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The Daily Consumer Radio Report comes direct to you -- free of charge and free of burdensome contract terms. This 55-second daily wrap-up of the day's top consumer news will keep your listeners up to date on the news too often overlooked by the big networks -- news and information that help your listeners make smart shopping decisions.

The programs are available for your free and unrestricted use, although you agree that you will not alter the content in any way. In addition, in order to best serve consumers, you agree that you will use the most recent installment of Consumer News in your broadcast. We reserve the right to remove you from our mailing list and/or block access to the report if you violate these conditions. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Read more, then sign up to get your daily email script and link to the latest audio content.

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              From, Nov. 16: "The Daily Consumer feature launch has rolled out with a nice boost from Trevor Oliver at XM as they are going to air the days top consumer news on 4 of their talk channels. It will air on Fox Sports channel, Extreme Talk Channel, Americas Talk channel and Talk radio. To help broadcasters expand their coverage of consumer issues, a broadcast version of The Daily Consumer, an email newsletter currently sent to thousands of consumers each weekday, will be offered free to over-the-air and Internet radio stations beginning in mid-November in both text and audio formats."

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