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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Hankook Tire?
    • 4,475,815 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed April 22, 2022

    I bought my car new in July 2020. With only 13,000 miles, I had to replace my Hankook KINERGY GT H436 Tires because the tread was 2/32. These are rated for 70K miles, yet Hankook won't issue a credit for tread, only defect. Buy ANY other tire!!!

    Reviewed April 15, 2022

    New VW beetle in Oct 2019...pandemic, hardly any driving...after 8,000 miles, 2 front tires (Hankook) are bald!! Do not buy. I would never buy Hankook tires if I had another choice. Beware of companies that put these tires on new car.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed March 24, 2022

    Having a brand new car only 5000 miles at about 4100 miles I had a blowout, now at 5070 miles another tire gone. I called and right off the bat the guy was talking down to me because I’m a women I’m sure. I’m telling me there is no warranty for these poorly made tires. I could see if they had 60000 on them and warn I could see them falling apart, but not at this low mileage would you think these tires wouldn’t hold up. These tires are lousy and their sexist customer service is also lousy. Bad business!!!

    Reviewed Jan. 18, 2022

    These tires (Hankook Dynapro AT2) came on my 2020 Ford F-150. After 30,000 miles I had to buy new tires (01/11/22), which were BF Goodrich All-terrain’s (excellent tires). I never use my truck for work, I never use my truck in any harsh conditions which would promote excessive tire wear. For having a 60,000 mile tread life warranty, I’d be riding on rims if I drove them that far. My tread depth was at 4/32 @30k miles when I changed them. I would of been in an accident if I tried to make it through this winter in PA, and our winters aren’t really that bad. My advice is never buy this Korean garbage. It's a shame Ford puts them on $60k trucks or any of their brand new vehicles for that matter.

    Reviewed Nov. 20, 2021

    Hankook are good tires, they hold up good. They are priced very well. They have tires for every vehicle, suv tires to commercial truck tires. I have been using them on my commercial trucks for years now.


    Reviewed June 28, 2021

    Bought brand new Nissan Rogue 2019. Only has 33,000 miles on tires. Nissan has serviced vehicle since purchase. Now I have to replace all 4 tires because tread wear. Tires wear is not covered from manufacture or from Nissan. Do not put yourself or your family in danger riding on these tires! Lesson learned just because you bought a new vehicle doesn’t mean you have good tires.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed June 27, 2021

    I received my rebate card in the mail, it was suppose to be for $60. The first time I try to use it has $13.62 on the card. When I called the # on the card they tell me I have transactions on the card. I ask to dispute charges. Now I get an email with a form to fill out about the charges that I have no idea where or what they are. I can not access the information on the card because they have turned it off. Anybody that had access to the card number had to be before it was mailed to me. I would like to have my rebate and warn all about Hankook's rebates

    Reviewed June 27, 2021

    Had these on our 2018 Accord EXL. At 48,000 miles 2 of 4 had large bulges in the sidewall. This is no 70,000 mile oem tire. Shame on you Honda for moving to this tire. We've purchased 6 new Accords since 1986 all with Michilens and never had a problem or premature wear.

    Reviewed March 31, 2021

    Just got back from Honda Dealership in Raleigh, North Carolina from having service performed on a 2020 Honda CR-V. This makes the second service that I’ve had with them. The mechanic told me that the tires are wearing excessively and that I would need to have them replaced on the next service. The vehicle and tires only have 15000 miles on them as this is a new vehicle. To have them replaced this early is unthinkable. Awaiting to hear back from Hankook Tire to see if anything can be done.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed March 18, 2021

    I purchased Hankook tires Kinergy ST H735, which had a 70,000 mile warranty. Recently I had my vehicle serviced and was told my tire wear was substantial and they recommended replacement. Since I only had 25,000 on these tires they suggested I call Hankook, discuss this and request some rebate on the tires I had planned to buy. I called, they contacted the service center, confirmed everything and gave me a case number. They offered 58% rebate on 2 of the tires and 48% on the other two, which I agreed to.

    A month later I began this process again as my sister was diagnosed with Covid, I interacted with her and it took 5 weeks for her to get better and for me to get out of quarantine. Hankook told me that they would not offer any rebate because I had not rotated my tires once in the sequence of doing so every 5K miles. Though I attempted to appeal and the service center pushed back on them they would not honor their initial rebate offer. I am dissatisfied that these tires only last 25K miles and very disappointed that they would not honor their commitment (they had the same info the first time we went through this process) and very disappointed in their support of me, a customer who had spent $700 for their tires. I am getting new tires put on this Monday but I am buying another brand of tire. Hankook lost me as a customer.


    Reviewed Feb. 13, 2021

    Hello, I purchased Hankook tires last August 2020 for my Honda Accord Coupe. Now I have had to replace the left front Hankook tire due to a bubble appearing in the tire wall. This has happened with a previous tire which I also had to replace for this same reason. The dealership says it's due to the driver hitting potholes and curbs. But, with the coronavirus pandemic and being home most of the time, I have been driving very little in 2020 and 2021. Do your research before buying Hankook tires, a South Korean company. The initial tire cost is low compared to competitors, like Michelin Tires, but it can end up costing you more in the long term. I hope this review helps prospective tire buyers.

    Reviewed Jan. 9, 2021

    I logged in to see reviews on a tire that I'm impressed with to only see numerous complaints regarding this brand of tires. I was literally about to purchase them again--but will consider myself blessed to have dodged a bullet. The roads in NY are the worse--highway or city streets and potholes abound. I just went to the Honda Dealer for an oil change and they tapped off all fluids and supposedly did an inspection. However, I got home and was later looking at my tires and saw a nail sticking out of the front tire. I can't explain how the nail got imbedded to the point that the end of it is sticking out. I have felt no problems with this tire.

    We had snow recently and no issues. I'm replacing all tires tomorrow just because--when you do one do them all. However, I really wanted to purchase this brand Hankook Road Handler because it has been good to me and my 2007 Honda CRV. Unfortunately, reading your comments give me pause so I'll just switch to Good Year. Thanks for giving your honest feedback--the life you saved could have been mine.

    Installation & Setup

    Reviewed Nov. 3, 2020

    On November 3, 2020, I went to my Orlando VW dealership after having noticed that the front two tires on my 2019 VW Tiguan R-Type were worn very low. I only have 13,980 Miles on my car which is riding on original equipment installed from the factory. The dealership states that they are worn to the point that they need to be replaced. They also stated that there is no evidence of alignment issues as they are worn perfectly even across the width of the tire. Clearly, there is an issue as these tires cannot possibly meet the standard for durability and safety after just 13,980 miles. Their posted life estimate is 40,000 miles. Now I have to purchase brand new tires after just 13,980 miles. Poor quality and not safe!

    Reviewed July 20, 2020

    I have a 2003 Sl500 Mercedes Roadster,,Came with Michelin run flats..I replaced with Hankook tires and now it rides like a luxury car! Couldnt be happier! Quiet, great handling tires! Will buy again..luv

    Reviewed June 14, 2020

    I purchased a new 2018 Nissan Frontier on 6/20/18, the truck came with Hankook dynapro HT from the factory, after 1200 miles I could not keep tires balanced, they have leaked all nitrogen, DO NOT buy.


    Reviewed May 19, 2020

    Purchased a 2019 Ford Explorer in 2/19. I have now replaced all four Hankook tires due to cuts, holes, and shredding. One tire blew out on highway at 70 mph. Hankook refused to cover product after 8 months.

    Reviewed March 21, 2020

    Brought an 2019 F150 platinum pickup with 15500 miles on and the tires were what they call cupping. They are 50000 miles tires. I had to buy and new set of tires. Because I was told the warranty is no good. I paid over 42 thousand dollars for this truck. And no one would honor the warranty. I had this truck for 2 months. So can someone help me understand this. Thank you.

    Reviewed March 3, 2020

    I bought a new Hyundai Elantra with 6 miles on it in 2015. It came with Hankook tires. Around 25000 miles I was hydroplaning and I asked Walmart to look at them. They said they were too worn. I was like, they only have 25K miles on them. My mom told me that dealers sometimes sell cars with old tires on them. I wasn't sure, so I ordered the same kind. BIG MISTAKE. Since Walmart offers free rotations with your oil change if you buy the tire there I decided to keep all my oil changes and rotations there. 5K miles and my first rotation they tell me that my inner wall of the front tire is wearing funny and to get an alignment. So I go get one. Mind you, my car doesn't pull or anything.

    At my next oil change, 10K into the tire, I was hydroplaning again and thinking WTF these are new tires. I had my child in the car and was terrified. I ask Walmart to check the tread depth and they tell me they are half worn! These are 60K tires, half worn at 10K miles which means I only have 10K left. They also tell me the tires that are now on the front are almost worn down to the wire on the inside. I've seen similar issues on this review thread!

    I take my car to the local car place to get their opinion and they say overall my tire is too worn for 10K and I have a legitimate warranty claim. That even toeing, and camber would not cause this much wear over all! But, thing is, I don't want another set of these ** dangerous tires, I want my money back! Hankook has already had 3 class action lawsuits in the past. 2 for bad tires, and 1 for defrauding workers for over time! It's time we get together and file another one. Forget about the money, these tires are dangerous! DO NOT DRIVE ON THESE TIRES IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR LIFE AND MOST OF ALL THE LIFE OF THE PEOPLE IN YOUR CAR. I'M TALKING ABOUT YOUR KIDS!!!!

    Reviewed Jan. 25, 2020

    New 2018 Kia Forte came factory with Hankook Optimo P215/45R17 tires. Regular rotations. At 21,800 miles the tires are down to the wear bars. The dealer inspected the vehicle and it has no issues with alignment or any other problems. Do not buy these tires!

    PricePunctuality & SpeedReliability

    Reviewed Dec. 27, 2019

    My wife & I brought our new Hyundai Sonata with only 14,000 miles into service dept. at Hyundai to inspect tires & brakes & oil change before leaving on our long trip to Miami vacation. Everything checked out ok!! We drove 2/3 of way on I-75 highway & stopped for gas before the long 100-mile alligator alley ride to Miami. About halfway across, we noticed a thumping sound & our car started "pulling to the right". We thought it was a flat tire & stopped at the next rest area to inspect tires & proper PSI inflation. All tires checked out ok?? There was no "warning lights on " so we got back onto I-75 & we really got nervous as the shaking really got worse as we drove on. We had to slow down to 40 m.p.h. on highway with flashers on. We called roadside assistance for directions to nearest Hyundai dealership.

    We slowly made it to Rick Case Hyundai who inspected our car & were "shockingly told that the (2) right side tires experienced "belt separations " & had to be replaced immediately with a new wheel alignment (over $ 500). The tech asked if we had hit something? We said "absolutely not" -we replied!! Wow sounds like a two manufacturer defect tires then! Well why are you charging me over $500 with only 14k miles & never had a flat? This is not right as this Hyundai dealer should have prorated these as manufacturer defective tires!!

    We had to keep the tires & carry them back (2) tires to our local hyundai service dept & try to get reimbursed by Hankook who said it can take up to 90 days to inspect & evaluate the (2) tires!! This is a "serious safety issue " with these tires as we have read all the complaints about these model tires. We chose to buy (2) Goodyear replacement tires ... All your thoughts are appreciated .. Thank God we just made it home safe!

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Dec. 17, 2019

    I did not even get 30,000 miles out of my tires! Worst of all Hankook does not stand behind their warranty. I was told today that because I couldn't show my last tire rotation my warranty was void. However all my other tire rotations are in the computer (NTB Athens Ga). Maybe I had to go somewhere different to get an oil change/ tire rotation last time. No I didn't carry the receipt into NTB with me. I shouldn't have to! Come on! Less than 30k!! STAND BEHIND YOUR PRODUCT!!! HORRIBLE TIRES AND HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Most tire companies bend over backwards for their customers. Hankook can't even honor a warranty of 100,000 mile tires when I got less than 30,000 out of them! The one star is only because I had to out at least one!!

    Reviewed Dec. 12, 2019

    Our 2017 CRV car with 70k mile Hankook tires. They lasted 22k miles. We put on the same tires and these ones lasted 32k miles. Hankook refuses any compensation for tires that obviously wear much sooner than their advertised miles. We were trying to support local business since Hankook has a plant here in Clarksville TN but we will NEVER put another Hankook product on any of the four cars in our household. Shame on you, Hankook, for not standing by your product guarantee.

    Customer ServiceSales & Marketing

    Reviewed Nov. 25, 2019

    Just finished 1 year (15,000km check) with only 13,400 Km on my 2018 Tiguan VW R line. "SIR YOUR TIRES Are Toast and need immediate replacement!" Stay away from any new cars with these tires. Where is the corporate VW liability for even thinking they can put a tire (one of the most important safety items on a vehicle) on the road knowing it is outright crap. They are enablers and party to any death or injuries as result of allowing their vehicles to leave the factory with DEATH TIRES! VW has spend millions trying to rebrand themselves over the TDI issues and then knowingly put low quality crap tires on brand new vehicles? Corporate profits and bonuses over customer service and responsibility.

    In my over 50 plus years driving and owning automobiles I have never experienced such a low quality, resulting in low safety brand of tire as HANKOOK! Demand that any car manufacture that tries to sell you a new auto with this junk attached replace them as part of the sales purchase. If not it is proof they are willing to trade your or your families lives for the almighty buck$$$$! Look at warranty before you buy. But trust me "limited" warranty once reading the Non adjustments conditions means absolutely NO WARRANTY! Should read, "SUCKERS. You just bought our crap tire warranty. See you in less than 15,000 KM."

    Reviewed Nov. 20, 2019

    My 2018 Honda CR-V came with Hankook Kinergy tires. They were supposed to be good for up to 70,000 miles, but shortly after the year long tire warranty expired, with only 24,000 miles, I was told that there was not enough tread left on the tires, and I needed new ones. Tire warranty is separate from car warranty. Honda should not be equipping new cars with these tires. When I called Honda headquarters to complain, they said it was up to the dealership to decide what tires to put on, so be warned that dealerships are not equipping their new cars with the best tires.

    Reviewed Oct. 30, 2019

    I have a 2017 Honda CRV that came with these tires at 20,000 miles I had a blow ou and there was excessive wear on the other back tire. Bought 2 new tires. Now at 35,000 miles and other blow out in a Hankook tire. I will never buy these tires again! I have been driving for over 50 years and never had a tire blow out. Now I have had 2 in one year. These are BAD tires.

    Reviewed Oct. 29, 2019

    My brand new 2017 Ford Explorer came with Hankook tires on it. During a routine oil change I was told that my car would need new tires ASAP! I was informed by Ford that day that Hankook released a bad batch of tires and that they would assist with financial assistance for a new set. At 30,031 miles I was told by Hankook that they would not assist in purchase or provide any support for new tires, because my car was over their 30,000 mile limit. 31 miles over....not a happy customer! I was not looking for a new set of tires, I was looking for respect and a little assistance due to their bad error and never informing their customers of their mistake.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Oct. 18, 2019

    I have bought 4 Winter tires of Hankook company a year ago in October 2018 with a $60 mail-in rebate. Hankook has no respect for the customer and their time. It has been a year wasting hours on telephone lines (855.242.1199, 888.371.2109, 833.835.5039) and chats, they just verify your address and pass it on to another phone line with loud music. I think, they have no intention to send rebates.

    Reviewed Oct. 11, 2019

    If you ever drive in the rain, do not buy these tires. There is no traction in the rain while accelerating, cornering or braking. They came on my new Equinox and had I known how bad they were I would have bought a different car.

    Reviewed Sept. 25, 2019

    4 tires were installed. Gas mileage started down immediately. Car has 40,000 miles and runs perfect till now. Mileage was down the very first tank full. My car keeps tract so it's easy to see the drop-off.

    Punctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 19, 2019

    I just purchased a brand new 2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid from the Capistrano Toyota in San Juan Capistrano. I mention them because they have not been helpful and have dodged responsibility as well as Hankook has. The Camry came stock with the Hankook Kinergy GT tires. I went in for the first services check at 5,000 miles and nothing was noticed in the tire rotation. right around a 1,000 miles later driving late on the 22 freeway entering the onramp to the 55 Riverside, slowing down about 45-50 miles an hour the back left tire interior wall blew out! Only 6k miles on the car, luckily there were no cars around us because we started to drift and swerve violently almost crashing into the on ramp wall. We were very lucky, my brother the passenger and I the driver that we weren't seriously injured or killed.

    Now I am being pushed back and forth between the Toyota Dealership and Hankook on who should be taking care of this payment for the new tires. I'm not going to be letting them put anymore Hankook tires on my car, I will be going somewhere else to get new tires but they should help compensate the one tire that blew out after such a short amount of time and so few miles. They have not and I honestly am warning everyone who purchases any tires from this company or a car from Capistrano Toyota, if you value your life don't drive with Hankook tires on your car. I'm shocked they are allowed to get away with this, the government is supposed to look out for the consumer and protect us from faulty and dangerous products like the ones Hankook has released.

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