. The TV was filthy and kept glitching. The kitchen area was peeling the cupboards were old and the countertop was pulling away from the backsplash and wall. The fridge smelled like something died in it. I was extremely uncomfortable in this room. I checked out the mattress, it was fairly new, but the pillows were stained. Thank God I brought my own blankets and pillows. The wall colors reminded me of baby poo and pea soup. The place made my skin crawl.

    The AC did work. The Laundry center was nice. No Grab and Go breakfast as promised. This was the worst hotel I have ever stayed at. I almost went and slept in my car. I picked this hotel because it was right next to the Embassy where my daughter's varsity team was staying and wanted to stay close since the Embassy was sold out a few weeks prior to me making 3 week advanced reservations. This Hotel needs some serious renovations. I will not be staying here again. I also mentioned to the coaches not to recommend this hotel to parents in the future.

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    Reviewed March 11, 2024

    I booked this hotel as a quick stay before my flight out of Phoenix. I supposedly got a deluxe room. The room had cabinet doors that had fallen off in the kitchen and bathroom. Carpet looked like it was burned with an iron. Hotel had a horrible odor. I had stayed at an Extended Stay in Calif. on a business trip and it too was one of the worst I have ever stayed in. The desk clerk was friendly, but I honestly will never stay at this hotel chain again.


    Reviewed Feb. 28, 2024

    Ramona is the one who will just not do it. She will look you in her face until you. I'm just not gonna do it, she's Tired from working all this week. There's only 2 people behind the desk now. Because the manager is sick too, but if she's training to be manager here I'd rather die in the street.

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    Reviewed Feb. 4, 2024

    The Extended Stay hotel in Glen Burnie MD is the absolute worst hotel!! They had no staff working from 10 to 12 midnight!!! I came in the hotel 11:22 pm and waited to have my room keyed reprogrammed and NO ONE was around!!! Another guest said she was at desk at 10 pm and NO one was there!!! I called other extended stay to see if I could get a manager and NO luck!! I ringed the damn bell about 15 times and NO ONE showed up!! Around 12:10 am a girl with a black bonnet showed up and said she just got there to work because the person before her left!! Smdh!!! I was locked out of my room for almost an hour!!!! I will NEVER EVER stay at this hotel again!! It's ** as hell!!! Pot smell everywhere!! Room smell and not clean at all!! Just disgusting and dirty!!! Not worth the money!!!!

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    Reviewed Jan. 3, 2024

    My service dog, friend and I stayed at 5050 e Grant, Tucson AZ. My dog is certified as a service dog and registered with the federal government. At check-in, they argued with me, saying she was NOT a service dog, just an emotional support animal. I tried to show her the certification paperwork. She wouldn't look at it and charged an extra $38 for her stay, which is ALL illegal. I had paperwork to prove it was also illegal. She got me so upset.

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    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 16, 2023

    This is kind of long so grab a beverage, relax in your favorite chair and settle in for an interesting read. I have stayed in this hotel (Extended Stay America - Corpus Christi, TX) twice: for 6 weeks from the start of Oct 2023 thru mid November 2023 and for 6 weeks starting in late November 2023 thru mid January 2024. My experience both times was HORRIBLE! My complaints range from disrespectful staff - including the manager - to terrible, old, smelly rooms. But this incident takes the grand prize for having rude and incredibly irresponsible staff - again, this includes the manager.

    This started about a week ago. One evening the fire alarm went off. So I quickly grabbed what I could, finally corralled my terribly frightened dog and made my way to the stairwell (because any idiot who has ever been in a large public building knows to take the stairs v. the elevator). I made it to the first floor (my room is on the 3rd floor at the western end of the building) and stepped into the hallway. From there, I could see a thick haze that extended nearly the length of the entire hallway.

    I started to make my way to the lobby and out of the building when I came upon the issue that had triggered the alarm. It was a room that was also on the west end of the hotel...right below my room. There was a hotel employee holding the door to #108 open. The room itself was full of smoke. I asked the hotel employee what was going on and he told me the the occupant of that room had made a "mistake". He said that the man in the room was cooking something on the stove top and burned it. He said everything was fine and that I could go back to my room. My ex husband was a firefighter and often shared his experiences with me so I knew not to go back to my room until the fire department had cleared the building and deemed it safe to re-enter. I waited outside until I saw the firefighters removing their gear and put it away. I asked one of them if it was safe to go back in and he said it was.

    Fast forward two or three days...late in the evening the fire alarm went off AGAIN! As before, I took my dog (who was once again terribly frightened) and headed to the stairwell on the west end of the building. As soon as I got to the first floor, I could see and smell the smoke. Much to my dismay, the reason for the alarm was because of the guy in 108 - AGAIN! And again, the hotel employee was holding the door to 108 open. and AGAIN he was telling everyone that it was just a "mistake" and that we can all go back to our rooms.

    That's when my frustration and annoyance had turned into a level of anger that was off the charts. So, instead of quietly making my way outside, I went to the lobby to voice my concerns. Apparently I wasn't alone. The lobby was full of people that were just as angry as I was. One lady was screaming at the hotel employee (the same one that was sending people back to their room before the situation was completely under control and before the fire department had given the okay).

    The lady wanted to know why that occupant was still here and if they allowed him to stay, why didn't they remove the stove from his room so he couldn't do this again. I also wanted to know that same thing so I joined her and others and started insisting that we deserved to know what was being done about this guy. He refused to answer any questions, refused to give any of us the manager's phone number and refused (or didn't know) what the hotel policy was on a situation like this.

    When the "heat" from a room full of angry people got to be too much for him, he disappeared into the back area of the front office where we couldn't see him. He apparently called the manager at that time. A little while later, he came back and said the manager told him she would come in "extra early" the following day. My anger was at a boiling point so I was demanding that she come to the hotel, see what was happening and address the situation. The employee said the manager didn't want to deal with it that night but again promised to come in "extra early" to address it. I was beyond furious but there wasn't anything more that I can do so I finally went to my room. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep that night.

    The next morning I had calmed down and got a little bit of sleep. I felt better and had calmed down. After thinking about the night before and how I had behaved and felt that I should offer an apology for some of my comments and the way I handled the situation. Right about then, the cleaning lady came to my room and told me that the hotel manager wanted to speak with me. I went downstairs with the intention of apologizing for my language and aggressive tone the night before. BUT...that didn't happen...not even close.

    As soon as I walked into the lobby, she asked my name. I told her and at that point her tone completely changed. I started to walk towards the desk but only got a few steps before she started barking at me. The conversation that followed was too lengthy to recount here but here is the Cliff Notes version: Her first remark was to tell me that under no circumstances was I ever to address any of her employees or her that way I had the night before. She said that if she got even one more complaint about me, she would evict me from the hotel immediately and I would never be allowed back. She then followed that up with other baseless accusations. I tried to dispute some of her comments but she just chuckled and told me that she didn't believe anything I had said because her employee had told her something different. She then repeated her threat of conviction.

    When I realized that she had no intention of even hearing me out much less doing something about, I asked her what she planned to do about the guy in 108 who had triggered the fire alarm. Her exact words were, "He is welcomed to stay as long as he wants to." I, once again, had reached a boiling point. However, as much as I hate to admit this, I currently don't have a Plan B. Extended Stay hotels around here that take dogs and don't cost a small fortune are practically non-existent. I would have to go a couple of hours away to find another one. So at the moment, she has me over a barrel.

    I'm doing research to figure out what to do next. I've already contacted the Corpus Christi fire marshal and he confirmed (from a fire department perspective) that the way ESA hotel handled this situation was not the normal process of how a fire call in a public building is supposed to be handled. I've reached out to him again to get more details and to get a copy of the documents stating what the best practices are and what can happen if they are not followed.

    Soooooo....I have made of list of ways that this can be handled. My main goal is to make this hotel follow proper procedures to keep their guests safe. And as tacky as this is going to sound, I want to make sure the hotel manager and her employee know that they cannot get away with threatening me. As you may have guessed by now, I'm a writer and have a way with words that can be very persuasive. By the time I'm done with this, all of Corpus Christi, the fire department, the police department, every newspaper, every news channel and ESA Corporate will be aware of this situation. If you know of any other path that I can follow, I would appreciate a response to this review.

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    Reviewed Dec. 6, 2023

    This hotel has roaches and any rooms without, smell like bug spray. Their customer service is VERY unprofessional. Their breakfast is stale and old items. They're stingy with towels etc. We got attitude the first night just asking for wifi info. Their signs in room say 'whatever you need, just call.' They have plumbing issues that was reported but nothing done for a week. The refrigerator makes loud noise continuously. There are multiple stray cats wandering around and meowing everywhere. The bed is not very comfortable. When asked for coffeemaker (like advised on their own room brochures) more attitude. When asked about housekeeping, more attitude and no help to set that up. For over $500 per week, you would expect MUCH BETTER service and professionalism!!! This place is a hot mess

    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 29, 2023

    First off, I blame myself for not reading the reviews about this place. If I had, I wouldn't be wasting my time writing this one. This was by far the worst hotel I've stayed in and I've been all over the world in the last 60+ years of staying in various hotels and locations. Don't bother contacting the hotel management, they know all about their problems and do absolutely nothing except lip service responding to their poor reviews on the various social media sites and Google. Case in point...I had an interaction with Alvin the front desk manager that would be grounds for firing at any location that cared about its clients, but as I read over other reviews I see that I'm not the first person to have a problem with this guy and yet there he is still giving grief to clients and they do nothing about him.

    That's just a start...the rooms are nothing like they advertise, there are no cooking or eating utensils, no paper towels, no coffee maker, the bed was broken down and sounded like you were walking on crumbled aluminum foil every time you moved or rolled over, the floor was filthy with crumbs left from the previous guests, the toilets smelled of urine, and there wasn't a plug in the bathroom sink and it would clog up when you ran water because a toothpaste cap was down inside it blocking the water from draining. Then try and get a cup of coffee or their advertised "grab and go breakfast". What a joke, stale muffins, hidden under the table and cold coffee that you had to beg to get a cup to put it in and the coffee stations was filthy every day of our stay.

    We should have known better with our initial contact when checking in; they gave us a folded stapled piece of paper containing one room key card instead of the professional key packet with their logo, wi-fi information, etc, but we were tired and just wanted to get checked in and some rest. Don't stay here. I will be posting this review on every social media site I can and let everyone know that this is one lousy place to stay and needs a serious management and owner change. Shame on Extended Stay America. It doesn't say much about you or your franchise.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 24, 2023

    I Stayed at the Extended Stay America in Boise off Vista on 11/22/23. First room the TV would not work and they said that the cable goes out when it rains and moved me to a new room across from the laundry area. The walls are paper thin and you can hear anything in the hallway. I wanted to sleep in and I was awoken at 8am to the cleaning crew talking trash for 30 minutes and it wounded like they were in the room with me. I checked out at 10:30. At 12:30 I received a notice from my credit card that I was charged an additional $265.00. I call the hotel and they said the room smelled like smoke so I was being fined. I do not smoke or vape or use nicotine products. I tried to explain there must be a mistake and she was very rude and basicaly called me a liar. I drove back to the hotel 4 hours later to confront the on duty person I talked to be she was gone.

    I asked the front desk clerk to take me to the room and show me it smells like smoke. He did and we both agreed there was a mistake and he would leave a note for the manager. I talked the manager the next day and she basically called me a liar also, but said she would take off the charges if I did not smoke on my next stay. Again, I don't smoke. She does not have to worry about me on my next stay because I will never go back to those shady bastards again.

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    Reviewed Nov. 17, 2023

    Don’t stay here. They act nice but if you tell them you will pay the next money that’s due when you get your paycheck they will kick veterans and special needs children out. They don’t care and extremely heartless. They even send police and make up stuff like, "Oh nobody answered. We thought you were dead" **. No you just wanted to harass us and my husband ** who has Health issues as well. We will never stay here again. Karma will bite them in the **

    Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 11, 2023

    This room stinks. I have done all I can do to get this molded mildewed smell out of here. However, the attempts have been unsuccessful and it's making us all sick. As soon as the air is cut off it reeks horrible and smells even worse. I have mentioned this before with old management (all maintenance did was put boards over the mold) and I have mentioned this to new management. When I mentioned this to new management, I was explained I had to wait for a third party to be called to come out which led to another almost 2 weeks wait for them to half-fix the mold and still cover it up. I can no longer take this unbearable smell. I have since asked to move to another room and be downgraded as well but there is never a room available without carpet. My pets are trained but I still don't want any accidents on no carpet therefore I don't want a room with a carpet seeing that new management is now charging for everything.

    When I made reservations through ESA online reservation, I told them I would be here for a year or two which is why I received a cheaper rate, and they were told about my support animals which is why I have never been charged for them. Hence, upon residing here I have endured in the first studio room 3rd floor $799.18 every 2 weeks: full of roaches crawling on the wall while cooking and crawling on me while asleep as well as coming under the door from the designated trash spots (they were loads of roaches crawling all on the wall and everywhere else and I would have to put a towel under the door), the mattress was unsanitarily soiled and full of brown and yellow stains and I did not want to lay on top of that!

    When I sent old management photos, he nicely accommodated me to another room with double beds at the same rate. When I transferred to the 1st floor as an accommodation (room with double beds): I experienced noisy neighbors with kids stomping all day & night, mold in cabinets, roaches coming out the ceiling and everywhere else, spiders, rust in the oven, and water leaking out the bathroom ceiling flooding the floor, water dripping from the window because of the upstairs neighbors AC causing big puddles of water that constantly had to be fixed.

    I spoke with the director (after 3 long weeks waiting and repeating calling customer relations to get this matter resolved to move to another room), and she was okay with me moving to the third floor and back in another room with no carpet at the same rate. Seeing I was being harassed by two other tenants who reside here (I have all the email & text documentation and photos to prove it) I didn’t want to move by them.

    The couple cursed me out for sitting in the lobby when the lights went off after a storm because they felt I was invading their privacy. When I told management about it and wrote them numerous letters, they did NOTHING about it when the policy states if you are being harassed by another tenant and basically is disrespectful, they are supposed to be basically KICKED OUT, but it never happened. They told me “Oh they do everyone like that, and we don’t get into disputes we just call the police but personally, we don’t do anything.”

    I then transferred to this suite paying $1038.80 every 2 weeks due to no other option because I could no longer take the noise of the 5 kids above me with the constant stomping etc, it was just too much. I have recordings of that as well that I sent to the regional manager when she finally called, and she heard it over the phone herself and agreed that was too much noise. I explained they couldn’t move them because they had moved before from the third floor, and they didn’t want to have to have the room out of commission to move them to the first floor. upon moving into this room water was coming from behind the wall flooding the bathroom uncontrollably every day until they patched it up and that was it.

    Management then was aware of the mold just as well as maintenance, but it was covered up and not fixed. that whiteboard they put on the side was a cover-up. I then had to explain the sink was caving in on the sides and underneath and the only thing maintenance did was place the brown wooded board over the mold and leave it like it was. I then had to ask them to come back and paint where the shower head was because they left everything as is. Now the toilet in the living room must be shut off due to the noise in which I work from home and so now I have to endure them going behind the wall with all the noise that comes along with it to fix this when the maintenance man said no one should have ever been allowed to move in here. So now my 8-year-old niece and I must use one toilet and I have to be inconvenienced because of these problems.

    Not to mention the Wi-Fi barely works as I have had a ticket open with Velocity since September 6th. As a person who resides in this hotel all that I have endured has been unsanitary conditions and maintenance, just patching things up instead of fixing them, watching residents sit outside and engage in drug use of all kinds, selling drugs on the property, living in U-Haul truck on the property, taking vehicles apart and fixing them on the property, basically everything goes on her and it's overlooked.

    Upon signing up to stay with her I had two small pets which were entered into the system as my service animals because they are. NOW suddenly with new management they don’t see it in the system and want to start charging me saying it was never in the system. I have been living here since April. Why would I not include my pets that help me day to day emotionally? They are now also charging for ripped and stained towels, which majority of the time we get these towels they are already nasty and stained.

    I have paid too much money to live here to experience all of this in the last 7 months. But as soon as you miss a payment management hunts you down like an animal and will be ready to put you out if payment is not received but does not keep codes up accordingly to make this place sanitary. I live here for a reason (as we all do) and regardless of the reason it doesn't mean taking advantage of my hard-earned money and doing what you want to do as if no one cares.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 6, 2023

    Good day, My name is Sean. I recently stayed at this establishment in Springfield, IIl on Dirkson Pkwy on October 14, 2023. We were not happy at all.

    1) The place had an offensive odor.
    2) There was soap in the soap dish that did not belong to us.
    3) There was a foot print on the bathroom floor that did not belong to us.
    4) The sheets you had on the bed were so thin, you could read thru them.
    5) I found someone else's hair on the side of the tub.
    6) There was NO hot water so we were unable to shower before leaving the next morning.
    7) There was NO television reception. I had to stream my phone to the TV just to watch something. Local news was out of the question.
    8) There was a drywall patch above the toilet that looked as if it were going to fall at anytime. Complete with mold.
    9) There was a dog across the hall that barked every time we went to our door or walked outside.. even at 2-3 in the morning when no one was around.

    10) I would have called the front desk.. BUT THERE WAS NO PHONE IN THE ROOM!!!!

    I Did manage to call the front desk on my own phone, but the young lady at the desk said there was no one on duty to fix anything. This is one of the worst hotels I've ever stayed in. I even sent pictures and to date, have not heard back from these people.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 25, 2023

    I paid almost $1,000 for the rudest customer service I have five bar experienced in my lifetime. They have bed bugs and roaches. My family woke up with bites on their faces we could not get clean towels except at 4:00 p.m. and was yelled at about it by the front desk ladies. Hotel is gross. There's cockroaches in the hallways. Very loud air conditioner. Maintenance people made it louder and run worse they did not they woke us up. And for an hour they were in our room spraying our air conditioner with a power washer for some reason getting our clean clothes all wet. Our room smell like mold after that. Ask to be refunded. They agreed and have yet to get it 5 days later.


    Reviewed Oct. 10, 2023

    Ms. ** and Ms. ** from the location in Princeton-West Windsor saved my fiance's on September 30, 2023. My fiance (who is disabled), myself and my fiance's ESA (cat-Midnight), was thrown out into the streets/woods in the middle of September 2023. We could only afford two nights at ESA and checked out on the 30th. We knew we were going back into the woods and I had to work that night, leaving my disabled fiance and her ESA cat in the woods alone. Ms. ** and Ms. ** talked to my fiance (not knowing she was contemplating suicide that night), and let us sit inside as long as we wanted to during Ms. ** shift. We left and ended back up in the woods.

    We came back here two days ago and Ms. ** is trying to see what she can do to help us, until I get paid on Thursday. I'm trying to obtain a second job immediately, so we can "live" here, until we get an apartment (we are on numerous waiting lists and they are so long). The room is awesome, the staff are so caring and compassionate, everything is amazing. Thank you Ms. ** and Ms. ** again for saving my fiance's life and treating her like a human being.

    Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 9, 2023

    This hotel is very noisy with a very rude staff completely nonresponsive to complaints. I've traveled a great deal and stayed at a range of hotels and motels, from very inexpensive to reasonably expensive (no luxury places), and this is by FAR the rudest, noisiest, creepiest place I've ever stay at. Some mornings there is screaming that sounds like a maniac throwing a fit for hours on end, and every day by late afternoon, if not sooner, there is banging and pounding from from one side or the other and almost always above. I couldn't imagine a more hellish environment than this. It's worse than I could have ever imagined. And I've stayed here before under previous management several years ago, and it was nothing like THIS.


    Reviewed Oct. 1, 2023

    Refrigerator stopped working in the night. I was refused compensation for my Spoiled my food. All the refrigerators are old and rusted. I searched room to room with the front dest attendant to find a clean refrigerator that somewhat worked. My son helped to switch them out. Stoves don't work well, and rusted. Fire alarm went off for 2 hours before the fire department showed up. Due to a fire in the boiler room. Experienced a power outage in the middle of the night. I was told I would receive a phone call from the regional manager. I was never contacted. The staff are very nice. They work very hard to accommodate their patrons with what they have to work with. Avoid the Mt. Olive NJ location. It needs to be gutted, and refurbished. Everything is very old, run down, or doesn't work.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Sept. 21, 2023

    The room had a horrible smell. The facility itself is old and unkempt. The bathroom had mold and a visiting cockroach. The water in the bathtub dripped all night long, and I was unable to turn it off. In the morning I was unable to take a shower because when I lifted the knob to turn on the shower, it came off in my hand. I have contacted corporate who was supposed to get back to me and never did. I also complained to the front desk and followed up with a written complaint to the motel. I received a form letter from the motel saying how sorry they were, and invited me to come back and check on the improvements that they have made. I am going to report them to the health dept.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 16, 2023

    Have stayed at many ESA Hotels. Never had a problem till my stay in Memphis. Stayed at Cordova location and they had no utensils for cooking and the AC didn't work properly. It appeared to be a converted appt building. Moved to the Apple Tree location and the police were called twice in 1 week for domestic violence that occurred on my floor. No security at either location. This Hotel organization stinks like **.

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    Reviewed Aug. 6, 2023

    Place is trash. No hot water. Breakfast is trash. Loud upstairs. It's horrible. Never stay here. I'm contacting Tyler district manager for Madison so he can help me file complaint. This is a horrible experience

    Reviewed Aug. 4, 2023

    Stayed 5 months while our house was being built, the Manager simply terrified us with eviction threats the entire time we was there. My wife is in a wheel chair and has a service dog, she said she could smell our very clean service dog, we had 1 week to go before we moved into our new house and she evicted us, the reason she stated was we refused to let her examine our room. Never ever stay in the Ocala extended stay, Not to mention the place was just plain nasty, filled with roaches...

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    Reviewed July 23, 2023

    The location is great but not worth it! Very dirty & rundown! Bugs, dresser broken & tore up. Lamps didn’t work & were tore up. We didn’t even unpack. We slept in our clothes. We laid a sheet on the floor for my son to crawl. Phone didn’t work either. Only 2 lamps of 4 worked. The lamp shades were horrible looking. Also SUPER SMALL!

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