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The Chevrolet Silverado is a full-size pickup truck. Read more Chevrolet reviews to learn about other models.

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Chevrolet Silverado?
    • 4,464,628 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed July 2, 2021

    Jun 2020, I purchased a brand new (6 miles) 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT Crew Cab. All was well until suddenly the transmission took a nose dive. And after 3 weeks in service, a new transmission needed to be put in. A brand new truck, with 8,000 miles and less than a year old, already having transmission issues... This does not make sense. I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around this. I just picked up the truck today, and I can already feel sharp jerking when I am coming to a stop, plus it's not accelerating well unless I push down hard on the gas. I don't feel the real issue has been taken care of, my experience has gone from good to worse over a year span.

    Reviewed June 10, 2021

    Bought used 2014 z-71 in 2018 with 30,000 miles. Has been 3 years and been to dealer 3 times for ac, over 1,000$ each time. Replaced transfer case/3,000$. And now StabiliTrak alarm for 3rd time. They need recalls on these trucks that have all these problems. Not able to trade in right now because of finances.


    Reviewed March 6, 2021

    shame on Chevrolet. Brake lines on my truck failed multiple times over several years. The whole system has finally been replaced. I cannot believe there are not more people stepping forward about this subject.


    Reviewed Feb. 19, 2021

    1. My new Chevrolet 2020 Silverado was in the repair shop for 54 Days. I was without my vehicle for 54 days as a result of being sold a LEMON by Bridgewater Chevrolet NJ.
    2. The check engine light indicated Engine/Transmission malfunctions and defects on 15 occasions. Vehicle was in repair shop 4 times since purchase resulting in my vehicle NEVER operating safely or properly.
    3. Brakes did not function properly either.
    4. Dashboard came undone as a part has caved in.

    5. Vehicle has 7,141 miles.

    6. Bridgewater Chevrolet dealership (where I purchased my new vehicle) advised me that they "did not build my truck there and have no idea why the defects and malfunctions can not be repaired". That dealership also deleted/voided the details of one of my servicing that was handled on their property. I have no idea what the dealership altered, touched or repaired on my my vehicle as a result of them erasing that document.

    7. Notified Chevrolet Corporate Headquarters of the deleted service document and the unsafe non functioning Chevrolet (Lemon) vehicle that was sold to me.
    8. I was giving a case # and was advised by Chevrolet Corporate headquarters that the dealership is a "Separate entity" and is simply a dealership that just "sells cars".
    9. The dealership points the finger at the Chevrolet Corporation while Chevrolet Corporate Headquarters points the finger at the dealership. Leaving me with no support whatsoever from the Chevrolet (GM) Corporation. Chevrolet as a whole is functioning as a messy Shamble.
    10. To my knowledge the Chevrolet corporate headquarters authorized the dealership to sand the rotors rather than replace the defective parts. To replace the brake pads. To replace the defective wiring system under the hood. My vehicle has 7,141 miles. The vehicle is an non functioning UNSAFE Lemon.
    11. I am willing to share all my documents which include copies of service that indicate deleted/voided with any News publication that may be interested in the very telling operation of the GM/Chevrolet Corporation.
    12. A horrible new vehicle investment, an unsafe unreliable vehicle...You too can buy a Lemon at the Chevrolet circus.
    13. Chevrolet can make all proper by taking this Lemon back. My direct dealings have been with Bridgewater Chevrolet NJ and the Chevrolet Corporate Headquarters.

    14. From my experience Chevrolet is selling inferior product and services.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 29, 2020

    Forty Years had Chevrolet vehicles but will now recommend and purchase different. Dealership was Al Serra Chevrolet but last year now Mike Maroone. Very very poor communication and customer service when car being repaired. I had just purchase a new 2020 Z71 Silverado in January. Day 1 picking up truck (broken center arm) rest console took multiple trips to dealership. Next week 2nd, 3rd, and 4th trip back to dealership to have my tint package and Weathertech mats installed. Wrong rear floor mat ordered and waited another week. They called. Told me mat was in.

    When got to dealership they just handed me the box with the new rear mat and told it was easy and to do myself. Next month a front bumper parking censor popped out. No part available and took 3 weeks. 3 months later squealing noise in driver side front suspension. Said tech heard the noise and would fix. Took in and left for three days. Picked up and drove for camping. Noise still continued. Took in and left. Next day service writer called and said tech could not hear noise. Went to the dealership, took the truck and drove for a bit. Noise present so back to dealership and took Tech for drive. Heard the squealing noise.

    Left the truck. Next day called and said had to order parts but truck was drivable so just to come pick up the truck and they will call when part came in. One week parts in. Drove back. Said it should only be a 3 hour repair. 5 hours no call. Went to dealership. Truck still apart . Said should be done tomorrow morning. Cannot fully describe the horrific service department with lack of customer service at Mike Maroone Chevy, Colorado Springs. Also parts are always unavailable from GM.


    Reviewed Aug. 17, 2020

    I currently own a 2018 Chevy Silverado with 15k miles. I noticed at about 12k miles that the tire tread starting coming apart. I do not ride off road or on dirt roads of any kind. I went to my local Chevy dealer and got a little run around there. I reached out to Chevy customer affairs department. I spoke with Destiny who was very robotic and short. After a week of back and forth I was told that my tires would not be a covered item. I do not understand how my Goodyear Wrangler tires coming apart at 12k miles are not covered. I also do not recommend dealing with Chevy customer affairs.

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    Reviewed June 20, 2020

    Horrible experience with a Duramax 2500. Kept going into limp mode. Never buy one. I wasted 20k on this junk truck. It stranded me in Nebraska so I left it. 130k miles. 50k truck. Disgraceful for Chevy.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed March 6, 2020

    I bought my truck in 2017. It is a 2015 Slate gray LTZ. Looked over it thoroughly before buying it. It had a couple of dings in the hood but that's it. About a year ago the paint on both rear doors in the same spots started to bubble. I'm sure this is due to contamination on the primer before the outer layer of paint was applied. I called customer service to have them take a look at it. The guy said it was out of warranty. The undercoat was contaminated before painting. What does mileage have to do with a crappy paint job. I'm the second owner, (not the point). Nevertheless they will not take care of their screw up. The customer service agent was a jerk. Nothing I can do due to the mileage says the rep. It would seem like a company should stand behind their product no matter the mileage if it was a screw up on their part. ** Chevrolet your painting department sucks, as well as the customer service department.

    Reviewed Feb. 27, 2020

    I purchased a brand new 2019 Chevy Silverado High Country from Champion Chevrolet (Reno, NV) in October 2019. After two months, the ABS brakes malfunctioned four times in four weeks. Despite keeping impeccable service records, notes and diagnostic reports as well as Nevada's Attorney General (Consumer Protection Department) hearing my case and interceding on my behalf, General Motors and Champion Chevrolet continue to drag their feet. I understand not every vehicle can be perfect; however, my concerns aren't for a faulty headlight or leaking radiator, but rather the most important safety system in a vehicle. So as General Motors continues to "work through their red tape" I will continue to drive through two school zones on a daily basis praying my truck will stop.

    Customer ServiceCoveragePriceProcess

    Reviewed Feb. 26, 2020

    2017 Silverado 1500. The wiring that leads to the fuel pump corroded causing the vehicle to fail as I was driving down a busy road. This occurred on January 30, 2020. The vehicle was purchased on January 20, 2017 and had less than 33,000 miles. Dealership calls and says it is not covered under any warranty provided by GM and offers no help in appealing. 10 days outside of the bumper to bumper they say. I call a 1-800 number provided to start the appeal process. Eventually the dealer gets back to me and says, "You get $367 but the cost of repairs was $475."

    First, the service through the process was awful, from H&H Chevrolet in Omaha to GM's appeal process. No one listens. The defect in their product existed well before the problem manifested to point of vehicle failure, which was certainly inside my 36 month warranty. I had a GMC Acadia prior to the truck. Trade it in with 60 miles after my 3rd time being stranded and needing a tow in that vehicle. So considering that, this will be the 4th time I have been towed while driving less than 100,000 miles in a GM vehicle. I have grown up with GM trucks, but the 2017 is the last GM vehicle I will ever buy. I highly discourage anyone from buying any GM product. They will leave you stranded at some point. Hopefully it is not 10 days outside the warranty!


    Reviewed Feb. 13, 2020

    We purchased a new 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD. We took delivery on November 27, 2019. This truck was ordered with navigation, we paid for navigation. Well apparently Chevy did not include the chip. This is the story from the dealer. We have called Chevrolet and the dealership countless times. Asking for the navigation chip to be installed. Well to date we have no navigation system. My husband buys a new Chevy truck every year. He is an endless customer to Chevrolet. Maybe it is time to reconsider.

    Reviewed Jan. 12, 2020

    2017 Chevrolet Silverado LT. It offers two potent V8 engines, has excellent towing capacity, and features an upscale cabin with user-friendly technology, it has exceptional gas mileage. It's roomy, it also has a 18 inch wheel package or a 20 inch wheel package.

    Punctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Jan. 7, 2020

    I bought the 2018 Silverado 1500 LT brand new with 8 miles on it. Soon after I took delivery, I noticed a substantial vibration which came through the steering wheel and seats when exceeding 60 mph. I thought that it might have been a wheel balance issue so I took it in for service around 3,000 miles. The dealer performed a road-force-balance on the wheels and claimed all was fixed. I drove for another 3,000 miles, few of them on the freeway, but still noticed the same vibration at speeds over 60 mph. I took it back to the dealer and told them that there was something else wrong...don't road-force-balance the wheels. They did the same balance as before with no change.

    I took it back 3 days later, got a loaner, and then was informed that not only did they do a balance again, but they replaced the propeller shaft and yoke. They claimed all was well but I immediately took it back out and found that the vibration was the same or worse. The service foreman took me out in the truck and felt it, confirming my concerns. They scheduled me to bring it back for a 4th time and I did. The truck has now been at the dealership for more than 8 weeks with no end in sight. They have replaced the front hubs, performed a front end alignment, replaced the wheels and tires, and are now going to replace the front struts.

    To add fuel to the fire, I finally got tired of the run around and called the corporation. I took my case to a Senior Advisor. For the past 8 weeks, they have told me that they don't know how long this could go on and when I requested that GM buy it back, the told me that request was denied. I have no recourse for the request to be reconsidered and I am not able to speak with the people directing what happens to my vehicle. The moral of this story is DON'T BUY GM!


    Reviewed Dec. 24, 2019

    I've owned 3 Silverado's now, been driving one every day since 2011. My 2012 motor blew up at 76k, left me stranded 3 times for bad plugs and bad valve cover. 2017, bad shutter from day 1, never fixed the problem, dealership had it for over 60 days and didn't even touch it. Finally got rid of it and bought a 2020 High Country with the 6.2l 3 weeks ago and with only 1200 miles on it, it has a very rough idle, RPMs jump up and down, now a ticking lifter sound appeared. Truck shudders too. Won't be long before this motor blows up too. Not to mention the paint is so weak that there are dozens of chips all over it and clear coat factory blemishes when it had 14 miles on it. Unreal! Last GM product I'll ever buy.

    Reviewed Dec. 15, 2019

    I love my Chevy Silverado Pick up truck. It is 20 years old and kicking just like it did when I bought it new. It seats 5 people comfortably. I can haul anything I want. A few things are going wrong i.e. the wear and tear of the seats, lights going out on the dash but other than that - keeping the engine in good shape, the oil being changed regularly, this bad boy is driving just as great as the day I bought it!


    Reviewed Dec. 8, 2019

    I have a 96 Silverado. I have owned all of mine since new. I would like a new truck to get better fuel efficiency, but they have become too expensive & complicated. We need to return to the days of SIMPLE, HIGH QUALITY. We need simple high quality, not a lot of bells & whistles & gizmos, just simple extremely high quality & fuel efficiency. Otherwise, I love my 96. It has been generally trouble free for all these years. It is nice, it is simple, & I think the quality is there.


    Reviewed Nov. 27, 2019

    I purchased a brand new Chevy 2500 truck from Halls Chevrolet on 9/21. The truck had 47 miles on it at the time of purchase. I detailed the truck on 9/22 and noticed the rust on the undercarriage of the truck. I sent pictures to the dealership on 9/23 of the rust. They agreed it was excessive rust. I went back on 9/28 to exchange the truck with one of 2 they had available according to the general manager. When I got there they did not have any white trucks available after telling me that they did. They had a black truck that they said I could exchange with my white truck.

    I opted not to take the black truck and they said they would have a shop in my area undercoat the truck. I agreed until I actually realized how excessive the rust was and I notified GM. They told me not to have the truck undercoating performed because it would void any warranties on the truck. Both the dealership and GM finally said that the rust is covered under a service bulletin that doesn’t exist related to the rust on my truck. The only service that is out is related to chassis rust!

    This is every component under the truck including the chassis. The shocks, the oil pan, the galvanized components, the stainless steel components right down to the key cylinders on the tailgate and the driver's door. I have been lied to and stolen from by the dealership and GM. Don’t waste your time with GM case managers. It’s a waste of your time. The BBB the same. The big business is run with the worst business ethics I’ve ever experienced. They should be embarrassed for selling a brand new truck with rust like it has just as I am embarrassed driving the piece of junk. GM products suck.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 5, 2019

    I bought my son a new 2019 Silverado. We have had nothing but problems. This latest repair the truck has been going on 2 month and still not fixed. The dealership blames GM. GM senior advisor won’t return my calls.


    Reviewed Oct. 30, 2019

    Paid over $52k for brand new Silverado 1500 (2017 purchased in October 2016). Within 2 years I started getting "reduced engine power" warning that lead to flashing check engine light. Dealer quoted over $1800 to replace all fuel injectors. Said they were misfiring and didn't know why. They said to contact GM and see if they would help cover the repairs. They said go back to the dealer and ask for "customer experience expert" and ask for a new quote (a lower quote). They checked again and said I actually only need 2 injectors replaced but it was still over $1100.

    GM said they'd let me know in 3-4 days if they could assist with the cost of repairs. By this time my truck was already at their shop. Another repair shop quoted me $800 but GM would only cover three repairs if done at the dealer. I guess I was willing to risk the extra $300 in hopes GM would help and I didn't want to wait 4 days to authorize the repairs so I told them to fix it. Long story short... GM didn't help with the cost. I have absolutely babied my truck since I bought it and I'm still paying $800 per month plus an extra $1100 last month to repair a pretty new 2017 Silverado 1500. BUYING A FORD NEXT TIME!!

    Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Sept. 25, 2019

    I bought a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado and a week later notice that the front fender plastic flares paint do not match. I took truck to dealership for inspection and they said I had to call GM for repair approval. I call GM and they send me back to dealership for another inspection and same thing. Dealership said that they needed approval from GM for repair. I call GM and their representative said paint was normal so I had to get BBB involved and here we go again. GM call me and set up appointment for a second time and here I am. GM said paint is normal. Dealership agrees with me that paint does not match!! Very bad customer service from GM. I’m very frustrated and unsatisfied customer. Been a very loyal customer but after this experience I have a different perspective!!!!

    Punctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Sept. 16, 2019

    Everyone of used Chevy truck I have looked at are rusted away late as 2005 and probably later, how did you not recall these trucks for frame damage most so bad you have 10,000 of people driving around in death traps and some, who have no mechanical experience, are clueless that three brake line, and frames are and have rusted away, do how did GM get away with this and Toyota had to recall fix or treat or replace in some cases 2001 2004 Tundras. I owned one. You all wonder why nobody trust American car manufacturer. Wonder how many people have been hurt or killed over this. Truck I just bought 2500 HD Silverado, brakes line blew, luckily for me I was just pulling into the subdivision after driving 20 miles on the highway, it would have happened in traffic or on highway I could have hurt or killed someone, so tell me what you have to do to get GM to do what they should have done a long time ago and why didn't Toyota get away with it. USA

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 16, 2019

    I purchase a 2018 2500hd Silverado Duramax. Had problems from the get go. Spent over a month in the shop within 2-3 months due to electrical issues. Now it’s back in the shop with oil leaks from the charge pipe off the intercooler and Chevrolet says that is normal! I called customer support at Chevy headquarters. Same thing. Normal. I would not recommend Chevrolet to anyone. Customer service has gone way downhill just like the products they're selling.

    Customer ServiceCoverageStaffReliability

    Reviewed Aug. 15, 2019

    I have purchased a total of 8 Chevrolet in the last 10 years. I currently own a 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 z71 LTZ Midnight edition. Transmission went out at 72k. Dealer fixed it and said the sending pump went out to include, had lot of metal in the fluid which they drained and replaced. Truck ran another 70k miles and transmission is out again. Dealer stated that, "I knew a new transmission and would be $6300 total to replace". I asked why Chevrolet would not back their product when it had to be fixed at 72k. They said not covered. I of course like anyone with internet started doing research, found out that Chevy has basically replaced the current transmission several times trying to fix the wide issue they are having with it include the Cadillac's, Tahoe's, Silverado's and etc. Then come to find out the 2014 Chevy Silverado's had a bad vibration traveling speeds between 55-75mph, of course no one could figure out why it vibrated so bad.

    I changed the tires twice and rims but could never get the truck to stop shaking. So I traded it in on the 2015 Silverado 1500 Z71 Midnight edition. I have had this vehicle now in the shop for 1 week and 1 day with the Customer service finally calling me (I have called twice a day trying to reach the senior rep. handling my case for 1 week with no response). Note every time I have called in with the case number they tell me my rep will be reaching out to me that day. Well of course nothing. I did receive a call today 8-14-2019 from a rep telling me that my rep will be out today and they will not have an answer for a few days (today Thursday).

    So now we are into next week. This is crazy. So, just for the record I have purchased these Chevrolet vehicles in the last 10 years or so: Chevrolet Avalanche (NEW) 2003, Chevrolet Silverado (NEW) 2009, Chevrolet Corvette (USED) 2008, Chevrolet Corvette (USED) 2009. Chevrolet Silverado (NEW) 2012, Chevrolet Silverado (NEW) 2014, Chevrolet Silverado (NEW) 2015, So would this make me a loyal customer to Chevrolet? Bottom line is Chevrolet knows about the transmission problem on this vehicle and many others, to include knew the 2014 Silverado issue.

    Basically if Chevrolet does not back their dealer's work or their product and I have to replace the transmission at a cost of $6,300 at the dealership with assuming I will have transmission issues every 70k miles. Then it Chevrolet will lose me as a customer for life! (Note the 2015 Chevy having issues with transmission has never pulled anything nor have I changed anything on it as it's factor through and through, even the tires where replaced with the factor tires, had every oil change, brake fluids, brake pads, rear differential fluid, grease fits, etc.). Slogan changed from "Chevy Runs Deep" becomes "Find New Roads". Well how can anyone "find new roads" with a defective transmission that has had over a dozen superseded transmissions so called fixes? Chevrolet you and I are at the crossroad, which way are you taking? Possible Loyal Customer, hanging in limbo.

    StaffEase of Use

    Reviewed July 7, 2019

    I own an 02 Silverado. It’s an extended cab Z71 with the 5.3L V8. 172k miles in and this truck is running as strong as ever! It’s my daily driver and I have had no troubles at all, just routine maintenance. The exterior looks beautiful and the interior is spacious and comfortable. My Silverado seats six comfortably. The controls are all simple and easily accessible. The V8 engine has a serious kick to it for passing other vehicles. The limited slip rear diff does it’s job. The ride is smooth and rides well. Easily customizable, I have added a Line-X spray in bedliner, Flowmaster exhaust with dual outlets and tips, K & N Air Filter, smoked out lenses and some interior touches including a new stereo with Bluetooth and Chevy logo steering wheel cover and rubber floor mats. IMHO, the 99-02 Silverado is the best looking truck ever produced! The General got everything right on this bad boy!

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed May 29, 2019

    We own a Chevy Silverado LTZ. There is not enough characters in this review to let me tell you what is all been wrong with it. Let’s just say even the motor has blown up. But the Chevrolet headquarters has been a nightmare to deal with. They don’t return your calls in a timely manner. They are not helpful. We have gone for almost a month without a vehicle and nobody seems to care. Not to mention all of the bills that have racked up on this vehicle vehicle. And yes we did buy the vehicle brand new so it is only a 2017. And the service has been horrible at the Chevrolet headquarters!!


    Reviewed May 14, 2019

    I purchased a 2015 Silverado LTZ brand new. Since I've owned the truck I've had issues with poor acceleration and with the transmission being jerky. I took it to the same dealer I bought it from hoping they would stand behind their product. Instead they gave me the runaround and told me they could not find anything wrong with it even though it's obvious. The problem continued so I contacted Chevrolet Customer Assistance. They suggested I take it to another dealer. However, they also said nothing was wrong with it. Most likely it was because I was just trying to accelerate in-between shift points and that was causing the lack of acceleration and/or jerky feeling. I did some research, talked to non GM mechanics and a couple friends that own 2015-2016 Silverados. They had all experienced similar issues. I never could get Chevy to admit there was an issue though or take care of the problem. I just learned to live with it.

    Since then the AC has now gone out (condenser) and I've had the the brakes lock up at low speeds. If you google these issues you will notice it's a common problem for this year truck. However, Chevy still will not admit these are known issues. Apparently now the truck is no longer under warranty at 72,000 miles and is now my responsibility to cover all repairs. They wanted over a grand to fix the AC and they were unwilling to work with me on a discount for the repair.

    Also, told me there was nothing wrong with the brakes and that most likely the problem I was experiencing was because I needed new pads. I've owned several cars and that's not what happens when the pads are low. I left the dealer after paying a $150.00 diagnostic fee and took my truck else where to have it serviced. About 2 weeks after that I got a recall notice in the mail for the brakes. What a surprise, it mentioned the exact problem I was having with the brakes, the problem the dealer had never heard of! It just proves that these are issues that Chevy is aware of. They're just not willing to do anything about it. I've owned several Chevy trucks and SUV's in the past... This will be my last.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed May 8, 2019

    I bought my 2018 Silverado Ltz with sport pkg. crew cab dually. I have 28,000 miles and it has been in for repairs regularly, the most recent it had check engine light on and it has been in shop for over a month. After several attempts to blame me for not using proper tier one fuel they found out there was a recall on injectors. I asked, "Why didn’t I get notifications on the recall." Their reply was, "You have to specify that you think the injectors are bad before they will tell you of recall." I have bought 6 new vehicles from the same Chevy dealer in past nine yrs. This is my last Chevy. I have lost faith in service.

    Reviewed May 7, 2019

    Our company purchased a 2017 Silverado brand new for my company vehicle. Twice I had it in the shop at two different dealers and discussed the transmission issue of being jerky. Both times I was informed that the dealers could not find any issues that were the basis of my complaint. Well this past weekend out of town the transmission started jumping in and out of gear and then it would no longer engage any longer and I was left broken down 200 miles from home. The dealer is telling me it is no longer under any warranty at 91,000 miles and it will be our responsibility to cover all repairs. If anyone who has a similar experience and is told they can't find an issue please fight the dealer as much as you can because there are certainly issues that I know Chevy is aware of. They just hope to pass the repair bill for the 8 speed issues back to you at a later date.

    Our company has a 2016 Silverado with the same transmission and it has been to the shop for 2 new transmissions plus rework 2 different times. In all of my years of driving I have never torn up any transmissions. If anyone is looking to purchase a newer Chevy truck please beware of the 8 speed transmissions as you will be paying your huge truck payment and very well may be replacing your transmission at the same time.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed May 5, 2019

    Bought truck brand new. After owning it for 3 months, tried to use the 4x4 and it doesn’t work. Put it in the shop, after numerous unanswered questions, no return calls, being put on hold for no one to pick up the phone, after finally talking to service asst manager she gives me her cell number to contact her directly. Still no answers. Basically she sugar coats things to keep us from losing it. Excuses: this tech & that tech is out sick, waiting on manufacturer's approval. Parts ordered etc. 4 weeks later, after threatening them with a lawyer and BBB, truck has been test driven is fixed & ready for pick up. Drove there in a horrible rain/hail storm, get in the truck, 4x4 still doesn’t work.

    After another week of just fake promises from dealership, I contacted GM manufacturer & opened a case. 1-2 business days for sr advisor to contact me. 2 weeks later, still no response from sr advisor. I called them 2x w more info and was told notes added and advisor would be in contact. Have had the truck back a week, so far no issues but still no response from GM. TOTALLY REGRET BUYING A CHEVY. WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER GM PRODUCT.

    Reviewed April 9, 2019

    I AM ONE OF THOUSANDS THAT'S HAVING CONDENSER ISSUES, AND GM HAS YET TO FILE A RECALL!!! NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY A CHEVY!!! Nobody is able to help me with this issue. I will not pay 1200 to fix this issue.

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