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Last updated: April 14, 2017

35 AARP Pharmacy Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 14, 2017

While my bank shows regular eft deductions, I have received 3 letters saying my bank turned down the eft request (both the bank and AARP website show my premiums as paid by eft). When I got the third false non-payment letter, I called customer service. The account number the representative gave me over the phone was completely wrong. The number must have been right at some point as they have been regularly deducting premium payments from my checking account. I gave him the correct account number to pay for the next month and he said I would have to send in paperwork and a cancelled check to sign up again for eft.

While I was on hold, I went to the online site, and resubmitted my eft info in about 2 minutes. The customer service call took over 15 minutes. I never received a proper explanation of HOW the company had managed to completely boggle my checking account number, yet still managed to receive EFT payments. A most unsatisfactory experience.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 19, 2017

I first joined AARP, United Healthcare Rx plan. I didn't have any problems except they wanted more & more money for premiums. I quit them & joined Symphonix. The plan was reasonable but then merged with AARP. On the 1st, I received 5 different letters about what I was to pay. When I got that straightened out, I found out that I had to pay $650 for a RA medicine every month, that I needed to move. I'm over 65 & on a limited income but I seem to be stuck with them & can't receive any outside help because I have a "Perscription plan" already. So now I'm in constant pain since I can't afford the medication that I need.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 3, 2017

I have had a Medicare Part D plan with AARP / United Healthcare / OptumRx for one month now. It is by far the worst prescription drug coverage I have ever had. I have had a chronic illness for 20 years and have a lot of experience with insurance companies. OptumRx is refusing to cover treatment I have received for 20 years even though it is in their formulary. They have refused another Rx after appeal as well. Will be canceling my policy and suggest you avoid this company. In addition, communication is near impossible and they even have an incorrect Customer Service phone number on my card.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 15, 2017

Recently I ordered ** from my AARP Medicare RX Plan which is a PDP plan. When I received my order I found that they had substituted a generic drug called ** without informing me or my doctor. Under my PDP plan I have a copayment of $90 for a tier 3 preferred drug such as ** (90 day supply) and a zero copayment for tier 1 and tier 2 generic drugs, however United charged me $90 for the generic. At first I thought it was just a billing error, but when I contacted them they said to them ** was a tier 3 preferred drug and it made no difference if the drug is a generic which is stated on the drug's website. Even on the bottle that was sent to me it states that ** is a generic for **.

Why United calls it a tier 3 preferred drug instead of a generic is beyond me. I guess it all relates to the fact that they can make more money calling it a preferred drug instead of what it really is - a GENERIC. When I requested they send me information, in writing that supported their claim, they refused. Evidently they can't support the reasoning behind their decision.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 11, 2017

I am a senior, single woman, close to 68 years of age. I have very limited income and am not currently employed, but drawing SSI of $1300 a month. When I researched, as much as possible, the "best" prescription drug plan, I was told by my local pharmacist that the AARP United Plan was the "best" so I signed up for the Preferred Plan.

On 11/1/2014, the price was $47.70 per month, which lasted for 2 months. On 1/1/2015, the plan monthly payment increased to $53.90 per month -- an increase of 13%. On 1/1/16, the plan increased to $58.80, which was an increase of 9%. I just went to pay my premium for January 2017, and the plan price increased by close to 25%!!! I am now obliged to pay $72.70.per month! In order to "do the math" I would have to spend HUGE amounts of time, but my best guess is that the AARP United Plan is a huge rip-off.

I need a ** prescription for a cough medicine for a persistent upper respiratory infection for which United pays virtually nothing. I've simply stopped getting the prescription as I can't afford it -- I hack and cough as I know it will not be covered. My physician has prescribed a non-generic medication. In order for him to prescribe a generic medication, It would take oodles of paper work. I go to a low-cost clinic which takes Medicare, and I imagine the paperwork would take several months.

IF -- big IF -- I had the time to "do the math" my best guess is that I would find that UNITED AARP Preferred Prescription Plan is making money off of me -- based on what I would pay for prescriptions WITHOUT the coverage: a near 25% increase in ONE year!!! They justify this by saying that: if you go to another plan you will have a big deductible to pay so this is still the "best plan." My bet is that there is "pay to play" involved here. Big pharmacies tell their customers that AARP United is the "best" plan out there. Far from the truth...Money involved??? I think of the title of a Tommy Lee Jones movie: "No Country for Old People." We're living it...

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Original review: Jan. 6, 2017

Was not informed at time of enrollment that my prescription drugs could not be filled at Barth's Pharmacy in East Moriches.... nor was Barth's Pharmacy informed of same. I found out yesterday, 1/5/17, which too late to change prescription plans. But....if you are not enrolled in any plans, you can enroll anytime. Is that fair? I am not satisfied with this system and I want to know why Barth's Pharmacy is not included with AARP.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 14, 2016

I have been having bad back pain since 1995. They prescribe me different meds as I find out I have allergic reactions to some. Others don't work. I just had an MRI that show's my L4 and 5 are protruding 7mms and pinching on my nerves on the right. I am literally in tears from the pain. I called because after trying some 20 odd meds, my Dr. has decided to treat me on ** and **. They say I have to try 2 meds on their formulary which I did. The ** makes me sleep all day and the ** patches last 1 day not 3.

I feel like a guinea pig and am still in extreme severe pain. It is now radiating down my legs and they say the only way I can get ** is to file an appeal, and it still isn't a guarantee to be approved. This is how they are treating us disabled senior citizens, worse than non-American's. I will be switching to another prescription plan as soon as I can. Then I can't get name brand. It has to be generic. The generic form is always less effective than the name brand. Why do they treat us like this???

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 26, 2016

The service through OptumRx has deteriorated dramatically since we first started with them. Every time we have to order a prescription or have one refilled it has turned into delay after delay. Their mail order pharmacy apparently is being run by people who don't know what they are doing. Our doctor's office faxed a prescription a week ago - received confirmation from OptumRx that the prescription was received. We never received the prescription - check online and no prescription showing. Called OptumRx and they said they never received the prescription. Called the doctor's office and they assured me that the prescription had gone through. They resent the prescription, received confirmation and telephoned me to let me know that it had been done.

Checking with Optumrx this morning, they say no prescription. There is obviously a big problem at OptumRx. Called AARP/UnitedHealthcare who are the ones taking our monthly payment for Part D - the people who answer the phone there are just call service employees and could care less. Shame on you AARP - UnitedHealthcare and OptumRx. Can hardly wait until the new enrollment period because we will be making a change.

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Original review: March 24, 2016

United HealthCare is absolutely horrible!! Last fall, during open enrollment, I gave them all of my prescriptions and dosages. I spent hundreds of hours, along with my relatives, reviewing different Part D plans. I was told by a United HealthCare CSR in November 2015 that ALL of my medications would be covered. However, as soon as 1-1-16 rolled around, 3 of my regular prescriptions were denied. I now have to deal with 3 separate companies for my prescription appeals/grievances: United HealthCare, OptumRx and Maximus. It's exhausting.

Because we are seniors, Big Pharma just hopes we will just cave in and give up. I have been waiting over six weeks for my prescriptions. I have been given 5 different fax numbers, 7 different addresses, and 6 different phone numbers for United HealthCare appeals. I am contacting the state insurance commissioner, the Medicare Rights Center, Sen. Barbara Boxer, and Attorney General Kamala Harris for assistance. I really need my medications.

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Original review: Feb. 3, 2016

I have used this lousy online service for three years and each year it gets worse and worse. They take forever to process your orders when order a refill, they take forever to ship your prescriptions to you and when you have to call in to complain they take forever to connect with you. I'm going to Walgreens with the hope of getting better service than this crappy online provides.

Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 4, 2015

AARP MedicareRx preferred [pdp] by United Health Care, P.O. Box 29300, Hot Springs, AR 71903-9300. This outfit is a rip-off and should be investigated by AARP and our government. Their premiums are too high and their co-pay is also. Their customer service is polite but has excuses for everything. For 2013 my wife and I paid out over $1000 per month for health insurance and drug cost. Since then I have made several changes, get some from Canada [no insurance] at much less cost. As of Sept. 2015 their report states they paid 285.12, and I paid 833.12. Their prem for 2016 will be 783.60 for the year and the co-pay is higher on everything. Needless to say I will change for 2016. There are many plans out there for much less cost to consumers.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 20, 2015

I started with the AARP Pharmacy plan and after 2 years I came to the conclusion there were better plans and at less money. First I called them to tell them I would not be renewing my plan however they kept billing me for payments. I hadn't used the RX program in probably over a year and by not paying their monthly fee there should have not been any RX service. I figured wrong as they now have a collection agency after me for payment of something I never wanted or used. My credit is excellent as I always pay on time or upfront but AARP Pharmacy does not care about their customer. You are a Medicare number and their major concern is about those premiums coming in every month. If you do decide to go with them, you will get a taste of their care for you when dealing with their service department.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 20, 2015

Intolerable waiting time for simple phone inquiry. Ronald from VA wrote on 01/17/15: HAVE HAD THE SAME EXPERIENCE TWICE!! [Been a Customer even longer!] [AND: would have added "Reply," but THAT didn't even work!]

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 13, 2015

AARP INSURANCE IS SCREWING THIS SENIOR!! In their pharmacy they are charging me for two months of prescriptions, but I only get a 30 day supply. You see I get my injections for diabetes in a 10 ml vial. I have to get 3 vials to last me a month. 3 vials is more than I need. 3 vials last 1 month and 1 week, so I have to pay for an extra month of medicine, even though it is only 1 week worth of meds. I ask if they sold the vials in different sizes - No. I WONDER HOW MANY OTHERS ARE GETTING A SCREWING?

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 3, 2015

Co-pay on ** went from around $5 to $25. When I called their provider customer service nicely said that's now what it is. They suggested I contact AARP. Tried to do that three different ways with no luck. Maybe I can do OK without the drug? Not a good experience.

Original review: Feb. 2, 2015

My mom is due a refund from MedicareRx. My sister and I have been promised that a check will arrive for my mom going back to July 2014. There have been five phone calls of one to two hours each during that period. Each time we call, the answer is the same: give us six to eight weeks. My mom paid all her bills on time; is this how the company treats its elderly customers?

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 28, 2015

Enrolled 2 weeks ago and received the welcome book before ID cards and member info, which is supposed to come first. Called and spoke to a customer service agent and she was barely paying attention to me and showed not much concern for my issue at all. She said, "just wait a couple more days and it should be there." Not apologetic at all about their mistake. Very poor customer service.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 17, 2015

Every time I call, I am put on hold for a very long period of time. Today I call with a question about EFT and waited for almost 15 minutes, which is short and was told she would have to transfer me and I was on hold for 40 minutes when I was disconnected. I called back and waited for 1 hour and 6 minutes, finally I just gave up. I have been with you for over 2 years but I will be changing my service next year if this is the way you plan to treat your customers. By the way I can prove what I am saying with my Cellphone bill. It's not just this time but also all the time. You can call me. I am tired of being put on hold. You have my information.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 15, 2015

I joined AARP medicare prescription drug program by United Health Care. Besides having an extremely serious and painful neurological condition called CRPS/RSD, besides already having 3 open heart surgeries, being in heart failure, needing a heart transplant, I then came down with a severe case of CRPS, which besides leaving me almost completely debilitated, the extreme breakthrough pain from the CRPS is putting as my DR. wrote a letter, that without the ** oral transmucosal 1600mcg 4 times a day for the breakthrough pain, which has now put me in heart failure making a transplant vital. I've been on this medication for almost 4 yrs now, and even on the Mcgill chronic pain scale index, it is at the top at 48 out of 50! Nothing is higher! There is NO cure, and with my already weakened heart, the tremendous pain and stress this is putting on my already failing heart.

Do they want a 40yr old father of a 10yr old son who cries and prays every night, that his father get this medicine BEFORE something bad happens, also have a wife that needs me. Before I joined AARP, I spoke with their prior authorization dept., and they told me as long as I have a letter from my Dr. stating my life is at risk w/o this VITAL medicine, but sure enough, they denied it, I filed an expedited appeal and I am awaiting their decision.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 5, 2014

I called today to inquire about changes in Rx insurance & had my land line phone volume all the way up & could hardly hear the representative and had to ask her to speak loudly while I am NOT hard at hearing. Her voice was hardly recognized as if she had a stuffed nose, representatives dealing with public should have a clear & concise voice to be heard and understood. My previous experience was very pleasant except this time. Maybe each supervisor should check his or her staff for their voice clarity before the start of their shift. I was about to hang up & call again hoping to get a representative with clear voice.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 23, 2014

I got a pharmacy discount card though AARP. When I check to see what the price of the drug would be with the discount which was said to be 38% the price was more than the normal price. So much for a discount.

Original review: May 15, 2014

I pay $40 a month for coverage, my husband pays $20 for Humana. He and I take same drug, except his costs $11 per month, and mine is $40. When you call for help they are either ignorant of drugs and/or unkind. Can't wait to drop this coverage. Also will drop medication until I get with a different plan.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 7, 2014

Out of the blue, AARP dropped several of my meds from their formulary and pushed others into a more expensive tier. One of my drugs went to $168.00 (for 30 pills) a month because it was removed from their formulary. My doctor and pharmacy worked together to get the drug okayed for use, which didn't take very long, but once it was okayed the cost to me is now $136.00. So I still can't afford it. I'm now paying more than 50% of the cost of my prescriptions. My share is more than the insurance is paying. I can't wait to drop these people. Please, please don't sign up for AARP's insurance. With these people I'm going to hit my doughnut hole this year.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 12, 2013

I used these meds for years. Once I signed up with AARP Medicare suppl. drug plan, all of a sudden (JULY), I needed a pre-auth. It takes 72 hours to approve or deny. They denied it. Then it takes 72 hours (if expedited) or 7 days regular for their appeals process. Bottom line... it is now the middle of the month and I still do not have my meds. When I signed up for this insurance during open enrollment, there was no pre-auth for this medication. I will not have this insurance next year.

Original review: Jan. 23, 2012

I have been with Prescription Solutions AAPR for three years plus after illegally taken off my independence insurance of 35 years and told it was legal to do so. No letters nor contacts with those concerned from insurer to all levels of government would do anything. I was told by a legislative aid for the bill that they did not know what was in it with no cause of action or directions. I was told I had to find a Part D insurer or pay a life time of penalty fees.

Six months later and a hospitalization, [I had to pay for], I ended up stuck on Medicare part D. I was given 10 days and ended up in hospital before I could sort through the two foot high pages of brochures to supposedly compare and contrast apples and oranges. I would say that 90% error rate of some kind or another has accrued with my AARP Prescription Solutions' orders has occurred, that includes sending medicines I did not order and not taking them back, sending overnight [I paid], that were ordered snail mail and vice versa on the others, that must have for many critical illness including a terminal illness diagnosis. It took repeated phone calls trying to get the other overnight due to their error with out success.

Usually, their errors are never corrected or at best one goes through their malfunctioning phone and computer systems [they usually always come to claiming the computers are down or being reconfigured] that do things like switch you to customer satisfaction surveys when you said you did not want to take one and even before you have talked to anyone to evaluate if you had agreed. Then, the inevitable holds while your cell phone bill adds up over time charges. The disconnections and yes even purposeful hang ups are massive. They clearly have no ability to pass information on or fail to do so nor provide remedial training that can ever experience be seen by me.

This is evidenced by glitches that even the customers can figure out, articulate and offer systemic improvement for between the order, the pharmacy and the mail room. Medicines will sit in the pharmacy because just one of numerous is out or needs more work and you are waiting overnight of course. They hold them all up till they solve the one in question to send on later. I have been willing to pay the overnight as it gives them less time to mess up orders in their hands. The instructions from order to pharmacy does not get passed on the the mail room. They will send all medicines that orders exist for verse the clear directions to send the ones only given that you need.

Complaints are useless to either AARP, them or the specialty pharmacies they phone some out to. I have shown many friends have them watch the getting sent in circles that never lead to anywhere. I had a doctor friend try to unravel the lack of clarity, getting sent in circles, getting a medication ordered an clarification of whom owns whom of which company and a chain of subsidiaries... subs of sub inities. Four hours later, he saw it was not my error or problem solving but a nightmare that could not be resolved or even averted. The companies of the companies don't even know whom each other are nor any central place to unravel or even give a valid phone number to the correct place [they even admit it on the phone]. The appeal rules go on for ever. They can string out for up to a year if time lines are followed and the sick patient or worse, confused elderly has no chance against the insanity.

Think of the money involved with millions of customers handed to them by AARP who does not step in and stop the madness regardless to people trusting the past reputation to make the insurance choice they did. Since they have been on the take verses advocating all respect and trust in them will soon be completely gone. They should just become a drug company and join big Pharmacy in milking America. It seems clear with the volume of unsuccessful services that so many have died or been injured and it seems there will be no stopping them till the class action and individual law suits shut them down.

Unregulated part D was a nightmare and suspicion should have raised a red flag when Republican spent the night twisting arms to pass it. Tonight, I set without medicines for three weeks although some did come overnight 8 days after promised [they did not even contact my doctor for seven days not the next day as promised on a second conversation with two previous hours spent being told that was not the process when it is.] Why only some and why the randomness of whom choose the ones that did showed up for eight days, not the next and why I got a phone call eight days later asking for a second approval for payment as the first authorization was not enough. Then them being dishonest of the week, it took to send the medicines list to the doctor for re-authorization and then being hung up on for explaining.

How crazy the latest in chronic dysfunctional services is experienced and what the consequences are and could turn into [insulin being one of the medications not sent. I will start the phone calls all over again three weeks into being out of most medicines and be put on extended holds, repetition of information numerous times, deal with a broken phone system that voice recognition does not work on while you repeatedly say answers, then key in then manual input repeating all to a real person who knows how many, the same information.Each three months when it is time to deal with them I go into panic attaches because I know it will never correct itself from there end and will just have to suffer the craziness.

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Original review: Sept. 26, 2011

Check prices before you sign into plans and get written replies. Add the total payment and include all fees. I did this with the AARP program and found that it was cheaper to buy my drugs at Walmart, as it will be half of the price. Who wins? The insurance company and AARP. They are the big lobbyists.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 14, 2011

Membership renewal mailings are confusing, and I believe they easily lead conscientious (or careless) seniors to send payments repeatedly over the span of a year when only one is necessary to maintain an annual membership.

Rather than a standard magazine renewal notice, which provides your expiration date and maybe a customer number, AARP sends out what looks like "membership" cards (plastic) with every renewal letter. They do bear a date and a number, but the tiny print says "reply by" next to the date, and "authorization code" next to the number. No where on the mailing does the actual expiration date or the member's real membership number appear.

Result? If you are not sure if you have paid up or not, you can't tell from the notice. There's not even the standard polite disclaimer: "if you have recently renewed, thank you and please ignore this request. "

If you pay up, do the mailings stop for a year? No, another month later, another identical mailing arrives with cards attached, new date, new authorization code.

We called earlier this year to complain to AARP, but the mailings have continued even though we are renewed. We now have fourteen cards from this year and last, four duplicates for myself, one for my husband, the rest are apparently junk but they look like valid cards and came with requests for more money. If nothing else, this is a colossal waste of resources and money. For the more senile AARP member, the potential exists for memberships paid up years and years in advance, perhaps long outliving the members in question.

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Original review: Feb. 23, 2011

I have had the AARP Medicare Part D Enhanced RX program since inception of the plan. After years of trying appropriate medication for sleep disorder, I was prescribed ** about 5 years ago which at least allowed me to get 5 hours sleep. ** only got me to sleep for an hour or two and I am very allergic to **. I have FMS and CFS and without some sleep, my pain is exacerbated. I chose this particular drug plan because they covered **. There is now a generic version, ** ER 12.5mg which is much cheaper than the brand. However, AARP United Healthcare has opted to not pay for this extended relief drug and did so without even noticing me.

I cannot sleep at all without this medication and am allergic to many other meds. My doctor has appealed and I am told now that I have to appeal to a medical review board that has never met me to review my chart or discuss this further with my healthcare provider. They obviously haven't considered the ramifications of sleep deprivation. This is unconscionable that the United Healthcare MedicareRX AARP medical board is telling my treating physician how to treat a patient.

I pay $90 a month for this Part D coverage and cannot even get medicine that is prescribed and medically necessary. This doesn't appear to be what's in the best interest of a patient, just what's in the best interest in their bottom line.

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Original review: Oct. 24, 2010

Please excuse the strident nature of my letter but I find that receiving a memo from AARP United Healthcare Rx Part D (within two months from the date my AARP United Healthcare Rx Part D policy went into effect) that tells me that authorization for one medication has been denied and a recorded telephone message that said that I cannot get coverage for another is unacceptable. I consider this to be an attempt by AARP United Healthcare Rx to set up barriers that are intended to deprive me and other South Dakota residents of the medications that we often need to prevent catastrophic health problems from worsening. I have been taking my current medications for conditions that have been diagnosed by nationally recognized medical specialists and approved by PERS Care, Aetna and the Social Security Administration.

Since I have 60 days to submit an appeal to your threat to deny coverage for my prescription for ** and/or not fill one other medication, I am submitting this letter to your office today. After 4 to 5 years of struggling to control my multiple diseases and their symptoms, I have just started to do well using my current medications. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2001 and have been on SSDI since 2005. Because we moved to South Dakota, I got a letter from my prior Part D carrier (Aetna) that said that I had to change my Medicare Part D insurance carrier.

I chose AARP United Healthcare Part D thinking that AARP provided oversight for the quality of the products they endorse. My coverage started on August 1st of this year. There have been no changes in my diagnosis or the kind or amount of the medications that I need to prevent the progression of my MS, treat my immune deficiency, control my asthma, or prevent my alpha1 antitrypsin deficiency from causing liver and lung disease. In 2004 I was required to submit a complete package of medical records and was subjected to an SSDI evaluation that included a review of all of my medical records and a face to face assessment.

I have been using ** for over 8 years. In 2001, I was prescribed **. My physicians (8 MDs) and I submitted detailed records of the evolution of my disease processes, the results of extensive medical test and MRI results to people who are not qualified to make a decision about the complex nature of these diseases and the unique synergistic effects that threaten to accelerate the progression of my MS.

Fortunately, the Social Security Administration and my previous insurance companies agreed with my physicians' findings and treatment recommendations. In August and September, I had several of my less expensive medications refilled at Walgreens Pharmacy under my new AARP United Healthcare Part D insurance policy. It was not until I attempted to refill my prescription for my ** through Prescription Solutions that I began to run afoul of AARP United Healthcare Rx. Aetna's specialty pharmacy had been sending my ** to me every three months. My next refill was due in October.

In late September, I called AARP United Healthcare's Prescription Solutions (specialty pharmacy) to arrange for a refill of my **. I have had several conversations with the Prescription Solutions staff over the past three weeks. To date they have not shipped the ** that I need to keep my MS from progressing. On Saturday, October 23rd at 7:15 am, I received a prerecorded message from AARP United Healthcare, Prescription Solutions that said that the pre-authorization for my medication, **, was denied. I need ** to prevent my multiple sclerosis from progressing and crippling me more than I already am. Later that same day, I received a letter from AARP Medicare Rx Plans that informed me that you will not fill another of my medications. The letter states that the drug they are refusing to refill is either not included on our covered drug list or is subject to certain limits.

This particular medication is one of a limited number of alternatives available to me. Because of my alpha1 antitrypsin deficiency, I cannot take any medications that will damage my liver. In addition, I have to inject medications 13 times a week and I do not want to have to inject another medication when a transdermal delivery system works well for me. I have worked since the age of 12 (swept parking lots and cleaned bathrooms). After I graduated from CSU Sonoma and UC Davis, I worked in professional positions until I was forced to retire in 2003. I often worked more that one job and had to pay insurance premiums at each for over 35 years.

I do not know what the total of the premiums I paid to the insurance companies were but the money that went to the insurance companies benefited them many times over when they invested that money. Throughout my life. I lived responsibly. I gave all I had to my family, community and country. You have no right to withhold my medications from me.

On the same day (Saturday October 23rd ) I received the United Healthcare 2011 Annual Notice of Changes that lets me know that I can change my coverage between November 15 and December 31st. I also want to note in this letter that, although AARP United Healthcare Rx Plans have been authorized to provide coverage to residents of South Dakota, AARP United Healthcare's administrative offices are located in Hot Springs, AR. In addition, the letter I received says that I have to file a grievance with an entity in Cypress, CA and that my physician should send his request for an exception to Costa Mesa, CA.

In addition, the email function on the AARP United Healthcare site does not provide the United Healthcare email address and other functions have been disabled. I want the staff at AARP United Healthcare to be aware of the problems they create for those of us who need the care and medications to prevent, treat, or control the devastating diseases that can have a catastrophic impact on our health, our lives, and the lives of our friends and families by using these tactics. Before I was diagnosed with MS, I worked at the California Department of Health Services as a Consultant and, during my employment there, was involved in fraud prevention and fraud investigation. We called the strategies you are using both artificial barriers and soft barriers.

Before HIPPA these and other more cruel strategies and devices used to prevent people from accessing the care and resources that they needed when they got sick. From what I have observed this past three weeks, it does not look like much has changed. I will not tolerate an increase in my premium or co-pay to offset any perceived compromise on your part. If you continue down this path, I will be forced to seek the services of an attorney. I will be documenting every interaction I have with AARP United Healthcare Rx. Using plausible deniability in my case will not be a viable defense for you. If my MS progresses in any way, may God help both of us. Sincerely.

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Original review: March 25, 2009

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