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Since 2010, Imperial Advance has secured over $150 million in funding for more than 50,000 business owners. They offer a variety of financing options with a dedicated staff of consultants to help you find the best solution for your company. Through their in-house fund and large network of lenders, Imperial Advance provides access to unrestricted funding within 24 hours of acceptance. You can apply online or work directly with a consultant to find the best loan for your business today.

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Last updated: Jan. 14, 2018

40 Imperial Advance Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Jan. 14, 2018

I wanted to get some additional funding for my business to help with the advances, invoicing and marketing purposes. Over other lenders, Imperial had lower fees. They were also easy to deal with and seemed to be more reputable. I worked with their funding consultant and the service was seamless and great. They were professional and gave me all the information I needed to have upfront including all the fees related to the funding. They followed up and were quick in their responses. It didn't feel like I was being taken for a ride, and I was satisfied with them.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 10, 2018

I have some debt paying for some equipment repairs and I worked directly with someone at Imperial Advance. He explained everything to me in detail and made me feel comfortable about actually wanting to take the consult from them. I had a good relationship with the person I was dealing with and I was very satisfied with Imperial Advance. They were very courteous and helpful.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 8, 2018

Imperial Advance sent my wife and I a credit application form and we filled it out with the required information. We emailed it back to them, and in 24 hours, they gave us the answer. We worked directly with the funding consultant, but it was all email which was aggravating because if we had any questions, we addressed in an email and waited for a reply. I like dealing with people over the phone, or face-to-face if possible. The cost was also a little high for the cash advance that we applied for, but it is the type of loan you're getting as well. I'd tell others to seek better options.

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Original review: Jan. 7, 2018

I needed a working capital and Imperial Advance seemed the easiest to deal with. Applying for the loan online was easy and I liked it. They asked me how much money I needed and required a few months of bank statements. Afterwards, they reviewed them and depending on that, they approved me. However, they could go into more depth at explaining why they charge what they charge. Moreover, their rates are high and they could work on that.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 4, 2018

Imperial Advance's online application was easy. They just required basic information and bank statements. Also, I like the way that my consultant gets things done. I don't like the cost, though. It's a little redundant but that's just the way these things work. Everybody has fees. The costs of these loans are exorbitant and you don't realize how bad they are. I'm in the middle of an 8-month process and these guys are drawing $5700 a month out of my account. I got a total of $27,000, but the total money that's actually going to be paid back is closer to $38,000. It puts a huge strain on paying the bills now because, when I first had it, the money was there to help back me up. But in about 90 days, the money was gone. That's good for nine house payments for me, but I knew what I was getting into.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 2, 2018

I inherited a business that is 30 years old. They are rental and commercial properties that break and fall down. The repairs depend on the tenants and I’m going to start from the ground up for the restructure and rehabbing. It had some financial difficulties and I got a jacked-up mess because the elderly people that operated and owned the business did everything in-house. So, I am learning this business as I go. I also got people that's trying to take property away from me. They have friends in the office that falsify documents for them. I got a lawyer to fight this battle on their behalf. So now, I'm in a struggle of paying a lawyer, trying to rehab, and paying taxes.

I went online and found Imperial Advance. I put in profile information and one of their representatives called me from there. At that time, Imperial was the only one that looked at my application and profile information. They sent me a one-page application through the internet and I completed it. The loan officer asked for three current monthly bank statements. And once they reviewed that, they determined eligibility. The rep was cordial, courteous and detailed on what the loan entailed. Imperial made a lot of money off it but it didn’t benefit my business very much in the long run so I have to reach out to Imperial again. I have assets and Imperial saw my statements but that hurts a small business when it’s struggling in the finance area to get back on its feet, especially one with a lower credit score. They loaned me money based on my assets and monthly income but having some space and time would have really benefited me.

If they give $10,000 today, they start taking away $200 the next day and every day thereafter except on a weekend. I’m putting in a lot of money into Home Depot, Lowe’s and Sears appliances because I have to provide a unit with appliances so a break in the payments or one-time monthly payment would benefit me. I have driveways and lighting that need to be done because I’m in a removed area with a lot of wood and some of the property needs to be cleared and clean. If Imperial could have given me a large lump sum payment, I could have pulled some of this. So, I'm reaching out now to another lender, and trying to get a large sum of money to make the repairs happen.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 27, 2017

Imperial Advance responded to me quicker than other companies. I filled out my financial stuff and sent it to them. Doing the process online was easy and that’s what I liked. My consultant Mark was a good guy and our interaction was perfect. They couldn't have been any better. The cost was very fair and I was very satisfied with the loan application process. I'd tell others to go to Imperial Advance and get a loan if they need it.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 22, 2017

I needed a working capital to expand my business. Imperial Advance had a quick turnaround from the application to funding. At the same time, they had better streamline. It was good working with the funding consultant. He explained every detail and what I’m getting into. It took four days from the application through the requirement to documents and appointing. The quality of service I received was good but the cost was heavy. It is not economical like cash advances. I’d tell my friends to try it also and because the cost is very high, it’s a good sign for them to know what they’re getting into.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 21, 2017

I started my own trucking business and I was looking for some money so I can expand, buy my own trailer. I found Imperial Advance on Facebook and they were the first one I tried. On the first day, I asked questions. On the second day, there was paperwork. The third day was when the rep called me back and told me what was going on. The application was easy and it took me 30 minutes. The hard part was getting all the paperwork they required, but that was because I was on the road and it was all done at least a day. I got approved another day later.

The rep called me back as soon as he received the paperwork and kept on asking me whatever he needed. There was good communication and when I called him, he would answer. Sometimes it got hard when they didn't answer and I was trying to get a hold of them. But I liked that Imperial Advance kept on top of everything and they kept on calling back and telling me all I needed. Everything was good and I would recommend them. They gave me a chance and let me borrow money. It was a little bit expensive, but they helped me out when I needed it.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 16, 2017

We had cashflow issues and we needed more capital. We used Imperial Advance in the past, so I was comfortable using them again. We applied for a loan where you pay back daily. We filled out the application and then we sent it back to them. We worked with Joseph and it was done through DocuSign. Joseph was courteous and the overall loan process was easy. The Imperial Advance team was helpful and knowledgeable and the cost was reasonable. I recommend Imperial Advance.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 14, 2017

Imperial's cost was a little higher than a regular bank, but the process was much easier. I needed some working capital and I applied for the loan online and it was straightforward. It involved bank statements and simple personal information, then I had to sign some paperwork after that. My experience was very good.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2017

We used a loan with LoanMe to start our business but we paid on them for two years and I got so disturbed that when I called, the balance wasn't going down at all. They spread payments out for 120 years so we'll be dead when we finish paying for that loan. None of what we borrowed even went towards the loan so we didn't go back through them anymore. We were going through two loans and we looked at a couple more companies but Imperial seemed to be the best one to hold on to.

Imperial's process was very easy and simple. The loan works for us because the payment is per day and we don't really see that it's coming out. We have 180 payments so $250 will be drafted per day. It might be $1500 a week and we're paying $6000 a month which is a lot but over time, we really see the interest that they are getting. It comes out slowly. This way, we pay the loan off faster, too. When we're halfway through our loan, they send us an email letting us know that we're about halfway through. They keep us informed and ask us if we want to revise the loan or borrow a bit more money. They put their email and number down, and if we need any extra money, I would call. If not, they'd keep sending the emails until we got closer to the end.

Every time we get close to paying them off, something happens and we’ve needed to use them again and again. So we've been in their system for quite a while. For instance we borrowed money one time to buy a new skidder because ours had blown up. Then after that, our cutter motor blew up and we had to borrow some money again. That cost thousands of dollars and if it wasn't for Imperial, we're probably not going to be in the business right now. They helped us out a lot and sometimes we don't even use all the money they give us. It's sitting in the account for security.

We did the loan over the phone at first but the last three times that we've done were through online. Mark was the first one we dealt with and we dealt with him for the last couple of times. One time he was making sure that everything was done right but we got some relationship now. He knows us and we know him. We even got our trust for this fellow. The service is great and it's really dependable, quick and easy, especially with what they ask for. They're not calling us back and saying they need something else. They get everything they need then get in touch with us. They do a good job and though the interest rate is high, we understand they have to make money and to help other people, too. So it's reasonable but it would be nice if the interest rate was a little lower since we've been with them for so long. Other than that, we are satisfied with the service.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 6, 2017

I was looking to try to expand my business and Imperial Advance was one of the companies that called and visited with me. They were the one that took the most interest. They took the time to work with me and give me the best options that I liked. Then they sent the DocuSign app which was really simple and easy to fill out. From that point on, it was just a matter of working together and finding the best options. And so far, they have been really good since I have been with them. We've done it twice since then. They call me about half or three quarters which really worked out even better.

I am at a point where business has continued to grow and they seemed to always have an interest in me and worked with me on everything. And the process of getting loans gets easier every time. It's just a matter of getting your current financial statements and they go through it all. Usually, it's less than a day and they have already called me and everything is taken care of. It's up to me if I want to do it and they give me all the terms.

All in all, I'll definitely tell my friends to look into Imperial Advance and see if it is going to work for them. Sometimes the terms don’t fit what people are needing and that’s understandable too. It's just that when you're starting out and you're new, you don’t have the perfect credit that you want and you don’t have the established business that you want. Imperial Advance is really good about working with you on that. That’s something that I wouldn’t change at all.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 5, 2017

Imperial Advance is the easiest to deal with in terms of documentation and finance charges. We applied and did everything online. They emailed over the documents for my husband to fill out and it was done within three to five days. It was a good experience and we didn’t have any issues with it. Our loan was within normal range and Imperial Advance was better than TM Capital which we went with in the past. I'd tell my friends that they should go with Imperial first.

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Original review: Dec. 4, 2017

I didn’t have enough money and I was looking for a loan. I handled my application with Imperial Advance and sent it through fax. I did loads of paper works too since then but it's a little easier for me to click on. The process was a pain in the ass for me and could be pretty easy for normal people. Imperial gave me 119% of the loan and they charged me too much percentage. They could have given me more money since a 119% doesn't get anything. They financed and refinanced me down to 34% and they’re surprised. I want my money back at least half of the 119%.

But, the consultant is a winner and on point. Every day I wake up thinking about money then so I needed stuff at four in the morning on New York time and I get up at 4:00 am California time. The consultant was already up at that time and I can call him on his personal cellphone. He had no problems with that kind of stuff and he’s ready to go. There’s not a lot of men like that and that guy could be the reason I chose Imperial Advance. He still works for the company and that always impressed me because most people don't stick with the company that long. Imperial’s service is really good and I’m satisfied.

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Original review: Dec. 1, 2017

Imperial Advance's service and cost are good. I’d done business with them before and I sought their services again for me to pay taxes. The process was simple. I consulted with Marco, and then I did it online at the very end. Marco was very professional and we had a very good communication. I wish Imperial would lower their interest, but I’d recommend it.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 28, 2017

I worked on the loan application online and with a consultant. The people from Imperial Advance were decent and although the cost was a little higher, the service was good.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 27, 2017

I have a trucking business and I was trying to add another truck. I needed cash and Imperial was the first company that I tried. I liked what the guy told me. They sent me an email with the application and I filled that out and sent it back. I knew what I was getting into and I was satisfied. I don’t like the daily payments, but I like that Imperial got me the money right away and they didn’t waste time.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 26, 2017

Everything is good with Imperial Advance. They’ve paid off another loan that we had. We called around to see who could help us because our business had slacked off so much. Max of Imperial Advance has been helping us out and was the one that got us hooked up with the company that we’re dealing with now. We’ve had two and one of them just got paid off at the end of October.

We like Max. He is the one that’s done all this for us and has been working really well with us. I did the application process online and he helped us out because I'm not a very smart person when it comes to the computer. So, all of that worked out perfectly. Max was the key. He told us to be patient and that he would work with us, and that’s what he did. We texted him and he didn’t leave me hanging like all the other companies do. He was a swell guy. Even when I wasn’t thinking it was going to go through, he gave us confidence that it was going to go through. At our desperate times, Max came in. He kept working until we got our loan and then when we couldn’t go back through him, we were in trouble again and this was when we got the October loan. So, he’s been there for us and I would definitely send others to Imperial Advance and try to get Max.

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Original review: Nov. 25, 2017

My brother and I were trying to consolidate our finances for a business and we wanted to see if Imperial Advance would be able to help us out. My brother decided to go with them and he filled everything out. I injured my knee about three weeks ago and I got it operated on yesterday so I’m a bit laid up at the moment. We were looking for a certain amount of money and Imperial said they could do it, and then they came back and they weren’t even willing to come close to that even though our finances are more than enough to cover it. For some reason, they decided to come in at a very minimal amount. The smaller ones they can get, the more money they make as opposed to large loans. So, we just didn’t bother with them, and now we are still looking for some long-term consolidation loan.

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Original review: Nov. 24, 2017

Imperial Advance is a broker and they went to RapidAdvance and got our loan. Imperial Advance said we had to pay the percentage fee, which we knew about, but they took an additional $2,500 after the money was deposited into our account. We were new to getting a business loan and weren't told about the fees upfront. They sent us a bunch of paperwork and I signed the papers saying they could authorize the ACH, but it was never disclosed to begin with. The way this was handled was underhanded and deceitful.

Months later, I reached out to RapidAdvance. They pay a commission for the business, but they said brokers like Imperial Advance are not supposed to charge like that. I confronted the manager of Imperial and he threw me off. He said they're responsible for our loan and it was a one-time fee. I read from the paperwork that they charge up to $4,100, but they crossed it out and put $2,500 in mine. I asked for a certain amount of money, and they didn't even give me what I needed. After doing a few loans, I’ve learned to go to the loan company and not to use a broker. Places like RapidAdvance call when the loan’s halfway paid and they want to give more money, but I never heard from the Imperial guy I dealt with and who originally did the loan.

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Original review: Nov. 23, 2017

I contacted Imperial Advance to get some funding a year ago, and they neglected to tell me that there was going to be an additional fee for them on top of the funding fee. I signed the contract, so I should have read it, but I didn't catch it in the paperwork. I was aggravated. I talked to the QuickBridge people and asked about the fee, which they told me about. If Imperial Advance told me that upfront, I would've decided that they're too expensive. I wish I made as much money in such a short amount of time as the cost for what they did. Also, filling up all those records, getting everything done and sending it back to them is not something that can be done in a matter of minutes. I don't like Imperial Advance.

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Original review: Nov. 22, 2017

Imperial Advance is easier to deal with than others. Everything was straightforward with them so I chose them when I had to get some more working capital at the shop. The loan application was very easy and they just needed to fill out the app. They were very good at communicating with my business schedule and get back with me, and wasn't so pushy. The consultant I dealt with was perfect. Plus, the cost and the quality of their service matched up. It was a good experience. I would highly recommend them.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 20, 2017

I received an email from Imperial and they hit me at a time when I was interested in loans. It was very expensive, but their process was just a matter of providing a one-page application and bank statements. Everyone was also fine.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 15, 2017

Imperial Advance Services reached out to me and we had a working relationship. Applying for their loan online was very easy and they are the best company ever. I would recommend it to all of my friends.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 14, 2017

I needed help with some lighting for the restaurant and it was easy to apply for a loan with Imperial Advance. The reps I dealt with were courteous, nice and helpful. They helped out a lot and didn't charge me too much for their services. They did the first time but not the second time.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 13, 2017

Imperial Advance's rep reached out to me to see if I needed some extra capital and I liked him. Their loan process was normal and easy. I've done a couple of deals with them and they have been good and easy to work with.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 27, 2017

I called Imperial Advance and they gave me decent answers. I applied for a loan online and the process wasn't bad and it took two days. They sell a little bit high but, business loans tend to run higher. And they could do a little bit to shave some out, but at the same time, they were straightforward about it and there were no surprises. They did exactly what they said they would do and kept up on the matters. It has been a positive experience.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

I had some difficulties in obtaining funding from the bank, but I had a very good experience with Imperial Advance. They were on point. Applying online wasn't difficult and they contacted me soon after. The loan process was very simple. The consultant was very professional and took his time to explain the product. However, the repayment time is a little bit too short. If the repayment went on for two years, it would have been better. We're doing fine with it and it's helping us meet the cash outflow that could occur which only a bank overdraft could have actually taken care of. I'm satisfied working with Imperial.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 25, 2017

Imperial Advance had a better deal and their consultant answered my questions. I filled up the application and told them what I needed. They checked me out and I got approved a few hours later. They gave me the amount that I asked for. It was easy but very expensive, but then all those types of loans are. Besides, they took care of my needs at the time.

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