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Farm Bureau Financial Services provides several types of auto and property insurances. The company offers low rates and discounts for bundled coverage, and policyholders can select from and customize various full coverage plans. Farm Bureau writes auto insurance policies in 10 states.

Pros & Cons

  • Bundle discounts
  • Highly rated customer service
  • Low rates
  • Limited discounts
  • Available only in 10 states

Farm Bureau Auto Insurance Reviews

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Farm Bureau?
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    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
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    Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 23, 2019

    I have been with Farm Bureau for over 25 years. I have been set up on automatic draft since 2012. I will admit I have not paid close attention to my bank statements. I have seen charges come out for Farm Bureau and not thought much about it because I have an account with them for Auto and Home Owners. This past December, I noticed an increased charge of $155 come out of my account in addition to two other Farm Bureau Charges. This did not match any statements that I have received. It caused me to go to my bank and pull a history of my bank statements.

    We found that they have been pulling unauthorized drafts out of my bank since Nov. 2012. When I went to their office to confront them, they said that would not happen without a signed consent form. They researched it and did admit that they are not able to locate this form, that it does not seem to exist. It turns out that the extra charges were applied to my adult son's account who I had no idea even had insurance with Farm Bureau.

    My son is an adult with his own children and who pays his own bills without help from me. He does happen to share the same middle name as me and that is the only connection I can figure as to how a mistake may have been made to have this charge come out of my account. The response I have gotten from Farm Bureau is "ooops, work it out with your son. We can't help you." They have taken over $6000 from my account without authorization and have no intention to rectify the situation. Very disappointing and frustrating.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 23, 2019

    As my experience with Farm Bureau. Not too good. Just like Kim from Utica, Mi. I have been having issues getting paid for lost wages. I haven’t worked for almost two months now. I work for a “mom & pop” business so I don’t get short disability or any benefits. However because I live in a no-fault state. We can receive medical and lost wages benefits thru the insurance. I too filled out all my paperwork CORRECTLY. Made copies. Thank GOD! Talked to my place employment. Everything was legit. Mailed express put a tracking on it. Farm Bureau received the mail in the morning two days later. Granted I am not the only person has been car accident and injured. So, waited a week. Called the adjuster. She has not received it. Really! So, she had me email the paperwork. Then tells me she is going on vacation.

    So, another week went by. Now it’s three weeks. Called several times, at the time she was back from vacation. No call back. Called the next day. Only for her to tell me that she needs to verify the info! Really!! That she was waiting for my authorization. Well if that was the case. Why couldn’t she just send the paperwork in the first place or recorded our conversation. So, Now it will probably be another two weeks that I might see a check. What the hell?!?

    Claims HandlingCoverageStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 3, 2019

    Storms reported in our area in TN. Other neighbors were being taken care of by their insurance companies and agents within a timely manner. My lovely insurance company denied my claim on home and RV as water was pouring in thru both of the ceilings. I had to use buckets to catch the water to prevent further damage to inside of our house.

    Farm Bureau denied our claim!! So my husband who is not a licensed contractor made unlicensed repairs to our roof and RV roof. He had to miss work to fix these issues. Thanks for always collecting our premiums every month and not providing service for what you advertise. Time to change insurance!!! Advertise you provide coverage, take premiums from customers and deny my 2 very serious claims. You take my money and then didn't follow thru with your service. Thanks Farm Bureau. Pretty stressful and sad when everyone in my neighbor got their claims completed and my house is sitting here deteriorating with a build up of issues that never gotten taken of. Shame on you.


    Reviewed Jan. 31, 2019

    I need someone help me out to complain one agent that he came to my house for inspection and he was nasty. Got in my house with his shoes. His name is Clinton ** at TN State Murfreesboro. Zip code 37128. He was so racist with me. He reported me very bad. Therefor they told me we gonna terminate your policy soon and you need to shop for another insurance company. Yes they got big this company and kicking people don’t like. Anyway I got another insurance company fast. Am going to kick them before they does. My concern is I need someone to help me how to complain about that racist agent that tread me bad. Thanks.

    Customer ServiceClaims HandlingStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 29, 2019

    I'm writing this review not out of spite but to warn others. So they don't go through what I went through in the last year and a half. I have never dealt with such incompetence in my 30 years of owning car insurance. They would cancel our policy with no warning even after paying monthly bill, only to have to restart and pay more out of pocket. This happened 3 times. I was lied to to get is started. Once I was on it, everything changed. I got the insurance because it was not expensive, I was offered insurance by another company, but because I was "loyal" and promised to the Farm Bureau representative and I talked to them first, I chose them. Even when I got dropped, they themselves didn't even know why it happened. As I said, in 30 years of owning insurance, I have never dealt with issues like I have with these people.

    Recently, my child was in an accident, he was hit by a semi. He was out of work for a month. TO be able to live in Michigan, we have had to combine our money to survive and afford it. So going without his paycheck for a month, was hard. SO when it happened I went straight to the insurance to get every piece of paperwork I had to have. Filled it out correctly and in detail, got everything they asked me to get. Faxed it to them, which it leaves all the information such as the time it was faxed, the day and who received it.

    Dealing with this, I had to deal with 5 different claims Rep for the same exact issue. When I would call they would say it wasn't going through them anymore and it was going through a different person. They jerked me around for weeks. There was another person in the accident in the car with my son. He is still trying to get compensated for all his bills and such. It has been 6 months. When he tries to get in touch with him, they don't believe he doesn't own a car, and that he has never had car insurance, and they refuse to help him unless he fills out a bunch of paperwork.

    The hospital has been bothering him for their money. He said "Fine, send me the paperwork" and they still haven't. They were suppose to compensate my son, for the month he was off work. It wasn't until he was back to works, and a few weeks more of me trying to get his money, finally the person told me I didn't send the paperwork they needed to do so. Which in turn, I pulled out my copy of the fax I sent they had EVERY bit of info needed to prove I sent it, which they said I didn't receive. Which I told them I was willing to sue as I had two lawyers at hand willing to help.

    The very next day I got a phone call saying that Friday my son would have his money. So basically, we were jerked around for weeks for no reason. We were late on our bills. We had to eat ramen just to get by. I apologize if any of this seems jumbled, I just had to deal with another issue with them. I paid two weeks ago my rental insurance through them, being now a week before it's even due. I just signed on to get some info, and once again, it's gone. Even if you have to pay more money, it is well worth it not to go through these people. This is only half of what has happened. That is all I got to say, besides I'm switching today to Progressive.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Nov. 21, 2018

    Worst insurance company I’ve ever dealt with. Someone rear ended me, got a ticket. Farm Bureau said they would cover everything and I ended up with a $400 rental car bill after using the body shop THEY recommended because the work took so long. The adjuster would never return my calls and I wondered if he even worked there anymore. Very stressful!

    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed Oct. 29, 2018

    The customer service at Farm Bureau Auto Insurance is wonderful. Anytime I have had questions, they have the answers. The coverage is great and the premiums are a lot less than any other insurance company quoted us.

    Customer ServiceClaims HandlingStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 28, 2018

    I've been a long-time member of Farm Bureau, and have had a good overall experience with them. We have been friends with our agent for over 30 years, and every customer service interaction has been very satisfactory. I'm not entirely satisfied with the rates, as we've had only a couple of claims, and they were very small. Despite this, my rates don't go down. In addition, the value given to my pickup during some recent hail damage was not satisfactory. Our car's damage was done fairly. There was no incentive to fix our own damage after a lightning strike, and we ended up costing ourselves money, despite saving the insurance company a significant amount of money on the claim.


    Reviewed Oct. 21, 2018

    I had Farm Bureau on my autos, camper and home for 28 years. Never had an issue until here recently when they dropped me out of the blue for trying to add my boyfriend as a driver. I was told that their "All or Nothing" rule says that everyone at my address who has a driver’s license has to be on my policy even if they do not drive my vehicles. They also told me that even with my full coverage policy, I could not let anyone drive my vehicles unless I was with them or they would not pay in the case of an accident. I found out by accident that they had dropped me and I ended up calling them to find out why. They said that because my boyfriend uses my address (even though he doesn't live here yet) and he has a driver’s license was the reason they were terminating my policy. I was given 30 days to get new coverage. I would have never thought they would do me that way after all of the years paying them and being a faithful customer. Very poor business ethics!

    Claims Handling

    Reviewed Oct. 19, 2018

    My insurance company is pretty good. They do not ding you if you have an accident that isn't your fault. They also don't tend to raise rates often. I have had them for years and even with a claim they were great to me.

    Reviewed Oct. 11, 2018

    Hands down worst experience of my life. Too traumatic to really go into detail. But when you are watching everything you have spent your entire life working for and your loved ones burn in a house fire, the last thing you want to hear from Farm Bureau is "I'm eating. The office will be open later". Things only got worse from there. Tell everyone that you love to stay away from Farm Bureau.

    Claims HandlingCoverageStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 7, 2018

    What good reason could a local insurance company like Farm Bureau Insurance have for refusing to provide coverage for damage from a catastrophic hail storm? Why did all of the 112 units in our Town Home community except ours receive full coverage? As a single woman caring for a chronically ill daughter, our house and home is very important to us and we were dismayed to find that we were singled out as the only family not receiving full coverage for this unexpected natural disaster, especially as other larger and reputable insurance companies like Traveler's and American Family Insurance provided full coverage for the entire community.

    By falsely processing our claim as a deductible rather than an 'Individual Lot Assessment' (the letter from our HOA clearly stated this was an 'Individual Lot Assessment’) we received only $1,000 instead of the up to $10,000 we were promised by our policy. We can only imagine that the reason behind this is that is must be easy to take advantage of a single woman who has never filed an insurance claim with this company before.

    Since this is the first claim I have tried to file, I do not actually know if Farm Bureau Insurance is a fraudulent company, because my many monthly payments have given me no actual return on 'investment'. My HOA rep actually called this situation 'shameful', and I am disappointed to even need to write a review about this sad situation, especially after speaking personally with the Vice President of this poorly run company. Be very careful of being taken advantage of by companies like Farm Bureau Insurance, especially if you are a single woman. Needless to say I am now with a reputable insurance company and have reported this situation to DORA.

    Claims Handling

    Reviewed Oct. 1, 2018

    After 20+ years with Allstate we thought we would try someone new so we went with Farm Bureau because they were more affordable. With only ONE claim on our policy we are dropped because our dog - who was tied up - bit someone! If we get rid of the dog they will allow us to maintain our policy... Who does that? I will never use them again. We have to pay more for Allstate but I guess you get what you pay for.

    Customer ServiceClaims HandlingStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 29, 2018

    I have home and auto insurance with Farm Bureau in Prentiss county. I recently had to file a claim due to a storm. A limb went through my roof. I called my agent Glenn and as always he was very nice and helpful and put me at ease. I had never had to file a claim. The adjuster came out with in the next day or two. He also assured me it would be taken care of promptly and it was. I received a check soon after. I chose the contractor and had a new roof within the next week. I couldn't ask for more friendly and a genuine group of people to handle my affairs when something like this happens. I would recommend Farm Bureau to any and everyone!!


    Reviewed Sept. 20, 2018

    Filed a claim for wind damage to the roof. Adjustor and her supervisor gave us the constant runaround. We were accused of lying and manually removing shingles off the garage. We were told the roof would not be covered because it wasn't done properly even though we had an inspection 2 years prior to insure the house. This company will do and say anything to get out of covering anything under the policy. No point in paying them for Homeowner's Insurance.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Sept. 12, 2018

    A customer of yours hit my vehicle while my vehicle was parked. Your customer called me to state that she would repair my vehicle because she does not want the insurance to go up. There was no police report because your customer agreed to fix the damage that her son did to my car. Your customer agreed to arrange a rental car for my son to use while his car is being worked on. Later your customer texted my son that she would rather use her insurance to settle the damage since that was part of what she is paying car insurance for.

    Donna ** was assigned to be the adjuster for my vehicle. Donna ** spoke with me stating that I should get a quote and take pictures and email to her, and find a body shop to take my vehicle in for repair. We got everything she asked us to get and emailed to her, made an appointment with the body shop, called Donna ** to arrange a rental vehicle like she promised, but she has not responded since the last week in August that we got estimate. I have called and left Donna ** messages, but she has not called me back as of today. No one should be treated and ignored like this knowing that the fault was your customer's son and not my son's. I need urgent attention to this matter.

    Customer ServiceClaims HandlingCoverageStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 11, 2018

    An insured of Farm Bureau rear ended me & I swear this has been the worst week ever. He received a ticket for driving too close & his big truck was damaged as well. The man handling the claim, Alvin, is the most unconcerned, rude, passive, cold hearted, mean individual I have ever had to do business with. 5 days has passed & Alvin says he still haven’t talked with his insured about the accident. I find that very hard to believe because his truck was wrecked as well. It was driveable & he didn’t wanna move it. He got it towed to wherever. And he was upset he received a ticket.

    Do that sound like someone who will let 5 days pass from the accident without calling his insurance company. All I ask Alvin about is repairing my vehicle & getting me a rental & all he can say is, "We are not paying you nothing" until I talk to my insured. I never said nothing about paying me. All I want is my vehicle repaired & a rental car so I can get to my 2 jobs. But for whatever reason Alvin shows no remorse for the inconvenience that his precious insured has caused me.

    All he can tell me is go through my own insurance & pay the deductible. Which is not fair or right to me at all so I will not be doing that. Farm Bureau has poor representation & inconsiderate people working for them. It’s a shame I have to now go on every site I can to let everyone know how rude these people are. Alvin need to be mindful of the way he speak to me cause he can easily be in my shoes one day & I know he wouldn’t appreciate being talked to so bad when you are going through something like this & at the hands of someone else. I have had dealt with other insurance companies with accidents & I have never experienced nothing to this magnitude. Whether it was my insurance company or the person who caused damage to my vehicle. Farm Bureau has the worst customer service.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed July 23, 2018

    They are not quick to cancel and handle all my Insurance, Home and vehicles. And I feel that the rate hikes every year are too high especially since we have such a good record. They sent a letter that I did not appreciate last year saying that our deductibles were going up and when I called about it they said I had no say so and it was not up for discussion. Very rude and I did not like that they came and took photos of my home (outside) and property and I had no say so. They have had losses and said they are trying to recoup. I do not have good options in this small town as to switching so I guess they are as good as it gets here. Been with them 18 years and the people in the offices (customer service) are very nice. It's the company's attitude and their adjusters (some of the Agents) that tend to be rude.

    Claims HandlingCoverageStaff

    Reviewed July 21, 2018

    I was t-boned by distracted driver who ran red light nearly two years ago and still in midst of mess due to Farm Bureau not paying medical bill beginning with ambulance. Nine months later received notification Medicare was paying bills. Now Medicare is looking for reimbursement and amount is at $10,000 plus. Have lawyer who informed me that due to MI no fault insurance if auto carrier gets away with NOT paying bills til one year anniversary date, I would be responsible for ALL medical bills. Had to start lawsuit against my own insurance, Farm Bureau, to force them to do the right thing and pay bills.

    Although they paid most of them, finding Medicare has changed my primary carrier to be Farm Bureau and for any doctor visits, therapy and medical procedures even not related to the accident are being rejected by Medicare. Pay high premium for Medigap policy in conjunction with Medicare but does not cover if claim rejected by Medicare. This whole mess could have been avoided if Farm Bureau had done the right thing to begin with and what I paid premium for in unfortunate event of accident. I recommend everyone avoid Farm Bureau for auto insurance.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed July 9, 2018

    Disgusting company that never returns your calls. It's been 2 weeks since they said they would mail me a check for damages their customer did to my car when they backed up into the front of my car in a parking lot.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed July 5, 2018

    I realize that they have many clients, however, I’ve been with them for years and pay my premiums semi-annual. Called Erica a week ago to add a vehicle to my policy only to find out I’ve not had insurance since April. Her response is she tried to call. I’m having phone records pulled to verify she did such but regardless when we have been in business together for the length of time and she knows my wife and I travel constantly as well as have several small businesses you would think courtesy would have been to reach out more thoroughly.

    Furthermore I’d like to thank her for my lapse and increase in my liability insurance from $250 every six months to a now $850 every six months. Completely unacceptable. I don’t care about the policy of Farm Bureau. I care that my insurance agent after all these years didn’t have the courtesy to reach out more thoroughly and get ahold of my wife or myself to make sure that our insurance didn’t relapse. Thank you Erica. Do NOT recommend this company at all.

    Claims HandlingStaff

    Reviewed June 14, 2018

    I like the speed in getting claims resolved and in adding a new auto. Also so helpful, both agent and his office staff. I contacted the claims dept, someone came out, told me what they would be paying and I got a check within 5 days. I have had Florida Farm Bureau since 1986 and they are the best.


    Reviewed June 1, 2018

    I've had no issues or problems whatsoever with Farm Bureau. Love it for sure. They have affordable rates, not a long line to wait. Fast and quick to get a vehicle added or removed off policy. The only thing I dislike is they do not offer commercial policies.

    Claims HandlingCoveragePrice

    Reviewed May 31, 2018

    It was local and was the best over all price. They bundled my auto and home together. They offered either monthly, semi-monthly or yearly payments also. However the membership fee does not really cover many different offers. It is mainly a very small discount on products that you would not normally purchase all the time. Over all, Texas Farm Bureau Insurance has been a very good insurance company. I have only had to make one small claim, but they were there for me during the hurricanes.

    Reviewed May 30, 2018

    My family has always used Farm Bureau. They are locally available and we can also bundle them. While they do a good job, your rates go up for minor fender benders. And although Farm Bureau gives a discount for safe driving, 1 minor fender bender and you are not eligible for the discount for another 3-5 years. That is ridiculous. Also, I wish that you could pay through a complete year with Farm Bureau. I would like to pay in January not December. Also, they could be cheaper.

    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed May 27, 2018

    The prices are wonderful and competitive. They are the cheapest around town and it don't break my budget and I have two vehicles and additional insurance with them. Also, wonderful customer service. Always ready to greet me with a smile and answer all my questions. They don't make me feel silly when I have a question. They are not only respectful towards me but they also understand the fact that we work hard for our money so they help find the best rate. So their competitiveness was awesome.


    Reviewed May 26, 2018

    I have Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance. It is the cheapest insurance I have found yet. I have used Progressive and they charged me almost double what I currently pay. I like the fact that it is a small local company and the fact that it is cheaper. The office is very warm and inviting. Always clean and smells nice just like being at home. I also know when I go into pay my bill the girls there are always kind. They explain each policy and what it covers with reasonable rates and small start up fees. And every year they have a customer appreciation day for families.

    Customer ServiceClaims HandlingPrice

    Reviewed May 25, 2018

    It is easy to file a claim and getting the payment is easy as well at Farm Bureau Auto Insurance. Takes no time. The Shelby branch is awesome customer service but the prices could be a lot better. And paying a 25.00 fee each year and I get nothing in return for that fee. I do not own a farm so the fee they charge I get nothing from it.

    Claims Handling

    Reviewed May 24, 2018

    Farm Bureau is a large, trustworthy company. We have been with them for 15 yrs. Their rates were lower than our previous company we had been with for 25+ years. Rates stay about the same without regular increases. Also, discounts for good driving record and for multiple coverages for homeowners and health. Very workable with repairs and lots of choices to get repairs. I have excellent experience filing a claim and they have immediate response to getting repair. Very pleased.


    Reviewed May 20, 2018

    I have Farm Bureau insurance and I have my homeowners insurance with them also. My agent is so good to me and is really awesome. He make sure I have the rates I can afford due to the health conditions of my husband and I. He has given me the best price ever. He always is very personable with me and just one of the best agents I could ever find. If I could afford it I would like to have lower deductibles.


    Reviewed May 19, 2018

    Filing process itself is easy later held against you. Had to have a couple of windshields replaced. Later at renewal was forced to put 0 deductible comprehensive to $500 deductible or threatened to drop coverage. Was told by agent it would be for 6 months. After 6 months was up same agent then said underwriting told him 1 yr. After year was up agent’s assistant told me that it was set up for 3 years and they would not change it. Also was in an accident that was not my fault. Other driver was charged but I was injured and he had no bodily injury coverage. Was advised by my NCFBINS agent that I needed to file an uninsured/underinsured motorist claim for my medical bills to be paid. I did but they never paid my bills. After a full year, my medical insurance finally paid my dr/hospital bill. NCFBINS used it against me threatening to drop my insurance if I didn’t raise my comprehensive deductible from 0 to $500.


    Reviewed May 18, 2018

    I like to do my business local whenever possible. Online insurance may be for some people but not me. I want to be able to stop by and talk to my agent in person. I have Elite coverage but it doesn't replace my vehicle with a newer one just blue book value???? However my local agent is so helpful and for now I am satisfied and don't plan on going anywhere else in the near future.

    Claims HandlingStaff

    Reviewed May 17, 2018

    Over the course of our years with Farm Bureau, we have had many different insurance reps and they are always polite and helpful. Although we have not had many claims over the last 20 years with Farm Bureau, they have always treated us well and quickly when we have had one. In fact, we had a 2015 Corvette Stingray that we bought for our daughter in college in another state and it was damaged in a flood. They made it very easy despite the vehicle being in another state.

    Customer ServiceClaims Handling

    Reviewed May 12, 2018

    Farm Bureau is a good insurance company and they have good customer service. Filing a claim was very simple and we were quickly sent a check to pay for the necessary repairs. They review claims and help with whatever is necessary for repairs. However, their rates are very high when compared with other companies but we have chosen to remain with them because the service is so much better.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed May 11, 2018

    Farm Bureau Auto Insurance has pricey premiums but provide good customer service in a timely manner. I filed a claim after a car accident that was not my fault. Reimbursed me for the value of my car.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceClaims HandlingCoverageStaff

    Reviewed May 4, 2018

    If I could give a negative rating I would. My wife was rear ended 12/1/2017 by a Farm Bureau customer. The accident pushed our car in to a bigger truck which then totaled the front end of my vehicle. Long story short my car was totaled. I lost my shirt on the transaction. Darin ** (agent) wouldn’t consider the the brand new tires, updated electronic system etc. Needless to say it took a considerable amount of money to get the same quality vehicle. The communication with the agent has been one sided totally. All done by me. The only time he would call is when I was considering settling.

    My wife and the passenger in the car had to go to the chiropractor for most of 4 months. They wouldn't cover the passenger's medical bills until she was done. Leaving her to cover them until settled. We had to claim on our insurance and have them go after the fees from Farm Bureau. Without a call, we received a very low offer for compensation with the wrong claim number on it and a different one on the passenger offer. I have now spent 5 months trying to get this solved. There should be compensation for the efforts on our part!! This company is terrible with communication. I’m seriously considering legal action if we don’t get a respectable offer in the next 5 days. THIS ACCIDENT WAS TOTALLY THEIR CLIENT'S FAULT. WHY ARE WE BEING TREATED THIS WAY.

    Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

    Reviewed April 16, 2018

    Grant ** is the rudest person. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE! Their insured hit our truck.. he came to look at the truck and didn't even make contact with us when he come. We got a letter in the mail and a check for 1,700. I called to get an explanation of how it worked and he said "if I give you 190,00 for that 2013 would you be happy?" I said "Sure but that's not even realistic." He continued to tell me I wouldn't be happy no matter what he did... All I wanted to know was... you sent me a check for 1,700 where can I get my truck fixed for that amount? All the estimates got were for 2,500.00. He never gave me an answer! I have been in HR and office management for 30 years and I WOULD FIRE ANYONE WHO TALKED TO OUR CUSTOMERS THAT WAY.

    Customer ServiceClaims Handling

    Reviewed April 1, 2018

    Did not have the option to rate -5 stars or I most certainly would have!! Would never recommend this company to anyone. Had a motorcycle stolen almost a year ago. They say they have up to 12 months to make a decision... Does not mean they have to or that they should. But they will. Waited 8 months only to find out they rejected the claim and we will get nothing. Out a motorcycle and money for a new one. Do not go with this company. Actually go anywhere else!! TERRIBLE at returning phone calls. But GREAT at communicating when it comes time to sending your bill. Absolutely ridiculous and a sorry excuse for an insurance company.

    Customer ServiceClaims Handling

    Reviewed March 27, 2018

    Don't be fooled by the good ol boy commercials. You'll be good ol boyed to death by them! Terrible response time. Lack of knowledge when they do call you back just plain lack of compassion period! We pay a fee to be a MEMBER right? You would think this meant you were in a special group to be treated differently. Maybe a little better. That's the feeling you tell yourself when you pay that fee but... Wrong. 7 months since I made a claim and they tell me they'll call or email. They don't. No one EVER knows what's going on when I call. If you're reading this to decide if you want Farm Bureau Ins... Don't. There's a thing called THE MCKENZIE BIBLE. Look it up. They live and breathe what is in it. They are responsible to their stockholders period. We are 2nd... Maybe 3rd. Just because LEGALLY they can take up to a year to give you a decision on your claim. Doesn't make it RIGHT or mean that they should. But they will because they can.

    Save your member fee. Go online and find the cheapest insurance you can because in the end if you have a claim it's not gonna matter who your company is. It's a business period. An investment group who tilts the odds in their favor! Also... When they give you that 1 inch stack of papers at first... Read them very carefully before you sign them. They might be standard to them but it's anything but... And they WILL use it against you should you have to give a deposition and then those good ol boy commercials will turn into Law and Order!!

    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed March 12, 2018

    We have been with this company for years. They require a annual membership of $25-$30 which is not a big deal in the scheme of things if they are a good company. However after years of being with them I found out today that they did not renew my auto insurance and really did a horrible job of communicating that to me. I paid my membership through my bank's bill pay in October. I received a letter stating that if I had not already paid my membership I needed to do so by the date my auto insurance would renew. I checked my account and saw I had already paid it so I felt I was good.

    Apparently, there was an issue with the bank payment being collected by the insurance company. They did not notify us to let us know that they were not renewing the auto insurance. When I did not get the new cards I looked online and saw they still had our homeowners listed but not the auto insurance. I called and they said since we did not pay our membership they did not renew the auto policy. Who does that. Loses a customer of $25 without a phone call??? If that is all the value they have for me as a customer, then I will no longer trust them with my house and automobiles. I wanted to leave a review so that anyone that might be considering them would be aware that what they say about caring for their customers was not true for us.

    Reviewed March 10, 2018

    I canceled my policy with them due to the fact when I changed cars with them, they were still charging me with two policies instead of one. They said that because of their billing and the way my EFT was set up, that was the problem of not being able to cancel the one policy. A HORRIBLE COMPANY TO DO BUSINESS WITH.

    Customer ServiceClaims Handling

    Reviewed Feb. 24, 2018

    Does not answer phones... does not call back..and does not have their clients' best interests... does not update policies as requested by clients, instead they cancel you when they have been negligent. Not answering the phone is A HORRIBLE WAY TO DO BUSINESS! Thanks for nothing after vultures destroyed my $10,000. new roof! Water destroyed my upstairs and KFB denied my claim!

    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed Feb. 21, 2018

    I had a house fire and 9 months later still not resolved. They were ready to fix it right away but I didn't want to use the people they wanted me to use. My policy expired and they upped it over 1000. I was kinda stuck because who was going to insure My house being burned (so they thought). Claims Adjuster will not call back and they have a lawyer also which will not call back and all he does is stall and start their 30 Days over. I give them what they want but somehow they always find something that they need. If you're dealing with them in Michigan and you're having problems The state will help. If you're looking for insurance look some place that cares about people because they do not!!!!

    Claims Handling

    Reviewed Feb. 19, 2018

    Farm Bureau Auto Insurance offers the best value for the money. Their rates are reasonable and they are always easy to get in touch with. They responded quickly when I needed to file a claim. I called my agent and he said to get a quote and let him know. I went to one shop. He took my estimate and I got paid quickly.


    Reviewed Feb. 15, 2018

    Couldn't continue home insurance through them for a new house purchase because they couldn't get anyone over there to take pictures in a timely manner (even though I had an appraisal and a home inspection report with pictures). The pictures must be made by "their" camera. After I moved, my auto insurance premium increased mid policy. Evidently I moved to a "bigger" town. I understand that there are complex formulas that go into insurance premiums but to raise someone's premium during the middle of their policy seems ridiculous to me. Looks like it's time to start insurance shopping again.

    Claims HandlingSales & MarketingPriceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 11, 2018

    Met Farm Bureau in Indiana on a farm. Now Florida farm bureau. Been with them close to 40 years now and they're a great company! There aren't a lot of ads, just great prices and service. I picked up the phone and called them. Told them what happened. Rear-ended by a hit and run driver. They sincerely apologized to me, saying how sorry they were this had happened to me. I had to wait several hours for the police to come and fill out the report. I sent it to Farm Bureau and they did the rest. Paid my claim, got me a rental car, car got fixed at dealership...done! What could be better than a lifetime of perfect service?


    Reviewed Feb. 6, 2018

    **EVERYONE STAY AWAY FROM FARM BUREAU!!! I have been with them since I started driving. My car is in the shop for almost a week and the adjuster finally looked at my car yesterday!!! They were suppose to look at it the next day NOT 6 DAYS LATER!! They will not cover my damages saying they can or cannot determine the damages to my vehicle is related to the cause. I told them there are only 2 other causes. 1 a wreck (but we know this is not true because there is no outside damage) or 2. I took a crowbar and damaged my own radiator. He said, "Well the cost to fix it is less than your deductible." I said no. So far it's $882 and my deductible is $500.

    He said, "Well you shouldn't have taken it to the dealership!" And furthermore I am paying OUT OF POCKET for my rental car. They will not pay for a rental until the adjuster looks at the car. Remind you it took 6 days for them to look at it and I am home alone with 2 little kids and had to work for 4 days! Told them I have always recommended them, but now I will let everyone know how they really are and will be changing insurance companies!

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceClaims Handling

    Reviewed Jan. 2, 2018

    I had a claim when I was hit over a week ago and now no one at Farm Bureau is returning my calls. This is horrible customer service. No one seems to know what the other one is doing in regards to my claim and I am getting the run around. What a waste of my time. When I pay these high premiums monthly, I am paying for someone to take care of thing when an accident occurs! I will definitely be shopping for other insurance if they cannot help me in a timely manner.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 4, 2017

    I chose this insurance with one factor being the agents office was local under a mile from my residence. Two auto policies and two homeowner policies. After having the insurance for a short time, I was informed that I was assigned a new agent in a different town. During the first upsell meetings they solicited to me, I traveled to this town at the convenience of the agents schedule. I traveled to the other town to see what it was about. I quickly learned that it was a life insurance situation and declined.

    It was not long before the agents assistant called to arrange another meeting at their office. I declined again and told them to make note not to contact me about this again. I also told her not to contact me by phone anymore as well. Several months later the agents assistant called again about the same thing. I sternly told her that I have declined it already and have no interest in receiving anymore solicitations about it. I then told her that if I was contacted again about the same thing, that I would cancel my policies with them. I then emailed the agent requesting to have me changed to someone local. She refused to do this. Several months later, again assistant calling same situation. I contacted the corporate office to have my agent and was told someone would contact me. Nobody contacted me. I have been lied to by this insurance agency and nobody seems to care about the customers. Terrible experience.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Oct. 29, 2017

    I was recently hurt on my daddy's farm, his horse stepped on my foot and crushed it, 2 weeks in the med and 4 surgeries. My daddy has insurance with Farm Bureau, accidental that covers $105,000. However, I contacted them about my accident and they informed me that they were very sorry but because it was my daddy's farm they were not liable to pay. However, I am not crippled, a single mother with two children.


    Reviewed Oct. 20, 2017

    My husband is was involved in a motorcycle accident and had Farm Bureau Insurance. He was overnight in intensive care. We are now being sent to collections because there are many bills not paid. Come to find out the insurance is exhausted, but the adjuster hasn't made an exhaustion letter to these people so our medical insurance will pay. We had no idea this needed to be done, and now we are in collections for all this debt. Not good!!!

    Claims HandlingCoverageStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 26, 2017

    Had my insurance with Farm Bureau for over 20 years. The first time you have to file a claim they make a big issue out of it and is ready to drop you. What happen to all the premiums you've paid all those years? What's the point of having insurance if you can't use it in the time of need? Farm Bureau sucks! I'm no longer with these people.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceCoveragePrice

    Reviewed Sept. 18, 2017

    I had car and homeowner insurance with Farm Bureau. This was the worst experience with an agent/insurance company that I ever had. I have had no tickets or accidents. My rate changed 3 times. I sold a car and they raised my rates $1200 a year. I was only pay $400 for the car premiums. When I asked they said it was because I went from 5 to 4 cars. I asked to have the policy reviewed about 6 weeks before it renewed. The agent said they could not review my policy until it renewed because of the way the system worked. I found a different insurance company that was significantly less. I tried to cancel and they said they could not cancel because we were within the 10 day period before the automatic payment.

    The agent also told me multiple times that they collected the first month plus a second month in case there were problems with the automatic payments. It took 3 tries to get my policy cancelled. When I cancelled they sent me a bill for a part month. When I called they said that they did not collect an additional payment. That it just the first month payment. The first month payment was double which cost me an addition $350 dollars. On my house it has been 6 weeks and I have still not got my refund on my house premium. All they will say is that it is being processed. I would never use them again. This was the worst insurance experience I have had.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 25, 2017

    Auto accident I am the victim. She got the ticket rear ended me. 3/8/2017. Local Texas Farm Bureau insurance agent took 1.5 months to answer back my initial calls I made 3/9/2017, 3/15/2017 etc... They have yet 8/25/2017 to replace my car, pay for my medical, no rental car during this time and I am still making payments on my totaled car and insurance for that total car that I cannot drive. Agent and his supervisor very condescending in their communication style.

    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed July 29, 2017

    Set up a new car insurance account with them, paid in full for 6 months upfront. Received a call 2 weeks later that they wanted me to also add home insurance to my policy. Told them it wasn't needed. Received a check canceling my policy... For half of what I paid them!!! They will rip you off, and won't be able to tell you why. Find another company if you can; I'd hate to see what would happen if someone has an accident with their coverage.


    Reviewed July 19, 2017

    Benjamin from the Farm Bureau Insurance in Columbia South Carolina is awesome. First off, farm bureau saved me 1200 dollars a year compared to what I was paying with Nationwide. Benjamin was very helpful with getting me my auto and renter's insurance. He also got me quotes and spoke with me about the different types of life insurance. He was very helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend anyone to use them for any insurance needs they may have. They offer top notch service.

    Customer ServiceClaims HandlingStaff

    Reviewed June 10, 2017

    My car was totalled by their insured driver. He ran a red light and totaled my car. I have been arguing with claims agent Debra ** for four months for settlement for bodily injury. She is evasive and rude. They gave me money for car way below book value. They didn't request records from Urgent care. It took me three months to get paperwork. I am getting my records Monday and meeting with Debra on Tuesday. She said she will write the check then I won't accept a small amount. These people are crooks. Don't believe them!

    Customer ServiceClaims HandlingCoverage

    Reviewed June 9, 2017

    I have been insured with Farm Bureau for over 20 years and they have always been good. I have a large policy that covers cars, home, livestock, farm equipment, etc. They respond quickly and always paid the claim. Also, they check in yearly to go over your policy and make sure it’s correct. They update, increase or remove things and that is very helpful.

    Claims HandlingCoverageStaff

    Reviewed June 5, 2017

    I have been a member of Farm Bureau for many years and have always been please with how they have taken care of all my issues. I have had them for both my home and car insurance. I went with another company on my home and was very dissatisfied and went back. When I filed a claim, contact was made immediately. Agents were also courteous and answered all questions. The only thing I was unhappy about was when they took away some coverage on roofs of my homeowner’s warranty and if you want it you have to pay extra. But other than that I have been very pleased.

    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed June 3, 2017

    I called and filed a claim via phone. I gave them the accident report number as this happened in Tennessee and did not have to obtain a copy of it myself for the claim. One day later I received a call from a claims adjuster and was told of a few body shops they recommended (one that I prefer to use was on the list). I was offered a rental card but did not need one. I took my car to the body shop and they sent the estimate to the insurance company. Once it was approved (almost immediately) the body shop had all of the repairs completed within 7 days. The insurance company issued payment directly to the body shop. It was a great, hassle-free way that everything was completed.

    I feel that the company's service is top-notch and goes above in giving great customer service with the plan I have. They are reliable, dependable, and very customer-friendly fulfilling all my expectations and more. I have had my auto insurance with this company for over 35 years as they have been reliable, dependable, customer-centric, and a very caring company. I will likely stay with this company for my auto coverage as long as I have a car and am able to drive. I truly trust them with all of my coverage needs.


    Reviewed June 2, 2017

    Farm Bureau is a good company for insurance purposes. I started off about 8 years ago and as a member they give a lot of incentive. My children are all grown now and buying their first car and adding them to my policy has been prices. But overall I like this company and I would refer them to families and friends.

    Claims HandlingPriceStaff

    Reviewed May 31, 2017

    Great company as far as paying claims and rates. They are great to work with. However I hate the fact they charge a yearly fee to use them on top of our monthly rates. My husband had a small accident and filed a claim. It evidently was a secret and I never knew about it until I needed help with something else. They give us our insurance rate on each vehicle by who is the primary driver. So the cars I am primary on are always the cheapest rate. Love that!

    Reviewed May 25, 2017

    Farm Bureau of NC is always prompt, on top of things and settles things in a short amount of time. Auto accident handled within 48 hours and I couldn't ask for anything more.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed April 22, 2017

    I had the bare min. car insurance with them for less than a year. Thought about paying $25 a year to be a member of which I was for about 8 years prior. Then stopped being a member. Long story short I took out car insurance with them until I shopped around and found something better. Well found it and my new agent even called them. They handed the amount they say I owe to a collection agency including the $25 member yearly fee, for a total of $57. As a past member of the Farm Bureau, I never received anything to warrant me to stay a member. I am really disappointed in this group. I live in Stewart County, GA. and my agent's name is Elizabeth. I did not receive one phone call from her, but to try to collect a membership fee through a collection agency? Is this legal? Stay away from this company. I am so glad I switched. I am sure it would be a nightmare if I did have a claim.


    Reviewed April 8, 2017

    Farm Bureau is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They first screwed me on repairs to my home then I received a letter stating that they were dropping me. Then I find out that I have been paying them for full coverage on my car and come to find out they only have me as liability only. This company is **! DON'T GET INSURANCE WITH THIS COMPANY!

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed March 24, 2017

    I was working with this company after their client did a hit and run on my vehicle. Their client's Agent (Dawn) was trying to discourage me through the process of sending info about that accident. Told me "even if, we receive your paperwork about what's wrong with your vehicle from the auto shop. That won't tell us anything." I asked "then why did you give me your fax and email to send it to?" Also told me she never got my information, "it might be in my spam folder. It takes up to 24hr for me to find it."

    She also gave me a confirmation # to receive a rental car and to pick up a vehicle at Enterprise. Which the next day she canceled and told me many times she was taking it away from me. Since someone from her company had to look at my vehicle 1st before I could have a rental. I asked "so why did you tell me to go to Enterprise to pick the rental up?" After that I asked for thi