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Reviewed Feb. 15, 2017

Ripoff Report posted a false report about our company. When we gave them a reply mentioning that the complaint was invalid and we didn't have any client with the name, they told us we have to follow few steps and later we will have to pay to remove it from Ripoff Report. We also sent them valid evidence that we didn't have any client with the name the person posted the complaint. Ripoff Report should not keep on live others false reports after having strong evidence from the company. I think they posted the false reports by themselves and doing business in order to remove that one from Google.

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Reviewed Jan. 25, 2017

This site allows for easy fraudulent postings. Anyone can post slanderous fabricated comments and one's only recourse is to respond. The response is behind the original complaint, so the "bad" is prominently displayed and only those who dig into the responses can get a real view. Also, a google or web search will show your business with the association with Ripoff Report... If you want Ripoff Report to clear your name, you have be pay thousands of dollars. So this is the business model.

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Reviewed Dec. 15, 2016

A consumer hastily posted a false claim on rip off report against our appliance company for a fridge he bought and laid down in his truck. He was in a rush and went against advice not to lay down. He plugged in and it didn't come on. He did not hesitate to write a bogus complaint. He contacted us after filing with rip off report unknowing to our company.

We offered to look at fridge and swapped it out for him for another fridge and consumer paid the difference. He immediately tried to remove his post. Rip off report refused to remove it. They in fact wanted money from our company of thousands of dollars to hide it. Consumer was able to post a retraction that is hidden in the site. Our company also posted our side however, one must enter site to scroll to find retraction. He also posted our real estate business in the report in error. Having no nothing to do with the fridge. Rip off report will not correct or remove without thousands of dollars paid to Ed the owner.

Fridge was plugged in the next day and did come on. Replacement fridge given to consumer worked fine as well. Neither consumer nor our company were able to have post corrected or removed without a large payment to rip off report. Rip off report post has harmed both of our businesses immensely. It is the only report brought up to our attention many times by the public. Most people have not entered the site to read the request for removal post by consumer and our company side.

Rip off report intentionally caused harm to both of our companies and does not care about our concerns. I contacted and pleased with rip off report to correct this and Ed refused without a large amount of money paid to him. He sent me an email stating how much was required to pay rip off report to remove the post. Rip off report should be banned from internet and charged with fraud. Rip off report should pay each consumer and or company for their losses.

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Reviewed Dec. 8, 2016

RipOff Report is a ripoff of fair reporting of complaints themselves. They allow bogus complaints to be filed without any verification at all. I happened to do a google search of my business name in Dec 2016 and discovered that an angry customer, that did not get her way, had filed a bogus complaint in June 2016. I can only hope that not many potential customers saw this before I was able to file a rebuttal. The complaint was riddled with mistakes that could have easily been verified, as false, had RipOff Report bothered to contact me.

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Reviewed Nov. 29, 2016

Ordered via Facebook a Samsung Note 5 mirror case. The company is in Austria, doing business from China. They have no control over their shipping people and are unwilling to investigate why shipments remain in post office for 8 days before any movement. When product finally arrived, it was inferior trash! Nothing to protect the actual cellphone. Paid $30 US dollars for a product not worth $1 US dollar. People at Drabang are nasty and unrespectful to their customers. Bad company... Consumer BEWARE! STAY AWAY!!!

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Reviewed Oct. 21, 2016

When you step in as a third party mediator you are supposed to be unbiased and impartial. The entire response from RipOffReport in my email appears to not be impartial. To use a standard email chain that you send to everyone is great as it saves time. However, you should personalize the email communication to the individual concerns.

You should never start off a mediation conversation by stating "We know for a fact that North Coast Auto Mall has made some drastic changes and will be making more as time goes on." Unless you work directly for a company you wouldn't know this for a fact! We can only go by the information that is provided, you will never know 100% what a company does or how they respond because you are involved. The information is relayed back to you and sometimes miscommunication happens and conversations is left out.

"We don't doubt you feel in your heart that what you are saying is true, but... this is NOT the North Coast Auto Mall that we know." How do you know? "More than likely there are problems with some specific staff handling your specific account, but I could be wrong." Re-read the above quotes, then you reply with this? The whole name calling is very rude and disrespectful from a company who handles complaints. If I am wrong in any form of my email, I will take ownership and apologize. I have never once yelled, cussed, or over talked anyone that I interacted with North Coast Auto. I have been nothing but professional with them.

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Reviewed Oct. 20, 2016

A company called health solutions is basically a ripoff for a very poorly written book and email newsletters to get information free elsewhere on the internet. Be aware of these people. I fell for their ripoff last year and this year they renewed and deducted money for another years without my permission. Save yourself some trouble and avoid these people.

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Reviewed Sept. 28, 2016

The "anti-scam" company turns out to be a scam itself. They offer to take a complaint down if you pay them and then you still don't get your company's name deleted from their site. I used to depend on this site to warn me about buyer beware type companies, and now it's just a place for disgruntled employees and random people to screw up a small businesses reputation.

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Reviewed July 27, 2016

The Economic Frauds Detection & Prevention Inc. makes fake posts about people and companies then tries to extort you for $650 to take you off their site. My name is Abdalelah ** and Economic Frauds report posted many fake posts about me. Not one of these people used a real name because they are not real. I refuse to pay them $650 to take the lies about me off their site. Google the Economic Frauds SCAM and see they are the scammers. The owner is wanted by the FBI for extortion and fraud. Once you are put on that site it goes to number 1 spot when someone googles your name so not cool.

I really don't care what they wrote and I'm definitely not stupid enough to pay them $650 to take me off their site but hey if they are a site saving people from scammers then why would they let the scammer pay their way off the site??? Shouldn't they want that info to stay forever so no one gets scammed by these people instead of letting the scammer pay his way off so he can continue scamming people? That just doesn't make sense. The internet is so full of lies. People with no lives and nothing to do will read a post they have nothing to do with, just so they can converse with other people. They add their 2 cents worth and write up fake posts when they don't even know me or anything about me.

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Reviewed July 24, 2016

The Ripoff Report makes fake posts about people and companies then try to extort you for 3 grand to take you off the site. My name is Michael ** and ripoff report posted many fake posts about me. Not one of these so called people used a real name because they are not real. I refuse to pay them 3 grand to take the lies about me off their site. Google the ripoff report and see they are the scammers. The owner is wanted by the FBI for extortion and fraud. Once you are put on that site it goes to number 1 spot when someone googles your name so not cool.

I really don't care what they wrote and I'm definitely not stupid enough to pay them 3 grand to take me off their site but hey if they are a site saving people from scammers then why would they let the scammer pay their way off the site??? Shouldn't they want that info to stay forever so no one gets scammed by these people instead of letting the scammer pay his way off so he can continue scamming people. That just doesn't make sense.

The internet is so full of lies. People with no lives and nothing to do will read a post they have nothing to do with and just so they can conversate with other people they add their 2 cents in and write up a fake post when they dont even know me or anything about me. YOU PEOPLE NEED TO GET LIVES BUT HEY KARMA IS A **. IT WILL COME BACK TO BITE YOU IN THE ASS.

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Reviewed July 19, 2016

I had plumbing replaced shower head and handles for one of the apartments I own. I paid for one product that the plumber told me he would install. I left the apartment and came back when tenant advised me job was done. Cheaper handles were installed not the ones I paid for to be installed. Called company would not fixed the situation. Claimed ones I wanted installed were $1,200.00 and plumber would not have given to me at that price. BEWARE. Scam artist!

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Reviewed May 12, 2016

All Exclusive Transportation Services Inc. had a minor disagreement with the client; the client did not give All Exclusive Transportation Services Inc. the opportunity to respond and decided to leave an unsubstantiated claim on RipOffReport. Within hours, the customer had a refund and the customer attempted to remove his claim against All Exclusive Transportation Services Inc. off of RipOffReport. They refused to do so. There is no way for All Exclusive Transportation Services Inc. to make an honest rebuttal or explanation about the above-referenced client without paying a substantial amount of money to RipOffReport. How is this even legal?

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Reviewed May 4, 2016

I filed a complaint against a company, which, I had sued and obtained a default judgment against. The judgment is over $100K. In the post, I did not go into all the bloody details of the lawsuit and the company that stole from me, my hard earned fees and commissions. I just simply stated that the company and its managing director were frauds. All one has to do is look them up on the county court's website which shows several judgments. I have a judgment against the company and the managing partner personally. RipOFF Report has failed to post the complaint, has ignored my many emails with NO RESPONSE whatsoever.

All that I got from ripoff report was that this is under review. Well it has been nearly a month now and they have not posted the report. What they are doing though is contacting the company and managing director and trying to get him to pay them $$$ in order to not post the complaint (this is being told to me by someone that still works for this same company). RIPOFF REPORT is only a lead generating system for other larcenous executive types which use the info to attempt to extort others. Don't buy into their sales pitch.. they are not there to serve you. You can go to the San Mateo County Court's register and search the court records for Michael ** and or Ventana Group LLC, there you will find it all in plain sight.

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Reviewed April 4, 2016

This company contacted me about a situation I was having with HBC facilities. They then wrote a new report of HBC facilities and buried all the negative complaints. This company failed miserably as a contractor service coordinator for FedEx Freight and Ripoff Report now states that Cary J Siegel is a successful businessman. Cary Siegel in two years only has contacted me about this Ripoff report but never about the $42590 he owes my company. Ripoff Report doesn't care about the wrongdoing in the world. They only care about how much money businesses will pay to cover it up. Do not waste your time.

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Reviewed March 12, 2016

RIPOFF REPORT plastered a fake phoney report on my google page. My business is destroyed. The business I spent 20 years building is gone. One customer in 20 yrs somehow went to them and put a bogus report on us. She made up lots of things. Some were true. I did call her a dummy as she called us a thousand times asking for a refund but she refused to send back the product so we had to get the product back before the refund is issued. She wanted refund and keep the product also so we gave her a refund. She was so nasty and plastered lies, half truths on ripoff report. We told RR they put one side of a story that was a lie and they basically said we had to pay them 20,000.00 to get the slam removed! We are now broke and out of business.

How come the FBI does nothing about this RipOff Report and why do they let them terrorize small businesses that are struggling? The owner of RipOff report told me I deserve to be out of business because I called the customer a dummy. OMG, is he the king of the world? Who is this guy to tell me what I can and cannot say to a customer?? He is telling me what to say??

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Reviewed March 11, 2016

I am a new startup. I have been working to build my website in preparation for launching my products. Before even selling a single product, a false review was posted to the Ripoff Report site. Immediately, I was bombarded with email scams claiming to help me remove this negative review. The review placed against my company is completely false, since I am still in the design phase and have not sold a single product to-date. I'm reluctant to file a rebuttal on the Ripoff Report site, for fear that it will trigger another false review in an attempt to get me to respond and pay for their programs.

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Reviewed Feb. 11, 2016

Under my company, **, I had a disgruntled customer. He failed to meet the terms of his contract and although we extended his time to receive the product, he still failed to use it because of his failure. After he lost his project, he blamed us and hired a local attorney. The attorney was provided all of the evidence, not just the partial file from his client and the attorney not only refused to proceed and told his client he was wrong but apologized to me.

The client, still upset, filed a report on RipOff. After I saw it, I called him and told him we would prosecute, he wrote and called Ripoff to remove his complaint. Ripoff refused to remove it stating their policy of non-removal. I wrote them and as well, wrote a rebuttal. Still today, I am losing business and jobs because people believe what they read. Shortly after one of my calls to Ripoff, I got a call from someone with a Slavic accent, claiming they would have it removed for $25k. I told him to go to hell.

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Reviewed Dec. 28, 2015

I can say I filed two incidence on RipOffReport. One with Dell Computers no interest rate financing and one with a Travel Agent called Kings Travel from Georgia area. Both were unethical in their business practices. With Dell they were offering no interest rate financing if you bought one of their computers. We bought one for our son for college. But what turned out to be promoted as no interest turned out to be one lie. It turned out Dell was not approving anyone for the interest free loan. We had very good credit and could not understand why we did not qualify.

Thank goodness for RipOffReport where I posted a very upsetting post about what happened. Apparently I was not the only one going through the same thing. An Attorney saw my post and several others and contacted me. He and his law firm dealt with class action lawsuits. After about two years of investigating his firm found out Dell was directing their credit agency to decline just about everyone, hence the no interest rate credit did not exist. It seems Dell was using some sort of credit formula that they refused to give out to the consumer as an explanation of why they were denied. All in all it was found through very good legal work and a paper trail that illegal activity was going on. Dell settled, yes we got a small settle amount.

The second company Kings Cruise company in Georgia. They kept my money when I canceled the trip even though I bought their travel insurance. They refused to honor the agreement. The only way I could have got my money back was to hire an attorney in Georgia and I could not afford it. So I lost 1000.00 to a dishonest company. I have no issue with RipOffReport. I am a real consumer who went there because I felt hopeless.

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Reviewed Dec. 12, 2015

I've never had such quick response and the RipOffReport people handled my dilemma without a hitch. Do you realize that you just did what all the websites are saying you would not. Not to worry, I won't miss any of the already half-dozen posts I've made already (and am hopeful you've not read them too). I'm really sorry about assuming the worst... it's actually a bad thing to do... Thanks, I'll not verify your stated intentions and have a bit of deleting to do now. This was the quickest response time... thanks again.

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Reviewed Nov. 17, 2015

I've seen first hand the damage that can be done by RipOffReport and have seen many businesses and individuals wrongly and unfairly accused of things. One was even be an ex-wife looking for revenge. It is ridiculous the things that get posted on that site. The fact is that according to the law, you will not be able to get the report removed. A friend asked me to help with this problem and I was able to eventually get it removed from Google but it wasn't easy. Happy to share my experiences and if I can help anyone with this problem I can tell you what worked for me.

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Reviewed Nov. 9, 2015

I worked for a company and a woman requested to be contacted for a demo. It was assigned to me. I reached out and she said that she had an emergency and she wanted to do demo next week. I wished her well and asked if I should just delete her request so she wouldn't get contact and she could resubmit when ready. She said "No it's fine, we would do demo next week." A couple days later, I was going through files and realized that one of them was a referral and got a free month and texted to let them know. The account was not flagged for no contact so business as usual. Well, she responded that since I contacted her before the next week, that she wanted a year free of service.

I googled her at that point to find out who she was and it turns out that she harasses companies, gets people fired to get free things, creates fake Facebook sites of dead soldiers and dying children to get followers and then switches it to her name, even takes charitable contributions. She stalks celebrities and common people and when they try to defend themselves, she threatens to ruin their lives, creates accounts in their names and does all types of things. I apologized and explained that I am a mother of two and the sole supporter of my family. She said "Guilt trips don't work on me sweetheart" and posted my comment on Twitter and ripoff report saying my company's name and my name. Saying that I harassed her and that the company gives terrible customer service to their clients. I had been with the company for almost 3 years, was a top rep and never had a complaint after dealing with thousands of clients.

We had just gone public and I was fired because of it. Then my company gave her 3 months of free service. I was all alone, I had just moved to a new state (next to my parents) because my company said I couldn't work in the state my parents lived in. I had earned the privilege to work from home because of outstanding work and I was left all alone, jobless, in a house I just moved into 2 weeks prior with two babies and no job. All because she posted a ripoff report on me and my company. She was not a client and requested contact. Now, potential clients google my name and that comes up on the first page. New companies that I would like to work for google my name and find that. I have nothing but positive things about me online and then an Internet cyber stalker ruined my reputation in order to get free service and cost me my job using this site.

She has about 30 ripoff reports from her victims about her and she was allowed to post there still. Then I look and to even have them look into the situation, they want 2 grand. It should be illegal. It is immoral, irresponsible, defamatory, unethical and slanderous. It should not be legal for people to use a site like this to extort money from small business or to so easily put up slander. There is no legality or credibility or even an attempt to see if this information is true. People work very hard to create businesses and careers and a loser that has no job and supports themselves by robbing, conniving and stealing can tear years of hard work down with a few clicks of a keyboard. And the victims have no defense. It's just there. Consumers don't know if they are true or not but I know that if I send a potential client an email for whatever company I represent, until this post is down, they will google my name and find this.

It damages my credibility when this woman asked for contact, told me not to delete her request, has dozens of websites devoted to exposing how horrible of a person she is but clients and employers won't know any of this. They will just see my name, a ripoff report, and the word harassment. I'd like there to be a lawsuit where everyone who was damaged falsely by this site joins a class action and seeks reparation. Extortion plain and simple from multiple angles. May God handle this one. I'll be praying. If you look at my image attached, as soon as she posted her thanks to the company, another person (who has since told me that this woman has a group that monitors her 24/7) posted to please not give her anything because she is a scam artist. I still lost my job. The ripoff report still remains. My name is still tarnished.

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Reviewed Sept. 1, 2015

My company was solicited by a scam artist who offered us marketing services. Once we paid his fee he then put us on ROR stating that we were the scam artist. Ed ** of ROR then stated it would cost $2000 for him to look into the claim.

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Reviewed Aug. 25, 2015

This website, allows mysterious people with no name, usually competitors, to simply post false accusations and false lies made up to slander other hardworking people. If these were to be true, allow the business or person accused to challenge and delete that. If not, allow it to be heard. However this company charges $2000 to "consider" removing it or sinking it down the bottom of google search.

I am a real person. I have a report against me on Ripoff report. The report is a lie, fabrication, never happened, and I can't do anything about it. The website report mentions an incident that never occurred from an unidentified person. The amount of money is far more charges than our monthly membership charge which accompanies a contract, which of course was not presented due to the fact that it doesn't exist, it is a lie. And last our business was relocated in December of 2012, not March of 2013 as mentioned in the time of incident. This makes it impossible to be true based on timeline factors alone. This is a complete scam and is a ripoff to generate an income from hard working citizens.

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Reviewed Aug. 14, 2015

This company puts false reports on its site and then tries to charge business to remove them. They admit that they do not have the resources to verify anything. Anybody can write anything on this website, anytime, & they do not have to provide any evidence or documentation to support any allegation. The company also admits that sometimes, competitors write false complaints on the website. If you have been defamed on their site by a false report, you have to pay them a $2000 fee & they will "consider" removing it.

Recently, a person I did not know & had never done business with, contacted me & demanded a "refund" of $1800 & threatened to add my name to a complaint unless I gave him money. I did not know this man & had never been paid a fee by him for anything. I did not pay him. Then, about a month later, I was told by a potential client that there was a ripoff report that mentioned my name. I checked this website & to my horror, found a false report that mentioned me. I wrote a rebuttal explaining what this total stranger had done. He then wrote a rebuttal, repeating the same falsehoods, yet again. I posted another rebuttal, but the damage to my reputation is done.

The operators of this disgraceful website won't remove anything even though they know that at least some of their reports are false. I suppose that some reports are true, but many are not true, and they know it. I can't pay $2000 to get rid of this. I don't know what to do now. First, the person who wrote the false report tried to extort money from me and now Ripoff Report wants to extort money from me to get rid of the false report. This is a nightmare.

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Reviewed Aug. 10, 2015

This company puts false reports on its site and then tries to charge business to remove them. This should be illegal. is a ripoff, false reports, fee to remove.

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Reviewed July 30, 2015

Recently I was told from a client that my company ** had a complaint registered against them from a company called Rip Off Report. After writing to them (Rip Off Report) explaining that we have never done business in the state where this report was generated. They told me that I could have this post that is online taken off the web for $2000.00. I again stated that "we have never done work in this state, why would you charge me $2000.00 to have something removed if it was not true." They said "that's what it will cost if you want it removed."

We have an a+ rating with the bbb and this report published online from rip off report is an out and out lie. This company will allow anyone to write a report on a company and never follow up to make sure that the allegations are true. I have written a rebuttal that they included on the report but the report on ** is still online and does not make ** look good. I find a company that charges thousands of dollars to delete false accusations to be a rip off as well. I am hoping that others that are falsely accused by this Rip Off Report complain as I have to the attorney generals office to have this company stop from falsely accusing companies that follow good business practice.

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Reviewed July 28, 2015

In theory a complaint website sounds great. Repulsively business model is to charge huge fees to be removed, even if a "complaint" is clearly fake or just an angry rant. The site points to Facebook and says they too have no ability to monitor or verify complaints or slander, but Facebook doesn't earn its revenue from removing false information.

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Reviewed July 21, 2015

This company has full-time legal staff to handle all the lawsuits file against them where they allow anyone to post slanderous postings. They will not remove it even if the person that placed the post wants it removed. Oh, wait yes for $2000.00 they consider it. Oh wait one more way they make money for $600.00 a month they will block it. This is not a consumer assistant program. Those can be handle with The FTC or State.

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Reviewed July 8, 2015

I operate ** in Westminster, MD 21157 and I had a defamatory and slanderous review left that was completely un-factual and fraudulent in every way. This guy Brent ** had a business transaction with me concerning my personal 240 sx car he bought. Had nothing to do with my shop however it wasn't until later I discovered he was hired by my competitors to ruin my reputation because we were doing such solid work it was impacting other businesses locally in the area. Pretty much we were taking money away from everyone else. So not only did Brent ** lie all over the Internet and make fake pictures and post them online and leave contradicting stories all over the place but he left a fraudulent review on of which he later admitted to Judge ** of the district court in Westminster, MD it was a lie and made up.

I have contacted concerning this matter and getting the completely fraudulent review removed (of which everything he stated was a complete fabrication of what never happened) and I was never replied back to. I sent several emails but no response. The only response I received was in my email from them stating I can pay $$$$$$$ to have the review bumped down to the bottom of Google and other search engines. I said "Hell no. That's a scam." Then I replied back and no response again.

90% of the online sites removed the fraudulent reviews and obviously slanderous and photoshopped pictures but places like have refused to remove it which has greatly affected my business and here it is 5 + years later and I am still being hounded by other people online who call me a scumbag and a scammer etc. and use as a reason for their abusive demeanor towards me.

I have snapshots of current and past attacks on me by people who use what was left on to bash me. Most recent was about a week and a half ago. It's been a nightmare and I have lost so much business because of specifically and I have nearly lost my business that I worked so hard to start; right from the ground up. Nothing that was left in the review was factual. It was all lies and fraudulent. I would LOVE it if there was an attorney that could help me with this. It's been years and I am still being harassed on almost a daily basis because of

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Reviewed July 3, 2015

There are two negative reports that show up on the ROR page when you look up "Student Loan Exchange." Both are outdated and contain inaccurate information on both the substance and facts relating to what SLE actually does. The documented problem with this notoriously fraudulent website is that when bonafide rebuttals or explanations are posted by company officials or clients taking a contrary positive point of view, those postings are NEVER posted. Even after repeated efforts, they are always in a state of "Review."

So while the concept of the ROR is great, it is corrupted by the fact that ROR uses these negative reports to then hock their own company as a "reputation repair" for the very same negative information they themselves propagate... and then charges thousands of dollars to "fix" the issue. This should be clear to any reasonable consumer that the whistle blower is in fact, the real fraudster.

Clearly, some companies are certainly deserving of such critiques, but the vast majority of small businesses negatively affected by the deleterious activities are left without recourse to then alleviate issues or address posted information that is willfully or unintentionally false or misleading. In our own case, we have repeatedly asked to submit facts that contradict statements that is always listed first on google search. That these comments are completely false and made by individuals who seem to be not located, and most important, were never even actual clients.

So we will still suffer because of the only two negative reviews we have ever had at any time, in any media (including the DOE), simply because ROR continues to operate without ethics and without any fairness in its business practices. It is a shame that potential clients will suffer due to the undue skepticism caused by these toxic websites.

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Reviewed May 7, 2015

I am a part-time professional clown that does mostly birthday parties for families in my local area. I discovered a bad review on my business on It's so bogus, it's laughable. But I'm not laughing that the bad review that comes up on the first page of a google search of my business. The review was made by a man in Los Angeles, CA that I don't know and have never done business with. I have only done business in Illinois, mostly central Illinois.

Everything about the review is false. It stated that I did not show up when expected, that I was drunk, was smoking and cursing during their child's party. The truth is this never happened. It is a total lie!!! Anyone can write anything about any business with a false name and get away with it on this site!!! I do this business on the side for fun, to bring joy to families in my community. I don't make much money doing this. I do not have the funds to pay for arbitration, lawsuits for defamation, etc. I am a part-time church secretary and live a clean life.

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Reviewed April 10, 2015

I had an issue with a dentist and over billing after insurance already paid out a claim. The only way I was able to get any satisfaction was to create a report on the person. I was able to get the outstanding debt removed and out of collections. The site is impossible to read but it served its purpose.

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Reviewed April 3, 2015

I made the mistake of joining in on a ripoff report post for somebody that had been conning people out of money. He retaliated with a completely fabricated report on me on rip off report under an anonymous name. They didn't verify the validity of it and won't take it down and want $2000 to amend the report.

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Reviewed March 30, 2015

Ripoff Reports reviews are not written by people who don't exist! I have a right to get on a website such as Ripoff Reports and tell of my bad experience with a company. I am not a person who does not exist! I don't think online companies should be able to wipe out my bad reviews of companies that don't treat me fairly, or take my money and never send my product. Other people have a right to know what kind of business they are thinking of dealing with. I have a brain. I know how to pick between legitimate complaints and ravings. Some of the people who are complaining about sites that contain reviews sound more like raving than the complaints themselves.

I have spent about $500 on similar products from two sites, and had I been diligent in researching the complaints about them before purchasing, I would not be trying to find out if I am ever getting the products I have already been charged for. I would also have been aware that the two sites are probably the same people. Some people may leave awful reviews, but that should not negate everyone's ability to let others know about the experiences that they have been through with a company.

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Reviewed March 26, 2015

We came across a review a competitor posted about us. You can tell it's our competitor since the same say and time that was posted maybe 20 minutes later I get an email from this competitor claiming he's suing me for infringement. This guy thinks I'm dumb not to figure it out, but anyways back to RipOffReport they claim that they post everything and it can't and won’t be taken off. But talking about lying scum, I posted a rebuttal almost 10 days later and it's not posted. I've submitted a few more and still no posting of my rebuttal.

Then I thought of a genius plan. Why not use like yelp, and yp? I asked my satisfied clients to start writing positive reviews on ripoffreport. Heck they're so high in Google searches why not get some free reviews and advertising. So far I think it's started working. RipOffReport thinks they can harm business owners why not just use their system against them and all the bogus reviews, get some positive ones put in.

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Reviewed March 24, 2015

I'm just going to make this simple. My husband was defamed, called names and has seriously been so beaten down that it's just beyond me why people are so hurtful. My husband might not always make friends but even then there are no reasons to make inaccurate assumptions. I am so sick of these people and their "fake reports." No one can do anything about this??? I would never pay 2k to "try" and hope that this imaginary person would be cordial enough and remove this crap. Unfortunately this wouldn't happen because people have no heart and would kill to see others fall for their benefit. Some people need to be taught some manners and I would LOVE if the court system would take this slandering crappy no excuse website off.

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Reviewed March 5, 2015

My company has a false statement which has affected my business and we've done nothing wrong. We have an executed agreement and POA from a client so that we could pursue unclaimed government refund money for her. The client got the refund that's been owed since 2009, admitted that she donated it all to charity and refuses to pay. Now that she knows our firm is pursuing her legally she has posted FALSE and very slanderous statements against our company. claims that if you give their 3rd party arbitrators $2,000 they will potentially remove the false statement. What a SCAM. I've got some money to burn and would love to perform a Class Action lawsuit against I'm also willing to team up with investors in an effort to create a website that authenticates people and business, not some garage that allows.

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Reviewed Feb. 25, 2015

A false and slanderous report/complaint was filed with by an unnamed individual on 2/18/2015. The unidentified individual stated the VLM Capital Consultants LLC is a fictitious company and that a Chase bank account did not exist for this company. The unnamed individual was allowed to publish this false and misleading statement also stating that the Company and its business banking with Chase Bank was nothing more than a scam. It is obvious that VLM Capital Consultants is a legitimate Company and it does have its business banking account with Chase Bank. Its publishing of a false complaint is slander against our Company and has caused a loss of credibility for our Company. Most probably a tremendous loss of business.

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Reviewed Feb. 14, 2015

They make phony posts, never using anyone's real name - if someone ripped me off, I would definitely use my real name. They do this because they can't get sued because they supposedly didn't make the posts and for whoever did it's freedom of speech (because that's the American way - baseball, apple pie, law suits and the right to say whatever the ** you want about whoever you want to say it about). This site was founded by Ed Magedson, December 1998. It's operate by Xcentric Ventures, LLC in Tempe, Arizona. What they basically do is slander companies and people by these posts supposedly put out there by the real people, but it's kind of funny that real people don't use their real names - that's kind of odd.

I know if I were ripped off somehow I'm gonna tell my story and my real name because maybe the same thing happened to them, and they could tell me something else I don't already know and maybe get in contact with me and enlighten to something that might help me out. On my rip off report, no one put a real name but I did not do any of the things that they accused me of. I call that the internet snowball effect - if you write 1 thing negative about someone on the internet (and they don't even have to be famous), say 1 negative thing and it will grow and grow. People who don't even have anything to do with it will add their 2 cents - that's just human nature. Google the Ripoff Report and see all the complaints about them for the lies and extortion. They hide behind this computer screen because a lot of people want a piece of that man Ed Magedsons **.

My name is Michael ** and I'm not scared to put my real name on here unlike the cowards who wrote lies about me - people who don't even know me or have anything to do with me or even music - they are just busybody, drama king/queens-haters and whatever else is their problems. I do know 1 name that was posted about me - the name Scribe **. She is a female who could not deal with the fact that I did not think her music was good. I tried to let her down easy but she went all Fatal Attraction and lit the internet up about me like 5 years ago and it just keeps snowballing because I don't know any of these people. They just don't have any lives and need something to do.

Well Ripoff Report, I am not paying you $3,000 for extortion and all you fake posters, why don't you get a life? You have in no way hurt me. I don't brag about what I have, I live a low-key life. And if some of you can read on that Ripoff Report, it also showed where there was a white older guy impersonating me and charging people money. An artist manager earns a percentage of what he/she earns for the artist, so unless I make the artist money, I don't make any money. So butt out of my business and next time you try to extort someone, make sure that you know what kind of business they are in first. I also co-own a recording studio, a record store and some real estate (maybe you might want check to make sure I'm not ripping off my tenants).

Ripoff Report you are so pathetic that you have to make up all types of fake posts and lies. I have been in this business for 30 years now and I have NEVER beat any artist in anyway. If an artist's work is not any good, then I will simply not waste my time on them. I can't help it if me keeping it real may hurt someone's feelings. Who they should be mad at is their family and friends for not telling them the truth that they suck and they will NEVER be a star. I just want for this Ripoff Report to leave me alone. I'm not going to rest until these people go extort someone else because I'm not the one.

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Reviewed Feb. 9, 2015

The statements on Rip off Report had nothing to do with consumer relations. It was all based on a personal made up opinion of us by someone we never had a business relationship with. It was referring to a fine for clerical errors. That does not harm a consumer. I co-signed a lease for ex wife and children, which the landlord tried to charge $6800 for painting. Again, did not harm a consumer David ** , David ** , Regal Online Mortgage, Host LA Real Estate Group, Host Cars LA LLC, do not have any consumer complaints against them.

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Reviewed Feb. 7, 2015

This is to follow up the false statement that is reported on Rip off report. This event never occurred! This is false accusations and a dishonest website That is trying to ruin people's reputation while trying to make a buck on doing so. Can you say "Extortion"... What a scam of a website!! How do we live in a society that has this type of abuse towards good people. This is a defamation of character. The rip off report is the true Rip Off!! You want to charge an innocent person $2000.00 to remove lies?? If anyone has purchased a used car from a dealership everyone knows they offer free car fax reports that shows the cars' entire history, accidents and all!

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Reviewed Jan. 23, 2015

Rip off report is criminal and lies, False reports. This site is not just about businesses but person also. I had a guy rip me off and take a dog he was suppose to buy but never paid for, I had to repose the dog and charge him. When I sued him in court he slandered my name all over ROR to get back at me. He died several months after being charged for taking a third ladies dogs. While he was being sentenced to jail he had a heart attack and died on the spot. I can't get him to remove anything as he is dead, like he would anyways as he was mentally not right and had it out for me.

ROR has ruined my life and at times I wish I could just be left alone and hide from people, hide from the trauma this site is and has caused me. I had to change my name, I have considered leaving my children and family and have pushed them to even change their last name but they won't. I've considered leaving them as I don't want people judging me by their last name. He made up all this crazy false stuff about me, and there is nothing I can do about it. Stole pictures and write ups about puppy mills and applied them to my name. I had one dog I sold him, not a puppy mill.

I'm tired of people questioning me about all the false report, ya like 10 of them, and now they are getting picked up by copy cat websites. I even lost a job because of what was on ROR, they accused me of stuff and referred to ROR. This site started out as being only in the US then it covered Canada then it covered business and people. I'm a person with disabilities and can't afford the money they want to look into matters, I even showed them a court ordered document for the guy to remove the write ups but he is dead so that can't happen. When I showed them this they responded Canadian law is weak and would never stand up in the states and sorry they can't remove anything but I'm welcome to file a rebuttal.

They even have pictures of my children on the site, minors, and they have had friends at school ask what it was all about. The ROR started charging to have matters looked into. The thing is they never remove reports, they only make a little write up above it stating it has been resolved or .... it is always on google search engine and the write ups are popping up all over on other sites.

I can't believe that the US government allows internet bullying like this. A company or person should be held accountable for continuing to host and advertise slander and defamation of character on a person or company when they have been told, informed by writing or email and proved the reports are false. Legally they should be able to be sued for damages. I believe we need a lawyer to take on a class action lawsuit against this company. They are aware that by continuing to post the false write ups on their site it's causing hardship and trauma to individuals and the people around them. Why do they do this, it's simple GREED, Ed is making over 30 Million a year because of this site. It's not about freedom of speak, it's abuse and the criminal is the people that work behind this company and Ed.

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Reviewed Jan. 20, 2015

I have all the positive experiences with I believe it provides a great platform for the general public to share their bad experience with the crook and con artist. This would put fraudulent criminals nothing to hide and would prevent more people fall into their victims.

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Reviewed Jan. 17, 2015

I'm absolutely amazed that someone hasn't organized a class action lawsuit against this company and the Directors for defamation. Someone I don't even know, who I have never had any contact with, and who I have no business with, simply filed a "complaint" and made a permanent record that defamed my character, and as much as I would like to think that intelligent people don't consider such garbage, the fact of the matter is they do!

I was contacted by a business associate who read a report I knew nothing about and was surprised to learn about it. I wrote to Ed Magedson to remove the post but he refused. The person making a statement DIDN'T even know me! They referenced some other name similar to mine, but included the names of companies I have worked with, thus the damage was done. I would be happy to lead an organized lawsuit against this company and individual who doesn't provide proper protection against people who are defamed.

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Reviewed Dec. 30, 2014

My company was the target of a disgruntled employee who posted serious and defamatory accusations about several employees and managers who he worked with. In the posting title, he included the keywords Liars, Scam, Extortion, Deceptive, and these words show when doing a Google search for our company, immediately under our website links.

We requested that the company modify the posting so that the extra long and obnoxious url (not to mention completely false and unsubstantiated in the actual complaint) should be shortened so it would not show in the Google search result. They replied with a template response and without addressing the question of potential damage to your business due to their irresponsible formatting of the complaint.

We have added a rebuttal to the original author's complaint, but the only way to get Rip-off Report to do anything is to *pay them*. That is the definition of *extortion* - something they purport to be against as a "champion of the consumer" - but in fact this is their business model. Pay a fee, and your problems go away.

How is it that this company can stay in business while it perpetuates this farce? My company has been in business for nearly 50 years and has an AAA+ Rating from the BBB. We are one of the largest and best-known employers in the city and we have this one, horrible, unverified and undocumented complaint that sits right under our search page on Google. How can this be fair or responsible publishing?

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Reviewed Dec. 21, 2014

I am really angry at this website where any one can write down anything about any business without verifying the truth and that they need $2000.00 to verify. What a scam. We should file the joint case in court by meeting together who are in same jurisdiction are. A hotel there was a customer who did not had enough money to rent room. Thinking of his situation that he is homeless and girlfriend kicked him out we gave him very low rate for room. When we asked him if he had any pet he said no. After few days we found place was full of rat and snake. When asked him to leave wrote wrong report on ripoff. Learned a lesson - never have mercy on any one until know them well. Is there anyone to help against this hoax.

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Reviewed Dec. 14, 2014

I had an issue with a scam artist that was on RipOffReport. He had a warrant for his arrest and was dating my roommate who I asked to leave because he was a danger to myself and children. He doctor shopped hospitals for pain pills, etc. Well to get even with me and others that found out about him, he posted disgusting personal comments about all of us using our names, our children's names, and he put my employment and children's welfare at risk. I thought this site was for businesses??????? How come personal and disgusting lies can be posted about people on the site including the first and last names of minor children??? This site is made for the enjoyment of its owner to see people suffer.

I have a crazy ex-husband and this man posted such vile lies about me on the site that I am terrified. All the information is false and can be proven. He even said I was a drug addict who robbed him and killed his dog and a warrant was out for my arrest and my children (including their names) was in danger. All this can be proven to be false but the site refuses to take it down. He is contributing to slander and defamation of character. I am a teacher and these remarks can be detrimental to any employment. He needs to be stopped.

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Reviewed Nov. 24, 2014

I posted a complaint regarding my local Water & Sewer Department. An employee disguised as a consumer replied to my complaint in a callous and unprofessional manner. I immediately replied to his comments. When I requested that this user be penalized for pretending to post as a consumer and posting rude comments as his rebuttal, C/S advised that they cannot remove his comment. This user violated the site's terms and conditions. I realized right then and there that unfortunately their site is flawed. I like their site's purpose: a medium for consumers to voice their concerns and negative experiences and to prevent others from experiencing similar situations. Unfortunately any employee can pose as a consumer and reply with a rebuttal that includes rude and irritating comments if their offended by the initial complaint in the first place. I will not be using this site's services in the near future.

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Reviewed Nov. 21, 2014

Ripoff betrays your confidence. Do not trust them! Ripoff report is not the website that you naively think it is. They mislead that they post all reviews and never remove reports from their database. This is not true. Companies paid Ripoff report not to post negative reviews. Their advice to you, not to reveal your real name is a trap, since they give it to the companies without your consent. You are unaware that the company knows your name. Behind the misleading Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program, Ripoff report doesn't post the negative reviews. He gives your name to the company, and they contact you personally. The consequences could be very damaging for you and your reputation. Rich companies found the way to eliminate the negative reviews. Be careful never, ever write your real name when you create a profile and do not use your personal email address.

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Reviewed Oct. 30, 2014

They make it seem as though you are saving the world by "turning people in" and you are protected so that there are no consequences. Little did I know, MY report was false. My report was not harmful in my opinion, not slandering, just false and I thought I was doing the right thing by helping others to not be scammed. Turns out, my scammer was not a scammer in any way just one that didn't approach me in convincing ways. I decided to take down my anonymously made post when I was threatened with a lawsuit. Once I was convinced this all was real, I tried and tried and tried. All you can do is add a rebuttal which seemingly goes unnoticed at the bottom of the page.

You can be nice to the owner of the site, you can be mean, but NOTHING allows you to take down even your own publishings. Not even google will take it down off of their search engines when given a court order repeatedly. So here I am, owing $5,000 to a lost court battle because I couldn't get the owner of this site to budge. Users beware. You CAN be sued. Do not think that for a moment to use this site to turn anyone in, scammer or not! They will not remove anything for anyone and both parties will fall victim. The more you try, you are threatened by the owner to be blocked.

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Reviewed Oct. 25, 2014

I thought RipOff wants to say the truth about a company and what I get from them is "Hey wait a minute - did you just make a report about a police department? We can't have that!” Is it because it is a police department??? And why are you being so biased? Why are you favoring a civil servant over a citizen? I have asked for your input about this but you refuse to respond to me or if you do respond you say something like my reports are way out of line!!! Is that because it is about a civil servant??? I thought I read somewhere on your site that you encourage people to report the truth! Well is it or is it not??? How many do I have now? I am not about to get down on my knees to count every character that I wrote to you about. So are you a flip or are you a flop?

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Reviewed Oct. 24, 2014

Plain and simple. I have had a ton of problems with people scamming me, especially over the last five years, or more. RIPOFFREPORT is a great avenue for the redress of business and personal grievance. To date, I have posted about 20, rather lengthy complaints about crooks, and abusers, liars, cheats and thieves, who have taken me for over $100,000 dollars, over the last seven years. My latest, for example, is a post against a phony internet provider, and another one, against the triple - phony installer, who came to my home, and installed the satellite dish to "receive" the internet service I was told, falsely, that I would receive, for a certain amount of money per month.

This man, the founder, is Mr. Ed Magedson. At the moment, he's not too popular with the crooks, thieves and phonies of this world, because he's been threatened with lawsuits, right and left. Naturally, crooks, in all their glory, do not want to be exposed. That puts crooks and thieves and phonies right out of business. the best cleanser. I don't know who originally said that.....but it's true. RIPOFFREPORT, is the best way to handle a RIP OFF. EXPOSURE. PUTTING THE SPOTLIGHT on these fakes / phonies, and these rip off artists, and these out - and - out CROOKS, swindlers, liars, and cheats..... There is a certain satisfaction to putting a spotlight on a CROOK. I do highly recommend Mr. Magedson's wonderful internet work.

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Reviewed Oct. 22, 2014

My company was the victim of identity theft. Once aware this was occurring, I immediately contacted local, state, and federal agencies. It was a home business scam. Victims of this scam have posted on Ripoff Report. I have submitted rebuttals but Ripoff Report will not remove the inaccurate information or acknowledge that it was inaccurate. However they do advertise a process to repair your reputation for a fee. Somehow their website claims this legal and they bear no responsibility for the inaccurate information. When my company name is searched, their inaccurate reports are displayed, misleading those who are looking up my company. This is wrong and should be stopped!

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Reviewed Oct. 21, 2014

I have been the victim of a fraudster who used the Rip off report to post faux and defamatory statements about me using Allis. The publishers of the RRR hide behind the 5th amendment under USA law but do nothing to verify the truth of what is published by Trolls that use their site for personal revenge. Kind of make a complete mockery of what the RRR claims to be.

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Reviewed Oct. 14, 2014

Ripoff report posted a "review" from an anonymous person. It states nothing but lies and made up facts. I searched a bit and saw it was posted from Arizona, where the company is located. We are in NJ. They will help you make the review positive IF YOU PAY THEM. It's a total scam. I don't know how anyone could feel good about working for a company like this.

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Reviewed Oct. 10, 2014

A felon I know put up an Internet non-profit organization called Opiate Awareness Institute and made me a treasurer without my knowledge. When I asked him to remove my name, he blog me at Calling me a drug addict and a gambler. A lot of derogatory remarks that's destroying my business. It is all untrue and no foundation of all that allegations. I contacted the RipOffReport but no response.

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Reviewed Sept. 30, 2014

My name is Lenny ** in Topeka, Kansas. I am really frustrated about a website called A gentleman by the name of Dalton ** put a career damaging post on labeling me as a thief and drug user. They were 100% false statements with no documentation whatsoever to back up any of these blatantly obvious false claims that he made. It potentially can have a really bad effect not on my business but me personally. The gentleman that made the post about me has a very checkered past.

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Reviewed Sept. 26, 2014

Stranger tried to destroy me personally on ripoff report - I lost most of my friends, my job. Not to mention anyone new I meet. Anybody who googles me gets this huge lie written by a stranger on page 1. I've asked to remove it and been told it's $20k to mediate, or $2k to arbitrate. Google won't remove it either, because clearly, they love Ed Magedson. I'd never even talked to the guy who destroyed my life. I listened to him talk once about some illegal things he was doing and decided to do some research, and possibly turn him into the authorities (Yes I have proof!). I discovered a ripoff report on him and decided not to do business with him. So the guy got mad when I added a comment to a ripoff complaint. The rest is history. I couldn't work for a long time after that and was in counseling for 2 years, battling depression, anxiety. The end is not going to be a happy one. There is only 1 way out, and that is Googlecide.

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Reviewed Sept. 3, 2014

A mentally unstable neighbor who robbed our HOA blind by not paying her HOA fees launched a vendetta against homeowners and filed an erroneous Rip Off Report about my business with nothing substantiated. She used the excuse of being a neighbor (which she no longer is, having lost her home to short sale for not paying her bills) and having experienced anger issues directed at her by me. These untruths had nothing whatsoever to do with my profession and yet published a report that obviously had nothing to do with business. She even stated that I am honest in my business dealings but my 'anger issues' make one feel ripped off. Nothing about her badly written report made any sense nor was it about business since I have never had any business dealings with this whack job to begin with. Yet Rip Off Report published this nonsensical report from a disturbed mind and asked for no proof backing up her claims.

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Reviewed Aug. 12, 2014

A disgruntled former employee posted lies about my husband and our company in 2006. Over time, other angry former employees contributed more untruths, resulting in damaged credibility with our customers and the eventual collapse of our business.

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Reviewed Aug. 11, 2014

I owned a business helping people and Ripoff Report allowed an ex-girlfriend that never used my services to post a slanderous false report about my business without any proof of purchase or invoice. This should be illegal. The Better Business Bureau will not allow you to post anything to their site without proof of purchase or invoice from the business that you are reporting. My business and name are ruined now because of two parties. If my son ever gets affected by this, I will hunt Ed and his Employees down. If our own Government cannot protect us, who will?

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Reviewed Aug. 5, 2014

I recently sold my phone to a company 'Cash for iPhones (laptops)'. I entered my phone & memory & was quoted 137.00. They rushed me a box & I returned my phone. After about 2 weeks they said I needed to remove my 'lost phone' security & I did. Then I heard from them wanting to verify my address to send my check. I was shocked and very angry to see a check for 8.00 yesterday. I sent them several emails & tried to call but no answer just a long hold & a recording.

I've seen quite a few other similar complaints by consumers in the same boat. How can I get my money refunded? Help me!

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Reviewed July 21, 2014

Unbelievable what I've ready about Ripoff. The owner by his own admission has found "trouble" at every turn in his life. Have you ever known someone who has more than their share of drama in their lives? I'm concerned about the "rebuttal" process and any rights I may give up in a current case involving the person who defamed us and wrote on Ripoff. There is a disclaimer that says legal issues as a result of the original post and rebuttals are part of AZ.

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Reviewed July 18, 2014

I was recently contacted by a family member about some claims on a website called and also two on Here's the problem. The supposed customers who posted the anonymous complaints (most posted on the same day and the 3 consecutive days that follow) don't exist and never did. 5 postings were done on July 21st, 2013, suggesting it is the same person and also started on that 21st day for the first time in 13 years of business. One particular post on "" stating:

"Anonymous quote from website at 'Pissed' - (I knew I would hear this guy's name again in the future. He was so creepy that I had him added to my google search list as I know he would make the news some day. My Husband hired Shaun ** of ** to do some work in our children's bedroom and he did some very creepy things. I told my husband that I did not want him around my kids or around our home any longer and my husband agreed. Not only did Mr. ** act very creepy around my kids, but his work was terrible, so we were all agreed to cancel the job half way through it. Mr. ** insisted on getting full payment and we didn't argue, we just wanted him to go away. I did not want him around my children and you shouldn't either)..."

Among other claims of ripping them off for as much as $16000.00-$32000.00, it really can't get much worse than that. Needless to say, this kind of slander is very damaging personally and professionally and will surely cripple my business in no time. They encourage negative posts about your business, then call you up as they did me and demand substantial amounts of money to manage your reputation. They said if I gave them $1200.00, they would make the claim less prominent on the first page of Google. I can't believe this is happening right out in the open. This kind of business practice needs to be exposed! My business is surely be finished now, but there will be many more to come. American legislature (Section 230(c)(1) provides immunity from liability for providers and users of an "interactive computer service" who publish information provided by others) making it virtually impossible to trace them.

I've been in a professional mural artist here in Ottawa for some 13 years now and have done many public murals in this city, including Westboro Village, Municipality of Carleton place, Rideau Health clinic, Second cup, Canadian Tire, and hundreds more. My business was built by my reputation and alone. I cannot afford to have this level of slander on the first page of a Google search for Shaun ** of **. It actually appears directly under my website and or name when googled.

I'm convinced the IP addresses for these comments are from one source but I cannot prove it, therefore I cannot even leave a comment in my defense or challenge this person legally or in any way, very unfair advantage. Again, these clients' names and claims are clearly bogus but need to be addressed asap for the good of my business and me as a person. Until I started researching this company, I had no idea how many people are experiencing this same type of slander with anonymous and unsubstantiated claims against them on this site. I would find it very hard to believe if someone told me.

US Law-firm that outlines a case in which this same website encouraged and also added negative comments to demand substantial amounts of money from its subjects with their own "reputation Management" dept. I spoke to lawyer and she said it could cost tens of thousands and I might not get anywhere. We sent a cease and desist letter to both companies but had no effect especially being from another country. The website is in Arizona. Very discouraging that a small business can be put to death so quickly by an internet giant. I know I'm not the perfect businessman but I'm not a thief and I'm certainly not a pedophile!

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Reviewed July 9, 2014

Ms. ** is Claiming someone is making a complaint against us yet refuses to give us any date, time, location or information on the when, where and how. She is claiming someone got sick "about 2 months ago" at one of our catered events. How does she know it wasn't from a dessert ordered from somewhere else (like a cake for a wedding)? She won't even pinpoint the date so we can verify if we even catered the event. If someone gets sick from food provided to them, they generally call the place where they ate and report it to the company... if they get no response then they call the health department. I can only believe that it's a false claim because she refuses to give us any pertinent information. Ripoffreport is just that... a RipOFF...

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Reviewed July 2, 2014

Upon doing a Google search, I found a "Ripoff Report" concerning my business from a **. First, I would think that if someone is going to file an honest report against a person or business that they would provide their "real name". The main reason for "Ripoff" is to improve Customer Service. How can you provide any Customer Service to someone who was never your customer in the first place? ** has never been one of my customers. The reason for the bogus name is that NOTHING in the "Ripoff Report" is TRUTHFUL!!!

The "Ripoff" website states over and over about the freedom of speech but that freedom is only one sided. There are two sides to every STORY... which is what their posting is… a STORY. However, the public is only allowed to see what "Ripoff" wants them to see... UNLESS you pay them to repair your reputation. Why would I have to pay them to repair false statements concerning my business that they NEVER VERIFIED or INVESTIGATED prior to posting them to their website??? This sounds like EXTORTION!!! Their own website states the following: "Ripoff Report does not guarantee that all reports are authentic or accurate". Then why post them???

Here is the kicker… even if you do agree to their money making plan and pay them to repair your reputation, the "Ripoff Report" against your company will not be removed from their site. Worse, it will still appear first on the Google search engine. So what are they really repairing??? Is this why they warn you on their site against filing a lawsuit on their company???

Another thing that is really disturbing - why is a company from Turkey so concerned about Customer Service in the United States??? Do you really think that someone from Turkey cares about anyone from the United States?? All they care about is making money off the companies they slander. Their website states that they are located in Arizona but this is only P.O. Box. Anyone from anywhere can rent one of those.

I have done my own investigation and within 5 minutes found out that the person who posted the report has 7 allies and has moved numerous times. There are over 18 false statements in the report filed with "Ripoff". I also have an email dated May 24th from this individual making outrageous demands and that if they were not met, "I am going to write every possible bad review online to warn people to stay away from you". This would be consider blackmail. However, I didn't receive this email until 7 days after the "Ripoff Report" was filed. "Ripoff" is just a tool for anyone to damage law abiding citizens. I hope that none of you reading this ever have to become one of their VICTIMS!!! Now it is time to do some filing of my own at my local court house. The saying "Don't Mess With Texas" is very true in my neck of the woods.

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Reviewed June 12, 2014

I have been the marketing manager at a Home Improvement company for about 1.5 months now, after matriculating from being the marketing admin at a too-big bankruptcy firm. My new company has like 8 rip-off-reports on know the one thing we haven't seemed to do in ANY of the 8 reports? Cause financial harm to anybody.....yeah, seriously, 8 rip off reports and NOT ONE OF THEM mention any sort of "ripping" anything "off" of anything. No financial issues. Nope....we have a guy who's mad we wouldn't meet with him alone and insisted that his wife was there, as if somebody who wants to spend 5 figures without their wife around is anybody upstanding. Other than that, we have a back and forth bicker session between a bitter ex employee and a not-bitter ex employee. Better suited for glass door.

In fact, that's what I asked them to do....remove posts that don't pertain to ripping people off and putting the labor disputes on Glass door. If anybody wants a copy of the email conversation back and forth, it's actually quite riveting and I'll email it to you so you can see what they think "customer service" is. They must be used to being on defense all day because they even tried to go hard on me just for asking them to wake up and keep their posts relevant to what they set out to do. They are a joke and they'll hurl accusations at you in emails all while denying you THEIR information....which is funny. You're such a champion for American rights, but you want to do it anonymously? Hmmm, now who wants to do good deeds but not be recognized for them? Yeah, there must not be any good deeds being done.

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Reviewed April 29, 2014

Me and my family are being harassed and stalked by a woman that is using our business to defame and ruin our reputations and lives. We have 2 restraining orders against her and she does not adhere to them at all. Everything she posts has nothing to do with our business practices, she doesn't even live in our state. Ripoff Report wants us to pay them to have this issue potential resolved that does not guarantee removal of the posts. This company is not about protecting the public from bad business experiences. They are about extorting money from good people trying to protect their livelihoods from criminals.

Thanks for your vote! Report

Reviewed April 19, 2014

Recently, I became aware of a bogus "Rip-Off Report" that was written about me by an individual named Dennis who has been stalking me online for the past 14 years. This stalker has made false claims that I'M the stalker when I am NOT. He has been maliciously peddling his lies and presenting them as truth all this time. I had previously filed a legitimate report about my stalker believing that "Rip-Off Report" was a decent place where I could get justice for myself. Unfortunately, I was wrong because Ed Magedson permitted a FAKE report to appear about ME on his sick website and now, I have a permanent mark on me which will NEVER go away. My reputation is ruined now and there is no way of recovering all because Ed Magedson saw fit to make sure my stalker was granted the power to cause irreversible damage to me on his fraudulent "Rip-Off Report" website!

Ed Magedson is NOT a hero or REAL consumer advocate. He is a destroyer and an extortionist! As a result of the lies HE permitted to be published, my life is in danger and I have been forced to renounce my birth name which is/was **. Furthermore, my legitimate non-profit organization "Abuse Victims United" has been effected by the lies. I'm now forced to fight against the lies which will be ongoing for the rest of my time here on Earth and I'm currently suffering emotionally. These are wounds that I doubt will EVER heal! Thanks a heap Ed Magedson, "Rip-Off Report", and my stalker for making certain that I no longer have ANY hope for a decent future! May you ALL rot in Hell!

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Reviewed April 12, 2014

I am an agent with Coventry Healthcare of Florida since the Affordable care act started on October 1, 2013. Coventry promised to pay commission by the end of February but has not paid as yet. They sent out one email in reference to commission since February and have not sent another one as yet. I tried to contact their commission department for weeks with no real success. I was promised on April 4th that payment will be paid the following week but guess what, the week ended with no commission payment. Coventry Healthcare of Florida is a total scam and only wants the government and clients' money.

By the way, let's not talk about the horrible customer service they provide. Clients always call my phone for service although we have not received payment. Coventry Healthcare of Florida should be ashamed of themselves and start treating agents with respect by paying them. Every other insurance company paid their agents because they know that the agents are very important assets but not Coventry. Agents are currently switching clients to other carriers that will provide better customer service and treat their agents correct.

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Reviewed Feb. 17, 2014

A long time client was hurt due to Facebook and lashed out with false claims and no documentation to support her story. She is a self proclaimed WITCH and her business is about witchcraft and talking to dead people and dead pets. They used RIP OFF REPORT. My company had a sterling reputation for 3 years. An A rating with the BBB. The client then claimed she wanted to resend her complaint as she was on drugs when filing her claim with RIP OFF REPORT. I have all the emails she sent me stating this. My business was destroyed because of RIP OFF REPORT. All of my clients have urged me to share my story. Sadly, it makes people stay away from the internet. I have learned a huge business lesson from this. Hope this helps other innocent people. I’m a fighter. I won't give up... especially from evil people.

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Reviewed Feb. 16, 2014

Posted damaging and false information. Somehow they also manipulated the #1 spot on a Google search when my name is googled. I never owned a business and have been retired from education for 6 years. It is a malicious act by some unknown individual. ignores requests to remove the damaging and hurtful information. Please help me and a lot of other people whose have had unfair, untrue and damaging experiences with this website.

Thanks for your vote! Report

Reviewed Nov. 18, 2013

I went to that site to post a well-deserve trashing review on Hibu but I didn't like something about the site, I don't know, so I didn't post it there. (I did here, find it, it's inspiring). Now, since I was there anyway I typed my company's name just for fun since we lost only 7 customers and only because they moved to area we do not serve so there was no way there could be a bad review on us. Well, it wasn't. Fast-forward 2 weeks later and I get an e-mail from someone offering to help me with the bad review on my company Checked out the site and yeap, it's there, a fake review on us ("called them for help with my invoice and George cursed at me, run away from this business").

After enjoying the lack of imagination of the loser who posted the fake review (please...we don't even bill/invoice, we get paid at time of service so all invoice questions are resolved on the spot) I checked the internet a little and found same review posted on google+, under different name and state! So I put a rebuttal in the fake review and sent the link to google+ review to the guys, and asked them to remove the fake review. They replied with "freedom of speech" and how about I pay them monthly to "monitor these things" or $2000 for arbitration maybe? Arbitrate with who since that person was not ever our customer...So since they talked about people's right to post whatever they want bleah, bleah, bleah I posted a review on itself hahahahha.

Now that's where freedom of speech must end because my review never made it to their pages! So they never heard of me until I typed my company (2 years old) and since I had no need to pay them protection money from bad reviews...they made one then a day later they had it on google+ as well and are waiting for me to hire them like the 3 stooges doing pest brings over the ants then the others show up, as a coincidence, with ants extermination services hahahahha.

So congratulations to for running, for years it seems, such a crafty crime and replacing Mafia regarding protection monthly or risk unpleasant things hahahahahha. And a big ** to FBI and all those morons in law enforcement who all day stay and watch cop shows on TV and pat themselves on the back at how good they are at solving crime when in fact runs circles around the law enforcement. you have my respect: everybody figured you out, everybody complains and nobody could do a thing about it. Then again, now that I helped Hibu do the right thing and leave me alone I might devote my full attention to you :)

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Reviewed Sept. 4, 2013

I was a recent victim of criminal libel and filed a report for cyber harassment. People use the site to bash others with the knowledge that nothing will be done about it. They cannot post anywhere else because they are banned and booted from other sites. They are internet trolls who don't have lives, and most of the people have obsessive compulsive personality disorder among other disturbing traits in their personalities. It is because they are not on the right path in life; they probably don't believe in God, don't work, harbor a lot of ill will and hatred for one reason or another, so the website cannot be relied upon because it be exploited by these people.

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Reviewed July 8, 2013

Anyone can write something about you and that is just what happened to me. I opened my business in 2008 and things were booming and I had an old rival that is considered a competitor that bashed me on the site. She was even stupid enough to post threads on there signing in with her real name and then signing the bottom of the statement with another name. This is how my attorney busted her. She is now in some serious trouble. She wrote false things about my personal life that had nothing to do with ripping someone off. She, in the law's eyes, would be the criminal. Ripoff Reports is no other than a cyberbullying site. Anyone can post ANYTHING about your business or personal life.

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Reviewed July 2, 2013

RipOff Report allows anyone to say anything they want about your business. Then they want $2,000 from the business to remove the accusations. I don't believe they should allow anyone to post without checking into the accusations made. This is just a way to mislead the public. If we sell 1,000 vehicles a year and have two complaints, that's a very small percentage. New car dealership with new vehicle has more complaints than we have.

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Reviewed Jan. 29, 2011

Ed Magedson has taken defamatory excerpts from a rebuttal complaint from the business owner who I complained about for committing fraud and deception. He posted defamatory statements and put these statements on Google search results. He did this instead of posting excerpts from my complaint about this business that subjected me to fraud and deception. The New Times newspaper of Broward Beach, Florida also committed a similar violation. Thank you.

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Reviewed Dec. 9, 2010

It seems to me that the real rip-off here is this organization Ripoff Reports. They claim to be advocates of good business practice yet post anonymous claims against any business as they are received. No verification, no investigation, no justification. They go so far as to admit this on their main page: “While we encourage and even require authors to only file truthful reports, Ripoff Report does not guarantee that all reports are authentic or accurate.” They further state that they never remove reports, presumably even when those reports are false, slanderous, or just plain dishonest. Yet a quick search on Google shows several companies that guarantee Ripoff Report removal for a fee.

Could these companies be somehow related? That would be extortion as I see it? Against federal law as I understand it. Could that be the reason the Ripoff Report server is located in Turkey? They do have a PO Box in Tempe, Arizona, perhaps a mail forwarding service of some type? I do not know. Smells funny to me. Rip-offs by seem to be quite a growing concern, so much in fact that their web page even has a section on why it would be foolish to sue them.

Let me add my own opinions:

1. It is hard to sue a con man; they often have the angles figured out and it is their occupation.
2. It is impossible to sue a PO Box.

3. It's very difficult and expensive to sue someone in Turkey if you live in the USA. If you feel that you have been victimized by this or some other scam, here are a few places that you can go. All are US government sponsored: The Internet Crime Complaint Center, FBI, NW3C Partnership, and Department of Justice site.

We have been in business here for 23 years and are the only service of our type that has survived. It is offensive to have lies broadcast about us.

Thanks for your vote! Report

Reviewed Feb. 8, 2010

Within 24 hrs of Donna G. putting a false statement against me on both site, I received an email requesting $$$ upfront to remove the complaint, and repair my reputation and business. Since then, the same person Donna G., Amelia V. has put up 2 more complaints and more than that on I have lost almost all my income, and have almost lost my home because of this lying slander that neither of these sites will take down. You see both these sites have servers that are overseas, so they can not be made to take the complaints down! I have suffered a huge financial loss because of this. My reputation will never be restored and my business is at a huge loss which will never be recovered.

Thanks for your vote! Report

Reviewed Jan. 16, 2010

Ed M, with his nauseating, is so clearly no more than an extortionist that only confuse consumers who would pay attention to him. If M were what he claims, fighting for the truth, he would take off all reports that are unfounded, when proven so. But he never takes them down. Ah, even if it is the truth?! Then, isn't his purported motivation just a lie?!

Yes, of course it is! Then, despite that communication act he is invoking all the time, wouldn't this be clearly indecent even in the eyes of the law enforcement? We think that not all the material against M has been cobbled yet, and no agency has the full picture. Anyone care to join the effort in bringing it all together?

Thanks for your vote! Report

Reviewed Jan. 14, 2010

We are a worldwide company. Three days ago, we stumbled on a fraudulent report from **. The judicial system in the USA is not capable to deal with Magedson-types. Attorneys are stumped. FBI told us that they know of this thief, and recommended we filed with

We advise all those victimized to do the same. Since our company does projects worldwide, and the report seems to have been posted in April 2009, we estimated potential losses at million dollars. The form on doesn't allow figures higher than $9,999,999. That is what we posted. Each business victimized should make a sensible assessment of potential loss due to damaged reputation, and file complaints at the site indicated above.

Eventually, if many enough victims file, and the amounts are scandalous, it is conceivable that a motion will be made somewhere in the USA to alter the existing legal framework that allows despicable individuals like Magedson to exist and operate. There is a need for young, energetic and creative attorneys to come up with an effective tool in this regard. We are searching. Are you?

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Reviewed Jan. 11, 2010

I have communicated with this company to no avail. I have yet to receive a response. We have been in business for over 35 years and just recently started to market our company on the internet. We have notice as well as any potential customer that there is a slanderous and an absolute lies put on their site. I can only recite our policy because there is no reference to which e customer or account it is. This is so unfair how can I get this incorrect information removed from their site?

Thanks for your vote! Report

Reviewed Jan. 20, 2009

This man ED MAGEDSON creates FALSE BLOGS targeting innocent companies. One by one he breaks down the very structure by scattering disgusting lies on the internet and then BLACKMAILING companies to pay him in his so called ADVOCACY PROGRAM. THIS IS EXTORTION!!!! The general public BEWARE. People who read the RIP OFF REPORT BELIEVE these terrible blogs and the companies fall hard. This is NOT free speech. It is illegal behavior based on greed and opportunity. In a time of recession even innocent good standing companies are being targeted by Ed Magedson and blackmailed to pay him 45,000 to take the FALSE lies down!!!. EXTORTION at the VERY CORE. YOU MUST STOP HIM!
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