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It looks like Pella has a serious quality and customer service issue; and it's true. Don't know yet about quality - yet... I need their windows first! But certainly customer service. Ordered 3 windows mid-summer. Was told they would come and would be installed August 22. One was, thankfully the larger one in front of the house. The remaining two could not be installed in the basement due to the fact that the person who had come specifically to take measurements had not taken accurate measurements. Was told pretty rudely that I would be told when replacement windows would come with no apologies, no effort to put the order at top of queue or anything.

Several week later was told they would come October 13. October 12, voice mail saying that they did not know where the windows are (!) and again, "We will let you know when we can locate them." October 16, still no news, no apologies, nothing to explain why it's taking way over 3 months to get two small windows made and installed. Extremely disappointing service.

We built in 2002 and used Pella ProLine. Nine (9) of the 23 windows in our home have evidence of sash rot or have completely failed where the hardware has been "stripped" out of the wood and can no longer be opened. Two of the four exterior doors are also rotten. I have recently tried working with Jon ** at Pella by completing their form and forwarding pictures of the damage. He suggested sending a "technician" out to our home to inspect the damage (a $99 service/inspection fee) and assess the repair costs. He claims the damage is outside Pella's 10 year parts warranty so any replacement parts will not be covered.

Who buys a premium-priced window product and doesn't expect it to last well beyond the warranty period? Why does a company such as Pella not do for others as they would want done unto themselves, instead of merely an obligation to their shareholders? By working with individual homeowners to remedy the known issues would be far less expensive than settling a class action suit, not to mention saving some grace with their brand. Obviously, very disappointed in Pella and will never consider purchasing or endorsing their products. Just another example of poor management and corporate greed instead of doing what is right and ethical for the people that once trusted their products and brand. Please do contact me with any questions about this matter.

Would give this product and company a zero rating if it were possible. Our contractor used Pella windows when building our house. Within 4 years the windows started to slowly rot. Pella did come out and did provide some windows... our cost to paint and install. Within the next several years we were sustaining failure on most of the 45 windows. Again Pella came out and tried to avoid replacing many of the windows. My husband (an engineer) pointed out that there was clearly a systemic manufacturing defect with our Pella windows and that they should replace all the windows as they would all most likely rot within the next several years.

They did provide over 20 new sashes (not the full window), however at our own cost for installation and painting. We recently decided to change the front entry way which had a flat roof faux balcony and a Pella palladium window above. When the workmen were ripping down the existing structure they found major water damage to the wall under the rotten base of the window... clearly a defective window AGAIN. The damage and cost of a new window is estimated to be in excess of $5,000. Why can't the supposed "Best windows in the industry" actually work? Be warned... Pella windows will only bring you major additional cost, unnecessary hassle and much misery! So hating Pella right now!!!

I called Pella this morning to order a replacement mortise lock for my storm and was told that there was a 30-minute wait until I could talk to someone. The other option was to leave a message and someone would return my call. It's about 6 hours later and no one has called. Since that didn't work, I followed their automated instructions and went to the storm door website to enter the registration number of the door that I need parts for. When I entered the number, I received the message "no results". I am sure that Pella doesn't care, but this was my last Pella purchase. If I cannot get replacement parts, then there is no value in the purchase.

We just had the glass in a sliding glass door in the middle of the night explode and crumble into a million pieces on the inside of the door. All of our windows which are Pella have had problems. We have also had rude and unprofessional Pella people to deal with. Not worth the money. Just not a good product of well run company.

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DO NOT BUY PELLA! We have replaced all our windows and two sliding patio units in our current home. We did all the replacements on our own with the help of a contractor until these last two. A very large living room window was replaced but not without problems. The subcontractors who Pella contracted to do the window did not protect any of our floors, furniture, etc. In fact they didn't have enough ladders and materials to do the work and we had to supply that too. The walls were scuffed and our new carpet had drywall dust and dirt tracked onto it. I had a mess to clean up when they left, very unacceptable.

The workmanship was horrendous. We had to have the installation supervisor come back to repair the damage to our siding and to tear out all the interior trim and then have it replaced because the subcontractors did not secure the rosette and it fell off and the adjoining trim popped loose and the sill was very loose as well. We finally got that problem solved and are satisfied with the outcome.

Now let's talk about the two awning windows that were installed in our foyer. We are not satisfied in the least and to date this has not been resolved. The Supervisor has taken over and is in charge of fixing the problem. The sashes were the wrong ones from the start so they ordered the correct ones and said that they should be able to replace the sashes with no problem... Well yes there is a big problem because the windows were improperly installed so looking at them from the outside, it slants to one side because it isn't square. The Supervisor did bring the new sashes to replace the incorrect ones and said that he tried to square up the window the best he could. Well by doing so, the new sashes did not fit the windows so another problem. He said that the entire window needs to be taken out and re-installed and made square.

The appointment was made today to finish this project and once again, the window is still not installed properly and needs to be re-installed. He did not take out the window to fix it, instead he made some adjustments and now at least the sashes open and close but the window is not square and when I hung the curtain it is very obvious that the window slants. The reveal of the trim on either side is not even. Now this project began in July and this is the end of September and still not resolved. Another problem was that we needed a window that opens and the salesman said no problem, he will be sure that we can open the window from the balcony where we need to stand to reach the window.

Another problem because the replacement window doesn't have the crank at the bottom where we can reach it but it located about 10" on the side and we cannot reach to open the windows. We have been talking to Pella about having a crank fabricated so we can open the window, of course this should not be at our expense since this was another mistake on their part. Tonight we are told that Pella is offering us a $500 compensation for all this mess. They are absolutely out of touch with the dissatisfaction of their handling of this entire project. We seem to be heading down the path to taking legal action to resolve this.

I have had Pella windows and doors in three different locations. I have had the same issues with all three locations. A terrible customer service experience and they do not back their products. Each time I've had an issue I get the same response, "we don't make the parts or replacements for that anymore". In my opinion, if you have a good product it should be 'backed' for more than 4 years. No further explanation, or help, has been given. I haven't even had someone try to sell me replacements. That says to me that the Pella employees aren't even happy with Pella. I hated even giving them one star!

My door was beautiful when I purchased it. It has three flowers down the front. I don't know if they are made of glass or plastic. Little by little they started to fall off and landed right in front of the door where you come in. We were afraid one of the kids would step on it and cut their feet. My husband is now chipping the rest of it off so we don't have any accidents. This is not the door I wanted (plain). We are very disappointed in the quality of the way it was made. This should not be happening. This is a Pella door and we paid more for it, because we believed in Pella. It was purchased in Lowe's, Project # **, Glass Design / Expression Series Glass, Model Pellas Select 6000 Black Scroll Lever ESH 8, Part # 90567 91296 90999. I gave you all the info I have, hoping you can help me in some way. Also not long after I got this the handle turned color. My husband just cut his finger on the pieces. This stuff is just flying all over.

I purchased a home in 2005. The previous owners had purchased all new pella wood frame windows directly from the company. Within 3 years they were leaking and finish was flaking off now. They are in such now. They are so bad every window in the house needs replaced.

We have a triple window, two windows (casement) opening. They were installed - bought from Foxworth Galbraith (Silver City, NM) 9 years ago for a new build construction. Over that time we have had breakages from bird strikes. The last one cost us over $550 for a Pella "expert" (nonsense) from Las Cruces to come and replace a pane.

We have another broken pane (outer one only) BUT we also have two rotten wooden window frames. The outer frame is fine, it is the actual window where the wood has rotted... Why? Because, as our builder explained, the aluminum outer covering is not siliconed to the window, allowing rain water to get behind the aluminum and rot the frame wood! BAD design.

Now, I have a choice to make... as I am sure Pella won't honor any guarantee. (Last time I called Pella no one gave a damn at the extortionate price to replace a pane). Cost? $1600 - but in the long term perhaps worth it. Get the idea we're already angry with Pella? After the Las Cruces extortionate pricing, is anyone surprised?

We bought these windows, when we built our new home 10 years ago from Pella. They have been nothing but problems from the day they came. I believe defective would be the correct word. 6 of the 20 windows have been repaired and we have 2 more to fix. These are double hung windows, which Pella claims the pin in the mechanism is defective. They none have a stronger 1 to replace it with. But not as a recall, they charge $150.00 to send someone out and then and additional charge after the first hour. Plus 2 days waiting time for them to come fix them.

The window will not close, therefore I have a towel in the window to keep the heat out while the central air is on. Winter time they frost up and even become icy. Probably end up with wood rot because of it. I try to wash my windows inside and out once a year but right now I'm afraid to open any of them because they may not shut and then wait for someone to service them. I would never purchase these windows again. Bad call by contractor. Also we were told they only carry a 2-year warranty and the fact. I hate to think what these windows will be in 20 years if they even last that long.

We've ordered Patio doors and a Front door In April 2016. Installation schedule for May 24, did not happen. Rescheduled June 15 did not happen (We were out of town until end July). Rescheduled August 5 they have started the installation, could not complete, wrong window delivered. Rescheduled August 31. Received a phone call today that they can only complete the installation in October!!! They don't seem to care at all. They just tell you "this is the situation there is nothing we can do"!!! Never again Pella!!

I'm so disappointed in what I thought was a great American company and the way they've handled replacements. My house is only 15 years old, and we got a paltry 30% discount for rotten windows, well over half of all the many windows installed. Two of the windows were large three pane or "picture windows" and came without "fins", which took six weeks to arrive! I'm still living with one window installed with plastic up on the outside until the contractor can come back out to finish. Their customer service is terrible, and it couldn't be more obvious that they are sales focused and not customer focused. Terrible experience!!

The service is very poor. If you try to use a different company, getting a quote from Pella for parts has taken 4 weeks and delivery of the parts will take another 4+ weeks. I believe Pella includes this delay to protect their service business. The windows are good, but service and replacement parts are terrible. I would not purchase Pella windows again.

We purchased a Pella Sliding Door because we believed them to be the best. Now 4 years later the door had started being very hard to open and close and now is very difficult to close! I noticed a piece of rubber sticking out between the two door frames. I called today to have the door serviced. She said that sounds like the weather stripping.Today is July 26. The first available service appointment is not until August 31! Then I'm told, "let me go over the fees so you won't be shocked." I said "what are you talking about? It has a lifetime warranty." I hear, "yes the door but you have to pay $168 for them to come out and $108 an hour for them to repair the door!!"

What kind of warranty is that? Who makes $108 an hour??? Who charges $168 just to come out? I was told "well, if you know the parts we can just order them!" I am SERIOUSLY SHOCKED to think a company that one would believe has a good reputation this is how they operate! I guess the plan is to gouge you to start with and continue to gouge you with the labor cost! Oh, the door is fine we just OVERCHARGE for everything else. Oh and by the way NO ONE but Pella can touch the door or it voids the warranty! Probably cheaper to do that!

I have had multiple issues. Had 3 Pella entry doors. 1 warped and I wanted a different design to purchased a new one that took 2 months to be delivered. The other 2 where the warranty just expired (one last year, 1 this year even though I bought them together), have panels coming off and Pella will not do anything except sell me new ones. This is after a months of single sided communications and follow-up. Only adding images of 1 door, the other one has a similar issue.

Special order vinyl sliding window approximate size 24x 12" costing 125.00 and requiring one month wait, was poorly packaged and arrived at store with one side bent and caused by, it appears, pressure on the vinyl frame during shipping.

Window seals started leaking on the highest quality Pella windows architectural series windows on my home, and after I called Pella in Houston numerous times, they finally came out and said they would not cover it under their warranty. Bad windows from a bad window company. They confessed they were not made correctly, and they had production problems, but it will be at my expense to pay for their mistakes. There is a class action lawsuit against Pella.

We choose Pella for our windows and doors as they seemed to produce a quality product and our salesperson John ** was very thorough in our quote and seemed very knowledgeable. Well everything fell apart at installation and post sales service. The door they installed is of poor quality and the inside looks like a patchwork of different wood finishes, not what you expect for >$10k for a door.

I can understand mistakes happen so gave them benefit of the doubt to correct the problem. It is now 2 weeks post installation and no one is calling to fix the problem. More incompetence is a painter is sent to fix the mismatch and he comes with no paint brush so obviously can't do the work. They assured me it would be fixed before I had family coming in from out of town for my kids birthdays but it was not. Promise after promise, disappointment after disappointment. Do NOT get your windows and doors from Pella. They take your money and then make a mess of the post sales which is ultimately what is most important.

Pella Architect series french door have a defective strip attached to the passive door that slips, making the doors not able to open as the strip falls below the threshold of the door. These doors are over $3,000 each and Pella requires homeowners to pay for repairs. Beware purchasing these items!

I remodeled my home and bought thousands of dollars worth of Pella windows and doors. One month after I purchased and had them installed by my contractor I had a problem and had to have them come out for a service call and was charged for the call and the problem was due to faulty merchandise I purchased from them!

Now the latch on my sliding screen door broke off and I had to replace it. It is made out of very flimsy plastic which in itself shouldn't be used on an expensive door. It cost me $25.00 to replace this piece of flimsy plastic and if I want them to come out to put it on another $50 service charge. I also want to mention that when I went to pick up the part there were two other people waiting behind me who had the same problem. I only wonder how many other people come each day with the same complaint. For such expensive products one would think they should be made from good materials and should last. I would never again use Pella products or recommend them.

I am extremely disappointed with Pella. I purchased a Mahogany Stain double entry door with Advantage Plus protection system. The door was purchased in Aug. 2011. The outside of the door is fading. Upon calling Lowe's, which is where the door was purchased, I was told not to worry as the paint is covered for 10 years. Also if you check the warranty online it says it is guaranteed for years. But when you speak to Pella directly, they do not honor their policy. They claim the paint is only a 2-year warranty and that it is up to the consumer to maintain the door by painting it themselves using gel paint. They claim it is stated in the owners manual which they never give you.

When I mentioned I never received the manual the supervisor on the phone told me it was my responsibility to ask for one. The rep from Lowe's was flawed by this explanation. I am disheartened how dishonest this company is and will never be purchasing any Pella products and will advise all family and friends not to purchase as well.

We attempted to have Pella install 6 new windows and a patio slider door. It took them 3 months to get the product before installation. They made replacement windows instead of new construction windows and the project manager wanted to somehow retrofit the replacement windows into the opening with a little bit of tape to close the gaps.

All he was trying to do was finish the job even though the windows would not have lasted more than 5 years. They don't care about the customer or doing the job the right way and they wanted us to pay for windows that were incorrect. We spoke to 8 different people at Pella and everyone was extremely rude. We ended up keeping the sliding patio door because there was no issue with the installation and they jacked up the price of the door because we weren't going to purchase the windows. Shady company, horrible customer service and ethics are going downhill. Shame on us for putting our faith in a company that has been around for over 75 years. At the rate they're going I don't see them lasting much longer.

Installation date: April 7, 2016. From the Pella website: When you choose Pella, you're buying more than just a window or door. You're getting the experience and service of local Pella professionals who are proudly committed to your satisfaction. Let me begin by stating that I am deeply concerned about the quality of the 13 Impervia windows and 1 sliding glass door and of the performance and attention to detail of the Handpicked Independent Pella Certified Contractor and installation crew. Yes, the windows are an improvement over the aluminum framed builder grade windows that came with the home in 2000, but the overall impression this customer has of each aspect of the Pella process, assembly, fit and finish, quality assurance, and installation, do not add up to a positive customer satisfaction rating.

If these issues are not addressed and mitigated at the corporate level, Pella will find it increasingly difficult to improve their customer satisfaction rating. The pictures included are to support the following comments and observations. Fabrication. Almost every corner of every window and sliding glass door where the sections are fitted together has various degrees of separation. Several windows have excessive manufacturing material remaining on the inside joints between the panes that are visible when you look out the windows. Fiberglass threads remain on some of the end cuts of the frames and sliders from the fabrication and assembly process. In my opinion, these should have been addressed prior to the Finished product leaving the factory. More concerning is the appearance of cracks in the frame on two of the windows. If this is happening after ten days, what will these windows look like in a month?

Installation. Every window installed by the Handpicked Independent Pella Certified Contractor and installation crew was left in various stages of incompletion. Some windows are missing trim; others are missing the stopper or the stoppers were cut too short thus failing to prevent the window latch from coming into contact with the frame when opened. One of the windows bottom trim is cut short on both ends leaving unsightly gaps. All of the windows were dirty, and required my wife and I to acquire and apply acetone to remove black residue on the frames and glass, the excess glue on the frames and glass, and excess caulk on the finishing trim. Additional issues with the installation are: the crew did not arrive with an adequate amount of supplies to complete the job, and did not clean up and or remove excess construction material trash from the job site.

This is a concern and that the construction material left behind on the lawn that we have found to date is solid plastic, and I am certain will not react well when this trash encounters a spinning lawnmower blade. I understand a crew will be returning at some point in time as the screen for the sliding door was damaged during shipment and a replacement was ordered. However, how long will it be until a crew returns to our home to complete the job we have paid for? No one from Pella has contacted us regarding follow-up on the replacement screen, nor have we received a request for a date for the crew to return in order to complete the installation.

Terrible customer service once you purchase the windows. The product is great! Love the windows. Doors are ok. But customer service is incredibly low and lacking. Not worth what they charge for the product. I paid $15,000 on 4 windows, 1 bay window and 1 entry door. They dropped the ball. The door arrived with the wrong color. It has taken over 2 weeks to get someone to confirm they will fix it. I talked to the manager of installation and he had an attitude. He said this was the first he heard of my problem. Yet I called him 3 days prior and left a message on his cell phone. Instead of fixing their mistake right away, they failed to be prompt, courteous, and helpful. Will NEVER buy Pella again.

We spent $25,000 on all new Pella windows & doors for our 100 year old Craftsman home. The windows and doors look great, but there are some design issue that have caused problems. The worst problem Sliding Doors from Pella that lock themselves. They lock themselves because in Pella's unusual handle design for the slider, they placed the lever that locks the door in a position where your hand often flips the lever in "lock" position when you are simply trying to slide the door open or closed.

If you happen to be closing it on your way into the house, you just have to unlock it again. BUT if you are closing it on the way out, and don't have keys in your pocket -- sorry, you are locked out. When I asked Pella repair why they would not correct the design flaw, they said it wasn't covered under warranty. That's disgusting. If they designed very expensive items that don't work properly, they should fix the flaws -- warranty or not. They've got my money. I've got bad doors. The company doesn't appear to care.

I have Pella Pro Line windows in my 20 year old house. They are not very well constructed and they rot and leak rather quickly. I have had to replace 7 or 8 of the windows and one of the windows is rotted again for the third time, meaning I have already replaced it twice. I have contacted Pella twice over the last 10 years or so asking for some help with the cost of replacing these defective windows. The letters to their CEOs over the 10 year period have not produced any help. They keep telling me that the windows are beyond the warranty period which I think is one year for parts and workmanship. Obviously not a very good product if they only guarantee it for one year.

They also go on to say that they have no control over environmental conditions. Do they mean they have no control over rain and snow which we have lots of all over the planet, and that a reasonably well made window should be able to manage quite easily. I will no longer buy any Pella products, and I would strongly suggest that anyone looking for windows for their home would think very hard about buying any Pella products.

Have used them many of times. Their Service People are rude. I'm on the call list apparently and they do not stop no matter what you ask. Windows do not hold up like Pella - destroys them for a great comfortable price. Used Andersen 4 years. Will only use Pella now.

Pella is misleading. They offered a discount in the spring and after an inhome quote, stated that our 1926 house had non-standard doors and couldn't quote the job. The quote took more than 10 days to receive. Just a waste of time.

I wanted to repair my 15-year old Pella sliding door before I replace. Horrible experience, almost as bad as dealing with Sears. I started in July going into the store, nice, told me to call customer service. Several phone calls, no one calls back. Finally in Early September an service call is set in late Sept for a service man to come and look at my door for $125.00. Just look, but don't fix. Since the guy makes his own schedule, he will call you the night before to give you a time frame. The guy never called. I was home, the showed up, fixed a few things, said he would have to come back and that he would put in this file, not to charge me again for the visit.

Pella thought otherwise. I waited a few weeks for a call back and for a appt, no call back. The service never put in an for my order. Someone did, but they would have to charge me again. Finally in January, someone else came, fixed a lock. Still no weather stripping, and now the door needs new bottom wheels. Once again, Pella says now I would have to pay $240 for the serviceman to come out the fix what should have been done the 1st or second time. Also, they was 3 pages of window measurements for my house which the guy stayed the whole time on my back deck. No matter what I said, if I wanted the door fixed, it was not $240.00 for labor to finish the job. I will try going to the Home Depot for the parts and have my handyman finish the job. Horrible customer service. Would never recommend Pella to anyone.

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Pella has a 90-year history of designing and building high-quality, energy-efficient windows and doors. The company has been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency as an Energy Star Partner of the Year nine times, most recently in 2016.

  • Extreme commitment to sustainability: Pella not only sells energy-efficient products but also constantly tests new products and new technology to make products even more sustainable.
  • Custom shapes available: Pella builds aluminum-clad wood windows, vinyl windows and fiberglass windows Pella will also customize products to meet customers’ needs. The company also makes wood, fiberglass and steel entry doors; French doors; sliding, bifold and multi-panel patio doors; storm doors; and garage doors.
  • Online guides available: Customers can watch videos or read blogs to help them get design ideas and get started purchasing doors and windows.
  • Installation and service help: Customers can schedule a service visit online if they need help with their products.
  • Custom product creation: Users can create a custom door or window using this company's online design tool to choose materials, colors, shapes and sizes.
  • Best for Pella is best for people who are environmentally conscious and want to purchase high-quality windows and doors.

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