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SmileDirectClub and Byte
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Invisible braces are clear plastic trays that fit tightly around your teeth to shift them gradually into a straight position. Unlike traditional braces, clear aligners are removable, so you can take them out while you’re eating or drinking, and they're less noticeable. Below, we compare two popular options, SmileDirectClub and Byte.

smile direct club logobyte logo
Remote impression kit cost*$59$29.95
Single-payment cost*$2,050$1,895 to $2,295
Financing available
Average treatment length (all-day wear)Four to six monthsFour months
Impression type3D image or puttyPutty
Free teeth whitening
Lifetime guarantee
Customer satisfactionRead reviewsRead reviews

*At time of publishing

Remote impression kit cost*Single-payment cost*Financing availableAverage treatment length (all-day wear)Impression typeFree teeth whiteningLifetime guaranteeCustomer satisfaction
smile direct club logo$59$2,050Four to six months3D image or puttyRead reviews
byte logo$29.95$1,895 - $2,295Two to four months3D image or puttyRead reviews


Byte offers two treatment plans, All-Day and At-Night. All-Day aligners require 22 hours of daily wear, and Byte's average treatment plan is four months for All-Day aligners, based on initial treatment pland and not including any adjustments. 

At-Night aligners are designed to be worn while you sleep; they need at least 10 hours of daily wear during the treatment period. Byte's average treatment plan is five to six months for its At-Night aligners, based on initial treament plans and not including any adjustments.

The Byte process starts with ordering an at-home impression kit. A licensed orthodontist reviews the impressions and develops your treatment plan, and you can see a 3D preview of your new smile online. Aligners arrive within a few weeks, and your progress is monitored remotely.

Treatments include the HyperByte, a high-frequency vibration (HFV) device that may help reduce treatment time (when used five minutes a day with aligners) and ease discomfort associated with the treatment.  Orders also come with BrightByte teeth whitener and one set of free retainers. The Byte for Life guarantee promises additional treatment at no further cost if your teeth move out of alignment at any point during your lifetime.


  • Highly recommended
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Military and student discounts


  • Not everyone is a candidate
  • Must purchase retainers to qualify for lifetime guarantee


The Byte impression kit is $29.95 at the time of publishing. The cost is refundable if the doctor determines you are not a good candidate for aligners. All-Day aligners cost $1,895 with a one-time upfront payment. Byte also offers financing with 100% approval.


At the time of publishing, Byte is the highest-rated invisible braces company on our site. Positive reviews indicate that wearers were impressed with the speed of treatment and felt comfortable when changing aligners. They also say that impression kits are easy to use. Some people start to see results in as few as two to three weeks.

SmileDirectClub and Byte are both more affordable than traditional braces.”


SmileDirectClub offers clear aligners you wear 22 hours a day and nighttime aligners that you can wear for 10 hours each day. The regular treatment takes four to six months, while the night-only treatment takes an average of 10 months.

To get started, visit a SmileDirectClub SmileShop for a free 3D scan or order an at-home impression kit, which includes free overnight shipping and a prepaid return label. A licensed dentist or orthodontist will review your smile to determine if aligners are right for you. Customers get a preview of how teeth will move during treatment. SmileDirectClub then ships the full set of aligners to you to begin a custom treatment plan. Your dentist or orthodontist monitors your treatment remotely with regular, virtual check-ins.


  • Nighttime-only option
  • Lifetime guarantee, with additional aligners at no cost
  • Payment plan with no credit check


  • Slightly more expensive than Byte
  • Does not work for major corrections


SmileDirectClub offers a free 3D scan at a SmileShop at the time of publishing. If you order an impression kit for at-home use, it costs $59. If you are not a good candidate, that cost is refundable. Customers have a few options to pay for treatment, which includes aligners and whitening: a one-time upfront payment of $2,050 or enrollment in a SmilePay payment plan. SmilePay financing requires $250 down and $89 payments over 26 months ($2,564 total). SmileDirectClub works with most dental insurers, which cover an average of 50% of costs, according to the company. Smile Direct accepts HSA, FSA and CareCredit. Retainers cost $99 per set.


Not everyone achieves their desired results with SmileDirectClub. However, most reviewers appreciate that it’s a cost-effective way to fix teeth. They state that customer service representatives seem knowledgeable and friendly throughout the entire treatment process. Visit the company’s website to view before and after photos.

Byte vs. SmileDirect FAQ

How are Byte and SmileDirectClub similar?
Byte and SmileDirectClub both offer all-day and nighttime-only treatment options for teeth straightening with clear, plastic aligners. Both allow you to complete treatment 100% at home, with no physical visits to a dentist or orthodontist.
How are Byte and SmileDirectClub different?
SmileDirectClub has in-person locations throughout the country — called SmileShops — where customers can go for an initial 3D scan. SmileDirectClub also charges the same price whether you choose all-day or nighttime-only treatment. Byte does not provide in-person services and charges more for the nighttime-only treatment. However, Byte offers the potential for faster straightening with daily use of its HyperByte high-frequency vibration device, which is included with both plans. Byte also provides one free set of retainers.
Which is cheaper, Byte or Smile Direct?
It depends on the plan. At the time of publishing, Byte’s all-day aligners are cheaper than SmileDirectClub’s, but SmileDirectClub has the less expensive night-only aligners. SmileDirectClub charges the same price for both plans. Byte’s night-only treatment is the most expensive option. Both companies charge similar prices for impression kits. Byte does include a free set of retainers, while SmileDirectClub charges $99.
How do Byte and SmileDirect compare to Invisalign?
Invisalign requires an in-person office visit. You can begin Byte and SmileDirectClub treatments without leaving your home. Invisalign costs vary by provider but are comparable to traditional braces. Byte and SmileDirectClub generally treat mild to moderate cases of malocclusion, so Invisalign might still be worth it for more complex corrections. For more information, read Invisalign reviews.

Bottom line: Which is better: Byte or SmileDirect?

SmileDirectClub and Byte are both good options straightening teeth and correcting minor to moderate orthodontic issues.

  • Byte offers fast treatment plans: For those in a hurry to fix their smiles for an upcoming special occasion, such as a wedding or senior pictures, Byte's average all-day treatment plans are four months, based on initial treatment plans without adjustments. Byte offers a 100% virtual experience; it has no locations for office visits.
  • SmileDirectClub offers in-office consultations: SmileDirectClub could be the right choice for those who would rather meet with a real person and get a 3D scan than order a kit online and take impressions at home. As of publishing, you can find SmileShops in 33 states, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico. At-home impression kits are also available.

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