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    At Xtreme Movers, we know that moving can be stressful and time-consuming. That's why we specialize in full-service moving. We'll cover everything from packing supplies to long & short term storage for all your belongings. We're also fully licensed and insured Nation Wide to help cover any damage done on our behalf. Don't wait! Call or visit us online to get a free quote!

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      Customer increased Rating by 2 stars!
      Verified Reviewer
      Resolution response: July 9, 2020

      After learning of our dissatisfaction, company representatives made an effort to reach out to us in an attempt to rectify the situation. We ultimately came to a resolution.

      Original review: July 1, 2020

      Was involved in a move with Xtreme Movers from NY to TX (June 2020). We had very specifically noted on the written/signed contract that our Texas location could NOT accommodate a 53' trailer. Nevertheless, they sent a big rig with a 53' trailer. They then demanded at the last moment an extra $800 CASH ransom due to their having to transload into a big U-Haul truck... Based on the repeatedly-emphasized insistence on our having payment IN CASH (for the moving services final payment & the extra $800 ransom), it is this reviewer's personal opinion that Xtreme Movers must also be either laundering money or avoiding IRS reporting. A legitimate company would accept a credit card payment... Rather than a zero-star rating, they did earn one star for everything arriving with minimal damage.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: May 26, 2020

      Please take your time to read this review in its entirety as I will personally save you from being scammed thousands of dollars charged extra on the day of the move (I was charged over $2,800 extra after taking items off of my original list), broken items (Lost thousands of dollars in priceless and expensive broken items which I only received $60 back from $10,000 in damages), "lost" (I think "stolen" as it was my TV that was "lost") items and an overall NIGHTMARE experience which started with Shawns amazing pitch of lies.

      I see in the bad reviews below that I have experienced the same lying sales pitch from Shawn about his "brothers (Who I dont even think exists) company owning 19 trucks and having millions of miles serviced this year." Lets first start off by saying his nice, sweet, concerning, great sales pitch was all just to get my deposit and then he disappeared and then more fun began (Sarcasm) because I had to deal with this very aggressive, rude, arrogant manager woman named Doris who said she "doesnt care if I write a bad review because she has more than enough business"...

      Back to Shawns lying pitch about "his brothers 19 trucks" which is surely a lie because on the day the movers arrived, they arrived in another company's truck with a cardboard sign covering up another trucks name with "Xtreme Movers" on it. Right there and then I should have cancelled but I thought it was too late and proceeded forward while having the worst anxiety (which I have had for a few months now thanks to Xtreme Movers.) Side Note:... Please read all the negative reviews before considering this company as I was duped by all the FAKE REVIEWS. Proceeding forward in full detail. Please be patient as I am taking a lot of time out of my life to make sure nobody else is scammed by this company.

      Starting from the top I was contacted by Shawn and asked to give him an inventory list which I did directly through texts. Then after considering the bad reviews as Shawn reassured me that none of this would happen to me and that they do so many moves with all of their trucks that they are going to receive some bad reviews... I trusted in this company to allow them to prove differently in which many seem to do. HOWEVER that was not the case. The movers showed up in another company's truck and proceeded to say we didn't have this and that on the inventory list. HOWEVER I have TEXT MESSAGES to SHAWN stating what I had asked to put on the inventory list that was not included because that was his way of scamming me.

      Is there contracts, YES and READ THEM VERY WELL as I was scammed with Shawns deceptive practice, pushiness, and will not allow you to read them. Per SHAWN "Just sign and we need the deposit today". I had also called a day prior to move to verify everything, though ironically SHAWN was not in the office . Though he was out sick for 2 days from what his "manager stated", I had contacted him multiple times before that. He was clearly in the office as he mistook my name for another customer and advising her that he will have her documents sent out. So goes to show you, these " professionals" do not care once you have signed their contract because they know they are getting paid and already have your deposit.

      Speaking with SHAWN I asked him if we would be able to have the move on the 4/5th as we were considering other options at the time. He had stated that could happen, "NO PROBLEM" we just need to pick up on the 27th. I called to verify where the movers will be delivering our stuff. They stated they had not left the warehouse and this was on the 4th and that the driver would leave in a couple days. Frustrated as I did not receive any updates and had to reach out to SHAWN to verify information multiple times. I spoke with a so- called "manager". Yes I called, and yes a very unhappy person and you could imagine why.

      I proceeded to be called "**" on the phone by her, which is highly Inappropriate way to talk to customers. Then I was told, "if I didn't want to calm down, she could "PLAY HER GAMES TOO" and stated that it is only a $35 fee each day to hold our stuff and not deliver it!! Yes read that again! She was willing to hold my belongings out of spiteful games of hers. She also stated that if I were to post "one bad review it isn't going to hurt her because she has more than enough business".

      The movers finally got here on the 9th. I was offered a discount for $200. As if $200 would be much of a change from the $2800 they added on in the first place. She sent me a document to sign that stated if I accept the $200 discount then I would not be able to post any type of bad review or report them. It seems as though if you have to write a contract to someone in regards to them not reporting you, then you have clearly been in the wrong many times with customers. Furthermore, I did not accept the discount. Just like this manager had stated "it isn't going to hurt me" and that is how I feel about her offer of $200.

      5 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: May 18, 2020

      Stay away from these people! They are huge SCAMMERS. Everything that was pitched to me was lies. The owner and sales rep #1 sales pitch to me was claiming they have multiple trucks and many miles on record with the DOT. This deceptive sales tactic sold me away from the competition but I was picked up in a rental truck and delivered by another company!!! Not 1 truck of Xtreme "Movers". Many other real reviews on Consumer Affairs (the bad ones), talk about Xtreme "Movers" using other truck companies to pick up and deliver too. If they own 19 trucks and have millions of miles then why was I picked up in a rental and delivered by another company? They must be brokers and I do not know how they get away with this? I should have read the bad reviews before finalizing my decision and not cancelling before the scheduled move date but the owner and sales rep pitch was too good and I was suckered in.

      The "owner" will tell you a price and make it sound like everything in your home will fit in the price range they gave you. I was quoted $2,000 for my move for 400 cubic square feet. Was told that 60 boxes fit, plus my queen size mattress and my dressers. This is the smallest space ever. I am now having to pay double for my move of $4,000. The company "owner" will make it sound like they do not scam people and will make you feel comfortable with choosing them. I’m literally fuming with anger and rage right now thinking about my experience.

      Additionally, I was told that they disassemble all furniture. More Lies. They only disassemble the bed. My dresser, which is on the second floor does not fit down the stairs without haven’t to be taken apart. Had I known this, I would have taken it apart ahead of time. Yet, I was led to believe that they would do it all. Now the movers are telling me unless I take this apart by the time they are done with the rest of my boxes, that they will be unable to take my dresser. I was so angry the day of the move and called Xtreme but all I received was a very rude woman who said her name was Doris, screamed at me the entire time and said everything was my fault. I called the owner multiple times after that conversation but he acted as if he didnt know what was going on and couldnt help me. I wish I took pictures but that was the last thing on my mind when I was being told I had to pay double the amount of what I was quoted.

      I AM A DISABLED VET that chose this moving company to my inability to move myself and they took full advantage of my disability. I live in a small apartment and it’s crazy to me that I am having to somehow pay close to $4,000 for my move when I was told $2,000. I would have done the move myself if I knew this was going to happen. I will be pursuing this complaint further than a review. I will contact the department of transportation, BBB, everywhere I have to so xtreme movers does not scam any more people and veterans. Take it from personal experience, stay away from these people. They are a complete nightmare after they take your deposit.

      5 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 5 stars
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: April 3, 2020

      Moved my family from the San Diego area to Austin Texas. I purchased the hands free move package from Shawn to move our 2 Br and have everything packed. Right around 4 grand for everything, can't complain. Would use again if I ever moved again but probably won't be.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Feb. 18, 2020

      I'll start by saying Shaun (contact on the phone is amazing) and that's where everything ends with being good. The day of the move I texted Shaun to see if we could stuff dressers hutches etc.. Unfortunately as I did this so early in the morning he didn't get to me soon enough. About 20 minutes later I got a call from one of the movers letting me know they would be there in 30-60 minutes. I asked the mover the same question and he said absolutely not. They must be empty. The first thing one of the movers said when they walked in is "my guys are going to work hard for you so make sure you take care of them." Once the movers packed up those items (hutch dressers etc.) Shaun got back to me with, "Yes of course. With clothes and unbreakable. Use every available space," so now I'm paying for space that I should not have to.

      As I watch them "crate" one of my large tv's. (I use this term loosely as all they did was slap a piece of cardboard across the screen and put a moving blanket across it.) I was charged 80.00 for this "crating". I then watched them literally throw boxes onto a row they were "stacking" from a minimum of 5 feet away. I watched my husbands brand new expensive rocker fall off the back of the truck onto cement and no one said a word to us about it. They took our 75" tv that was "crated" and stuck it in the middle of the truck on a 45 degree angle on top of other poorly placed boxes that were maybe 4' off the bottom of the truck then stack stuff all around it much higher. I paid 250.00 because "nothing could be stacked on top of our riding lawnmower" and then I watched them stack tons of HEAVY boxes on top of it.

      They left a lot of their personal and packing trash at my house as well. Matter of fact one of the guys was drinking RedBull crushing the can (with 2 sips left in the can) and throwing them on my carpets to a house that is currently on the market and I am trying to get top dollar for. And lastly the truck was packed as if it was a roller coaster up down up down and NOT tightly packed as we were told it would be.(which means more money for them). Needless to say I was very worried about our stuff but we aren't done yet. They leave after telling me I HAVE to write out their review right in front of them (extremely awkward, I mean come on. Are you gonna give the people that drive away with all your worldly possession a bad review even if it was a giant circus? I Think not. I even gave them a tip in hopes it would ensure my things would be treated better).

      After they leave I speak to my husband and two other witnesses we had and decide to give Shaun a call and explain what happened as a heads up as to what we are expecting when we get our stuff. I tell him everything and he says he will pass it on to the co owners and we can go from there. Next we get a call from Doris and this is where the real nightmare begins!!! First she calls us and asks us "well what can I do for you?" My husband was pretty much you called us type thing and we advised Shaun of what happened as a heads up that we will probably have things broken. She explained she didn't have the file and she would get back to us. She gets back to my husband and said she would watch the video to see how the truck was loaded and also check out our tv's and lawnmower to make sure they were not broken. Husband was like ok good.

      Until today aka doomsday... I get a call from Doris. She says everything was great. Truck was packed tight. She checked the tv no scratches etc and that she went through some boxes (SCREECH WAIT WHAT!!!!). Yup you read that right. She said she opened the boxes that we packed and went through our stuff!! (um what right do you have to do that exactly????) and it gets worse.. She tells me how they packed the tv's and placed them on a 45 degree angle on top of stuff and then leaving all that air space is normal and in the next breath the that truck was packed tight...

      She tells me she had her best guys on this (scary) and they would never do this stuff and I'm lying. And when the movers got the stuff back to the warehouse they were on video and unloaded our stuff very nicely (duh they are on camera). I keep trying to tell her there are four witnesses to how this was packed and all the things that happened. She asks if I said something to the head guy there and I respond with he was the one throwing our stuff for one and two would you complain to people that are taking all your worldly possessions and can do anything in between my home and their warehouse as I don't know them from Adam…

      Next thing you know she starts screaming at me saying I'm trying to ruin peoples lives and what could we possibly think they have against them etc. etc.. So I explain well try to anyway that that is not what I said and she continues to just yell her fool head off at me. So finally I say, "Well thank you so much for this extremely professional phone call but I'll be hanging up now," and she continues to scream at me... Needless to say here I am writing maybe my third bad review of my entire life as I don't take these things lightly and would far prefer to leave someone a awesome review and just ignore the crap stuff but this one I just couldn't ignore..

      BEWARE. FIND SOMEONE ELSE ANYONE ELSE UNLESS YOU WANT MY NIGHTMARE!!!! The picture I will attach is just one small snippet of how this truck was packed and my riding lawnmower and generator are right there but you cant see them because of all the stuff they have piled on top. Just look at how the boxes are "stacked"...

      Xtreme Movers response

      We're sorry

      7 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Feb. 9, 2020

      It’s as simple as this, hands down the worse experience my wife and I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with... Stay far away! The sales guy Jonathan did his job well, hooked us in with a good pitch, rapport, and what seemed like a decent price. We explained to him we needed to move our house down to NC from NY on a certain date and delivery of our belongings needed to be there before a certain time as we were going on vacation the very next week and I would be starting my new job the week after. We agreed on a date to pick up our belongings (Monday, January 20th) and they needed to be delivered within that week. The Saturday evening before we received a call from “dispatch” that they needed to bump our pick-up date to Sunday the 19th instead... Okay no big deal, that’ll give us extra time for delivery, wrong!

      When they came, the truck was already half full and they ended up only being able to take half of our house. Leaving behind around 60 boxes ranging in size. Before the driver left I asked when will it be delivered and he asked when I wanted it, I told him Tuesday or Wednesday (21st or 22nd) would be great, but I understand it could take 2-4 business days to get down there due to the DOT rules. Well after having to rent a UHaul anyway to load up the rest of our house and driving it down ourselves, I reach out to Jonathan to get a status update, he directs me to his “dispatch”.

      So I reach out to them, the RUDEST people I have ever dealt with in my LIFE. I’ve worked customer service and ran call centers for over a decade and these folks were the rudest, nastiest, impolite, and ignorant people I have ever dealt with. They gave me attitude, belittled me, cut me off, yelled at me, and ran me in circles at every step of the process. The first person I spoke with was cold, short, and rude but told me our belongings should be there by Thursday. Thursday rolls around without any word or updates, so I reach out and talk to a lady named Maribel, she wasn’t a peach but the least offensive out of the bunch. Told me she would reach out to the “dispatch” and get an update (mind you I was under the impression her department was dispatch the entire time) so she placed me on hold, came back after 5 minutes and told me the driver was busy and was going to call her back so she would call me back.

      That was around 9am that day... 2pm rolls around and nothing back yet, so I call her back and she tells me “oh yeah the driver never got back to me, hold on”, then comes back on the line and tells me the driver would be “selected” tomorrow (Friday) and the truck loaded up and it would be to us by the end of the weekend. Fine, not what we agreed on but it would still reach us before our vacation the following week. The next day I don’t hear anything so I call back... This is where I lost all faith in this company and dealt with the most miserable and insulting “employee” I’ve ever dealt with, “Nikki”.

      Nikki answers the call, I ask for an update and she goes on to rudely tell me the truck would be leaving by the end of the weekend and there sometime the next week (while we’re on vacation). I tell her that’s not what I agreed to and wasn’t what I was told the very day before. She yells at me “I don’t who told you that but they were wrong and we don’t do deliveries on weekends, we don’t even know what driver is taking the load yet”... So I told her that’s unacceptable and it needs to be delivered that weekend, we wouldn’t be there. She tells me it’s not going to happen and I’ll need someone to be there for delivery if we leave on vacation so I’ll need to sign a power of attorney and send it back to them...

      I reach out to Jonathan and ask him to help out and how awful the experience was and how rude the dispatchers were, he apologizes and tells me he doesn’t get along with them either and just had an argument with “Nikki” right before as well. He tells me he will reach out to them and try to fix it. After a few text exchanges he tells me he will try to get it there by the end of the weekend but there’s not much he can do and his hands are tied (mind you at the beginning of this whole ordeal his brother answered my call who told me he’s the owner of the company and Jonathan is his brother, yet somehow Jonathan has no pull?). The weekend goes by and Sunday comes... No delivery.

      I’m furious at this point and have had enough, I tell Jonathan to get his brother to give me a call Monday to rectify this situation. He agrees but then instead of involving his brother tells me he will try and make it happen and fix this situation. We take off for our vacation and upon landing I get a voicemail from some lady named Doris. By the time we landed and got to our resort it was too late to call her back. I call her first thing Tuesday morning, again, she was nasty, rude, short, and belittling...

      At this point I had enough and snapped (takes a lot considering my profession), I raise my voice, cut her off, and start demanding things be fixed, as I’m doing so she’s mumbling and trying to talk over me, then I tell her to stop talking and let me finish, that this is a horrible situation and they’re holding our belongings hostage, that we agreed on a date for delivery and we had told them from the beginning that we were going on vacation the week after our agreed upon delivery date... She laughs and tells me there’s nothing on the work order for that and no one knows what I’m talking about (yet I informed everyone from the beginning that we were going on vacation) so I end up telling her how I’m sick of being given the runaround and dealing with awful customer service and how nasty everyone has been and it’s a ** show of a company, she proceeds to mock me and after I cursed tell me “oh now who’s the nasty one”...

      She also mocked us that we didn’t have any friends or family that could accept the delivery upon our behalf, we told her no and she demanded that we must have family there, no we just moved to a new area... and yes I have the entire interaction recorded for proof. We begin to wrap up our “conversation” with her telling me I need someone there for delivery either Wednesday or Thursday and I’ll need to sign a power of attorney for them to accept our property or I need to sign a paper allowing the company to miss the 7-10 business day delivery window, basically clearing them of breaking our contract.

      I asked if they can just deliver it that coming weekend and she tells me absolutely not, they don’t deliver on weekends. I’m beyond words and frustrated beyond belief, but I’m on vacation with my family and I just want this awful experience to be over with, I told her no to the signing of a paper clearing them for another 7 business days, we would figure it out. But I asked if it would be Wednesday or Thursday, and she basically told me she doesn’t know, it could be either day and got off the phone with her. I texted her after and let her know we might have someone who could meet the delivery guy, but needed to narrow down a date and time as it’s not convenient to just say Wednesday or Thursday. She told me she would get back to me later that day (Tuesday), but never did.

      Wednesday rolls by, Thursday rolls by, and no text or call back. Friday afternoon I text Doris and explain that we had someone waiting at our house and no one ever shower up. She snips back at me that she never told she would and that I told her Thursday wouldn’t work, that only Saturday or Sunday would work and the driver would be reaching out to me... Mind you this whole ordeal blew up because she lied to me and told me they don’t do weekend delivers (yet picked up our belongings on a Sunday in NY).

      Finally, the driver calls me right after I texted Doris and says he will be delivering our belongings this weekend and asked what day would work best, we work out the details and he apologizes and was a pleasure to deal with! Sunday he shows up right on time, is polite and courteous, delivers everything and apologizes. Explains to me he can’t stand the dispatchers either and that they’re nasty to everyone. He also tells me he’s contracted by Xtreme Movers and another company so doesn’t work directly for them, explains why he’s actually good at dealing with customers.

      So after 14 calendar days, we finally got our belongings back. Moral of the story, stay far away from this company! Spend the extra money on a top notch company or just do it yourself. Hands down the worst experience ever, period. I pray no one ever uses this company again and has to deal with what we did (or they fire their entire staff and rebuild). Additionally, several of our boxes were crushed. After opening everything, we discovered a handful of items were broken (Pyrex dishes, a vase, a wooden decorative serving board was chipped that was in a box, our couches wood leg was chipped, our bar was scratched, and one of our TVs isn’t working properly even though it was in a TV box).

      Xtreme Movers response

      We're sorry

      7 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Dec. 30, 2019

      We just moved over 400 miles on the East Coast. The “owner” David, who constantly had to check with his “partners” flat out deceived us. We requested a straight through delivery because we have large dogs. David said they don’t typically do this, but since Two Men and a Truck would supply extra drivers (to meet Fed Laws for truck drivers) he said he would do the same and deliver straight through for an additional $1,000. Based on this promise, the responsible quote, and what we now discovered what appears to be false advertising on their website saying they are top rated from HomeAdvisors (couldn’t find them on there), and the “professional packing” service, that we decided that we would go with Xtreme. Very bad decision.

      First, once the truck was packed, we were told we wouldn’t get our items until the next day! We had already left for our new home to ensure we would be there for the delivery assuming it would take us longer having to stop often for our dogs. We were screwed - no way at that point to do anything. I called the “owner” who quoted me straight through and he acted like I had two heads. Then, when I accused him of being dishonest he said that he found the call too “disturbing” and would have someone else call me. Are you kidding me?

      Second, they tacked on an additional $1,700 and insisted it had to be cash. This was Saturday evening at this point, no banks are open! After pointing this out and many phone calls, they finally agreed to allow us to use our debit card. But - we had to sign an approval first. We did, electronically, since we were three states away. They called again and wanted a real signature - suggested we print out the form, sign, then scan it to send back. When I said sure, but my printer/scanner is ON YOUR TRUCK, they decided the electronic signature would do.

      Third, the “professional” packing service is a sad joke. We aren’t even 1/4 the way through unpacking, and I’m surprised I’m not in tears. I allowed them to pack my important items, one being a reproduction bowl that was hand signed by Princess Diana’s brother. It’s in pieces, not chipped, pieces. It was loosely packed in paper, in a large box with metal serving trays. Next, our bed pillows were packed in a huge box, on top of a dog bed, with the toilet brush and plunger sandwiched between the pillows!!! Come on - this is anything but professional. I wish I could post pictures here, words cannot describe how bad some of the boxes look. Fourth, the “owner” David lead me to believe that these were “his trucks and his employees” in short - they weren’t, the truck belonged to Mama Movers LLC, DOT 3199903, MC 166175. Please, don’t fall for their act - moving is stressful enough.

      5 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 5 stars
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Jan. 31, 2019

      BEST MOVING EXPERIENCE I ever had. Xtreme Movers was amazing, so prompt, professional and hard working guys... Thank you so much for taking such a good care of all my belongings and furniture... Greatly appreciated.

      4 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 5 stars
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Jan. 28, 2019

      I have used Xtreme Movers twice in the past for moving. I also used them once to just deliver a couch I purchased! They are really great guys! I could tell right away! Genuine, fast, hardworking and most important - trustworthy! Super happy I found them, and honest.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Nov. 27, 2018

      Make yourself a favor run from this company. Reduced price to secure the deal and then they start adding fees!!! Customer service is really poor! The drivers just answer the phone to tell you that you will have to pay extra money. Don't use this service, they just care about the money and how they can charge extra! Do not use the service.

      5 people found this review helpful
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