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Honda Element

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57 Honda Element Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Rated with 2 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 6, 2012

I have had 5 window regulators break in my 2006 Honda Element. I am told that it is no longer under warranty so it is not their issue. The first regulator went out on the passenger’s side 2 months after the warranty was out. The driver’s side regulator went out 8 months later. The dealership replaced both at no cost to me and let me know they were Honda parts and would be fine. Eight months later, the passenger regulator went out and they refused to help me and wanted to charge me over $400.00 to replace a part they put in.

I went to an auto repair shop and they ordered the part from Honda and installed for $180.00. Six months later, the driver’s side regulator went out and again Honda dealership refused to help and wanted again to charge over $400.00 to fix. I again took it to the auto repair shop and they ordered the part from Honda and installed for $180.00. One year later, the passenger regulator went out again. This is the fifth window regulator and so I went to the dealership again. The service manager told me I have bad luck and again wanted over $400.00 to repair. I continued to complain that this had nothing to do with luck or a warranty, and they finally did the repairs and charged me for service only.

I fully understand warranties and understand that the warranty is out on my 2006 Element. But this is a problem with a part that you can only buy from Honda that does not appear to work. I think Honda should take responsibility for a faulty part and replace when it breaks at no cost to the owner. I love my Element and would purchase a new one if they made them. But this is putting a very sour note in my mouth toward Honda. And I am not sure if I will buy a Honda again when the time comes that I need to replace my Element.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Oct. 13, 2011

The Honda Corp showed absolute disdain for the rights of their customer and total lack of willingness to stand behind their product in my recent dealing with the company.

The speedometer needle fell off my 2007 Honda while I was driving. I have never seen this happen in all my years of driving and could find no one else who had experienced this, so I assumed it was rare. I went to the Honda chat sites and found that this has happened often with the 2007 Element. (Often enough that they had provided a fix which ended in Dec. 2010).

So I called Honda expecting that since this is obviously a design flaw, they would provide a fix. I was told by a customer service representative to get an estimate from the dealer. And so I did, the estimate was a total of $963.00 dollars to fix the problem. This much for a needle that has fallen off the speedometer!

When Honda customer service called me back they said this is my problem and they will do nothing to assist. I asked to talk to a supervisor and was told that it is not possible, case closed.

In the past I have dealt with Chevy, Hyundai and Toyota on minor issues ( which I thought this was, it's a speedometer needle falling off O.K.! ) and was treated with respect and the issues were resolved easily. This is the kind of hubris that one would expect from one of the more shadier businesses that are out there, not a company with the supposed reputation of Honda. I felt that there was lack of integrity and failure to stand behind ones work that exists at all levels.

I will never buy another Honda product or deal with our local dealer (Zigler Honda) again. Which by the way matters little to them since they can easily write off one customer rather than stand up for their product in the way a genuinely honest business do.

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Original review: Sept. 15, 2011

Upon starting the ignition on my 2005 Honda Element, smoke began to emit out of the driver side door. After some electrical crackling noises, the power window master switch caught on fire and continued to smoke out the vehicle without any ability for me to open the windows. My 12-month-old daughter was also in the vehicle.

I brought my vehicle to a nearby Honda Dealership and despite learning that a half-million other Honda vehicles, Fits and 2006 CRV, were recalled for this exact reason, Honda refuses to provide assistance or take any responsibility over the factory defect, thus, billing me over $900 for the repair.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Aug. 23, 2011

I bought a brand new 2006 Honda Element from Stephen Wade Honda in St. George, Utah. Within 2 years, the battery died. It was still under warranty so they replaced it. It was a 100-month battery. The battery died again in 2011 and I took it back thinking it would at least be prorated. They charged me $80.00.

I am extremely unhappy with this problem. I do not have confidence in Honda's ability to produce a reasonable product. I was told today by Honda's regional representative (Lauren --it was the only identification she would give me). In fact when I asked who was her supervisor, she told me that she was the one who makes these decisions for corporate. I'll just keep climbing the ladder.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Aug. 22, 2011

I have a 2006 Honda Element with vinyl upholstery. The car has been well maintained but the upholstery began cracking on the driver's seat in 2009. Now the seams are split on the passenger side on the back and on the seat. Foam and wires are exposed.

I took my car to Muller Honda twice in 2009 (or 2010) and they said that they would cover a portion of the repair. I did not pursue it further, as I did not think that I should pay for a problem that was a manufacturing defect. I took my car back to Muller Honda in August 2011 and was advised that it would cost approximately $2,300 to repair the seats.

I have spoken with other Honda Element owners who have experienced similar problems. I called Honda America and spoke with a customer service representative about my dilemma. I asked if this was a common complaint, he stated that he didn't know.

Having managed large customer service organizations with AT&T, I find it hard to believe that Honda does not track the types of complaints they receive.

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Original review: Sept. 16, 2010

This is not an actual complaint. I own a Honda 2008 Honda Element. Even with the hood down, there is easy access to the engine compartment from the ground. I recently found the neighbor's cat huddled on the engine. The situation is not amusing because if the engine is started, the animal could be injured or killed. Has Honda considered adding some form of barrier to prevent such occurrences?

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Original review: July 14, 2010

Following is our "Honda certified" story. This spring, we purchased a used Element from the Honda dealership in Traverse City, MI. They said it was "Honda certified" and we had no reason to doubt that, but after driving it for a week, its rear brakes made an inordinate amount of noise. We also found a dash light that didn't work plus it needed a minor recall service completed, so we traveled to our local Honda dealership to get this all done. While taking care of this, the service fellow came out and said the rear brakes were completely gone and the Element shouldn't be driven in its current state. We of course had them repaired, which came to $150. The service fellow also said, "Call Honda Motors and tell them about this. These brakes should have been replaced by the dealership who sold it to you". The reason we took the Element to a different dealership was because it's a 7+ hour drive to the dealer we had purchased it from.

To date, we're made 3 calls to Honda Motors North America in California to get this resolved. Each time among other things, they've always came around to say we need to see the Honda Certified papers which the dealership never gave to us when we purchased the Element in the first place. Honda seems to think that they did and I wonder why they don't call the dealership themselves. I say this because we apparently have no pull with the dealership in getting the papers or the $150 out of them.

We can say this in confidence after sending them 2 emails and calling them 4 times plus speaking with different people including managers there. After speaking with this variety of people plus leaving messages, we're currently at zero responses from the dealership. Among these we've asked for the certification papers and separately asked for the $150 for the brake job. We get the run around from the dealership and from Honda Motors North America.

I'd like to add that we love our bread box Honda Element and still glad we purchased it. It's the 6th Honda we've purchase and I'm including our lawn equipment in that. The $150 for the rear brakes was certainly not a costly repair, but it makes us wonder, what's the point of "Honda certified" if the dealership or Honda Motors won't back it up? Oh, well.

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Original review: March 28, 2010

On 03/26/10, I was driving my 2005 Honda Element EX out of a parking garage at approximately 10 mph on a paved road. It was a sunny day at approximately 5pm. I was making a left turn when my left side was hit with a lot of force, there was powder in the air, an electrical burnt smell, a burning on the left side of my face and my ears were ringing, especially my left side. It scared the crap out of me!

I pulled over and couldn't figure out what had happened. There were no other cars around me. My car had not been hit. I stepped out of the car and saw no damage. When I was getting back into my vehicle, I saw the driver side, side airbag had deployed from the seat. It was hanging there with all of the stitching of the seat side torn.

After realizing that I didn't need an ambulance and my injuries were not severe, I drove to my local Honda Dealership. I spoke with the Maintenance Manager and he stated that he had never seen anything like this. He asked that I bring the car back on Monday morning. The technicians said no other airbags would deploy since one already had. The manager was going to contact Honda HQ to get guidance on how to proceed.

The left side of my face was roasted by the hot air, my left ear was ringing, and still is, a day later, elbow is bruised, the left side of my back is sore and the left side of my neck is extremely sore. I have no idea if Honda will cover the repairs needed due to their product deploying on me without reason. My warranty expired in 2008. I feel they should cover all repairs associated with this since it couldn't have been anything I did.

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Original review: Jan. 28, 2010

I heard on Monday about Toyota's recall due to problematic accelerators, and remembered an incident with my 2004 Honda Element last year. When I heard that CTS Corp manufactured the accelerator in the Toyota, I decided to find out whether they also supplied Honda's. Absolutely! Last year, my husband and I were sitting outside a store with the auto running, in Park. Suddenly, the RPMs went bananas, ramping up, and it sounded as though the engine were going to explode, as though I was steadily pressing the accelerator. My foot wasn't on it. Thinking it might have somehow gotten stuck, I pressed and let it no avail. I did this several times, and it didn't release (nor was the accelerator stuck!). In fear that my engine would blow or be destroyed, I switched off the ignition and it acted "normal" when I restarted the car.

While this has not happened again, I have constantly worried that it might happen while I drive. Now that I've heard about Toyota, I am really concerned.

The other issues with this vehicle are the brakes and airbag (driver's side), and they are related in that the airbag light came on after a strange occurrence with the brakes. The brakes have always made a "scraping" noise when I first start it, if I don't warm it up, or if it's raining and there's moisture in the air. I took it to a mechanic, who said they were fine, but that when they're "cold," they just make that noise. Sounds very odd and I've never had an auto that did this, but I took his word. Then, about three months ago, I started the car and drove about 40 feet (to the front of my little office out back) and stepped heavily on the brakes, as I was in a hurry. The loud noise in the brakes happened and apparently the airbag tried to deploy, but couldn't. The light came on to say that there's a problem, and I cannot afford to have it repaired now (it's out of warranty). Since I need to purchase my tag next month, I must spend almost $600 to replace sensors in the emissions parts in order to pass the test! That happened almost immediately after I rolled over "100,000" miles on the odometer!

I won't go into details about the problems I had with Honda Financial during the period I had to deal with them. Suffice it to say that I am now a very disgruntled customer who probably won't purchase another Honda (and I love my Element, except for these problems!). Worse, I am living in fear that my car could kill me or someone else. Yet, I have no idea what to do! Thanks for any help.

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Original review: July 16, 2009

On 03/31/2009 at 2:30pm, traveling North on I-95 in slow lane, I swerved to avoid a car carrier ramp ladder. According to FHP report, I rolled my '05 Honda Element four times, ending up off the shoulder. My driver’s side airbag also only partially deployed. I have an eyewitness to the accident who will cooperate, life-flighted to Shands Hospital Jacksonville. I suffered severely fractured sternum, two, full-width rotator cuff tears to my left arm, the side where the airbag did not deploy fully. I will need surgery and extensive rehab, plus loss of wages. I am a registered nurse. Thanks for listening.

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Original review: June 4, 2009

I purchased new 2008 Honda Element on 23 September 2008 during family emergency visit to Ohio while traveling to Florida. I had worked in Germany for 13 years with the Department of the Army and was relocating to USA. The car was to be licensed in Florida where I have a home so a 30-day tag was issued with arrangements for another 30-day tag to be sent to location en route if needed. After picking up the car, I immediately noticed a brake noise and vibration when stopping. I was traveling to Florida the next day but did call the salesman, who advised me that as the car has been sitting. This was normal and I should drive the car and burn in the brakes.

I then traveled in the car to Boston to visit friends and then worked my way down the east coast. The brake problem did not change and in fact got worse. I stopped at a Honda dealer in Virginia Beach, VA where they were kind enough to make arrangements to have the second 30-day tag sent but they could not look at the car for a few days. My schedule would not permit a delay so I continued the travel to Florida. The car was parked in a garage in my home in Florida during December 2008 to February 2009 while I returned to Germany to tie up loose ends. I returned to Florida in late February 2009 and took the car to Honda in Leesburg, FL for 6000 mile checkup in early March. I asked them to specifically look at the brakes.

As I was waiting for the car, the mechanic advised me that there was rotor distortion caused by the car sitting. The rotors would have to be turned and it was not covered by warranty. The car did sit for two and a half months while in my possession but I dismissed this as the cause as the brake problem was noticed the instant I got the car in September 2008. It wound up costing me $160 to fix the problem. I have since found out that the car was received by Jay Honda dealer in January 2008 and they had in in their possession for almost nine months. I filed a complaint with American Honda who said that it was up to the selling dealer to reimburse me. Needless to say, they would not. Bottom line here is that Jay Honda sold me a defective vehicle and neither they nor American Honda would stand behind their product.

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Original review: Dec. 5, 2008

While my wife-8mo old son and, mother-in-law drove my 2005 Honda element down a gravel driveway the side curtain airbag on the drivers side deployed. This driveway was just that; a driveway. It lead to a house that someone lived in-now I'm not sure but a regularly maintained driveway should not enduce an airbag to deploy. My mother-in-law had a sore red burn mark on her left elbow-and my 8mo old son was quite startled as well as my wife. The noise was earth shattering according to my wife-she said that her ears were ringing long after the incident. One can only imagine what my son was feeling or hearing at that time. The car was purchased as a certified used honda-and I also purchased the $1500 honda WRAP coverage which states that it is a 48 month 100,000k powertrain warranty and a 50,000k other than powertrain warranty. Everything was going smoothly down at the dealership (who has been outstanding to work with) until the factory got involved. Honda of America basically said that airbags don't just deploy-and that my mother-in-law must have hit something and that I need to get my insurance company involved?? 45 days and some hundreds of phone call's later I still have not gotten any farther than I was on day one. I don't feel that this is my insurance companies problem, I feel that this is a safety issue that Honda needs to address, and fast; because if one of these bags goes off on someone in heavy freeway speed traffic the end result could be terrible. Honda needs to place a recall on these vehicles before someone is seriously hurt. I'm just thankful that my family was traveling slow and other than some ringing ears and sore elbow's they are safe and sound.

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Original review: Oct. 29, 2008

Leased a 2008 Honda Element. Everytime the roads are wet the car slides constantly. Only have 6000 miles on vehicle. Car has VSA but it's a very uncomfortable feeling driving a vehicle slowly on slick roads and fearful that the car will slide into something or someone. Haveowned many cars and the last time I flt this uncomfortable was when I Anyone else experiencing these problems w/the Element on wet roads. When entering or entering a ramp exit..turning a corner, starting from a traffic light--this slipping occurs often-too often at slow speeds--imagine what would happen if diving faster. There has to be something wrong-am I the only person experiencing this with an Element.

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Original review: Aug. 13, 2008

I own a 2008 Honda Element. On Friday, August 8th, I stopped to help 2 cyclist. The rear seats of the car were folded up against the windows and I needed to put a seat down for a passenger. The element rear seat locks into a flat position first, parallel to the floor and you pull a rip cord to elevate the back of the seat into an upright position. The seat back sprung up so quickly and with such force it hit me in the face and broke my nose!

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Original review: June 24, 2008

Driving our 2005 Honda Element on our gravel driveway on06/08/08 and the driver-side side air bag deployed without cause. Driving less than 10 mph and other than a normal amount of bumps from a gravel drive there was not any cause. We took it to the local dealership and they stated that airbags do not deploy without cause, so call our insurance company. We did and they investigated and deemed it mechanical failure and won't cover it.

Honda wants $2100 to fix and we feel this is their responsibility, but we are left holding the bag (no pun intended)! We talked to Honda's regional mgr and againg were told that if it is a defect our insurance can hold the manufacturer resposible, but yet no our insurance can not. This is a safety issue as well and we are very concerned about it happening again. Any advise as how to get help taking care of this? I have found outher members that have had the same thing happen and Honda won't cover it!

Disabled SRS system, $2100 in damages

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Original review: March 31, 2008

I went in for an oil change and was told that my tires were worn out, this was with about 20,000 miles on my 06 Honda Element, the shop said it needed an alignment. So in less than 3,000 miles over half the tire life was worn away. If the car was that far out of alignment, it would have not driven properly. I told the follow up person that I was not happy with this situation, I got a call that the story from the shop did not add up. T

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Original review: Aug. 15, 2007

I bought a new 2006 Honda Element and my paint is weebing all over the car. I spoke with the service manager and I'm getting the run around. I'm meeting with the Honda rep next week and already feel he is going to have some sorry but we can't help you shpeel. What can I do if they won't warranty their product?

The auto body shop that the service manager refereed me to gave me a quote of $585.94 to fix the webbing. The car is still under full warranty. Quick google research has shown me that paint defects and Hondas aren't a new problem. What is my possible recourse if my problem isn't remedied?

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Original review: July 31, 2007

Driving a 2006 Honda Element through Apalachicola State Forest, FL, July 5 2007, 11 AM I hit a wild bear head-on. The two front airbags deployed. When I stopped the car, I noticed what looked like bruises on both wrists and my right thumb. Over the next few days they all began to ooze and shed skin. I went to a doc a week later and discovered that I had three 2nd degree burns. No prior warnings from Honda had given me any clue that this was a possible consequence of airbag deployment, otherwise I might have moved my hands from their 10-2 positions on the wheel, where the driver's airbag apparently shot its hot gases when it defated. I also think that the airbags may have deployed prematurely. My face and body never hit the airbag. Nor did my passenger hit hers. Both airbags deployed in the collision and both instantly deflated while we were still moving and before I brought the vehicle to a safe stop at the side of the road. Yes, the bear left a big dent in the vehicle, to the tune of about $8,000. We never learned what happened to the bear, but clearly the collision wasn't enough to kill it immediately, because it was gone by the time we got out of the vehicle. Several other motorists stopped and tried to track it but couldn't find it.

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Original review: July 22, 2007

An impaired wrong way driver travelling at 65 mph hit my 2007 Honda Element SC head on as I was travelling at approximately 35 miles per hour, causing sevre injuries t me which require Neurosurgery and extensive rehabilitation. This is a combined speed of 100mph head-on! I was wearing my seatbelts but no airbags went off. I have been unable to find an experienced airbag attorney and Honda Corporation does not respond to my calls. Can anyone out therre advise me of how to be successful in contactinmg an experienced airbag attornery to take this over for me, or for me to find an independent examiner to review my vehicle before it leaves the storage lot?

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Original review: April 9, 2007

On Feb.7, 2007, my son was involved in an accident while driving a 2003 Honda Element. During a heavy snow, he changed lanes and hit the car in front of him while driving approximately 45 miles per hour.

The airbags did not deploy.

My son sustained trauma to the chest and cuts to his head. Thankfully, his injuries were not worse, though he did require a two-day hospital stay. The insurance company advised us that the car was totaled. We do not understand why the air bags did not deploy. We contacted Honda and they sent out an independent investigator, Mr. Fred Schroeder, who is paid by Honda and other car dealers.

He stated, it was a classic submarining impact caused by breaking prior to impact. When we questioned this response, Mr. Schroeder indicated that the airbags failed to deploy because the Elementâ's bumper was higher than the car that was hit, implying that the airbags would only deploy during a collision with an automobile of equal or greater height. This makes absolutely no sense to me. According to the 2003 OWNER' MANUAL for airbags, for the ELEMENT, page 5, off your car collides head-on with a solid barrier at 30 mph, it will come to a stop almost instantly.

Since you and any passengers you are carrying are moving as fast as the car, you will continue forward at 30 mph until you are stopped by something. If you are not stopped by a seat belt or an airbag, you will strike the interior of the car with a force equivalent to falling out of a third-story window and landing face-first on pavement. However, if you are wearing a seat belt and your front airbag deploys, the belt will restrain you and reduce the chance of injury, and the airbag will provide additional protection for your head and chest. Also page 7 states, When a car with front airbags is in a frontal collision, sensors detect the crash and measure its severity. It he sensors detect a rate of deceleration that is high enough to cause life-threatening injuries, they signal the control unit to instantly inflate the airbags. While your seat belt helps restrain your torso and slow down your forward movement, the airbags supplements your seat belt in two ways: It helps further restrain your upper body and slow you down, and it provides a cushion between your head and chest and interior vehicle parts. If the above does not apply, the public needs to be made aware of this fact. The car industry, the car dealers, and the car salesmen have a responsibility to inform the consumers of these facts.

The auto makers are not telling the consumer that airbags will deploy only when you hit a car, ât a certain manner or height?. What can we do to make the public aware of the misinformation or lack of information given to us by the car industry regarding airbags? Pictures of the automobile, (after accident), are available upon request.

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Original review: March 8, 2007

My 2003 honda element overheated ruining the engine in Ft. Myers on 2/2/2007. Despite the fact it has 53,211 miles, I'm told that warranty will not cover overheating. American Honda offered a part/labor split.

On 2/23 suddenly the dealership discovered that the condenser and radiator had moved slightly (I had had the tiniest of bumps the week before my engine died). So all offers were off the table and moved over to my insurance co (geico). Ultimately they sent the condensor and radiator to a machine shop for more complete testing and concluded that the accident was not at fault for the overheating.

They found a pinhole in the radiator which they said would not account for the severe overheating (and was not caused by the accident). Meanwhile, the service manager at the dealership tells me to back off and stop calling so often, says he recommends dropping a new engine in and has my advisor call at the end of the day with an estimate..$8788.91 for a used engine.

This week I finally got my regional manager at American Honda to return my call Tuesday after leaving a message for his supervisor..he says he'd try working with the DPSM to see what he can work calls returned from him, supervisor, or dealership yesterday. He said that the original deal was for a parts/split for the cylinders, not the whole engine. And although the radiator is listed in my warranty papers (faxed copies as I had to leave mine with the vehicle) the service manager says no.

In fact, their attitude has cooled for me so much that I don't get any real answers from them about the condition of the radiator, engine block, etc. (correction..I got them to fax over estimates to me today, 3/7/2007). My partner recommends calling attorneys today..the bottom line is I need my car back (it's been 34 days today), but $8788?!? The dealership claims they can't find what caused the overheating. I feel with the milage on the car (53,000) miles, Honda should come through with their offer to help pay for repairs.

The dealership doesn't seem willing to help work this out..they want me to pay and try to work out reimbursement.

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Original review: Feb. 22, 2007

We have been the very proud owners of a total of 5 Honda vehicles. For years we have trusted, recommended, and stood behind the Honda name. Until Now...This complaint is in reference to our 2004 Honda Element EX.

The odometer stopped working and went blank. We called a local Honda dealership and scheduled service appointment. The vehicle was still under the original factory warranty. Before the appointment we did check the internet and saw that others had reported similar issues, and they found it was a burned out bulb. When I dropped it off to be repaired we assumed it would be a simple fix. However we were notified by the shop that it was not a light bulb. It was a short within the odometer itself.

They indicated that there were two ways to fix it; 1) replace the odometer and re-set it back to ZERO, 2) Send a new instrument panel along with the old one to the Honda plant in California and have them retrieve the data from old odometer and transfer it to the new one (as it turns out, the odometer data is not stored anywhere else except for inside the actual odometer). We did not want the odometer set back to ZERO, so we indicated that we wanted them to send the part out. they did so and this took two weeks.

The tecnicians at the Honda plant were unsuccesful in being able to retrieve the current mileage reading from the defective odometer. So we were contacted by the dealership with this news.

They asked us if we had any recent documentation with a mileage reading on it, so that they could manually set the odeometer. We indicated that the only document that we had was an oil change receipt from 6 months ago, which shows the mileage at 28,000 miles. They indicated that Missouri state law requires the odemoter be set back to ZERO unless actual and accurate mileage can be verified. Since this was not possible, they could take no other course of action but to set the new odometer to ZERO. We expressed our concern for this because we felt that this would effect the trade in value of the vehicle. However they insisted that this was the only solution. So the 3 year old Honda Element, that we estimate had about 30,000 miles on it, now has to be reported as TMU = True Miles Unknown.

This means that the trade in value of my car has now dropped drastically. A sticker was placed on the door frame of the Element indicating that the mileage shown on the odometer was not actual miles. Also, a section of the back of the car title has to be signed stating that the true mileage is unknown. Since the actual mileage can not be determined, at trade in any dealer will low ball the trade in value, and treat this vehicle as one that has high mileage.

In fact the longer we keep the car the lower the trade in value could get. As we saw it we had three alternatives; 1) keep the Element and drive it until the wheels fall off, 2) trade it in now and take our hit on the trade in early to try and maximize the value, 3) keep the Element and fight with American Honda to get some compensation for the lost value. Before we made any decisions, we called American honda's Customer Service Complaint Department.

After a lengthy conversation with the rep, she agreed to open a case for us, but stated that they would more than likely take no action to resolve this loss of value. We took the car to two area Honda Dealerships to get an opinion of how much this loss in value really was. One Honda dealership told us that it affected the trade in value appoximately $2,000.

The second dealership estimated our loss to be more around $3,000. In talking with the 2nd dealership (which is one who we have purchased the last 2 Honda vehicles from) we decided to take our losses early, so we traded it in on a new 2007 Element. Since we were working with the dealership we have been loyal to, they tried to gave us a better deal than we were really entitled to. We did take a loss on the trade in value of approximately $3,000. We were finally contact by America Honda.

They have indicated that since we have already traded the car off, they are no longer willing to work with us on compensation for any losses we have incurred.

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Original review: Feb. 14, 2007

I bought a used car Honda Element 2003 and the DVD system was not working but they said they will take care of the problem ,after I signed all the papers the next day I called them To find out about when to make the appointment for them to replace the DVD system. They gave a negative answer saying that they not replace defects accessories in the car after they told me they will fix it now I want to do something about it . Please help

Now I am stuck with payments and i car when I first saw like the DVD and all relate articles containing in it.

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Original review: Nov. 6, 2006

I purchased a 2006 Honda Element.

My vehicle sustained multiple dents throughout the roof and hood from simple acorns falling from a tree.

I initially reported this to the management of Honda of Danbury. Their rep told me that I need to park elsewhere. That is an unbelievable response nor is it an option. I have never seen a car sustain damage this easily.

I then followed up with directly with American Honda Motor Corp. I was assigned a case manager; who initially seemed quite eager to help me with my situation.

One week later, being today, he called and stated that there are no defective issues with their vehicle. That I am clearly at fault for parking under a tree. I reitterated my history with vehicles--that none have ever sustained damage from acorns. He said that he can't vouch for other manufacturers, but they are not at fault.

This damage is unacceptable and was basically told by Honda Motor Corp. that I shouldn't park under trees that damage my car. The car parked next to mine sustained no damage. No other cars seem to sustain this kind of damage. Absolutely unacceptable stuctural intolerance on this vehicle.

My previous seven cars never sustained any damage from acorns. I would never have purchased this vehicle, had I known it had such thin metal on its exterior. I was left high & dry by Honda case management as well as by Honda of Danbury service department.

I am very disappointed with how they were unwilling to help me with my situation.

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Original review: Feb. 7, 2006

Purchased a new 2006 Honda CRV manual.

The way the car is designed there are times when shifting from neutral to reverse, you are unable (locked out)to get into reverse unless you first shift to 2nd gear. Very annoying and frustrting. Does anyone else with a manual CRV or Element have this problem? For the CRV this design change was begun in the 2005 models.

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Original review: Nov. 14, 2005

Purchase/Finance a Honda Element 2005 AWD LX on 09/03/05.

As of 10/2005 one of my friend discovered that my Element its off alignment on both doors and the Hood. Also, both Rear Door Guards came off. The cause should be the Doors not alignment probably. Both of the Guards kept rubbing each others that cause the Door Guards to came off and made the Rattle noise and squirking sound.

On 11/11/05 @ 7:45am PST, send to Honda Repair for Warranty Services.

At 11:20am PST, rec'd a Call from the Service Rep (Ervin Cuevas). He mentioned that Doors and Hood cannot be alignment. According to their in Stock Honda Element, all of them are difference. Which mean, some of be off alignment and some would be fine. Which also a Standard from American Honda.

Now, I do not know whether its a fact or the Services people being lazy not wanting to help me to realignment both doors. Please advise what should I do next?

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Original review: July 14, 2004

We purchased a brand new Honda Element on March 29, 2004. We loved the vehicle so much and it fits our needs in terms of gas consumage and space until on June 4, 2004, the vehicle caught on fire. Some people helped us to stop the fire and the fire truck came. The vehicle was burnt under. and triple AAA towed it to the dealership where we got the vehicle And it was parked in their service Center. ...

The Customer Service manager (Ms. Mawana T) made us wait for more than a month. She said that the engineering department will investigate on our vehicle. We have been constantly visiting the dealership to follow-up on our vehicle. They said that somebody from the Corporate office was sent to take photos of the vehicle but did not check on the vehicle.

Suddenly, we heard from Corporate Office that they are not liable for the vehicle. They said to go back after to whoever did the oil change. And they said that our case is closed already and they cannot entertain our calls.

While surfing in the internet, a pop-up came up about oil change of Honda vehicles. The news is about Honda CRV's which is a comparable to our vehicle. The same situation. Vehicles catching fire, after first change oil or after 10,000 miles. Which is the same situation as ours.

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