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Not so helpful because the customer service sometimes ignore your questions or not trying to find solutions for your problems. Sometimes felt so frustrated due to their behaviors and attitudes. Lots of options and interests are not super high. Allow people to repay with different programs, which is super helpful for people that are currently having financial problems and in poor family. Allow people to borrow with different programs.

I held on the phone for 20 minutes. They didnt answer the emails. Also they didnt respond to my correspondence. When I finally spoke to them they were very very rude. They on two occasions didnt enter my payment and when I had called they were extremely rude and impolite. Sent me a bill with payments that I had made on it. The amount that one could borrow had limitations. They here again were very rude and not at all flexible. I will never deal with them again. They quoted me what the fees were, but never put it in writing. I paid the loan early and I was supposed to get a rebate but didnt. Here again they were unreliable and didnt keep their word.

Most companies nowadays don't understand the importance and value of customer service these days. Credible seems to have a nice grasp on the concept though. Pretty typical repayment options for the industry, at least what I've ran across. I would like there to be an option for those that lose income or such, something different than the norm. The borrowing limits, again, are pretty typical for the industry. However, I find that those limits, when based on income, are usually pretty spot on for most. Everyone wants more money but most don't think about miscellaneous but necessary items in their budget that makes them unable to pay.

Credible's customer service is very helpful and easy. They're quick to respond and were happy to answer any and all of the questions I needed to ask. Overall, Credible has a very good customer service. The options for repayment were immediate repayment, interest only repayment, partial interest repayment and full deferment. Immediate repayment is full monthly payments while being in school, partial interest repayment is a flat monthly payment when in school that only covers a portion of the interest owed, interest only repayment is paying the interest on your loan while in school. Full deferment is not paying while in school. I had no problem with the borrowing limits which allowed me to get through. Often times the borrowing limit is depending on the type of student you may be. The additional fees weren't too bad. I believe Credible is one of the best options to get refinanced. I still was not too happy with the additional fees.

Rude, unhelpful, presumptuous, impatient, discontent, irritated. I could go on and on. Several of my friends have commented on the same thing. I would like more time and flexibility, but their customer service representatives are always unwilling to work with you and adapt to your specific needs. I would like options that are not "one size fits all." For some, said limits are still not enough. They are always slapping on additional fees and charges. When you call to get it cleared up, they tell you you're wrong and demand more and more money.

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The customer service is pretty amazing. They were quick with turnaround, answered all questions asked, and their app made applying easy. I liked the repayment options and it made it easy for me to pay back all the loans. There is a wide variety of options to choose from and you will probably find one good for you. I was able to borrow what I needed so I have no complaints. I would recommend this if you have to borrow a lot though, like I did. Additional fees are always bullcrap, but they weren't so bad here since I was even able to afford it. I did save a lot of money in the long run.

When there was ever a issue their customer care service did above and beyond to fix situations, promptly and courteously. They never lost their temper or cool. Always very informative and willing to do all they can to make me happy. Loved how they treated their customers. Treated us with respect rather than like heathen. You were allowed to call and make payment arrangements if you couldn't make a payment on a timely manner. They were prompt and courteous to come up with better plan if needed. Very good care from them. They offered according to the customer's need rather than what they could get you stuck with. They always looked out for us not themself. Very good company to borrow from. The additional fees were never overboard and always stayed same - no hidden fees or unexplainable fees. They always explained and let you be in some control of the fees to an extent.

The customer service is remarkable and they are very professional. They handle my issue like if I was part of their family. Their customer service dept is on top of their game and will continue. Their repayment option is one of the best out. They make sure if you have an issue they will work with you to make sure that you get the proper attention needed to resolve the due your experience. The borrowing limit are through the roof. There is no limit if you need to borrow something. More than likely you will get it and the borrowing limits will open your eyes to a point where you can't believe it. The additional fees are told to you from the beginning. They are very upfront about the whole process and it will sail so smoothly and you would be very happy by being told upfront about the additional fees.

Agents were very thorough and efficiently walked me through the process. I was very pleased with the results and have lower payments now. Standard repayment options met industry standards and generally my expectations. I chose a monthly installment with slightly higher interest to keep payments low. Limits were slightly less than I would have hoped for, but probably more to do with my credit score than the company itself. But I'm not entirely sure what the limit was based on. Additional fees were minimal. Nothing out of pocket, but there were some processing fees I believe and also payment insurance in the case of a default.

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Credible partners with multiple lenders to give consumers the opportunity to receive competitive student loan consolidation or refinancing solutions. The portal helps students determine the best options for refinancing and/or consolidating their student loan debt by comparing loan offers online for free. Putting information from a variety of reputable private lenders in one place, Credible brings transparency to the student loan selection process.

  • Services: Consumers complete a brief one-page form giving Credible permission to complete a “soft” credit inquiry. Credible offers refinancing options for both federal and private loans including Parent PLUS loans. The company presents a list of lending solutions with accompanying interest rates from multiple lenders. The information includes total repayment amount, APR and monthly payment amounts so that refinancers can accurately compare offers.
  • Refinancing: Credible’s student loan refinancing options are available to both graduates and those who are no longer enrolled. The multiple rates from a variety of lenders enable borrowers to select the best combination of terms and rates to meet the prospective borrower’s needs.
  • Education and resources: The Credible blog provides useful articles related to a variety of lending, borrowing, interest rates, college funding and other related topics.
  • Best for College grads looking for loan consolidation and refinancing options from a variety of lenders, current student and student’s parents with PLUS loans.

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