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Century Shower Doors

Century Shower Doors
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    Century Shower Doors Reviews

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    Rated with 1 star
    Original review: Aug. 29, 2012

    In June 2012, we purchased a frameless Century Shower Door from Century Shower Door company in Torrance, CA. We had originally anticipated purchasing a framed shower door, not knowing that frameless shower doors were an option.

    When the salesperson from the company came to our house, he informed us that frameless shower doors looked much better and were much easier to clean and take care of than framed shower doors, but it were slightly more expensive. He essentially sold us on the frameless doors but he never told us that they leaked terribly and were essentially defective since they did not do what they are designed to do, which is to block water from leaking out of the shower. Once the shower doors were installed and we began to use the shower, the shower doors began to leak substantial amounts of water at the bottom of the door.

    We called the company and after several requests, they sent the salesperson over to our home to look at the doors, instead of a technician. A week or so later, a technician came to the house and placed more caulking at the bottom of the door. The door continued to leak large amounts of water so we contacted Century Shower Door again. This time, the company sent a sales manager to our house and he tried turning on the shower and closing the door. Even though the shower head was pointing away from the shower doors, the shower doors continued to leak at the bottom of the doors. He said there was nothing else they could do, except to replace the doors with framed shower doors. He gave us a quote for framed shower doors which was about $400 less than what we had paid for the frameless shower doors.

    We wrongly assumed that the doors would be replaced free of charge and that we would receive a refund for the difference since the frameless shower doors are clearly defective. He told us that we would have to pay for the new framed shower doors and that we would not receive a credit for the frameless shower doors that we had installed and which cost us $1,255. When we objected, he told us to call a manager at the company named James **. I phoned him the next day and he said that there was nothing he could do and that I would have to speak with the owner. He further informed me that since I had initialed a box on the diagram sheet that showed a drawing of the door that they were not liable for the leakage and were not obligated to replace the door free of charge. The box states in a very small print, which is difficult to read, that heavy glass shower enclosures are not designed to withstand a direct water source.

    Several days later, I spoke to the owner who had been out of town and he placed me on speakerphone from the beginning of our conversation. His name was Adam and he refused to give me his last name. He was extremely confrontational and defensive from the outset of our conversation. He refused to replace the defective doors, that his company had installed, free of charge. Instead, he argued with me and said that there was nothing he could do because I had initialed the box with the quote. He was rude, condescending, and indifferent. He could not have cared less that we were having trouble with one of his company's products. He said that we would have to pay full price to get framed shower doors installed. I told him that his salesperson should never have sold us these doors as he could see that our shower space was too narrow to accommodate shower doors such as these without substantial leakage. He said, too bad - you signed the box.

    I would note that the quote on the form is so broad and nebulous that if a customer were to read it, that it does not adequately inform them that the shower doors will most likely leak substantially especially if they are placed in a small shower space. Moreover, the salesperson should have known that these doors are not appropriate for small shower spaces or when the water source is somewhat close to the doors since they cannot do anything to the doors, such as use more caulking to prevent leakage.

    Essentially, the salespeople at Century Shower are incentivized to sell the most expensive shower doors that they possibly can and they do not care if their products are inappropriate for the showers/baths that they are being placed into. Further, the company does not stand by its products and does not support its customers whatsoever. They sell defective products and will not replace them even when it is clear that they are defective or that the customers were given terrible advice by their salesperson. Please do not buy their shower doors; you will regret it.

    40 people found this review helpful
    Original review: June 1, 2010

    I had a complaint against the company and it has been since resolved to my satisfaction. Please remove my post.

    5 people found this review helpful
    Original review: Oct. 25, 2008

    I purchased 2 shower doors from Century Shower Door, one for a newly remodeled bathroom and the other to replace an old door in the master bath, for a total of approximately $4,000. At the time I met with the salesman, Rupert, I expressed concerns about the replacement door in the master bathroom covering the screw holes left by the removal of the old door. Rupert assured me that he would measure so that the new door would fit over the old screw holes, and that I might have some small holes at the top (the new door was shorter than the old door) which could be covered up with colored grout.

    The door in the newly remodeled bathroom was installed without incident (although the door hits the towel bar on the wall, so I am going to need to move the towel bar, patch and repaint the wall in that room). After the installers finished in the master bath, they called me to look at it and I was shocked to see that there were 10 large (1/2 inch or bigger in diameter) holes in the tile, inside the new shower door, which the installers had stuffed with white silicone!!! No attempt had been made to cut the new door so it would cover the old holes and not only were the holes unsightly, but because they were inside, water would get into them, causing mildew, and eventually penetrate into the porous tile itself, which would then crack and crumble.

    Not only that, but the installers never called me upstairs to point out the fact that there would be several holes (I was home during the entire installation). In addition, the installers had left all the silicone and residue from the old shower door in place - despite their having said that their first step was to be removal of the old door and a thorough clean up of the old silicone. So I had paid several thousand dollars to improve the look of the bathroom and had ended up with a significantly worse looking bathroom.

    I told the installers that I wanted to speak with either my salesman or the owner before I signed off on the job or paid the balance due (and let me emphasize that I at no time refused to pay - only said I wanted to speak with someone first). The installers called the office and told me that Rupert would call me right back. While I was waiting to hear from Rupert (5 minutes later), the installers took the door part of the shower off of the hinges, went down to their truck (without a word to me as to what they were doing), drove away and refused to return that day (this was on a Friday afternoon), leaving us without a shower in the master bath over the weekend. The installers had also cracked one of the quarter-round tiles in the trim around the tub.

    I did speak with the owner, Adam Slutske, who agreed to send new installers back on Monday morning, but said I'd have to pay the balance in cash or cashier's check because he was worried I would stop payment on the check! I explained that I was a lawyer and wouldn't risk my license on a bad check charge, and he finally relented. A new set of installers came Monday with the door, and were flabbergasted at the shoddy work the first crew had performed, and were amazed that they hadn't shown the holes to me prior to installing the door so that something could be done about it beforehand (e.g., re-cutting the door to cover the holes or replacing the damaged tiles), because during the installation, the crew had drilled additional holes which would be left exposed if the door was removed and re-cut.

    The second crew also had to spend additional time cleaning up silicone from the old door, which the first installers had simply ignored in their cleanup. Rupert showed up later in the day and suggested I replace the white silicone with colored grout in the holes as a solution to the problem (as if all that silicone could ever really be removed from the holes in order to grout them!!!). I wrote to Adam and he finally agreed to send a crew to remove the door, so that I could replace the tiles with holes, and then the next day they would reinstall the door, but he initially was going to charge me to do it. The tile has now been replaced (because I had no spare tiles matching the quarter-rounds, it was necessary for me to incur additional cost to purchase quarter-rounds in a contrasting color), and the new door is in place, but it cost me an extra $700.00 to replace the tile.

    In addition to that, Rupert, who did all the measurements, failed to take into account the geometry of the door part of the shower. The towel rack, located on the outside of the door, hits the wall, preventing the door from being opened more than 1/2 way. When the final installation took place, the only thing that could be done was to move the handle from inside the door to the outside and the towel rack from the outside to the inside (think about that for just a moment...). This was because holes had been drilled in the door for the racks, and to remove the towel rack entirely would have left (yet another) uncovered hole.

    It was also not possible to put a towel rack on the outside of the fixed panel, as the glass had already been tempered and could no longer be drilled, so I am left with a totally useless and somewhat odd looking towel rack inside my shower. (This is the same problem I have with the door in the remodeled bathroom, which hits the towel rack affixed to the wall - at least in that case, I can remove the towel rack - again, at a cost to me of patching and repainting the wall)

    Throughout this, Adam and Rupert acted as thought I was the only customer to have ever had this issue and that spending thousands of dollars on a shower door only to have an unsightly and unsound result was something at which no reasonable person would have been upset. However, when the final installation crew came to re-install the door after the tile had been repaired, they said that my situation is quite common and that the sales staff never really lets the customer know the likelihood of having to replace tile.

    Had I known the holes would be visible and inside the shower where any solution involving grout or sealant would leave open the risk of having further water damage to the tile (and possibly the walls and floor) and that it would cost me nearly an additional 33% to remedy this situation, I would NEVER have bought the replacement door. They need to be honest with the customer so the customer can factor in the cost of replacing the tile in deciding whether to purchase. Apparently, although Century is, I'm told, a family-run business, Adam seems to be the son of the original owner, and seems to be quite young, with no real concern for building and maintaining his family's business reputation. Century had come very highly recommended - obviously by customers from the past, not the present.

    24 people found this review helpful
    Original review: Jan. 1, 2008

    Skip, a salesman came to our house at our request so we could order new shower doors. After the order was decided and while he was writing out the contract he mentioned that Century Shower Door would take out the old doors but that if they do it they would charge over $100 for it. He said it is a 10 minute job and that when he found out when the new doors would be installed, he personally would come out the day before and remove the old doors himself at no charge. He said he put customer to remove old doors on the paperwork so the company wouldn't question the work.

    The day before Thanksgiving we got a call that the doors would be installed the next Tuesday. We immediately called Skip to relay the message, got his voice mail and left a message. No return call. Called again on Saturday with the same results. On Sunday and Monday my husband and I removed the old doors and grouting. On Tuesday the new doors were installed on schedule. The towel bar on one of the doors has screws that match the almond frame. The other door has two towel bars and they have stainless steel screws. I wrote to the company and voiced my concerns. Mainly, I was concerned that the installers and the salesman had an agreement to remove the old doors off contract and split the additional money collected. Since we did the work ourselves, it didn't apply to us, but it might for other consumers and I basically wanted him to be aware. I also asked for almond head screws to replace the ones that were stainless steel. Mr. James Wood called and basically said he was unconcerned about the salesman's misrepresentations, and that they do not have almond head screws. He suggested we buy some paint and paint them (this even though the rest of the installation including the towel bar on the other shower door were installed with almond screws to match the installation.)

    We are dealing more with frustration than any thing else. We will buy almond appliance paint and paint the screws. We do feel like this was less than acceptable response for a business and are very disappointed.

    12 people found this review helpful
    Original review: Dec. 7, 2007

    I had a shower door ($460.10)installed by Century Shower on 08/29/06. I noticed , a few days after the installation, that the glazing plastic around the glass was unevenly installed. I thought it was a minor issue so I did not want to bother the company with what I thought was a minor and cosmetic issue.

    On 11 19/07 I noticed that this was a big issue and the glass was about to fall out of the metal frame. I immediately placed a call to the company to have it fixed. A sales man visited my house and insisted that I pay $275.00 to have the unit repaired, since the warranty had expired only 2 months prior.

    The sale rep. also pointed out that the shower door was wrongly installed by century shower door installer and that had contributed to the weakness/defect of the product. The sale rep. pointed out that company's decal which is always inside the frame was outside the frame which shows that it was improperly installed.

    I placed a call to Adam Slotky to discuss the situation. Slotsky made me a deal,that he will charge me $100 to fix the defective door. In the future when I purchase new doors for the other showers, he will deduct the $100 from the sale of the new doors. I agreed and made a $50.00 deposit. The balance was payable upon the repair of the defective door.

    On 12/3/07 I received a call at 4:56 PM, from the company to schedule the repair. A few minutes later I received a second call from Jim stating that they would only repair the defective unit for the $100 only if I purchase the 2 new doors that I was going to purchase in the future; which I have refused to do. There is no where in the contract that I signed for the repair and for the future purchase, that states that the $100 charge was only if I purchased the new doors now.

    The glass is about to fall off its frame. Therefore I have abandoned the use of that shower/bathroom until it is repaired, to protect my children(6 and 8 years).
    I tried to talk to Adam Slotsky to explain the situation to him but he has refused to take my calls.
    Now I have decided to use another shower door company to remove and replace the whole unit with a new shower door. I will also purchase two more doors from the new company, for the two extra bathrooms in the house.
    I think Century Shower Door Inc is waiting for something catatrosphic to happen to my family, then Adam Slotsky and his company will spring into action- it would too late then. Remember product liability does not stop when the warranty expires !!
    I have talked to customer service personnel/phone operator at Century Shower Door to try to get this resolved. These people were so disrespectful and unhelpful. Century Shower Door promised to refund my $50 deposit, since 12/3/07 but that has not gone through. I have the company called several times to get my money and they refuse to do anything further to refund my money. I have called my Bank to inquire about the refund but the bank states there is no indication of any refund processed by the company.

    I want everyone who is dealing with this company to be aware of their practices. Century Shower Door does not care about their customers. They are only interested in the money. There are several good shower door companies out there, more professional and caring. If I new their history I would not have purchased the first 4 shower doors for my previous home and would never have recommended them to my friends and family.

    18 people found this review helpful
    Original review: Nov. 21, 2007

    I had them to install a shower door. It was tacky from Caulking to the lining. They also had me to cut a 3/8 square of tile out of my wall when they had no need to do this at all. So now the completed project showed many faults including damaged tile tacky caulking, a nonlinear head rail, and bad conversation with the store owner. To make matters worse, they offer no compensation!
    To correct the job I would now have to lose two days of work. Customer Service is very bad and I would not ever endorse this company to anyone. I assure you this is the company in Torrance, Ca.

    Damaged tile and to correct this problem would take two work days. So now I would lose 3 work days on a job that should only take 3 or 4 hours.

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    Original review: June 2, 2006

    We requested a material saftey data sheet (MSDS)for their cleaning products used on their showers. We were told by Adam that they would not give out this information. Then we asked who manufactured their cleaning products and were told he didn't know and he just got them from a distributor. We then asked for the name of the distributor and Adam refused to give us their name.

    We requested the MSDS forms because it is required by OSHA to be on file with the cleaning company that cleans our home.

    Without this information the cleaning Co. cannot use these products and have to substitute with other products not approved for use on the Century Shower that we have.

    Another factor is the fumes from other products effect my lungs which are sensitive to fumes because of COPD-Emphysema. The Century Shower Door products that we have been using do not have a order that bothers me and we would like to continue using them.

    When I shared this information with Adam he said clean the shower yourself then. I would love to do that but my medical condition won't allow me.

    10 people found this review helpful
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