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Last updated: Oct. 16, 2017

92 CitiFinancial Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 16, 2017

My parents have worked hard their whole life. So when my parents applied for a mortgage 23 years ago it should not have been any problem for them to get it. They also owned other property that has a very good value on it. The mortgage was supposed to be 9% interest on a $30,000 loan. My parents have now been paying on this mortgage for 23 years and I saw the paperwork and the mortgage amount they are trying to say my parents still owe is over $27,000. How is this even possible. They have been charging my parents an interest only type of loan evidently for a long, long time. They never signed any paperwork giving them consent to an interest only loan.

They forced my parents into that extra insurance that cost a fortune that said if either of my parents were to die or become disabled to the point they could not work the mortgage would be paid in full, then they lied and supposedly said they didn't file the paperwork right. Then after my parents' loan is finally sold from CitiFinancial to Bayview do I find out how much they are really ripping my parents off. CitiFinancial was always careful about not putting that information about interest on the payment vouchers. No one from their company could ever give you straight answers. Bayview is just as bad. They are wanting to charge my parents 662.00 a month and all of it is going on interest and none on principal. Both of my parents now are senior citizens on fixed incomes with health issues that have had the last 23 years of hopes and dreams robbed from them. Someone please help, isn't there someway CitiFinancial should be in trouble for this.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 13, 2017

First RED FLAG - I called and applied for a Home Equity Loan. BIG MISTAKE... ONE HOUR AND TWENTY MINUTES ON THE PHONE WITH A CLOWN WHO SOUNDED LIKE A ROBOT. Nice guy, but could he spell the most easiest words... NO!!! Half of the time spent on the phone with him was ME teaching him how to spell. So the app goes through and next comes the CLOWN-ET processor. CLUELESS... CLUELESS... CLUELESS... couldn't get a hold of her via phone AT ALL. Her correspondence through email was so contradicting which left me even more confused. Felt I was lied to and found out she really, really was clueless... Need I say along with the so-called underwriter. The whole process dragged on and on so I went to my local bank and within 25 days we CLOSED on my loan. PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THESE CLOWNS...

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 23, 2017

Wanted to consolidate our debt as it was overwhelming at the time. Borrowed 20K, they charged $548 to borrow with an interest rate of 24.19%. Unfortunately, we needed the loan so $20,548 with higher interest rate was the only option. After paying 11th month, about $5k, we were able to get a loan with our bank so we decided to pay to loan with CitiFinancial. After all fees for this and that and the remaining of the mortgage we owe $ 21,100. Stay away, I wished I had... We paid 5K and we owe more than when we started.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 5, 2017

My very innocent fiance took another loan from these guys last February, he was stressed and didn't know how to pay off his bills. I didn't know what he did back then. He already had a loan with these people, was random to me how he didn't catch up with the scam already(?!), he had left around $2000 balance, and to pay that off and other bills, he took another loan of $7500 with a 36% interest!!! (stupid, he regrets this every single day btw) meaning in total he needs to pay back $10,200, SO we thought! Calling to them last week to ask about the current balance amount, it stands at $10,081 after 5 month of payments in time, total of $1919 so far. On the phone the lady said it has a daily rate which was NOT mentioned to him as he took the loan, otherwise he wouldn't sign it.

Now, I consider myself pretty intelligent, is it possible that they make us stupid? 5 month has been passed and you want to tell me that almost $2000 went for $120???! This means that they take about 94% of your payments over interest! people are never able to pay this off as they make it intentionally impossible for you to catch up so they earn more money from you. This is not over yet, I will do everything in my power in order to get rid of this scam as fast as possible, and I will make sure I get detailed information about the balance and they better reduce the daily rate otherwise they will meet me at court!!! If anybody has been in this situation my heart is with you, do NOT give up and fight for your rights! Reading all the reviews made me feel sick! If anybody thinks on working with this company, stay as far as possible, it is a pig in a poke.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 19, 2017

Very terrible customer service. The employees are so rude. They are nice till you actually sign the loan. I paid $1000 towards my loan and they only posted $500. I've called several times and the man who created my loan his name is YAASIR but oh boy how rude can someone be. He said "well I don't know why only $500 was posted. I've done my job and I am here not to only satisfy you so I will have my manager call you back on Tuesday when he's back on vacation." So if the manager quits the entire company shuts down? What a joke. I really wish the owner of FAIRSTONE would see how terrible these losers are running his company. I will be moving this loan to CASH MONEY for my peace of mind. Terrible Company. I should have read all these reviews. ALL of the employees in Edmonton branch 610013 SHOULD BE FIRED ESPECIALLY YAASIR!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 27, 2017

Mother got loan to pay off truck when I was layoff from THE ASSOCIATES in Washington, PA 2008. That company sold our loan to ONE MAIN, Washington, PA who sold to CITI FINANCIAL. They gave the loan to SLS to collect. All the payments made over the last 8 years have gone to INTEREST!! They got the loan as a mortgage, but it was not a mortgage loan from the start. My mother is now 90 and weak, my name is not on this loan but I am on the deed. Question, what will happen when she passes and the loan is open. A total of 22000 we paid for a 6000 loan in 2008 and is still not paid off? Late or on time payments make no difference! It all goes to interest. What is a veteran to do? And no I do not have good credit.

Original review: June 1, 2017

I applied for a loan. Wanted to buy a car for my son. He refused unless he can pay it. He has 16000 dollars saved. He wants the Mercedes E550. Was missing 14000 dollars So I called 1855 388 8604. Talked to a girl named Sarah. She said 1.4 percent to 2.2 percent. Then I created an account. Everything was fine. They told me I am accepted and I have great credit. I am retired. Have a 3000 dollar a month pension. Have 2 properties that are estimated at about one million one hundred thousand paid off. Then I spoke to a woman named Line at 1450 687 7950 she quoted me 20 percent. Are you Citibank ** nuts. My son got 9 percent from the bank and he refused it. I have assets paid off, a paid Maserati in my lot, I don't owe nothing to no bank or anyone and you degenerates wanna charge me 20 percent. Do not even waste your time talking to these scammm artisttt...

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 19, 2017

Mother @ Father deceased. Can't close estate. Sent all legal documents in 2015 by fax and certified mail with return signatures, return receipt. I have called them over and over concerning my mother's account. All they will say is they never received the papers therefore they will not talk with me! I am trying to sell the property and they will not return my lawyer's calls. I have called them twice this week and I get the same thing - "You need to fax us the legal documents." I can't do anything unless this is removed at Lexington County, SC from my parents' property at **. My mother's name is Virginia ** and Colie **. I can't close the estate or sell it!! They are rude and they don't care. They also gave me several different phone numbers to call and it's always the same answer. Please help Teresa **. I have told them that we want a pay off. They also charged the account off on my mother's credit report last year 2016.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 26, 2017

These people do not quit! They spoke to my fiance, we explained that we can not make any payments right now but will be paying a large sum at a later date. They still continue to call and harass me daily at my work. I have told them not to call my work, yet they still do. I again told them not to call my work and then hung up on them. They are rude, and extremely unprofessional, as she raised her voice when I told her not to call my work. I threatened to call the BBB if the harassment didn't stop.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 18, 2017

My name is Armand and my experience with these people is very unsatisfied. Unfortunately I am now stuck to pay back 21000$ for a loan of 10000$. In the last 8 months I pay back to them 4000$ and my loan drop only of about 1300$. The rest of the dollars went for interest on 10000$. These people are simply crook. Even if you made an automatic through your bank they don't even take the payment before 3 or 4 days later. When I call them to know what is going on they answer it take a couples of days before it's proceed so I would like to know why it's like this??? On top of it I discover I was have a 5 years loan which they never told me when I borrow it. I deal with a truck payment with another financial place and they always take the payment in time so why not CitiFinancial???

I remember it take them 4 time before they will be able to set up my payment with the bank. They call me at work for I came back to sign the same paper for authorization. According them I was in the obligation to leave my work for this so these people don't know how make business clearly. You will have to be really careful and I am not talking about of the bad attitude they have with clients. They are most of the time rude and treat you like if you are dog instead of human. The atmosphere is really bad at the point I don't want even to talk to them coz they can't give you never the answer. It's always a game of lies.

I can go on and on so bad I bite my fingers for doing business with them so I highly recommend to anybody who need $$$ don't go at CitiFinancial especially on 17 ave in Calgary. On my contract they said 33.99 percent interest and on the phone they told me 39 so which one is the right one??? So anyway I don't want nobody of them calling me or send me offer for more money coz now I am really fed up with them. I guaranteed if I have the chance I will chuck them off as soon as I can. So peoples please even if you are in hole it even better stay where you are instead to deal with them. I am really looking to find the way to get rid of it of them and I will so peoples we should get all together and boycott these crooked peoples.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 17, 2017

A balance owing of $145.00 on the due date of the "do not pay for a full year" occurred due to a banking error. Monthly payments were made each month until the last month of the contract. (FREE interest was not used.) CitiFinancial charged according to the agreement the full interest amount on the contract expiry date. I called them to dispute and as a valued client they agreed to reduce the interest charge back by 50%. The next day (Sunday) an automatic online payment was made, paying the full interest amount.

I contacted the bank and CitiFinancial the next day, Monday, to notify. I was told if the bank could stop payment, they would accept. The bank could not stop the payment in time and CitiFinancial refuses to issue a refund for the amount of overpayment. How is this acceptable? Paying 711.00 of interest on a balance of $145.00 owing for 3 business days -- seems like gouging. Unacceptable for the care and attention that went into assuring payment throughout the year.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 9, 2017

Harassing phone calls by angry employee. This place is relentless. My complete fault for going this route with them. There is a woman named Angela who is angry. She speaks to you like you are her mis-behaved child. They will not help you - they will get you into more debt. Do not use Citifinancial.

Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 21, 2016

I claimed bankruptcy back in 2008 and was discharged in 2009 and have rebuilt my credit so I decided that during these trying times of xmas that I was going to look into about getting a small 2K loan and called CitiFinancial. I spoke to a very nice Indian gentleman who had to transfer me to his manager just b/c I claimed bankruptcy and I guess he wasn't trained or whatever to help me. I spoke to who seemed to be a very nice, bubbly lady named Krystal who said she would be more than happy to help me with the loan and she proceeded to tell me she had to get approval from head office and she will call me back in 15 mins. I never received a phone call.

I went to work the next morning, waited for them to be open at 8:30 and called them back and I spoke to the same Indian gentleman after telling him about my experience with the manager. He apologized and said that head office has declined my small loan b/c of that bankruptcy back in 2008 which actually isn't even on my credit bureau anymore and said that there was nothing they could do to help me. I let him know that if this is how CitiFinancial does business then they are sure to not have positive reviews. Basically I never received a phone call back b/c HO declined me. That's NOT what customer service is about and honestly if this is how they are going to treat people I'm glad they declined me as I want nothing to do with a company that lacks such respect for their clients.

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Original review: Dec. 10, 2016

This company pre-approved my husband for a small loan and later called him to go over details on his application. They said he could meet with them with his ID and finalize the contract. He happened to call them to confirm on the day of the appointment and that's when they told him there is no appointment. After he was pre-approved and they told him he could come into the office, they did another credit check on his application. Then they reneged on their offer and further pulled down his credit score with the second unnecessary credit check. We will be taking this to a higher level as a result of these untoward actions. It was a total waste of time.

Original review: Nov. 20, 2016

We just finished payments on a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy... which is re-payment of debt through the bankruptcy. My mortgage payments were being paid in full every month by the bankruptcy court. Every one of those payments were divided in a normal ratio of principal and interest. The very next month after we were finished with the payments to the bankruptcy court, we started back paying the mortgage payment to CitiFinancial directly. The first 2 months payments, there was $0 paid towards the principal... The following month about $100 out of $700 was paid towards the principal... Total payments=$2,100. Total principal paid=$100.

Guess what? The customer service rep told me when I called to ask what was going on? Basically in a short version... "There's not anything you can do about it. This is normal procedure." Guess what? She is right. There's nothing I can do about it... I have a bankruptcy on my credit report and nobody wants to refinance it. :( However my Credit Union is going to be able to help just as soon as I get the balance down.

BOTTOM LINE... I would hope that anyone reading these messages prior to dealing with CitiFinancial or One Main Financial would think twice about your future before signing anything with this company. I read in several of these reviews the words "late payments"... My payments were on time with NO late payments for the past 5 years. They are now basically taking back money that a Federal Court would not let them legally take over the past 5 years. And I'm stuck. BUYER (BORROWER) BEWARE!

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 2, 2016

Recently I had applied to refinance my home. My initial want was to combine my first and second (interest rate is 10.75 on my second) mortgage. Unfortunately, my appraisal came back short, therefore, I would have only been able to refinance my first. In attempting to do so, I would lower my mortgage a full point (saving over $200 a month) and get $40K that was going back into my home to refinish a basement. In refinishing my basement, it would increase the value of my home and in doing so, I would be able to eventually pay off my second.

Bottom-line, it would have been a win-win for both CitiFinancial and myself. Evidently, CitiFinancial sees it differently and has disapproved the subordination. Financially, they must think it is better for me to pay the high interest rate that they have charged me and stay in the stagnate situation that I'm in now (I can see why folks are foreclosing). Sadly, I had to pay $200.00 to get a payoff for them to disapprove. I'm not sure where to go right now, however, I am still weighing my options, CitiFinancial has motivated me to work even harder - I can guarantee that after I get rid of this company, I will never seek their business again - as well, I will definitely spread the word and my displeasure for this company to anyone that asks. Fact is, I will reach to anyone that will listen.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 21, 2016

I called the office to discuss what my balance was. The rep advised since I cancelled my work loss insurance the amount is now 7 thousand. Which it has never been this high and I've been paying for over 2 yrs and the amount hardly moved. I found out they were charging as high as 35% interest so any payment you made went to interest pretty much. I told the lady this is ridiculous and I have to contact the bank to see what other options I had. The agent told me I obviously do not know anything about interest as it would take longer to pay off at the bank (she thinks she is smart). I hung up on her to save the argument.

Two weeks later I came in cause I was approved at the bank at interest rate 6%. Wow what a difference. I went in today to pay it off and obviously I got her. I asked how much is the balance. She said the same (thanks Sherlock) then she proceeds to give me attitude And said "oh I guess you got a loan". I said "yes I got the line of credit." Now I have never owned any cheques in my life so I asked her how to properly write it. She looks at me kind of smirks and said "how old are you? That weird" and continues to give me attitude. I look at her and said "I've never done this so can you please assist." She looks at me then takes the cheque book, starts filling it out and continues to say "that's weird."

After I left I instantly called the office and complained to the manager. No one should speak to their clients like this. You don't know me or my life and this lady should definitely not be doing this job. Overall terrible experience with them and I would not recommend them unless you have absolutely no other choice and even then I wouldn't. Also they keep sending offers to my house for more money even though they keep harassing me when you miss a payment once or twice. I've been paying you for yrs. Why would I run now from 1 missed payment.

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Original review: Oct. 5, 2016

I applied for an online loan for 5500$. I was approved for it but then they started asking me for money to get the loan. In all I paid 676$ and never did get the loan then they wanted me to pay more money to get some of my money back. They never returned any of my money to me and I never got the loan. They are nothing but scammers.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 22, 2016

Apparently someone leaked my husband's debit card info to somebody in Juarez, Mexico. They proceeded to remove all our money plus enough to overdraw us. Our bank is looking into it but our account is frozen. We put our trust in Citi but never again. The sad part is my husband has been in the hospital for two weeks with a prognosis of three to six months to live. I really thank Citi for creating more problems for us.

Original review: July 5, 2016

At first this company was great. Then unfortunately I fell behind in payments due to unexpected car repairs, and I'll admit I had not complied with what I said I would pay two times. However I did call to let them know I would not be able to pay. They call house phone asking husband where I am, call cell phone relentlessly (despite me telling them I cannot take calls during the day) and even call my work and speak to receptionist who has also told them I cannot accept calls at that number.

On 6.31.16 they called and told me if I could pay 160.00 that day, they could lower my payments and wipe out $600 and some dollars debt. I said I would see what I could do and call them after work. The only people I can ask is my parents who both work full time. My dad has a heart condition so the last thing I want is to add stress to him. I call CitiFinancial back and tell them I am not able to come up with the money. The girl asked if I considered taking out a payday loan. I was shocked. I do not think paying debt with more debt is a good idea, and advised her of this. She told me if the 160 is not paid they will garnish my wages. I told her "I'm sorry. I don't have any money" and she continued with the payday loan. Is this appropriate business practices? I am sure the answer is no, however has anyone else heard of this?

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Original review: June 4, 2016

We had a flood in our home on April 1st 2016 and our homeowners issues us a check for $5526 to cover repairs. It is now June 4th and still no resolution to CitiFinancial releasing funds to us. We are currently under Chapter 13 and protected by the US government and have engaged our attorney. We have provided legal quotes from Lowe's Hardware to them 3x advising that we need the full amount to even start ordering supplies and contractor. They will only release 50% which will do us no good, my house has now black mold due to this flood and the delay over 2 months.

The only resolution we now have is my attorney is filing a motion against them to release all funds. THE MOST DIFFICULT AND RUDEST COMPANY I have ever dealt with... We are current on our payments and these people are just outright STUPID. Then received for the 4th time paperwork again for us to send to them, we have sent in 3x already and no one has a clue of what they are doing at this company. I have been so stressed over this and wish this company would fall on their face and fail or close!!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 6, 2016

We had a loan with CitiFinancial and we were never able to make any headway with it. They were charging us over 9% interest. We would make payments ahead and they would penalize us. There was no rhyme or reason to the way they figured the interest they charged. I asked if we could get a lower interest rate and they told us our credit rating was not good enough. Then they would call a few months later and offer to loan us more money. We got fed up and checked with First National. They said our credit was excellent and gave us a interest rate of 2.72%. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH CITIFINANCIAL OR ONEMAIN FINANCIAL. You will enter into a cycle of debt you may never escape.

Original review: April 13, 2016

This is a warning to stay away from this company. CitiFinancial makes their money off of ripping their customers off and charging outrageous interest rates. In our case, We weren't receiving regular statements and had a deferred payment plan on our IKEA card purchases. I called to check on the date due and it was 6 days ago... They charged us $1000 interest to penalize us for being human. Their customer service has been horrible and they refuse to budge. What they're doing should be illegal but they find ways to gouge people and trap them. Please do yourself a favour, and choose a different company for your lending needs.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 12, 2016

My husband took out a loan to pay bills off, my name is NOT on the loan. My husband has since died. I kept up the loan payment faithfully, then my dead husband received notice he was behind 3 payments. I tracked the payments to find out they HAD cashed the checks, BUT they changed the account number on the loan with NO NOTICE to him WHATSOEVER! And then they sent back the three payments and wanting to know where the money would be going I called them only to find out they will NOT TALK to me. My name is NOT on the note and they know he is dead! So, I stopped all payments to them and are holding them in my bank, and my dead husband keeps getting mailings about seeking out help to refinance or other options to catch the loan up! OR face foreclosure! They still will NOT talk to me! My name IS on the DEED and I have rights of survivorship! Still they will NOT talk to me! I can't afford a lawyer to fight them! I don't feel I need to!

If they changed the loan account number with NO notice to him then they should be willing to discuss this with me! EVERY payment has been made EVERY month on time for YEARS!! And I was and able to pay the loan amount on my fixed income until the loan matured in 2022... But now I saw why should I? And why do they feel I should pay for a lawyer for them to discuss this matter! We are at a stalemate! I HAVE made the calls to them TRYING to get this straight 3 times to only be told they can't and WON'T talk to me!!! They DID admit he received NO MAILINGS before the change!!! They are VERY SHABBY and RUDE to deal with!! And ONLY harass through threatening mailings of foreclosure!! Do NOT do business with CitiFinancial!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 10, 2016

First thing people need to know is the people you are talking to when setting up you are paid a commission so there is a huge incentive to getting people in loans. They will say basically anything as there is no way to prove what they said. Secondly this company is filled with rules that they will not explain to you at the time of getting the loan. I took out a loan to pay off some mutual debt with my ex when we split up. After the split I had 2 pay cheques go missing from my account. (The ex took them not CitiFinancial) so I missed some payments with CitiFinancial.

At first I was told that in order to be put back on bi-weekly payments where they took the money from my account I had to come into the branch and sign a document. I was unable to make it in during business hours. They never told me I could pay any other way, they didn't mention they would take credit card payments or that I could set up an online account and pay, they stressed to me that I had to come into the branch and sign paperwork.

When I did finally make into a branch (After taking time off work to do so) I was told then that in order to be put back on bi-weekly payments I had to pay off the outstanding interest on the account. I then spent 1 month giving them every cent I could scrape together to pay off this interest ($1200 when my monthly payments were only $320). At this point I was then informed that in order to be back on payments again I now had to make up all these lost payments (2 in total for a total of $720) and the same interest would be charged. (Another $1200?? She couldn't answer this question.) This basically meant I was now going to be in a never ending cycle of paying interest and never touching principal.

At this point I caved told them to sue me, it took them 3 months to finally sue me. Once it went to court the judge set the interest rate at.5% which basically meant the principal wasn't going to grow. (They were choked they wanted it to be 30%.) I was hit with $1000 court costs and was served with garnish papers at my work. I am voluntarily giving them 40% of my pay to get this out of my life. Case in point there should never be any reason ever anyone should use this service, I am yet to find anyone that has anything positive to say about this company. I would rather be broke and starving than borrow a cent from this company, this is a predatory as it gets and their employees who are paid peanuts should be ashamed of themselves.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 4, 2016

1995 ~ loan with "The Associates" mortgage company in amount of $40,000. 1999 ~ "The Associates" were being investigated for Predatory loan practices. We were never late on our mortgage payment of $870 so this came as a surprise after 4 years. 2000 ~ in the Spring we watched our mortgage company on the show 20/20 and the explanation that they were in bankruptcy due to the class action lawsuit. (We had been contacted & had joined suit). 2000 ~ we were contacted and told Citifinancial had purchased all mortgages from "The Associates" and our payment office in Pocatello would rebrand with Citifinancial's logo but all employees would remain and we could still make our payment in town.

2001 ~ we received a letter that class action had been settled and money would be deposited to bring down our loan payoff. I called Citifinancial because once the letter head of the monthly bill changed to Citifinancial (from Associates) I noticed the payoff amount was listed as $98,489.00. Instead of the original amount of 40,000. In 4 years it had not decreased and I was told by associates not to worry as it was not the Actual payoff amount. Payoff would be a little less than 40,000 but, not much because most money went to interest at beginning of loan. We also purchased life & employment insurance and they said that was being paid off first.

2000 ~ fall. My husband was laid off by railroad for 3 months. Attempted to file paperwork to cover our payments as soon as we found out about layoffs. (He was recalled back to work in Jan). Citifinancial "cashed" us out of the insurance for about half of our monthly mortgage payment. We paid the other half to catch up our mortgage. The last month they had us make an "interest" payment that was a little less than our regular payment to "help us out". They kept bringing up "in effort to avoid foreclosure" every time we spoke so anything they suggested we do - we did. They made it clear that we no longer had life or unemployment insurance on our home loan. Our payment did not lower with insurance coming off and when I complained about it they said they would send some paperwork to main office in Pocatello we would need to sign to bring it down.

I again mentioned the "amount owed" that we were seeing on their monthly billing. I was told again not to worry about that amount - it was not what was going on with the acct. I asked about the money that was supposed to be going against the loan amount and was told it "didn't show" as of yet and it may take time to show up.

2001 went to main office to sign paperwork to bring our payment down to $640 a month. Loan officer used the term loan modification and said we needed to sign to get lower payment. My husband was angry because it wasn't our intent to get a modification and he felt the insurance we paid for should have covered his months off from work as we were told it would at time of purchase. The loan officer insisted that the decrease of payment also came with a lower interest rate and that would absolutely benefit us. We saw it WAS for 2% less interest so we signed because we spent 4 hours in the office going back and forth.

2011 ~ Divorced. My husband signed a quick claim & I called Citifinancial to get a loan modification. During the divorce I had gotten behind in the payments. My husband felt that we had been lied to by the mortgage company from the start. Every time I called them to try to make them correct the loan amount I would spend at least two hours on the phone and be truly more confused. That went on for Years.

2011 Oct. Citifinancial requested I pay $1500 to get modification. They had rebranded their office in Pocatello from Citifinancial to "One Main Financial" but I was told I could take the $1500 and they would accept it & give me paperwork. I took it to One Main and spoke with a confused man. He said that my loan was with Citifinancial out of Texas and he could not take the payment. After several phone calls - and him telling me this was a "one time thing" and I would have to send future payments to the out of town office.

2012-2015 They set my payment at $525 a month. I continued to call and try to get payoff amount corrected because it STILL showed $98,000 after years of paying. None of the people on the phone could pull my acct by the account number and I always had to use my ex husbands social security number for them to find the account. I had not been late on any payment but I finally got an honest loan officer in the "default" department. He said if I kept making the $525 payment the company would probably NOT foreclose on my house. He literally said, "keep your head down and make the payments on time, try to double up - to show you were trying to catch up the payments in arrears - and you will be okay." He said the house NEVER had a modification because it would require BOTH of us on the loan to sign & only I had requested it.

I told him that Citi had agreed to give me a modification to which he responded, "you are a nice lady, I told you what to do" and the call ended with me telling him "thank you". He let me know he had no control of correcting anything. So My question IS ~ who does? I had an attorney tell me to stop paying-go into bankruptcy - and get Citifinancial to reaffirm the loan. He said most times they will affirm for less than what is owed. It was a 15 YEAR loan. I shouldn't OWE anything! Help. How can you hold these liars accountable? Where is the money that was supposed to be subtracted from the class action lawsuit?? HOW did a loan for $40,000 get to 99,800 after 20 years of payments?

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Original review: Jan. 22, 2016

I took out a loan and the manager Jack ** without my consent disclosed all my personal loan information and amount payment that was required. He has zero business sense. Now I can't talk or face any of my friends. I feel humiliated. I already pay a high rate at least give me some dignity. I feel sick now. Can't face anyone due to humiliation!

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Original review: Nov. 15, 2015

In 2013 my husband went to prison for 5 years, I sent papers for modification of loan and said if they would lower my interest 9.65% to a decent rate I could pay $600 a month. I am retired, lost my 26 year business and bankrupted because of my husband. They called me and said that all would be fine, they could lower and help me. Never heard anything from them for nearly a year, then only 2 calls for information. Then one day I got 14 exact copies of legal foreclosure papers stating owed $132,000 but when called CitiFinancial, they said $119,000. Then following day a woman came into my yard, handed me a exact copy of same legal papers stating $119,000 and Dec 18 auction on house.

Also when we refinanced before recession they told us they were lowering our payments. When we picked up papers they said was a problem and after we signed they took papers back and said come back. When we did, the woman who did the loan had quit and the payments were $300 higher, than had said. I have tried to work with them. I have written and written, they never respond.

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Original review: Nov. 13, 2015

Borrowed 7000 in 2008, still not to the principal. Balance after 7 years 13500. How does that work? Never borrow from CitiFinan. again. By the way it started out from associates, then one main, then CitiFinance is where I am now owing 13,500 to CITI. THIS LOAN GOES ON FOREVER!!!

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Original review: Nov. 5, 2015

I took out a 10K Personal Loan with One Main Financial - later bought by Citi Financial - in October 2011. I bought the extra insurances. In December 2011 I was diagnosed with cancer. The insurer paid the payments but my DR didn't fill out the paperwork right in June/July 2011 and Citi sent it to their internal collections - Forster & Garbus. The insurance issue was corrected and all back payments were made bringing the acct up to in September 2012. Citi would not take the account back to their normal process so I continued to pay Forster every month until June 2015 when the account was paid in full. I have documents showing it is paid in full. Despite MULTIPLE disputes through Experian, TransUnion and Equifax - CITI is still showing the account past due. It is coming up to 5 months and my credit has dropped over 100 points. I have called their legal dept and have been told they will report it within the next 120 days! DO NOT USE THEM EVER!!!

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