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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Dollar Shave Club?
    • 4,460,553 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed Nov. 25, 2023

    Our household used to have 2 handles and loved the razor blades we received every month. I don't know what happened, but the new blades are horrible! They skim over hair, and after repeatedly going over the same area, I now get razor burn. We have canceled our subscription. If you decide to go back to quality products, we would likely renew our subscription.

    Reviewed Nov. 20, 2023

    I was very pleased with their product, I had three handles for the blades that I liked so much. Then they randomly sent a new handle that doesn't work with the old blades. The new blades are so cheap they're not even as good as the old blades if they were dull. Do not waste your money.

    Reviewed Nov. 20, 2023

    Longtime former Dollar Shave Club user. The original Executive razor was the best in the industry in my opinion. The new blades are flimsy at best, cheaply made and require multiple passes for a clean shave. This re-design was definitely a cost reduction initiative and they did a great job. These blades are absolutely terrible.

    Reviewed Nov. 10, 2023

    Dollar Shave Club (I've been with them over ten years!) used to have fantastic six blade cartridges and a very nice handle. This year (2023) they were bought out by a private equity firm who promptly ruined everything. They cheapened the handle so it's a light, rubber unbalanced piece of crap, with a floppy spring piece that makes the blade head difficult to control (you end up pushing really hard and shaving at funny angles to compensate for this and the now poor quality of the cartridges), and new blades that just suck and do not shave closely anymore.

    At the same time, they made it so the new handle won't fit the discontinued six blade cartridge that was very good, and the new and crappy six blade cartridges won't fit the old handle that was also very good. No surprise, several months after this transition they've now just released a heavy metal handle that appears to be nothing more than a new iteration of the discontinued executive handle I liked so much that you have to purchase from them if you want a decent handle. In short, they took what was a great product and cheapened it to the point where it is not worth buying or using anymore, and discontinued the good product I was used to, while raising their prices. Then they try to get you to buy a new handle that is just a repackaging of the old handle, but you can't use the old handle because they made the new crappy cartridges such that the old handles won't fit them.

    These private equity firms are always such pigs and so short sighted they ruin everything they ever touch. I just cancelled my membership, and now I'm trying Dorco blades and handle that is available on Amazon and is supposed to be the same or similar to what Dollar Shave Club was selling before the greedy private equity buffoons bought the company and ruined everything.

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    Reviewed Nov. 4, 2023

    They changed the blades which are junk so I canceled it. Well I tried it again on Oct.26, 2023. They claim they have tracking but they don't. I have tried to track it even to this day of Nov. 4, 2023 and it says no tracking available, so I have canceled it again. I will not be trying them again nor do I recommend them.

    Reviewed Nov. 3, 2023

    I had a package delivered that for some reason didn't go out. These are blades you can put in the mailbox. Package got returned to sender. I can't get in touch with anyone there to correct the issue. After looking into their customer service, apparently it's non-existent.

    Reviewed Nov. 2, 2023

    They get you in the door with the product then start sending you new style blades that does not work with the new handle. When you confront them about this, they tell you that handle will fit. But you send in photos that prove it doesn’t fit and they tell you it’s your tough luck. Not even trying to send out the correct handle.

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    Reviewed Nov. 1, 2023

    The razor barely shaves, I tried it on my legs and on my face and in both places it shaves most of the hair but not all of it. On my face I couldn't get it to shave all the way down to my face and on my leg I had to go over the same area 3-4 times to get it to shave completely. I can get better quality than this garbage from Walmart and it comes in big packs.

    Reviewed Oct. 30, 2023

    I have been a customer for years. Switching to Harry's. No customer support. Ordered new blades a month ago. Still waiting. I'm done. They don't answer my emails. Totally pissed off! Switch to Harry's if you want any kind of support but if you like bots and ** responses stay with Dollar shave.

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    Reviewed Oct. 27, 2023

    I've been a member for years and have always loved my DSC razors until recently. When you discontinued my executive blades and made me go to these new blades my entire opinion has changed. I used to be able to shave 8 or 10 times before I needed to change blades but now a brand new fresh blade is duller than a used blade of old. Don't know how you think these are better but they are not, please go back to the executive blade so we don't have to switch to Harry's...

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    Reviewed Oct. 25, 2023

    I have been a Dollar Shave Club for several years. I had accumulated a surplus of razor blades so I took a break from their regular shipments. A month ago, I ran low and decided to purchase blades again about a year after my last shipment. Their site no longer had my last order information so I could not look up to see the exact blades I had ordered last. I decided to just order the 6 blade razors they had only to find out that they did not work with the existing handles.

    I then emailed them asking 1. Which handle would work with the new blades. 2. Which razor blades would work with the existing handles that I had. I sent them follow up emails but even after almost a month, they failed to reply. They are also not available via chat. I will not purchase from Dollar Shave Club again. They have terrible customer service.

    Reviewed Oct. 22, 2023

    I've been a member of Dollar Shave Club for 6 or 7 years now. These new blades are absolutely terrible. They are cheaply made and are not sharp. You can't get a close shave. I'm not sure why they moved from their old blades which were really good to these new blades. I'm now leaving and trying to find a new company. I hope this review helps.

    Reviewed Oct. 21, 2023

    I called their customer service for days and no one answers. Emailed them several times but no one will reply! One of the worst companies I've ever dealt with even though I haven't even heard from the company!

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    Reviewed Oct. 13, 2023

    My husband and I both hate the new blades. Loved the old but the new, not so much. I'll either find another subscription with another brand or go back to buying in the store. Prices are higher also for crap blades.

    Reviewed Oct. 1, 2023

    I also had a problem with the handle. I ended up sending an email. And they switched back to my executive handle. No problem since. This last bit now is only to use up the characters to send review. I do like DSC.

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    Reviewed Sept. 29, 2023

    Watch out for this scam. Orders are not shipped and refunds are not given. It's impossible to contact customer service. If you join the club, you are stuck. You are unable to cancel and they keep taking your money.

    Reviewed Sept. 26, 2023

    I restarted my subscription because we ran out of blades, but after one transaction I've cancelled it. They say they don't charge shipping on razors only, but they charged me $8 to ship ONLY razors. I ordered no other products, not even a replacement handle. I reached out to their customer service twice about this and never got a response. Now I'm seeing reviews here on CA that say their razors are trash, so I'll see what they're like when they arrive, but I'm not holding my breath. Don't waste your time or money regardless.

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    Reviewed Sept. 26, 2023

    So I have been a member for many years. Nothing but Doves flying outta my ** while running through a bed of Daisies. Up until you all forgot to pay your communication bill to your valued customers. I recently tripled my order, trusting DSC has never done wrong...Yet. 1/2 shipments showed up. Opened it up and missing my cologne collection thingy (happens to be the most expensive item on the menu missing but paid for). The other package showed up 2 weeks later AND I owe $10.20 Now, mistakes happen, but the big picture here is Communication to your members. You are losing members on the daily. Me? PS- You lost another package, about 40 bucks worth and nothing resolved but I didn't shame you for that one. Anyways, can someone return one of my plethora of messages? Thanks. Have a great day.

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    Reviewed Sept. 16, 2023

    Long time customer who loved the company and products - until they recently changed (cheapened) with new razors and handles. Both are crap. I just quit and going to give someone else a try. Too bad!

    Reviewed Sept. 13, 2023

    Have been a DSC customer for 10+ years. New razors are absolute garbage. Unilever cheaped out & ruined this great company with an inferior product. Do not waste your time or money on this now worthless company. Buy Dorco on Amazon, same blades as original DSC razors.

    Reviewed Sept. 1, 2023

    I had been a Dollar Shave Club member for many years. Not too long ago they switched from one razor type to another. About a week before they switched my wife lost her handle. I bought another one. They didn't bother to tell me that this handle I purchased would soon be obsolete. I have 3, I travel a lot so I had one in a travel bag, plus the two we had at home. They were giving away one handle during the switch, so I write to them and ask about the one I bought and also the other travel handle I had. I wanted to know who was going to refund me for the worthless handle I just bought and how much it would cost me to replace the other.

    It took almost 2 months to get a reply. By this time I was not happy so I told them they had to give me 3 handles or I was going elsewhere. They said they would do that. I waited another 2 months and never received even 1 handle (fortunately I still had some of the old blades). At this point I signed up for HARRY's. Best move I ever made. I should thank DSC for screwing up because Harry's products blow the doors off of DSC's.

    Reviewed Aug. 30, 2023

    I wanted to cancel my subscription, which was incredibly difficult. I have sent email after email. I was finally contacted letting me know that my subscription has been canceled. Two months later, I started seeing the recurring charge on my debit card again.

    Reviewed Aug. 23, 2023

    Trying Dollar Shave Club and I ordered blades, a handle, and shave cream. The handle was missing from the order and I can’t get a hold of anyone to tell them that I am missing part of my order. Will not use them again.

    Reviewed Aug. 21, 2023

    What happened with this company? You’ve become so cheap with your product quality that like many companies before you, you will no longer be relevant. The shave handles used to be solid quality metal, now cheap plastic molding that isn’t even worth $1. The blades are poor and you change them so often now that I can't use any of my quality blade handles anymore. Sorry, but I'm going to have to find a better company now. You have cheapened your products out of relevance and your company will not exist much longer.

    Reviewed Aug. 15, 2023

    Received my handle and used the new blades. What happened? Why did the company change them? THEY ARE HORRIBLE!!! I shaved and cut myself several times. They are cheap and NOTHING like the ones we use to get. I am 100% canceling my membership and taking my business elsewhere. Dollar Shave Club should be ashamed of themselves for switch to these cheap ** blades. The Dollar store had better ones.

    Reviewed Aug. 9, 2023

    They recently switched blades and they are horrible. The old ones would cut with one pass the new one took 5-6 and I still have stray hairs. It also doesn’t move around so any areas such as by the ear or nose will not get shaved.

    Reviewed July 31, 2023

    Thought I would give Dollar Shave Club razors a try, Worst razors ever! Took numerous attempts to even get the razor on the handle and then it didn't want to stay. The way they are shaped why bother having a lubricating strip. Very uncomfortable shave, not at all good when trying to shave next to mustache and goatee! I might as well have been using a cheap disposable for the shave they give! Never waste your Money!!!! Worst razors ever! So glad I only bought the 2 pack. Threw then out after 1st shave. Never again!!

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    Reviewed July 22, 2023

    I have not been able to talk to a human customer service representative despite my best efforts. The DSC website shows several shipments in transit at a fulfillment center for the last ~10 days. I was not able to tell whether the shipments are really at the fulfillment center to the website is giving me incorrect information. The website has a "chat" option which advertises itself as connecting to a real person within minutes, but after a few basic prompts it just asked me for my email address and would not connect me to a human.`

    Reviewed July 14, 2023

    Dollar Shave Club recently changed their website, which caused you to have to confirm your account. I have had nothing but issues with the website, links from the emails, no past order history showing. My issue is trying to get my future orders placed - my payment info had expired, so the order doesn't go through. I can't figure out how to update on the webpage. Happy that I'm not wrongfully being charged, but frustrated I can't get new blades. Not sure I want to continue business with them with other reviews I have seen.

    Reviewed July 14, 2023

    I was a customer of DSC for many years. They USE to have the best blades and best price. They changed to a new blade and it's completely useless. The new blades are not sharp, cut terribly, the blades don't stay on the handle, in short they are complete garbage. A disposable Bic razor cuts better and at least stays on the handle. I am disappointed as this use to be a great company but NOT anymore. I contacted customer service about the new blades and nobody responded to me. Use to be a great company but not anymore. Do yourself a favor and stay away. The new blades are a complete waste of money.

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