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Budget, dietary needs and necessary level of support are all important considerations in choosing a weight loss program. Medifast and Nutrisystem offer similar weight loss programs at similar price points, but they also have some important differences. Both Medifast and Nutrisystem require that you purchase additional food and are easy to follow. They have varying menu options and operate slightly differently.

ProgramPackaged meal replacements and dietary educationFood delivery at home with some nutrition guidance
FoodHome delivered meal replacements and one homemade meal per dayPre-portioned food with home delivery; food kits are also sold exclusively through Walmart.
ActivityProvides an activity guide to support exerciseOffers activity plan and information on exercise
SupportOffers individualized support as well as an online communityOnline support available through consultation, forums, and website
ResultsAverage weight loss is 1–2 pounds per weekWeekly loss of 1–2 pounds
Money-back guarantee30 days14 days
Customer SatisfactionRead ReviewsRead Reviews
ProgramFoodActivitySupportResultsMoney-back guaranteeCustomer Satisfaction
medifastPackaged meal replacements and dietary educationHome delivered meal replacements and one homemade meal per dayProvides an activity guide to support exerciseOffers individualized support as well as an online communityAverage weight loss is 1–2 pounds per week30 daysRead Reviews
nutrisystemFood delivery at home with some nutrition guidancePre-portioned food with home delivery; food kits are also sold exclusively through Walmart.Offers activity plan and information on exerciseOnline support available through consultation, forums, and websiteWeekly loss of 1–2 pounds14 daysRead Reviews

Does Medifast work?

Customer reviews suggest Medifast plan is easy to follow and has quick results. Medifast is a nutrition and weight loss company that prides itself on supporting any dietary restrictions and health considerations. The program works because the meal plans decrease your calorie and sugar intake, which causes the body to lose weight.

Medifast meal kits include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options, plus a Healthy Living Workbook and Medifast blender bottle for meal replacement shakes. Medifast also provides support to meet your dietary restrictions as well as health considerations. Daily exercise is required as part of the program.

Because Medifast was started by a doctor, it has been a popular referral by doctors for patients looking to lose weight. (Medifast claims the support of over 20,000 doctors.) The program offers two diet choices and a maintenance plan once weight goals are met.

Does Nutrisystem work?

Nutrisystem weight loss programs are glycemic index-based diets made up of good food choices and correct portion sizes. Customer reviews suggest it’s easy for the average person to follow a Nutrisystem weight loss plan, and the plan is designed in such a way that makes maintaining your weight loss easy too. After you reach your goal, you’ll start to slowly phase out Nutrisystem meals for your own.

During the program, participants receive online support through consultations and forums. Home delivered meals make up the simple 28-day program. The program also supports healthy living through diet and exercise. Vegetarian plans are available, as well as specialized programs for senior dieters and those with diabetes. Daily exercise is also part of Nutrisystem weight loss plans.

Medifast vs. Nutrisystem cost comparison

A cost comparison of the two programs shows similarities in the cost of about $300 a month: 

Nutrisystem cost
Nutrisystem program costs begin with their $10.18 a day basic plan. This four-week program includes four pre-selected meals a day for women and five meals a day for men. Nutrisystem’s Core program, $11.07 per day, offers additional food choices along with unlimited support. $12.50 brings you their Uniquely Yours program with even more food choices and both unlimited snacks and frozen meals. Their most expensive program is Uniquely Yours Plus at $13.93 a day. It adds a bonus four-week supply of their shakes along with access to a new Nutrisystem variety plan.

Medifast cost
Medifast’s 30-day Go program for $329 and includes 126 prepared meals, a dining out guide, food journal, welcome kit and blender bottle for shakes. Their Flex program is normally $466 but is often discounted for new members. It adds to their Go program with a sampling of nine microwavable meals, a healthy living workbook and 3 flavors of their lean and green meals. For $100 more, Medifast’s Complete program adds supplements, 23 more meals, 3 additional microwavable meals, a cookbook, 20 snacks and a box of zero-calorie flavor infusers for water.

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  • Starting around $300/month
  • 70 menu options
  • Lose up to 5 pounds per week
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  • $240–$350/month
  • 150 food choices
  • Weekly loss of 1–2 pounds

Bottom line: Medifast or Nutrisystem?

Both Medifast and Nutrisystem provide prepared meals and diet plans, but Medifast reviews score slightly higher in taste comparisons over Nutrisystem. Overall, Medifast offers more options for those with medical needs and dietary restrictions. Medifast is a program created by doctors that provides prepared meals and education, and can also tailor meal plans to meet your specific health and dietary needs, including for nursing moms and those with diabetes.

Nutrisystem also has specialized plans for vegetarians, seniors and diabetics, but does not have a gluten-free option available. For someone with a gluten intolerance, Medifast is the better choice, as Nutrisystem doe not provide gluten-free meal kits at this time.

  • Medifast is best for quick results. Developed by a physician, Medifast offers full meal plans for adults, teens and those with special dietary needs including diabetes patients, nursing moms, people with gout, vegetarians, people who take Coumadin (warfarin) and people with gluten intolerance.
  • Nutrisystem is best for long-term weight loss. Nutrisystem's low-calorie diet plans feature both pre-selected and customized menus with more than 150 pre-packaged food options. Customers can benefit from an online health tracking platform and individualized counseling from dieticians and weight loss coaches.
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