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Last updated: Jan. 9, 2018

156 Network Solutions Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Oct. 17, 2016

They used to be a good company, but when purchased them it's been downhill from there. Their website is NOT easy to use, and it's aimed at upselling you everywhere at the expense of being easy to use. Their customer service is not all that helpful, their staff is mediocre at best and because you can't even do some things in their gui (ie mail domain keys) they were directly responsible for bringing down our email service (but they assured me that they were very sorry for that). Their website and voice response system assure you that they have improved their customer service but I see no evidence of that. As you can imagine we moved all our domains somewhere else (hover) and will never do business with these people again.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 3, 2016

Wow, what an unbelievable experience this has been. Changed my email forwarding over to Network Solutions May 31, 2016. PRE-paid for one year of "My Time Support" their version of premium support, (BTW this is a 3rd party vendor). I used them to help get all of my devices set up. By the time we got to my laptop, the tech was trying to flush the call, said I had used this month's time for support! (BTW, the sales rep at Network Solutions failed to tell me this little detail.) After I insisted the tech finish, he put me on hold for 6 min, then came back & said he would use time from next month's support to finish, then he was TICKED and made sure I knew it! From that day forward my laptop has had problems - contacts won't sync, lost contacts and COUNTLESS app crashes!

When I call and speak with one of their "ACE tech support team members" (tongue in cheek), no notes had been logged from my last call so we start over in each call. Each tech has a different idea that creates yet another problem on top of old problem. One guy, said he needed to look into it and call me back, of course never called back. I think they found these guys on the way in to work one day! They not only don't have a CLUE, but have actually done damage to my contact logs! I have regular app crashes, fatal error messages, server time out messages. When writing an email, Outlook doesn't recognized my contacts, it's unbelievable...and who do you call? There is NO place to escalate your support issues to find a resolution! Which is why I'm writing this review.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 30, 2016

Most HORRIBLE company I ever dealt with!!! Called numerous times to make sure that our business website would not get affected when we downgrade our package and after doing so, we just found out that NS deleted everything. We've been waiting for a supervisor to give us a call for over a week now and nothing... Now our website has been down for several weeks and none of them was able to put it back. Need to sue this company. This is not RIGHT!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 23, 2016

I have NEVER dealt with a more incompetent service than Network Solutions. After spending over 30 minutes on hold trying to reach a real person, I found the person to be very rude and unprofessional. I was simply trying to change the email on an existing account and you would have thought I was applying to work for the CIA. Their staff is simply incompetent and apathy in every way. They sent me multiple emails requesting additional verification information. Every time I sent back the requested information, they would find another reason to disqualify it and ask for additional information. Their reasoning had no basis in common sense.

After sending an over-abundance of information, they then had an issue with my wife name being on the information. After multiple emails, I called the company again to complain about their incompetence. After another 30 minute hold time, I was met with complete belligerence. They had no problem accepting my credit card information to renew a domain name but try to change an email address and it's nearly impossible. Making the situation worse was the attitude exhibited by all Network Solutions personnel I dealt with. Horrible company.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 18, 2016

I could write a book on the horrendous experiences I have had with Network Solutions over the past few years but wouldn't even know where to start. This particular complaint however is specific to the continual spam messages I am receiving from Network Solutions, despite my request for them to stop. After a phone call to them in late January to address an email issue, a support ticket was created to solve the issue. Shortly after I received an email as follows: "I wanted to provide you with a status update on your ticket # that was sent to our Engineering teams for resolution. We are still working on your issue and will contact you as soon as we have additional information for you or if we require any additional details from you. I apologize for any inconvenience this issue is causing." This was on January 24.

I then received the same automated useless email again on: Jan 25, Feb 1, Feb 15, Feb 16, March 12, March 20, March 24, March 26 (twice on this one day!), April 1, April 2 (at which time I sent them a message asking them to stop spamming me...which obviously was ignored as I continued to receive the same message again), June 3, June 22, July 1, July 6, July 16... This relentless automatic message saying they are "working on the issue" for 6 months simply screams at their complete incompetency, and their refusal to stop spamming me despite my request to stop is simply another example of how they talk big but at the end of the day care very little about their customer service experience. Network Solutions... STOP spamming me and filling my inbox with your pointless emails which only prove your incompetence!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 8, 2016

I have been a long time Network Solutions customer. Somewhat recently, I began paying monthly for hosting services ($18.95). I had the occasion to review those payments today and discovered that Network Solutions has its own definition of a month. Since the beginning of the year, I've paid my "monthly" bill every 28 days, 27 days, 28 days, 28 days, 28 days, 28 days and 25 days! By the end of the year, I will have paid "monthly" 13 to 13.5 times! I got ZERO satisfaction from my phone conversation from them.

First, they agree that they bill monthly every 28 days, so they willingly admit that they rip off customers for at least most of one month. Then, they just DENIED that they took the payment at 27 and 25 days. It's in black and white on my bank account, but that doesn't matter. STAY AWAY FROM THIS RIPOFF COMPANY!!! I will be looking elsewhere for my services.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 8, 2016

I have been building a website using the Network Solutions diy package. It is obvious that they are trying to steer you into paying them to do the site for you. Their documentation is "lousy" at best and you are not able to do the procedures unless you have extensive experience in building websites and Unix systems. There are a couple of decent people on the chat support who actually know what they are doing and are willing to provide you with guidance. Their account manager website is confusing and difficult to navigate. I would not recommend their packages unless you can do almost all of this on your own without asking them for help.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 1, 2016

Today I found out that Network Solutions sold my domain name, apparently it had come up for renew in March and according to Network Solutions they only contact you by email. I must get 30 or more emails from Network Solutions a month trying to get me to purchase something, you get to a point where you just delete emails like this.

Talked to a sales rep about this and she stated I could buy it back from the company that bought it for the price of $ 1,600.00. Her reply was well to put it in perspective she had a client that was willing to pay $ 7,000.00 for a Domain Name, needless to say I was far from pleased with her response. I asked "Don't you send a notice via regular mail for something of this importance, I mean what if an email changes, you don't think to pick up the phone and call everyone who has your old email to give them your new one!" Her response "well we only notify by email." I find this unacceptable. I encourage anyone who is doing business with Network Solutions to get out, and if your considering Network Solutions please don't, they are a disservice to the domain registry business.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 24, 2016

My business has dealt with Network Solutions for many years and have renewed our domain name with them every few years depending on how long I had signed up for. They would notify my business by email when the domain name needed to be renewed. They had my credit card information on file. Apparently my domain name was due to be renewed in March and apparently Network Solutions sent an email. Unfortunately our email had changed in the last three years and I never received the notification. What did they do - try calling my phone number? Try going to the website and contacting me through that? No. They put my domain name up for sale and now some company wants $1000 for me to buy it back from them my own domain name. Not only did they purchase it but they also bought up every other website associated with my name in order for me to pay them for anything to do with my domain name in the future.

I will not be blackmailed into buying back my own site and my own domain name that I have had for 15 years. I will never deal with this company ever again and I suggest to anyone thinking of it to think again. Their sales staff and responses to my concerns were met with, "Can't do anything now so pay up the $1000 I guess". To add insult, Network Solutions on their website is offering me a chance to buy it back at $1000 plus another $9.95/month to keep it safe in the future. Good luck on that. Thank goodness our advertising and reviews are so strong, we don't need the website so they can pay for all those websites for years to come. My domain name was 'The Stone Hedge B&B' and it will always be 'The Stone Hedge in Richmond, B.C. Canada'. Look us up on Expedia and No wonder this company is receiving so many bad reviews. They deserve it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 20, 2016

We have had a domain with Network Solutions for many years because the first time I tried to transfer to another account I literally built a stack of printed paper over 2 inches high and was never able to get it moved to a new registrar. Finally, the company that was hosting my site at the time suggested I just give up and I did.

Now I've decided to try again after stupidly also using them (many years later and hoping things were better) for hosting for the past year. I should have run away immediately when they charged my PayPal account multiple times and kept doing so over and over for three days. However, when they would not stop after saying they would, I filed a BBB report and was able to get that fixed.

This evening I find that I cannot remove my credit card information from their site even though I pay monthly and have set my account to not renew (their instructions for stopping). They do not allow that option, even if you discontinue auto renewal. Second, they provide instructions for removing the Transfer Lock and getting an authorization code to move registration but the instructions are wrong and take you to screens that simply do not offer the options they say will be available.

I called technical support and they informed me you HAVE to call a "Special Support Consultant" in order to get your domain "released" and close your account. Last time I called it was three hours on hold. I used twitter to see if I could get anyone to help and they sent me back to the same instructions that are wrong on the website. When I pointed this out, they stopped responding.

So tomorrow I will call them two times. If I receive any runaround or unnecessary charges or other issues, I will file another BBB report to see if that will again be of some help. Just by reading reviews here, and certainly my own experience shows, they obviously use these tactics to stall and continue getting money and keeping domains. It is a stupid business plan but obviously works for them or they would stop. This isn't rocket science! Websites are increasingly important to businesses and this callous disregard for people's rights to purchased products and securely manage their bills and credit card information surely crosses some sort of legal boundaries. I honestly am surprised, in this day and age, that someone hasn't already started a class action lawsuit against them. I will report back once I make my two telephone calls.

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Original review: April 19, 2016

I signed up for a domain hosting service with Network Solutions and the service I requested was only a few bucks. This was also discussed with an agent, but a few months later I got a charge on my bill for $42.88. I called and they said there were 4 different services I ordered. This never happened. Throughout the call I was transferred 4 times and each representative sounded like they were extremely familiar with this occurring. Finally I was sent to the refund department which quickly submitted my refund and informed me it would take 3 to 5 business days to get my money back. She did not ask any questions or deny it, as if she knew this was a normal occurrence also. I am extremely displeased and I hope their company goes broke. I wish I could give them zero stars.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 17, 2016

For three years I have tried to close my account with Network Solutions. I was told that once the active domains were transferred or let expired it would close automatically. In spite of this assurance, Network Solutions has continued to bill me without authorization. Charges my PayPal account even though I have removed it from file. Charged me to avoid transfer of my domains. I have just been charged without any authorization for a domain that was transferred more than a year ago to another hosting company. I left the company because of its poor customer service, the incompetence of its technicians, and the continuous unexpected charges for services other companies provide as part of their hosting package. I strongly recommend staying away from the company.

Original review: April 1, 2016

Network Solutions took down our website and replaced it with a discontinued website. I have spent hours of frustration over several days trying to get this remedied. I still have the discontinued website up. I will spend hours today trying to get the website, which Network Solutions erroneously removed, reinstalled. A couple of days ago, one of their techs while trying to give me a credit, charged my credit card instead. Their Tech Support are a bunch of ** idiots. Never use this company. I will be switching to a different provider ASAP.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 26, 2016

Network solutions was recently purchased by Since then they send me constant annoying emails from their own site, probably 5 -10 a day. Now since I had to renew, I am getting hammered with over 50 SPAM emails an hour. I want to sue them for use of my data on my cell phone and time, aggregation and disk space use on my system. I called and complained to their support team but they just laughed and said, "yes we have been hearing a lot of that, I will put your email address on don't send list."

I think that meant send 10 times as much - there has to be a way to legally stop these people. Just because they are hosting my website does not mean that they can release/sell my email to all this crap. A lot of them are "lawyer" slime ads, maybe I should use one to sue them for millions of dollars. Don't use this site if you can help it - find a good one. I will be migrating my site to a new forum next year.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 21, 2016

20 years ago I purchased the domain name for my small charity from Network Solutions because, back then, they were a respectable and honorable company- the best, really. All of these years I have maintained my charity's website with them and enjoyed good, honest service- until recently, that is. As soon as I renewed my web hosting with them, they auctioned off my domain name! They will not return it to me even though the hosting and private registration on it have been paid well in advance. To add insult to injury, they suggested that I make an anonymous offer up to $25,000 to buy back my domain name- that I have owned for 20 years! My email address is **, I am ready to participate in any lawsuit brought by a reputable attorney against this company. Contact me.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 20, 2016

When I try to google my Church in Virginia website... It go to this website and I cannot get to the Church website. This just started today. Thank for any help.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 11, 2016

I have over 60 domains with this company. The support has been so bad I am trying to migrate my domains to another company. Like Go Daddy. They have blocked my request now for over three weeks. They open tickets then close them without resolving this issue. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! GO somewhere else.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 9, 2016

I have joined ConsumerAffairs just to add to the chorus of complaints about this horrible company. I am in the process of trying to wrestle our company's domain names from their grip. After making me wait an arbitrary 3 days for the authorization codes (other companies release them instantly), they sent me emails with the codes missing. As in there was a box called authorization code and inside the box is blank. I called them, got put on an endless answerphone, so I emailed them. I got an email back saying I had to call them. I called again and after 2 hours of waiting I gave up. I am at a loss now. I can't believe a company can behave like this and stay in business. My advice to everyone is to move your domains as soon as you can. IF you can!

Original review: Feb. 24, 2016

This company is also known as WEB.COM or Network Solutions. I have been a Gold VIP Customer for over 15 year. I have purchased over 50 domains, many hosting packages as well as hosted Exchange accounts. Ever since the merger with Web.Com their customer service has gone into the TRASH and the pricing keeps going up. If you want to be overcharged for service that is absolutely unacceptable then give them a call. I'm sure they would like to screw you over as well. The written instructions to set up the services they sell are wrong, incorrect, and full of errors and they try to charge you to talk you through simple system settings so you can use their product. Without a call they shut down three of my websites. One a not for profit that I host, and two commerce sites. They have been down almost a week and they will not help. The worst service ever! Stay clear of this company.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 16, 2016

In 2011 I created a account with Network Solutions. At the time things went OK. I made a website which took many hour of work and a E-mail thru the domain name. A few weeks ago I called Network Solutions and asked them to suspend my web site and take it off the web because I was moving my company and wanted to rework the web site after I got in the new building with the new address. Next thing I know I could not access my E-mail? From there I checked my web address and I found out they sold the domain I had at auction. I just paid another year for the service a month before I asked them to suspend the service.

I called New Ventures a company that bought the Domain Name and next thing I know they want $300 within 2 days and if I don't pay the price will go up I was told. The next thing I did is contacted Network Solutions and I was told if I buy the Domain back through their service for $750.00 they would restore the Domain Name under my name and my E-mail. Being that I'm in business I paid the fee because I have years of email business. I used the email address and I felt it was worth paying the fee so I did. Next thing I know it snow balled from there.

They wanted another $135.00 for hosting, another fee to get my email account going and after being charged close to $900.00 I still haven't got my web site back or my email account back. I sent multiple phone calls with Network Solutions and nothing got fixed. It's been really frustrating and I lost my web site I built and my email account and business. Next thing I know is they tell me they want fees to build another web site and tell me that my email has been lost.

This has been a total costly for me and every time I call to ask for a refund they try to pass me on to someone that can't seem to help me out. As it stands now when I get on my browser to check the Domain Name I get directed if I want to purchase the Domain Name from New Ventures or it will say "This site is under construction" or it will say "registered by Network Solutions" and there will be multiple websites to other companies. And get this, there will also be advertising if I would like to purchase a backorder of the Domain Name I had since 2011 and just paid a extra $900 to keep it under my name. I got scammed and I would never recommend them to anyone.

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Original review: Feb. 8, 2016

All of our email for all of our users are going to spam. I have spent more than 5 hours on the phone with customer support and their only solution to the problem is to call our 100's and 100's of customers and let them know they need to unblock our email addresses from their junk mail when they get it to be able to exchange email with us. They also fake "escalating" calls by having you talk to the next available person in the room, that also doesn't speak english.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 8, 2016

I have tried for twelve months to change our organization's primary contact information with no success. I am definitely changing domain providers. They have the worst customer service of any organization that I have worked! I have yet to speak to a customer service representative that has reliable information.

Original review: Feb. 3, 2016

I have had a domain and email with Network Solutions since the late 1990s. Starting 6 weeks ago they started to repeatedly continuously bill my credit card and then refund the amount 2-3 days later. They have done this at least 18 times over the last 6 weeks. I have called them 4 times and each time they assure me it will not happen again but it continues. No resolution. As always with most help desks I can barely understand the accent of the help desk people and the connection is very poor which adds to the frustration. I want to move my domain to another service but after reading the complaints by others on this site, it sounds like they will lock it and I will never get it back!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 2, 2016

I own my domain name through Network Solutions until 2024. I am trying to unlock it so I can transfer the domain name to another host. They are off by one character on my e-mail address and they are putting me through a meat grinder in order to change it to the correct e-mail. I can understand a need to be secure, but they are beyond extreme. I am still waiting for them to change my e-mail to the correct e-mail address so I can get things moving along. I feel like I am in the twilight zone.

Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2015

My domain name has been with them for many year. Trying to renew my website I figure out they are too expensive and customer help was not existent. Working on another website with GoDaddy, I decided to transfer the domain to them (I love them). Guess what? My domain transfer is now locked for security reasons. 3.5 h on the phone to no avail. They should be sued as many other in this website suggest...

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 30, 2015

I want to transfer my domain name to another ISP after my domain name just expired several days. Network Solutions did not cooperate and shut down my domain pointing it to some tobedelete servers, thus rendering my domain name useless, including not able to receive email. I still have a month left on my hosting service with them, but they did not help me in anyway. I was their customer for over 15 years. This is one of the worst business practices that I have seen.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 6, 2015

Though actual customer service is not high priority for most, if not all, hosting companies, Network Solutions doesn't even have it on their list at all. After years with Network solutions, simply out of toleration in the pain of moving my data to a new company I've finally hit the wall. Every support call takes hours of on hold time and they are far from professionals on even general hosting subjects, the typical response is to "upgrade".

Everything you do seems to initiate "auto billing" which is done well before a normal time frame in renewing services - often times months before. Published prices are outrageously above the other hosting companies, but if you're savvy you can call in and they will discount for you over the phone only. Calling for support - often you speak with minimum 3 people, each asking you the same security information, then only to tell you, "hold and I'll get you to the right person." My average hold time 40 minutes.

I'm actually on hold right now while writing this, 48 minutes so far, and my 4th transfer, and my 3rd call today all over the same server issue. This is not a company you want to use for hosting if you don't have a solid technical background and a lot of patience as you will get little to no help from their general support team less from their paid support team.

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Original review: Oct. 3, 2015

This company does advance billings (three months or so) without authorization. In my case, I was canceling services, complained about their billing, which they credited. Then, on the very next day, again charged for services which had not been provided and were even cancelled.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 19, 2015

Having moved to France I was trying to close my account. The process has been a nightmare. The tech who did the web page has control, yet it is my name on the web page. The fees are paid by me and emails from NS are sent to me. Yet they seem to find every reason not to change the account to my name. I am getting a stack of nonsense from these clowns. For example they want a letterhead from an office I had ten years ago. How they can stay in business is beyond me, but I see I am not alone.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 16, 2015

I've been with MonsterCommerce for a long time. They got bought out by Network Solutions and ever since it's been a nightmare. You work on your site when their servers are up not when your time allows. Customer service in my opinion is unlike any I have experienced in this trade. All I can say if you use them then you deserve what you get. Just read the reviews. In this age of time this is unacceptable considering there are a lot more eCommerce host with quality service.

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