Does a home warranty cover fireplaces?

Check fireplace coverage to avoid costly surprises later

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Most home warranty companies don’t cover fireplaces as part of your policy. Some problems that are associated with your fireplace may be covered, though. Here’s what you should know to protect yourself and your home.

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Most home warranty companies do not cover fireplaces.

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Your home warranty may have limitations and exclusions that could get your claim denied.

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You may be protected in other ways if you don’t have home warranty coverage.

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What fireplace services does a home warranty cover?

Home warranties don’t usually cover fireplaces, but you may still have a little coverage in a roundabout way. For example, if your policy covers gas lines, and your fireplace is gas, your home warranty may cover a gas leak in your fireplace. Or, if you have roof coverage and there’s a leak around the roof area of your fireplace, the repair may have coverage in your home warranty contract.

Potential exclusions to fireplace home warranty coverage

If you are able to get coverage for your fireplace, your claim may still be denied or limited. Here are some common exclusions in your home warranty contract that could affect your claim to get your fireplace repaired or replaced:

  • It wasn't properly maintained.
  • Your fireplace wasn't installed correctly.
  • The problem with your fireplace existed before you got your warranty.
  • Your warranty might not cover a specific type of fireplace (like wood-burning or gas).
  • Your homeowner’s insurance already covers your fireplace.
  • The damage wasn't from regular wear and tear.

Additionally, your policy might limit how much it'll pay for a repair or replacement. For example, your contract may include a $1,000 cap on fireplace repairs. If your fireplace needs $3,000 worth of work, you'd need to cover the extra $2,000 yourself.

What to do if your home warranty doesn’t cover fireplaces

If your home warranty doesn't cover fireplaces, you may still be able to get coverage. You might be able to upgrade to a package that includes it, or you could add fireplace coverage to your current plan as an extra feature.

Another avenue to explore is your homeowner’s insurance, which could cover fireplace repairs if your home is affected by something like foundation problems, a fire or a flood. Additionally, a builder’s warranty may cover your fireplace if your home is relatively new. It's definitely worth checking out before footing the bill for repairs yourself.

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    What does a home warranty typically cover?

    Home warranties usually cover large appliances, built-in microwaves, water heaters and systems like HVACs, plumbing, ductwork, pool heaters and well pumps. Some plans also cover additional items like pest control, septic systems, central vacuums, sump pumps and more.

    Is my fireplace covered under warranty?

    It may be covered by a builder’s warranty if your home is new.

    What does a home warranty cover vs. insurance?

    They cover two different types of damage. Home insurance covers damage caused by mishaps like floods, fires and theft, while home warranties cover repairs or replacements from normal wear and tear.

    Bottom line

    When it comes to fireplaces, home warranties typically don't have you covered. You have options, though. Your homeowner’s insurance might come to the rescue, or your issue could be linked to another covered system in your home. It's always a good idea to reach out to your policy company to double-check your coverage and explore your options.

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