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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Isuzu?
    • 4,461,922 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 3, 2011

    I own an Isuzu Rodeo 1998, which I purchased around three years ago in perfect condition. I received a recall letter, and for my safety and my kid I took my car to the closer Isuzu service center that is Grand Buick Dealer in Grandville MI. The clerk who took care of me (Wendy) told me that they will check my car, and they will let me know the next day. The next day she called. She said that the car had a lot of rust, but was fixable even when they have to do major repairs. I was told that my car will be done by Monday afternoon. So, my car had to stay with them for four days. I told her that I will not be able to pick the car until Wednesday, and she said, OK.

    Wednesday came, and my car was not yet done. She never called me to let me know that she was waiting for the spray that they had to put on my car. She was nice to provide me with a car because this Rodeo is my only car. Then Monday of August 26, she called to let me know that the car was done, this was around noon. I was very excited because I really like car, plus they had it since Aug 19.

    Guess what? The same day, Monday, around 6 PM she called saying that my car is not fixable, and the Isuzu will have to stay with them because it is not safe to drive. Is it done or not? I was very mad at this point, and I called the service manager, JD. He apologized because of her mistake, but he was not able to do anything. Honestly, this is **. I have a 10-year old boy with medical disabilities, and I cannot be without a car. I called Isuzu and all that they said was, "Sorry, but I don’t know how much we are going to offer to you. You have to wait for your turn; too bad about your son". This was the answer that Isuzu gave me. This is insane. The letter of the recall said that they were going to fix the car, and not repossess the car. Plus, this action can take several weeks-- time that I don’t have.

    Reviewed Aug. 2, 2011

    I own a 2001 isuzu rodeo which is recalled due to rust issues. I took it to their mechanic who deemed the car unsafe to drive and unfixable. They offered to buy it back for $3400, but I owe 10000.00. I said that in the letter I received that they would fix it, but they said they will not. Why should I have to pay $7000 for isuzu's mistake? I'm considering contacting a lawyer after how rude they were. They stated that they do not have managers and hung up on me several times. I bought this car for it's reliability, it should run for another 100,000 miles. So either I eat the debt or ride around in an unsafe car with my to kids in it. Ed also kept yelling at me saying that I'm rejecting his offer when I questioned him with my issue when I clearly stated I am not accepting or rejecting the offer I'm researching to make an informed decision he then hung up on me. I can't believe this what isuzu is doing I cannot believe the CEO of this company is okay with this, how would he feel if his wife and children were driving in an unsafe car and the manufacturer said it was not his problem. I cannot even get another car loan until this is payed off! So I am being punished for isuzu's mistakes!

    I cannot afford to eat the debt I have to have a car to work, to keep a roof over my heads, I just want my car fixed! And they are refusing to do it! They are not honoring the agreement they have with the national traffic safety commission. so isuzu do the right thing this is your mistAke not mine I bought a car in good faith from you and your not honoring your responsibility.

    Reviewed July 19, 2011

    After purchasing my 1998 Isuzu in May of 2011 from Delaware Auto Auction, the frame on the vehicle snapped. Thanks to some handy research, I found that these had been recalled in 2010; and my car fell under the recall, and was completely un-repairable. Unfortunately, Isuzu's customer relations team is unbelieveably sketchy.Yes, sketchy. It's the only term that fits. I received calls from unavailable numbers, and my case was given to a man named Clode, who refused to provide me any information until I faxed him my title, registration, and buyers receipt. He wouldn't tell me anything about the supposed options Isuzu would give me until seeing these documents. After getting my lawyer involved, Clode was more willing to elaborate on what "options" I had for replacement - which was really only an offer for a buy-back.

    The vehicle had cost me over 3000 dollars, not including the work, new breaks, new fluids, and new O2 sensors installed. Clode offered 2,790 dollars for my trouble and the vehicle. After being notified to contact my laywer with any information, Clode contacted me directly to make the offer. He insisted that my lawyer was out of office until Monday, and since he was going on vacation, wanted to push my deal through before he left. I called my lawyer, who was in fact in his office, and had no plans to be away. Clode lied to me, plain and simple. But my lawyer advised me to accept the offer, and so I did. After accepting the offer on Friday (July 8, 2011), Clode assured me that he would process my information immediately to have my check out the next week. I called Wednesday (July 13), only to speak with Ed, who said that my check had been sent out and would be arriving in 2-3 days. On Monday (July 18th), I called again after having no word of a check. Clode answered this call, and said that my check hadn't been sent out until Friday (July 15th). So now, Ed had lied to me, and Clode couldn't figure out why Ed said such things. This vehicle busted over a month and a half ago, and I still have no check. They assure me that it will be in in 3 - 5 days, which would be Friday, July 22.

    Reviewed July 1, 2011

    I have an Isuzu Elf 250 and in need of a spare wheel but no one can supply all details including part number. Can you help me find and purchase one so at least I can stay on the road?

    Reviewed Dec. 22, 2010

    My son bought an Isuzu truck thru a mutual friend and he had it less than 30 days when the fuel pump went out. We had the truck towed to a shop and when they went to lift it off the tow truck the frame broke completely in half. The frame had rusted completely thru. He could have been killed or killed somebody. Frame on trucks are not supposed to rust thru. The truck listed as total loss. It took all the money he had to buy the truck and now he has no transportation. He has to take me to work and come back to get me. Gas is not cheap. Along with extra wear and tear on my car, I personally think he should be given a truck by the Isuzu Corp as compensation for his life and the life of another person. Advertisements say this is the best truck around. Let's see how they react to this. We have pictures on his cell phone as proof.

    Reviewed Dec. 13, 2010

    I purchased a brand new 99 Isuzu Trooper. At approx 70K miles, the engine blew up due to this mysterious oil consumption problem. That was in 04/05. It took about $3500 to get the engine rebuilt plus another $1500 for pulling and re-installing the engine. It ran for a very short time and I found out the rebuild was not done correctly and had to have a dealer do some more work on it for an additional $2200. It lasted about another 30K miles and seized up again last Tuesday.

    When "the beast" first died and we needed another vehicle, I knew I was done with vehicles with *** warranties. So we then purchased our first Hyundai when they had come out with their 10 yr/100,000 mile warranty. This weekend we just bought our 3rd Hyundai. "The beast" will not be revived again. I will never purchase another vehicle that the company is not willing to stand behind for at least 100,000 miles.

    Reviewed June 24, 2010

    I purchased a 1999 Isuzu Rodeo from an Isuzu dealer in Ocala, Florida. I have kept up with the maintenance of the vehicle diligently since I purchased it. It had problems with timing belt breaking and causing internal engine damage. After having that fixed, the head gasket blew about a year later. I fixed that, then the fuel gauge started going crazy, so I replaced that. Then the worst thing happened on 06-11-2010. I was approaching a stop light on State Road 200 in Ocala, Florida. I attempted to apply the brakes and the brakes would not respond. The Rodeo would not slow down at all, I ended up going through the red light and collided with a van with a family of six in it at approximately 45 mph.

    Fortunately, neither they nor myself was seriously injured. After doing some research online, I discovered that there was a re-call issued on the 1999 Isuzu in 2003 because of braking system malfunction. I never received a recall notice. If had, I would have had the problem corrected. I had not had any noticeable problems with the brakes before, so I was not aware. I also discovered on the internet that there are over 500 reported cases referencing the 1999 Isuzu Rodeo and brake system malfunctions resulting in fatalities, traffic crashes, near misses, etc.

    I have been driving for nearly 20 years and have a clean driving record. I have also made sure that I always had tires with good tread. I never let my brake pads wear more than half way before replacing them. This traffic crash was of no wrong doing on my part. Now I'm out of a vehicle that I paid over $16,000.00 for. And judging from the experiences of so many other consumers, I seriously doubt that Isuzu corporation will do anything to help me recover from my loss. It does not even appear that they care.

    Reviewed June 23, 2010

    In December of 2006, I purchased an Isuzu Axiom from a Toyota dealership. At that time, it had 23,306 miles on it. I have taken it in for oil changes on a regular basis (27,967 miles; 33,275 miles; 38,530 miles; 47,307 miles; 51,028 miles; 53,796 miles; 56,737 miles; and 59,140 miles). At 61,742 miles, I heard a noise and the engine died. I then had it towed to my mechanic who examined it and said the camshaft broke. I contacted Isuzu Corporate Office and faxed over records of service to my vehicle.

    After examining said records I was told that because the vehicle is out of warranty by just over 1,700 miles and there is no evidence of a previous problem that there is nothing they can do for me. After examining the records, I found a note on the 51,028 oil change stating "complete upon changing oil noticed only 1 quart of oil had drained no oil leaks detected found signs of vehicle burning oil rec. appointment for further diagnosis." I therefore called back the corporate office to explain that their is evidence of problems and was told that there is nothing they can do for me since there is no record of anything being done and no other evidence of a problem other than the one note in addition the vehicle is out of warranty. The car now needs a new or rebuilt engine costing in excess of $5,000. I still owe $9,000 in payments and the car isn't worth the money to put in to it.

    Reviewed June 13, 2010

    About two months ago, I bought a used 2001 Isuzu Trooper. It only had 58,000 miles on it so I felt good about buying it as I am female and do a lot of long distance traveling alone. About 10 days ago I drove it from Nebraska to Illinois to pick up my son, and on the way back to Nebraska, the oil light came on. We stopped at the nearest station and checked it and there was no oil on the dip stick. We ended up putting in 3 quarts and finished out the trip without the light coming back on. The next day I took it in for an oil change thinking maybe the dealer hadn't done it and it was due. There was no oil showing on the dipstick before they changed the oil.

    Two days later, I left Nebraska for Texas. No oil light came on during that trip. Went from Texas to Missouri and then back to Nebraska to pick up my husband from the hospital where he had just had 3 surgeries. We left Omaha and about an hour later, on the highway, the oil light came on. I immediately pulled over and turned off the car. I checked the dipstick and sure enough, no oil. I took off the oil cap and it was smoking. We had one quart of oil in the Trooper so we put that in and called for a tow truck. In the meantime, some people stopped, told them of the problem, and they brought us 4 quarts of oil. We put that in and the engine started up so we headed for the nearest garage, about 2 miles away. Driving slowly and very scared, I heard a faint knocking and knew what was coming.

    Just as we pulled into the garage lot, the engine locked up. Three times, with no visible leaks anywhere, the oil in this engine just disappeared. But this time it left us stranded about 7 hours from home. As a result of the engine locking up, my husband (just out of the hospital) and I had to call a tow truck (and ride in it which was very painful for my husband) and have the vehicle towed 40 minutes from where it broke down costing us $275.00. Upon arriving at the garage, we were told that all the car rental places (two) closed at noon on Saturday, meaning we were truly stranded. After sitting there for 2 hours, a nice couple offered to take us to the nearest airport (another 40 minutes away) so that we could get a car rental. Not knowing for sure how long we would want the rental, we told them 2 weeks, got in the car and headed for home, finally.

    Later that night I realized that the car rental place had charged my card for the entire rental instead of just the $200.00 deposit leaving us pretty much broke. So now, we had lost a vehicle we had had less than two months, my husband, having just gone through 3 surgeries was subjected to a very rough ride in a tow truck, made to sit in the heat for two hours, sat in a car at the airport for another hour while I rented a vehicle, and then still had a 5-hour ride home, and now we had no money. The Trooper is still not paid off and now the repair place is telling me it will cost $9,300.00 to replace the engine.

    From the stories I have seen on this site, I am amazed that Isuzu had not had to be responsible for all these events. There is something definitely wrong with the engines, oil just doesn't disappear and people can't afford to go into debt for vehicles, have the engines lock up and then pay for repairs or have to just junk the car and buy something new. Our expenses were roughly $700.00 for the tow truck and rental car. The Trooper, which lasted about 2 months cost me $7,000.00. The things that can't be calculated are the pain and suffering my husband went through and the fact that I now have no vehicle and live 5 miles outside of town, which means I have to have a taxi take me to town and back when I need to go to the grocery store. I have another 10 months of payments to pay off the Trooper which we have decided to junk because we can't afford the repairs. I just want to say, thanks Isuzu, for making and selling a faulty engine and then not standing behind your product. People have suffered physically and financially because of your vehicles. Shame on you.

    Reviewed May 26, 2010

    I own a 2001 Rodeo Isuzu. Last year I was driving in a parking lot and the frame where the rear axle is connected broke and nearly caused a collision. I had the frame replaced with a used one from the salvage yard and now this one is rusting the same way. The consequences is I now have to replace the car (at my expense) and there is no company or dealers left to get some satisfaction!

    Reviewed April 28, 2010

    I purchased my 2000 Isuzu Trooper 9 years ago. It ran great up until last year. Went and got my oil changed. The truck was still running normal. Around the 600-700 mile of the oil change, white smoke just started coming out of the tail pipe so I made it back home. Tried to start the vehicle again and the truck just went dead. So I took it to my mechanic this year and just found out my engine had seized up on me.

    Now I'm gonna be out of $2000 for the engine and $700-$1000 for the labor. I feel Isuzu should replace all of these engines for free. My SUV doesn’t even have 100,000 miles on it. I am only at 91,000 miles. This is so unfair to the consumer. Isuzu knew these engines were flawed and yet they did nothing but stop selling consumer vehicles. We need a lawsuit filed on our behalf for this. We need to be compensated for our troubles. The engine locked up on me without warning. I was getting oil changed regularly and had just had an oil change.

    Reviewed March 12, 2010

    We bought a 1999 Isuzu Rodeo 2.2L 4 cylinder. There was a recall on our truck in 2001. We were stationed overseas and had the truck up in storage. We came back to the US in the summer and had the timing belt recall corrected or so we thought. Our tour overseas did not end until 2005. I came back from overseas in June 2005 and in August 2005 my timing belt went out and destroyed the head and everything. I spent over $700 replacing the head and still it did not correct the problem.

    I then put the vehicle in an Asian Automotive repair shop (that specialized in foreign vehicles) and spent another $2000 to have it fixed. The vehicle ran from April to May and then the whole engine locked up on it. I contacted Isuzu because my engine total only has 62000 miles on it but because I was over the five years, they would do nothing about it. Also, they recalled the timing belt and tensioners and said it would be guaranteed for at least 50000 miles yet mine didn't even make it to 10000. This is crazy. Now to get the whole engine replaced, I am looking at another $2000. Why doesn't Isuzu have to be responsible for their messes?

    Reviewed March 9, 2010

    I have Isuzu D Max Model 2009, Chase No. MPAER33T79H509656. When I used the brake, the rear side of the vehicle go towards the right and caused accident for two times. The vehicle has 26500 km only. We approached the dealer three times with the same complaint and they responded irresponsibly. And I got with the same complaint even after he delivered the vehicle after making. I am not at all satisfied with their customer service also. They take three days time, even to change the oil.

    All other vehicle companies' service their vehicles within two hours. I still got with the same problem when I use my brake. It dangerously causes accidents. so, it is risky to take my vehicle on road. Please do the needful assistance to me as soon as possible. Thank you. I already incurred a loss of USD4800 on previous accidents. This amount was met by insurance company. I have lost working hours and business hours in this matter.

    Reviewed Feb. 13, 2010

    I bought my brand new 2003 Isuzu Ascender (VIN: 4NEUT16P832100660, aka: GMC Envoy) and have gone through 18 replacement parts "that should last the lifetime of a vehicle" for a total out of pocket expense to me of $5,858.42.

    I've had replaced under warranty: master cylinder, entire exhaust system when catalytic converter welds inside broke, sway bar links, A/C chip, rear door handles, transmission clutch, gas tank/welds broke and right front hub. Then out of warranty repairs include: left front hub, A/C fan, A/C compressor, accelerator pedal computer, power steering roller rotted out, gas tank pump rotted out, power steering hose rotted out and replacing the upper power steering hose had also rotted out.

    I had a 1998 (Japanese built) Isuzu Trooper that I wish I kept, it was fantastic. This GMC Envoy rebadged to Isuzu Ascender has been a killer on parts that should last the lifetime of a vehicle. Letters to president of GMC, "not our problem," & Isuzu responded that "devices are subject to failure and errors", i.e. "sorry, cannot consider your request for reimbursement." I've owned 8 good GM Cars. I can't believe they won't take responsibility for their badly designed or manufactured parts. I have spent $5,858.42 on replacement parts and just turned 99,322 miles! I usually trade cars about 150,000 miles. This one, the most expensive vehicle I've ever purchased at $34,525 isn't likely to see that usage.

    Reviewed Feb. 10, 2010

    I filed a claim with American Isuzu Motor Company regarding my 2000 Isuzu Rodeo, which the engine caught on fire. They cannot explain what happened and will not be responsible for the damages. My vehicle is a total loss.

    Reviewed Nov. 4, 2009

    Regarding 2001 Isuzu Rodeo Vin # 4S2DM58W914321528 My wife Elizabeth and I purchased this vehicle on 02/15/2001. We are the original owners . We used an auto broker called Arizona Auto Savings, who obtained this new vehicle from Chapman Chevrolet in Tempe, Az. This vehicle carries a 10 yr/ 120,000 mile drive train warranty for the original owner of the vehicle. The transmission failed last week. The vehicle has less than 120,000 miles on it and it is less than 10 years old. Isuzu Motors America now claims that we are not the original owners of the vehicle and are as a result, they are denying our claim for the failed transmission. I am dealing with Clode at Isuzu Motors America. Clode’s phone number is 800-255-6727, extension 237. The Isuzu Motor America case number for our file is 09306004. Clode has indicated that the only proof that he will accept of my being the original owner is the “Retail Installment Contract”. I do not have a copy of this contract and I’m not sure that I was ever given one. I contacted Pima Federal Credit Union, the institution where I initially financed this vehicle and they indicated that they have destroyed all records that are over 6 years old. I'm told that Chapman Automotive failed to file a “Retail Delivery Report”. This may have contributed to the problem. Arizona Auto Savings is under new ownership since we made this purchase and I was informed that all of the records from 2001 have been destroyed. The new owner of Arizona Auto Savings is Rich Kurkjian and his phone number is 520-888-8877. In attempt to prove to Isuzu Motors America that I am indeed the original owner of this vehicle, I have shown Isuzu my original vehicle order sheet from Arizona Auto Savings and my original temporary registration. In addition, Arizona Auto Savings helped provide me with the “certificate of orgin” for this vehicle that clearly shows that Chapman Chevrolet was the first “title holder”, Arizona Auto Savings was the 2nd “title holder” and that Max & Elizabeth Shemwell were the first to hold “title and registration” for this vehicle. This “proof of original ownership” is accompanied by a letter from Rich Kurkjian in which he is quoted as saying, “the document trail clearly indicates that you are the first registered owner of this vehicle.” I truly believe that my wife and I have done more than enough to prove to Isuzu Motors America that we are indeed the original owners. Isuzu Motors America is denying the warranty claim because 2 auto ”sales organizations” held “title only” to this vehicle before it was ever actually sold to a consumer. This clearly is an attempt on their part to defraud the first original “registered owner” of their warranty rights. Isuzu Motors America is trying to avoid their responsibility to me and my wife, the original owners of this vehicle. I find their actions deplorable. I’m asking for Isuzu Motors America to do the right thing and to simply and promptly honor their 10 year / 120,000 mile "limited drive train warranty" to me and my wife and to make sure they don’t take advantage of others in the future. Thank you, Max Shemwell I have all the documents availble to fax or email that show of my original ownership. Let me know & I'll be happy to share them.

    Reviewed Oct. 20, 2009

    We were driving our tropper when all the sudden the oil light came on and we heard a banging from under the hood.hut it down and had it towed. To our shock (we kept great maintainace on the vechicle) the engine went. Just like that not a drop of oil in the pan. I'M SICK.. I think Isuzzi knew of this problem but they didnt think it was bad enough to call for a recall. Thats why they are no longer in business. Take the money and run!!

    Reviewed July 2, 2009

    We have a 1999 Isuzu Rodeo. We have gotten over 100,000 miles on this SUV; however, it's only because I stick 3 quarts of oil in it every week and a half. There are no leaks but wanted a new motor; however, no one has one. No leaks, not smoking. Wheres the oil going?

    Reviewed March 24, 2009

    My local mechanic said the problem with my car should be under warranty and go to the nearest Isuzu shop. Isuzu went out of business. I was told the nearest shop was Hillside, NJ. Isuzu towed it on 2/23/09. On 3/20/09 I asked to have it towed to Wayne becasue the hillside auto mall kept saying the part was on back order. Isuzu said it was not.I found out Hillside would be changing hands 3/23/09. They never had any intentions of fixing my car because they had $ problems. They finally said the part was on hold until they forwarded $ COD.I asked Isuzu to pay for the tow TO Wayne,NJ and they told me I was only entittled to 1 tow. They contracted Hillside. I should not have had to go thru my allstate and pay $25.00 out of pocket for a tow or be without my vehicle for almost 1 month.

    Reviewed March 8, 2009

    I purchased a 1998 isuzu rodeo several years ago. I purchased the truck for $6000 USD. I have made attempts to sell it but can not get the hundreds of dollars I had to put into it. It now has 130.000 miles on it. I replaced the fuel pump 2 times at $450.00 a pop each time. they always fail after warrenty is up. also replace ABS module 3 times at $205.00 each time. I have trouble getting it inspected for constent emmissions problems. The truck does run good when its fresh out of the shop. From what I have been reading about when it comes to the concerns of other isuzu consumers Isuzu is a high cost piece of junk. They are not reliable they pose saftey and environmental issues. I will never buy another Isuzu product. My friends and family will not buy one as well. Isuzu Motors provides little to no attention to consumer issues and I think they never will. I can only hope that soon they will be forced to close there doors. Never to sell another product in this country or abroad. Most auto stores do not carry the parts for OEM replacement. Isuzu wants the consumer to pay the high dealer costs so they can make more money off the parts and service. Parts availability is very poor for all Isuzu cars and trucks.

    Reviewed March 7, 2009

    1999 isuzu engine blew up with 60.000 miles its a lemon

    Reviewed Feb. 19, 2009

    1999 trooper 3.5L V6

    Reviewed Feb. 6, 2009

    My son and I purchased a 2002 3.5l trooper as his first car. The car had 48000 miles on it and the engine sounded great but after after 9 months of ownership and less than 4000 miles while he was on his way to work he heard a loud crunch. we thought that the engine was locked up but after getting a diagnostic done was told that the crank shaft split in two damaging the engine 2395. to rebuild with a 1200. dollar core charge because he would have to drill the crank shaft out . upon calling isuzu asking about a manufacture's defect was told that there was not recall and that they could not help me after doing further research realized i am not the only one now my son who's first car and car payment is out 9000. dollar on a car loan and they wont admit it was a problem in that size engine and model and even if we do have the 3400. dollars to fix it it seems that as i was told it will happen again .Cant even get the part for 6 months as it is on back order because the problem is rampid.

    Reviewed Jan. 14, 2009

    I have an 2005 Isuzu 300 KB DC and during it's warranty period has reported the faulty air bag warning at every service. The mechanic told me that the wires (on my new vehicle) were eroded and they have made a modification on bypassing the plug under the seat which I am about to publish a photo of (if it comes to that point).

    Reviewed Jan. 2, 2009

    On my 2004 Isuzu rodeo, purchased new from Great Valley Isuzu, has had the fuel pump(s) replaced 7 times since I bought it, 5 times covered under warranty, and twice not, incurring over $1000 each time. As of today, 1/2/2009, it has been waiting for a back ordered part since before last Thanksgiving, as Isuzu appears to no longer wish to provide service or support. Since Great Valley went out of business, dealer only parts are over an hour away in Vallejo.

    I have made two car payments without being able to drive the vehicle, and cannot afford $4000/year in routine maintenance. Isuzu's position is that now that the warranty expired, they will sell me the parts, but will not cover them, even though the design defect was discovered and fixed 5 times under warranty. I owe over $13,000 on a vehicle that spends an average of 6 weeks a year in the shop. It is worth considerably less than I owe, and I cannot afford continued repairs for the same problems or backordered parts. If they won't buy it back, they should at least extend the warranty on the fuel pump.

    Reviewed Nov. 4, 2008

    My car has been at the repair shop since October 21, 2008, and the corporation Isuzu is doing the least possible to assist me in getting the proper parts to the vehicle so it can be repaired. I have written a letter to Isuzu and get daily calls regarding the same information that I get from the dealer. I have rented 3 vehicles in the past two weeks. I do not know what else to do.

    Reviewed Oct. 20, 2008

    I brought my Isuzu Rodeo in 2000 model 1999. It's 94000 miles on 10/20/08. The air condition not working 3 years ago and now I'm facing over heated. My mechanic couldn't figure out what is the problem after changing the teastate, timing belt, diagnostic was not able to help anything. I'm tried of spending money every year as I hardly use the car only back to work daily. Why is the car over heated every time even though I keep putting coolant in.

    Reviewed Oct. 11, 2008

    I purchased an Isuzu Trooper year 2000. I always did my oil change religiously and then 1 day I was driving to work and this weird loud clunking noise happened and all of a sudden my car just stopped on the highway. I had to wait for a towing and took the vehicle to my mechanic. When they inspected my car they told me I needed a new engine and it would cost $7000.00 for a new engine or $4000.00 to rebuild it. I only have 70 0000 km on it and it is in very good condition. A month prior I spent $750.00 for a new starter.

    Reviewed Sept. 1, 2008

    Kimberly of Palmer AK (09/01/08

    My 1999 Isuzu Trooper's engine blew out. I had performed the recommended 3,000 miles oil changes, but it seemed the engine locked up anyway. This was the second engine as the first engine was consuming oil every 1,000 miles. The dealership performed an oil usage test and the engine was replaced. The replaced engine was the one that blew.

    I called the dealership and was informed the vehicle was out of warranty and there was nothing they could do. I asked if there was a recall for Isuzu Troopers and they informed me there was not. It seems however, that Isuzu knew there was a problem with the 1999 Trooper engines.

    I have not had the car replaced due to the diffuclty in finding a replacement engine. I had to purchase a new vehicle to get to work. I had just paid off the Trooper.

    Reviewed Aug. 16, 2008

    I purchased a 1999 Isuzu Trooper in 2002 and it is now 2008. I changed the oil every 3000 miles and the truck ran fine until my starter went. I replaced the starter (which the mechanic said was very difficult to do because of the way it was placed in a slanted fashion) After I replaced the starter, I went on a 3hr drive to Hershey park and the engine just starting clanking and the idiot lights never even came on!! The engine died and my truck had barely any oil left in it! Isuzu has some explaining to do, because my truck only has 80,000 miles on it and the engine should not have died so fast. I'm very dissappointed because now I have to lease a new car and I just made my last payment a few weeks before it died. No wonder Isuzu discontinued the Trooper, they couldn't fix the problems. This truck burns huge amounts of oil and the engines are bound to seize! Mine did, and I really think they should be recalled and/or repaired for free!!!

    My 1999 Isuzu Trooper died on a major highway with no warning! None of my lights came on, and I have read similar complaints!

    Reviewed Aug. 7, 2008

    i bought this car at a dodge dealer in norwich ny, the engine light was on from the day after i bought it and has never been fixed, there mechanic said we didnt keep the gas take full all the time and that was the problem,

    the car has completely rusted thru on 3 places on the frame. in front and behind the back wheels, i washed it every week and used it as a baby. there is no reason it should be rusted out. i still owe $4000 on it and it wont even pass inspection.

    i want something done about this car as i took it back to dealer many times and even experienced a change in sales manager at the dealership.

    Reviewed Aug. 4, 2008

    I purchased a 1998 Isuzu Rodeo with 70 something thousand miles on it. After a few months I noticed that 500 miles after haveing the oil changed at the dealership that I bought it from, there was none left. I brought it up to the dealer but, of course they were no help at all. Soon after my motor blew up as do many of the Isuzu 3.2 V-6 motors. I can not get in touch with anyone to resolve this problem. I am thinking about seeing if there is a way to get a mass lawsuit going against the company as per ALL the complaints you hear about.

    Reviewed July 17, 2008

    2001 trooper with a blown engine and and still had 500 + miles to go before the next oil change is required. Vehicle showed absolutely no sign's of loosing oil. No oil light came on to even indicate low oil until a loud knocking noise started while on the e-way and suddenly as I started to pull of the side of the road the oil light I noticed sort of flickered. That was it. I immediately shut the vehicle off. Would not restart. Had to be towed 110 miles home to the tune of $5.00 per mile. A person that faithfully has oil changed since this is the brain to the vehicle and this to happen! The engine is fried and so am I. All the consumer complaint's with the same identical stories I am appauled that this matter was basically ignored and the consumers were left to hang. Such another American disgrace!

    Reviewed July 3, 2008

    purchased a 2002 Isuzu trooper in 2004 truck had 24,000 miles on it. I loved my truck because of its different color,like a light blue teal green. I took care of my baby ,had oil changes and tune ups done on time. About a month ago the check engine light kept coming on. The Egr valve needed replacing, had it fixed. Then two saturdays ago driving down 95 the truck just cuts off no warning sign or anything. Called a tow truck, he stated from what he could tell the engine was locked up. He was right! I called Isuzu to complain and all they were concerned with was if the truck still had a warranty. Isuzu you all know there is a problem with those engines. Good looking out for the customers.

    called the nearest dealership which is 2 hours away 6,000 for engine and 2,000 for labor. I can buy another truck for that.

    Reviewed June 18, 2008

    I have and Isuzu, 1999 Rodeo. I did all of the mainteance from day one including the timing belt at 70,000 miles. The timing belt just broke on th hwy and destroyed the engine. I have to replace it. I saw this web site and decided to share my story.

    Reviewed May 30, 2008

    I'm the original owner of a 1986 Trooper 2.2 turbo diesel and have carefully seviced and maintained it. Much to my dismay, at 55,500 original miles and 22 years (03/07) I detected non-magnetic flakes of metal in the drain oil. The oil and filter was changed (the oil used, and it is the only oil I have used since I purchased the vehicle new, Pennsoil PZL "Turbo" 10-30 (API SF/CC-CD), an aproved oil for my diesel per the Isuzu manual.

    After reading up about new diesel oils, at 55,540 miles 04/12/07, after only 40 miles on the oil change, I drained the Pennsoil, and changed to the new 15E-40 CJ-4/SM (CI-4 Plus, CI-4, CH-4, CF) Chevron Delo 400LE Heavy Duty Motor Oil. At 59,286 04/04/08, I changed the oil and filter and had the same results this last oil change, non-magnetic flakes of metal in the drain oil. Uupon cutting the oil filter open, could see many small metal particles. I collected the samples and submitted them to the CAT S.O.S. oil analysis service specialists and they say that it is babbit material (rod, main, or cam bearing) and that the engine is definitely failed.

    Eqpt.: Isuzu 1986 Trooper II 2.2 L Turbo Diesel. Total Eqpt. Miles: 59,500. Miles on oil: 3,746. SAE Oil & Brand: 15E-40 CJ-4/SM (CI-4 Plus, CI-4, CH-4, CF) Chevron Delo 400LE Heavy Duty Motor Oil. Oil and filter changed at time of sample. Vehicle Mfg. date: 09/86. Vehicle VIN#: TAACH18U6G5454468. Engine serial number is: 885399. I purchased my 86 TD new, and at some point, Isuzu sent me an "extended warrantee" more miles and time against engine meltdown (rod, piston etc. failure). This made me very nervous....

    I contacted my local Isuzu service manager and if he could tell me if my engine was at risk. He assured me that my vehicle (VIN#) was not at risk. (If it had been, I would have sold it and purchased a reliable vehicle. I had purchased the Diesel Trooper with expectations of 200,000 to 300,000 or moe miles of dependable use.

    Now, some 22 years (and only 59,000 miles) later I have major problems , main or crank bearings and the mechanics that I have talked to are quoteing $10,000 to $12,000 or more to replace the engine. I feel that Isuzu should step forward and remedy this situation. $12,000 or more to repair, but then will it occur again?

    Reviewed May 15, 2008

    I have been advised that my engine on my 1999 Isuzu Trooper needs to be replaced. While looking for a used engine my daughter found this site and know I realize I am not alone. I bought my Trooper new in 1999, and over the years noticed at unusual times that it was low on oil. I kept checks on the oil amount more frequent than with other vehicles. I have about 100,000 miles on it when it would not move any more. I did not drive it for a year, and assumed I needed a new transmission. I brought it in to a transmission shop that stated the transfer case was in neutral and nothing was wrong with the transmission, but that the motor needed replacing for about $4,000.00.

    Granted it is past its warranty, but it is evident that there is a motor defect with 1999 3.4 liter motors that do not allow normal or average motor life.

    I had not expected that I would be needing to shell out this kind of money with so few miles. My Saturn has nearly 200,000 miles without any major repairs and I have driven a chevrolet Malibu over 100,000 miles with no major repairs, but not with the Trooper.

    Reviewed April 30, 2008

    We purchased a 1999 Isuzu Trooper thinking it would be an excellent vehicle to tote around in. WRONG. About 8 months after purchasing from the original owner, about the 70k mile mark, the engine locked up. After taking it to a local shop and finding out we were due for a new engine we could not believe what we were hearing. So, like any consumer would do, we took it to another shop to gain some sensibility. Still same answer. So, after upchucking around $4500+labor we received a new engine thinking everything was in order and the car would be ok now. Wrong again. After gallons of oil and trips to the repair shop, not to mention the gas these days, we have spent more in repair than the vehicle cost ($11k-used).

    I am a man of integrity and honesty, so I would think a company like Isuzu would have warned it's customers about issues, problems and anything that may be unsafe. WRONG AGAIN. I think these types of problems, especially since after some research about 40-50% of these models have problems, should be brought to the forefront of RECALLS.

    You are telling me companies can sell faulty products, not back them, and then act like nothing happens. WRONG. That is illegal. ISUZU should grow a pair and anty-up for all it's customers.


    Reviewed March 21, 2008

    diesel in engine oil through injectors knackered engine isuzu said it was covered but it still cost me in excess of 1500 still not running properly als garage had vehicle almost a year got it back it went wrong then they had it for approx 6 months still not working as it should

    had to buy a new vehicle for my work on top of repair bill for isuzu also lost approx 2 months of my work due to no vehicle

    Reviewed Jan. 29, 2008

    I too was taken to the cleaners by this car. Since day one I HAVE HAD OIL PROBLEMS.using 3 quarts of oil per 100 miles. I called 3 dearlerships about the normal oil comsumption for this car and was told that 3 quarts is normal for THAT engine. I took it in for die testing since the day i bought it (used) and was told everything was normal for that engine. less than 2 years now i have a blown engine, that i cant afford to fix since my husband has died and my finances have changed. I think that isuzu should own up to what they did. what course of action do we have to make them lible for what they built.?

    Reviewed Jan. 13, 2008

    Two years ago I bought a '99 Isuzu Trooper from McKlosky Motors in Colorado Springs, CO. Although it was an older vehicle, I was assured by the salesperson (and sales manager) that Isuzus run forever.

    A few months ago, I noticed the oil light coming on only a month or so after my oil change. I took it into the dealership where they prescribed conditioner to solved the oil burning problem. Thinking the problem to be solved, I decided to go on a trip 2 weeks ago to Steamboat Springs (a 4 hour drive through the mountains). On my way back from the trip, I noticed my oil light had come on, and VERY soon after, I heard a deafening knocking in the engine. I decided to pull over at the next town and have a mechanic look at it.

    Unfortunately, 10 min before hitting the next town, my car lost power and I had to pull over on the snowy highway. I was towed to a mechanic's and was told that I needed a new engine. Upon making some phone calls, I learned that this was a very common problem amongst 99 Troopers.

    The engine completely siezed up and I lost power. I need a new engine, which is approx 4000-6000 dollars and/or a new crank shaft and oil pump (approx 6000 bucks).

    Reviewed Jan. 9, 2008

    Son driving 99 Isuzu Rodeo with less that 60K and 1,000 miles left on oil change when engine locked up before oil light came on. No prior warning or history of oil loss.

    Will spend3k-4k to replace with used engine, understand this is a routine problem