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      How do I know I can trust these reviews about Kohler?
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      • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
      • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
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      Reviewed Jan. 7, 2021

      I recently re-did our bathroom and replaced the old tub with a Kohler Embrook alcove tub. After the first tub was installed by the plumber, we peeled off the protective coating and there was crack on the inside wall. I exchanged the tub at Home Depot - no problem, and took the second tub out to find the out wall was separated from the frame. Returned a second time, and found the outside wall again was separated slightly from the frame, so I just glued and clamped to repair. Notified Kohler and expected some cost reimbursement. Not only did they ignore the request, they took absolutely not blame for their clearly inferior product as well as terrible quality control, but just suggested I find a different supplier would handles the tubs better. Unbelievable!!!! Assume absolutely no responsibility. NEVER, EVER AGAIN WILL I PURCHASE A KOHLER PRODUCT.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Dec. 8, 2020

      I placed an order on their website in late October, 2020. As of December 1, 2020, it had not arrived. I was told it was on backorder and would be shipped as soon as it came in. Today, I received an email from Kohler telling me there was a problem with the payment but they could not tell me what it was. I finally had to have the call escalated to a supervisor who then explained the problem (unbeknownst to me, when the product was supposedly in stock and ready to ship, Kohler voided the order altogether because PayPal said the order too old and would not pay on it). I said, "No worries, just put it through again now that the product was supposedly in stock." The supervisor said they could not do that and the only way I would be able to obtain the product would be to cancel the order and go back online and replace it as a brand new order. They couldn't put it through again? I have never heard of such a thing!

      Bottom line: If you want to do any business with Kohler, buy their products and replacement parts in a mortar and brick store and stay the hell away from any online ordering. As far as my family is concerned, no more Kohler altogether. If it is that hard to find replacement parts, we are much better off with Moen or another company.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Nov. 19, 2020

      We remodeled two bathrooms and we bought American Standard toilet in one and a Kohler for the other. Only a week after ordering the Kohler, we noticed that the bottom of the bowl was very dirty looking and could not be cleaned. It became apparent that the glazing in the bowl did not reach the bottom, so we now have this constantly dirty looking toilet that is really clean - but never looks that way. Kohler's response was 'tough luck.' We will never buy a Kohler product again. This product should have never been allowed to leave their warehouse.

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      Reviewed Sept. 9, 2020

      The house was built in 1974. All the plumbing in the bathroom worked, but it was outdated and ugly, but still working and no rust. In 2018, I replace all the bathroom hardware. A local place said Kohler was the best. Should buy Kohler. DON'T BUY KOHLER! 1) A year later, the valve that swerves to turn the water off/on froze and water was coming out in a rush, like a fire hydrant. Paid a guy 350.00 to fix it; he worked on it about 6 hours. 2) Two years later, the drain stop, stopped working and the bathwater drained out. To replace the part would cost about 160.00. 3) Two years later, stainless steel shower head is rusting. UGH to KOHLER.

      Customer ServiceInstallation & Setup

      Reviewed Sept. 2, 2020

      Install by licensed plumber - he came out to Check it - called company for new hose. Overnight promised turned into Thurs to Mon. Sent the wrong hose. Tues am call to them and now they say thurs. Hoping they get it right this time. Kitchen sink is out of order for a week. Kohler was provided specific info as the plumber had exact model no from when plumber installed it.

      Customer ServicePrice

      Reviewed July 30, 2020

      The Sous model kitchen faucet looks great and was the expensive finishing touch on our remodel August 2019. Water flow cold side slowed last month and stopped last week just days before listing our home. Checked screen, cartridge and water supply to narrow the problem the faucet water supply line which can’t be replaced because it’s designed that way (inside the housing body). Deliberate design similar to planned obsolescence. The inside diameter of the line is grossly undersized- if a speck of sand gets in you have a $300 paperweight. A better design is feasible-make the body and supply lines larger. I feel ripped off. There is no real customer service. I’ll pay better attention to reviews. I’ve had 2 Moen faucet issues in the past and they sent a new one and similar one on an obsolete model- both in 2 weeks. Kohler might look better but their design and workmanship make the product unfit for its intended purpose. Can’t wait for a class action.

      Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed July 27, 2020

      My husband snapped the clips on our Kohler toilet seat while trying to refill our cat's litter that sits in front of the toilet. I was going to just buy another toilet seat as it's not exactly the most expensive thing in the world, but when I was looking at their products online I saw that they have videos that specifically say that their toilet seats aren't supposed to be able to move around due to their construction (which is the reason ours snapped - because it was moving around). I decided to give them a call and see if there was anything that they would do about it figuring they would just send us new clips.

      The woman I was on the phone with was easy to work with, easy to understand, quick to take down my information, and prompt in her response. After explaining I didn't have proof of purchase (I bought the toilet in store and stupidly threw out the receipt) and that I had only had it for about a year and what had happened she asked me to e-mail them a picture of the part that was broken while on the phone with them. I did, they received it quickly, and they sent me out a new toilet seat no further questions asked! Plus, they made me an account so next time I just have to give them my phone number to receive help.

      If this is how all of their customer service goes I will be super impressed. My parents also own Kohler products and have expressed the same satisfaction with their customer service experiences. What a great company. I didn't even have to ask for a manager, which unfortunately seems to be the standard these days to get any kind of response!

      Daniel increased rating by 3 stars.
      Installation & Setup
      After a positive interaction with Kohler, Daniel increased their star rating on July 23, 2020.

      Updated review: July 23, 2020

      Needed to change my review which out of frustration I gave a 1 star rating. My concern was with the difficulty in changing out the braided line (which had developed a leak) for our pull out kitchen faucet. I did work for some time and know others had stated their frustration. I struggled with removing the collet end from the connector. What I discovered is that you do not have to move the tabs as far as I thought. Because the hose had been connected for 4 years there was some scale built up. I simply needed to exert a bit more downward pressure on the hose as I pushed up on the tabs. It came loose. Inexperience was responsible for some of my frustration.

      Original Review: July 22, 2020

      I needed to replace the 4 year old spray hose on our pull down kitchen faucet. It has a collet connection. I have found it impossible to remove and have found several others that have commented about the same frustration. Called customer service, even after watching a video instruction from their website, hoping there would be some other advice that would make the removal easier. Thought there must be something I was missing. No, I was doing everything right. I just could not get the hose to disconnect. A removal instruction says it should take 10 minutes is now several hours and still without success. I would not buy another Kohler faucet again. A repair that should take a few minutes for me is impossible to make.

      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed June 28, 2020

      Had a Kohler toilet installed when my bathroom was renovate several years ago. The low boy toilet requires a compression anchor to be installed in the base of toilet to the seat can be fastened. After many years of good use, the seat spontaneously cracked, and cracked a second time. I ordered a replacement and to my horror I learned of the unusual anchoring method. The anchor mechanism consists of a compression threaded bolt inserted in the porcelain body of the toilet and then a threaded machine screw is place through a tab on the seat and then into the anchor. The screw is frozen into the base of toilet and the screw will not mover after treating with likes of liquid wrench and configuring a screw drive blade into a socket wrench for more torque.

      The customer service rep insisted I need the Kohler removal tool to stabilize the anchor so it would allow me to turn the screw. After several attempts at explaining the problem, I gave up!!! Send photos and essentially these comments to an email address provided by the agent for photos. I do not know if anyone received the email because as yet I have not gotten a reply. Truth be said, as if have read in many posts, the service after purchase does not hold up to the reputation of Kohler. All I wanted was to remove the screws from the anchor in the Kohler Toilet.

      Reviewed June 24, 2020

      We are in the midst of renovating our kitchen. We have now purchased four Kohler White Undermount Porcelain Sinks. Each one has either had black pits (down to the metal), little black dots (can't have those on a bright white sink) dings, and/or the porcelain chipped off an edge. There seems to be NO QUALITY CONTROL at Kohler. We cannot finish our kitchen renovation because of this stupid sink issue.

      Installation & SetupPriceStaffReliability

      Reviewed June 12, 2020

      I had a Kohler stainless steel sink installed in January 2020 and it has been rusting since the installation. I have had many stainless steel in 60+ years and not one has ever rusted before! What has happened to the quality of their sinks? Apparently they have had a lot of problems with rust or they wouldn’t have had to put "rust" message on their website! My rust problem is not the result of: cleaning agents, hard water, dish rags, abrasive pads, etc! I have had many stainless steel sinks and my cleaning habits have not suddenly changed to be more damaging to the metal! It’s a defective product, not cleaning methods! It must have to do with the manufacturing process - probably cheaper to make!

      Not only will there be the cost of getting a new sink, but the labor cost of having this one taken out and a new one put in! Do all of their sinks rust? No sink should have a problem with water & soap! I would expect a new sink and covering the cost of replacing it. I asked the company if they could provide the cleaning agent, but they said they could not. My plumber said that he would not buy any more of their sinks and I certainly will not either.

      Reviewed June 11, 2020

      We have been waiting 6 months for a shower that is paid for. Ordered through Lowe’s, distributor has part of what we need but will not ship it. I am for canceling -they are stringing us on. Never order a product again from Kohler. High quality? No concern for customer.

      Reviewed June 8, 2020

      I purchased a Kohler 18 gauge stainless steel sink. Toccata, double equal sink. Had for 1 month. I put sink protectors in it and tried so many products to keep it from scratching. Even car wax. Nothing stopped the scratches..they are all over it. Even around lip of sink. Now I have to take it out and get something else. I feel like they should replace it instead of myself. I would never recommend this sink. 18 gauge should hold up way more than it did and especially after only a month. Do not buy this product.

      Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed June 5, 2020

      Updated on 09/04/2020: I ordered some wall panels from their website. I received them on time but they were all scratched up. I called and was told I needed to call a different number. I did that and made a claim. I took pictures of all the scratches and submitted them. I was then told I needed to wait till it was all submitted and then they would make a decision. I was told they accepted my claim and that it would take about 30 days, because they were on back order, to receive my new panels. I did not hear anything for 3 months. I had emailed the original person who started my claim and never got a email back. I finally called again and was now told they were discontinued. Nobody ever called to let me know this! I was told to destroy the old panels so now I want my money back so I can go somewhere that treats their customers better than Kohler!!

      Original Review: I ordered the shower walls and 2 of the panels came back scratched up. I called and made a complaint and was told that I would be notified about the status of the complaint. This is after waiting a hour to talk to someone. I was then told to call another number in which I did and waited 50 minutes this time to talk to someone. I was told I would be notified by Tuesday this time and it is now Friday with still no email or phone call. Terrible customer service! I will never order from this company again!!

      Customer Service

      Reviewed May 11, 2020

      We bought a faucet from Kohler and the stopper did not work after a few days. Called the company, they are sending out replacement. Buy Kohler products all the time, great product, fantastic customer service.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed May 4, 2020

      I purchased two Kohler soap/lotion dispensers with transitional design in brush nickel for roughly $50.00 each at Home Depot. The units have worked well, but the plastic bottles that come with the unit seem to break at the neck extremely often when they need to be refilled. I tried to reach out to Kohler but they only have a phone number for customer service. No email. I would not suggest purchasing this item unless you stock pile the plastic bottles and do not mind taking apart the unit each time the bottle breaks.

      Installation & SetupSales & Marketing

      Reviewed April 21, 2020

      Kohler supposedly has a lifetime warranty on its cast iron sinks. However, don't kid yourself. Kohler does not stand behind their products, regardless of their promotional advertising. I have one of their sinks that is under warranty and found that rust began corroding the iron beneath the porcelain. As a result, the porcelain is flaking off and exposing the cast iron. When I attempted to get an adjustment from Kohler, I was told that the sink was improperly installed. Now, in addition, rust is forming around the sink drain hole and I have no choice but to replace the sink. Improper installation would not result in rusting of the sink beneath the porcelain exterior.

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed April 1, 2020

      We looked at Kohler designs and what exactly was a handicapped-accessible shower. I needed something to sit down because it's terrifying. Sometimes, you’d almost lose your balance and fall. I’ve had multiple surgeries, so I can’t afford that. It’s not really Kohler per se, but a father or parent company. My folks who live in a nice subdivision here, and my sister and brother-in-law, they live in a very nice area. No one goes in for cheap designs. Right now, I'm able to get this shower underway with some financial support and I’m very blessed to be experiencing it.

      Before we went with them we were with a different manufacturer. Their permit was invalid. It was fraudulent at best. They weren’t licensed to be putting in this type of product in my home. The village inspector came and called me to give me heads up. They lied and lied and lied about the start date and start time, too. We were very upset and disappointed. When we finally got our money back, I said, “We should see what Kohler has to say.” I saw this ad and they’re really top one. They’re very expensive but as it turns out, they were very reasonably priced. It was quite nice and beautiful.

      It’s not really a tub. It’s a handicapped-accessible shower. I love the showerhead and the actual look of the marbled type of design on the floor. I also love the brushed nickel and the surrounding walls. However, I do have a quirk about the shower enclosure for the handicapped-accessibility. The caulking along the sides of the three-sided wall is not the right type of component or compound, according to my fiancé. He was from ServiceMaster and has been in this business for a long time. It doesn’t hold any painter’s tape if you wanted to cut in for painting and trim 'cause it's all decorated real nice on the exterior part.

      Also, as much as I tried, the seat itself is quite slippery. When you go to sit down, you literally slide ride off it. It’s not that I have it soapy, but it’s either on an angle and my legs are not that long to actually hit the floor. I would have preferred a different type of seat than what I have. I did not expect to have this type of seat. I just thought it would be a little bumped out acrylic kind of material. There are also no hooks to put like a little soap brush.

      I just wish to goodness that I sat and talked with the designer or the salesman. I would have had something a little different in mine than what I have right now, even though there are no doors on there. It’s not quite finished being painted. It shouldn't have to be, but it’s for the ceiling fan and all the hardware to get put in. I would have had the closet just altered and somewhat of the walls not through all the way to extend my vanity. It’s collapsing and eroding. It’s on an angle, it’s chipped and it’s 33 years old. It’s very ugly, way outdated and rusty. I don’t like it at all.

      You also have to really get down there and clean out the openings of the drain. There’s body hair always and I’m not a hairy woman. It doesn’t slide down very well at all. I may also end up going to get some brushed nickels to really fix everything up real pretty. But overall, we love Kohler. There's none better. Everyone was exquisitely professional, very courteous and clean. They are right on target and I was very pleased with that.

      Verified purchase

      Reviewed March 23, 2020

      I went to clean the sink and seen rust on the front and the finish is coming off. I bought the sink about 15 years ago and paid lots for it so I thought it would last a life time. I bought one from Simpson Sears at the same time and it is just like new.

      Punctuality & Speed

      Reviewed Feb. 16, 2020

      I remodeled my home 10 years ago,and used Kohler faucets throughout. I've been able to get replacement parts and warranty support quickly and with minimal hassle. Generally speaking, the faucets are holding up quite well under heavy use. I've been very pleased with my purchases.


      Reviewed Feb. 4, 2020

      A brand new toilet never flushed properly. Their warranty only covers replacement parts - not the cost to replace the parts. The product was a lemon and they should have made good on the entire product but didn't.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Jan. 26, 2020

      Bought a house built in 2008 six years ago. A few years ago, both Kohler master bathroom vessel sinks showed signs of crazing. The cracks have grown and have darkened. I contacted a Kohler customer service twice, included photos, and expected them to at the very least offer me replacement sinks at a discount. Clearly this is a manufacturer defect but they claim it was the plumber’s fault. Huh? I have another vessel sink, different Kohler model, in a guest bathroom that is perfect. I will never buy Kohler again.

      Reviewed Jan. 7, 2020

      Kohler has repeatedly stood behind its warranty. Minimal documentation needed, unprecedented service. I purchased a home 15+ years ago - replaced the faucets with Kohler product. Kohler has either sent me the needed part or replaced the whole faucet. I was not transferred from department to department (or Country to Country).

      Reviewed Dec. 16, 2019

      I purchased my brand new home 14 years ago; the high-end Kohler bathroom faucets are lovely to look at, but now, because water flow is minimal, I'm trying to unscrew the 'ring' end to clean aerator screens, and find it absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to do so. 'Hunker.com', home repair & maintenance website, says "Due to Kohler's unusual aerator design, this chore is harder than it is on other faucets." No kidding.

      Customer ServiceInstallation & Setup

      Reviewed Dec. 6, 2019

      Product looks nice and clean, bought the ensemble medley unit, this was my fault during installation. I stepped on last shower panel and broke it, can’t use it, called customer service and was told I can’t buy a single panel, so now I need to buy the 3 panel kit again for 1 panel, really what a money maker that is, I think it’s total BS that one can’t but a replacement!!! That’s not right for the consumer!

      Customer ServicePriceOnline & AppStaff

      Reviewed Nov. 23, 2019

      I ordered a Kohler product online from their website (an overpriced item, I might add), and to my dismay they shipped duplicate items. Realizing what had happened, I spoke to a customer service rep who gave me a return authorization number, and told me to expect a prepaid shipping label via e-mail. When the latter never arrived, the response to my inquiry was that Kohler was not going to pay for the shipping, blaming ME for the obvious glitch in their system. Despite my protests, they refused to yield. I told them they had not only lost a customer, but that I would write the worst reviews I could at every opportunity. They are the worst. If I could give zero stars, I would.

      Reviewed Nov. 14, 2019

      Beware the "free" shipping hook. We ordered 2 sinks, not knowing which color would look best. When we went to return the sink we received an RA and went to ship it, UPS and Fedex wanted OVER $300 in shipping for a sink that was $500. I contacted Kohler, I was repeatedly told that Kohler policy is they do not provide assistance of any kind, meaning, pound sand customer. They will not send out a shipping label so you can pay them their reduced shipping fees. So as I said, make sure you want what you ordered or be prepared to pay some CRAZY shipping fees if you have a large item.


      Reviewed Oct. 30, 2019

      Please be cautious and suspect if you are considering purchasing a Kohler Bathroom porcelain sink. Within one year we noticed our sink was starting to crack so we contacted our contractor who had installed it and he recommended we contact Kohler to have it replaced. We contacted Kohler after one year and they informed us since we had not reported it within one year they would not honor or assist us in any way. So here we have a crappy sink that should have lasted twenty years or more and now have to replace it in which will cost us hundreds of dollars.

      I am a retired fraud investigator and this is how a non reputable company handles a customer service problem that is not at all the customer's fault. Instead of stepping up to the plate and replacing a $150.00 sink they decide to do absolutely nothing to save a few bucks. I have done business with Kohler for many years but this decision by them will forever change my opinion about them. Thanks Kohler for absolutely nothing!!

      Reviewed Oct. 4, 2019

      I thought I was buying a quality faucet for the price I paid. It leaks when you pull the knob to switch to using the shower head. I've tried several different faucets and they all leak. The water run down the inside of the wall because the faucet does not seal off the water around the pipe well enough by design.

      Installation & Setup

      Reviewed Sept. 27, 2019

      Kohler has gone down to the bottom of our company’s list! We will never use any Kohler product ever again. Their rough in instructions are wrong for their Rubicon tub shower line of fixtures, the trim instructions do not work with the rough-in instructions, when you try to installing the trim it will not work without getting Kohler to send an extension kit. Like the rest of the reviews, I have a $700.00 kitchen faucet, that has leaked two times and did damage to the cabinet and the floor. We have Grohe fixtures that are twenty five years old and are still working great no leaks ever. I give them 0 Stars.


      Reviewed Sept. 23, 2019

      Kohler products look good but do not last as well the company does not stock parts for its specialty products after the line changes. I own a 2000 hatbox toilet from them and when the bumpers on the lid and sink started to split I wanted to get simple rubber parts that are made for the unit. They do not stock them anymore (8yrs old) and can only sell me a 1000 new lid. Lol. Never again will I ever buy their product. Go to Toto, or Dornbract for true quality...

      Ease of Use

      Reviewed Sept. 22, 2019

      My wife and I remodeled our kitchen in January of 2016 and put in the faucet listed above. Up until now I thought it was great. While I was in the basement I noticed water dripping and went to investigate. Looking under the sink I saw that the spray head hose had sprung a leak. Thank goodness I was home to turn the water off or we would have had a major disaster on our hands. The fact that this part sprang a leak after less than 4 years of use is totally unacceptable. It certainly doesn’t say much about the quality of the parts they are using. I’m very concerned about replacing this part - what do I do replace every 2 years? A part like this should be designed to last a lifetime considering the damage it can do if it fails.

      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed Sept. 12, 2019

      I bought a Kohler recessed medicine cabinet on Amazon's website for a house remodel project. When my contractors opened the box today (a little less than 2 weeks outside of the return window), they said it was clearly a customer return. It was scratched and missing several parts. I called Kohler expecting to commit to never purchasing their products again.

      I talked to their customer service rep, Virginia, who quickly apologized and resolved the issue without asking me to jump through hoops like other companies do (You know the type. "Even though we sent you a broken product, you will need to buy a shipping label and ship back the old product before we can ship out a new one and we will be pro-rating your refund or take 4 months to ship you a new item...") Because of this very positive interaction, I will gladly continue buying Kohler products knowing that they will resolve any issues I have without hassle. Kohler makes great products, and their customer service is just as good.

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed Sept. 4, 2019

      I had some issues with a Kohler touchless faucet, and calling the company I was able to talk to a US-based representative very quickly. The faucet was exhibiting intermittent issues with the touchless functionality, and required a new part that was on backorder. The Kohler rep offered to send out a whole new faucet replacement free of charge! Unfortunately, the new faucet had the same issue six months later and I had to call back. The rep again offered to replace the faucet, and offered a different model (as the original model was again on backorder).

      While the original functionality issues are a bummer, I'm grateful with Kohler's commitment to their customer and standing behind their products. I have had so many bad experiences that turned worse with bad customer service teams, but this is a bad product experience turned better with a good customer service team. I'll definitely be sticking with Kohler for future fixture purchases.

      Reviewed Aug. 9, 2019

      Bought two bathroom faucets 8 years ago at 500$ per unit. Handle on one froze up. Other handle keeps on getting loose. Kohler does not stand behind their products so I have to buy 2 new faucets. Will never buy Kohler product again.

      Customer ServiceReliability

      Reviewed Aug. 8, 2019

      My large sink is 4 years old. White cast iron. After 2 years I called and told them the finish was wearing off and I felt it was defective. Two years later I called and said it now had to be replaced since there was almost no finish left. I have used a sink rack and the Kohler Sink cleaner. It is a $1000.00 sink, and I thought it would last longer than a few years. I sent pictures and got no response. Called again and resent the pictures and was told that it was normal wear and tear. If you want to purchase a longer lasting sink look to another company.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed July 9, 2019

      Spent 30 grand on a new kitchen remodel. Bought Kohler sink and faucet. Several months later, woke up to water all over kitchen floor. Called plumber who found pin-hole leak in faucet. All four new bottom kitchen cabinets were damaged. Started claim process with Kohler, sent pics plus plumbers written assessment. Sent the faucet to Kohler. They tested, said nothing was wrong. Kohler told us this faucet was made in China by a company named Lota and they had to send it there for testing. Then their insurance company called and asked for total damage monies (Zurich Ins.). Months later, we just received a letter stating that nothing is wrong with the faucet and denied my claim. Unbelievable. My brand new kitchen cabinets are damaged. I'm out the cost of the plumber and cannot afford to fix or replace my less than a year old cabinets.

      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed July 8, 2019

      I bought a Kohler faucet online. One screw was missing from package, so I called customer service and they said I would have to pay over $17.00 for the kit. I said only one small screw was missing from the included packet. They are no help. Terrible customer service. Never buy anything again Kohler!

      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPunctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed June 19, 2019

      In the past, I've had faulty parts with my Kohler faucets for which replacements were shipped to me for free (free part also). Most recently, I had a faulty valve in my bathroom sink which I needed to replace. I paid for the valve, which arrived promptly. I can't even tell you how much time they spent on the phone with me because my faucet didn't look like the one in the video. They were so very patient and kind! I finally got someone who directed me to an installation diagram so we could be on the "same page", as I made the installation. (At one point, they wanted to send me a whole new faucet. I refused because they had been so kind and patient, knowing I was making a small error, which was easily corrected once I got the correct installation instructions.)

      They're an absolutely super company to do business with. Their customer service is the best I've seen!! Also, the tab on my kitchen sink, which alternates the water between a stream and a spray, broke. They sent me a new sprayer free of charge because I couldn't just buy the part (the "tab). Kohler will always be my first choice for faucets and sinks because of their excellent customer support and products.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed May 20, 2019

      I purchased Kohler because of their lifetime warranty. I live by myself, no kids, and take very good care of my things. The faucet I purchased only lasted 3 years, and when I tried to contact Kohler, I would've had a better chance of winning the lottery than getting an actual person on the phone. So I took the part into the place I purchased it, and the guys at the counter all laughed because they informed me that Kohler faucets, especially the one I purchased for over $500, only have a 2-3 year lifespan and that everyone comes in with the same broken part yet Kohler has done nothing to fix the problem. Lesson I learned: NEVER buying Kohler again.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed May 13, 2019

      I ordered a $900.00 toilet 6 1/2 weeks ago. The store I ordered it from said Kohler needed to fill a truck before sending it out. The week before last, I was told the toilet was going onto a truck on the 6th of May and my store would have it end of last week. I called today and was told the order was still pending and it had not been loaded on a truck yet. My client either wants the toilet, or his money returned. The store I ordered from got two trucks in last week and the toilet was not on either. Why can't Kohler fill this order?


      Reviewed May 10, 2019

      Have had generator for about 6 years and had trouble every time I needed it. On several occasions during Winter storms unit would not crank because of cold. Now during a spring storm it cranks up and runs home it will not switch back to power company. Power has been back for 12 hrs and I am still on gen power burning expensive fuel for nothing. Will never purchase another Kohler product again.

      Installation & SetupReliability

      Reviewed May 9, 2019

      5,000 Kohler steam and shower does not work. We finished our bathroom and cannot take a shower as we installed Kohler electronics and the shower keeps shutting off after two minutes. Rectified by software issue fixed by tech they sent out. Next day took first shower, keypad went dead during my shower and shut off water. Make sure you have a manual water turn on...not reliable.

      Customer ServicePrice

      Reviewed April 30, 2019

      Recently purchase a home that was completely remodeled 3 years ago. The bubble massage tub was never used but called a plumber because the bubbler wouldn’t turn on. After filling the tub he noticed that the tub was leaking from the bottom. Called Kohler in November, 2018 and was informed that bathtubs' warranties are only good for 1 year and you must be the original owner. Left town for winter so am now trying to get this taken care of.

      Kohler recommend a person who would apply a patch to tub except first you must have a plumber mark the exact spot of the leak. Well try to get your hand under the tub in a space approximately 1/2” deep, no less mark with something in that spot... impossible.. Now for the next solution recommended...purchase a new tub (at store pricing), have a plumber and tile person cut out the existing tub, repair all damaged tile and set the new one in this space. Really expensive and not sure that their next tub won’t leak. Kohler prides itself on quality products but doesn't deliver quality. Plus they don’t stand behind anything for more than a year and only to the original owner. Any idea on how to handle this?

      Installation & SetupPriceStaff

      Reviewed April 23, 2019

      Within a year of installation, bathtub has several cracks around drain. Kohler said they will refund price of tub ($300) but nothing. For thousands it would cost to do the work to remove and replace the tub, as well as all the tile that would have to be moved and replaced. It was a total remodeling that cost thousands and that we waited years to have done. The rep told us there was no repair that would fix it.

      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed April 19, 2019

      Bought a porcelain tub for a full bathroom remodel. Remodel was down to studs from the ground up. When the tub was delivered the delivery man mentioned to look for any flaws because the Kohler warehouse had a recent fire and they did their best to check the merchandise to make sure there was no damage before they released it. The tub looked fine at first and we installed tub, floor tile and surrounding shower tile. A few months later there were cracks in the porcelain in all four corners. We contacted the retail location where we purchased the tub and Kohler right away. The thought of having to remove tiles and replace the tub was daunting so we wanted to explore the cheaper route by having the tub resurfaced.

      Kohler sent an agent to the house and recommended that we do NOT resurface the tub because he did not trust what was going on with the tub underneath and could not guarantee the quality on the work to last. We were advised to submit a claim for replacement and to get an estimate for the other materials we had to destroy and replace by having to put in a replacement tub. The agent took pictures of the damage and to show we were a loyal customer pictures of all the other Kohler products; purist faucets for one that cost much more than the tub. We had to do a lot of chasing after the initial agent came to our home.

      The Kohler rep that was in charge of the claim and service took forever to get back to us. We gave her everything she asked for. There were several emails with extended periods of time before she would respond to us. She was not even responding timely the retail location where we purchased the tub. Our estimate for labor and to replace materials was not high but the agent refused to pay the full cost of the repairs. To date I have received no compensation from them. She was stating the warranty did not allow it but they knowingly sold a product they knew was possibly flawed due to a fire. The tub was less than a yr old!

      Also keep in mind again we tried to go the more inexpensive ways to fix the tub and their agent said that would not be in our best interest. She could care less that we were told about the fire and possible damage and said the fire did not cause damage. So the fire wasn't the cause then the only alternative is a poor quality product. A brand new tub less than a year old should not have cracked. I had an old pink tub porcelain tub from the sixties in my bathroom that was flawless but who wants a pink tub. This remodel took forever and it is very stressful to have to replace the tub and surrounding materials. I will never buy another Kohler product. I have two other bathrooms to remodel that will not have Kohler.

      Installation & Setup

      Reviewed April 5, 2019

      After years of service the toilet was constantly running. Called the company and Support told me that I needed a new Flush Valve. $50 later tried installing the new valve only to find that you are installing a round bottom of the valve in a triangle hole. Try getting a round gasket over a triangle hole. The original valve was installed at the factory. Need I say anymore. They should have a valve with the same shape hole since the gasket will conform to the design of the bottom of the valve. Would never buy a Kohler product again. Had to buy a new toilet.

      Reviewed Feb. 24, 2019

      I bought a stainless steel sink 9" deep basin. There were missing parts. I called them. The screws were too short and didn't give me enough clips... OK so they sent them to me... wrong screws and told me the charge would be $10.40. I was charged over $30.00!!! To think I thought Kohler was the best lol… And as far as the sink goes the water just stays in there and bubbles up. Oh well live and learn.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Feb. 19, 2019

      I will start by saying that I have never called customer service. I’ve always had a belief, that if you spend the money for quality goods you will receive quality goods. I’ve had to replace our kitchen Kohler faucet twice, our almost $300 toilets which we have three of, are all having issues with power flushing, and the tops inside the toilet where the water comes in breaking off. The $50 each sink strainer that we purchased for stainless steel sink broke within two years. I am a person that has no problem spending money on high-quality goods, but this is not about high-quality goods. I am to the point of being pissed off for spending money on this manufacture who praises itself for being high-end quality. I could understand if one thing failed, but for every Kohler product that I’ve purchased to have this kind of low craftsmanship, has left me to the point where I will never buy another Kohler product.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Feb. 15, 2019

      I registered a complaint on 20 Dec 2018 i.e 2.5 months back regarding faucet leaking. Untrained service engineer visited and after cleaning of faucet and all, it started leaking more. After that he said he would order the internal part and will get it done. It has been 1.5 months, 3 remainder calls to customer care since then and no outcome. I also have Jaguar bath fitting at my house and received very good service from the company. I would suggest Indian buyers not to buy this brand's products if we are going to get this kind of pathetic service. Service request id **.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Jan. 26, 2019

      Great looking, but poor function. The long, heavy handle requires flowing water at a minimum of half volume to keep the handle up, anything less and the handle weight shuts off the water. Did a Kohler chat because customer service isn't available on Saturdays. No adjustment for this. No reimbursement for labor. Uninstalling and returning. Buy something else.

      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupStaff

      Reviewed Jan. 11, 2019

      Our house is about 10 years old; as the 2nd owners, we've lived in it just over 3 years. A leaky kitchen faucet led me to the Kohler internet site where I found the replacement parts numbers and a number to call to obtain them. A very cheery female associate took my information and, within 10 days, I received the needed parts and very clear instructions for installing them. However, in accessing the set screw that release the faucet handle, I damaged the Kohler pin that fits into that hole. After numerous ON/OFF motions, that pin finally broke for good, so I called Kohler again to try and wheedle one more part out of them. And, although that part was not guaranteed, they agreed to send me a replacement. It arrived, I installed it in 10 seconds, and my wife of 53 years is not just happy but impressed by my mechanical knowhow. Thank you, Kohler!!!


      Reviewed Jan. 8, 2019

      I purchased house with a Kohler Touchless Toliet in it. It has given me nothing but problems since I first used it. It's either flushing on its own or delayed flushing or not at all. I called customer service cause I saw a video where a man had his battery carrier replaced free of charge, so I wanted to do that. The CS girl couldn't care less about my problem, said she couldn't send replacement battery carrier free because I was second owner. She said to buy the parts was very expensive and I be better off buying a new toilet. I told her I was a pensioner that that either was not an option. She didn't care and that was so apparent. I was so disappointed with the treatment I got. If I could afford to put a regular toilet in I would.


      Reviewed Jan. 4, 2019

      Total kitchen renovation project. Purchased a large single basin enamel undermount sink from Kohler. It was installed when granite counters were set. Two weeks later all the lighting in the kitchen was redone as well. Much to our dismay the new lighting revealed a huge defect on the back wall of the sink. The enamel “dripped” at some point during the manufacturing process. Not sure how this passed quality control but I unluckily received this product. We contacted Kohler who after seeing photos offered to replace the sink. Nice right. However, we are responsible for the cost of removing and reinstalling the sink itself and the plumbing for faucet, sink, and dishwasher as well. Which will make our sink assembly project cost increase by 600 to 800 dollars and take additional time. Thanks for your help Kohler, not!

      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupStaff

      Reviewed Jan. 3, 2019

      We completely renovated our master bathroom this year. We wanted a freestanding tub and new chair height toilet and found what we wanted at Kohler.com. The Sunstruck bathtub was never delivered from the factory to our supplier until we called for delivery for installation (over 2 months had passed) and Kohler still hadn’t shipped it, when contacted they said “oh we didn’t have the drain assembly in stock so we didn’t ship it”. When I unpacked the tub to measure for installation requirements (they do NOT provide a footprint for any particular tub in their installation sheets so you have to physically have the tub present to know that important bit of information) I found that the drain on the bath portion of the tub had a huge amount of acrylic material on the underside of the bath portion and it would impede attachment of the drain assembly.

      I immediately contacted my supplier and then called Kohler customer support. Was asked to send photographs of drain problem, which I did. I was willing to grind it off but thought better of that idea since if I screwed it up there would be no recourse for me. So had to have another tub shipped and the old one picked up for return. The customer service rep said the tub should never have passed inspection and it should have been corrected prior to shipping the tub to anyone. Quality control is dead at Kohler.

      Now onto my latest problem with Kohler... We ordered a Kohler chair height toilet and in the process of me installing it (usually about a 20 minute job) I ran into a problem with a leak between the bowl and tank. I attempted to readjust and retighten the bolts, align the gasket, but nothing worked... This toilet was pouring water out the tank bottom all over the floor. I used at least 6 full size towels and they were soaked. I called Kohler CS again and explained the problem. She said the only thing they could do is send another assembly for the tank, a metal bracket and gasket. And of course it would take several days to ship due to the holidays and all... Well, here I sit with a toilet that can’t be used, and Kohler not too worried about my problem.

      I found a two solutions to my problem... First, I removed all the toilet guts from the tank and reinstalled them. As I removed the standpipe and gasket from the bottom of the tank I found that the gasket had been installed by the factory improperly and could not seal as installed. Once I fixed this problem and reassembled the toilet, attached the tank for the 5th time, there were no leaks. Another quality control, or lack thereof, issue. I tell you this is the last Kohler product I purchase. I wasted an entire day on an issue that was created at the factory. Such poor craftsmanship and poor quality issues upon assembly this company needs a legal wake up call. So long Kohler... Hello any other manufacturer.

      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed Dec. 1, 2018

      Approx. 8 years ago we purchased our first Kohler kitchen pull out sprayer faucet online and it was shipped by Ferguson. At first we were very pleased with it until it started leaking after approx. 3 years and they sent us a new O-Ring and seats. Replacing the parts was easy. Problem solved. Then a year later it started leaking where the hose attaches. There is a round metal ball at the sprayer connection point and it sits in a plastic part that after wear starts to leak. Their video shows the person using one hand to disconnect the hose under the sink. They have three variations of this connection point, ours was a collet connection.

      I couldn't budge the connection. As soon as I said I wished I had never bought a Kohler product they offered to send me a whole new faucet at no cost. I installed that one. Then approx. 4 years later again the same problem with the leaking connection and I couldn't get the connection apart at the supply point. I had to cut the hose to be able to removed the faucet. I didn't even contact Kohler I just bought a Delta faucet. We have only had that one a week and love it. Time will tell.

      The customer service reps were very polite and tried to help but they can't make up for very poor design.

      Customer ServicePriceStaff

      Reviewed Nov. 25, 2018

      Our original kitchen faucet set wore out. To make a long story short, the phones reps - though pleasant - didn't know much about their products. We were twice sent incorrect repair parts (which were, at least, free under their lifetime warranty), including a completely wrong color side sprayer. We just had a 44-year licensed plumber here yesterday to install a new garbage disposal and repair the faucets, sprayer, and spout. He told us, though the parts look the same above the sink, they're very different underneath compared to the old ones and suggested we replace it all with either a Moen or Delta product. He said that, unlike Kohler, those carry replacement parts for discontinued lines.

      We can't afford a new faucet set due to having to purchase a new water heater and garbage disposal in the past week. We're seniors on a fixed income. SO, tomorrow I will call Kohler yet again and demand either a new faucet set or a check in the amount of the price we paid on the originally purchased set. Don't buy Kohler.


      Reviewed Aug. 8, 2018

      Kohler K-8649-96 Shower Base - We purchased this Kohler Shower Base and had it installed. The first time my son used it he fell because it was so slippery. When I felt it it was as slippery as ice. The base was listed as no slip. When I contacted Kohler they said there was no issue with the base. When someone from Kohler came to look at it, we were told the we purchased it and we should have done more research. When reliable company, like Kohler, list the shower base say it is no slip, it should be no slip. They told us we can apply a nonslip coating to the shower base, but that would void the warranty. This is the last time we will buy a Kohler Product.

      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupCoveragePrice

      Reviewed June 14, 2018

      Buyer beware. I just purchased a Kohler Walk-in tub for my mom. On their website Kohler promises that what they quote you will be what you pay for the tub and installation. Well that is not true, we had to pay an additional $1600 for plumbing in order to connect to the tub. I also just found out we need an 80-90 gallon water heater and I only have a 40 gallon heater. My mom only gets enough hot water to cover her legs, but not enough to use the jets. I am so disappointed that a respected company such as Kohler does not honor what they promise. The company that installed the tub had no idea that a larger water heater was needed? So the most expensive walk-in tub on the market is now costing me an additional cost of between $2200-$3200 thousand dollars. I have called complained and nothing. Buyer beware!

      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed June 11, 2018

      I built a new home on Sanibel Island and most of my fixtures are from Kohler. I have the very modern Carbon faucets in my kitchen and was having a lot of trouble with them but when I called customer service new parts were sent to me free of charge and my plumber fixed the problem immediately. I am thrilled with the customer service I received and most exceptionally with Lindsay, and Ali who were extremely helpful and pleasant. I will no longer be upset about my purchase. The faucets are beautiful and now work well too.


      Reviewed June 11, 2018

      My Kohler experience was good. I picked it because I liked the look, the style and it wasn't too expensive. The only feature I required was the separate sprayer and that water comes out of the spout. There were other prettier faucets, but I will not pay hundreds of dollars for something that water comes out of. I do not truly care if it "goes" with my kitchen. I just want a product that does it's job. Kohler is a good faucet and it does the job that it is made for. It had a sprayer, which was the type I was replacing. And it was silver, which was the same color as the old one.

      Installation & SetupPrice

      Reviewed June 11, 2018

      It was easy to install and Kohler is a quality brand with years of experience at an affordable price. They had a wide selection of different designs which was helpful in giving me a wide variety to choose from. The products they provide are beautiful and fit with my decor. It is also easy to clean which was also a factor in my choice.


      Reviewed June 10, 2018

      The faucet I purchased has worked flawlessly since I have purchased it. The brand as far as I have experienced has been reliable and trustworthy which is all that I'm really looking for with any product especially one as important as a faucet.