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Last updated: Dec. 19, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 24, 2017

I filed a claim the beginning of March 2017 when we had a bad wind storm. An adjuster came out and estimated the roof. The estimate was around $7500.00, the depreciation was around $4500.00 and $2500.00 deductible. They send me a check for $416.83. I told them to close the claim and I sent the check back. This was an insult. So beware of HOMESITE HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE COMPANY who I got through Progressive auto insurance because they also judge your claim by the area you live in. So beware. By the way I switched my insurances. Hope this helps people before they decide to get this insurance company. Look up what they cover first before you decide to go with them.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 16, 2017

Been a homeowner for 8+ years. Had to file my first claim ever after the crazy storms came through California. We had pasture fencing wiped out. I was hesitant to file a claim as I had never before but when we realized the cost to replace our fence we needed help. I filed my claim with pictures to them on a Thursday, money was in our account by the next Tuesday! I worked with a Robin. She was very nice and professional AND helpful. Made it very easy. Hopefully I will never have to file another claim, but if I do I know I'm taken care of with Homesite.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 7, 2017

I recently switched my auto & homeowner's insurance to Progressive. I had Allstate but wanted to lower my auto insurance as it is a lease. Well, I had no problem with Progressive's auto. The homeowners however is a big racket. A month in, I get a letter from Homesite Insurance saying they are canceling my insurance because their inspector said there were some shingles lifting/buckling and the roof needed replaced. Now, my roof is over 20 years old but it is still in decent condition. Allstate had no problem with it. My brother in law has his own framing and construction company and he also said it was fine. I had a total home inspection not too long ago and they also said it was fine. So, what I found after some research is that this company is notorious for denying coverage for roofs over 15 years old - regardless. Why? So they will not gave to pay out in an older roof. I'm going back to Allstate for both coverages now.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 4, 2017

We've had Geico and Homesite Insurance for about a year now. My concern is that the Homesite website NEVER works. This month we received a letter to renew our policy by making an online payment -- and once again, the site is DOWN. Our policy expires in 1 day (we got the letter only 2 days ago). This has shaken our confidence in Homesite. What if we had an actual claim and could not reach the company? If they're that difficult to reach to make a payment, imagine how difficult it would be if we actually had a claim.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 8, 2017

I decided to bundle through Elephant Auto (Homesite homeowners insurance). The auto department is excellent. When the inspector came he decided that my 14 year old house was in need of a roof for bent or raised shingles that I could not see, and the roof had to be replaced. Mind you this house has a premium roof with a 30 year rated shingle also that I had too much debris in my yard speaking about my thing. I live on 5 acres in the country. He then told me that these were hazards and that they would not insure my property. After a brief try at a negotiation he said his word was final. Ok I could understand if this was a brand new house, but be for real it has a lived in look and the house is in excellent shape. I just had a home appraisal done and was told the house perfect for the age. I would not recommend Homesite because they have no clue about real life and are rude and unwilling to work with their customers.

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Original review: Jan. 30, 2017

Filed insurance claim once and raised my price from $800 to almost $2000. I opened a second case but immediately withdrew it because I realized it was my mistake that the problem occurred and are still reporting as second claim even though I cancelled it and had a zero paid out. It seems like this is not an insurance co and more like a bank taking a loan out and you have to pay it back, how else would you explain 800 going up to 2000 dollars.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 26, 2017

I had water damage in 3 rooms from a leak. Water litigation dried the house and demoed both bathrooms. Adjuster came, wrote estimate and sent a check less deductible and depreciation. What the hell is depreciation. Just their way of cheating me out of money. Said I could recover after the job was complete. Sent them itemized statement from contractor paid in full. Nope they want receipts or bank statement proving I paid deductible. Wth. They had already sent me a check minus $1000 for deductible. Just plain crazy. I even used the contractor that saved them money. Bought supplies on sale and didn't even turn in our meal expenses. I felt sorry for them. I guess they need the money more than I do. I will drop them. Beware of this company.

Original review: Jan. 19, 2017

We recently had 70 mile an hour winds and part of our roof blew off. We made a claim and an assessor can and said the damage was below our 2700 dollars deductible. However, a roofer gave us an estimate with photos of 8000 dollars damage. Progressive Homeowners said since we had one of their assessors out here the year before and didn't have the damage fixed they wouldn't pay for the current damage or consider the prior damage in this recent claim. The first assessor told us he wasn't going to make a claim because there wasn't enough damage.

One year later, when our roof blows apart Homesite tells us there was a prior claim made. We were unaware as we never received a claim number or letter of denial like you typically would. Their story, employees, and organization seem dishonest, trained in scamming 101, and should never be trusted to insure your property so beware. Out of all the homes we have owned and the different insurers we have had I have never felt so worked over as I have with Homesite. Disgusting.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 18, 2017

Purchased a new home last year and needed insurance. So I thought that I would bundle with Geico since I have done well with their auto insurance. When I purchased the house I had it inspected with the inspector noted the roof was in good shape and should last another 10 years. I just need the plastic vents replaced due to cracking and leaking and then the moss cleaned off that was getting rather thick. Being that I live in Western Washington, moss will accumulate one even a new roof in a few years if regular cleaning is not done. So a week or two after the house is mine, Homesite send one of their inspectors around and takes pictures of the moss. I then get a notice with couple of distance photo of mossy roof saying do the moss and condition of the roof that it must be replaced by a licensed contractor.

So a few month later, I get a licensed contractor out there to look at the roof and he said that I just need to replace the vents and clean the roof and it will be good for another 7 to 10 years depending on how clean I keep it. The contractor did the work a couple a week later and I sent in pictures and the paid bill show the work done. The also a note say the roof was in good shape should last another 7 years and at least 10 if I kept it clean. Now it is 6 month later and I receive a notice that they are not going to renew my insurance for failure to replace roof.

After calling Geico and talking I find out that it is Homesite's decision because I did not replace roof and their pictures show how bad my roof is. I did get Geico to have Homesite resend me the notice they first sent me with the pictures. When I received the notice for the second time I noticed that there were quite a few pictures that were not included the first time. The new pictures were close ups of the house showing the moss, but not one photo had a bent warped or damaged asphalt shingle. All the shingles look to be in good shape, just lots of moss on the roof.

While I not out any money other than paying for a licensed contractor to do work that I could have done myself. I do not like someone sitting behind a desk making large financial decisions about my house while not accepting what a home inspections and a licensed contractor who both got up and physical looked at the roof had to say about its condition. The only reason I'm giving 2 stars and not 1 is that are just not renewing my insurance policy rather than just dropping me.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 18, 2017

On December 4, 2016 my washer leaked inside my laundry closet and hardwood floor was ruined. Homesite Insurance (partnered with Progressive apparently) sent PuroClean out to check out to assess the damage. Over the next few weeks I was sent SEVERAL different quotes for the repair. One for more than $6,000 and one for around $4,000. Then I was told by the claims adjuster Petronia **, that I should've never received those quotes. I was also told by Jodi at PuroClean to only speak with Scott, when someone else would call me and say no, "only speak to me regarding the claim". It was ridiculous.

Also, I specifically told the claims adjuster at Homesite that I didn't want PuroClean to fix my flooring and that I wanted to hire my own contractor, but she sent the check to PuroClean anyway! Now, over a month later I am still without new flooring and no check. She said I have to wait until PuroClean sends it back to her before she can issue me a new check. I asked her to expedite the check because I need my new flooring installed before I can list my house for sale and I have a deadline. She told me once she receives the original check, she can deposit the funds into my checking account and asked me when I would like her to call and get that information and I immediately responded saying now. She never called. The next day I called to speak to her supervisor but of course no answer.

I cannot believe how this company handles their "customer service". I will be cancelling my policy which is going to be a major inconvenience and I will end up having to pay a higher rate for my home insurance if I leave Progressive since I also have my auto insurance through them. I will be reporting this to their corporate office and the BBB.

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Original review: Dec. 9, 2016

A faulty plumbing pipe leaked and caused water damage to the downstairs ceiling. I filed a claim and the next day the restoration company was at my door prepared to mitigate the problem. A few days later the machines were hauled away. They ripped out a large section of drywall in the kitchens ceiling. A few more days went by and hadn't hear anything. Finally I called Geico Homesite and informed them that I needed an adjuster to come out and write up the damage for and estimate. The adjuster came out and appraised the damage. Two weeks passed and I did not hear anything. I received two letters from Geico Homesite telling me they received my claim and they were working on finalizing the claim once they received the contractors estimate.

After another two weeks, I didn't hear back from them. I finally called and got ahold of the claims adjuster. He apologized and explained he was in a training conference in Boston. He said he looked up my claim, but stated he hadn't received the report from the contractor. After two days of not getting an update, I emailed and called my claim adjuster and he ignored my calls and emails. I called Geico Homesite customer service and asked to speak to an adjuster who can give me information about the status of my claim. I asked for a supervisor and the customer service lady said the supervisors were also at the conference. Then she gave me attitude and asked me what I wanted her to do when all the adjusters and supervisors were at the conference.

So basically, all the claims are on standstill and nothing is getting done. Meanwhile, a large section of drywall is missing downstairs in my kitchen. This is bad business practice. Customer claims should not sit for weeks and not have anyone to answer their questions or push their claims forward. As soon as they finalized my claim, I will cancel my policy because this is crappy business. Geico Insurance should evaluate Homesite's business practices and these complaints if they are going continue to partner with them.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 31, 2016

I was living in a townhouse. The building had four units and my unit was the end unit. Each unit had three bathrooms, two upstairs and one downstairs. On 5/13/2015 while I was out of town I received a call from my daughter saying that water was coming out the front door of my townhouse. I immediately left and drove home (2 1/2 hours) to find sewage covering the entire lower portion of my townhouse and leaking out the front door to the street. Each time any of the other three units flushed one of their three toilets, sewage would back up into my unit. Sewage was continuously coming up and out of my downstairs toilet to the point of covering my entire first floor and running out the front door. After shutting the water off for the entire building, I contacted Progressive Homesite Insurance that night and they agreed to have an adjuster come see me the next day.

It is now November 1, 2016, one year eight months, nine adjusters, three moves, lost my home and much of my contents later and Progressive homesite is now telling me I am not going to be paid for my contents that I lost. Everyone of the adjusters I have had, has quit, moved to another position or been terminated. The left hand never knows what the right hand is doing or has done and the process starts again.

The contractors that did the repairs on my home had sent detailed pictures of all damages as well as pictures of all my damaged belongings, itemized bills and statements. Progressive Homesite agreed from the beginning that it was not safe for me or my pets to stay in the home. They then sent me a check and said the check was to cover some of my expenses. A week or so later they told me that the check was suppose to go to the contractors doing the repairs on the house and that I had to rectify their mistake. Since I had not spend much of the check I paid the contractors much of what was owed to them.

It seems every time I talked to Progressive Homesite there was a new agent handling my case and of course did not know what had happened or at what point we were at or what to do next. One time I was told that there were four different claims going and that two of the claims should not be, so they were going to eliminate them and that I would a new claim number. Needless to say I was confused!

After several agents later I was able to get the contractors paid and back on track. In the meantime, four months later I did receive a small check for the boarding of my three dogs (forget the cat and my birds) and for some of the expenses that I had incurred. I ended up having to stay with friends or family,

boarding my pets when and where I could, putting most of my belongings in storage and continue to work fulltime in a town that was 75 miles from my home. Plus, every time I would contact Progressive Homesite to discuss the status of my claim I would have a different adjuster and would have to start all over again. One time I called and the adjuster I had at that time stated to me, "I am looking at the information and pictures you have sent us and we should have settlement check in the mail within a couple of days."

The next time I spoke to Progressive Homesite, two to three weeks later I was told that they had received no pictures and I need to submit the list of items, pictures and proof of purchase again. What the... In February 2016 I was told this case should be completed and settled soon... A check was finally sent to me in June. It was for two thousand three hundred dollars and it was made out to me and the previous mortgage company. I called Progressive Homesite to ask why a two party check was sent. I was told the check was for items in the home that were fixtures in the home, like the appliances and fixtures that came with the home (for example the refrigerator).

I explained to them that I had bought the refrigerator myself and the mortgage company had nothing to do with it and that the mortgage company has already been paid off and the home sold. I am the only one that has not been paid for my losses. They told me to prove it, so I contacted the appliance store I purchased the refrigerator from, explained to them the situation and they faxed and emailed a copy of my bill of sale to Progressive Homesite. Well that was (is) not good enough for them. Because the bill of sale only had the model number and the brand name (Frigidaire) on the bill, the bill did not say REFRIGERATOR on it. Progressive Homesite said "How do we know this is a refrigerator or something else?"

At this point I would love to find an attorney that I could afford to take this case on. One would think I was asking for a million dollars or something instead of what I had been paying for the past ten years. All I wanted was to return to the lifestyle and/or close to the place I was at when this accident occurred. Progressive Homesite has put me through so much and caused me so much grief I don't think I will ever be right or even near where I was before this happened. PLEASE BEWARE OF PROGRESSIVE HOMESITE!!!

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Original review: Oct. 14, 2016

In April of this year I found out that Homesite Insurance was deducting money from my bank for property that was sold in October of 2013. They took money from November of 2013 until April 1st of 2016. I have submitted my tax return for 2013 and they wanted more documentation. I sent a copy of the sale of the house and that wasn't enough. I was promised return call that never happened. I was told that the documents I sent were never received. But when I questioned them about it they managed to find them. I have had nothing but runarounds since I tried to get my money back. I am beginning to understand why this company has such a poor rating. I was promised a return call. If no results I will file a complaint with the state insurance commission. These bums are corrupt!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2016

Because I'm in day 4 of Hurricane Matthew with nothing but a weak internet signal, I thought I would share about how Lisa (?) from Ohio helped me. I really wish I had gotten her name and spoke to her supervisor. I will admit that I was really pissy. I pay renters insurance and want SOMEONE to tell me what is covered. She was the second person I spoke to. Honestly, I wanted to rain fire on someone because we've been without power and water since Saturday and they are expecting it to be put a week. I tried to fight it, but she worked her magic on me. I felt that she really cared and worked very quickly and diligently to have a claims adjuster call us. I really didn't want to warm up. I wanted to yell at someone for being incompetent... but I couldn't.

She truly was compassionate, and I feel that she is just genuinely that way. Homesite is lucky to have an employee like that because patience and understanding is NOT something you can teach someone. I know they are getting thousands of calls due to Matthew, but I hope that they recognize the people who are truly care about their customers.

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Original review: Oct. 7, 2016

Stay away from these crooks. I would give them no stars, if I could. We bought a home 3 yrs. ago and chose Progressive-multi policies... Homesite underwrites Progressive home insurance policies. We have been paying around $750 a year, with small declines in the rate. Well, this year, we were slammed with a raise of $400 on the year!! No notice, nothing. Just took it out of our escrow account. We've had no claims. Nothing has changed. Our credit scores are very high. Our monthly finances and now our escrow account is in jeopardy! Stay away from these crooks people! They'll give you a great rate initially and then when you least expect it, they'll burn you good, with no notice! And, guess what they advised to solve this problem?

Have my husband get a new policy and rate and pay out of our pocket for it, then close the old policy (which I initiated, so I'm the primary), and wait for a refund from the old policy to offset our out-of-pocket expenses on the new policies? Why? Three years later, they'll just screw us again! Stay away folks–initial low rates not worth the drama. Trust me.

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Original review: Sept. 29, 2016

I took out insurance on my home, which was valued for approximately $63,000. My insurance with Homesite was over $1500 a year. Never filed a claim, just very expensive. So I cancelled it around the 15th. As of today, September 28, 2016, I still have not received my refund. So I emailed them about it. They responded a couple of days later stating that they send out refunds 15 days after cancellation and I will be receiving mine soon. They couldn't even give me a date. I do not understand why I have to wait 15 days before receiving my money. All I want is my money so I can be done with these people for good. I'm also cancelling my insurance with Geico, after being with them for years. I will be contacting them again tomorrow to find out why I haven't received my refund yet. Please do not do business with these people. I am currently paying under half of what I was with Homesite. Thank you Lord for options!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 25, 2016

Due to the August 2016 flooding in Louisiana, we had flood damage to a utility room, garage & RV barn. We have paid approximately $4,500 from 1/2011 to present. The adjustor came to assess the damage & the first thing he said is that the utility room & attached garage are not covered. These are on a concrete slab which is the first floor of a 2 story residence. They will, however, cover the detached RV barn which was not built until 2014 for 10% of the $250,000 policy limits. I have filed a complaint with the Louisiana Insurance Commissioner and will contact an attorney tomorrow for further direction in dealing with this insurance company fraud against a policyholder.

Original review: Aug. 10, 2016

Please do not use Homesite - what a scam. We retired and bought a home in the country. Being signed up with Geico for car insurance, we figured it would be good to stay with their company homesite for homeowners insurance. Well to our dismay, we were so disappointed in the service. The adjuster out, took pictures of the flooded basement and send us spreadsheet, and my husband and I took more picture of everything that was damaged, things that were irreplaceable, collector items, classic books, and artifacts from our 30 years of traveling.

Well everything came out to about 12,000, and they sent us a check for 350.00, and said we can be reimbursed if we buy all the lost item and send them the receipts!!! I could not believe what were the pictures for? What is insurance for? It would take us many years being on a fixed income to replace our losses and some items you can't replace. Homesite should be shut down. They take your money and give you nothing when you lose your valuables. Homesite is a done deal for us.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 10, 2016

Just a heads up to anyone looking to get Home/Renter's Insurance from Progressive (underwritten by Homesite Insurance). Save yourself the time and trouble and avoid this company at all costs. I've never had any issues with Progressive on my auto, but the one time I needed to file a claim on my Renter's Insurance and their "devaluation tool" rendered our claim useless.

Long story short, we had a lightning surge that left us with $2200 worth of electronics damage. After filing our claim and submitting a dozen pictures and proof of purchase amounts, they responded 48 hours later, saying that our items have devalued by $1600, leaving us with $600 value in replacement/repairs which, ironically, is lower than our deductible. I honestly feel like this is a legal scam operation - giving you the "idea" of insurance, while not actually providing any coverage.

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Original review: Aug. 7, 2016

Neighbor's washing machine exploded and flooded my garage and part of my kitchen on April 1st. Contacted Homesite Insurance, A PROGRESSIVE COMPANY and started a claim for damages. DOUG ** was assigned the claim as my adjuster. His smooth Texas style and accent was supposed to lull me into happiness. He reassured me that his 30 years of experience as an adjuster would make this claim move easily. He told me that I need to get an Angie's List subscription and find local contractors to deal with repairs and the damage. I went out, found several contractors, took the time off of work, had them come provide estimates, sent these to DOUG at HOMESITE, A PROGRESS COMPANY and was told to go ahead and start the repairs.

They sent a check for the ServiceMaster crew that arrived to do initial destruction and drying of water damage. Then they sent another check to me. They told that the funds were incorrect so I returned the uncashed checks to HOMESITE, A PROGRESSIVE COMPANY. A bill was received from Service Master and I immediately paid it as it arrived 30 days late and had extra fees attached to it. HOMESITE, A PROGRESSIVE COMPANY did not pay them and expected me to pay out of pocket.

The contractor that I selected to do the repairs did the work on the damage and when the work was completed, I paid them for their work. During this time, DOUG **, disappeared and was no longer handling my claim. I was then told that BOBBY ** was the new adjuster. He reviewed the materials submitted concerning this claim. I had additional damage to claim that was identified after the initial assessment. I was told provide an estimate which was done. I was told go ahead and do the work. After the work was completed, I again paid the contractor. BOBBY **, adjuster for HOMESITE INSURANCE, A PROGRESSIVE COMPANY, cut a check to Service Master for their water mitigation work and he also cut me a check for the initial costs. He finally cut a check for personal property that was lost in this claim.

I submitted a final invoice for the last work that needed to be accomplished and DEBORAH **, CLAIMS ADJUSTER FOR HOMESITE INSURANCE, A PROGRESSIVE COMPANY sent me a reply stating that I had been overpaid for this claim and that I owe them $217.17. I explained to her that this work was identified after the original damage was assessed. She did not care that I have already paid $500 dollar deductible and had "DEPRECIATION" withheld from what I am owed. Now I have Martia **, Recoverable Depreciation Associate, requesting photographs and estimates and information concerning the last work accomplished. There is some subrogation company involved with the claim and even with all of these people here to make my claim as efficient as possible, NO ONE IS REPLYING TO EMAILS, CALLS OR ATTEMPTS AT COMMUNICATION.

At this point, I have no other recourse other than seeking legal representation and suing HOMESITE INSURANCE, A PROGRESSIVE COMPANY for failure to do what they are supposed to do. I am still almost $2000 out of pocket into this claim and no relief in sight. As soon as this gets resolved, I intend to move my 2 cars, motorcycle and house away from the PROGRESSIVE FAMILY OF INSURANCES due to their lousy customer support. My advice to anyone considering insurance with the PROGRESSIVE FAMILY OF INSURANCES is to look elsewhere. It is true, you get what you pay for. Cheap gets crap service.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 29, 2016

I refi'd my house and needed homeowner's ins. I went ahead and got it through Progressive/Homesite since I had been a longtime Progressive Auto client and always had a great experience. I was expecting the same fantastic service from Homesite. I obtained the homeowners coverage on Jan '15. It's now July '16 and I find out from my mortgage company that I don't have homeowners ins.

After calling Homesite, a very non customer friendly person answered and told my policy was cancelled in Feb '15 (a month after getting coverage) because an inspector noticed I had missing shingles. They claim to have sent me snail mail about it, but I probably mistook it for junk mail and never looked at it. They never bothered to email or call. Thankfully I didn't need this policy in the past year because I would have been stuck out. So now I have over a year of lapse in ins. Unfortunately, after 7 years, I'm leaving Progressive Auto because of this. They need to hold their partners accountable to the same standards as their own. Reading the other comments on here, it sounds like I'm not alone. You may pay a little more somewhere else, but you'll be treated a lot better.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 19, 2016

I signed on to Homesite through a bundle package offered by Progressive (Auto) Insurance. My service and experience through Progressive was always great. No complaints there, but my experience with Homesite Insurance was horrible! The first year, my policy was fine, began around $780 per year. The next year, it was jacked to $998, just because. The third year, I had two small claims that totalled to under $1500 for both claims. They then jacked my coverage to $2400 per yr! I've read other reviews that have said that they never want to pay a claim. I'd say they'll pay it but will basically make you pay it back so that for all intents and purposes, they never do. DO NOT USE this company!! You will regret it.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 6, 2016

Homesite insurance force me to replace the roof of my house without any water leak. They sent me a letter of cancellation on 07/04/16 giving me three weeks to replace the roof. I did replace before the date line and I did call them to let them know. They ask me to send pics and invoice showing that I already paid it. I sent many pics and I did call today 07/05/16 and they don't care. My policy is cancel. Perros.

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Original review: June 26, 2016

Has a small claim where a pipe was dripping in my wall and needed the drywall to be fixed. Total loss was $968 (Job was $1,968, deductible was $1k). They paid $968, got the funds quickly, no issues. Then I get my renewal information in the mail. Premium jumped from $678 to $1,020 per year. Should have just paid the $968 myself. Claim process was great, but increased my premium near 50%.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 18, 2016

There is no reason for anyone who has products less than the deductible to use this insurance provider. My computer was damaged during an electrical storm, and we were without power for half a day, so I also lost some food items. The deductible for my computer was $500 and my food items $100. This meant I'd not only have to spend out of pocket money to replace my losses, but making a claim for them was pointless - thus pointless to keep my insurance. I tried to cancel my policy, but Homesite doesn't have staff available after 9PM, nor they do allow immediately canceling your account online. But they sure allow you to charge payments immediately online, though.

Anyways, after finding out my policy cancellation would take 48 hours, to avoid having my bank account charged for my renewal which was up in 24 hours, I tried to cancel auto payments online. They do not allow you to do this - super shady business practices. I should be able to cancel a worthless policy at whim, especially since they will charge me for cancellation anyways. So I tried to change payment methods, but guess what? There's no payment confirmation when you try to do that. It just immediately says "thanks for making a payment!" What business doesn't have payment confirmation for online payments these days?

These guys are crooked or incompetent. I will never do business with Progressive again, just because of Homesite. If they charge my bank account, I will first ask for a refund of all charges. If they try to charge me a fee for that, I'll take do a charge-back and if they attempt to target my credit rating for any of those fees, I'll then proceed with getting in touch with the CPA.

Even when it comes to insurance providers, these guys are really crooked. This has been an education for me because I will never do business with an insurance provider before seeing how other people rate them. Homesite consistently gets the worst reviews by people across the nation. It's clear they don't care and are just in this for as long as they can con people out of their money.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 16, 2016

We just purchased a home in MA and went through GEICO for Homesite Ins. Two weeks after getting policy they sent me a cancellation notice stating my roof was in poor condition and needed replacement. They stated that it was missing shingles, had curled shingles, poor workmanship, and the granular surface was falling off. I was shocked as I thought they were talking about someone else's roof. I am an insurance inspector for one of their competitors and immediately filed an appeal supplying 40 photos showing I had no missing shingles, no curling shingles, no granular loss and that a certified home inspector had passed the roof, an FHA mortgage inspector passed the roof, the local building inspector passed the roof and a local contractor actually stated that he could not replace the roof as he would be stealing from me as the roof was perfect.

After 4 days of going back and forth supplying photos I was told that the rear roof was missing shingles at the base. I responded with more photos showing the base of my perfect roof had a metal roof skirt as we all do in New England. Today I was informed that after careful review I was still denied coverage and cancellation stands as they want the roof replaced in one week or I am cancelled. They did not allow me to speak to any underwriters stating that it was their opinion and that was it. They collected their fee and will send me back the balance. What a scam. As a licensed and certified inspector myself for their competitor, I was shocked.

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Original review: June 15, 2016

Since I have auto insurance with Geico and they seem to be reasonably priced I thought I'd go ahead with their home insurance too, which is really Homesite. A year later my renewal comes up so I thought "what the heck, I'll check other home insurance prices." I'm glad I did because I found out that Liberty will insure my house for less than half of the yearly premium and my deductible went from $2,500 to $1,000 at the same time and Liberty had a higher coverage too! So, I decide to cancel HS and notify them after I log into their website.

Later I get an email saying I have to call to cancel so I send a smartass response saying how about if I just don't pay! I call them anyway (didn't really want to hear high pressure sales because my mind was made up) and sure enough, what do I get, moron salesman trying to convince me to stay!!! ARRGGG, keeps me on the damn phone for over 10 minutes, very annoying. Do yourself a favor and never do business with this unethical company.

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Original review: April 29, 2016

They openly accused me of fraud because I screenshot the photo and made it a bit brighter and enlarge it for claim adjuster Lauren **, so she can see it better. She kept complaining about she couldn't see the photo that good! She said the date of the photo didn't match other dates of the photo. It's because I screenshot the photo on a different date when she asks for more pictures. I'm really disappointed with this company.

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Original review: April 21, 2016

This carrier is a total sham. It's abundantly clear from our experience with them that they have no intention of underwriting any real property but rather profit from the initial fee and then find means of cancelling the insurance for nonsense standards of their own creation. Not under any circumstances should you allow them to cover your property, for it is dubious that they will ever compensate you for losses. They will find a way to avoid this. We are completely astonished that GEICO retains them as the major insurer for New York State. Because we were in a bind and needed a homeowners' policy for a new house we were closing on, we called GEICO and discovered they haven't any concern for their clients in choosing this fifth rate, shameful carrier to underwrite their homeowners' policies. We are reviewing our relationship with GEICO as a result.

Original review: April 18, 2016

Do not choose. This insurance company is the worse insurance company in the world! They will never want to cover you anything. They always has any excuse because they don't want to pay. They think like a machines, they never want to help customers, always are the big rock in the shoe! Be aware for this guys!

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