Toys R Us’ to hold nine days of events, giveaways to celebrate grand opening in Macy’s stores

Photo (c) Anthony Rosenberg - Getty Images

The event comes in perfect timing to the holiday season

October has become the prime time for holiday sales. So far this month, Walmart, Kohl’s, Amazon, and Target have all held major sales events ahead of the holiday season. 

Now, Toys R Us is getting in on the action. After the toy retailer officially moved inside Macy’s stores earlier this year, the company is now hosting a nine-day sales event in honor of its official reopening – and store mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe’s birthday. 

The event started on October 15th – when all Toys R Us stores officially opened in Macy’s – and will run through October 23, and is geared towards getting kids into the store to win prizes and participate in toy-related activities. 

What to expect

Toys R Us reopened in 451 Macy’s stores across the country, and this event is part of its official reopening plan ahead of the holidays. Consumers with a Toys R Us in their local Macy’s can bring their kids for the next several days to get some free giveaways. No purchases are necessary for children to participate or win prizes. Here is the current calendar of events: 

-Monday, October 17th: Geoffrey’s Birthday. Kids can create a Geoffrey picture frame and get Disney and LEGO themed giveaways. 

-Tuesday, October 18th: National Geographic STEM Day. Kids will receive a Mini Fools Gold Kit to excavate a gem to take home. 

-Wednesday, October 19th: Rainbow Loom Day. Kids can make rainbow loom bracelets in-store to take home. 

-Thursday, October 20th: Play-Doh Day. Kids can get Play-Doh giveaways and play with new Play-Doh sets in store. 

-Friday, October 21st: Pokemon Day. Kids will get Pokemon activity packs to play with in store. 

-Saturday, October 22nd: LEGO Day. LEGO sets will be available to play with in-store, and kids will have the chance to receive LEGO-themed giveaways. 

-Sunday, October 23rd: L.O.L. Surprise! Day. L.O.L Surprise! activity and coloring pages, as well as giveaways, will be available for kids in-store. 

Preparing for the holidays

To get in the holiday spirit, Toys R Us also released Geoffrey’s Hot Toys List 2022. The list features 100 of the most popular toys this holiday season, and the virtual list allows shoppers to customize their search by age. Some of the brands available this season include: Hot Wheels, Disney, LEGO, and Barbie. 

“We are excited to bring you Geoffrey’s Hot Toy List for the 2022 holiday season,” said Adeline Trento, resident toy expert at Macy’s. “This year, families and kids of all ages will have the Toys R Us experience in our stores to explore and discover all of these fun toys. We have the coolest and most beloved toys of the holiday season, sure to bring joy and excitement to every kid.”  

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