iPhone or Android? The answer may reveal who you are

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The type of smartphone you own could define you, according to a recent survey

There are distinct differences between consumers who own Apple iPhones and those who own Android devices, according to a study by Slickdeals, a crowdsource shopping platform.

In short, iPhone users make more money and spend more of it on clothes, cosmetics, and technology. They also tend to be more social.

Some of the findings make sense. Consumers who make more money can more easily afford an iPhone, which is a relatively expensive piece of technology. While there are high-end Android phones, there are also many more that are modestly priced.

A survey of an equal number of iPhone and Android owners -- 1,000 each -- found that iPhone users earn an average of $53,251, while Android owners make an average salary of $37,040. Perhaps because they earn more, iPhone owners spend an average of $117 a month on clothes. Android owners spend about half that.

Gadget spending

Whether it's because iPhone owners are more tech-savvy or because they simply have more disposable income, they spent $101 a month on technology products while their Android counterparts spend exactly half that.

"This survey indicates that Android users are generally more frugal than their iPhone counterparts, and on the hunt for savings when shopping," said Josh Meyers, the CEO at Slickdeals. “Meanwhile, iPhone users tend to spend more, particularly on items related to self-image such as clothing and cosmetics."

The survey shows that iPhone users also use their devices more than Android owners. They take an average of 12 selfies and send 58 texts per day. Android users take an average of seven selfies and send only 26 texts each day.

But the survey also reveals a social difference. Consumers who own an iPhone are more likely to say they enjoy going out, meeting people, and experiencing new things. Android owners, on the other hand, like to stay close to home.

The study authors suggest people who own iPhones tend to be happier than Android owners, based on both groups' general outlook and personality traits.

What's it mean?

What are we to make of these findings? In a recent report, Wired concluded that Apple has abandoned the mass market for smartphones and is now positioning itself as a luxury item. It notes that the average sale price of an iPhone in the most recent quarter was $800.

There are also fewer choices for iPhone owners and all of them carry a high price tag. Android owners can also buy an expensive phone, but they also have many less expensive options.

And just because consumers join one camp, it doesn't mean they stay in it. An August survey by PC Magazine found consumers switch from iPhone to Android and vice versa all the time.

Twenty-nine percent of those switching from iPhone to Android said they did it to save money. Forty-seven percent of those switching from Android to iPhone said they were seeking a better user experience.

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