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      Rated with 1 star
      Original review: June 19, 2012

      I refinanced my home under HARP. My mortgage was with Regions. I refinanced with Regions and was billed outrageous fees even though they already held my mortgage. I was charged title fees, fees for insurance that I had for 12 years and for paperwork they already had. I was charged over $4,000.

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      Rated with 2 stars
      Original review: Feb. 5, 2012

      Regions Mortgage charge me $500 to do the HARP program. $400 for appraisal and $100 for application fee. HARP program had no charge and the value doesn't matter on the new program.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Original review: Oct. 23, 2011

      We have been paying our mortgage on time and as agreed since 2003. We noticed that our September 1, 2011 payment had not cleared on the first. We sent it on the 16th of August.

      We called the customer service number and were informed that we had been over thirty days late since 2007. We freaked out. After two weeks of our investigation and lots of money spent, we located all of our payments and we paid early. All the 13 Regions representatives that we spoke to were smug and arrogant. They finally agreed that they made a mistake and refunded all the late fees. Then they reported me to the credit bureau as being late on my mortgage which happened as I was trying to get a new mortgage for a new home purchase.

      I called the 14th representative who told me that they could not do anything about it and I would have to call the credit bureau. I called the credit bureau and spoke with a semi-non-English speaking representative who told me that I would have to send all of this in writing.

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      Original review: Dec. 15, 2010

      Last year just before leaving for a military mission, I received a notice that my flood insurance had increased from $751/year to $7140. The problem with Regions was that they just paid it without any review or contact to me the mortgage holder to question why.

      Next thing is that the notice came from Regions indicating that my house note would then be increased by $600/month, in order to cover the escrow. I have been calling them multiple times. I was able, however in the nick of time, to get the issue corrected with the flood insurance and then had to call the amortization company with a stop payment for any amount greater than what my current house note was. It's like they spend your money without asking permission or alerting you to a problem.

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      Original review: Oct. 24, 2010

      Well, we lost our careers when the economy tanked and trying to hang on with low paying jobs. We have our mortgage with Regions (Gangsta Mtg Co.) and are about $2k behind only because we were sending in partial payments several times a month. This amounted to the entire payment being received within the allotted month. But since it wasn't all in one check, they put it in our escrow account instead of applying it to our mortgage and added finance, miscellaneous charges. Now they are trying to foreclose on us. The escrow office (Memphis) and the mortgage office (B'ham) can't even call each other to move our money where it belongs, even though they, with other banks and Wall Street, caused all this economic mess, and they (Regions, Gangsta Mtg. Co.) owe us tax payers tarp money to the tune of 3.5 billion dollars. They are total hypocrites!

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      Original review: Sept. 1, 2010

      When I needed funds for dental surgery, I applied to Regions Bank on 7/27/10. I was requesting a small loan amount compared to the value of my home (approximately 10% of the loan to value) so my request was categorized as a line of credit. I did not want nor request a line of credit, only a fixed rate loan. I own my home. There is no mortgage on it. I was referred to Margie ** with the mortgage division at which time she reviewed the information from the banks application and indicated my loan was basically approved. An appointment was made for me to visit her office on 8/3/10 at 10:00 A.M. On 8/3/10, I met with Margie ** in her office and signed documents she had prepared for completing my request. I gave her a check in the amount of $325.00 for an appraisal fee. I told her at that time my home had been on the market for sale, but the contract had expired and it had been taken off the market. She stated this was fine as long as it was no longer on the market. The appraisal was done on 8/12/10. On 8/19, I had not heard from Regions and I called, leaving a message for Margie to return my call.

      Receiving no response on 8/20, I called again. Speaking with Margie, she stated she would check with the closing attorney about the title work and call me back. She did not call me back. On 8/23, I called again and left a message for Margie to contact me, again no response. On 8/24 I called again and spoke with Margie at which time she informed me the documents I initially signed could not be used because they were dated the same day the realtor officially took the house off the market. The dates could not be the same. She stated she was not feeling well and needed to go home for a while, stating she would reprint the documents and bring them by my house for me to sign. I asked that she leave them with someone (a co-worker) and I would go to her office and sign them. She insisted it would be better if she brought them to my house and that it could be as late as 6:00 P.M. Since that time I have not heard from Margie ** nor anyone else with Regions.

      I have since applied with another mortgage company, and within 4 days time, the loan has been approved, the appraisal made and I am waiting for a confirmation date as to when the closing agent can schedule the closing. I paid $325.00 for an appraisal that will be of no benefit to me in any way (I live on a fixed income). The dental surgery that was scheduled for 8/31/10 had to be postponed causing a great deal of discomfort on my part and inconvenience for both myself and the dentist/periodontist. I now will be forced to wait until there is another appointment available before the surgery can be done.

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      Original review: Aug. 29, 2010

      Regions mortgage holds the mortgage on my home. They bought it from Union Planters mortgage about 5 years ago. My wife lost her job in Feb. and contacted them to say I would need to do a refinance on the house because the interest rate on my loan now is about 9%. I was told that they would not do a refinance on it because it is a double wide trailor! It is not a double wide trailor and I tried to explain that to them but they said that was what is listed on the appraisal that was done on the home and property when we bought it. I tried every way to tell them that it is not a trailor but they would not help me. Then they told me that before they could try to reduce my payments or do a modification on my loan that I would have to be late on my payments.

      This was what I did not want to do but that was the only way they would help me.I even ask them why if they already held the mortgage on the home they wouldn't do a refinance on it and they still told me they don't finance trailors! They hold the mortgage on it now no matter what you call my home and I think they refused to help me because they wanted me to get behind. I applied for the modification on the loan and was turned down because they said my income was a lot more than it is.

      When I found out they were using my gross income(before taxes) I tried to tell them that was not my bring home pay and I didn't have that amount available to me. My bring home pay is about $2050 per month and my house payment is $768. I do not know why they won't do a refinance on a loan that they already own to help a person stay in their home. I also feel like they discriminated against me because I did buy an affordable home. My property was paid for and valued at $15,000 and I used it as a down payment on the home. I did not buy a $200,000 or $300,000 house I knew I couldn't afford. I bought within my means to afford my home and just because it is a manufactured home they refused to help me.There are a lot of people who chose these kinds of affordable home and if they try to live within their means they get punished for it.

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      Original review: April 5, 2010

      I run a company in the US. It is a subsidiary of a French company. I am the VP, I report only to the owner and CEO in France. Twice now, Regions Mortgage has sent a letter to verify my employment. These letters were addressed to my secretary, who is a contract employee of mine. They contained my last 3 years W-2 forms with all info visible and also several of my pay stubs with bank account info. I want to know how this can happen. Why isn't my identity being protected? Why would they send my SSN and other personal info to a secretary who works for me? Why would they send all my W-2 earnings info to one of my employees?

      My identity, SSN, and bank account has been compromised because of this. No money has been stolen from me, I just want to know if it is legal to send my W-2 forms to random employees of mine.

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      Original review: Feb. 12, 2010

      I am happy to see that others are stepping up and speaking out about Regions. I recommend that anyone who plans to make principle-only payments to Regions Mortgage make a detailed list of dates and amounts. Plus I recommend using your most recent year-end statement to keep things accurate on your end. I have been sending small principle-only payments over the past five years and they never send proof of its being received. All they send is a year-end statement with the total principle and total interest paid, but it doesn't add up correctly compared to the payments I make and the extra I put into it.

      In 2008 I sent two months worth of payments together in the same envelope to the company. This way I could get ahead for the future. The very next month they told me that I was behind a payment, they had never received a second payment, and it was considered my fault. What I want to know is where the second check in that envelope went? It's almost like Regions tries to keep you from getting ahead. They "lose" principle-only payments, and they "lose" doubled-payments. And I have 12 more years with them!

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      Original review: July 28, 2009

      Regions Bank has given Mr. ** a HELOC on a property he no longer owns. My name is **. I purchased it, ** estate ** on 4/2006. Mr. ** was given a mortgage on 2/21/2008. I need to know. How did this happen being that Mr. ** is not the owner of the property?

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      Original review: May 6, 2009

      We had death in our family in Novemberw

      that we got behind and we have been sending 2 payments Januray and they said we are behind 4 payment because I listening to her and didn't send two months because she said she would help me but she didn't she want us too kept paying two payment but we are going to be on a fix income starting June 1. But have you ever heard of putting in errow and not putting on the payment half I don't understand . Please help because we have been sending to payments
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      Original review: Nov. 24, 2008

      Regions mortgage randomly through the 4 years I've been paying extra principle only payments does not apply the total amount to the principle. When you call to question about what happened they never get back to you. They changed also, you cant make first mortgage payments to a local branch so all dealings must be made remotely by phone or internet (however, the branches will talk with you and assist you). I you're the type that likes to know what your paying and why then you will had regions. They are always playing games to ensure you pay the most allowed by their grey-area law. When I finally had had enough and borrowed from my retirement to pay off the remainder of my mortgage my complaints forced them to reduce my payoff amount. I'll never know if it was calculated correctly.

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      Original review: Jan. 4, 2007

      Regions Bank consistently posts extra (apply to principle only) payments incorrectly. By consistently, I mean every time I have made an extra payment. Extra (apply to principle only) payments are noted as such on the line provided for on the payment coupon, and marked as such on the seperate check, which is mailed with the regular check and payment coupon. The payments have always been received on time or before. They have cashed the principle-only check for less than the face amount, or applied the principle-only payment to the next months' regular mortgage payment (most usual) and posted the principle payment (received and cashed same day as regular payment) as if paid following the next months' regular payment.

      The first instance has never been corrected, costing me a few hundred in interest over the last 3 years. After that, I have learned to call after I make a principle only payment. Usually they correct the mis-applied payment within a week. Sometimes, it is mis-applied again, necessitating another call. If I did not keep close track of the online 'history', this would have cost me thousands of dollars in unearned interest and PMI. I'm tired of doing their bookkeeping for them!

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      7 people found this review helpful
      Original review: Nov. 6, 2006

      My house was destroyed by hurricane katrina, we lost everything. my mortgage co let us hold off on payments for 15 months, now they are demanding a payment for 16,000.00 that they are calling overdue in 30 days or they may start foreclouser procedings. I tried to explain that i don't have that amount of money to pay them, so mrs taylor said she will see about adding the overdue amt back into the loan, but our notes will go up. my mortgge payment is 1100.00 a month. i can not afford to pay a higher note due to we lost our jobs and i am makeing alot less money now. i asked mrs taylor to hold off until i find out from the LRA what my options are and if they will help with my mortgage, i explained to her that LRA may offer to pay on loan and ask them to accept less a pay off since the house and property are not worth what it was before the hurricane. mrs taylor said if LRA would call that the answer to the pay off would be no. i do not know what to do or where to turn.

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      Original review: Jan. 26, 2001

      When I purchased my home, I paid 10%, and had a written agreement with the mortgage company that they would release the PMI (about a $60 per month charge) when I paid another 10% down when I sold another property. Once the other property was sold, I delivered the check for the other 10% to the mortgage company. This check was held for one month before it was cashed. It then took over two months and dozens of complaints and phone calls to the mortgage company before the PMI was released. The mortgage company representatives, especially Karen Childress at the Montgomery office, were unhelpful, rude, and evasive. They also attempted to add extra charges for the re-cast. These were hidden charges, since they were not stated in my written agreement. I have never had a more stressful experience in dealing with a company. My mortgage representative, Jane L, also was not very helpful. I will NEVER do business with Regions Mortgage or Bank again.

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