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    Choice Home Warranty

    What is the difference between Choice Home Warranty and HomeServe?

    Choice Home Warranty and HomeServe are companies that help homeowners avoid unexpected costs when appliances and systems break down from normal use. Both offer plans with 24/7 claims service and licensed and insured technicians, and each is reviewed well by homeowners. In this article we look at Choice Home Warranty and HomeServe side by side to help you decide which best fits your needs.


    choice home warranty logohomeserve logo
    Monthly premium cost$46.83 to $54.75$7.99 to $58.33
    Average cost for combo plan$54.75 (Total plan)$58.33 (TotalHome Warranty Combo)
    Annual premium cost$532 to $627 (for 13 months)$95.88 to $699.96
    Service call fee$85$100 on TotalHome Warranty Combo and TotalHome Warranty Appliances
    Discounts availableDiscounts for paying annually; free 13th month20% off your first year on TotalHome plans
    choice home warranty logo$46.83 to $54.75$54.75 (Total plan)$532 to $627 (for 13 months)$85Discounts for paying annually; free 13th month
    homeserve logo$7.99 to $58.33$58.33 (TotalHome Warranty Combo)$95.88 to $699.96$100 on TotalHome Warranty Combo and TotalHome Warranty Appliance20% off your first year on TotalHome plans


    choice home warranty logohomeserve logo
    Plans availableBasic, TotalTotalHome Warranty Appliance Plan, TotalHome Warranty Combo Plan, Premium Home Protection Plan and more
    Covered systems88
    Covered appliances88
    Combo plan covered items1616
    Service recall period30 days for labor; 90 days for partsTypically one year; surge plans have a 90-day guarantee
    Availability48 states50 states and parts of Canada
    choice home warranty logoBasic, Total881630 days for labor; 90 days for parts48 states
    homeserve logoTotalHome Warranty Appliance Plan, TotalHome Warranty Combo Plan, Premium Home Protection Plan and more8816Typically one year; surge plans have a 90-day guarantee50 states and parts of Canada

    Appliances coverage

    choice home warranty logohomeserve logo
    Built-in food centers
    Built-in microwaves
    Clothes dryers
    Clothes washers
    Ice maker
    Instant hot/cold water dispensers
    Ranges, ovens and cooktops
    Trash compactors
    Water sensors
    Whirlpool bathtub
    choice home warranty logo
    homeserve logo

    Systems coverage

    choice home warranty logohomeserve logo
    Air conditioning
    Ceiling fans
    Central vacuumsAdd-on
    Garage door openers
    Garbage disposals
    Smoke detectors
    Water heaters
    choice home warranty logoAdd-on
    homeserve logo

    Other coverage

    choice home warranty logohomeserve logo
    Guest unitAdd-on
    Roof leak repairsAdd-on
    Second refrigeratorAdd-on
    Septic pumpAdd-on
    Stand-alone freezerAdd-on
    Well pumpAdd-on
    choice home warranty logoAdd-onAdd-onAdd-onAdd-onAdd-onAdd-onAdd-onAdd-on
    homeserve logo

    Reputation on ConsumerAffairs

    choice home warranty logohomeserve logo
    Overall star rating4.04.0
    Verified customer reviewsRead reviewsRead reviews
    choice home warranty logo4.0Read reviews
    homeserve logo4.0Read reviews

    All prices are based on a quote for a house of less than 5,000 square feet in Austin, Texas. All information is accurate as of publishing.

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      Choice Home Warranty

      Choice Home Warranty’s customers include homebuyers, homeowners and home sellers. The company, which has covered over 1 million homes across the U.S., offers two plans, Basic and Total, covering appliances and systems in each. There are also optional add-ons, like for a pool or second refrigerator. Plans are available in all states except California and Washington. You can make a claim 24/7 online or by phone and work with a dedicated team of representatives. Choice Home Warranty contracts have an $85 service call fee, which you pay to the service contractor CHW assigns to your home.

      Choice Home Warranty plans

      • Basic: The Basic plan covers the following systems and appliances:
        • Heating system
        • Electrical system
        • Plumbing system
        • Plumbing stoppage
        • Water heater
        • Whirlpool bathtub
        • Oven/range/stove
        • Cooktop
        • Dishwasher
        • Built-in microwave
        • Garbage disposal
        • Ductwork
        • Garage door opener
        • Ceiling and exhaust fans
      • Total: Everything from the Basic plan is included, plus you get coverage for:
        • Air conditioning system
        • Refrigerator
        • Clothes washer
        • Clothes dryer
      • Optional add-ons: Extras you can add to your plan include coverage for:
        • Pool/spa
        • Central vacuum
        • Second refrigerator
        • Well pump
        • Limited roof leak
        • Stand-alone freezer
        • Sump pump
        • Septic system
        • Septic tank pumping

      What Choice Home Warranty customers say

      There are over 12,000 customer reviews for Choice Home Warranty on ConsumerAffairs, with an average rating of about 4 stars. Customers have lots of positive feedback about the company. Many say the service representatives are knowledgeable and polite. The majority of critical remarks have to do with denied claims, often because of limits in coverage. Overall, most customers are satisfied with Choice Home Warranty’s services.

      I was very pleased with the response time and service provided by Choice HW. ... They had to order a part which Choice quickly approved and the Tech installed it the next day. Far better than the previous company I was with that just made excuses. Thanks for the great service.”

      Donnie of Pflugerville, TX


      HomeServe protects more than 4 million homeowners in the U.S. and Canada. Its plans are divided into plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling and combo categories. Representatives are available 24/7 by phone to schedule service, and repairs are backed by a one-year materials and workmanship guarantee. HomeServe plans are available in all states, but coverage and restrictions vary by ZIP code.

      HomeServe plans

      • Plumbing: The interior plumbing plan covers repairs and replacements of interior water pipes that burst, clogged drains, leaks in the hot water heater supply pipe and repairs to drain lines. The exterior plumbing plan covers outside pipe issues, like welding, unblocking and repairing seals and joints. The Water Service Line Plan covers lines leading to the home.
      • Electrical: HomeServe has interior and exterior electrical plans. The interior plan covers faulty wiring, broken light switches, damaged outlets and more. The exterior plan covers the weatherhead, meter base and other items.
      • Heating and cooling: HomeServe offers a plan for heating systems, a plan for cooling systems and a combo plan.
      • Combo plans: The TotalHome Warranty Appliance Plan covers eight appliances, including built-in microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, stovetops and ovens, washers and dryers, garage door openers and trash compactors. The Premium Home Protection Plan covers nine home systems, including heating and cooling, electrical, plumbing, the gas line, the exterior sewer and septic line, the exterior water service line and the water heater. The TotalHome Warranty Combo Plan covers eight appliances and 10 systems.

      What HomeServe customers say

      HomeServe has over 450 reviews on ConsumerAffairs, with an average rating of 4 stars. Customers like that representatives are quick to answer questions and knowledgeable. They also say HomeServe is easy to deal with. Customer criticisms mention coverage limits and some miscommunication issues.

      HomeServe is a must have for anyone that has a house and doesn't want to be worried about the unexpected (usually very expensive unexpected situations). I've used them once already and it was a fast to act on my emergency. Can't recommend enough.”

      A of Salt Lake City, UT

      Bottom line: Choice Home Warranty or HomeServe?

      Choice Home Warranty and HomeServe each help homeowners protect essential household systems and appliances. Choice Home Warranty has two broad plans, while HomeServe’s plans are more specialized, with lower starting costs. Both providers let you file a claim 24/7 and set up service with a local, licensed contractor. HomeServe guarantees repairs for a longer period than CHW.

      • Choice Home Warranty is best for homeowners who prefer straightforward coverage for both appliances and systems and the option to add on additional protections.
      • HomeServe is best for homeowners who want coverage specifically for plumbing, electrical, or heating and cooling systems.
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