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I have a huge school loan and I am already being garnished 15% by the Board of Ed. EOS CCA keeps on calling my work number. They don't even say who they are, they start asking me personal questions in which I refuse to give them info. Told them to stop calling. But they continue. I need this to stop or I can get in trouble. They getting on my last nerve!

Do your research. This company's name comes up when you look at your credit report and when it tells you have a debt it has the company name of the collection agency that you can call to fix the debt. I've had a few and they've always worked with me with payment plans and they do close the account when it's paid off. The thing is when you pay off any debt it does not come off your credit report for seven years from when you first had that day. You can expedite it by writing a letter and ask them the company to remove it early. But other than that you can just wait. This is a legitimate company. I know nobody likes having debt but I think we have to realize that we are responsible for our debts and just pay them off and get them over with it. I have one left and I am so relieved that I actually got a hang of what was going on. Know what's going on and you have no one else to blame but yourself. Very rarely is it someone else's fault.

Recently realized EOS CCA has been debiting my bank account for a set amount for the past six months. Didn't recognize the initials, so I called. The operator asked for both of my phone #'s. When I asked what this company did she was sketchy. Transferred me to Monroe who "looked me up" & said there were no accounts showing for me. When I asked for company info - "look it up on the internet"! I called my bank to dispute charges and learned EOS CCA was using a virgin debit card - activated in 2014 but never left my file cabinet!!! There is no reason I would be contacted by a debt collection company (I looked it up!) and - as stated - the card never left my file cabinet!!!

I received a call from an EOS employee telling me that I owe them money for a AT&T account. I told them that I wanted to speak with a supervisor, no problem they got a sup on the phone. The supervisor Robert ** told me that if I pay $140.00 it will clear my account and update in 48 hours. Well that was 4/6/2016 and today is 4/14/2016. Nothing has been updated or changed in my credit report. I have paid for my account to be cleared up so I can move on with my life and fixing my credit. I reviewed my credit report and it still has EOS on it for $119; so why did I get charged $140??? I feel that this company is a fake and should no longer be able to be in business!

Received call from EOS CCA regarding a Viasat debt from 3 months ago. I had contacted Viasat and requested an invoice to pay, because originally their bill said we owed equipment. On the phone they conceded that they had in fact received the equipment so the bill was less. 30 days goes by, no updated bill with new amount and then I get a call from EOS CCA. I ask if they can send me a document regarding the amount, they say they can. 30 days goes by and I get a call from EOS CCA saying they sent the letter. I did not receive it, so I asked if they could send another. "Nope, the letter went out already 45 days previous" he said.

Also, he said that they had not spoken to me before, this was the first call??? I told him that I wanted to see something written before I just pay with a card over the phone to a stranger. He said he wouldn't take my card over the phone anyway and then he hung up on me. What?? I wasn't yelling. I was just asking for a letter. I called back to speak with a supervisor who informed me that they could send another letter, but that my account was getting interest added all the time and it was in my best interest to just pay now over the phone. I said I wanted something in writing and he didn't want to send me anything and said to call back if I required further assistance. What??! I am at wits end.

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Let's face it, no one likes to be in collections and get the dreaded calls & letters. I've dealt with the worst people calling me in the past from different collection agencies but I really have to speak up and say that I didn't share the same experience as many of the other reviewers with this one, and in fact I was surprised not to see more positive reviews here. When I got the call from EOS CCA I was initially hesitant, but everyone I spoke to was very professional and courteous. They helped me get on a payment arrangement and clear up a lot of old student loans that I've had on the back-burner for a while. Most importantly, they actually seemed to be working in my best interests and not trying to just drain every penny from me like everyone else. So thank you guys and keep up the good work.

I called after getting letters to make arrangements to pay. Nobody at this company speaks English or is knowledgeable about anything going on. I am weary to give my credit card information. After paying they let me know that they cannot give me a receipt for 30 days. And that I must call back to get the receipt. They hung up on me twice. They gave me a confirmation number, but what good is this confirmation number? It's just numbers that potentially could mean nothing at all. When I called back they told me my balance was the same balance I paid 20 mins beforehand. And asked me how I would like to pay it... They simply tried to charge me twice right to my face. WTF.

EOS CCA contacted me via phone call and claimed to be a third party servicing my student loans. They asked me for a payment over the phone. I ALSO on the same day received via mail a request from EOS CCA asking for permission to "request and obtain any information regarding my student loans from any source". The doc asks for a signature. I contacted StudentLoans.gov, FSA services and my loan holders directly (NAVIENT) and nobody has heard of the company EOS CCA. Some of the information on the doc they sent me via mail is filled in manually with a pen? They do have a website but that doesn't make them legit.

I get that nobody likes collection companies. However, when they state the debt is under your ex-husband's name, have you send in proof he acquired the bill after your divorce, continue to try to get the money from you, go as far as to put a lien on your house for it, then I get so pissed I just pay his bill. Then to charge my card twice the amount of the bill, then give you a flat out lie saying their system doesn't allow it to overcharge even when I'm looking right at my bank statement

PROVING THEY DO! Then, to say there is nothing they can do. Oh my God! But wait! It gets better! I dispute it with my card company, they ask for proof of the bill. I call Perla at EOS and she tells me they don't keep them on file! No consequence. No closure. Nothing. They stole my money and there is nothing I can do about it.

CCA sent me a "Notice of Collection Placement," it has no merit. "Out of Contract" when I closed my account at the local AT&T store, so balance was $0. Have returned letter with Dispute of Validity of debt and have asked for Proof & Documentation from AT&T, saying No Proof or Documentation, No Payment. Any further harassment will be met with a Small Claims Court suit. $30.21 Principal (?) settlement offer of $18.13. Not enough for the big boys (lawyers) but fine for SCC suit. It will $50 but well worth it...

So I read the other reviews about this company and I know how you feel. I've dealt with terrible, rude phone debt collectors before and they are the worst! However I can't say that about the rep I dealt with. His name was ** and he was fine. I wasn't happy with T-Mobile in the slightest for their claim that I didn't cancel my account even though I had tried to cancel it twice and they were so incompetent they couldn't cancel a simple account. But ** let me split the amount over two payments to help me out and let me set up the date when I could pay the second payment. So he actually really helped me out. Now I made sure to get a confirmation number and all his info just in case so we'll see how it all plays out. Right now I can't complain.

I do NOT owe EOS CCA or CenturyLink. Either this place is a fraud or someone used my info w/o my permission. I have had the same cable company at my one & only address for over 2 years and it's NOT CenturyLink. Why would I need two IP's? Someone please tell me how to get my credit score back...

I received a notice that I owed $96.93 to CenturyLink Tel Svr Grp. I have never had any services with CenturyLink. No phone no cable, nothing. Why are they doing this? They insist I did and refuse to accept that I have never had service with CenturyLink. Rude and demanding!!

EOS CCA is a complete scam. The employees are very rude. I fell on hard times and got behind on my Verizon bill. So my phone was turned off and later turned over to this company. They sent me a letter through the mail saying I could settle my account for about $300. So I called up there to see what this letter was about and the employee told me that if I paid 300 dollars they'd close my account that day. So I said okay. Then out of nowhere he said "Oh wait, I have a better deal for you, we can close your account for just 200 up front and it will completely close your account.” I kinda knew something was wrong with that because with all the fees I was charged and everything the amount I originally owed was over 600 dollars, but I continued on with the payment. I told them I would not have the money until the end of the month so I wrote a post dated check.

About a week before they were supposed to take the money out my account I received a letter in the mail from them thanking me for making a "payment" and my balance was $609, but it never said my account would be close on the letter. I called up there as soon as I read it and I spoke with 2 different employees... Both of them were terribly rude and had a very nasty attitude. The first one I spoke to hung up in my face. I was told by the second employee that they would send me a letter through the mail AFTER I paid them the money. So I said okay. After giving it much thought I called back the next day and told them I wanted to cancel the payment and everything because I wouldn't have the money, but it was really because they were a scam. The employee got very rude and said can I see if I can borrow the money from a family member. And I told him no can he just please cancel the payment. So he hung up the phone in my face.

This company called me on a magic jack phone line we installed a few years ago. They claimed I had opened up a mobile account with AT&T that I never paid for, and they said AT&T turned it over to them for collection. I told them I had a cellphone through work, and I had never opened a mobile account of any kind with AT&T. I asked them for documentation of when and how the account was opened, and they said they could not provide that. I would have to talk with AT&T. I disputed their claim and I thought they had gone away. Now as my wife and I are trying to purchase a house, we find a negative issue on my credit report from this company.

How is this even legal for a company like this to simply claim there is an account I opened and never paid for without providing any kind of proof. Based on other feedback about this company, I see it is very common for them to lie about phone accounts and try to collect money from people that never opened the accounts. A shady company with rude employees.

I noticed an entry on my credit report made by EOS CCA on 12/24/2014. I called the phone number for them and asked about their attempted collection. They said I owed CenturyLink Communications $183 since 2010. I have never had an account with this company. Then they said it could be Verizon. I have documentation where I settled an account with Verizon in Jan 2014 when I accepted and paid a settlement offer by Northland Group Inc, another debt collection company. EOS CCA's representative told me they would make a note that I wanted to dispute their name but would not remove the entry from my credit report until I got a letter from them with proof I never had an account with CenturyLink.

I got a collection notice from this organization for an account that I didn't recognize and clearly couldn't have been opened by me. When I called to dispute the charge and get the matter cleared up the representative was argumentative and accusatory. When I shared the circumstances (I was out of the country when the account was used). He spent a great deal of time indicating how I could still have opened the account and how he found it difficult to believe that I had no knowledge of the account opened with an address I didn't recognize.

When I tired of his mistreatment, I requested his representative ID & a supervisor. He continued to harass me for significantly longer. After five minutes of simply restating "I'd like your representative ID and to speak to a supervisor", he finally transferred me to a supervisor. The supervisor said sorry and on being pushed gave me a customer service number to make a complaint. When I called the customer service number to complain, I got the runaround.

I paid in full a collection EOS CCA contacted me about for a Verizon debt I owed in 8/10. Several months later I received phone calls about the same debt from various other collections agencies stating that Verizon contacted them and had no record that the debt was satisfied. After contacting EOS CCA numerous times, they assured me they would provide me with a letter of conformation stating that the debt was satisfied but each time they did not. Finally on 11/23/11, I called and spoke to a "manager" Karen ** who gave me a false email address and hung up on me.

I am trying to purchase a home and on my credit report it states that the account has been paid. In the comment section, it says that "consumer disputes account information." The account is no longer in dispute and I have a faxed letter last September 29, 2011 from EOS CCA that the account is no longer in dispute.

They failed to send the letter to credit bureaus (Exquifax, Transunion and Experian) to have the item removed. It has been well over 30 days and the dispute information is still on my credit profile. I need help getting this dispute removed so I can proceed with the purchase of my home. EOS CCA still has not reported accurate information of my account.

This collection company sent a letter to our house, our personal home address with my husband's brothers name on it. We were upset and concerned that our address was being associated with this debt that is not ours. We have excellent credit. We didn't notice the name difference until the letter was opened. When we called, they told us it was a federal offense to open the letter.

We asked why our address was associated with the letter. It said that it was purposefully sent to family and friends, a breach of confidentiality in my mind. The customer service agent (Courtney) was extremely rude and raised her voice at me. My husband and I are respectable members of our community and we're in total shock. What can be done? We did file a complaint with BBB with no resolution because the company claimed that they had no record of our address in the system.

My husband's brother's name is Michael ** and the account with this company is **. I have no idea why they cannot locate the information in their system. I have asked that they remove our good address from their database and issue us an apology letter for the inconvenience.

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