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The Mercedes C-class coupes are luxury vehicles. Read more Mercedes-Benz reviews to learn about other models.

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Reviewed May 26, 2015

This is my first Mercedes I had bought, at the beginning it was a nice car then I started to have problems with almost everything. Each time you take the car for service to fix a problem, you looking at $500+. I had many cars American and Japanese and I thought Germans know how to build well. That was a major error. I had spent more money in this car fixing little things that broke and cost a lot of money. Electrical parts air bag sensor, hinges, rattling of chassis when the car goes in an even pavement.

It sounds like you traveling in an old bus in Mexico made of wood! I invested almost double than it cost me the other brands however the quality has been half of what I got from the other brands. I will never purchase another Mercedes. The only good thing is the Engine. Since that is a major component of the car made me give 2 stars. Otherwise 1 should be what it deserves. No recalls because they must lobby a lot. Do they get away!!

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Reviewed Nov. 12, 2014

We purchased a Certified Pre-Owned 2005 C320 and from day one, we had issues. We even tried returning the car just days after owning it. They told us to pound sand. 1) Engine noise, like a rod knocking for the first 20 miles after cold start. 2) Transfer Case causes tires to drag while in tight turns ($4000.00 repair). 3) Turn signals on mirrors quit working ($300.00 repair). 4) Rear springs broke! Just broke in half! How does this not get recalled? ($1200.00 repair). 5) Rear main seal leaked oil ($1600.00 repair). 6) Windshield washer bottle leaked all my fluid out ($150.00 repair). All this way less than 100k miles. Why is there nothing being done about these "Known issues?"

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Reviewed July 29, 2014

To Shirley of Valley Grande, your frustration could just as well be mine. Got same problems. I bought my 2001 c320 in May this year. Since it only had 156000 km on the clock I thought it to be a bargain, but what a mistake. The aircon was not working. I fixed it but there is still a knock inside. It had me stranded along the road after I refilled gas... a relay was at fault. Oil cooler pump seals had to be replaced because of an oil leak. Still leaking oil somewhere.

The driver seat is slipping around corners from side to side and back and forward. I had it for a test, but no malfunction was detected. Now the engine light does not switch off after ignition. I had it reset and checked, but it came on again 2 days later. I have several much cheaper cars with about the same Kilometers, but it hardly needs any attention other than the normal services. Must say I am disappointed in MBenz.

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Reviewed July 21, 2014

I bought a 2001 which was the first one made. It makes American made cars look like we are making errors purchasing their cars. Months later the key would not open the door unless I was close to the front doors. Mercedes would not fix the problem. The lights are always blowing. It's in the shop every other month for something. I have to unplug the seats because they drains the battery. The ceiling lining is falling down and it was and is kept in a garage. The plastic front vent shutters fell out. The driver side door handle is broken. The drink holder fell apart in my hand. The stick shift holder comes up and I have to hold it down to change gears. It always have malfunction lights for the coolant system. The windshield wiper fluid reservoir has a hole in it. I had to replace the transmission ($2500 used one). Had to replace the oil pan gaskets.

I had a Ford and a Nissan Z and the both of them together never caused me these much problems. Mercedes ought to admit they need to refund us. I wish a Law firm will take the case and get our money back. I am in the process of paying someone to take it to the dealership now because I was driving home from work yesterday and the heater, lights, air condition and defrost was turning on and off. I will never buy another Mercedes and I encourage others not to purchase them because American Mercedes Service Centers will not take responsibility for these lemons.

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Reviewed July 16, 2014

Since the C320 I had had many problems. The first was the ignition switch. I gave to Mercedes dealer to fix it, the car was fixed but other malfunctions were created by the Mercedes technicians. AC disabled, headlight reverse, circuit open when switch is on, alarm disabled. I returned twice to fix them again. I think the Mercedes mechanics are not well trained to do the right job. Now I take my car to the private Mercedes mechanics where my car is well maintained. Finally, I believed that the C320 has more technical or electronic errors. Mercedes should recall all C320 to correct mistake.

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Reviewed May 28, 2014

I own a 2002 Mercedes Benz C-320 and from the first month to today, I have had problems that continually happens that Mercedes should have admitted that it is their fault instead of denying that it is a problem that they should take responsibility for. The problems are the same as the reviews that I have read on this site. Such as: 1. My front and passenger side seat sensors that are responsible for moving the seats up and back drain the battery. It will cost $500 per seat to get a new sensor so I unplugged it and now I cannot move either seat up and back unless I plugged it back in to move the seat and then unplug it before it runs down the battery. I contacted the dealer I bought it from will not take responsibility for it.

2. One month after I bought the car new, the rear window shade stuck and they wanted $800 to replace the motor. How can a motor burn out in 2 months? Fortunately it was under warranty at the time. But now it sticks and I manually push it back down. Warranty is expired. 3. I am constantly replacing my left and right rear light bulbs. That is abnormal. 4. One year after I had the car the heated seats elements on both sides burned out. Cost too much to fix. Not under warranty. Mercedes will not compromise. Needless to say, I'm not paying the high cost to get it fixed.

5. The air and heating vents stopped working after the warranty expired. Only half of my ventilating system works. When I took it in while the warranty was valid, Mercedes said nothing was wrong. 6. Today I have to replace my gear shift box. The dealer said I must have spilled something in the console. That's not true. It will cost $1200 to get fixed. I just spent $4000 to fix a few other thing 6 months ago. I thinking of buying a Honda or Toyota like I had before I bought a Mercedes Benz. I like Mercedes Benz but the company does not own up to their engineering mistakes. The C-320 should have had multiple recalls because of faulty items by Mercedes Benz. This company is terrible for admitting that they are at fault for some of the things that are wrong with their C-320 models.

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Reviewed March 16, 2014

I bought a 2001 C320 from a Mercedes dealership. Very excited because the price was fantastic for that amount of mileage. The car was a smooth ride although there was a slight chucka chucka sound when I drove slow. I did notice also that the CD changer broke and would not pull out. Anyways, I drive the car to work my first day and after work decided to go to the mall. After I came out the mall, unlock the car and try to start it, the key gets stuck and the car will not start. I spend about 45 min trying to get this damn thing to start.

Long story short I'm about 45 min from home and decided to call the road side assistance. The lady says it has to be towed. The feeling of watching your new car being towed on a flatbed is AWFUL. I was embarrassed. I then go back to the dealer and return this headache. The dealer says the car is fine it's just a faulty key and they will waive the 400 dollars to fix it. Thank God their policy is 3 days you can return no questions asked. I returned the car. I feel fortunate that I got to return it before more problems came.

I will continue to drive my Honda Civic that has never once had any electrical problem. The Honda even has navigations and what not. I think I was just bored of the Honda but this experience made me realize that I will never buy a Benz again. If I want something fancier it will be an Acura or Lexus. With a name like Honda or Toyota behind it, you know it will be reliable. DO NOT BUY THIS CAR. I am so grateful I did not trade in my dear Honda besides... they are both made to get you from point A to B.

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Reviewed Feb. 27, 2014

The front coils springs on my C320 coupe corroded and broke at the same time, causing the car to physically drop lower. Although I could find that this has happened to a few C class cars, it is not a common issue. I approached the company on the basis of this being an anomaly that indicated an obvious defect. The company was not willing to acknowledge this problem even though the dealership indicated that they had never seen this happen to their cars except many years ago.

This was an obvious defect. I have owned many cars, that cost much less than this Benz and have never had both front coils corrode and break. When customers buy a Benz with its expensive service and repair concomitants, they don't expect to deal with structural defect problems that even cheaper cars don't have. New buyers of Mercedes Benz cars should beware. Do some homework and read about how they treat their customers from the top of the company (Germany) to the bottom (dealership). Although the cars are purported to be capable of high miles, please know that the company's commitment to the consumer will end much before the car does.

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Reviewed Nov. 5, 2012

Just like everyone else on here, the seat drains the battery. I had to remove the fuse. Now, the car bogs down when driving, sensors are going out left and right. The electrical issues are horrible! Every now and then, the indicator on the dash tells me that first, one light is out (and the light is functioning properly), then another light that is also functioning properly gets errors. I am really tired of replacing parts and feel that this series has major issues that the MB company should fix. As of right now, if I ever get the car running good enough to sell, I will sell and never buy an MB again! Not to mention working in a university, I will tell everyone I know not to purchase an MB.

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Reviewed Oct. 18, 2012

2003 Mercedes C320 caught on fire when I turned the Ignition: If I could give this a minus 50, I would! I am not just angry; I am shocked that Mercedes didn't care that my car caught on fire, right in front of my face. I'm disappointed that I am just a person without a face, and if this had happened to anyone in their family (the people behind the scenes at Mercedes), or to their spouses and other family members, it would be investigated immediately. However, I am not important to them, neither is my life, so I haven't received any help on this issue.

I am upset that Stephen Cannon, Mercedes Benz USA, President and CEO, is leading a company that seems to lack courtesy, makes a statement that they will proceed in one direction and then doesn't meet their verbal agreement. What ever happened to customer service? All of this happened right when I was thinking about buying another Mercedes. Now, I'm scared to drive a car. I haven't driven the car, or had it since 6/14/2012, the date of the accident. It is difficult for me to get in a car right now; it feels so unsafe to me. Now I'm wondering if I can truly ever feel safe in this car again. The other difficulty is everyone says just sell the car when you get it back. But, honestly, could you sell a car to someone knowing that you were in it and it caught on fire right in front of you? And no one will tell you the cause of the fire? Would you feel good about yourself if you knew a mother and a child might be driving a car that could catch on fire again?

That is the situation I am in. I finally got the car towed to Fletcher-Jones in Newport Beach, where I wanted it repaired in the first place. Thankfully they are working on the $6,000 worth of external damage that they've seen and they are digging their way into the internal wiring right now to determine the internal damage. Finally after 8/29 almost 2 months from the date of the fire at CAS, someone is trying to help me. However, that wasn't the way it started and they do not know what caused the fire yet. So, how could Randy at Mercedes Benz, USA (see below) know the cause of the fire by looking at three photos?

My 2003, Mercedes C320 caught on fire after having a new Oxygen Sensor replaced in the car at Complete Automotive Systems (CAS) in Los Angeles, CA. That repair was done somewhere around 8/29. I was told they needed the car for about 4 days in order to conduct the Smog Check after having a new O2 sensor placed in the car. Prior to having the O2, repaired, I had the front fender and the left light repaired at Beverly CoachCraft, which is a repair shop in Los Angeles that specializes in Mercedes Benz auto repair. Beverly Coach Craft was referred to my by Beverly Hills Mercedes Benz because they didn't have an auto-body repair service.

I can't tell you how scary it was to get in a car that had just been repaired, turn the ignition key and have smoke coming out of the vents. However, John, the Independent MB specialist at Complete Automotive Systems (CAS) told me there was a horrible burning smell in the car. I asked him repeatedly why the smell was there and what caused it and he never explained the cause. I also questioned him over and over about the safely of driving a car with a burning smell like that, and he promised me that the car was completely safe, it was just going to have this bad smell. I was so worried, I called a friend and asked him to talk to the specialist at CAS and discuss what he had just said to me. My friend said, it sounded fine but you probably would need to sell your car if it's having problems like this. I was extremely concerned because it just didn't sound right to me.

John, the service technician, also said that while they were working on the O2 sensor, a part called the Stepper Motor broke. I asked him if we should have the car towed to Beverly Hills Mercedes Benz, this was all really getting scarier, and he said no, the car would be fine without the Stepper Motor, that there were 9 other Stepper Motors still on the car and that it would be incredibly expensive to replace that one piece. He also stated that to replace the part would cost a huge amount because of the difficulty of getting to the part. By the way, that was told to me after I paid the $409.00 dollar bill. His exact words were, he had something to tell me, but "after I paid the bill”. How smart. Any guy would have refused to pay the bill after hearing all of this negative information about their car. By the way, that particular guy has never answered the phone after that incident. They have been saying that he is not there. When I finally had the car towed from CAS, I was told he had been on a month long vacation. I can't help wondering if they told him not to speak to me about what happened on that day. Everyone else says that didn't know anything about the car.

John from CAS, assured me over and over that the car was safe despite the burning smell. I was very leery despite his promises. I've never heard of driving a car with a burning smell, but he gave me his promise that I would be fine. I was also very concerned that a part was broken. But then, I was also concerned that the car needed to be driven up to a potential 500 miles after replacing the Oxygen Sensor, and before they could run the smog check (so it would pass). Boy what a huge money making racket that was. I hadn't touched the car in almost 2 months now.

I then went to the car, looked at the prior damage to see how the prior shop’s repairs went. Remember, I hadn't seen the car yet, and I put the ignition in the car. Immediately, the burning smell was pretty bad and I started to feel leery. I called my friend again to tell him that the smell was really bad and that smoke was coming out of the vent. At that point my sister got out of her car and ran up to my car, opened the door, pulled me out and said (The car's on fire, get out of the car). At that point, I could see that the smoke had turned into flames and I was trying to pull out several items that were quite expensive and valuable to me but I couldn't get them. I saw the flames coming out of the dash. At that point, I didn't know what to do. The guys from at CAS were surrounding the fire saying they didn't know what to do, and one young guy finally ran out with a fire extinguisher. I have a hard time with an illness, and was just stunned when all of that happened, so I told them I was leaving the car and going home with my sister.

Over the next few days, I was told not to touch the car, so I didn't. Of course, I wasn't going to try and drive it again. When I called CAS, they asked me to call Mercedes Benz, USA to come out and determine what the cause of the fire was. They weren't going to touch the car; they wanted an unbiased inspection, which seemed appropriate to me. But the car just sat at the shop. I called Randy **, Case Manager at Mercedes Benz, USA, New Jersey. His response in the beginning was very supportive, I thought they were coming out to investigate the fire. He then said that they would move the car from CAS to Beverly Hills Mercedes Benz or Fletcher Jones in Newport Beach. I called CAS and told them that a tow truck would be there to pick up the car, but days passed and no one showed up and Randy didn't return my calls.

When he was finally reached, he said Mercedes wasn't going to get involved. Over the phone, his reasons were - I bought the car used, it now had 80,000 miles on it, so they won't get involved with a used Mercedes. They didn't know how the car was repaired prior to my buying the car and they didn't know my history of repairs because I didn't have it serviced by the dealer. However, I had all my services performed by Independent Mercedes-Benz auto-service and repair facilities, and I keep all my records, they never asked. But, no, I didn't have a service history prior to buying the car. However, the car lets me know every time I need a service, and if I haven't done the service, it lets me know. Wouldn't they have a service schedule inside the car? It's pretty sophisticated technology. I believe it can probably be tracked at the home office, but I'm not sure.

Then, I received a note from Randy **, even the note didn't have his last name. Here's an except from the letter: "After review of the forwarded photographs, it was determined there was no defect in workmanship or materials that could have caused or contributed to the fire." How would they know that? Then the next line was, "We suggest that the claim of repairs for any damage be directed to your insurance company.” How would they know anything about the defect in workmanship or materials without looking at the car? How could they determine this from 3 pictures that showed the dashboard, vent and fuse box covered with the fire extinguishers foam or powder pressurized with nitrogen? No one who has looked at the vehicle, and has stood in front of it, has been able to determine the cause of the fire yet. They are still trying to make their ways through the dash, fuse box and wiring harness to determine what the damages are internally? If he had a cause for this fire from looking at the dash with all of the fire extinguishers foam or powder all over it, I wish he would tell me the cause. His experts must be amazing, well not just amazing but they must be psychics, because the photos don't show what the cause of the damage is. It's been in the shop for over a week and a half now, and the group of experts at the best Mercedes Benz dealership that I know of hasn't been able to determine the cause.

I wasn't writing to Mercedes-Benz to pay for repairs; I have insurance. I want to know what caused the fire. I was a lucky woman that day and I'm very thankful for the blessing. But what if I had jumped on the fwy, which was only 3 minutes away? What if the fire was waiting to start 5 more minutes and I had trusted the advice of the service technician? What if there had been children and innocent victims in the cars around me, not just me? And even more specifically, what if this is a problem when the car gets 80,000 miles? And if Mercedes Benz cares right now, they can potentially save other lives. Instead, they are worried about the "Claim of repairs" - what about the cost of human lives?

The biggest "what if" right now is no one knows why the fire started. And when they finish the current repairs, I get the car back. I'm scared to turn the ignition on that car for fear that it will have another fire, because if you haven't fixed the root cause, it's likely that the same thing will happen again. I am single, I'm dealing with an illness and I can't go out there and buy another car right now; it's not in my best interest. So, essentially I will be stuck with a fire hazard to drive, and Mercedes takes the position that if I am concerned about the operational readiness of my 2003 C320, “Have it checked at an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer after the repairs are completed." What? After my dealer completes the repairs, Randy! Wow, was that not the most horrible replies I've ever heard from any company. Why didn't he just say, “If you can't afford a new Mercedes, too bad, we really could care less about you!”

Here's what I would like to know, if there is anyone at Mercedes who cares:

1) I'd like to know if it was a short in the fusebox that caused this problem
2) Were other Mercedes Benz C320's re-called for a problem like this?
3) Has anyone else had a fire after replacing an O2 sensor in their car?
4) Did the broken stepper motor that occurred during the O2 repair cause this?
5) When the air conditioner stopped during the accident, did that contribute to anything that would cause a fire?

6) During the first repair at Beverly CoachCraft, the Service technician said they were fighting to get the most important parts to be replaced by Mercedes authorized parts that were safe. I asked them to hold off fixing the car until they could get authorization from my insurance company to use the appropriate parts and only parts that met the specific standards. Did that ever happen? It took almost 2 months to start the repairs because I wanted the car parts to be safe. At the end of the negotiations, I was told, "Let's not fight for the small stuff; let's just make sure the major components are safe and compliant." Then, without my even driving the car, I hear a Stepper motor broke off the car.

I am wondering what contributed, in anything to this fire. I'm the one who has to get in the car and drive when this is fixed, and I don't feel safe right now. I wanted Mercedes Benz to investigate so I would know what caused the fire. If they are so confident that they know their workmanship and/or materials didn't cause this fire, please, tell me what did. Go back to your group of experts and have them write the cause and send it to me. But they can't, can they? The pictures don't give any clues except the fire was right in from of me.

P.S. Fletcher **, is now working on the car, and trying to fix the damages for me. I really appreciate how they've taken this under their wings. They have been as nice to me with the 2003, C320 as they were when I had the SL55 AMG a few years ago or when I was driving the Bentley. The fact is, you never really know who you're dealing with, do you?

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Reviewed July 10, 2012

This is the worst Mercedes I ever bought. Mercedes needs to recall this car. I purchased this car for my daughter as a graduation present. Minus the other problems that I won't get into, every time we let this car sit for more than a day, it won't start. There are numerous posts about this problem and, yes, we tried all the suggestions. Benz should be embarrassed! This car is a joke, so please don't buy it. Yes, it is an older model, but Benz needs to live up to its name. I have a ‘98 ML and a 2001 CLK 430 and never had major issues with them either. It makes no sense that they won't help and I don't even know how to diagnose the problem, let alone fix it. As we speak, my daughter is stranded at a rest stop waiting for a tow for the 5th time since she got the car in May. The last time we took the car in, they told us it was fixed and of course it's not.

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Reviewed April 18, 2012

Electrical issues with 2002 C320 - This is the worst car I have ever owned. It has so many issues. The dealer wants so much money to repair stuff and for every problem, they charge $138 just to diagnose the problem and that money does not go towards the repair cost. It seems like the dealer does not repair anything. They always want to replace stuff which cost thousands, as if they think that all people who own Mercedes are rich.

I am so fed up with the car I just want to get rid of it, but with all the problems I have, I can't even sell it. I currently have issues with the battery getting drained. I think it's the motor under the seat that is draining it. It seems to be a common problem, yet the dealer will not admit that it is a manufacture fault, even though so many people have the same issue.

In addition, the odometer is not showing the mileage. The dealer said that I have to replace the instrument cluster, but it was already replaced once. I have never heard of such a thing, not even with cheap cars. The cost to repair this is $1,800. Are you ** kidding me? I can buy another car for that much money and it will probably have less problems than this piece of crap car. Whoever designed this car did a really bad job and it is very sad that Mercedes will not take responsibility for the crappy instruments they use.

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Reviewed April 11, 2012

I can't believe how the Mercedes dealer handles these issues. When you are in to buy a car, they treat you like royalty. After you buy the car and have issues, they act like you are being a pest. I own a Mercedes C320. Like thousands of customers, the battery has been drained I had to unplug both the driver and passenger seats. So every time I need to adjust, I have to connect, adjust and disconnect. For all the money we pay for these luxury cars, there should be a recall. Their cars have gone down the drain. Poor quality, awful customer service. Even Lexus makes better cars.

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Reviewed March 19, 2012

The only way I can drive my car is to unplug the seat modules. The battery is drained after 10 hours of sitting. I have been late to work numerous times due to the car not starting in the morning. Now, the SOS teli-aid light has come on. The mechanic shops have become a robber without a gun, because they are aware of Mercedes Benz problems, and they know that they are getting paid without the customer getting any positive results. I'm in the process of contacting some of my contacts in Washington D.C to see if we can get to the bottom of why Mercedes Benz are allowed to go on with neglecting the malfunctions of the C320 automobiles.

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Reviewed Jan. 27, 2012

I have a 2001 C320 bought it used with 20,000 miles on it and thanks for the warranty. It was at dealer after 6 months for A/C unit not working properly and it made a clicking noise. The dealer was nice enough and found more problems and replaced the gauge cluster because the display lights were not bright enough.

Then after another year or so about 35,000 miles the rear windows did not roll up. Warranty was over so I pulled it apart and fixed it myself. Otherwise dealer would cost me $800 plus.

I did all the schedule maintenance at my regular auto shop. At about 55,000 miles I had the same clicking problem and I told my mechanic that it had happened and when they checked it out it was the motor so I had it disabled. Just to open the dash, it cost me about $300. I also had to replace mass air flow sensor, ESP sensor, and found my motor was leaking oil from the rear main seal.

This Mercedes is junk and will never buy or let any of my family or friends buy one! Any car at 60,000 miles that leak oil from rear main, window malfunction, mass air flow sensor malfunction, ESP sensor, A/C unit problem (twice) and other electrical problems, should be off the road. Compare this to other brands, I am sorry to say Mercedes, I will never buy again.

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Reviewed Dec. 23, 2011

I bought an 8-yr old 2002 C320 Mercedes in 2010. Issues arose from day 2. The passenger side inside door handle broke. It opens from outside, but not inside. The clear coat paint starts peeling from the front spoiler and trunk. Brake lights, changed brake pads and rotor, brake light still display which cost $200. The battery dies, dealership states battery is no good. They replaced it, but it still did not work. They said it was the alternator, which was replaced at the cost of $280. The check engine light comes on, had it checked at a Europerformace dealer, they found out it was an EGR valve and tube. I had to get a diagnosis check $87 and almost $400 to repair.

Now there is a restraint system and tele-aid light displayed and alarm system is going off every time I open the doors. I took it to RBM Mercedes in Roswell, GA. Diagnosis check was $130 an hour. They had to check the CAN, which took them 2 hours to tell me they still have not diagnosed the problem. They needed another hour to check 2 more things, the steering control and radio. This is ridiculous. I will never ever buy another MB ever in my life and will tell others not to. If they do, read the reviews thoroughly before purchasing an MB.

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Reviewed Oct. 12, 2011

I was driving southbound on Oct. 5, 2011, when a car driving northbound decided to make a left turn and turned right in front of me without warning. I hit my brakes but t-boned the car, hitting the passengers' side of the car head-on with the front of my car at 35 mph. I was in a 2002 Mercedes C320, and my airbags did not deploy that I hit my head on the steering wheel and was taken to ER.

The ambulance attendant said I was lucky I didn't hit my face on the windshield and was surprised the bag didn't deploy. They placed a neck brace at the hospital, and I followed up with my doctor a few days later. At this point, I have to wear the brace for a month before they will decide what test I need, since there is a lot of swelling in my neck. (My neck is killing me.)

Why didn't my airbags deploy? The other party's vehicle deployed all their airbags. Would the airbags have prevented me from hitting my head and getting whiplashed?

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Reviewed Sept. 28, 2011

I own a Burgundy 2001 SLK320 which was purchased in Dec 2000. This car has been cared for very well. However, over the last 5 years, the clear coat has been peeling off steadily. I have attempted to contact the East coast regional director of MBUSA repeatedly, after being told by the dealership that they cannot help. However, despite my many messages left on his voicemail, I have not had a response from him or his office. If his lack of response is a good indicator of how MB treats its customers, then this will be last car that I will purchase from MB.

I have owned many European cars before and have always had good customer experience for any issues. I am very disappointed with MBUSA's lack of action despite extracting a premium price for their so-called "high quality" automobiles.

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Reviewed Sept. 27, 2011

After several months of my car battery being drained each morning, the dealership told me that my alternator was faulty. I replaced that and my battery, but the drainage returned shortly after. On the next dealer inspection, I was told that the driver's side seat module was bad and needed to be replaced at a cost of $895 parts and labor. Subsequently, I have read on the internet that this has been a common problem with the model that has logged thousand of complaints. I feel that the module is poorly designed and should be recalled by Mercedes and fixed at their cost. Several people are opting to unplug the module rather than absorb the repair cost of one and possibly two of them. This could prove detrimental to the front seat passengers in a crash while the modules are unplugged as the safety features of the seat are also disabled and will fail to provide the intended protection.

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Reviewed Aug. 2, 2011

My MB CLK320 Coupe year 2000 has only 59700 miles on it and the catalytic converter has already failed as confirmed by a local MB dealer. I did a research on the internet and found that this is a known problem for MB catalytic converter to fail this early before the mileage warranty expires. There was a recall regarding this same issue, but for another model, not mine.

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Reviewed Dec. 9, 2010

In August the faceplate of my 2005 C320 radio warped. I took it to the local dealer where I purchased it. The service writer said he couldn't do anything but replace the radio at my cost. I talked with the service manager, who took photos and sent them to MB corporate because I requested financial assistance from MB. He also told me they probably wouldn't do anything.

The dealer quoted me over $800 to replace the radio. I contacted MB corporate customer service who simply referred me to the local dealer. Therefore receiving absolutely no satisfaction from anyone, I attempted to research and order an appropriate substitute radio from Best Buy. After purchasing all the necessary parts and talking with the Geek Squad I arranged to have the replacement radio installed. They were unable to due to some interference with the car's "system".

Therefore I wasted over a month's time, money and effort trying to fix a simple, warped piece of plastic. It is still unrepaired because I refuse to spend over $800 to replace a radio that works. I'm very frustrated at the lack of customer service from MB. I will also be looking to purchase a new vehicle in less than a year. As a result of their lack of customer service I am included to look at alternate manufacturers. Can anyone be of assistance to me? Thank you very much.

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Reviewed July 22, 2010

No one buys the C320 Mercedes. It's a total rip off. This car is a lemon, all kinds of problems. I'm at the dealers for service every few months. I'm tired of this **.

1) Stability control is fixed twice and still not working.
2) Battery drain-- when it was a new battery, it had some faulty thing draining it.

3) Teli aid is faulty.This car has been a total disappointment and embarrassment. This is your warning, buy a different car. Don't go Mercedes, or at least don't go with the C320. When I bought this car, I was so happy. But when I started having problems, I decided to look online just to see if anyone else was having the same problems and I see a bunch of people with the same problems. This car should of been recalled a long time ago. The C class is the shame of Mercedes.

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Reviewed Feb. 3, 2009

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Reviewed March 24, 2008

Car C320 2001. Too many things wrong with this vehicle. Thing break as soon as 2 week of driving. Signal and head light goes out. EPS system does not work. Fuel Pump break after one year. Rear window curtain fail after two year of rarely use. Care seat control computer keep draining the battery if left car off for 24 hours.

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Reviewed March 5, 2008

i have a 2002 c320 the car is all laid wheels,grill,mirrors,front and rear lights are chrome.for about a year now the car starts when it want to.some times the battery will drain,and sometimes it wont.first i was told it was the battery.that was not it took it to the dealer but they cant find out whats up with it. no one seems to can a car like this has faults like the car wish i can get it fixed

thank you

p.s. love the web site

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Reviewed Feb. 20, 2008

In the 2002 C320 (Sedan/Wagon)and later models, there is a command module under the seat which controls multiple functions including the SRS (Supplemental Restrain System/air bags), plus power seats, mirrors, etc. The modules appear to fail after 40-50K miles. They begin to draw current and drain the battery. This impacts other sub-systems causing the vehicle to issue multiple failures. Losing power and jump starting the vehicle can also damage several sensitive convenience features. These can only be diagnosed, reset,reprogrammed or repaired at the costly MB dealer. A command module repair itself costs well over $600.00 and there are two of them (left/right)under the front seats. Although every Mercedes Benz service shop and Technician I have contacted is aware of the issue, MB will not recall the part.

This is a safety issue plain and simple and I cannot understand why it would be ignored. Our family owns/owned multiple Mercedes Benz models over the years; CLK's, E's SLK's and we still believe them to be safe, well engineered cars. Unfortunately, Mercedes Benz reliability is now well below the mark throughout the entire line. Toyota/Lexus and Honda/Acura clearly surpassed them long ago. I have been told to ask for the factory representative at my local dealership and argue the issue.

They may agree to a 50/50 compromise. However, would you want to take a 50/50 chance with your life or the lives of your loved ones?

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Reviewed Jan. 6, 2008

This complaint is against the manufacturer. I did not buy this 2002 Mercedes Benz C320 brand new, it had 36K Miles when I purchased, but I read the bad reviews after I started having so many problems (unfortunately). I have driven all kinds of rental vehicles because my car has been in the shop due to draining the battery; in several occasions the same thing happened, the battery died without a reason.

Within the first year I had it the alternator was changed, the front passenger's seat module was changed, the battery was changed, the problem always came back. I have warnings in the car that come and go, light bulbs that keep burning and the factory alarm that keeps ending with a dead battery. I have jump-started my vehicle at least 20 to 40 times since I got it 2 years and 3 months ago.

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Reviewed Dec. 17, 2007

I took my car in for service 2004 C320---because seat restraint malfunction light came on. I was told that even through the car was under warranty something had been split and it would be $600 to take the seat out and clean it and replace the seat belt. I have no children who might have urinated in the back seat ----in fact had not driven my car prior to the light coming on. This on top of monthly problems which necessitated repairs, this is the last straw, My car has been in the shop more over the past several months than I have driven it

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Reviewed Nov. 23, 2007

First, I have a C320, 2002. I believe that it is the car and the maker of the car, not this particular dealership. I have had to have numerous repairs on this car and as I speak the car is needing something. The car passenger door makes a sound after I paid $160.00 to have repaired. I have only had this car about 1 Year and some months and I already have put over $3,500 dollars worth of work on it. I have a 190e that's over 14 years old hardly any problems. I have a 12 year old BMW 325is coupe hasn't cost me as much to keep up. C320 Car needs work appears after every 90 days.

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Reviewed Oct. 3, 2007

Bought a preowned 2002 C320 for my wife in September of 2005. From the beginning simple things started breaking, yes, breaking off the car. (the front star, the chrome trim around the gear stick, the lock knob from the back left door, the passenger side mirror (glass just fell out with the wires attached), and the seat-belts got stuck). Once those were fixed, and we recovered from the $400 service " A" bill that turned into an almost $800 repair bill, the electrical problems began to compound.

One evening I went to drive the car and all electronic functions seized: windows, a/c (we live in south Florida), radio, sunroof, display board. The mechanics determined this was due to a drain from a seat motor. They fixed it and then two days later the battery died and then it was the other seat motor. Then the display panel started showing problems that didn't exist, such as: washer fluid low (right after a full service). The problems never went a way, no matter how many days in the shop. I'd never dare open the sunroof - it can't close. Six months later the car ignition doesn't recognize the key. Problem I'm told: "instrument cluster is draining the battery".

the repair bill for this is about half the current value of the car. I am now shopping a Lexus. I'm done with this foolishness! I am forced to get another car because I can't afford to take the chance of keeping on repairing what seems to be a never ending problem.I am only two years into the car, I am upside down in the loan. This is not fair.

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