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Sales & MarketingPrice

Reviewed Nov. 4, 2022

They use a third party company out of Jamaica to make the reservations. They will not give you a refund, they will not move your reservation. And they charge $150 fee for something called tax recovery. It is a scam, it is a rip off, do not ever ever stay at a Wyndham Hotel if you want satisfaction.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Oct. 23, 2022

We asked for a downstairs room. We got the room on the second floor as far from the parking lot as you could get. There was poop in the toilet, pubic hair on the floor and a bug on the curtain. We have 2 dogs and we’re charged $40 extra! Our stay was not worth that much money for the condition of the room.

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Punctuality & SpeedOnline & AppStaff

Reviewed Oct. 5, 2022

Allow me to preface this review by stating that I am no princess; I am a middle-aged, middle-class guy who often takes the road less traveled, and who is more than willing to grin and bear less-than-ideal situations. But sweet lord almighty…I feel compelled to help my fellow travelers avoid this squalid, overpriced flophouse. From the mountain of cigarette butts outside the main lobby to the tastefully placed pubic hairs underneath the pillows, no place screams “who gives a crap” like Days Inn by Wyndham Kenora (an ironically fancy name for such an abysmal, soul-wilting dive).

As I walked up to the counter, the fed-up (albeit efficient) hotel manager told me to hold tight as he moseyed across the lobby to repeatedly scream “Hey, you can’t sleep here!” to the crackhead slumped in one of the pleather chairs. A back-and-forth ensued wherein said crackhead took umbrage at the accusation of sleeping in a public space. I got the sense that this was a routine task for Mr. Manager.

Once checked in, I walked back outside past the smokers (so many smokers) to find my room. I quickly found out it was a smoking room. Not a huge issue as I’m used to being around smokers; and c’mon, it’s just for one night. Woo doggies, was it ever a smoking room! My eyes began to water seconds after opening the door. A big, fat housefly zipped past my face on its way outside (he didn’t seem to like the smoke either). One of his mates was squashed on the wall beside me. Guess housekeeping must have missed the giant bloody splotch right at eye level. Ah well…

Looking around the room, I felt like I was on the set of Breaking Bad. Ancient, amber-stained air conditioner loudly rattling away in the wall. Small exterior window with busted screen jammed back into place. Dead housefly smeared on the wall. Caked-on filth given a hasty once-over between guests. Loud-talking folks with bass-booming cars providing local flavour.

I didn’t feel comfortable setting my overnight bag on the bed. I didn’t want to put it on the table. I sure as hell didn’t want to set it on the floor! I placed it on the chrome overhead rack by the front door. I mean, bedbugs can’t jump that high…can they? Next, I proceeded to lift the mattress off the box spring and inspect it. Again: I am certainly no prima donna…nor have I ever thought to inspect a motel for vermin. But as I sit and write this review, I am still psychosomatically itching myself all over. I found “things” here and there. Lint…pubes…but nothing that I could be reasonably certain were bedbugs.

I slid the particle board nightstand a few inches to see if I was just being a baby. Big mistake. Dust bunnies and human detritus galore…but what are all those black bits? Bugs? Rat turds? Hash residue? Shaved truffles from the most recent royal visit? Perhaps we will never know. “How late is it,” I wondered. “Should I see if there are any other hotels in town? Should I just keep driving?” As you read this review, ask yourself: what reasonable person would think these thoughts upon entering their hotel room?

“Come on man,” I thought. “Chin up.” Maybe I’ll feel better after a bite to eat. I sat down at the Days Inn by Wyndham Kenora restaurant (sounds fancy!) but had to give it a hard pass. Perusing the sticky menu delaminating at the edges, nothing tickled my fancy. Word to the foodies out there, though: escargot is on the menu! I told the server I was going elsewhere (she totally got it) and strolled over to the McDonald’s a few unlit, abandoned lots over. Same sticky surfaces and sense of despair as the Days Inn by Wyndham Kenora (fancy name!)…but at least I trusted the food.

I ended the night on top of my bed in my clothes, getting up periodically to see if my vehicle was still intact. When dawn thankfully came, I left without showering, changing into new clothes and leaving my old ones on the floor. Not only will I never set foot in the Days Inn by Wyndham Kenora again, but I will never, ever patronize the Days Inn brand, period. Just like the gray, doomed, drug-addled zombies that littered the sidewalks of Kenora on my early morning departure, I would sooner sleep underneath a chunk of soggy cardboard. Word to the wise: the pics on the website look just dandy. Heed my words, fellow travelers: this place is not dandy by any definition; it is as divey as it gets.

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Customer Service

Reviewed July 30, 2022

Right away was off to a bad start. Customer service took a long time. They didn’t give us the room we ordered, instead, they gave us smaller beds because the room was not ready. When we entered room it smelled like cigarettes. I have a child with me so I was very unpleased. We left the room smelling like cigarettes. The receptionist did not want to give me a refund.

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Verified purchase
Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed July 26, 2022

I arrived to Days Inn, 806 S. Ocean Drive, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29577, on 07/14/22, after a lengthy drive from Baltimore. **, the employee, at the desk, stated he was not able to find my confirmation, but my card was charged earlier during the day. He was very rude by turning out the lights and clocking out, stating he did not know what to do and he had never been in this situation before. He said he got off at 12am and had to be back by 7 am. He walked to the door, we all walked out, and my family and we're not accommodated. We returned, in the morning, to speak with the manager **. She stated, he gave my room to someone else, in error, did not place their license on file, and charged my card. Since the rates had changed, it is now Friday, the only accommodation I received was a refund. I was not giving another day to come and stay for free. I would not recommend staying here.

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Verified purchase
Customer ServicePriceStaff

Reviewed June 8, 2022

Booked a last minute (about 8hrs before) stay at the Charlotte NC Woodlawn location. Arrive and the credit card machine does not work. They allow us to use cash but there is no atm on sight. We find an atm and come back. Check in but the key cards don’t work. A house keeper lets us in the room after several attempts from the desk clerk to fit it. We let them know that’s fine as we can keep someone in the room all day as long as we have a key card before morning because that’s when we all have to be out at the same time and be able to get back in. The plumbing isn’t great and almost immediately the toilet clogged. They let us know they’ll just switch our room.

Get to room 2 and the ac is broken, tv is broken and it reeks of moth balls. Call down and they say, "Ok we’ll just switch your room again." In walks the general manager into the room who says ZERO words to anyone even when spoken to and he walks out. He then tells us that the ac isn’t broken and he’ll switch us now but he will not be switching us again. Well when we went into the THIRD ROOM it was ice cold like it should be and that ac was set to a higher temp than room two so it clearly wasn’t working.

Room three was okay, no major issues except the patio door is broken. None of the rooms were what I would call clean and they have cockroaches. There is definitely drug deals going on in the rooms. My neighbor must have had 20 visitors in the course of our one day stay. The woman at the desk was extremely pleasant and did her best to help but the general manager was extremely rude in every interaction. It was cheap and available so I didn’t expect perfect but bugless, clean and without having to lug our stuff to 3 rooms would have been nice. I definitely could have done without the awful general manager as well.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed May 6, 2022

I booked a room at the Days INN in Kamloops BC with a KING bed. Got to the room and the bed is a QUEEN. Went to the front desk. They say it is a KING. Measured it. 60" wide! A KING is 80" wide! The headboard is 89" wide, hmmm.... apparently a QUEEN bed is actually a KING bed in disguise! Oh, and by the way, the person at the desk is not exactly the nicest person I've met in the last few decades! Contacted PRICELINE immediately. They called the hotel - same story! Asked for a supervisor. They called -- again, no luck. Oh well. I guess they changed the size of a KING bed without anyone knowing it.; What poor customer service from Days INN and from PriceLine.

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Reviewed April 15, 2022

Horrible room! So dirty! Hoped to have a nice visit in Tampa for Yankees Spring Training. So disappointed and disgusted. Don't stay at the Days Inn near Ybor City! I unfortunately could not change hotels, so I was stuck. I had to go buy cleaning supplies and my own pillow and blanket. The smell was so horrible! When I returned home had to launder my clothes straight away. One bag has been trashed because I can't get the smell out. Horrible experience. To top it off the clerk would not honor my AARP discount. Steer clear!!!

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Reviewed Nov. 7, 2021

I don't know if other Days Inns are similar, but the one off of I-65 Nashville, Trinity exit, should be shut down. I've stayed in some dumps, but nothing like this. Between the smell and filth, it was indescribable. Sink faucet wasn't even connected to sink. Had booked 3 days through, was supposed to have free cancellation. They told me I could have a refund for the third night, but then refused. If you book online, NEVER use the pay at motel option. I was afraid to use the shower. I guess it was a lesson learned.

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Reviewed Sept. 13, 2021

It is a worse place to spend a night. I will not recommend you staying there. If you have other places to stay, go there. I really regret paying my $108.00 in this piece of craps. My advice to you is stay away.

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Verified purchase
Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Sept. 6, 2021

I and my family went to Days Inn by Wyndham to lodge for two days. We booked two rooms. The receptionist there and her manager gave us a room they already sold out. When we opened the room, we saw a naked man with towel on his make. We started apologizing. We went to the other room and saw no fridge or microwave, someone already checked out from it and the room was not cleaned up. There was condom on the floor. We went down to complain and also request for a fridge, they called police on us and ordered us out with the help of police and refused to refund our money. Banks was notified and civil court will be filed for the money they stole.

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Reviewed Aug. 20, 2021

The entrances to the rooms are on the outside. Outside on the sidewalk I was greeted by a big pile of dog poop. Upon entering the room the first thing I noticed was deep black gouges in the flooring. Second thing I noticed was the sticky black floor. Next thing I noticed was dust covered every surface of this room. There was black dust on the lampshades even on the light bulbs. A huge layer of dust and fingerprints all over the furniture in in the room. The nightstand was dirty and dusty and sticky fingerprints all over it. Credenza drawers pot or tobacco leaves in it and dead bugs. The stink had fingernail polish in it and hair. The refrigerator was lopsided and being stabilized by a prescription bottle cap. Mini refrigerator has old gooey food and it smells. There were no shelves in the refrigerator. The microwave? The microwave had gunk under the plate and the top of the microwave had splattered old food in it and it smells rancid.

Let's get to the bathroom. The bathroom floor was dirty and an had hair. I guess repairs to the bathtub are done by painting it. That was peeling up in huge chunks of about 10 inches across. The shower curtain what's disgusting there it was black mildew on the bottom of it that's disgusting. Toilet paper roll holders missing. The towels were shoved into a broken towel rack and were stained. The sheets on the bed.? On one bed it only had one sheet and no blanket. The other bed look like the pillowcases were blackened with whatever hair product. Cigarette Burns were on sheets and the blankets. The window unit in the room is so heavy with dust you can see it from the outside. There are holes all over the walls.

Went to turn a light on and the whole light fixture fell out hanging by the cords. Underneath the sink is black. It's black with old hair and dust and dirt. The clothes rack is non-existent. Two bars on the wall but no rack but they do have the holes where they used to be. I am a rewards member and pay FULL PRICE. For What? So I can clean someone else's neglect? This is NOT WHAT WYNDHAM wants to represent their company. Action needs to be taken in correcting this situation. I request my money back.

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Reviewed Aug. 11, 2021

We paid extra for a (suite) to have an extra hide a bed in the couch only to find when we went to bed that the legs were broken off and the bed wouldn’t even fold out! We slept on the floor. The room was not cleaned or sanitized prior to us checking in even though we called ahead. When we addressed this with the hotel front desk they said they would let maintenance know. When I reached out to discuss the refund and problems with the room she stated that there was no record of my complaint of the room! She said it was my fault that the front desk failed to report to maintenance about our room! When requesting a full refund we were told they didn’t note it so there was nothing they could do! There is something we can do. Choose to never stay nor recommend this hotel and let all of our friends know not to patronize this substandard Wyndham hotel and circus.

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Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

Reviewed Aug. 4, 2021

I booked this stay with a few days before my trip. On the way to check-in, literally, as I was driving to the property, I received a call from a front desk staff named John. Rudely, I was told my room was cancelled and I needed to find another place to stay. The hotel overbooked and gave my room away. I was in Atlanta during a busy holiday weekend. John also rudely told me, he didn't know what I was going to do, but you can't stay here. I questioned my booking as it was guaranteed. I was not offered and options or help. This was infuriating as this was early evening and at the last minute I had to find another hotel.

Once I arrived back from my trip. I called and asked for a manager. I spoke with Porcha, who said I needed to contact for my refund as I was charged. "says" they never got ahold of the hotel. I also left a message for the hotel. I then contacted Days Inn customer service and they gave me a confirmation number and told me someone would contact me in regards to the unfortunate situation. I should have known, no one was going to contact me. This is the worst customer I've ever experience in my life. Please stay away from Days Inn Kennesaw, Ga. I will NOT stay at another Days Inn by Wyndham. I am disgusted by their service and lack of help to resolve this matter. STAY AWAY from this property.

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Customer Service

Reviewed July 24, 2021

I don’t recommend this hotel. I found everything bad in this hotel and nothing good. The beds, floors, sink, bathtub, floors, microwave, freezer, the phone and tv don’t work etc and the smell terrible. I entered for a few minutes and something bites my daughter legs and arms. I paid for it room and I still waiting for my refund.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed July 20, 2021

BED BUGS!! Days Inn in Washington, Pennsylvania. Do NOT stay at this hotel. Upon arrival we discovered bed bugs. We took pictures, reported it to the front desk, and requested a refund. The woman at the front desk said "ewww" and called her manager/owner. He instructed her to NOT give us a refund. She told us that they had a company that comes in every week to verify that there's no bed bugs. I asked for the name of the company or a phone number for them. She could not provide either. But said if we could even get a refund it wouldn't be until the "company" comes in.

I asked for the manager's contact information. She would not give it to me and not would not let me speak to me. She told me he would be in the next day. I called the hotel the next day, the manager was "unavailable". I asked for an email address, got a weird email with a bunch of numbers. I have yet to hear from the owner after I was told that he would contact me.

In addition to the biggest, obvious problem of bed bugs. There was leftover food in the fridge from the last person, dried urine on the bathroom floor, and the carpets were utterly disgusting. I asked if they would do anything about the bed bugs, if they were planning on letting anyone know, and if they were planning on booking that same room after we left to someone else. The front desk woman said they will operate as normal until this "company" (that she couldn't provide any proof actually exists) comes in NEXT WEEK. Meanwhile, everyone that stays here is at risk. We warned everyone we could on the way out. We just wanted a refund. Do the right thing, owner Vijay Patel.

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Reviewed July 3, 2021

Horrible experience. Checked in room for 1 hour. Was ready for a refund. Hotel refused. Room had a musty/cigarette odor. Seen gnats around sink. A/C would not get cold it made a loud loud noise. Mold in certain places, floor was dirty & grimy looking. Three small pillows on bed. Vacation was ruined, hotels were booked in the area. Horrible experience.

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Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

Reviewed June 7, 2021

This hotel was not what I expected at all. We were there for 3 nights and very disappointed. The internet was non existent and not a place for anyone who may have to work during their stay. At one point I was able to use an Xfinity Hot Spot but the hotel connection was totally ineffective and unstable. When we checked in we showered so after our first night we wanted to shower but no towels were available. When I tracked a Housekeeping cart down the girl told me she had no towels on her cart and that that they were being washed.

The last night we arrived back to our room at 10 pm to discover that our room had never been serviced and once again no towels. We called the front desk but no one answered the phone. After repeated attempts to call allowing the phone to ring 20 times still no answer. We had to check out early at about 8 am so when I went to the Front Desk to retrieve a luggage cart I was told there were none available after waiting 10 minutes for the girl to go retrieve one for me. We will never ever stay there again.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed April 24, 2021

Days Inn at Valdosta and called from across street gas station since saw sign. Male answered and registered me and took cr card info then ask to sign me up for Wyndham. I did and told him I was walking in door as we spoke to counter. Young ** man and ** woman with glasses at counter said I was not registered, they were filled up to my amazement. I would need to wait as they took 2 other customers who came in after me. I redialed the ph# on my cell and guess what, the young man at the counter answered. I caught the young man in a lie!!!! They did find me in the computer in spite of his misspelling of my name which I repeated to him several times during our phone conversation. They offered no apology!!!

Also, this hotel is dirty in all areas inside and out! Trash littered around hotel and pool. Walkways to rooms have gum, sticky melted candy and dirt. Rooms are actually fairly clean. $60 advertisement for room became $75.84!!! Really won’t use any Wyndham hotels in future. Cancelling membership unless they can apologize for this horrible experience.

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Reviewed April 23, 2021

I booked a room here for a week. I was coming to town to have a medical procedure done. So I looked at pictures to make sure the room look decent. Let me tell you this Days Inn by Wyndham should be the horror days. I honestly cannot even believe they have the Wyndham name associated with it. It’s 100% completely not the same hotel in the photos. It’s dirty. Smells bad. Sinks are falling off the hinges. No microwave or fridge in the rooms. Sketchy people walking around. The staff is very rude and unprofessional.

I have stayed at plenty of hotels by Wyndham and never ever have I pulled in and immediately seen two police cars circling the lot. I am embarrassed I even had to stay a night. But it’s so late and I have a child I can’t be running around looking for another place, it’s 3:30 an and I can’t even sleep because I’m grossed out and so upset that I booked this place after looking at photos of something I would approve of. I will be leaving in the morning and if these people do not refund the rest of my money I’ll will definitely report them to my bank. Either way I’m reporting it on every sight I can so they can stop with the false advertising and using Wyndham to attract a better class of people. I would rather be in a Motel 6. They are much cleaner and friendly professional staff. This place is completely unacceptable to anyone who isn’t a drug addict!!!

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Reviewed Feb. 3, 2021

The Days Inn by Wyndham in Lacey Washington, 8200 Quinault Dr NE, Lacey, WA 98516, USA, is very rude and they just robbed me. I was overcharged for a room both nights I stayed, the room was a double bed and no singles and they just took my 100$ deposit for smoking in a room. There was no compliments in the room like soap. They didn't smell smoke. They found a can I was using for the outside. I told them that but I'm lying to them. Didn't want to throw litter down. It's look good on the outside.

I'm homeless for the last 3 years. I slept outside for over a year on the ground and when I got blessed with cash I come here. Now they hate me. I don't cause no problems, and I'm very respectful. I overslept she charged me 25$ for that. Okay I understand, I'm disabled and homeless and you can tell by my look. I'm holding my pants up no belt. I forgot to buy one. I even was using a can so not to litter. I can't do this any more. I going to fight back now and this time maybe I win. They didn't even be respectful about it. Said my deposit is gone. Manager not here. So they do what they like to those they think no one will respect.

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Reviewed Jan. 18, 2021

We checked in for one night with a $375 deposit on our card. When we went to check out the next day they needed to inspect the room, fine. They came back to us and told us that found “a hair” and that we must have had a dog with us. We did not. Due to their poor housekeeping, our $91 room became $375. Worst hotel experience ever.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Dec. 30, 2020

I made reservations at this hotel through a third party on December 29, 2020, my checkout date was December 30,2020. Upon checking in I was told by the night clerk on duty that although the room had been paid for there would be an $100 hold placed on my card for incidentals and that the hold would be released on the day that I checked out. That morning of checkout, I was again told by the morning clerk that they would release the funds once the room had been checked and it would take 3-7 business days for the funds to be returned to my bank account. The clerk informed me that this would probably be done by 2pm est.

Once I returned home I contacted the hotel to see if my funds had been released, because my bank would be able to speed the process up if that had occurred. I was told by the clerk they had not been and they were waiting on the housekeeping supervisor to check the room. She then offered to give me a call back once the funds had been released. The clerk contacted me at 2:38 pm and said she had released the funds, I told her I was going to call my bank and that they may contact the hotel for an authorization code to release the funds earlier.

A representative from my bank and myself called the hotel on a conference call around 3:00 pm est. My bank representative informed the bank of who he was and from what institute he was calling from, he then proceeded to tell the male clerk that he would need an authorization code they use to release the funds so that he could place the funds back into my account. The clerk said he wasn't sure what code that was and that he needed to place us on hold.

After a brief hold a woman returned to the call, and we then explained to her what we were trying to accomplish. She came into the phone conversation irritated and said she had no idea what I was talking about. She said "Your card has been charged and you have to wait until the bank gets it, which won't be until 3 or 4 am." I said to her "Why is my card charged? This should just be a hold and if you give the bank representative the code my bank will place the funds back into my account quicker than the allotted time." She then says "It is not a hold. It is a charge and I already told you I don't know what you are talking about!" I asked her why she was so angry on the phone, she goes on to say that I am yelling at her. I tell her I am not yelling and that I am just trying to get the situation resolved. I told her my bank will move quicker if they give the information needed.

My bank representative says to her that she is able to give the code and that they would take it from there. She yells into the phone again that she doesn't know anything about a code or a release of my funds. I told her a clerk called me at 2:38 pm, she said " no one called you!" Knowing I was getting nowhere, I ask for her name, she says Debra. I ask her Debra and what is your last name? She said Debra General Manager! At this point I am embarrassed and disappointed at how I am being treated. I inform Debra that I will contact the corporate office and Debra says "I don't care, they can't do anything anyway!" To be treated in this manner as a guest of your establishment is unacceptable. I contacted Corporate to later find out that she is not the General Manager listed, another blow to poor customer service.

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Reviewed Oct. 12, 2020

Do not use this chain. Very treacherous deceitful billing practices. Went to stay first night, didn't know my truck would be repaired so only did 1 night at a time. These thieves billed my card without putting on my bill for $50 each night. When I caught them they used a corporate scheme to deny any accountability. Nobody here has a single ounce of honor, just ripping people off.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Sept. 15, 2020

Traveling cross country to take my senior dog to see my son who lost his father last month. Hotel has no water so I canceled. Woman glares at me the entire time, doubting I paid until proven. Tried to keep the money. I had to call a week later to get my money back. Horrible.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Sept. 5, 2020

We had made the reservations through Priceline, and due to an issue involving Covid and one of our parties being in the hospital in North Carolina on a trip we were unable to make a reservation in Savannah. All I wanted to do was change the reservation to this little town that we were in where my partner it was in the hospital overnight for observation. Priceline basically told us to get bent we spoke to Josh. I called the Days Inn Savannah and spoke to a Kiara who said she did ‘everything’ and she essentially told us there’s nothing she can do, we have to go through Priceline. I did explain to her that the gentleman from Priceline was very rude and that this was really an unforeseen medical situation but she was entirely unsympathetic and actually hung up on us a total of three times.

I then called or tried to call the corporate offices, good luck if you should ever try to do that. To say that the trip was unfortunate is an understatement. Especially now places like Days Inn that rely on customers to take risks with their health in order to use their facilities should certainly be more compassionate, and have better policies in place. I suppose if I had actually gone to the reservation with my Covid infected partner they probably wouldn’t of let us stay there then anyway. Honestly at every level it was a disgrace.

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Reviewed Aug. 27, 2020

No fire alarm was in my room and it smelled of cigarettes. Within an hour of arrival a man was throwing pebbles at my window. Drug bags and pee smell in stairwell. Toilet is broken and constantly runs. Drug activity throughout the hotel and an unsafe feeling between the man at my window and no fire alarm. Customer service was no help. Just very rude. Service here is unacceptable and unhelpful.

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Reviewed Aug. 13, 2020

Booked thru Aug 10, 2020. For one night checked in then hours later checked out reason, room had roaches! Talk with night attendant Bobby. About refund. I had to contact to begin process. Customer service offered $25 for compensate and they would be in touch with me through email. Last email I received Days Inn denied my request due to reservation policy?? Are you ** serious??? The room had roaches!!!!

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Reviewed March 3, 2020

Building unkempt. Upon entering room found garbage on the floor, bathroom dirty and cockroaches in bathroom and on pillow. Front desk did not answer phone and upon trying to speak with some at front desk, the door was locked and lights off (arrived late at night).

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Reviewed Feb. 1, 2020

Upon checking in, I gave the front desk my debit card for incidentals. 10 minutes later I got a $40 charge on my card. When I inquired about it, they said that it was because they have a pet fee. On the website it says that support animals are free of charge if there is proper documentation. Informed the guy that I have 2 support animals and I gave the front desk person my support animal registration during my check in. He said that it doesn't matter. I told him that I would just dispute the charge with my bank because it was unauthorized.

The only charges authorized were for probable incidentals (which there couldn't have been because I hadn't even walked in my room yet). He then told me I would have to leave if I didn't pay the fee and he threatened to call the police when I refused to leave because I already paid for my reservation. He already had the money because he deducted it off of my account without authorization. Anyways, I would not recommend this place because they have terrible customer service. Furthermore, if you require a support animal, you will be charged $20 per animal even if you have the proper documentation.

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