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OneMain Financial looks at factors beyond credit scores to help people financially, offering personal loans and credit cards online, by phone and in person at nearly 1,400 community branches across 44 states. You can use OneMain funds for emergency bills, a vehicle, home improvement, debt consolidation, medical bills, a vacation or nearly any other purpose. Loan amounts range from $1,500 to $20,000, and funds are typically available by the following business day. It takes about five minutes to get pre-qualified, with no effect on your credit score.

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  • Flexible term lengths
  • Secured and unsecured loans
  • Loans from $1,500 to $20,000


  • Charges an origination fee

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OneMain Financial offers secured and unsecured loans with APRs up to 35.99% and terms up to 60 months. OneMain loans have fixed rates and payments and no prepayment penalties.

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Original review: Nov. 27, 2010

I wanted to buy a car worth $5800, and applied for a loan with the dealer. This bank works with the dealer, and gave me a call after almost a week. They were asking me to provide a co-signer because they think my credit is low. I provided them the co-signer but he lives out of state. The lady says the co-signer has to come to the office to sign documents. It is not possible for my co-signer to make a trip to Colorado for a car I am buying. I offered the lady two options:

1. mail the documents to my co-signer, 2. my co-signer can go to a different branch in his city and sign the necessary documents. The lady did not agree and said the only option I have is to come to this branch with my co-signer. I find this extremely ridiculous. They could have worked on it with me and facilitated the process but it seemed they are very arrogant. The way the lady was talking it was as if she was doing a huge favor to me! I ended up not getting the car because of her.

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Original review: Nov. 26, 2010

My wife and I applied for a loan modification with American General Finance. Marianne, the office manager, requested for several documents and when we got the documents together, I mailed them to her. She asked for pay check stubs again, then she asked for my bank statement again. Before I could get another one, she said it was too late.

She then made a statement that I should just sign my house over to her now because she is going to start foreclosure proceedings and she will take our home. She is very rude and talks to me and my wife as if we were beneath her. My wife won't talk to her anymore and I always regret answering their calls. We are in a difficult financial situation, but we are making every effort possible to correct this or at least make payments.

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Original review: Nov. 8, 2010

I refinanced with American General in 2008. Right after that, I lost my job and lived on unemployment for approximately 6 months. I managed to sell things I owned to continue paying the mortgage. As of Sept of 2010, I have paid over 24 payments less than 30 days late. My interest rate is at 10.25%. I have paid about $190.00 to the principal this year. I cannot afford this mortgage. I have been denied twice by them for a loan modification. I have lost my homeowners insurance. I live with no heat nor air and broken windows that I cannot afford to replace.

I am hungry. My credit score average is only 560 and no one will refinance me even though I have paid on time. If I were able to pay my taxes and insurance, my loan modification according to the Obama program should not be denied. It is more than 31% of my gross income. I am about to let this home that I have had for over 12 years go due to them not working with me. I have to use my income tax each year to pay the taxes due on the property. I'm tired of struggling!

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Original review: Nov. 8, 2010

I financed a 24' closed in trailer through this company gave them the title paid it off, at that time they were renovating the office, so all documents were stacked into boxes. Then, they tried to look for my title and couldn't find it to this day and they charge me $15.00 for title search and ask me to go to my local DMV and apply for a lost title. They told me they would also keep looking and it has been 2.5 years now, as an emergence purpose I had to get another loan through them at 29% and gave them the title to my truck and my 40'Fleetwood motor home for $4000.00. Find it to this day and charge me $15.00 for title search at the beginning. Now they are telling me to go to my local DMV and file for lost title.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 31, 2010

Yesterday, I called American General to let them know that I wasn't able to make a payment until 11/05 which was due on 10/15/2010. That would put me late by 20 days. It was the 1st payment of the loan and the response from David, an American General employee, was in a rude manner. He told me that I couldn't keep making late payments like this and when I make the payment on the on 11/5, he wanted me to make a payment for 11/15 also. I told him that I can't do that because I had auto insurance to pay as well. So he was angry with me at that point and told me I better have a payment there by the 15th.

When I called I wasn't looking for argument and by the time we were through with our conversation, I felt like crying. I do not deserve to talk down to. I'm not a dead beat! I really wish I hadn't done a loan through them. I can't believe they have a A+ rating with BBB. Sounds a bit fishy to me. They can't keep being so rude like that.

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Original review: Oct. 25, 2010

Now, I get the fact that the economy is really tough right now and that people get hurt or become ill but if you owe someone money then you should pay it. American General is not a not for profit company and in order to lend money they have to borrow money. So, if people are not paying their loan payments then they cannot pay theirs. I guess the end result is do not borrow what you cannot pay back! The American General where I do business has always been courteous, pleasant and helpful.

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Original review: Oct. 7, 2010

Good afternoon, my name is Audrey **. My question to you is: "Is it legal for a creditor to have my wages garnished when I was told that as long as I am making payments the wage garnishment would not go into effect?"

On June 1, 2009, I was served with a summons (Citation Judicial) stating that I was being sued by American General Financial Services, Inc. I immediately called American General and spoke to Jessie and asked her why I am being served with court papers, when I am currently making the arranged payments she and I agreed upon. Jessie basically told me that, as long as I am making a payment the wage garnishment would not go into effect. I made majority of the payments for the last year until I went on disability, in June of 2010.

I did not make a payment in June and August of 2010, because of financial difficulties. I started payment again when I returned to work in September of 2010. On October 5, 2010, I was served again with court papers stating that my wages will start being garnished. I called Jessie again at American General to ask why my wages would be garnished, and she stated that it was because of the missed payments.

I asked her why she did not tell me this when we spoke on the phone? She stated that I did not keep the agreement that we had made. Jessie then passed me off to the Assistant Manger and he said, that it was because I was not making the agreed upon amount of $150.00 per month (I made payments between $100.00-$150.00 each month; I have record of each payment).

I then explained to him that I was temporarily placed on disability from June 2010 to August 2010. He asked me why I did not file a disability claim policy with them. I told him that I was not informed of that option. Apparently, I have Merit Life policy through American General, which is my disability policy, should I go on disability for any period of time. I asked him, why Jessie did not inform me this option when I told her that I was on disability for 10 weeks. He just said, I did not know why.

I called their Attorney, Michelle, and asked her what I could do about stopping the garnishment. She told me to call the collections department for American General and make arrangements with them. The collection department told me they do not have a record of a case filed against me and to call American General back for further investigation. I called back and spoke to the Assistant Manger again and he stated the same thing to me about the missed payment and not making payments of the agreed upon amount.

I asked him why none of the American General Representatives informed me of wage garnishments if I am unable to make the full payment of$ 150.00 each month. He did not really have an answer to that question; he just said that I did not make full payments as agreed upon. I do admit I owe the debt and would like to pay it off. I would just like to know if it is legal the way this is being handled and if I have the right to dispute this judgment. I find it unfair that I received summons in June of 2009 but did not state a date of appearance in court, so I never went to court for the judgment.

As I stated above, Jessie basically told me that as long as I was making payments, I would be fine. As far as I can see, the judgment against me was still filed even though I was making payments for the past year. What can I do to get this resolved in my favor? Thank you for your time and expertise.

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Original review: Oct. 4, 2010

I borrowed $2000 from American General Finance. I had a two-year note on a personal loan. The following week that I borrowed the loan, I gave back $1000. I was told by the loan officer, if you give back $1000 the following week, I would only owe $1000. So, why on a $2000 loan, two-year note and giving back $1000 a week later, why do I still owe $2000?

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Original review: Oct. 1, 2010

This is definitely an irrefutable company! First of all, they approved me for a $5000 loan because my credit is very good and my income checked out. When they found out that I was married, they said that they cannot give me now the $5000 because my husband has to apply, which he did; he has great credit, too. But when they saw our taxes, they took away the approval stating that they cannot tell who makes what because it is joint and my husband owns a business. This is far from beyond unfair. I also just found out that they ran my credit on Experian four times which of course lowers the credit score I was so proud of.

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Original review: Sept. 30, 2010

Never fall behind on payments, or its constant harassment. I have 2 rental property mortgages with them. The tenants fell months behind, after losing their jobs. My household income has dramatically been decreased, so I was unable to maintain these accounts. I explained this several times a week to Jason, the manager, and Ryan. They constantly call my home and job, many times a day, even after I have explained the situations. I have made payments from my own home mortgage account. I tell them on Monday, I will be in on Friday, and they will call everyday that week. Since then they have threatened, not only foreclosure, but wage garnishment as well.

They have come to my home questioning my wife, they also stake out my house, to see when I get home. It has been a constant nightmare dealing with this company that our tax dollars, has bailed out of their financial issues. They suggested a short sale, which I agreed to, then they changed their offer and once again threatened foreclosure, which at this point, go ahead. In this economy, think before using American General for any financial needs. This started out as an investment to help pay for my children's college.

A continuation to juggle payments to maintain my household, without falling further behind in my personal home obligations, with 2 children attending college, and having many other needs is stressful enough. My home mortgage is behind trying to pay American General. I lost money every month for 1 and 1/2 to 2 years on these house mortgages, with no relief in sight. They have been up for sale for 1 year now, with no offers, after complete rehabilitation.

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Original review: Sept. 24, 2010

I got behind on my mortgage payments due to renal failure and forced to retire. The first six months, I was paid by my company, then long term started, but far less than I was getting, so I fell behind. American General said, I had to catch up or face foreclosure. I was less than a payment behind, when they said no more partial payments. They claimed I owed them 4,992.92. I offered them 3,700 they would not accept it. I have now moved to another home that I now rent.

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Original review: Sept. 24, 2010

I took out a loan with American General for $5000. Since the economy is so bad, I took a cut in pay and that is where my problems been with this loan shark of a company. I called them and told them I had to set up some sort of lower payment. They made me answer and submit all kinds of information to "prove" that I was making less money. I did all of that for nothing! They didn’t adjust my payments, and to make matters worse, I fell behind for almost 3 months and they turned around and served me with legal paperwork to sue me! My intention was never to run away and not pay, I simply needed some help with lower payments. All of the staff at the Glendora, CA branch are scam! Jennifer, America, Crystal and Josh are unprofessional and do not know or care how to treat their "customers" They are rude, argumentative and down right scam!

I ended up getting caught up with my payments, which all had to be made in cash! I tried going online to make a payment but due to the "status" of my account I was not "allowed" to make online or phone payments! How pathetic! In this day and age what bank doesn’t allow you to make phone or online payments even if you’re behind a few months! So, I made my 3 cash payments and mysteriously the legal action against me was removed! I will never go back and give them any business. Take away message: Never ever go to American General Finance for any type of loan unless you want a lot of heartache and problems! They are loan sharks and scam!

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Original review: Sept. 20, 2010

I have an account at American General, in which was not past due. Ben ** had his wife to contact my wife on Facebook and tell her that I needed to contact him about my loan, my wife is not even on the account. He was upset because he did not process the paper work correctly and wanted to try and make me come up there to correct his mistake. He had not done the title work and had posted a $4,000.00 payment to the account the day that I took out the loan. VHe also called my mother Sandra ** and told her every detail about my account and told her that if she did not have me to call him he would start repossession procedures on my account and the account that she has with them. I know all of this because she told me about the conversation.

Mr ** again on September 2, 2010 and September 4, 2010 had his wife to contact my wife on Facebook about my account.

I was not behind and do not want my business all over Facebook for the world to read. He upset my mother by threatening her her, she thought he could repossess her motor cycle and her car! Your assistance is greatly needed as all of my privacy rights have been violated.

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Original review: Sept. 20, 2010

On Monday August 30,2010, the manager Ben ** called me about my son's, (Dusty **) account. He proceed to tell me how much he borrowed, why he was trying to contact him and then proceeded to threaten me that if I did have my son to contact him he would start repossession on both his account and my account that I also have there.

Neither account was even past due. I know mine wasn't and was told by him that my son's wasn't. He was upset about some paper work that he had not processed properly and wanted to threaten my son back into the office. I do not handle my son's affairs nor do I need to know his personal business. I suffer from depression and anxiety, after this conversation. I was upset for 2 days until I found out legally Mr. ** could not carry out his treats if our accounts were not past due. Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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Original review: Sept. 18, 2010

I bought furniture with a company that used American General Finance. I called them to payoff my balance and I paid it. Apparently, the person I got the quote from didn't count the amount of interest that was going to asses on my statement cycle so I got like $10 charged in interest. They didn't send me a letter explaining that I was late instead they hit my credit showing that I was late when I asked for a payoff.

I got a hold of Randy, some manager at customer service hell - it is impossible to get anyone to believe you over the phone, they say there are no notes and you call back then someone else says the notes say exactly what I told them. Randy at first seemed nice and said he totally believed my story and was going to send a "correction" to the credit bureaus that would take 2 months.

Working in the financial industry myself I believed his time frame and called it a day. 2 months later, I check my credit report, nothing has changed. Call back and now they will only let me talk to Randy, no one else will help me. I finally get a hold of him and he goes, "Oops", I put in the request but it doesn't look like anyone has processed it."

He said he will process it himself this time and mail me proof that I should have never been late. Oh and I did pay the late fee in full for my $10 in interest, no one told me about because I wanted to be nice and just get it over with. Well, it's 2 months later again and jack has happened again. Now its impossible to get a hold of him. And of course, can anyone guess whether or not I have received a copy of this so called "proof"?!

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Original review: Sept. 2, 2010

I am apparently yet another victim of the unscrupulous predator sub-prime lender, American General Financial Services (which is a wholly owned subsidiary of AIG). In the year 2000, we took out an $80K 2nd mortgage loan with AGFS. We have faithfully made payments and have never been late, despite the deceptive practices of AGFS to manipulate predated checks or other tactics to increase interest payments to them. We have begged AGFS for a loan modification due to my job changes and loss of income, specifically requesting that our APR be lowered from the outrageous amount of 12.82%. We went through the Making Home Affordable program to do so.

What AGFS ultimately did was not modify our loan's APR but instead changed our regular monthly payment of $897.35 per month to only $400 per month. But since they did not make any other changes to the APR/etc., this is now only considered a "partial" payment (they consider the $897.35 to still be the actual minimum payment), and thus AGFS is taking our entire payment amount and using toward interest and not principal payments which is our request, except for five cents ($0.05 cents!) for principal payments out of the $400.

We believe that this is an illegal tactic and we want to know who can help us. No other loan company will help with refinancing. We believe AGFS is trying to keep us from ever paying this loan off completely using these deceptive practices and refusing to modify our loan. We are still pleading with them to lower our 12.82% APR; everytime we call, they now say the their "district manager is on disability" and nothing can be done about the APR change until the DM returns. (no specific date on the DM's return, so we could be waiting forever due to this).

We have been dealing with Virginia from AGFS regarding our rejected loan modification request; she was originally the one who came out to look at our home and worked with the Making Home Affordable request. Conversations over the last 2 months with Virginia included her stating that "12.82% was what we agreed to originally in the 2000" despite our current economic situation. After explaining that five cents used toward the principal was unacceptable and a possible crime, Virginia then said she would need their District Manager's approval to consider an APR modification (the same district manager who is unfortunately on disability. No one else is available?) This is the same response from Virginia every time I've called.

Also our account has been switched from AGFS office to office as they apparently are closing offices (our account started in Capitola, then was moved to Los Angeles, then finally switched to the current Fremont CA office). We are being financially raped by AGFS due to their anti-consumer business practices. Our payments to them each month are being used illegally (we suspect) toward interest payments instead of the principle, so its as if we are not paying them at all or will ever get ahead to pay off the balance. Our most realistic expectation is to find out if our payments are being used illegally to pay toward interest VS. principal, to have this nightmarish loan's APR lowered from 12.82% to a more reasonable APR by current standards like around 3 or 4% and to not have AGFS pull some kind of sneaky tactics afterward to have our entire payments again going toward their interest, instead of principal as it should.

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Original review: Aug. 31, 2010

Last year 2009, I fell on some hard times. I feel behind on a personal loan with American General Finance. I tried to make payments but I couldn't. In January 2010, a person showed up at my parent's house and served them with subpoena for me. They were rude and imitating to my 73 yr old father. They disclosed that I was behind in payments and needed to show up to court. When my father informed me of this, he further informed me they have been calling him to make sure I go to court. I called Jayne H., and told her how I did not appreciate this, she told me "pay your bills and it won't happen."

I was not in a position to not argue, however, two days prior to the court date, which was 02/10/10, I was called by Jayne where she tells me not to go to court because the case was already heard in their favor. I asked for proof of this court hearing, and have not received anything. Since that time, approximately the $1,400.00 I owed has gone up to $2,655.00.

In an effort to make amends on this loan, today 08/31/2010, I called Jayne and informed her I could start being placed on payments on 09/15/2010. She said, "No, you need to give me some money today!" I told her that I will give her my account number today and start pulling payments out of my account on the 15th, she said, "No, why would I do that when you can't even give me a payment today." I asked her not to be sarcastic, and refrain from belittling my inability to pay, I further told her I did not appreciate there practices and I will file a complaint with someone. She stated, "I'm not worried, You can't even afford an attorney so go right ahead! (laughing)"

I'm tired of this disrespect from a company that is part of AIG that was bailed out by me and every taxpayer. They disclosed to my parents my financial situation, and have threatened to take me to court again. They continue to call me at work where I have asked them not and they use harassing tactics to get their way. I had to write this complaint, while at work. They are affecting my ability function throughout the day without me wondering what they will do next.

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Original review: Aug. 27, 2010

After two bouts with cancer, going on disability as a state employee, I waited six years for my Federal disability to finally be approved. Twenty years ago, the state of NC was having a bad financial year and passed a law that if you had not gotten your Federal disability within 3 years that could cut your income per month by the "hypothetical amount they should pay you".

Two weeks before my three years were up, they notified me that my income was being almost cut in half. I was dealing with huge medical bills, new medical problems the cancer kicked off and $ 250 in prescriptions per month. Things kept going from bad to worse and I decided to take out a home equity loan to consolidate some bills. "Sandi kept telling me that this was going to be so great for me because it would lower the amount I was paying out every month." She kept building it up, promising the world. Everyone in the office was so nice and friendly. The day I went in to sign the paperwork, I was blown away by how much my payment would be per month. It was much higher than I had been paying. She said it was because it was only for 20 years (not the 30 I had before) and higher interest than I had been paying.

I made a huge mistake by going ahead and signing for a loan I was probably not even qualified for, but my boyfriend was about to truly have heart attack over the stress of our bills. So I signed. Three months later, he did have a heart attack and was out of work for two months. Then the recession hit and his income was cut by 3/4. He couldn't pay his part on several bills we had together and I started to get further and further behind. In 2009, I applied for a modification to reduce the payments, was denied and later discovered that Sandi had left off many of my monthly bills that would have proved how badly I needed help and should have helped me get approved. I applied again, added in what had been left not submitted before. Suddenly, each time when I went in the office, I would hear the manager Ken yelling and talking nasty to his employees. Sometimes, I would hear him talking on the phone to customers who evidently were behind and he would talk so nasty and aggressively to them. I wasn't in Kansas anymore.

Again Sandi would report to me that the office had called to ask questions which was a good sign that I would get approved this time. That happened about three times and then the word came that I was not approved again. I was paying payments a little late once in awhile but all my other bills were not being paid because I was trying to keep from loosing my house. In February 2010, I had heard about a new Federal program so I went in and asked about that. Sandi acted like she was really ** that I wanted to apply for it. I wondered if my payments went down, did she get paid less?

I was finally approved around the end of April. They took it down around $300 when they brought the interest rate down to 6.5. I was hoping for better and the 4/4.5 that was being done by other lenders. Then they sent me a letter that they were adding $75 per month for life insurance. We were to far down so this didn't help much with the other bills that got behind while we were trying to keep the house out of foreclosure. I started to deal with Shane when he first came to work there the end of 2008 or first of 2009 because I was so upset about all the lies Sandi had told me. He was a great guy, talked nice and was respectful.

Over the past 1/1.5 years, I had more and more problems making payment, and being late. The same things everyone else has been complaining about started happening with me. Calling constantly, stopping by my house, threatening to reposes my car, and telling me I had to make three payments and would not accept a one month payment if a certain date had passed, I would have to bring 2 payments. The week before Memorial Day 2010, I was in bed for 4 days. Ever since the last cancer in 2002, I have good days/weeks and bad days/weeks. My boyfriend came by on Friday around 4:00 pm to take me to get something to eat and hoping just getting me out of the house would make me feel better. When I went in to pay my past due bill the following Tuesday, June 2, when the office opened again, they told me they had called me all week before the holiday and had not gotten an answer then stopped by Friday 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm and no one was home.

I had passed that mystery date and they refused to take my money. I would have to bring back 2 payments before the 16th. Shane said or "They would have to...well you know...." He talked like a very smart Alec. I said "No, I didn't know." What?" He said, "Reposes the car." Then he asked, "Why didn't you pay on the due date?" Then he gives me this smirk little grin, winks and says, "Memorial Day Weekend?" He was accusing me of taking my payment money and going to the beach for the weekend! I was speechless. I told him no, turned around and left. I was so upset, I went to bed and cried for two days. I wrote a letter to him about how much he had changed since he had gotten there and become so much like the manager Ken. I told him how disrespectful his comment about "using my money to go to the beach" was and how I expected an apology. I am 58 years old, he is in his twenties.

Fast forward to July 19. I go in to pay again. He yells hello from his desk in the back and I wouldn't look at him or speak to him! As I got ready to leave I said, " I haven't got your apology as I requested" He said "No and you never will. I don't owe you one." I told him he that did after the way he had accused me of using my payment as beach money. I turned and walked out.

Today I went in to pay again. There was one guy, Dan, I have never worked with but he had called about a payment before; Shane and the manager Ken. The three women who work there were not present. When I entered, Ken and Dan yelled hello. Shane was on the phone and hung up soon after. He never spoke. Dan came up front to ask if I was making a payment and he took the money and walked back toward his desk to print me out a receipt. He showed the money to Shane, who is now Assistant Manager. Shane took the money from him. Then Shane must have punched in the info for a receipt because soon he walked towards the front and pulled the receipt off the printer and walked up to the front desk and handed me the receipt saying in a very sickly sweet tone, "Thank you Ms. ** and you have a nice day." Extremely sarcastic. He turned and began walking toward the back looking at Ken and gave a little cocky smile and shook his head side ways, strutting a little.

I turned and began to walk towards the door when I heard a little smirky laugh from him. There were no other customers in the office. As I reached out to push the door open, I said "**" and walked out. He yelled, "What did you say?" I kept walking to my car. He came flying out of the door out on to the sidewalk in front of the office and yelled "Ms **." I kept walking and tried to ignore him for a second time. Then he yells, " You don't come into my place of business and call me an **. The next time, I'll call the police." We were a feet apart across the drive that goes between the office and the parking lot. I turned and we started arguing. I asked him about the apology he owed me and got the same response I had gotten the previous visit. I told him about how much he had become a ** like Ken when he used to be a good guy.

He lifted his right leg, grabbed his butt and said, "**." He repeated the gesture and words 2-3 times and told me he was still a good guy! He was on the sidewalk that ran in front off all the businesses up and down the outdoor mall and in front of the two lane drive that ran the length of the mall. I can not believe how unprofessional, how the manager condones this behavior and how none of them are concerned about the public witnessing this behavior?

Something is truly wrong with this company, their philosophy of business and the way they teach their employees to conduct themselves. They do act like loan sharks. They are great while signing with them and as long as you have no problems. When you do have problems, they switch to the nasty, bully and threatening mode.

Why isn't someone doing something about these people? I know a lot of us who go to them don't have the best credit and are in a bad situation at the time, and probably couldn't get a loan anywhere else. We are not all the low life ** they treat us like though.

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Original review: Aug. 21, 2010

I am a former employee of American General Finance in Seattle and all of the complaints about this company are correct. Some of my coworkers made up information on the applications, added life insurance without asking, and harassed customers into paying. This company is a predatory lender and needs to be dealt with accordingly.

Giving someone an auto loan at 25 percent interest when they have excellent credit is bordering on criminal. Management is only out to make money, they care nothing about their customers. I attended court proceedings numerous times, and this job made me sick to my stomach. Lying, deceit, cheating, and illegal actions are the norm for American General.I am so glad that I do not work there anymore.

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Original review: Aug. 20, 2010

I received some paperwork in the mail stating I had purchased Life Insurance, but that it wasn't required. When I investigated and called, I told Merit Life I had no desire and do not recall purchasing this. They told me it was sold to me when I got my daughter's car loan from American General Insurance. I told her I had Real life insurance with Afl, and State Farm and didn't need any of their cheap life insurance!

I investigated even further and found out they make you sign pwk that you get life insurance ( they don't explain you pay for it and do not have to get it) with their car loans through AGI. I told them I was reporting them both to the BBB, and Merit Life told me that was between myself and AGI.

Now had I been a little 18 year old kid like my daughter, I wouldn't have noticed the fine print. I threatened cxld it and poof like magic was told a check was sent to me for the full refund! Funny how they like to take advantage of the needy or young and naive.Disgusting, absolutely disgusting!

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Original review: Aug. 16, 2010

I applied for a loan 1 month ago, I was denied and was told to return in one month and they would be very happy to accommodate me with a loan. I returned on Aug. 13th as they asked me to. I went through the loan process. Now, a credit check was ran one month ago the first time I applied for the loan. This time, another credit check was ran. Again, I was told they would contact me in about an hour with what they could do. An hour and half later, they contacted me and told me that I have been approved for an auto loan in the range of 3000 to 4000 dollars. Find a car that I like to have the dealer fax them the purchase order and they would cut him a check. So the dealer contacted them by phone to verify all the information they advised him. The loan was, in fact, approved and they were finalizing it. This was at 11:00AM Friday morning.

The dealer pulled the vehicle off the line and marked sold on it at 5:30PM Friday. The loan had still not been finalized, they stated that it was in the final approval stages. As soon as it is emailed back to them, they would cut the check. So they closed on Monday morning at 9:30AM, they contacted me and advised me that the loan had been changed from $3100.00, which was what they told the dealer they would approve, to $2000.00. I would have to pay a 4% loan fee and 29.99% interest. That was when I stopped the loan process.

Why was I not told all this information before going through the dealer because had I been told this information, I would have stopped the process right there. These people should not be allowed to do business in any state with what they pulled here. People should contact their state department of finance and complain about their immoral and unethical business tactics.

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Original review: Aug. 10, 2010

I paid off the balance on my loan two weeks in advance of the next direct withdrawal from my bank. The balance due was $210.12. The normal withdrawal is $107. After paying the balance, I was contacted for another $2.87 and was told it was for accrued interest. Although my last bill clearly stated balance due of $210.12. If that were not enough, on August 10, 2010, American General withdrew an additional payment of $107 from my account when I had already paid the account off.

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Original review: Aug. 10, 2010

I borrowed $3000 from American General Finance in August 2008 to pay for my wedding in October 2008. I had no problems making the $145 monthly payment until November 2008 when my wife lost her job. I missed two payments in March /April 2009, but sent them a payment in May 2009. I didn't hear from AGF until July 2009 when I found out they had turned my account over to a law firm who sued me in small claims court. The law firm refused to talk to me, and I was sued in September 2009.

My wife was still unemployed so I was paying all the bills and was barely making it. The law firm would send me payment to avoid garnishment notices each 2 weeks requesting minimum of $400 every two weeks, which I could not afford. They refused any payment less than the $400, and garnished my disability/ retirement earnings of $2383 on 3 August 2010, and garnished $446 out of my wages on 6 August. I am a retired Sergeant Major with 32 years of honorable service, and a contractor with the National Guard. I have no money to buy insulin I need as I contracted Agent Orange and have Type 2 diabetes from serving in Vietnam. They took $2829 out of my earnings so I had to borrow money from relatives until my hearing in 2 weeks.

When I called the manager, Phil, he said that he didn't know why the law firm filed a bank and a wage garnishment against me.AGF was to give me 5 business days to exempt funds from garnishment, but took the money out in 3 days. The judge signed the order on 15 July; I received the notice on 31 July. The funds were taken on 3 August. This experience has a tremendous negative mental and emotional affect on me as I have no money to pay my bills, including my mortgage, or to buy food. In addition, several checks I wrote received NSF notices totaling over $600. My electric bill was $345, which I could not pay because my money was frozen by the court. The fact that I owed AGF only $2200 and was willing to negotiate, and they would receive $4921 if I didn't appeal is insane. This is my worst nightmare.

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Original review: Aug. 4, 2010

I fail behind payments like a lot of other Americans and now they are garnishing my wages. It was $107 per week. Now it's $187 per week because some [talk] about them having to refile papers with the courts for some reason. So now they think they have the right to charge me $80 more a week, somehow thinking I can really afford that especially when I am trying to keep my house from being foreclosed and have a daughter to be born in December, causing over $720 per month to be taken straight out of my check.

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Original review: July 8, 2010

I can state time after time after time where American General reps have lied and deceived me and my family. They are incompetent idiots and have the largest turnover of employees of any company that I have ever seen. According to the District Manager in our area, "We terminated the incompetent and scammers at that office." My mother (now deceased) took out several loans with American General in the past. She always got term life or credit life with the loan in the event of her death.

One particular loan she took out was a small loan for a business that she and two of my siblings operate. It was a 10-year loan with term life attached to the loan. She became ill after she took out the loan. She was terminal. In going through all of her paperwork, bills, insurance, etc. before her death, she informed us that she had a loan left at American General but it was secured by life insurance. It would pay it off and to make sure that they didn't try to rip us off. She gave me the folder from American General since I had power of attorney. I didn't look in the folder until after her death because I was not ready to face the reality that she was going to leave us.

A week or so after her passing, I opened the folder only to find the loan paperwork but no insurance forms with it. I went into the local office where this smart ** know-it-all, who had never met my mother nor I had ever met--again complete office employee turnover--informed me that mom never had an insurance with them on any of her loans because she always turned it down. I told him that he was dead wrong because number one, he had never met my mother and number two, I had proof that she had insurance on previous loans and Merit insurance also had proof.

Then, his story changed. She might have had insurance on a couple of loans but not on this one. Then, I demanded to get a copy of her loan agreement. He was an absolute smart aleck about having to make copies and interfere with his busy workday--probably playing a game on the computer. Actually, they never look busy any time I have been in there. I got the paperwork home only to discover that there was life insurance on the loan. He said that there wasn't, but the original loan officer only did a 5-year term instead of a 10-year term on a 10-year loan.

Now, the idiot at American General said yes, she took out the insurance for the loan but only took out 5 years because she didn't want a 10-year term loan. Funny thing was, he wasn't there, and had never met my mother. However, my brother was with my mother when she took out this loan because it was for the business that he shared with her. They were told that the life insurance would cover the debt in the event of my mom's death. My brother asked, "So, if mom dies during the term of this loan, it will be paid in full." "Absolutely," was the scam artist's response.

He convinced her to use her home as collateral on this loan. Her home was completely paid for and appraised for around $150,000. Even Connie at Merit Insurance said that house collateral should never have been used on a loan of this amount. Now, her home is threatened for foreclosure for this minimal loan. I have a 75-year old stepfather living in the home who has serious health issues. They will not hesitate to throw him to the curb. American General says that my brother is incorrect in saying that the loan would be covered in the event of my mom's death. They say that they were told it would be covered during the first 5 years.

What idiot would place a 5-year term insurance loan on a 10-year debt with house collateral attached to the loan. My mother would have never done that. She was adamant about the fact that the loan was secured with insurance. Now, we are faced with foreclosure, a scam artist loan officer at American General that is no longer with the company, an idiot manager that did not know my mother, an idiot District Manager who can't get her facts straight, my deceased mother who cannot stand up for her rights and my brother who was a witness. But American General states that he misunderstood.

American General is full of incompetent scam artists that prey on people that believe at first that they are an honest company. My husband and I have been scammed by them. We have been lied to just as all the other people filing complaints have been lied too. Why is this company still in the practice of ripping off innocent people when we, honest people, are out here trying to make a living in a down trodden economy? They need to be out of business due to illegal business transactions. How many complaints have to be filed against the same company before any action is taken? My family will voice our opinion about American General and let our friends and community know that they will rip you off if you go there. We have hired an attorney.

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Original review: July 1, 2010

My contract states I will be charged 33.65% interest, however they are charging about 50% interest. I called to inquire after checking my bill and they said they compute the interest on a daily basis which is why I was billed $66.51 in interest on a payment of $133.43. However, the contract does not state anything about daily charges. The regional manager insists that the $66.51 charge is only 33.65%. Any calculator will dispute that claim. They owe me principal dating back to the beginning of the loan. I have a copy of the contract and invoices and I am willing to present a copy to you upon request. Since they are charging more interest than the contract allows, the loan will cost me significantly more than I agreed to.

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Original review: June 25, 2010

I took out a loan from American General Finance. When I took out the loan, I took out the insurance because I was due to have surgery on my knee and wasn't sure of how long I'd be out of work. When I was told about the insurance, I was told all I had to do was send them a copy of a doctor's note advising of my surgery and how long I was going to be out of work. I was told that I would be able to cancel the insurance at anytime and my payment amount would change and be less. I had paid into the loan for about 6 months before I had surgery.

I called them and advised that I was setup for surgery and I had a doctor's note that I needed to either mail or send to them. I was told then that I had to send them all of my medical records and have my doctor fill out these forms. I was told that I had to be out of work for 30 days and on the 31 day they would pay on my loan. So basically, I had to be out of work pay the first month that I was out of work then they'd pick up any payments after that. I've asked them to send me copies of what I've paid year to date and so far I've not gotten it. I wanted to compare what I show as being paid with what they say I've paid. When I asked them about why my loan payment wasn't changing because I had cancelled the insurance, they told me why it would.

I explained I was paying the extra because I had taken out the coverage and now that I don't have the coverage I shouldn't still be paying the same. I was told by many reps there that it wasn't there problem as to what the Orange office had set up, they were to kind and why that office closed down. I was told that they do things different in New Jersey and I would pay what they tell me to pay. This company is like a loan shark and they aren't nice at all. I would never recommend them to anyone that needed a loan. I told them I don't think I owe them as much money as they claim I do. Madeline advised me several times that I'm wrong for thinking. She then sent me a very small refund of about $90.00 stating that was for the payments I paid insurance but I'm still paying the same exact dollar amount. So why send me a refund if my payments are correct?

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Original review: June 9, 2010

What happened? Lots! I like my loan officer initially but then Bridgette began handling my account. I had disability insurance on my loan. I had health problems that prevented me from working beginning in February 2009. They harassed me during the time I submitted the claim until the insurance paid. Bridgette called my sister (listed as a close relative) and told her she was an old friend of mine and wanted to get in contact with me. My sister took her information and passed in on to me. Why Bridgette contacted my sister when the insurance was paying my account is a mystery. Then Bridgette mailed the claim form to my doctors office. I picked this form up in an office on White ST prior to my doctors appointments. The form mailed to my doctors office had Bridgette's handwriting on it. My doctor's office mailed that back to Bridgette's office.

That happened in the beginning of November 2009. In December 2009, I got a letter from a lawyer saying I was behind on the loan. A mystery to me since I knew the insurance claim form was recently submitted. I was told in the letter to pay up or they were going to repossess my motorcycle. Ha! What motorcycle? I have no motorcycle! Now in May 2010, I find out that Bridgette did not accept the doctor's claim form for insurance. have contacted my state Attorney General's office and they are helping me. But Bridgette needs to go.

Bridgette has harassed me unnecessarily. Her inaccuracies and harassment have increased my anxiety. I refuse to talk to her and will only talk to her supervisor Jonathan ** in the Wilmington DE office but he is fond of Bridgette and does not. The harm she has done to my health with her pathetic handling of my loan. I say she is a disgrace to American General and professional loan officers. I have had to take anti-anxiety pills because of her needless harassment inappropriate handling of my loan.

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Original review: June 3, 2010

My husband got a loan before our marriage to consolidate our debts and get them paid off. We put my car on the lien. They valued my car below blue book for its condition and when we got more money for an emergency. They again decreased the value on my car and we had to offer more collateral, again, well undervalued. They couldn't even give us a value for my husband's show-quality truck as collateral because their system did not go past the 80's, so they only offered a couple thousand for that as collateral.

We paid off the loan as soon as we could with that and ever since then, we have been getting calls and letters offering us loans. We have told them every time that we don't need a loan and to take us off the list. This has been happening throughout the time we had our loan and constantly since October. Unfortunately, my husband has not tracked all of the calls but it happens at least once a month.

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Original review: June 1, 2010

I took a personal loan out with American General when work got really slow due to the economy. That was the worst thing I ever did! I should have known something was not right when they told me over the phone to think up of some appliances in my home or that I might buy in the future that was equal to $2500 for collateral. Since then, I feel as if I am dealing with loan sharks or better word would be a financial Mafia.

I fell down a flight of stairs on the job but I am self employed so worker's comp was out of the question. Well, I called and told them what was going on and why I would be late making payments. They understood, sent me paperwork for my doctor to fill out and, etc. Well, I am not on time paying and things happened. Well, I got caught up only to fall behind again several months later. I had the flu, which put me out of work yet again. I regained enough energy to go back to work and told them I am working again. I will pay what I can until I get current. Well, that was not good enough. They showed up at my residence on a Friday evening at 6 pm to get the payment that I did not have. Angie told me if I could not pay them by the following Monday, they were taking me to court. It scared me to pieces so I called family members and got a payment to them on Monday.

Like I have stated my work is not steady. I was out of work in the winter due to no reservations for beach houses. I have searched but there are no jobs out that pay as well as mine when the work is good. I contacted an attorney which in fact told me that they did have a right to come to my house but if I told them not to come back, they would be prosecuted for trespassing. So I got current once again only to endure swelling on my spine and was out of work for about a month. So needless to say I paid what I could. And the only time I would dodge them is when they steadily harassed me daily about my payments. If I told Angie on Monday the payment would be in by Friday, they would call on Tuesday!

So Stephanie which is totally the only one in that office that does not act like I stole her money when she calls helped me to refinance. It only helped me with one payment. Okay, well I got fed up with the way Angie and Theresa would talk to me on the phone when I would call them and let them know the status of my next payment. So I told Angie not to come back to my residence or anyone from that office was not allowed on my property no more! Only to have Angie argue that if I make my payments on time, she won't be back. So I told her regardless if I am late, stay away from my property and she continued to tell me to make my payments and I will not be back.

This went on several times until I finally told her if you or anyone from this office shows back up to my home there will be legal consequences made and I hung the phone up. Well, this is recent. I was two months behind. I spoke to Angie once again and I told her I would make a payment on 5/28/2010 so by the time I got off work their office was closed and she insisted that I go to the drop box and make the payment that way. I told her I would try but if not, I would make the two payments I was behind on 6/01/2010. She called on 5/29/2010 to let me know that they had to come in the office and work that Saturday for past due accounts and I was one of them and that I failed to do what I said and that the only alternative was taking me to court.

So I asked how long are you going to be there and she said they was leaving at 10:00 am which was only one hour away. There was no possible way that I could have left work in order to get them the payment. So I asked her what could I do to prevent them from taking me to court? She stated that I had to make April, May and June payments. Well, I said June is not even here yet. Why? Her answer to me was, "Because we have had just about enough of you." So I told her that it would not be a problem. So today I called the New Jersey office just to see what protocol I could take and Juan insisted that as long as I made the two back payments, there was no repercussions and they could not sue me. Okay, finally some truth.

So I proceeded to a near by AG office to make the past due payments only for the Leland office to call Whiteville office which then asked to speak to me and Theresa told me that I was not doing as I stated and they were not trying to be ugly about it but they have tolerated me and my situation. I stated to her that I contacted the New Jersey office only to have her argue that they do not have an office in that state. "Look on the back of your billing statement that you send out, you will see." She told me I was wrong and continued to be a little hostile on the phone. Bullies is what they are in that office.

So anyways, I asked her several times if she is refusing payment at this time which they have did before. She told me I need to follow through with what I say on the phone and told me that June payment better be paid before Monday 6/07/2010 or they will have no choice but to take me to court on this matter! I borrowed $2500 two years ago and still owe $2000. The harassment that I have endured with this has literally made me sick to my stomach. When did it become okay for lender reps to treat you with disregard and threaten to come to your home if payment is not made? When did it become professional to raise their voice at the borrower and their family members? When has it become legal for the lender to tell your personal references that your late and that they need their money?

I feel I have not run from my obligations and pay what I can when I am behind to get current. I am making an effort to resolve this issue only to be treated like a common criminal every time I speak to them on the phone. Even the ladies in the Leland office where I made the payment this morning could not believe what was being said on the phone to me. I am at a point that if I could pay the total amount I would do it in a wheel barrel full of pennies! I had to seek professional help in dealing with depression over this situation. When I do receive phone calls from them, I am afraid to answer the phone but I know if I don't, they will show up at my home for payment. The threats that they will take me to court keeps me on edge. I am afraid they will send the local sheriff dept. to my house. I don't know what else to do. I can barely make my payments so I can not afford counsel if they do take me to court.

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Original review: May 25, 2010

I asked this company to lower the payments on my second mortgage. This was months ago. I brought in the paperwork I was asked for. They never submitted the paperwork. Now my income has gone down more than $650 a month. I have asked about the Affordable Home Program recently. I am being told answers like "It takes forever, etc." What can I do to get this company to work with me? I might not be able to make my payment next month.

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Original review: May 25, 2010

I have a mortgage with this company and I have paid more than my payment every month at least $60.00 more. I was contacted by a male from American General Finance on Wednesday, 5/19/10, about a payment. He told me that I did not pay during April 2010; however, because I was ahead that all I needed to pay was $152.86 to be caught up. Today, 5/25/10, I drop payment off at this same location around 11:15 AM and left my check on the ledge of the reception area. I was asked if I wanted to wait for a receipt and my answer was no because I had to get back to work. I walked out, down the sidewalk to my car and a heavy white guy with blond hair comes out pointing at me. I pointed at myself to make sure he was referring to me and he shook his head. Yes, he comes to my car and says that I told him would pay a fill amount. I told him I was told I could pay $152.86 and would be caught up and I said that I might pay a payment anyway.

I chose to pay something else instead and paid $150.00 because I couldn’t remember the exact amount. He told me, “No, you changing things.” I blew up because I have had numerous harassing calls coming by my home. I told him I was going to report him. Why would I have to be run down to my car and told I was a lite? I would not have come up with this amount without being told this. And now he is saying he didn’t say it. He called me, told me this and now I am the liar. I am now trying to find an attorney in Nash, TN to help me with a legal action. I am fed up with their treatment of people. They are loan sharks plain and simple and should be put out of business. There is no recourse because if you don’t do they want they threaten to foreclose or whatever tactic they decide to use as a threat. I can only assume that their next step is threatening to foreclose. I need legal help and I will not allow them to take home.

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Original review: May 22, 2010

Got a personal loan of 3000 to fix my car in March of 2008. Lost my full-time job in June of 2008 but continued to make full payments on unemployment until June of 2009, where I paid interest only for 3 months until I couldn't afford it anymore. Domenica the receptionist and Robert the manager were great, telling me they would work with me and I could start paying in January 2010 when I was supposed to start a new job.

Well, my father passed away in December 09 and we lost his income forcing us to move out of state. Robert the manager agreed in early January to give me more time and allow me to start paying in May when I got setup with a place and a job. Then Mid February, Domenica called asking for a payment. I explained the agreement I had with Robert and she said that was fine but they needed a $20 "good faith" payment. I paid the $20 thinking I would be fine til May like agreed.

I checked my credit report in mid-March and saw they charged off and wrote off my account immediately after I gave that "good faith" payment. So I called and talked to Robert who tried to tell me that charge off\write off means nothing and they still were expecting payment. When I told him I knew what a charge off means, he got an attitude and started yelling at me "it's not my fault you're in this mess, if you just paid your bills there wouldn't be a problem" then he made a comment that insinuated I was lying about the death in my family.

Ok now, I'm in Pennsylvania with no job because I can't get a car due to the charge off/write off. The American General Headquarters contacted me mid-April and offered me a $60 a month "hardship" payment plan then threatened me with litigation when I told them I couldn't start paying immediately. I told them I would try to make a payment by the end of May.

Now I received a call yesterday saying the agreement has to be taken care of by May 28th and I have to come into the branch to sign it. Problem with that is I don't have a car (which they know) and the closest branch is 10 miles away.

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Original review: May 21, 2010

My husband and I took out a loan and used his motorcycle as collateral. It was for $6500.00. I should have known better than to go through with it as soon as we sat down to sign the paperwork. Amy, I believe her name was, gave us the loan docs and said that the payment would be almost $400. My husband did the math between the loan amount and percentage rate and it was almost $200 higher than what it should have been. Because of this we asked questions and found out that they automatically added on life insurance, which we already have, to the tune of an additional $200 a month. However, she acted as though she had no intention of ever telling us, and had we not questioned her we would be paying for the life insurance without knowing that we even had it.

I wonder who the beneficiary would have been had we not asked questions and were not made aware of the fact that we were covered. Having been in the insurance industry, it is possible to cover other people with whom you have a financial interest. How convenient for American General Finance. Over the next few months my husband became unemployed by his old company, and due to the economic downturn his company that we began with the funds has not taken off as hoped. We did get behind and they have called multiple times a day beginning on day 9 after the payment due date. This last month they sent a person to my door and left a card with my mother-in-law. Thank god the lady who took our app forgot our references so that they could not harass our family and friends.

There needs to be a class action law suit against this company. I take responsibility for becoming behind on my payments but the deceptive business practices that they use, i.e. $200 a month in life insurance without disclosing that, in addition to the harassment that I have endured and that they begin before it is even 30 days late, is unacceptable. We have some money coming to us and this will be the first thing I pay off. American General is a subsidiary of AIG. Did they not get bailed out by us as tax payers?! Talk about getting behind on bills. I hope the company--not employees--get a taste of their own medicine.

As a result of this I have been charged astronomical fees and have lost sleep as well as been humiliated by there calls at work. As I shared with the employee, Danning, they don't need to begin calling multiple times a day beginning 9 days after my payment date harassing me. I am the one who can't sleep at night worrying about the bills. They have also been extremely rude and will only allow you to contact the local office, so no checks and balances at all. There is no 1-800 number or way to file a complaint. I was told that the only way to remedy my fees were to come into the office. I work and it is inconvenient with my schedule to try to go to their office. Several times they have told me that I had not made a payment and I told them that I had record of it and then they backed down. Something needs to be done. What an unprofessional organization! My current life insurance happens to be with AGLA, another subsidiary of AGF. I will be changing that as well. Disgusting!

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Original review: May 17, 2010

I submitted and completed loan modification documents to American General Finance in March 2010. Within 1 month, I was contacted by Allison ** advising me that my loan had been sent to her office for collection. I advised her that I had completed loan modification papers and was not certain as to why she was calling me. She advised me that they wanted the full $8000 that is owed on my second mortgage and that if I didn't pay it, she would recommend foreclosure on my home.

The confusing thing to me is that my first mortgage that I owe $156,000 has done a loan modification and reduced my mortgage by $600 to an affordable payment for me. Not only do I owe $156,000 on my first mortgage, the value of my home is probably $60,000 right now due to the economy. I am not trying to get out of paying American General. I just asked them to lower my payment to a lesser amount. The payment is about $169.74 per month, and I offer to pay them $75 per month. But Allison ** would not accept that amount.

By me working as a 100% commissioned Mortgage Loan Officer in the mortgage industry, I told her that my income has substantially reduced. She told me to go and get a job at McDonald's or Burger King so that American General would be paid. I told her whether I went to McDonalds or Burger King, I would still have an end result of $75 per month because I wouldn't make much from therm anyway. I need to know what my rights are, and how this could be handled. I think that American General are not treating their customers who are completing the Loan Modification paperwork, as it has been presented by the Making Home Affordable program that was to be offered by loan finance companies.

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Original review: May 14, 2010

I always make sure to pay my insurance bill. This month, I tried to pay it on May 14th. They told me my insurance had cancelled on May 9th. I've never had any notice bills come in the mail. I didn't get a heads up before my insurance was going to get cancelled. They want me to go up there Monday and sign a form saying that I haven't got into any wreck. I don't understand why they don't let me know and just up and cancelled my insurance. I have work to go to and have a wedding this weekend to go to. How am I suppose to go with no insurance. I have all 3 cars in the same policy and now they're cancelled. I'm stuck and don't have no way back in forth.

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Original review: May 4, 2010

I got a loan for $5000.00 through American General with my vehicle as collateral. I made payments to them every month for 2 years, but fell behind one month due to illness and missing work. I was only $300.00 (one month’s payment behind) and I had been making more than the minimum payment to try to catch up on the past due amount. I explained my situation to Nancy, who stated that they would work with me. I was in and out of the hospital for 2 weeks and unable to return the daily and harassing phone calls from Nancy and the manager Randy. They also came to my home on numerous occasions, banging on my door in an intimidating manner.

With only $300.00 behind and a payment of $350.00 already in the mail to them, they repossessed my vehicle. They took a $16,000.00 car because I was $300.00 past due on a loan that ended up being $8,000.00 with interest. I called American General to try to work something out. They were rude and nasty and basically told me that they repossessed my car because I didn’t return their phone calls. They refused to accept the past due amount plus next month’s payment to return my vehicle.

They told me I would have to pay off the entire balance of over $8,000.00 (due to the high interest rate) and that I only have 7 days to come up with the money before my car is sold. Their goal is to rip people off. If I can’t come up with the $8,000 in 7 days (which they know is practically impossible), they get to keep my vehicle and any profit made from the sale. This company is out to rip people off as much as they can. I encourage anyone considering a loan with this company to find another lender. In these hard times they are out to hurt people, not help them. I'm hoping I can come up with this money so they can’t profit any more off of my misfortune.

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Original review: April 30, 2010

I am being harassed by American General because a friend put me down as a reference. First time they called, they said they wanted me to have my friend call them. It took me several minutes to get out of them, that they were trying to collect on her non payment. I told them never to call me again. Second time, I told her, her company was told not to call me again as I have nothing to do with this loan, I was put down as a reference only and they have no right to call me after I told them not to. I told her, one more call from her company, I will file a police report for using the phone to harass and annoy. Since I know you only need three to file a class action lawsuit, I am interested in other "references" that are being harassed by American General. This practice by American General Finance needs to be stopped!

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Original review: April 26, 2010

I’ve only had one run-around with American General so far. I took out a personal loan in November of 2008, and in January of 2010, I assumed that I was only 2 months behind, which an employee of the Fort Wayne branch was pretty friendly with me (I thought). My December payment must have "vanished" because I made it, but it was nowhere to be found. Long story short, I had used my family vehicle as collateral, and some burly looking homeless guy showed up in dirty jogging pants and a sweatshirt (no lie) and said he was here to pick up my truck. Okay, I called the Fort Wayne branch and was told I had to pay $951 in order to get my truck back.

Eight days later, I called to confirm the total and was told it would be $1231 to get my truck back. Alright, I did it. I got my truck back, but I had to pay storage fees. They stole most of our personal property out of the truck, and I got a cracker jack box receipt that shows just how deceitful they really are. The check that they paid Mr. Homeless Guy to pick up my truck, the written dollar amount on the check was all colored in, just proving to me that they actually paid homeless boy $50 to pick my truck up, not $300. Deceitful business. If I get behind again and they try to repossess it again, they might want to bring a flat bed and a dumpster because the auction lot won’t even be able to tell it’s a truck. It will be a big pile of scrap metal. They should have the American stripped from their business name because they have no right to use it in their company name.

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Original review: April 26, 2010

There is too many to write down here. You would be reading this for years. These people have put us through the mill. To name a few things, my house loan is through them and it has been a nightmare. They have had us postdate checks, made phone calls to everyone we know, been to our house too many times to mention, talked to our kids which are minors. They have called us at work, made threats (like telling us to just sign our house over), downgraded us, telling us why would we pay our gas bill when were not going to have a house to have gas in, telling us to go to payday loans to get money or to sell our stuff to get them their money, telling us we should work to pay our house payment (we both have jobs).

It really got bad last year when my husband lost his job after 17 years. We tried to get them to lower our house payment and they said they couldn't until he got a job. So he got one and they said they had a program through the government to help us and what they really did was just redo my loan. My house payment only went down $15 and my husband's new job only pays him half of what he used to make. That's when they said it wasn't trough the government. It was a formula that they use.

They have do nothing but lie, harass and try to get us to do things we can't do. Please contact me because this is just a few things that they have done and I need to find out how to stop them. I know I owe them money but how they're treating us we don't deserve. They made me feel like I'm dirt beneath their feet. I'm losing my house. We are filing bankruptcy. The only house my kids have ever known and my nerves and stress level cant take much more. Our lives has been turned upside down since my husband lost his job and their conduct is making it worse. I'm scared of the mail man, the phone and being at my own house. I can't even sit in my yard for fear they are going to show up. When they do, it isn't pretty. They make us feel worse. Some of the things they say shouldn't be said even if I owe them money.

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Original review: April 23, 2010

In 2007, I lost my job and filed an unemployment claim with American General. You must wait 30 days for the insurance to start to cover the loan payment. The office called me several times over the month to find out why I had not made a payment and I explained that I had lost my job and I would catch up the payments when I could. The office actually sent someone to my home for that one payment and told me they would take me to court for it. I told the person at the door never to come to my home and explained the situation again.

This branch in Lancaster, CA also called me before I lost my job at work several days before the payment was even due to find out when I was going to make a payment. Their billing is always wrong and several times, they have applied the wrong payments to my account and I have to go to the office with my bank statements to straighten it out. Not once have they acknowledged the mistakes or apologized for them.

I started working again in 2008 and lost my job in late 2009 and had to get the unemployment insurance again. My employer filed bankruptcy and was evicted from their offices. There is a form that the Yosemite Insurance wants filled out, my employer is gone from their offices. For three months, I fought with American General about the loss of my job. I took pictures of the eviction notice on the building and sent them to the insurance company and American General.

Basically, I was called a liar and was told that the stubs from the State of California are not proof enough of unemployment. American General calls every few days and I keep telling the insurance needs to pay, why I am paying for this in my loan if they are not going to cover it. My other creditors all accepted the paperwork from the State of California, not Yosemite Insurance. They keep insisting the form must be filled out even though I keep telling them my employer filed bankruptcy and is no longer in that office and I can't find anyone from the office. I’m so sorry I got this loan with them.

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Original review: April 20, 2010

I have experienced financial difficulty and have gotten behind in my mortgage payments. I have asked American General Finance to work with me. They have refused. Every time I have spoken with someone, they want more money and then they will see what they can do to work with me. Once I get them more money, I am turned down again.

I have hired a company that helps with loan modifications, short sales and consumer debt. American General Finance was upset with my decision and called my husband asking him if he was aware of what I had done. They continue to harass my husband on his cell phone and have still turned down any type of help with the Obama plan or any type of in-house help.

I have owned my home for 10 years and still owe more than the property is worth. They have said that if I use the credit counseling company that they are asking me to use then they may help me. Their company wants to charge me money. The company I am using is charging $3000 refundable if unsuccessful. They have been unsuccessful still and continue to help us through this process. American General Finance says the only way they can help me is to bring my loan current.

Well, if I could do that then I would not be needing a loan modification. The company that I have hired is documenting every conversation and has even spoken with upper management with no success. The unprofessionalism, sarcasm and lack of empathy from this company/Tucson office leads me to believe that there are hundreds more out there like me. Their shady business practice leaves a bad taste in my mouth, This company is part of AIG who are crooks. I am in need of someone in this company that can help. Does the CEO or CFO know what goes on in these offices?

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Original review: April 14, 2010

On November 2009, my wife and I filed for chapter 7, but excluded this account with American General Finance. I took the reaffirmation form to the AMGF office, but they refused to sign the forms. So I just kept on paying this account. I have made all payments and paid this account off nine months early. But now, I have been disputing this account with three credit reporting agencies because AMGF continues to report to them that this account was included in chapter 7. AMGF is also reporting this information on my father's credit report since he was co-signer on this account.

We have unsuccessfully disputed this information at least ten times in the last 35 days, with no great results. AMGF continues to refuse to give proper information to the three credit bureaus. This has affected my father's credit report and I was also overcharged on this account. I have submitted all my receipts to AMGF but they still refuse to refund my monies. They have also submitted false documents to the New Mexico Regulations Department. AMGF has not responded to my complaints with honest answers--all fabricated lies and documents.

AMGF has refused to comment on the issues, always talking about something that has nothing to do with my complaint. Can my father and I file a lawsuit against AMGF for fraud, with willful intent to deceive, gross neg, unfair business practices and any other misconduct by American General Finance? I have all my papers in order, all receipts, contracts and proof of payments. Do I have a lawsuit case? If so, please help me. Thank you.

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Original review: April 8, 2010

I applied online for a loan with American General Finance. I was given a call right away to ask additional questions, which made it seem like my loan was to be approved with just a little more information. I was asked about 50 very personal questions about my medical history and finances, which I was willing to do, since it seemed promising that I would be approved for the loan.

Once I revealed all of that information, only then did they pull my credit (which they should have done first before even contacting me). I was denied on the spot. The person who I spoke to (who originally was friendly), became very short and rude with me, once she knew I wasn't going to be approved. Now, I'm very uncomfortable about what they are going to do with all of the personal information I provided to them. This is very bad business practice.

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Original review: March 25, 2010

I am currently enrolled with a debt management company due to my husband being out of work. American General was the last creditor to respond to the proposal from debit management company. They finally responded as of 3/24/2010. They have denied the proposal. I called first and spoke to representative by the name of Mary. She explained that due to company policy, they accept either 70%-75% of total amount of original monthly payment. American General approved the highest of the two which is 75%. When asked why, Mary told me because of income looks like we can afford it. I told her my husband is on unemployment at the moment, not sure how long it would be that he will find work.

She says that I need to talk to the individual that denied the proposal which is (Marian **). She informs me that there is no 70%, only 75% per company policy. I told her that I need to see it in writing. She responded by saying "no," she does not have to provide that information. She then goes on by saying it is not her concern that I got myself into debt and can't afford to abide by my contractual agreement. I asked her why are they not considering the fact that my income will change due to my husband being unemployed. She stated that they don't have to consider it.

All I wanted was an explanation, a valid explanation of what she was telling me and where her figure was coming from--I also want to know what they consider or what they look at to get their figure. Nothing was agreed to at the end of the call. According to Marian, there were no such thing as the 70% figure and it is what it is. Eventually, American General will be charged off on my credit report. I was trying for that not to happen but they refuse to provide me with explanation as to where their figures are coming from. I don't think I am a high risk customer because they've always received a payment from me. I will not agree to anything until I receive something in writing stating their new terms and conditions. I just think they are making up percentages and amounts based on amount of current income, not based on future income.

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Original review: March 23, 2010

I paid two payments at one time, called the office, asked if this could be problem, "no". Before the month was over AG filed levi, with Staunton City District Court for the balance of the loan $ 1,658.00. They sent report of lien to Credit Reporting agencies. I called and corrected the problem. The Staunton Office agreed to correct but never did. Almost a year later, took the release to court house myself. But the credit reporting agencies have refused to remove it. American General has refused to send letter admitting error.

My house re-fi was refused stating "AG lien" -$nearly 20,000 / yr. in interest alone. My car insurance went up for same reason to 3,400./yr. My home owners refuse to insure my home and I had to get more expensive policy although I have never had a claim. Even though my salary has doubled, I can't get a re-fi to lower interest because of American General, and my electric company said my credit report caused them to charge me a deposit. These are a few of the cost to me. They do not include the days of cost as lost work, and frustration due to numerous dead end calls.

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Original review: March 20, 2010

We have had our Mortgage with American General (Yes, they are owned by AIG) for almost 9 years and it has been a living hell. They call you and harass you as many as three times a day if they even think you might be late. If they cant get you, they call your family and friends. They send you paper work about all this money, your available and how you can make a 1 time reduced payment? But won't honor it if you try to use it.

I have been on unemployment for over a year and get $1156.00 per month. My mortgage is $1,000.00 per month. My home owners insurance lapsed due to a depleted budget so American General put a homeowners policy on my home at a cost of $2,076.39 per year which is 61/2 times what it cost me before and covers only the dwelling not the contents. This policy was provided by AIG. The cost was added to my principal and interest charged on that. I paid $900.00 cash for the old 1974 Double wide mobile that we live in. They want me to insure it at a cost 2 and a half time what I paid for the place to buy it out right.

They also take any payment that are not paid in full. Regardless of weather they offered a reduced payment option or not, and consider them late thus not giving you credit for the payment. Even if you show the next month with a full payment, they take a late payment fee of as much as $150.00 out of this payment therefore making you short on this loan payment also and starting the process all over again with late fees being added again.

I have also had my loan modified twice by American General. Neither time did I receive any thing in writing stating what had been done and why. I have only been told verbally about the changes and have seen them reflected on my statements by due amount and interest rate. But I still got nothing in writing and strangely enough my principal goes up every month despite the payment we make. The women in our local office tell me that regardless of what papers I receive and present them with that the offers they offer, can be implemented how they see fit without any requests from the loan holder.

Stress and anxiety and many sleepless nights worrying weather all the suffering and going without things needed to make life worth living, which every person deserves. I save every penny all month long just to try to have my mortgage payment when it is due. I have not had TV sevice at my home in 8 months because I'm trying to protect the only thing that I have to show for a lifetime of work. My home. I have missed Doctors appointments medicine and many other important things for fear of missing my mortgage payment. This has also caused a lot of strain on my 25 year marriage.

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Original review: March 9, 2010

After getting behind 30 days on my line I tried to make a partial payment and then make arrangements to pay off the balance to bring me current, but American General refused to take the partial payment. They stopped by my home and harassed my family and then decided to send me a letter stating that they would turn me mover to a collection agency and start foreclosure proceedings. They have stopped by home on more than one occasion and threatened me and my family.

The branch manager Katie at the Central office in Chicago has been unsympathetic and rude. I've been asked questions like, "What do you do with your money?" and "Don't you think your mortgage is important?" It wasn’t a question of importance but a question of I didn't have all of the money at the time. I asked if they could wait an additional three days. Working with them has been a nightmare.

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Original review: Feb. 26, 2010

The Customer Service Representatives Specifically Ryan and Sara at the American General Financial Services Branch Boise, ID are rude and unprofessional. They were threatening me and my family by stating "It's the money or the car, whats it going to be?" and "If you don't pay we will just take the car, add a 400 dollar repo fee and then garnish your wages after we sell it". This was all said to me after I promised to pay the 200 dollars that was due, but I would have had to pay it a week later.

Also note that I was not even a month behind at this point. I offered to pay with a post dated check, this is the response I got by Sara "Your checks bounce" and "you have been a thorn in my side for a long time we will not take a post dated check from you." We have been doing business with American General for the last 3 years ,only one check has bounced in that time and we have never been more than two months behind.

I have had to sacrifice money for food and and not pay other bills because they have demanded that I pay them, or they take my car which is the only one I have and I have 4 kids.

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Original review: Feb. 26, 2010

Two weeks ago, I make a direct payment of $130.00 and I know I am behind 3 months. I told to Marcia that I will call again in 2 weeks to make a payment. Three days after I make that payment, they are calling my work, Human Resources where I work, my cell phone, and my house. I did not respond because I just talked to them and it is not 2 weeks yet. Today, 02/26/2010 at 1230 pm, one employee from their department showed up to my door and start harassing me for payment. I told her the same thing, it is not 2 weeks yet, but she was rude and started yelling. I told her, “Do you realize you are in the front door for 2 payments?” Plus I am on medication right now for anxiety, but did not tell her.

I called SD police and told them who is in my front door. She said I don’t have to open it the next time, and if they continue, I need to call them back. So I went to my work, and later this afternoon, I decided to call them and make arrangements. Unfortunately, they want that 2 months payment of $260.00 right now. I said I can come out half by tomorrow, 12/27/10, and half on 13/05/10. They won’t take it, and Marcia told me that they will take federal action by Monday, meaning court. Just for 2 months behind plus trying to negotiate with is not good enough. My question is, are they really allowed to show up in your door like that? And what am I supposed to do in that situation? They might take me to court. They might repossess my car I’m using to go to work. I am taking medication for anxiety and it could get worse in this situation and lose my job. They put too much stress on people like me who owe $2500 and trying to make a payment.

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Original review: Feb. 25, 2010

I purchased a pellet burner store on 3-3-2008. The stove worked fine for the last 2 months of the season. The next season, the burner started faulting out and shutting down. We called them and complained many times. They sent their service people out several times, telling us it was fixed. This season started all over again having faults. Luce's have been here 5 times so far and the stove is still not fixed. I phoned Luce's today to ask what they planned to do since my warranty will be up in 7 days and their reply was nothing.

I feel they have done nothing but run the warranty out leaving us with a bad stove. I keep Savannah cats in this building and it is vital they have heat. They have never been in the cold and could not live through freezing temperatures should the stove fault in the night. I was sold this stove knowing all the conditions pertaining to the environment and now they are saying it is because of that. Why sell me a stove knowing full well it was not designed for this.

The first call made to Luce's this year, they claimed the stove just needed to be cleaned and charged me $150.00 to clean it after my husband had already kept it clean. Within 5 hours of their cleaning, the stove stopped again. Again Luce's cheated us out of $150.00. I spoke with Luce's and expressed the fact there had been so many service calls and they should replace it and their reply was, "Oh, we only see 2 calls." But again that is a lie. I had so many calls last year I contacted American General Finance Company about how unfair it was the stove didn't even last 10 of the 12 months, same as cash. Go figure, American General no longer finances their poor service and company.

We have had to get out of bed 2 times a night for the past 3 weeks just to go and check the stove. We have had to cancel our vacation that was booked a month ago because the stove is unreliable and faulty. The stress alone is more than I should have to put up with just calling them all the time. I have paid the $150.00 2 years in a row because they claim it needs cleaning when it truly does not. It appears I will have to purchase a stove elsewhere because this stove in not reliable. I feel I have been lied to on several occasions by them, and as it stands, I have a stove I paid $3,358.39 for and really can't use it safely. That is not what they sold to me.

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Original review: Jan. 22, 2010

This company finance an auto loan for me for 5 years. I still have a balance of $7000. It has been over five years. Every time I call or write about this, they state it's for insurance. I have informed them that each and every time I have change companies for insurance I had them notified. They still state I owe this money in which I don't. This will make this loan over seven years instead of five. Someone please help me. They have even wrote me threatening to repo my car. I was late for a few days not three months. I need my car to go to work. I could use this money that i pay them to pay other bills I have.

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Original review: Jan. 18, 2010

I purchased a heat pump from Miller's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. The finance company was American General. The monthly payments are $107 and I have been paying $150. The salesman told me there were no fines for paying off the balance early. My very first statement had the principal plus the total interests paid in 108 payments for $107. I called them and they said there was nothing they could do about that. I am going to pay this off in over two years early. Can they charge me interest for the total of 108 months?

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Original review: Jan. 16, 2010

In October 2009, I lost my job when the company closed. Living in a county with 5000 people out of work, there were no jobs to be had. My husband and I had to file bankruptcy and American General was included. They got the info from our attorney and they decided to file a suit against us, threatening to garnish my husband's wages. They also sent us a bill long after the bankruptcy was filed. Do they have the right to file a suit after they were included in a bankruptcy? When does it end?

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Original review: Jan. 15, 2010

I borrowed about $5,600 from American General almost 2 years ago when they were at their Lawrenceville, NJ location. Everything was going okay. I would go into the office every month to pay my bill. I was always treated very nicely addressed by my name as soon as I arrived. I never had a problem until recently when the office moved to Hamilton Twp.

I made the mistake of calling the company from my cell phone to pay my bill since they moved so far away. Almost immediately afterwards, I began receiving harassing soliciting calls for additional loans on my cell. This was bad enough. However, these calls were during my working hours and my job frowns on cell phones ringing. I have repeatedly asked this young woman not to call me while I'm working for this foolishness and she continues to ignore my request. One night someone from the head office in another part of the country called to ask me if I was satisfied with American General's service I told him about the harassing calls. He apologized to me and told me these calls were coming from my local office and he didn't have anything to do with that. I told him if it happened again, I would be very unhappy. They called my home phone today twice, one call was to solicit a loan once again and other call was because my bill is late.

I told my husband we are never borrowing money from them again. For one thing their rates are too high and for another they behave like a bunch of loan sharks from all the accounts I have read. I thought Avco Finance was bad; these fools are worst. I'm sticking with my credit union from now on for my financial needs. As long as I keep my phone on vibrate the supervisor doesn't hear it ring. I will be okay. I am just angry that I am being disrespected and disregarded after I have asked the person to stop calling and that I wasn't interested in any more loans.

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Original review: Jan. 10, 2010

I did borrow approximately $8,000.00 from American General Financial Services on December 24, 2009. American General is holding the title to my vehicle, 2006 Honda. From the start of this loan, I started receiving calls from American General about payments. The first call I received was in January 2009, at which time, the first payment was not due until February 1, 2009, with a 15 day grace period before late charges. Below are the dates of payments and copy of all canceled checks and money orders American General cashed from my bank. There are 12 months in a year, therefore counting from February 2009 to February 2010 is equal to 12 months. Therefore, from February 2009 to December 2009 is 10 months. In the "My Payment Schedule" of the contract states the following. "first payment is due on February 1, 2009. 47 Payments of $269.36, beginning March 1, 2009". I may owe American General Late fees. According to my records and my cancelled checks, I am not behind in any payments to American General.

Ms. Kindra **, senior manager for American General, has called my place of work, on several occasion. She was informed I could not receive personal calls of that nature at work. She continued to talk. I had customers in my work area, including my supervisory. They all could hear Ms. **, even with the phone to my ear. On several occasions, Ms. ** open my mailbox at my place of residence, and place an envelope in the mail box. The envelope contains her business card. Ms. ** called my home so much in a week's time, that she caused stress to my marriage, and to my husband, who is a type 2 diabetic. She called so much one day, that she cause his blood sugar to go out of control, to the point that when I arrive home from work, I found him in a diabetic shock. I had to call an ambulance f or him. Her questions to him was to say I was not at work, when in fact I was. She tried to discuss the account with him. His name is not on the account.

Ms. ** calls Ms. Rosalind **, a friend, looking for me. All of the above rules have been broken by Kindra ** of American General. The voice mail message she has left on my answering services are still intact. Therefore I am also filing a claim with Maryland Attorney General's Office. There is no legal basis for this lawsuit. The same day, American General received 2 payments from me is the same date they contacted their Attorney to file a suit. See Attachment 3, regarding complaints from other customers of American General.

To resolve the late payment issues, I asked American General for Information as to how I could have payment taken out of my paycheck. As of today, I have not received that information from American General. The manager of American General said I gave them post dated check. That is untrue. The checks I wrote to American General were after I had received a salary check from my employer. Ms. ** also stated she gave the envelopes to someone in my home. My husband said at no time did she, or anyone from American General Hand him an envelope. He found the envelope in our mailbox. American General retains attorney on a regular basis. The attorney is collecting fee from American General, and the debtor. I got embarrassed in front of my friends. They caused my husband to get sick, and also caused distrust in a marriage.

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Original review: Jan. 4, 2010

I have had loans with this company for years, They moved their payment center to Los Angeles about two years ago. This is when the problems started. I am disabled and trying to pay the loan off early. I found out through looking through my payments that they have not been putting the extra money I have been sending to principal.

I paid $75 extra last month with a separate check. They took $74 in interest, not to mention the extra they took out of the $300 I paid. I am one month ahead. At least, I was. I was told I am now only about two weeks ahead. My payment is $294.64 a month. I always pay $300. They have consistently been taking the extra money I have sent with instructions on checks to put towards principal, not interest. They have disregarded this and taken almost all of it to interest.

This is illegal. They are a subsidiary of AIG. Please check the consumer complaint page for numerous complaints against them for unfair practices regarding interest, payment, and other issues like harassment, etc.

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Original review: Dec. 18, 2009

I took out a small $3,500 personal loan through American General Financing. I was doing well with paying on time up until recently. I lost my job and only managed to find a small part-time job that barely pays for my vehicle loan. American General started calling my cell phone and home constantly at all hours. At one point, a woman showed up at my doorstep. She was rather rude and asked if I had $40 to give her now for an interest payment. I had just made a payment on my vehicle and didn't even have $40 to give. She asked if I would have $80 next week to do a double interest payment. I agreed that I could do that.

So the following week, I went in with $90 cash to make an interest payment. But when I got there, I was told that I would need to pay an additional $50 to make one full payment. Then the next payment could be a double interest payment. I did not agree to this. So then the phone calls started again and the woman showed up at my door again - before seven in the morning! My family and friends have received numerous phone calls. Now I received what appears to be a fake attorney letter in the mail requesting I turn the title over to my 2005 Yamaha Motorcycle. I've never owned a motorcycle in my life! So not only do they lie to you, but they make things up as they go. All this for a $2,500 debt.

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Original review: Dec. 14, 2009

I got a loan from American General to repair the throttle body on my car. I had to put the car up for collateral as I'm very young with no credit. I had always made payments on time, in fact made larger payments than necessary to knock this loan out sooner. A few months ago, I had lost my job and made a payment of 3x the amount and asked for that to be spread out for 3 months’ worth of payments, which a woman in the office told me would be no problem. The next month, I started receiving calls from them about being late on payments. They called me, my siblings, my friends, present and previous employers, etc. Harassment seems to go hand in hand with this company!

When I explained the situation, Jeff told me that was not possible and that I am late and need to make payments. He told me that he got permission from corporate for me to make interest payments to stop repossession of my vehicle. I had just made an interest payment last month and was told that would bring my account up to date and that everything would be fine.

Tonight, a repo man showed up at my brother's house (where I am currently staying) and took my car. He said AmGen has had a court action against me for months and I have racked up thousands in debt for them trying to track me down. (I am not even months in debt to them!) I was told that I have to pay any and all balances owed to AmGen and any repo company hired to find me. I hope I get my car back.

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Original review: Dec. 1, 2009

My mother had a stroke in May 2009, and she had a loan with them. She had always paid well and due to her illness, could no longer make the payments. They have called and harassed her. It made her cry. She is 71 and already suffering from the trauma of the stroke, not being able to use her left side. (She was left-handed.) A man by the name of Joey came to her home and told her he had a lien on her home. Then he said if she paid $148.00, they would work with her. Before we could get the check in the mail, he said, "I need to come get a check right away, and I (Joey) will write your check for you." My mother told him no and that it was in the mail that Sunday and he should have it by Tuesday. Then the same day, Heather called from there and was rude and had my mother upset again. What kind of people are they to call & come to the home of a 71-year-old who has had a stroke and they know she is disabled and suffering from no use of her left side. How ruthless are these people. Someone needs to put a stop to this. Who will be responsible if she has another stroke due to this harassment?

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Original review: Nov. 28, 2009

I took out a loan for a work truck. A friend co-signed and collapsed her vehicle into the loan for collateral. My business did not work out and the economy in NC was not good and getting worse. My friend and myself could find work but for $8.00 and hour only. I left and moved to FL to find work and lived with my parents to get back on my feet. I called American General, let them know of my whereabouts and told Homer that my dad wanted to settle and get both cars off the loan. My dad offered Am Gen $8,000.00. Homer refused. The loan was at 16%. My dad had numerous calls with Homer and Homer refused all offers. Finally I had to give both cars back and now I am getting a bill for $6,000.00. Had Homer just taken the offer from my dad, all would have been satisfied and I and my friend would still have a friendship - we would have our cars and Am Gen would have their money. I have never seen a loan company refuse money before.

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Original review: Nov. 27, 2009

My wife and I both have loans through American General. This year, we have found ourselves going through a very hard time. I was laid off from my job and had to undergo a major surgery all in a matter of two weeks. My wife who was pregnant at the time, was only working a minimum wage job. We were doing our best to pay all of our bills and keep a roof over our heads. I was recalled to my job, however, within a matter of about a month, my wife was put on bed-rest and was let go from her job.

American General has called us on a daily basis, calling one phone and then another. They have gone as far as to call my parent's house. I have asked them numerous times not to contact my parents, as my debt is not any of their business. The store manager told me she would come to my house and get the payment from us, if we did not bring it in. They went as far as to tell us they would make out our budget for us. They have even told us that they have seen us out in town, such as at Walmart, and they want to know where their payment is. I feel that this is harassment! We have done without groceries to give them our last 20 bucks at times, just to be told that isn't good enough. We are behind on our payments but we give them everything that we possibly can.

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Original review: Nov. 25, 2009

I have been receiving telephone solicitation from this company. They call my home phone number and my cell phone. I have told them I am not interested. When Sean called today on my cell phone, I again told him I am on the Do Not Call list and not to call me anymore. He told me to “Stick my Do Not Call up my **” and “Shove your cell phone up my **.” No lie. This man was so vulgar I could not believe it. I had a phone number on my phone with a 718 prefix and I tried calling it and it would not go through. I have never been spoken to like that and if that company calls me again, I will get a working phone number and address before I tell them what I think of their telemarketer. I believe if that is how the telemarketers are, they must be a 1,000 times worse to deal with the loan side. Never will I deal with that company.

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Original review: Nov. 23, 2009

I obtained a loan from AG in 2007. The loan was 11% and it is now 17%. That is not the worst part. Gene, the manager, was very rude to me. On Oct. 13, 2009, I totally lost my car to which AG was the lien holder. The insurance company told me everything was settled. Later, I got a call telling me to make a payment for the car, which I thought was already settled. Gene got on the phone and told me I had to pay now. When I told him that I did not have the money, he said, "Are you telling me that you have no money to put in your car if you ran out of gas?" He was being very rude and he was yelling at me. He also told me that he will not release the title of the car to the insurance. He will haul me into court and make me pay for the entire balance even though the insurance was going to pay most of it. I told him to do what he had to do.

While I was on the phone with the insurance company, I found out that AG wrote the wrong number on the release letter and refused to change the amount from $2,126.91 to $2,126.90. Gene is holding it up so he can make me pay for the entire balance. This is totally uncalled for. He was very rude and unprofessional. When I asked to speak with Courtney, he yelled, "She is busy!" But he later said that the office was closed and they were just there having a business meeting - that is why he answered the phone.

As of today, Nov. 23, 2009, Gene has not released the title of the car and has not changed the correct amount on the letter. He is holding out so the interest can grow and I can owe more on the balance. He is really trying to make me pay the entire balance. AG should be investigated for the numerous complaints that they have been receiving from customers.

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Original review: Nov. 20, 2009

Due to an employment related layoff and other unexpected situations, my mortgage payments started getting behind. For the past 7 months, a loan modification has been requested and refused. American General continuously stated they had no such program in place (though they took stimulus funds). After countless calls to various managers, I was told in 10/09, a modification would be considered. They asked only for income information. How can one's financial picture be understood by income and without attention to debts? Based on this search for income only, it became clear that a denial was on the way because no one was ever going to consider the "modification."

In early 11/09, I got the call informing me that my "modification" was denied. Surprise. Surprise. When I asked why, I was told my gross income exceeded 13% of the loan amount. It would be funny if it were not my life. I didn't even see gross income. It didn't matter to them that my debts exceeded my income. They actually had the gall to say that they were being forced by the government to use that calculation. Yeah, right. In light of the denial, I agreed to send a full payment and was told after a few full payments, the past due balance would be removed due to an extension. I sent in a postdated check.

Tonight, I got a call telling me $290 more would be needed or I would have to vacate by 11/30/09. I was sure the idea was to get the bulk payment then call back on the eve of Thanksgiving Holiday and threaten foreclosure so they could scare the additional $290 that was never mentioned out of me. The two managers I called to report the dishonest and unethical act responded only by saying the notes on the account said I was told about the additional $290. They wouldn't hear that that did not take place. This company has taken the stimulus money and is not using it to help the public. I work. I am willing and able to pay; I just need a slight reduction (due to a reduction in my husband's income). They will not grant it.

Please think twice about doing business with them. I have been a customer for 8 years with a flawless payment history for 6 plus years. They actually advised me to file bankruptcy and not pay my other creditors so I could pay them. They are ruthless and they need to be stopped. I pray legal action is on the way.

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Original review: Nov. 5, 2009

This office deposited a check dated November 3, 2009 on Oct. 30, 2009. I told them to hold the check as we have done for the past 6 months. They made the mistake and deposited early and will not cover the $31.00 bank fee from my bank. In admitting they made the mistake and deposited early, I don't feel I should have to cover my fee. I think they should have to own up! I have already talked to my bank and they will waive the fee, but I think American General should be the one to waive the fee. This payment has been made on my dad's account at M&I Bank as I am unemployed and so is my dad. He has been making the payments for the past year. He has also paid the late fee every month.

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Original review: Oct. 29, 2009

Be very careful with considering obtaining a loan with this company because if you do and find yourself in a hardship, you will be harassed. I lost my job with the state in Sept. 2008; however, I have managed to make payments, falling 2 months behind at the most. This company is very harassing, manager or employee showing up at my home, telephone calls to my home and family members' home from a man by the name of Omar. I called on 10/29/09 to obtain payoff quote by using a friend's cell phone (I did not provide them with the phone number from where I was calling). As soon as I hung up, a Miranda called to ask what my intentions were. I advised her, I am only one payment behind by 2 days! I also advised not to call this number again, not to come by my home again and if so, I will consider it harassment. I further advised AGF to only contact me by correspondence through mail.

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Original review: Oct. 28, 2009

I had a loan with this company since April 2007. My husband and I started to get in hardship situation in October 2008 and went on maternity leave in March 2009. Even though we were in the middle of a hardship, I still did my best on paying my loan even though it was always late. I then got into a debt settlement program in June 2009. My loan started to go into default in July 2009. To make matters worse, this company decides to sue me in September and does not even give me any alternative options.

Before the lawsuit, they called me every day at work, delivered a business card stating if I don't pay by 8/28 pending next action. The last phone call I received was someone by the name Omar and asked me "if I knew what I was?" and I said yes, everything was explained loud and clear. He then told me if I don't pay my past due, they would move to litigation and my wages would be garnished. They never gave me other options but would rather take me to court... How stupid.

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Original review: Sept. 19, 2009

I have a personal loan with American General Finance. I used my vehicle to secure this loan. On September 15, 2009, 2 men showed up at my place of employment and told me they were there to repossess my vehicle due to being 2 months behind on my payments. My payment is due on the 11th of every month, and on my statement I receive each month, it also shows that after the 21st of the month, I then have a $15.00 late charge. Yes, I was behind on the August payment due to a house repair that ended up costing me more than I had expected. I had planned on making the August payment that day as I had the money, but I just hadn't made the payment yet. I knew or thought that I was ok that once I made the August payment, I would be caught up until September 21. Thanks to the 10-day grace period. I guess not.

I then immediately called American General and spoke with Aaron, who told me that since I hadn't returned his phone calls, he had "no choice" but to take my vehicle. I told him that I was only 1 month behind and could and was going to make the payment that day. He refused to allow me to leave work then and make the payment. The 2 guys standing in my office had to bring my vehicle to American General, and then I could come and pay them and get my vehicle back. When I asked how I was to get there since they were taking my vehicle, Aaron said he didn't know what to tell me.

This is where it gets interesting. Aaron told me that I had to pay last month's payment, this month's payment, next month's payment plus $100.00 for the repossession! My payment is $395.00 a month, so I had to have $1,164.09 to pay them in order to get my vehicle back or they would keep it! The 2 guys were very nice and felt very bad for me. They told me that one of them would drive my vehicle to American General if I gave him the keys so I would not suffer the embarrassment of having my vehicle repossessed in front of all my co-workers. So I gave them my keys and told Aaron that I would be in to pay the amount.

I then received a phone call from Aaron about 1/2 hour later wanting to know where I was at. I told him that I needed to find a way there first to pay. He then told me that my vehicle was going to be towed to an auction lot quite a distance from me and that when I paid, then I would have to find a way to this lot to pick up my vehicle! Can you believe this?! It's just because I was 1 month behind! So I had my mom come and pick me up, and I went to the bank to get the money as I was also told that I had to bring cash! I then called Aaron on my way to the bank to ask him just exactly where my vehicle was, and he told me that he would tell me once I show up with the money! I was needing to know, so I could let my mom know if she would need to drive me to this auction lot or not.

I then went into American General and paid this huge amount of money. I asked Aaron about the grace period as I was only 1 month behind. He then told me that there is no 10-day grace period! I said, "Well, it's on my statement each month." I was then told they have that on there for people who paid twice a month! Excuse me, don't most people receive a paycheck at least twice a month? I was then told I was caught up until November and that if I'm late again, they would take the vehicle for good!

I truly think that they thought there was no way I would be able to pay them the amount they were asking for and they wanted me not to be able to get my vehicle back! Oh, and my vehicle was at a car lot not far from my residence. Go figure that one. I feel that American General is a "loan shark" type of business and they are out to get anyone who doesn't have perfect credit, rope them in, and then literally do all they can to see that person fail and not able to eventually get their loan paid off. I think they need to be investigated, and if anything, if they don't have a 10-day grace period, then they shouldn't be allowed to print it on their statements each month.

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Original review: Sept. 15, 2009

I have a personal loan and have not received any statements in the mail for over three months. Every time I call to get a statement for payment, they are telling me that all the statements have been returning back to the office. I have lived at my same address for 5 years. I am a soldier in the United States Army Station in St Louis. The manager has been rude to me and refuse to send me out any statements. I know they are trying to make me late on payments. The managers in other offices tried to help with no success. American General Finance should be investigated as soon as possible. I know they are trying to get more money out of me. I am not late or have ever been late on any payments. I have also had 3 personal loans with this company. Thanks for your prompt attention to the very important matter.

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Original review: Sept. 10, 2009

I had an open loan with AGF for about 8 years and made all of my payments on time until the last year. This loan was in my name only. I got one to two months behind. When I started getting money in again, I began making payments each month. However, I was still a month behind. There are lots of phone calls, and AGF wouldn't tack on the late payment to the end of the contract, etc.

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Original review: Aug. 3, 2009

American General Financial is a wholly owned subsidiary of AIG. American General is an unscrupulous subprime lender. American General made a home equity loan in 2002. I requested a loan modification in February of 2009, in accordance with the Making Homes More Affordable program. American General told me they did not have to give me a modification and stated they would foreclose instead of helping us. I am now on Social Security and cannot afford the $1,171 per month. I only get $1,648, that is almost my whole check. These guys need to be stopped.

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Original review: June 30, 2009

I had an emergency almost four years ago and had to borrow $1500.00. Due to the death of my husband, money is tight. When I am late, they call my cell phone over and over, come by the house, and even use other numbers and cell phones to contact me. 4 years later, my pay off is now at over $2000. This is worse than the credit card scandals. This has to be stopped. How can anybody pay this off?

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Original review: May 28, 2009

I have a loan with this company. I sent my payment which was returned because my bank cashed it against the wrong account. I came home from work and found the branch manager's business card in my mail box. Apparently, they appear at your door instead of waiting for you to call back. I called and spoke with JR, the branch manager who told me that I wasn't returning their phone calls. I explained what happened with the bank and he said he would send someone to my house on Friday to pick up a money order because five checks had bounced.

I do not believe and have evidence that I did not bounce five checks. I have been a victim of identity theft and had to change banks because someone had my information and was debiting from my account (proof can be provided). I would also like to add that my boyfriend is a police officer and he said that it is illegal to come to someone's house to collect a bill. I would also like to add that, in the past, if you are one day late, they leave five messages per day on my house phone and cell phone to the point that I had missed an emergency message from a family member because they left so many messages on my phone.

I do return their phone calls. Unfortunately, they do not keep a record of calls received. I intend to file a complaint with the BBB and NJ Dept. of Banking and Insurance. This company is a subsidiary of AIG - need I say more? I would also like to know how they get away with their exorbitant late fees and NSF fee which I do not understand. These people need to be stopped. If any employee of this company comes to my door again, I will have them arrested. Please advise me of how I can resolve this situation. Thank you.

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Original review: April 27, 2009

We paid them in full in October, 2008. They kept calling my husband's office phone probably 10 times a day. They also called his cell phone about the same amount of times. They would not leave a detailed message. They just said, "This is American General. We need to speak with you." We thought they wanted us to get a loan or other things. I finally answered his phone and asked why they were calling. They said we owed them more money. I don't believe we do. I asked them to call my cell if any questions.

Well, they started calling my office phone. I do not know where they got the number but they started on my front office many times a day as well as my cell phone. I sent them a money order certified mail to keep them from calling. But I still believe we do not owe them. To this day, they are still calling me and harassing me. I feel that this is pure harassment. There is no need to call people at work when they have cell numbers. I want them not to do this to other customers as my husband and I were lucky we did not lose our jobs over all the time the front office spent answering the phone. I feel I overpaid them.

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Original review: April 23, 2009

I loaned from the American General Finance Services but I was not able to pay for it because I did not have enough money to pay for it. Now, it has been 3 months and I still haven't paid for it yet. One of their workers came to our home twice already and entered the house without my permission. Now, they are threatening me that if I don't pay 200 dollars a month, they will have to bring me to the court. I feel harassed. I hope you can help me solve this misunderstanding.

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Original review: Feb. 20, 2009

On 2/18/09 (late afternoon), I called 210-222-1000. A lady answered phone - I introduced myself/company and informed her that I would like to verify past employment dates for a particular person. She indicated I would need to call back the next a.m. and talk with the manager. I asked what name I should ask for - she would not give me a name and just told me to call back tomorrow a.m.

On 2/20/09 (12:03 pm), I called and Jake (or Jay?) answered phone. Again I introduced myself/company and said that I needed to verify past employment dates. He said the corporate office was in New Jersey. I asked for the phone number - he said he could not get the number for me at this time. I asked if I could talk with a manager. He said a manager was not available to talk with me. I said, "Are you serious? I can't believe you won't take the time to give me the corporate phone number? You won't give me the phone number or let me talk with the Manager." I asked for his name (still couldn't understand Jake or Jay?). The Customer Service (or I should say - the lack of...) was totally unbelievable. This person was not interested in helping me or taking a step to find someone who could help me - a very disappointing service.

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Original review: Dec. 4, 2008

They still want high interest in this economy while they beg the Federal Reserve and get billions. Perhaps if they would lower mortgage rates to 4%, they might save some homes from foreclosure and help Americans; that is unless their goal is to grab land. They are like a credit card co. for homes. The stress is causing my disabilities to worsen.

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Original review: March 25, 2008

I paid my last payment on time, but they state they received it late, and thus, they are charging me a finance charge. They offered to give me 50% off the finance charge but since I paid it on time, I don't feel I owe anything.

A G Finance says that consumers should expect it to take 8 to 10 days to process a check, but that seems unreasonable. Also, it seems as if this is the way they make some extra money

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Original review: March 21, 2008

I have been making monthly payments toward my loan, when I asked for a statement of my account. This is so I can see how much interest I have paid and what amount went to the principal. They said that they do not send out statements. I asked for something telling me what I have paid, etc. All I was told is that they do not do this. Is this not against the law?

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Original review: Feb. 23, 2008

The amount of charges are greater than the amount to be paid. When we initially made the loan I made an early payment, every payment was always before the due date and I always paid more than the amount of the required payment.

Two times they took every penny for interest. I would have thought that at least the amount made over the payment would have gone to the balance, if only $4! So they tried to explain that because my early payment was so early that the even though the next payment was still early the interest charged all meant that everything I paid them went to interest. OK, I let that slide--Now here it is several years later and AGAIN I paid $500 instead of the $416.68 that my payment should be and they took out $425.42 in interest!

The thing that gets me upset is that how can they take out in interest an amount greater than the payment I was supposed to pay. Especially when I have always paid more than the required amount!

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Original review: Nov. 2, 2007

American General Finance has continuously harassed, tried to intimidate me, and has disclosed loan information to anyone who answers my home phone. On Thursday November 1, 2007 one of their representatives, Ismael Arreola, left a message on my voice mail stating my payment had not been made; I had to call back the next day before 5:00 PM, otherwise my car would be repossessed. I know that creditors are not allowed to disclose any loan information nor make threats on any type of voice mails or disclose information to an unauthorized party.

My home life has been affected as information that should not have been disclosed has been causing family disputes, almost got me kicked out of my home. I am stressed, can't sleep worrying about losing my car, and from family problems caused by disclosing information.

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Original review: June 28, 2007

A contractor was hired to build an addition onto our home. The contractor led us to his "finance" guy, who would refinance our home with enough to build the addition.

I went to American General to sign papers with my husband, and was told by more than one person at American General that there were no pre-payment penalties after one year.

I now work for Fifth Third Bank, in Tennessee, and it has been two years since we signed said contract with American General. I asked the mortgage department at Fifth Third to do a re-fi on us, and we would be able to escape Amercian General and their ever-increasing rate on the loan.

It has been a couple of days since the refinancing with Fifth Third has been enacted, and I received a call today from Beth, at American General. She stated that there would be an $8000.00 pre-payment penalty, and the contract they have in house states that there would be a penalty. My husband and I had no idea, and felt as if we had been "baited and switched", so to speak.

I want to report this company as a fraudulent one.

Since all of this has transpired, we were told that "Robert", said loan officer, was fired due to unethical practices.

How in the world is a consumer supposed to know the terms of the loan, if they were told one thing, yet signed another?

Please get this message out to all consumers. Alert them as to the fishy practices at American General Finance.

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Original review: June 16, 2006

On June 15, 2006 I went into an American General Finance office in Altamonte Springs, Florida to discuss what I believed to be false information on my account. The Branch Manager, Eric Assenheimer was totally disrespectful. He constantly interrupted and spoke over me. Eric then lied about several previous incidents that I brought to his attention to prove the errors in my account. He also continually evaded my request for a supervisor. As a result of my persistence, he eventually, gave me a contact number for the Casselberry branch and told me to

"Get out of his office!"

The following day I spoke with the Area Manager, Carole Jameson and tried to explain what happened. I made sure she understood that after rethinking the chain of events that lead up to this disagreement, I was confused with Erics reactions. I also told her that the only explanation I could think of for Eric's negative behavior towards me was perhaps an incident that occurred during the month of April. I am not certain, but I do believe that Eric may have been angry at me for refusing to redo a loan with him back in April of 2006. Please note that redoing the loan would have put me further in debt with the company. Additionally it should be stated that I have also rejected offers from Eric and other members of the staff on numerous occasions to accept additional loans with the company. American General attaches extremely high interest rates on their loans that make it difficult to repay within a reasonable time. I made the mistake of taking out a loan with them once, but vowed to never do it again.

Unfortunately Carole Jameson, the Area Manager, not unlike Eric was also rude and tried to talk over me. She told me that she had already heard his side of the story. That's when it became apparent that she had no intentions of being objective. She was unwilling to acknowledge any wrong doing or ill treatment by Eric. Apparently his behavior was not only acceptable, but common practice. Of coarse, this only led me to feel attacked a second time by her.

Ms. Jamesons solution to the problem was to simply transfer my account to another office. While I did agree that it would be best, I am not pleased with her condoning improper behavior of employees. As I stated to Ms. Jameson, I was not looking for any monetary compensation or credits to be added to my account for Eric's lack of professionalism. I simply wanted her to understand why I accused him of being deceptive and unprofessional. I also informed her that I was not pleased with the way she handled the matter and would probably pursue my complaint further.

I'm now turning to you to hear and advise me on this matter. I don't know what else I should do. I will be in the position to pay off this loan in a couple of months. However, this is a matter of principal for me. I don't think that it is fair or even ethical to mistreat customers after they are locked into a contract. I refuse to comply with unprofessional conduct or incompetence. Neither will I ever acquiesce to audacious, insolent, nor cynical remarks from anyone to whom I bring my business!

Thank you for taking the time to hear this matter.

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Original review: Aug. 20, 2005


American General Finance Company
has been a complete nightmare for

my whole family!

My husband and I are victims of predatory lending. American General Finance

Company encouraged us to refinance our home through them. They assured us

that this was the right thing for us to do, and the best thing that we could do.

They promised us that our interest rate would remain about the same, about 9-10% at the most, and the payments would stay around the same, around $450-500 at the most.

They did not tell us that the loan was a revolving credit loan, like a credit card, so that wed never pay the house off. Everything happened so fast, at the closing. After signing the papers, we found out that we had singed to a 14.50% interest rate and almost $750 monthly payment. They also did not inform us that we had three days to look at the contract.

This loan has caused us to almost lose our home of 25 years. They foreclosed on us and I immediately filed for bankruptcy. The original loan amount was $56,000. With all the interests, fines, fees, and costs for their lawyer fees and whatever else they charged us for, we now owe them $72,000 for our home! So even though we have filed for bankruptcy, we are still threatened by the possibility of being foreclosed on again. From month to month, its almost impossible for us to make our house payment, now being $750 and if were late almost $800. I know for a fact that they are just waiting on us to default so that they could take our home away from us! In the last three years we have paid them over $35,000, and we now owe them $72,000, theres a serious problem with this! This is robbery!!! I personally know someone else who has experienced a similar problem with them, and they too were forced to file for bankruptcy. On the day my house went up for sale at the courthouse, there were two other families that AG foreclosed on. One day, while I was making a payment at the office, another customer was there making a mortgage payment too. They were there to make a payment so that they could get ahead on a payment. They told him that was impossible for him to do, because the computer would not allow them to do that. Well, I had the same experience with them. I made two payments in one month, thinking that I was going to be a payment ahead. The next month it was as though I had never made an extra payment, it went towards the interests.

You can imagine how I felt, furious!!! Several times they tried to get me to redo the loan with them so that they could catch me up, but I refused. Instead I tried to redo the loan with other finance companies, and when I did, they made it hard for me to accomplish that. I then found out that there was a prepayment fine or penalty fee of $4,000, along with other fines and fees they were charging me, making it impossible for me to get out from underneath them.

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Original review: May 11, 2005

nothing has happened, I complained about discrepancies I found in the final bill after my re-finance (American General was paid off) they have yet to contact me in any way.

the numbers don't add up, it is as if they are deliberately trying to confuse the numbers, kind of like shuffling the figures so they don't make sense.

this was a mortgage that was set up like a line of credit ($90,950), my statement from December indicates that I have $1774 available for cash, but the payoff amount only indicates I have only $727.

the payoff statement also indicates that they owe me money which I have not received. this was in February.

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Original review: May 12, 2004

American General Finance was included in my bankrupcy (File date September 22, 1999 Chapter 7 Bankruptcy No. RS 99-20098-MJ). American General Finance then placed a judgment and/or lein against us Reuben H. Acosta Sr. and Mary Ann Acosta.

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Original review: Oct. 26, 2003

my father got loan from them and so ddid I my dad's acct is delinquent and when i come in person to pay mine. theyre threatening to put a lien on the property. Thats my fathers personal business. why are they telling me his personal credit problems. they shouldn't tell me anything about my dads account. i would sure be angry if they go around telling everyone's business to everyone.

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Original review: March 15, 2003

Approximately October 1997, We secured a loan from American General to pay off our house, that we purchased thru FHA. We also received other funds to pay off bills. At the time of signing we told the American General employee that we would like our payments to fall on the 3rd of each month, and asked if we could have it taken directly out of my Social Security Disability Check deposit. He told us we could set that up later.

Being that it was about the 20th of October, I figured that our first payment would be December 3rd 1997. On approximately the 10th of December I called American General in Kankakee and ask them when I would be billed. American General told me they would mail me a bill befor it was due. Approximately the 10th of January 1998 I called American General and ask about my bill, and I was told the same thing. However, approximately a week later I received a bill stateing that I was would be three months behind on the 21st of January. I also discovered that my home was on a more card, with a finance charge of .015

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Original review: March 4, 2003

My mother in law, Mary Whitehead bought something for myself and my husband which he and I found ourselves paying for. A little over a year ago, my mother in law fell close to death with health problems and was in the hospital for several months in a coma. I called American General to ask them to start sending the monthly bills for this account to me at my address so that I could try to keep the payments up on the account since my mother in law was not able to. It took several phone calls but they finally agreed and I started receiving the monthly bills not only to my address but in my name (her name was no where on the bills).

Next thing I know, my husband and I hit a rough patch and some of the payments got behind. Now my husband and I are being harassed by American General and threatened with legal action an repossession of our gift from my mother in law. I decided to go ahead and pay the account off when I was given some money owed to me by a family member and called American General to get a payoff on the account. I was told that I could not obtain that information as the account did not belong to me. Therefore, I sent the balance due on the last statement I had with the memo, paid in full on my check. Several months later I received a letter from American Generals legal department stating I still owed them $73.96. When I called to question this I was told that they could give me no information on the account as it was not in my name. Next thing I know, the account is showing as a very bad mark on my credit report.

I then called American General pretty much raising heck and demanding a copy of a contract with my signature that gave them the right to report this debt on my credit report. After a couple of weeks, I was finally able to obtain from Otie that mine nor my husbands name or signatures were anywhere on the contract. When I told them I wanted this taken off of my credit report I was told that they could not do that. When I told them to send me a copy of the contract so I could show proof to the credit bureau that this was not my debt and therefore was a false reporting on my credit, I was again told that they could not provide me with that information. They claim my mother in law will have to request that info. but she cannot half hear and her mind is not all there anymore. They would have her so confused she would not know what to do.

My thing is, I have been threatened with legal action by them, harassed by them and reported as a bad debt by them but they refuse to give me any information on the account. When ever I call to speak to someone in authority there I am put on hold and left hanging with no one ever picking up the phone and these calls are all long distance. I have given up trying to deal with them because they are now refusing to deal with me and provide me what I have requested.

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Original review: Feb. 15, 2003

I was harrassed on my job and at home even though I was not behind-- new management had come into the company-- I had already told him when I was going to pay but he kept calling me at my office and home. I told him it was harrassment and that he shouldn't call again so then he, threaten to write off my account like I wasn't paying but what accually should of happened was that his company should of paid off my bill which was about $600 and sent me the rest of the $2000 dollars as that was and still is the law--but I never saw the $1400 dollars.

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Original review: Jan. 3, 2003

I borrowed 5,000 from American General Finance on 10/25/2002. I which everything went find. I contacted the office again and spoke with Eric Washington about adding 800.00 more on my orginal loan. She stated no problem we can add 800.00 on the loan. She stated she would have the people work ready when Mr. Sutton get there. Mr. Sutton stated when he got there all he did was sign the paper work got the check and left.

With the understanding that Eric and I had already discussed the details. When I viewed the contract three days later I coul not beleived what I was reading. She canceled the orginal loan. Wrote up another loan including the interest of the 5,000 and open another loan which left us with a balance of 10,625. She didnot explain this to me nor Mr. Sutton as to how she would handle this. Her honesty is in question and the way they practice.

She didnot explain this to Mr. Sutton. Had she taken the time to explain and not acted as a loan shark he would have declined this offer. On a 5,800 dallar loan we will be paying back 10,625 dallars. No one in there right mind would have did such a thing. I have more concerns and would like very much for someone to contact us as soon as you can. Thank You.

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Original review: Feb. 4, 2002

On March 20, 2001 my husband and I went to American General Finance. Adam had called us several times trying to convince us that if we refianced our home with AMG. We were told that we would have an Open End Mortgage and the amount available to us every month would be ($616) for up to 10 years and that each year we would have around $6-7,000 to do with what we wanted and the payment would never change unless we didn't use the money and then the payment would drop accordingly. When we went to AMG to sign the papers Adam took us into an office and explained that our payment would never go beyond $616 and if we would sign that day he would throw in credit life at no additional charge. Disability insurance was never discussed.

It sounded too good to be true but we trusted him and went ahead and signed. We received our first statement which said we had $3288.00 available to draw out anytime we wanted. On April 24, 2001 we withdrew $1,500 for vacation. Adam assured us that we could take the entire $3288.00 and our payment would remain the same. Our first payment was $738.27, when we questioned Adam he said that the payment was so high because there were fees that had to be paid and the fees would be paid in 2-3 months. The first of June the payment was $756.63. We again called Adam and he said that there might be one more month of a higher payment and also on the statement it said we were also being charged for disability & credit life insurance. Our July payment was $781.44.

We again went to AMG and confronted Adam, he said their was obviously a mistake and that he didn't know why the statements were showing a charge for credit life & disability insurance.So he deducted those amounts and said the correct payment for Aug would be $616. He brought us a piece of paper to sign & remove the overcharges and then came in with a piece of paper for us to sign to remove the overcharges and then he brought us a piece of paper that was suppose to be a record of our payment amount that had another couple's name on it. He scratched it out and wrote in our name and then he also gave us the same sheet without the name marked out.

We asked why we were having so many problems with this and he said it was only the 2nd open end mortgage he had done and he would straighten it out. The Sept. payment came due and the amount was $664.69 and we called Adam again and he said he was still working on it and to just pay $616 like he had told us to do the previous month. The Oct statement came due and it was $665.40 plus $48.69 in unpaid charges for Sept. By then we were so disgusted that we asked a friend to go with us that understood financial things better than we did and asked Adam to explain it all to her, which he could not do. So he cancelled the original loan and wrote a new one. He guaranteed that this time it would be right. By then we were so gisgusted that we began looking for another place to refiance our home.

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Original review: Dec. 26, 2001

I applied for a Retail Credit Application from Fiber City Sewing to purchase a Bernina Atristic Sewing Machine on 12/23/01. On 12/26/01 I was asked to arrive at the 200 w. Adams office to reapply for my Retail Credit Application. The reason given was American General Financer had lost all records for certification for Fiber City Sewing, and I had to reapply for my perviously accepted loan.

Upon arrival their intake person asked attempted to offer me a personal loan instead of a retail credit loan. I asked him why the change, what are the major differences between a retail credit loan vs a personal loan. He would not give me a definate answer. I asked him again- still no definate answer.

I told him he had better find another customer, and departed his store, and reported his actions to Fiber City Sewing (312)-648-0024. I have over 35 years experience with consumer retail credit loans. Never have I been asked to accept a personal loan,when I have been accepted for a consumer retail loan. This is bait and switch, consumer fraud, and racial discrimination.

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Original review: March 6, 2000

I have been making payments on a loan that I borrowed from this company. I make my payments on time every month and I make payments over the amount reuired. I have seen not how my paymnts are applied and have called for a printout of my payments and how the are applied and was told that they do not have the ability to do that. I have asked for a payoff on this loan on more than once and have gotten a different payoff in a matter of days a big difference. I feel I am intitled to a printout of how my payments are applied. I had insurance on this loan which as first was told that I had to have.

I late found out I did not have to have and cancelled insurance. I was to be refunded for that by either doing my loan over because insuruance was added in to the loan amount but did not get anything done until I compained about the payoff amount, than they cut check to refund for the insurance, but than my payoff amount went up. I want a printout to see how payments are applied so I can see where my extra payments are going. I don't think they are applying payments correctly.

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Original review: Jan. 25, 2000

THere were several incidences. This is my wifes loan. We got behind and recieved a call from their office telling us they were going to report our car as stolen. (it was the main collatoral on the loan). The police would impound the car and the driver wouldbe arrested if we didn't catch our loan up. A person with the same voice called several times using different names, repeating this threat over the next few days.

I was away working and my wife was traumatized. She was afraid to take her payment in because she might be arrested. She was even afraid to leave the car parked at our home. Next incident. We were a half a payment behind. American Finance in granite city called and said "we can do you a favor and refinance this loan". It'll get you back on track and you should be able to get about 500 dollars cash. I'm a trusting person and said sure. When my wife went in to sign the loan papers, it was only 300 dollars, and by the time they added points, insurances, etc. The payoff on the loan was going t be more than doubled, the payment was going to be higher.

The pay off was going from approximately 2900 dollars to approximately 6400 dollars. It was going to cost over 3000 dollars to get 300 dollars.My wife said no way. then they wanted a post dated check for the loan payment. They didn't get it. THe final incident was today, two weeks after we decided not to do the loan. American general called wanting their payment. I told them I'd be in with in a couple of hours. Justin threatened me saying if we weren't, he'd have my wifes check attached. I snapped at him. Then he said "The attachment would go in this morning". I consider the way they attempted to "help" us with the loan borderline fraud, and the methods theyve used in attempting to collect payments, and I mean payments that are less than 60 days behind, harassing and harmful.

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