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About Wyze

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Wyze is a tech company that aims to make advanced technology more accessible for everyone. It’s known for its smart home systems, but it sells a variety of other products — like smart scales, lighting systems and vacuums. The company offers both professional and self-monitoring options.

    Pros & Cons

    • Affordable starting price
    • Customizable
    • Free DIY option
    • Confusing pricing
    • Cam Plus required for most camera features

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      How do I know I can trust these reviews about Wyze?
      • 4,481,129 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
      • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
      • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
      • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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      Online & App

      Reviewed Nov. 21, 2023

      I purchased two of these routers ($360) to ensure my Wyze cameras would have proper connectivity. I was able to connect the new Wyze cameras, as well as my android devices and Roku device. Everything worked well for several months, until it didn't. At first I noticed stream services would timeout frequently, then updates from Google Play would hang on pending and never update. I worked with support, power cycled the routers, factory resets and manually set the DNS records with no solution.

      I was beyond the window for return and while they did offer to replace the devices, because of travel I could not replace them. I need them to work while I am away. (maybe they will honor this replacement when I return.) It is important to note, the devices work fine with Wyze products and Windows OS, but NOT Android OS or Roku. I am not sure about iOS. So buyer beware, you are not buying 'Pro' device with these routers, you are buying a proprietary device Wyze products which may work with Windows.

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      Verified purchase

      Reviewed Oct. 21, 2023

      Thought they were the best in the beginning. Now I think less of them daily, especially when they make all the promises they don't back, or stand behind. Great at taking money and not good at all about providing usable services for the money taken. Only lots of blaming Google who blames app developer, but nobody will own up to anything. Just pointing to others and not delivering services paid for.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Oct. 20, 2023

      I used to love them, have several of their products but when one of their updates bricked my newest camera. Sent a support ticket 2 months later NOT a single reply. Avoid this computer, it's a money grab.

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServiceMonitoringCamera & VideoOnline & App

      Reviewed Sept. 27, 2023

      I have used Wyze for two years. The first year was just the Wyze Home Monitoring Bundle and while that did the job, I have been less than impressed with everything Wyze. After getting the Cam Pan V2 camera, it completely stopped working in less than a year of having it. Upon reaching out to customer service, I discover exactly how terribly executed their app is and how poor their customer service is. The chat window wouldn't let me see my keyboard while I was typing and wouldn't let me attach any attachments. My customer service agent asked for a screenshot of the error and a screenshot of proof of purchase, neither of which I could provide due to Wyze's app.

      I went to use the chat on my laptop, only to find that the desktop version of the app would not even let you use the chat function. To make matters worse, after all of this, this customer service rep said there was nothing they could do for me. I canceled all my subscriptions from Wyze and have removed all products from my home. I would never recommend this company or any of their products to anyone. A company should stand behind their products and have a functional customer service feature.

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      Customer ServiceCamera & VideoTech

      Reviewed Sept. 26, 2023

      These guys are nothing short of crooks in my opinion. They will take your funds even without you being aware of it. I had to go out and change my credit card, despite calling them 6 times to discontinue my Cam Plus program for Sept 25th, for my coverage that isn't scheduled to start until Oct 13, 2023. They have illegally taken funds from our account despite not using the coverage because it doesn't kick in for another 3 weeks. They will not issue refunds. Their camera in my opinion or JUNK! Complete TRASH.

      Good luck acquiring any skilled help to assist in ongoing problems associated with many of their cameras. Their techs are in Manilla, and could really care less about you. They are all programmed and conditioned to say the same thing and put you through the same ropes. They don't care. Often you can hear them laughing in the background while you're struggling to get one of their cameras to operate and function normally. These cameras are cheap, but they are made cheap as well. SO; you get what you pay for.

      They are not easy people to work with. They will come up with any excuse to screw you over. Money is everything to them and while you will hear a lot of "So sorrys" from them it means nothing. Sometimes the operator that you're speaking to will simply wander off from the phone without saying anything and not come back. No one will call you either. They are basically kids that are running the show there. So; save your money and go elsewhere. The cameras and the people are a bad mix in my opinion.

      Reviewed Sept. 19, 2023

      Don't purchase the subscription for any of their Cam Plus service. Once they have your credit card they will double charge it and then tell you they don't have a refund policy. This has happened twice now and they don't care. The policy is for a license to steal. It's shameful!

      Customer ServiceReliability

      Reviewed June 22, 2023

      I had a change on my account for the outside wireless camera and my phone number changed and it caused me not to be able get into my account. I made numerous call and text and emails. They just nope can't help you as they lack the ability to unlock the devices. As far as quality overall I would highly recommend finding a company that can actually support their product. Issues such as continued software updates and they lack knowledge and skilled programming is an issue as well. Just whatever you do stay away from Wyze and if you do have cameras with them make sure you do not get locked out of your account. As Wyze has zero customer support and they act like ooh will help blah blah blah... I am out 100's of dollars and they could care less about customers but more about providing a substandard product that they cannot even support. Just taking folks' money. Do not buy from the Wyze!

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServiceDelivery & Shipping

      Reviewed May 13, 2023

      2 of 6 cameras failed. Spent 2 1/2 hours in chats and emails with multiple reps over a warranty replacement for a $34 camera. Ended up with a gift card so I had to pay tax and shipping for a replacement UNDER WARRANTY. I am DONE with this company.

      Verified purchase
      Delivery & ShippingReliability

      Reviewed April 2, 2023

      I ordered two cameras from them and paid for shipping for 7 to 10 business days. They took my money and after 14 days the item still didn't arrived. When I reached out to support they claimed the item was "lost". I tried to be understanding and request that they send me the item and expedite the shipping. Which they initially agreed. Then 2 days later I was told that they can't expedited the shipping but it was going to take even longer 10 to 14 businesses days to Maybe receive the items. Request refund so I can get something. Definitely order something more reliable.

      Susan increased rating by 4 stars.
      Customer Service
      After a positive interaction with Wyze, Susan increased their star rating on March 21, 2023.

      Updated review: March 21, 2023

      Although I had to jump through some hoops to get my complaint resolved, the company came through with their promise and issued my refund. I'm pleased with the result.

      Original Review: March 17, 2023

      I have been dealing with Wyze's auto-renewal that I did not authorize and was promised a credit card refund. When I became aware of the charge, I contacted Wyze support and spoke to Russell who told me that I would be refunded the charge in 3-5 days. When the time for the credit passed with no refund, I contacted them again and was told that I was not going to receive the refund due to their "Terms of Service". We have never used the Wyze-cam Plus because it was too hard to understand. Now we're stuck with the charge and reneged promise that we would receive the credit. Beware of giving out credit card information to companies that take advantage of people. I was not notified that my renewal was coming up or that my card would be charged.

      The following is my response from Wyze which promised a refund of my credit card charge that I never received. "Hey Susan, It was a pleasure talking to you on the phone today. Hope you're doing okay. I know that you are looking to cancel the cam plus subscription. Again it is me Russell and I'm happy to assist you. This message is a confirmation that the Cam Plus Yearly subscription was canceled. I also credited the account in full for $59.96 and the credit will post in the next 3-5 days. I can guarantee you that there will be no future charges. Thank you and keep safe! Russell | Wyze Wizard"

      Customer ServiceOnline & App

      Reviewed March 17, 2023

      Ordered home security system and paid through PayPal. Received an email that they cancelled the order as they deemed it fraudulent. I have never received such a reply, have not had any issues like this before and verified that my PayPal account was not compromised. I then tried to go to their website to contact them Totally disturbing for a so called tech company. Their chat system was impossible to navigate. Then tried to email them and had a glitch that would not allow me to do that and absolutely no contact phone number. This is the way they operate? No way to contact them for any issue or service whatsoever. Good luck if you ever need any help with any product issues. Guess I am glad I found out before actually getting their product so I guess they did me a favor by cancelling my order for no good reason.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed March 4, 2023

      First customer service agent in almost 3 years, yes 3 years, who has actually followed through to replace the charging cords for my cameras. Only 1 of the 4 worked for the first few months after purchase. Answers to my questions were a run around. One of the last answers before this current ticket was well “you’re out of warranty”. Be reminded I’ve been calling within the warranty when they were new over 2 years ago! Many answers they gave, which had no bearing on my questions.

      The last person I spoke with weeks ago, took up an hour of my time creating a ticket. I never heard back, not once or any reply to replace these cords. I believe the cords are less than $1 a piece and it would’ve been more beneficial for the company to back up their product when asked two years ago. I have been contacting them for two years to replace these cords. This company is not about customer service. To add, the person I spoke with which asked for a rating, said the cords weren’t available and obsolete, and new cameras took their place, which is not correct. This company has failed it’s customers over and over. Especially this one!

      Reviewed Jan. 30, 2023

      We have been using Wyze for about 4 years now. Started with just a front door camera and now we have 6 around the house. These are easy to set up and for the basic services can be free. You can access all the camera from your phone app. Share cameras so other household members can get access. You can pay a little extra (from a few dollars a month up) for additional services, like alerts if you need that. Or just pop in a SD card and self record and review your events. I have recommended them to friends who want a simple low cost system to keep an eye on things in this crazy world.

      Customer ServiceDelivery & Shipping

      Reviewed Jan. 12, 2023

      Items in my order were canceled unilaterally by Wyze without an explanation; however the shipping was not refunded or partially refunded. Recently I have had an issue with another Wyze order and spent over 2 hours on the phone with an offshore service center whose purpose it seems is to give NO SERVICE. Years ago this was a great company to deal with; based on my current recent experiences, I would now have to say it is a terrible company to deal with. The product still seems to work well. Costco now sells some of their line and does have great customer service; that is where I'll buy any Wyze equipment in the future.

      Customer ServiceReliability

      Reviewed Jan. 2, 2023

      It's a great little camera when it is working, but good luck with that. I have 2 cameras and both are not working right now. When you call their customer service department, you will likely speak to a young boy or girl, and their attention span isn't great so...just a warning. If you ask to speak to a " supervisor" then good luck with that. He's likely going to be "away" that day. The problem is, many of the " WIZARDS" as they like to be referred to, are not well schooled on their own products. So when you report a problem, they will be probably just as confused as you are. It wasn't always like this, but seems to be now. Some of them, their English is good or good enough, and others you may spend some time repeating yourself. The service is poor. One of my cameras is now just going on 4 months old, and it's given me all kinds of grief and strife. Just not a device you can rely on or trust. I will likely go out and shop for a better unit soon.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Nov. 21, 2022

      I too am having the same issues with their AI and I sadly have 9 Wyze V3 cameras. All were working perfectly until about 3 weeks ago. Caused by an update? I tried speaking with a CS rep ... but she was no help. She suggested I send in a few logs. I did ... crickets for the last two weeks. Not sure what's going on with Wyze, but I have been a loyal customer for the last five or so years, but I am extremely disappointed in their lack of communication and service. They seem to want to sell you their products but don't appear to care after the sale is done.

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServiceMonitoringOnline & AppSmart DevicesReliability

      Reviewed Nov. 9, 2022

      I've had the full Wyze monitoring system (hub, sensors, cameras, etc.) for over a year, and it's been a very frustrating experience. TL;DR: go with another service. This one is pretty poor. Let me itemize the good and the bad.


      - It's cheap. Both the gizmos and the annual fee for the monitoring service.

      - When it works, it works just fine. A sensor is triggered, the alarm goes off, you get a call from the monitoring company to check in on you. Pretty standard.

      - The cameras also work alright. They're far from great but they do the job.


      - The monitoring hub goes offline regularly, which is a terrible thing for an alarm system.

      - There are regular downtimes in the service. Also a terrible thing for an alarm system.

      - The loudness of the alarm is laughably low. This pretty much renders the whole system pointless. If someone breaks in, the alarm is supposed to wake everyone up (if it's at night) and scare away the intruders. We have literally slept through the alarm two doors away. There is no way to increase the decibels or to connect a Bluetooth speaker to get more meaningful output. It's dumbfounding.

      - The monitoring hub glitches out from time to time, forcing you to factory-reset the device and manually reconnect every single sensor in the house back to the hub. I've had to do this 3-4 times in a year and it's really frustrating.

      - The rules in the app have been awfully buggy since day 1. For instance, a rule can be something like: don't trigger the motion sensor in the family room from 5am to 10pm. Broken and consistently unreliable.

      - Customer services is a crapshoot. People are friendly alright, but they've been positively useless every time I needed to talk to them.

      - The monitoring service from the Noonlight is kind of stupid. If the alarm goes off in the middle of the night, they call you and ask you if everything is OK. If you say yes, they wish you a good night and move on. The problem is that they're supposed to ask you for a safe word, in case someone is forcing you to say that everything is OK when it's not, but they just don't ask you for the safe word. That damn safe word was one of the reasons why I chose Wyze over other companies...

      The problem with Wyze is that it's not a security or camera company. It's a "whatever tech" company, meaning that they make vacuum cleaners, earbuds, security systems, light bulbs, watches, toys, etc. They're so aggressively diversified that they're understandably not focused on developing a top-notch security system. I regret this purchase and I do intend to upgrade to a more legit service, like SimpliSafe or Ring.

      Customer ServiceCamera & Video

      Reviewed Oct. 31, 2022

      This is 10/10 the worst customer experience I have ever had! I ordered over $400 worth of security materials. I called because their promotion for a free video doorbell wasn't working and I wanted to redeem the offer. After being on the phone for an hour with them I was told I would get a refund. I checked my email a few days later and found an email stating that I would be refunded $0 of the $400 I spent and that my order had been cancelled.

      When I called back into customer service they refused to get a manager on the phone with me and asked me to send them the emails they had sent me because they don't keep notes on the accounts. Then they told me not to worry because they would send me an email letting me know the full amount I would be refunded. I told them that I had already received one for $0 and I wanted to receive one with the accurate number before I hung up. The rep said he couldn't send it and that it would have to come from another department. When I asked the rep why he couldn't send me the email after he verbally confirmed the amount and since he had already sent me an email earlier he again said he couldn't and I would just have to wait. I am on hour 2 and am down $400, have no equipment, and still do not have an answer as to what is going on.

      Sales & Marketing

      Reviewed March 16, 2022

      When I first got the Wyze cameras—I was very satisfied—-cameras recorded events for 12 sec. Not long after —-Wyze stopped recording events and wanted you to subscribe to get the events. This is very disappointing——I think this is a scam. I would definitely not recommend these cameras.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Feb. 9, 2022

      Today my Visa was billed $14.99 for Cam Plus service I did not request. This is not the first time Wyze has taken the liberty to bill me for services I did not request. Wyze makes it difficult to reach a live person as others have noted. Their automated system foists the burden of wasting time upon the customer while minimizing their effort and time. WYZE, Must You resort to this low level behavior? This is unacceptable. I'm exhausted asking nicely to cancel the recurring $1.99 service to no avail. It appears I must be more dynamic in what I expect from Wyze. I'm filing a complaint with Visa, the FTC, BBB and California state Attorney General.

      I called to STOP the $1.99 per month for service I did not request 6 months ago, 4 months ago and again two months ago, yet it continues. I e-mailed, and still it continues. But today was the last straw- $14.99? I don't think so. This stops now. What happened to this company? They are becoming duplicitous and disingenuous. This erodes credibility ESPECIALLY for Security Service(s) and cameras. TRUST is an essential part of the equation. Erode customer trust and you have assured your demise.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Jan. 21, 2022

      It took a LOT of digging and waiting to get in touch with a real person in their customer service department. They allegedly have a customer service email, phone number and live chat. The email goes to an unmonitored email box that tells you to use the live chat. The "live chat" is actually a wiki chat bot that sends you a lot of useless articles. After clicking through untold response options on the chat bot, I was presented with a customer service phone number (206-339-9646 for anyone who is interested) and waited for 15 minutes to reach a real person. The only positive to this review is that the person who I reached was pleasant and relatively helpful.

      Reviewed Dec. 16, 2021

      I’ve been a customer of Wyze for little over two years and their updates have caused more problems than solved. This morning my 1st and 2nd generation Wyze Can Pan V1 & V2 suddenly went offline which also caused my Wyze Bulbs and Wyze Sensor Bridge to go offline as well. When I contacted Wyze I was told the following: “At around 7:46 AM PT, we learned that AWS (Amazon Cloud Services) experienced a connectivity issue that may be directly impacting your ability to use your Wyze device or services. We are working with engineers at Amazon to help speed up recovery on their end. We apologize for any inconvenience. Wyze utilizes AWS servers for a variety of purposes including logging into the Wyze app and device connectivity. We're not quite sure why only some of your devices are impacted but rest assured, our team is working hard alongside engineers at Amazon to get everything up and running as soon as possible.”

      However when I went to Wyze’s Facebook page, they’re been similar complaints in the past 48 hours. Wyze has had security breaches in the past and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was another one.

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