Bradford White water heater warranty: cost, coverage and plans 2024

What can you expect from your appliance’s warranty?

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Bradford White Corporation manufactures water heaters for residential and commercial settings as part of its Bradford White Water Heaters brand. The company produces a variety of water heater models, including gas, electric and tankless heaters. Its products are sold across the U.S. and internationally in Canada and other countries.

Bradford White provides a limited warranty on water heaters installed in the U.S., Canada and select other countries. The warranty guarantees the functionality and quality of its products. It also covers repairs or replacement if the water heater breaks during the warranty period.

Key insights

  • Warranty periods range from six to 10 years for gas and electric models.
  • A limited warranty does not cover labor costs, even if a replacement is required.
  • A Bradford White water heater warranty can be transferred from the original owner.

Bradford White water heater warranty coverage and plans

Bradford White provides a standard six-year warranty on its gas or electric water heater models. Some models may come with a ten-year warranty. Warranties cover both the tank and parts for a specified amount of time. A six-year warranty on the tank will also carry a six-year warranty on parts, for example.

Tankless models can have 12-year or 15-year warranties. Both provide a five-year warranty on parts. Labor costs are not included in any of these warranty options.

Bradford White also offers an extended warranty that must be purchased when you buy your new water heater. It extends the warranty period from six years to ten years for both the tank and parts.

Limits and exclusions

The company provides a full list of limits and exclusions in the warranty document. Keep in mind that the limited warranty may be transferred from the original water heater purchaser to a subsequent owner (for example, if the house it’s in is sold). Also, the warranty period on parts may be reduced for installations outside of the United States.

Some exclusions to the limited warranty include malfunctions or damages caused by:

  • Nonresidential use (for residential models)
  • Improper installation or repairs
  • Installations made without a certified combination temperature and pressure relief valve
  • Sediment or lime in the local water source

How to register a Bradford White water heater

It’s a good idea to register your water heater with Bradford White promptly after you buy it. This ensures that the company has the proof of purchase and installation information necessary to file a warranty claim.

To register your Bradford White water heater, visit the company’s website and click “Register My Product/Warranty.” You’ll need the unit’s serial number, which can be found on the rating plate located on the front of the water heater. Be prepared to also answer questions about the installation, such as the contractor’s name and installation date.

Bradford White water heater warranty cost

Warranty costs are built into the price of the Bradford White water heater. It typically costs $230 to $350 to purchase extended coverage beyond the standard six years, depending on the water heater model. This extended coverage upgrade increases the warranty period by four years.

How to file a claim for your Bradford White water heater

You’ll need to contact a plumber or general contractor who can determine what repairs need to be made and file a warranty claim (if applicable). Bradford White also provides a toll-free number and mailing address in the warranty document and an email address on its website to answer warranty questions.

Pros and cons of Bradford White water heater warranties

A Bradford White water heater warranty can be transferred from the original owner, which is an advantage if you plan to sell your home before the warranty period expires. The company also offers longer warranty periods than some of its competitors (starting at six years) and is available nationwide.

A drawback to consider is that you may have to pay additional costs for a replacement, even if the warranty covers it. This includes expenses related to labor, removal of the old unit and any applicable freight charges.


  • Transferable from the original owner to subsequent owners if unit is not moved
  • Six- or 10-year warranty periods are available for both tank and parts
  • Available in all states


  • Shipping, labor and other installation costs aren't included
  • Some consumers experience issues with replacements covered by the warranty

Bradford White water heater warranty vs. home warranty alternatives

You may consider purchasing a home warranty even if your Bradford White water heater carries a manufacturer’s warranty. According to the company, your Bradford White water heater may have a life span of 10 years or more. As your water heater ages, it may need repairs more often. You’ll be left with the high costs of parts and labor after that 10-year period.

A home warranty kicks in when the manufacturer’s warranty expires and provides you with coverage later, when the unit is more likely to experience breakdowns. Another benefit to a home warranty is that it covers labor, which could account for a large portion of repair or installation costs. The average cost to install a water heater today is close to $2,000.

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What is a Bradford White water heater warranty?

A Bradford White water heater warranty covers repairing or replacing the tank and components within a specified period. If your water heater malfunctions because of a manufacturer defect, the warranty can provide compensation for those repairs under certain conditions.

The warranty has limits and exclusions, so refer to the original warranty document for a list of those exceptions.

How long is a warranty on a Bradford White water heater?

Most residential gas and electric models come with a six-year warranty on the tank and on parts. Tankless options can have a 12-year or 15-year warranty on the heat exchanger and a five-year warranty on parts.

What is Bradford White’s customer service information?

You can call Bradford White’s customer service department at 800-523-2931. For warranty questions, call 800-531-2111. The company also provides a contact request form to submit questions electronically on its website.

How do I file a warranty claim for my Bradford White water heater?

Bradford White advises you to submit a warranty claim and call a plumbing professional who can diagnose your water heater issues. You can search for contractors in your area directly from the company’s website.

Bottom line

Bradford White provides a limited warranty on its water heater units. Warranty periods can vary depending on the model, but most start at six years. You can purchase extended coverage for an additional fee, which increases the warranty period by four years.

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