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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about University of Phoenix?
    • 4,460,553 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 30, 2022

    I wanted to obtain my CLAD credential. I enrolled into University of Phoenix. I put a down payment on my classes and NEVER heard from them!!! When I contacted Cami the “representative” she acted like she didn’t know what I was talking about. In the meantime I got a full scholarship to take the SAME classes at a much better university!!! Do NOT go to this “money pit!”

    Reviewed Aug. 5, 2022

    When I registered for the University I was told that there was internships offered and job placement. I could have went to another school however the counselor was convincing. I graduated in 2016 and still haven't found a job in the Business field that is not requiring on the job experience. Now I have an unnecessary student loan bill for choosing a school that lied to me so I could have enrolled. I loved the online classes and working in a group. However, again I am at a financial loss and the student loan forgiveness programs want you to pay thousands before they would assist and that is not guaranteed that more than half the bill will be taken care of.


    Reviewed July 17, 2021

    I enrolled for the nursing program and was told by the enrollment counselor that there were not any accreditation issues. This was a lie and found out later on in the program. There were some faculty there to help you but somehow they slowly began to dissipate. The replacement staff along with the director was toxic. The school along with the director held myself back from taking my boards even though my grades were good and finished all my requirements. The staff along with their 3rd party "vendor" were railroading me and hindering my success. It was definitely personal and had nothing to do with my performance and till this day I do not know the reasons that it was done.

    The University was not helpful in resolving this at the lower level and almost seem as they didn't care. Needless to say I had to get legal help to get my degree and the authorization to sit for my boards. It took me 6 months for this whole process. However, I still remained on top of my game and passed my boards despite the time and restraints the University tried to place on me. If it wasn't for my legal help I would still be at standstill with this school. This was a nightmare and I am glad it is over. Please do yourself a favor and run from this school or any For-Profit School if you can avoid it. They are not about the student but for money. I know people who were in the same situation I am in at UPOX and other For Profit School.

    Reviewed June 28, 2021

    I attended UOPHX as an undergraduate student in a classroom setting and later attended UOPHX as a graduate student on-line. The classes were very challenging and I wanted to give up. I had to work hard and do a lot of research and reading. UOPHX taught me so much and made me stand out at work when I put my degree to work. I learned so much and was prepared for today's world. UOPHX is very advanced in developing their curriculum and is aware of things that are needed in the world today. When it comes to technology and being a part of today's administration role UOPHX is the place to go. In order to get a good education you have to put your work in. You are always going to get out of what you put in something in whatever you do. There is good and bad in everything you do.


    Great info Maxie, thanks for the review. It is difficult but rewarding and you do get out what you put in. I wish I had more people like you in my classes.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaffProcess

    Reviewed June 26, 2021

    I am just here to give my opinion on being enrolled at UOPHX. It is very different from what I am used to. I am a person who loves in person teaching. Being independent is usually rough for me cos my it’s hard for me to stay on task. But this was a game changer. I was worried about being overwhelmed with school work plus my regular job. What made me choose this route of schooling was the convenience of doing the work at my own free time rather than fit my life and schedule around having to drive to a school and fit all that in a schedule and pay for parking and all. Ugh headache. I only take 1 class every 5 weeks so I am focused on doing the work for that class only. This was a HUGE bonus for me.

    I have read some reviews where classes put you in teams for projects and yes it can be tough but like everything it’s all about communication. I’ve had great teams in most classes where EVERYONE pulled their weight and only one class where there wasn’t much communication with my team and was forced to do most of the work. But honestly that has also happened at a brick and mortar college class for me so it was no different other than the teacher automatically picking the teams for us at UOPHX. The instructors have been great. I have always been in contact with instructors whenever I had a question about something but there is also a class forum to ask questions where the instructor or peers can answer questions for you. I feel like I’ve gotten a quality education so far.

    I’m practically done with my Gen Ed and by Oct will start phase one of the teachers' program. I’m very happy with everything and grateful to have a great counselor whom I can ask questions about the program with or even about financial questions. While, yes, it may not be for everyone and maybe I’ve just lucked out but you do get what you put in and I’ve put in a lot of work to get this far and it’s been an amazing experience so far. Hope this has helped in making a decision to join. There is no better time than the present to make a change for the better. Good luck!!!


    Reviewed Oct. 28, 2020

    I am an former teacher with 16 years under my belt. I hold a Bachelor's in Education and graduated 4.0 with all the honors that come with it. I entered UOP Master program in 2008 in hopes of earning my degree. All my work was 3.75 - 4.0 until the teaching practicum. They deliberately failed me with a grade of 3.25. Now They could not fail me lower because I was an active teacher. So please avoid this college. They are EVIL as HELL and only want your money. I have been trying since 2000 to transfer the 35 units of that 41 unit program into another degree just to graduate and get on with my life. UOP said it won't do it unless I re-enroll and start all over. Does this sound like a College you would want to attend? So, I wasted $14,000 and 2 years here for nothing.

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    Reviewed Sept. 2, 2020

    Twenty weeks ago, I was told that I would not have to pay anything to complete my degree. They said Pell and my loan would cover everything. I started my last class 4 weeks ago. The finance department, said that I have a balance of $745. I paid $630 of that, now I'm on my last week and now I owe $397. They adjust their billing to line their own pockets. Do your research before you sign your life away. I refuse to pay them $397. I know it sounds petty and dumb, but right is right and wrong is wrong. They are preying on innocent students who want more out of life. They only care about numbers. Stay away. Once you sign those loan papers, your livelihood is at stake.


    Reviewed June 7, 2020

    20 years ago I pursued a lifelong dream of earning a master's degree and becoming an educator at the college of education at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS). I had just finished my bachelor's degree in Sociology and was still actively taking classes in the UCCS philosophy school because of my drive for knowledge and to better myself. I initially went into the Masters program at UCCS for sociology, but decided very quickly that I wanted to actually teach future generations - not just study about it and write critiques and social essays about it to small groups of academics. I Switched graduate majors and entered the school of education.

    I should've known that something was amiss when the very first professor (who shall remain nameless and is now thankfully retired from the department) told everyone in our first class on the first day that only about 10% of us "deserved" to become teachers. Even though I had a terrible first impression, I still stuck with a program for another semester before concluding that the UCCS college education just wasn't going to give me the kind of education I needed to make a difference in the world.

    So, Being the kind of person who had been running his own business with his father for close to 10 years, I decided to look elsewhere to earn the necessary credentials to enter the education profession. Enter the University of Phoenix. It can't be stressed enough: at the time this college was absolutely on the cutting edge of higher education. It was able to deliver curriculum and credits in a hybrid model online where you would do your work a couple days a week in person and still have to complete extra work at night with groups.

    I have to say that although the University of phoenix has received much deserved negative scrutiny for being a "diploma mill" in its schools of business etc..., I found the education masters program in Colorado Springs to be highly complex and rather difficult to complete. In fact, of the two hundred or so students in my graduating class of 2004 only about half actually completed the Masters. Honestly, the program was hard as hell because it was designed to be just as difficult and valid of an educational training program as any four-year university or graduate school, but it was marketed to us working professionals who already had been busy working in actual careers for a few years. I remember completing HUNDREDS of hours of observational practicum as well as student teaching before being credentialed.

    There is a caveat to this story. I have to say that since the early 2000's, the UCCS college of education has vastly improved - and I am now friends with a number of different faculty members in the UCCS Ed Dept. Although as with any University there is still "dead weight," I would rate it much higher NOW than a degree from Univ of Phoenix. in education. That said, in the early 2000s the University of Phoenix was a much superior education program to UCCS. And I must say the proof is in the pudding. Since earning my master's degree as well as my principal's license back in 2004, I've gone on to enjoy a very successful career in education. I saw my salary raise each year because of my credentials earned at Univ. of Phoenix and also had opportunities open up to me as a college lecturer. None of that would've been possible if I had simply gone from my teaching license as UCCS was offering back then.

    As far as the structure of the Master's program at the University of Phoenix, It took me approximately 4 1/2 years to complete. After this I was identified as an educational leader by the now retired director of the program Dr. Genevieve ** PhD. and I went on to earn my principles license. I spent approximately $25,000 getting these credentials, which truly allowed me to realize my dream of becoming a teacher and future influencer. When I look back at it now, I realize that the University of Phoenix was an unbelievably "Best Buy" value for what I gained and what I actually paid. I was able to secure Stafford Loans at 1.625% interest. At UCCS I was looking at taking out loans in excess of $50,000 and that interest rates that were closer to 5%. The financial choice was clear back in the early 2000s.

    Today I must say it is clearly a different story, but I would never stop anyone from earning a degree at either institution. Investing in one's self is truly priceless and you will want to shop around as a frugal, financially shrewd consumer to make sure that you're getting the best value for your hard earned dollar. Clearly, anyone reading my review will need to do their own research to make sure they are making the best financial move. But I will simply say that any prospective student should visit the campus as well as speak to the faculty before making any educational decision.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 21, 2020

    University of Phoenix is the best college I have ever attended. People who say this university is easy, was not telling the truth. The negative review are lies. I am a straight A's student with a high G.P.A and I must say the courses at the university are intense. You really got to put in the work, If you don't, you will fail. All the bashing and negative feedback towards U.O.P once lead me to believe it was true, and at first gave me a negative reaction, until I experience it for myself. U.O.P is an overall good college and would definitely suggest this college to anyone who is ambitious, motivated and college ready.


    Reviewed Feb. 14, 2020

    I am currently an online student at UOP. The option to do online school has helped balance my work life, mom life, church life, and school life. I honestly think if I didn't have the option to do online school, I probably wouldn't have pursue getting my degree. What I like about the program is how it is outlined, you do one class at a time instead of 3 or 4 classes through a course of a semester or quarter. The 5 week course allows me to concentrate on one subject at a time instead of 3 or 4. Although the course is accelerated through 5 weeks, I'm able to put my attention to 1 course at a time.

    I know there are a lot of negative comments about the new blackboard. Honestly, I think it works a lot better and gives me less time reading discussions and concentrating more on the course reading. But like all things, you need to apply yourself and put in the work. As a manager, to me this shows dedication and drive to be able to get through these classes. However, online school isn't for everyone. Make sure you're doing your research before committing to any school. I spent almost a year before I decided on taking my degree program with UOP.


    Reviewed Jan. 30, 2020

    I will be graduating with my B.S. in Public Administration next March and have had a great journey with UoP so far! The professors are all very knowledgeable in their fields, are very supportive, and the online platform works well for me (being that I have a full-time job and no time to make it to a brick and mortar college campus.) I have absolutely no complaints about the program, the online platform, or anything in general related to my experience at UoP. It has been an incredible experience! I have learned so much and have had to work hard to keep up my GPA, just as I would at any other school. I highly recommend this school to anyone who is looking to advance in their career.

    Profile pic of the author.

    Reviewed Jan. 26, 2020

    Hi All,

    With all due respect to all negative reviewers, I would simplify my experience with the university by few words "I have achieved the target", which is having an accredited degree allows me to apply to higher positions in any company irrespective of the name of the university, as once you apply to any position, your capabilities will speak not the name of your university! If you are looking to "branding" your certificate, believe me, that will not do any help as the final word will be ALWAYS to "your experience and what you really know", nobody cares about "from where you have come!" They care about "where you are now".



    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 24, 2020

    I attended classes at the Pine Island and Cypress Creek locations and Graduated in 2006. I am still waiting for them to send me my Diploma. According to their customer service department, I did not do the exit interview. They have no record of it. I fulfilled all the requirements, but despite this I have to pay for copies of my transcript just to prove that I even attended this institution. The last customer service rep told me I would need to travel to their head office to get the matter resolved. This means travelling from Florida to Phoenix Arizona. I earned 123 credits, received a piece of paper during the graduation ceremony. Finished my final class. Had the exit interview. Still no diploma. Student **

    Punctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 17, 2019

    I am really surprised at the bad rap these guys have gotten over the years. As someone who attended a few different schools, I can assure you, you get no lesser of an education here than anywhere else. People have this weird perception of a stigma against online education or something its really bizarre. The school is accredited and meets the standards that are set. I don't know why they think it's any different than a school you actually physically attend. I've done both. I didn't notice any difference other than UoP was a lot more convenient to my work schedule. Honestly, I think it's a just some kind of bias.

    Reviewed Dec. 12, 2019

    As a military spouse, I never had anyone to try to force me to take a course with expectations of being hired after graduation. I have a Master's in Health Administration. You get what you put into your classes.

    Reviewed Nov. 2, 2019

    I am about 2.5 years into my 4 year degree. I loved the first 2 years and was breezing through my classes and had no doubt I was going to finish my degree with a high GPA. Recently the format for online classes has changed. Every course now has team assignments where you are thrown in with a random group of people from all over the country who also have jobs, families, and are in different time zones. This has been the worst experience for me. Online courses are not the right format for this learning style and I would say most people who choose online courses do so because they need to be able to work on their own time around their work and family schedules.


    Reviewed Oct. 22, 2019

    I was reading the online review early this evening on this site. I was discouraged by some of what I was reading. What al lot of folks fail to understand is if you are a student, seeking employment for a specific job. You need to do some homework. I am currently a UOPX student, working on a MA in education. I called my home state DOE to ensure the degree I was seeking leads to obtaining a teaching license in the state. I spoke with teachers I know and they said I am good to go. The issue with with the reviews mostly are people just not doing their due diligence and checking and ensuring the degree is a match for the career they are pursuing. Furthermore, if you go to school, you have to pay. If you don't most likely you are noting going to like the person that calls you to let you know you owe money. That doesn't mean a school is a bad school because they expect people to pay their bills.

    Also, its true UOPX had some issues with blackboard, which are now resolved. The program works well now and is better in many ways than the old program, it just takes some getting use too that's all. Lastly, degrees from UOPX are excepted by all universities and employers. UOPX is an accredited university. If it were not accredited. You could not even apply for a federal student loan or use Military TA or the GI Bill. Some of reviews on here are simply ignorant. They don't realize that the programs are accredited, therefore meet a standard, which obviously a few people could not meet the standard and moved onto another school, leaving a trail of negative comments. Most likely not realizing that all that complaining gets back to employers, which tarnishes a reputation of school for the simply fact that people are ignorant.

    I am almost done with my graduate degree. I have no issues and the course materials and content are relevant and meet HLC accreditation standards. I will be employable when I graduate, so long as my resume and self are prepared to join the workforce. A degree is not guarantee employment in itself. You still have to do the things employers expect out of future employees.


    Reviewed Oct. 18, 2019

    I am a retired Army soldier and I attended UOP and received both my Bachelor's (2011) degree masters degrees (2014). I attend class for both degrees in the class room because I wanted a more personal experience. I love the interaction among my classmates. UOP is not like any other college programs I've attended. The lectures at UOP became open discussions among all of us. Those discussions were extremely refreshing, they made learning truly easy to understand and capture. The program formats and materials made it connectable, relate-able to career situations. The small group settings was awesome, by the end of the program my teammates felt like family, we shared a lot of great times in and out of the class room.

    I've recommended UOP to several of my army buddies, friends and wife, many have, all of them are doing extremely well in their careers. If you not sure go visit a location or several locations. Talk to the students, ask questions, walk into the computer labs and you will see real learning going on because that's what I did before I choose University of Phoenix. The staff and Professors are true professionals. Many of the professors actually work in the career field for which they are instructing you're getting what's current in the industry now. Lastly the relationships you develop should you attend in the classroom classes are boundless, an unlimited value friends for life.

    Reviewed Oct. 2, 2019

    I took a python class at UOP and now have written three D apps from the knowledge gained from my software development classes at UOP. I will say that I had to dedicate and take the initiative to read and do every assignment and pay attention to every detail. The thing about online schools is that it's up to the person to truly apply themselves. That is while the student is in school and after they graduate. I have read a lot of people saying businesses don't take their education at UOP serious, but it is your job to make them take you serious. Keep calling apply yourself and don't give up. You worked hard for that degree and when they finally give you a chance prove them that they are wrong. I finish school in June and have a job in IT lined up. UOP reports 57% job success after graduation. I hear all kinds of stories from everyone that finishes school saying they can't find a job in their field for this or that excuse but it's just that an excuse!

    Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedStaffProcess

    Reviewed Sept. 11, 2019

    Firstly, classes through the online program at UOP are kind of a complete joke. I did not learn a single thing. It all felt like busywork. Secondly, they are incredibly expensive for what they are offering. I withdrew from the university during the first week of a course (at the start of the week, way before it ended) and they charged me nearly $400 for the class - that I didn't even start. It's incredibly frustrating and they will not waive that. They do offer a payment plan if that's what you're looking for.

    Additionally, professors are not helpful and take forever to respond, and by the time they do, the assignment due date has already passed. There are so many "filler" classes that had no purpose. The only good thing about the program is that each class is only 5 weeks, but you don't get any breaks, besides a week in winter. I feel like if you're looking for an easy but expensive way out, then this program is for you. If not, go somewhere else! Do not buy into this fake program.


    Another one. Ok so lets say you buy a car, sign the contract and all the paperwork. You leave the office but don't leave the lot. Do you still own the car and owe the fee? yes you do it is no different in this situation. You enrolled, and owed the money and didn't read the refund policy so not their problem but yours. Secondly, professors at least for the last 105 credit hours have always responded timely, but if you ask questions about an assignment 10 hours before it is due don't expect an answer. It sounds to me you do not understand how life works, responsibilities and how University works. A 4 year degree requires general study classes that might not reflect your degree but you still need to take them. 64% of these negative reviews are from people who obviously cannot read or learn what they are getting into.

    Reviewed Sept. 5, 2019

    I wanted to complete my education and as I have 3 kids and was working at the time was a good idea for me. So I ended my BBA and MBA at University of Phoenix with a 3.62 GPA. However it is like I didn't nothing. To look for a better job as soon as they see University of Phoenix in my resume that put the sign "idiot" in my forehead....Seven years ago I graduated and my diploma is good as a toilet paper. Don't waste your money here please. I have a loan that I can't pay because I can't find a job with their studies reference.


    Reviewed Aug. 30, 2019

    This is an amazing university with incredible programs, curricula, and excellent support from the staff and faculty. I complete my masters in 2015 and will culminate my doctoral studies in 6 months. Tuition is as much as in any other university. I compared this university with my state universities and I had to stay with Phoenix. State universities can't compete with UoP programs and excellent, well structured learning platform.

    Reviewed Aug. 28, 2019

    The degree is only good if you have years of experience in your filed and just need a piece of paper. The degree did help me because I had years of experience in my field and most companies in my field require a degree. Since I had years of experience they did not care where the degree came from as long as I had one to meet company policy. If you plan to go into a new field and don’t have years of experience in it, you will not get hired. Companies won’t take your degree seriously. Don’t get an accounting degree and expect to become an accountant or major in IT and get a job in that field unless of course you have years of experience at it and have a reputation in the field.

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    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 21, 2019

    I am not finishing my degree with the UoP as I am strongly opposed to the "group projects". I have only had two of them and switching to another school. This university is not viewed favorably by other universities or reputable companies and now after experiencing the Instructor at the UoP, I can understand why. One of my coworkers received a Bachelor's Degree through University of Phoenix. She then attempted to go to a different, more prestigious university for a Master's Degree, and they would not accept her Bachelor's from UoP.

    I have learned quickly that the Group projects are designed to have hard-working, ambitious, intelligent students do the majority of the work carrying lazy, unprepared students that wait until the last minute and don't care, while the instructor gives an equal grade to them. The Instructor I currently have- Don **/** (Human Resources) belittled and threatened my grade and to "report me to faculty" because I told him that some in our group did not deserve a grade.

    Instructor Don ** condescending in front of my fellow students when I told them that they did not contribute after not hearing from several inadequate students that did not respond, have any input and then attempted to submit a less than adequate portion of their project at the last minute and after I had already completed their work after not hearing from them. This Instructor afforded them the same grade and supported them. I imagine this school's goal is to "tout" their high graduation rate however this is the reason, mentioned above. This school's goal is to push as many students to "graduate" as possible- whether they are qualified or not. Why wouldn't they? It shows how successful they are and attracts more students.


    Reviewed Aug. 20, 2019

    I have been attending for 4 years. I am 2 months away from graduating with my Bachelor's. I can tell you right now, attending UOP was the worst decision I have ever made. I have felt that way from the beginning. I tried another school for a year but it wasn't much better. In the beginning, I was lied to by my entrance counselor. When I started it was ok for the first few classes. As things got more complicated, I realized that the instructors are really just there to start the class and grade work and I am sure that most of the time they don't even review it. The advisers are never available. The financial department is never available and the learning teams that they make you do are the biggest joke ever. There are better online colleges out there. Please go to one of those.


    Reviewed July 31, 2019

    UofP offers online course run by facilitators that essential post university-provided curriculum into its course software. If you are expecting anything similar to an instructor or professor, think again. You will be in charge of your learning experience with very little, if any, instructional value added by the class facilitator. The facilitator's primary purpose seems to be to 1) paste material into the course-room and 2) grade assignments. And don't expect much, if any, non-format related feedback on your graded papers.

    Secondly, in order to make your learning experience a little more annoying, expect at least one team project in every class. Team classes force you to work with one or more students that likely cannot write grammatically correct English despite passing numerous UofP classes before the current one. It will be your responsibility to pick up the slack for that one or maybe more students. Your grade will be affected by their poor work unless you fix it. You shouldn't expect any assistance from the facilitator. Making the teamwork is part of your "education". There are much better online learning options out there. UofP is only interested in your money, not the quality of your education or the value of the degree that you will eventually buy.

    Customer ServiceStaffReliability

    Reviewed July 28, 2019

    I registered to be a student at the University of Phoenix in December of 2018. I was able to begin classes in January 2019. After a few 5 week courses it is now July of 2019. I decided this is not for me. The classes are supposed to be designed for people that work and want to further their education and obtain a degree. I have 20 previous credits that I carried over from another school.

    At first the courses seemed like it would easily fit into my schedule. Each course is 5 weeks, and the week starts on Tuesday and ends on Monday. Initially we were working on a user friendly portal to participate in class. They changed the application and the new "Blackboard" portal is not user friendly at all. Sometimes I am unable to log in at all. The website portal will say I have an invalid user name and password. Other times I can log in and the portal will say I am not currently enrolled in any courses at this time. After numerous attempts of logging in and out and back in I will be able to access the link to my class. The classes go week by week, however they demand that you begin participating responses by Thursday or you will not receive full credit for participation. I think this is unfair since these courses are supposed to be designed to work at your pace each week.

    My courses were very basic at first. They consisted of Foundations for University Success. This 5 week course that I was charged over $1,000 for was simply how to use the portal and University library. Now, since then they changed the portal so this class was not only useless but I paid for it. The second course I took was The Psychology of Learning. This class was to prepare me for the next classes and have me prepared to add online college to my life, again another $1,000 plus. The next course was Critical Thinking in Everyday Life. The next course was Everyday finance, which was basically how to balance my budget with the money I make. I am 39 years old by the way. Another $1,000 plus dollars. Then I was put in an advanced writing English class, where I was to write a thesis. This class blindsided me as there was no build up to it at all.

    I questioned my academic counselor as to why there was no course prior to this to as a prerequisite. He responded that I had carried credit over from a previous college which was the prerequisite. I did take English 101 in 1999. I did carry that credit over. It is now 2019. So I did struggle with the course. In the meantime I had several phone calls with the financial aid department about my loans. I took loan out to pay for the courses. I opted to take the full amount of the loans available to me leaving an overage. The overage was to be disbursed to me as they received it in two separate payments each year. When the university received their funds, they held my overage for almost 14 days. I called numerous times asking why they were holding my disbursement. The first call I made to inquire was the day they received the funds. I knew they received the funds because they notified me through the university portal.

    On the first call I was told that the money would be sent to me direct deposit by Friday or Monday the latest. That never happened. When I called on that Monday I was told that they are allowed to hold the funds for up to 14 days. When I questioned why I was told Friday or Monday they left me on hold. I waited for 15 minutes. I then hung up and called back. Different people answer the phone each time you call. The "financial aid" department is a call center that is not located at the school. The people that answer the phone have nothing to do with the loans, the processing of any funds, and in my opinion are only there to buffer phone calls of upset students. I was left on hold several times with no one ever getting back to me. I eventually called and asked to speak with a manager.

    There was no manager available, and they said that a manager would call me back. No one ever called me back. I called later in the day and the person that answered thought it was funny that I was upset and I told the person off. The next day my finds were released. Two weeks after this I received an official letter from the University saying I broke the student code of conduct when I told the call center agent off. They signed me up for another class on how to behave with people. This class would start in 2 weeks, and would coincide with my current course on teamwork. I already have one class and 2 jobs, I am not going to take on another class to disciple me for their poor management. I sent an email letter to 3 people at the school in response to this punishment. I have not heard from anyone at the school. They take advantage of people and all they want is the student loan money.

    Customer ServiceContract & TermsPunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed July 24, 2019

    I went to UoP for my undergrad. I was looking into a certification so I went back to UoP. The Admissions Counselor (salesperson) gave me the cost for the classes and what financial aid would cover. I moved forward, took 1 class and had to drop due to personal issues. I paid the balance due and was told by Financial Aid I had a zero balance. Fast forward eight weeks and I get a bill for almost $2K. Called UoP and was told my financial aid was sent back to the lender mid February and I was responsible for the balance. Without notice, no letter, no calls, they sent my account to collections. The harassing phone calls went on for weeks while UoP reviewed my account. After their review, I still owed the money and it isn't possible to get the money back from the lender.

    UoP asked me to send a letter to Office of Management Dispute explaining what happened. Sent the letter and a couple weeks later received a letter from the collection agency. Requested a slightly discount amount but due upon receipt. Called UoP back and it is "out of their control to pull it back from the collection agency" to set up a payment arrangement. How can it possibly be "out of their control" when they sent it there in the first place? Next call, my attorney. Make sure you get everything in writing.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed July 18, 2019

    They are an absolutely SCAM. They sent me a bill in 2018 for $54 almost a year after I had graduated. I called and inquired what it was, they said it was sent in error and they would take care of it. Fast forward to December 2018 and the same thing happens. A finance manager assures me IN WRITING that it was resolved for the final time and will not happen again.

    Now July 2019 - I am supposed to be closing on a home today (had to request an extension because of UOP's negligent finance department). Last week I get a credit alert that states that there is new collections activity on my credit... lo and behold it's UOP reporting a $54 "charge off" that dropped my score 27 points. I contacted them immediately and made them aware of the situation. After 2 hours on the phone I'm assured it will be resolved and removed from my credit by end of business day Monday.

    It is now Thursday of the following week (my closing day) and I cannot close because UOP hasn't updated my credit.. In fact they reported it for a second time yesterday. I can't get anyone to respond or provide an actual status update. Everyone says "it's pending" and no one can provide a phone number for the collections department directly. I will be suing them for damages and the financial losses that this has caused ($100/per day for the extension on closing out of my pocket).


    Reviewed July 9, 2019

    Twice I've taken a class with the University of Phoenix and been dropped after completing three weeks of work and receiving an A - full credit on the assignments I turned in. Why? Because I did my work, including responding to classmates on the discussion board, early. I turned in work on a Monday instead of Tuesday, which is strangely the beginning of the University of Phoenix week. This cost me almost a $1000. The administration was very friendly, but did nothing to help me. They are a profit-making industry and do not care about education or their students at all. I will never work with them again.

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