A.O. Smith water heater warranty: cost, coverage and plans 2024

What can you expect from your appliance’s warranty?

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A.O. Smith produces water heaters and boilers for consumers across the U.S. and worldwide. It guarantees the quality of its products by providing a manufacturer’s warranty on its water heater models installed in the U.S. The warranty sets limits and conditions to what the company will compensate for if the water heater malfunctions after installation.

Key insights

  • Warranty periods are as high as 10 years for both the tank and parts on select gas or electric models.
  • The warranty cannot be transferred from the original owner.
  • The water heater must be registered with the company to file a warranty claim.

A.O. Smith water heater warranty coverage and plans

A.O. Smith’s warranty coverage differs depending on the type of water heater (gas, electric or tankless) and the model number.

For example, gas tankless water heaters tend to have warranty periods of 15 years for the heat exchanger, five years for parts and one year for labor. However, gas or electric tank models may come with one of three different warranties, each with varying coverage for the tank or parts. Labor costs are not included.

A.O. Smith offers an extended warranty that can prolong the protection period by four years. The company does not disclose whether the extended warranty must be purchased at the same time as the water heater or if it can be added later. Check with your HVAC professional for more details.

Full warranty information for each model is available on the company’s website.

Limits and exclusions

Some situations or events could void your warranty. For example, warranties are not transferable and are only valid for the original purchaser of the water heater. Other exclusions include damages caused by:

  • Improper installation or maintenance (e.g., incorrect pipe sizing)
  • Poor water quality (e.g., pH levels less than 6.5 and greater than 8.5)
  • Use in heating pools, spas or hot tubs
  • Moving from the original installation location

You can find a full list of limits and conditions in the warranty document provided by A.O. Smith.

How to register an A.O. Smith water heater

Registering your A.O. Smith water heater is important because it provides proof of ownership for the unit. The company requires both proof of ownership and proof of installation date in order to file a warranty claim, as stated in the warranty document. In addition, registration gives you access to technical support and product updates.

To register your A.O. Smith water heater, visit the “Product Registration” page on the company’s website. You’ll need your new water heater's serial number and model number, which can be found on a printed label near the bottom of the tank. You’ll also input information about the installation, including the date and address.

A.O. Smith water heater warranty cost

The cost of an A.O. Smith manufacturer’s warranty is built into the price of your new water heater. If you choose to purchase the extended warranty, prices vary depending on the water heater model. The cost may range between $115 to $360.

How to file a claim for your A.O. Smith water heater

A.O. Smith recommends first contacting the company you purchased the water heater from to file a claim. You can also visit the “Warranty Verification” page on the company’s website or call the toll-free number provided in the warranty document for next steps.

A.O. Smith water heater warranty vs. home warranty alternatives

A manufacturer’s warranty is beneficial because it covers the repair or replacement costs of defective parts after the unit is sold and installed. However, the A.O. Smith warranty does not include repairs due to normal wear and tear of the unit.

A home warranty can provide additional coverage for those repairs after the A.O. Smith warranty has expired. Water heaters are included in most home warranties as covered appliances and home systems.

A home warranty can give you years of extra coverage to pay for incidental repairs or a full replacement when the water heater has reached the end of its working life. The home warranty may even include labor costs, which are only covered by A.O. Smith in the first year after purchase in some cases.

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Pros and cons of A.O. Smith water heater warranties

A benefit of an A.O. Smith water heater warranty is that labor costs may be covered on repairs or replacements in the first year. In addition, the company provides warranty periods that are equally proportionate between the tank and the parts. Other manufacturers may offer longer tank warranties than parts warranties.

One drawback is that the warranty is not transferable, which could be an issue if you experience water heater issues in a home recently purchased from another owner. In addition, some customers have expressed frustration with the company’s warranty claims process.


  • Labor costs included in select warranty options
  • Warranty period may cover both tank and parts for an equal time frame, unlike with some other water heater companies


  • Not transferable from the original purchaser
  • Some customers have experienced issues with resolutions from customer service


What is an A.O. Smith water heater warranty?

The A.O. Smith water heater warranty gives you added purchase protection for your new water heater. If the water heater breaks or malfunctions as a result of a manufacturing defect, you have the right to have the issue resolved (as outlined in the conditions of the warranty).

How long is a warranty on an A.O. Smith water heater?

Warranty periods vary depending on the model type. Gas or electric models may have six-, eight- or 10-year warranty periods, whereas tankless models can have five- or 15-year periods.

What is A.O. Smith's customer service information?

You can contact customer support at 877-552-0010. You can also submit a contact form on the company’s website. Be prepared to enter specific information about your water heater, like the serial number and model number.

Bottom line

A.O. Smith provides a manufacturer’s warranty on its water heaters, which vary in coverage based on the model type. The company requires product registration to file a warranty claim. A.O. Smith also offers a four-year extended warranty for an additional cost.

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