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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about WOW! Internet Cable and Phone?
    • 4,466,033 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 17, 2024

    I changed my internet to a wireless company and called Wow and canceled the service. They sent me a box to send back the modem and said that I was paid up until January 17th. Today I got notice that they charged my account for another month. When I called to find out why I got a customer service rep out the country who did not under that I was asking them to reverse the charge. When I asked for someone in the US that might understand me I was told they do not have reps in the US. I had to go to the credit card company and dispute the charge.

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    Customer ServicePrice

    Reviewed Dec. 27, 2023

    1. Man shows up at my house at 7:45am. 2. Leaves without making sure everything works. 3. Product did not work. 4. Customer service for the IT department is a joke! 5. They tried to charge me for no service! I don’t think so. (Buyer beware)


    Reviewed Dec. 16, 2023

    We have been with WOW since they bought out NuLink. We had no issues with NuLink in 7yrs. This year alone we've replaced modems, cables, router! Service is not reliable at all! They didn't even bother to tell us they was going to drop cable TV. They just cut it off! Service goes down at least once a week. Sometimes twice a week! No discounts, no explanations! Terrible company.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Nov. 28, 2023

    I decided to switch from DirecTv. Boy, was that a mistake. 2 week customer, I had to call every other day with problems with my service, 2 technicians coming out to my house. Then on day 15 they shut my service off, from a bill 7 years old, nobody ever told me about the 57 times I called them, then would not let me pay the bill and restore my service. I wasted hours of my life for their horrible service. Back to DirecTV, I go.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Oct. 11, 2023

    When signing up for their internet service I was promised a $200 Visa gift card after 3 months of paying my bill on time. 6 months later I realized that I never received that card. I called and they told me they sent an email with instructions to redeem said card. I never got that email. They gave me a number to call and I was then told the card was on its way and would be here within 8-10 business days. 12 business days later.. no card. I have written and called them since and get no answer either way. This is considered Fraud as I believe I am not the only one with this problem. We should all start a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against the corporate company and stop the lies. Enough is enough.

    Profile pic of the author.

    Reviewed Sept. 1, 2023

    I have been a WOW! customer on and off since the late 90s when they purchased a local cable company. The service and support were always outstanding, and rarely had an issue. After Hurricane Michael I switched back to them (local ordinances only allow WOW and Comcast here) as Comcast was heavily damaged. Until this year I had good service, but the support went away. All of the support staff was outsourced to ** at some point the past two years and suddenly the cable part of the business went away. They replaced it with YouTubeTV a MUCH more expensive option. Basic cable service was $20 a month, but YTTV is $70!

    I upgraded to the 1gb internet and lost cable TV, but the speed of the internet was not 1GB. It never rose above 850mb and when I inquired as to why I was literally told "80% is good enough". If I worked my job with that, I WOULD BE FIRED! So I fired them. And had to talk to a heavily accented ** person I could barely understand to cancel, and until I raised hell they were gonna charge me an extra month thanks to "The Process". Dump WOW, I doubt they will be in business in two years.


    Reviewed Aug. 16, 2023

    The service is DESPICABLE! Every week the cable blacks out or the internet stalls. We’re paying premium prices for garbage. It’s days before a technician comes out and when they do the problem is never resolved. I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE!!! Don’t hold your breath if you request to speak to a manager or supervisor.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 1, 2023

    I have been a customer for 25 years and I can't get a simple fix to my profile, 4 calls and then they finally escalated it to support and support never called back. Called a 5th time and the help desk can't get ahold of support. Time to change to Infinity. I was just informed that even though I was told support would contact me in 48 to 732 hours, it really usually takes up to 5 days! WOW!, what happened to your service. I switched to WOW! 25 years ago because of COMCAST's horrible service. Time to switch again.


    Reviewed July 22, 2023

    The internet is totally unreliable. It continues to set to a router that has no internet and don’t have any idea where the data came from. Started at $130 up to $195. My choices are limited where I live.

    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed May 10, 2023

    I had been wanting to switch providers and a WOW sales person came to the door. What they shared with me was I could cut my bill by a lot, I could do a 30 day trial period side by side my other company. Then if I decided to keep it they will come out and finalize it then our monthly billing would start. They said if I decided I didn't want it no problem, just call them and they will come out hook back up my previous company, hand me a box to return the equipment no harm done. The salesman and the installation guy all said that if I had any questions to just call the salesman, his number was on the flyer they handed me. Of course he can not be reached at that number.

    Well that is not what happened. After two weeks I received a bill. When I called about it they thought I was crazy when I told them what was promised. They said I would have to call my other company to come out and re-hook up. They told me to just disregard the bill, and it will take a week for disconnection, and another week to receive the package to return the equipment. This then puts us over the 30 day mark, and I know they will be charging us more.

    I have called multiple times, each time I get a different response. I spoke to a supervisor today, and he had broken english so was hard to really understand him but basically it's going to take over two weeks to get this disconnected. Everything I was originally told was a lie, and he refused to send me an email in writing what we discussed. It will remain to be seen what happens over this. Their sales team are crooked and the customer service has to clean up the mess.

    Sales & MarketingPunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed April 24, 2023

    Customers beware!! WOW! is not honoring their promotional ads (promotional visa gift cards). I have contacted multiple customer support agents regarding the promotion/offer that was promised during the service sign-up process and they are refusing to honor their advertisement. I have paid all my bill on time (with auto pay) and have had my service uninterrupted (90-day active Internet service).

    In addition, as of 4/23/2023 I have now had my service for 5 months and they have already hiked my bill without notice and was also promised that my bill will not go up for at least a year (55/month internet service). It is disgusting the tactics WOW is now employing: deceptive and fraudulent. I will continue to file complaints and leave reviews where ever and whenever I can and will fight and dispute this fraudulence behavior. I will let every person around me know what WOW is doing as well. Shame on them.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 9, 2023

    I highly encourage you to find another ISP. WOW has customer service advocates overseas who either don't speak good English or don't understand the English language. WOW will advertise specials but doesn't disclose the special is for new customers. I have spoken to 3 different people in 2 days and all 3 contradicted each other. I sent an email to the CEO and have not received a response. A long-time customer will be moving on.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Jan. 13, 2023

    Been trying to cancel service for elderly parents since 10/2022. It is now 1/2023, they have not had Wow cable for over 3 months. Keep getting bills, over 20 calls and 20 people that say they are going to cancel service, nothing is done. We have brought back cable box in 10/2022 and they are still showing up as active customer. Terrible Terrible company, should be out of business.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaffReliability

    Reviewed Jan. 4, 2023

    Bad customer service. Slow speed. Not reliable. Got nothing but issues. Customer service totally disoriented- have no idea what they are doing. All day calling WOW and every rep create a different story. Do not get WOW-


    Reviewed Jan. 2, 2023

    Atrocious service. Technicians and representatives are not knowledgeable at all! Bad business practices. Constant outages. If you work from home or have online classes do not waste your time especially if you live in Georgia or Michigan. They also delete and surprise bad reviews and some tweets.

    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 20, 2022

    I was looking to make a change from my current cable company and looked to lower my bill but continue the same service level of my current cable company. WOW sales person told me that my bill for the same services would be $131.00-$134.00 a month. These services included; Land Line, Cable (with ESPN and National Geographic and more. Mid grade channels), "Porting" of my current telephone number, Wi-Fi with 12 months of a modem free of charge. AWESOME! HA HA HA!!! The installer came out and drilled multiple holes in my house and through the outside wall into my living room. He was extremely nice and personable.

    Once he turned on the cable and the TV, it was apparent that it was the BASIC Cable service. The installer told me that I had to contact the sales team to upgrade the service. I contacted WOW sales and they informed me that the upgrade would be an additional $50.00. NO! I explained what the initial sales person told me and this new person informed me that this was incorrect and the best she could do was to offer me $161.00 a month. I finally gave in and agreed because it was still better than the previous company's costs. I was sent a text from WOW requesting information regarding porting of my telephone number, a telephone number I have had since I was 6 years old, 55 years. I responded to the text and got a confirmation. One week later I get a call from WOW saying that they were having a problem porting my phone number. They never told me that I had to keep my old cable service until they ported the number.

    No my number is lost and WOW is unable to get it back and won't even attempt to see if the number is still available. After many angry calls, WOW informed me there was nothing they could do. I asked how much removing a landline from service would save me each month and not to give me a new number? I was told I would save $19.00 a month. OKAY, now my bill will be $140.00 a month? WRONG! My bill will be $161.00 a month!!! WHY? Because my total amount with the Internet, cable, modem, landline and fees was $180.00. By taking the landline off I will save $19.00. I AM SO DONE WITH WOW AND WHAT THEY PROMISED AND I NEVER RECEIVED. Losing my telephone number of 55 years is absolutely unacceptable sales and service!

    Customer ServicePricePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Nov. 22, 2022

    I have had Knology which turned to WOW for about 20 years now. Knology was great. WOW has turned to a total disaster in every way imaginable including quality of product as well as service. Several times every week I lose channels on cable and get the usual reboot the cable box which never works and my caller ID on the land line only works about half the time. For the last 8 days my internet has been down as well as occasionally cable and land line phone. In calling WOW service desk, all I got was a recorded message saying not so cryptically we know we have MAJOR problems so don't bother us, it will be back up when it happens. My bill has risen in the neighborhood of $60 to $70 for the same package I had with them when they were Knology not to mention questionable late fee charges despite my paying my bill by phone ON TIME every month.

    This last week with no internet has cost me over $1K as I work at home as an independent contractor for Veteran's Affairs. My only other option in this area is Comcast for a bundle package as I do not want multiple bills for cable, internet and phone, but that speaks to the limited options available in this part of Georgia. In short, just say no to WOW and save yourself the aggravation and financial pain that comes with this joke of a company.

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceInstallation & Setup

    Reviewed Oct. 17, 2022

    Signed up on 10 August, based on mailed promo rate of $29.99 for Internet 200. Agreed to everything including autopay. aid the extra fees for router and do-it-yourself installation plan. Company never put me on autopay. Was billed the next month for $49.99. I promptly called in and waited ad-infinitum for customer service, who said he couldn't do a thing, so I got on and AGAIN signed up for autopay. Found out on October 17 that neither autopay nor the associated discount had gone through. Website purports to have a chat feature, but it cut me off 6 times. Website purports to have an office mailing address, but has stated thereon continuously for more than a month that offices are closed.

    Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 29, 2022

    As a former employee, please save yourself the trouble and find service elsewhere. I spoke to customers every day and 100% validated their complaints. I planned to keep my internet one I left as it was already connected but they refused to give me any better pricing than $96/month for 1g internet ONLY. I called 3 times after my last day to remove the cable because they did NOT do it properly the first time and was told I can't make changes because I'm still an employee. Second time, I couldn't make any changes because I was yet again.. still an employee.

    Then 3 weeks later after NO success with anything, I called to cancel because I switch service altogether and could not even cancel my service because I was still classified as an employee! Employee or not, I should still be able to change my services if I want! Then after I contacted my former supervisor to cancel my service because that was the only way.. they deactivate your account after you cancel and now I can't see my final bill to verify the charges! All they can do is email my the final bill within 24-48 hours and now I have to call to pay a bill rather than paying it online. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed June 23, 2022

    Had WOW business internet and cable for years. Then one day get a bill from Breezeline internet saying my account has been sent to them. Nothing but trouble. First no internet for a day (I'm a contractor and wife an RN both working from home). Now call forwarding not working. Have messages out in limbo somewhere. Breezeline has a two hour wait for customer service and tech support. Call WOW and my phone number linked to my closed account automatically says to call Breezeline.

    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed June 5, 2022

    I've had problems with my internet for a few weeks. I've called 2 times and chatted with a live agent 3 timed with tech support telling me to unplug modem or something else that didn't help. Was told I would be charged for someone to come out so I threatened to cancel, finally getting an appointment for tech to come to my house between 8am-11am. At 11 I called and they said he'd be here by noon. At 1:45 they said within 30 minutes. Finally at 2:25 I canceled the appointment. Spent over 6 hours of my Sunday off waiting for nothing. Was told no credit or compensation for my internet problems or my time wasted waiting all day. Rescheduled someone to come Wed. I won't hold my breathe on them showing up that day either... What a joke!

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServicePrice

    Reviewed April 1, 2022

    When WOW offered Gigabit service in my area I jumped on the chance to get it. I purchased a new Motorola modem and Netgear router capable of handling the speed. While the speeds were greater than my previous 300 Mb service it did not feel like Gigabit service. I checked the speed with WOW custom speedtest and it came way short. After many calls and several hours of time to customer service, they sent a tech out and he found an ancient filter on the line and he removed it and then tried to charge me for the service call. Though the speed did increase to the 700-900 Mb range during the late night (2am-7am), the remaining time it fluctuated between 400-700 Mb. Again, many calls later, they scheduled a tech to come out.

    The tech contacted me to discuss the problem before he arrived and he let me know that there was not going to be a solution to the problem as the Gigabit service was rolled out way too early and the system infrastructure could not handle it. He told me that in 6 months to a year it may be able to handle it but not before. I was also told that the standard for Gigabit service was 80% of stated service. The stated service is 1 Gb download and 50 Mb upload so the actual for the low end standard is 800 Mb download and 40 Mb upload. My actual on a good day is 700 Mb download and and 30 Mb upload. While the pricing is good for the stated speed it's pricey for what you actually get.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Feb. 25, 2022

    This has been happening for a long time and I am tired and stressed out by Wideopenwest and their customer service. Every month I never know what my bill is because for some reason the bill fluctuates (always goes up). This mandates that I call monthly and then the circus begins. I am told one thing and it does not happen. I am told I will get this discount (I do not) or I will be told I will be called back (and they do not call back). They want you to go to paperless billing but how in the world could you do this and they up your bill every single month. I am at the point where I am probably just going to tell them to cancel all of myself services as I can no longer mentally deal with them!

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 20, 2022

    I am on autopay. 2 years ago my charge card exp date changed. I called Wow to change it. That took 3 calls and 2 days to do. A few months later Wow shuts off my service because I have not paid my bill. I told them I'm on autopay. I was told that because I changed the exp date that automatically kicked out of autopay. Last week my credit card was hacked so they shut it down. So I called Wow with a new card # with no problem. Again Wow shut me off. Now they said the last person I called put in a request to shut off my service. I have been so mad at Wow. Their service is so bad it's crazy.

    I sent letters to the CEO, of course, no reply. She is too busy spending her money. I tell everyone about Wow. It is now my running joke and I know a lot of money people that run big businesses. They all laugh very hard about my Wow stories and they pass it on. Their phone help are all morons that can't complete simple tasks. I am looking to get rid of this dumb run company out of my life. You will be sorry if you get Wow.

    Profile pic of the author.

    Reviewed Jan. 11, 2022

    I had to cancel my service after 24 years because I sold my house and moved to different town. They billed me twice and they said I had to pay both bills and I did. 2 months later they send me refund in credit card form that full of different fees to use. I contacted them but to no avail. They told me that they issue a refund via a 3rd party and there is nothing they can do. I hope they get hit with a class action lawsuit because these practices are illegal. I will make sure I don't get them for my new house.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 10, 2022

    My parents had WOW for their phone and internet. There were multiple errors made, and fully admitted to, by the company resulting in interrupted phone service and interrupted internet service -- sometimes for days. The company sent bills during the time where internet service was absent which led to billing problems and late fees. They somehow created a 2nd account for my parents and billed that account, as well. It is VERY difficult to speak with a representative that is able to be productive in any way. Reps pass customers on to other reps who then promised call backs when issues were resolved, but no call backs were received. When I called to help my parents figure out what is happening, I asked to speak with a manager, but was told the manager is not able to come to the phone. If I could give lower than one star, I would.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Jan. 4, 2022

    If wow cared my system should work as required. Slow to respond. No callback have to wait 1/2 hour to talk with a CS rep. Signal weak. Has been like this far too long. Basic package over $ 150 per month. Cable was pushed to be ad free. What a joke. Fight back and let the market decide if they last as a real business.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Dec. 28, 2021

    Requested boxes to return equipment/never received. Called and was charged 25.00 for additional boxes. Customer service is a 0. Turned over to collections. Dropped my credit over 100 points. Never received letter of collection. Called 50 times. Must speak Indian to understand customer service. This entire Company is a joke and should be shut down by FCC as a fraud. I’m considering paying these crooks just to clear my credit. The Federal Government needs to investigate these Crooks.

    CMSgt Rudy D. **

    USAF (Retired)

    Customer ServiceStaffReliability

    Reviewed Dec. 24, 2021

    DO NOT USE WOW. Save your money and your time. Customer service is a joke. They billed me when I no longer have an existing account. They encourage you to use online chat, and the agents will tell you one thing and then they will send you a bill for another, when you try to confront them about it? "Oh sorry, nothing we can do about the charges, we will let that guy know he did a bad job, so that fixes your issue right?" I asked for a manager, and was referred to call in to speak to a manager, and no one ever answers the phone. It says 24/7 phone support available, no agents answered. Unreliable internet, unreliable customer service, unreliable billing. Don't waste your time or money with them.

    Reviewed Dec. 3, 2021

    WOW is terrible in the maintenance department. We've had 3 cable/DVR boxes go out. We were told the 4th would be new, the other replacements never have been. They just go out. So the guy shows up and says the "new" box is only HD and no DVR. Well how am I going to record movies and shows I want to watch? So he can only replace the cable/DVR with another "used" box. Well that means that it was turned in or already quit working or could be any age! We were told it would be a new box. It's not.

    WOW internet is spotty as hell. Every day the service goes out for no particular reason. We've had technicians come out, we've bought EERO, their high speed service. Every single time someone looks at it they magically find some setting or part incorrectly set or placed and still the service drops out every single day for some unpredictable time. Please bring me some competition so I can buy a competitor's product. They make so many excuses and are predictably bad. I live in town. It shouldn't be this hard to get good service.

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