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About Century Warranty

Century Warranty offers three different vehicle service contracts. That’s fewer options than most auto warranty companies have, but Century Warranty has superior benefits and a standout rental car reimbursement policy. Compare quotes, weigh the pros and cons and read consumer reviews before making a decision.

    Pros & Cons


    • Affordable options
    • Great benefits
    • Transferable plans


    • Reviews mention claims issues
    • Must buy through authorized retailers

    Bottom Line

    Century Warranty offers three straightforward plans to cover your car repairs. Its claims process might have some issues, but Century Warranty’s benefits stand out among competitors.

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    Reviewed June 28, 2017

    Worked with Kenneth ** and he will tell you want you want to hear so you purchase. I was contacted by my dealership about my 209 Acura TL and I was offered a 4 year, 48k mile extension of warranty. I asked if this was Acura Care warranty and he said yes. Things that he said are covered include engine, transmission, drive axle, steering, brakes, air conditioning suspension and electrical. For the price it didn't seem bad so I said yes. $185 down and 3 payment options: $875/year for 4 years, $138/24 months, $184/18 months. I got charged the down payment of $185 and then received the paperwork/contract.

    The paperwork was all incorrect including cost and warranty. It is not Acura Care, it is Century Warranty Services, there are 3 coverage levels: power choice advantage, power choice plus or power choice. My contract says power choice which only covers engine, transmission and drive axle. The cost was incorrect stating down payment is $205 and each payment for 24 months is $154.25.

    The only thing that was correct was my vehicle info: make, model, year and miles. I do say I called to cancel and they have said they will reverse, but I will have to check my account to make sure they do. However, when I confronted Ken about this, he basically blamed me that I had written down all my information correctly. He stated they record all their calls and I said that, "Great, let's listen to them to see who's telling the truth". At the end of the day if it sounds too good to be true it likely is. Beware and check your contract if you do end up signing up for the warranty package.

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    Reviewed Jan. 3, 2017

    I purchased a 2012 Yukon and have had to use the Century warranty and it's been quick and they have come through every time minus my $100 deductible. On any used vehicle I would recommend Century warranty.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Oct. 25, 2016

    The Century Service Administrator altered the original contract from that which I and the dealer manager signed and emailed me a copy of the altered contract. The changes included lowering the vehicle purchase price down to zero, lowering the contract purchase price (which affects the pro-rata refund amount when canceled) to a smaller dollar value, and the new contract was called an "E-Contract" and had no signatures. When I asked to cancel the contract due to the Volkswagen of America buyback of the TDI diesel vehicles, I was told that Century is only the administrator and that actually it is the dealer that provides payment of claims, and issues pro-rated refunds on cancellations. The dealer stated that they were awaiting a reimbursement from the Century administrator. Century insists that they do not receive any Agreement charges from the sale of it (from the customer) nor do they reimburse the dealer when it is canceled.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Sept. 27, 2016

    Not bad, I purchased a Costco auto insurance plan CWS. I've had a very positive overall experience, I'm glad I purchased this warranty! It was the top plan, for $4766.00. I made money with the amount of costly repairs, my vehicle has air suspension and it was a $1000 repair x the 4 corners of the vehicle. And a rear motor oil leak was over $2000! They covered all the repairs! Yes, someone came out to inspect every claim. But they paid the dealer, it was a credit card, little odd, it the dealer always gave me my car when it was done. Thanks CWS!

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed July 20, 2016

    HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, customer service!!! I have a contract that cost $2,500 with Century service. I purchased my vehicle in 2012 with an extended bumper to bumper warranty. It took 5 phone calls to acknowledge I had a contract. So I started to record all phone calls with this company. They finally acknowledged that I have a contract but that I bought a lesser contract that would not cover my contract. I faxed in my contract and they changed the information after a week. I talked to almost every if not all customer service providers, few were helpful, many were complete jerks, and none knew how to read the notes about how my contract was updated and I had an open case.

    They didn't want to pay for any of it. Then they only wanted to pay part of it. I called and said that the contract covers all of it. They said "according to their records, they don't have to pay." They also said they do not have a specific contract that I signed so I had to fax my contract. My repair shop asked me to take my vehicle to another shop because they were tired of dealing with "those jerks at the Warranty company." I told my repair shop that I would talk to the warranty company. I called Century service and they said, "Tell your repair shop to man up and stop being babies." I said, "Sure as long as you tell everyone there to stop being an **." 4 weeks later, my car is getting fixed... I think. Yes, everything is recorded and I am considering a lawsuit. This is my first review I've ever written and probably my last, but I just wanted to warn anyone buying from this company.

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    Reviewed Feb. 10, 2016

    I purchased an Century Extended Warranty from the dealer which I was told that it's a Bumper to Bumper warranty for a 2013 Ford Flex that I purchase in September. I've only have the car for 5 months now and my emergency brake doesn't engage anymore, so I took it to a Ford shop and the told me the problem with my car and that it should be cover under warranty. The Ford shop called Century Warranty and they said that it's not covered.

    So I called Century myself and the line has picked up but the personnel at Century didn't know I was on the line. I heard them talking about how they weren't going to paid for a job that a person took their car to the shop for repairs in a min wear and tear problem, and Century personnel were laughing about not having to pay for the job cause they felt they didn't want to pay for. They sounded like a bunch of crooks! Do not purchase any Century Extended Warranty!! They are not professional person and are only out to take your money!

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    Reviewed Aug. 15, 2015

    I purchased the extended warranty coverage for my 2010 Honda Odyssey expecting major repairs to be covered. A few months later a leak was found in the Power Steering Rack. Repair was delayed for two days awaiting an inspector from Century Warranty Services. The leak was indeed verified but was told this was not covered by the policy. This repair cost almost $800 with a dealer discount. Not only did the warranty not cover the repair, it delayed the repair. I was without my Odyssey for a week. I do not recommend this company.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Jan. 29, 2015

    The battery kept being dead in the am. Checking charging, okay. Replaced battery, still dead. Dealership says electrical system spiked due to loose neg cable. Two relays damaged, A/C psi valve damaged due to overcharging. Dealership says battery cable loose due to overtorqued. Battery cable secured and not faulty??? Warranty claims rep says battery problem not covered. Again, no evidence the battery cable at fault, just an assumption. Repairs not covered?? I'm asking for a full refund for policy, all repairs paid out of pocket. Why have extended warranty when first repair ever isn't covered, just slot of people passing the buck and not answering or returning calls. Never purchase extended warranties at dealerships or by mail. Save your money, it will save you lots of stress.

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    Reviewed March 6, 2014

    The alternator went out in my daughters car I bought for her. It was on the side of the road, so we had it towed to our mechanic. He fixed it and I sent the receipt to Century and they denied it, because I didn't get prior authorization. I explained it was not possible, because the car broke down and the warranty information was in my safe. They still denied, actually ignored me, never returning my call or second fax to them, nice huh. This is how this company scams people. My hope is that people are informed as to their shady business practice and eventually put them out of business. Do they really expect people are going to wait to have their vehicles repaired so they can get prior authorization. Really shame on you.

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    Reviewed Nov. 2, 2013

    I was led to believe that our computer was covered, but no. So now after $1300.00, I'm hopeful I can get refund for it.

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    Reviewed Dec. 27, 2012

    I purchased a Century Service Warranty for my used 2008 Nissan Altima. I took my car in for an oil change and the dealer told me my head gasket was leaking coolant. Long story short and after not having my car for almost a week, the warranty company would not replace the head gasket because it was not dripping. They sent out an inspector and verified it was leaking, but since it's not dripping, they will not cover the repair. What a joke! Time to cancel the warranty, pager a prorated refund and use that to repair my car. Don't waste your money!

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    Reviewed June 19, 2012

    I purchased a car and warranty in 2010 - 48 months or 100,000 miles. I was interested in purchasing a new car and called Century first to see how much we would get back. They quoted us pro-rated amount and told us what we would need to do to get money back (odometer statement, fill out paperwork). I filled out required paperwork, received confirmation they received it. They told us we would get check in about seven weeks. Three months passed, no check. I called, told us they sent it to our old address (which we were sure to tell them we no longer lived in another state). They told us a new check would be issued and we would get it the following week. No check. Lost in the mail.

    I called again yesterday to check on it. This time they told us they do not owe us a check. We have to get it from the dealership. Huh? Dealership, of course, says "No way." I have been going back and forth with Century and they refused to do a three-way conference call with the dealership so we can get this all straightened out. Someone somewhere is supposed to call me back. I'm not holding my breath. I want my $1,700 I am owed. I have been dealing with this since February and it is now June 19th.

    I was always told not to buy the extended warranties. Why would any dealership try to sell a warranty from a company like this? Please do not be fooled into buying these warranties, especially a Century Warranty. Walk out of the finance department at the dealership if they are pushing one of these in your auto deal.

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    Reviewed Nov. 2, 2011

    I purchased a used 2005 Crossfire and the Nissan dealer suggested that I get an extended warranty. I purchased a level 3 warranty, which they lead me to believe to cover basically everything.

    The transmission went out and they replaced it with a used or rebuilt transmission that lasted one week. They put in another. It continued to shift in a strange way. I went back to the transmission installer (AMMCO) and then they said the computer needs to be flashed to "talk" to the transmission. They couldn't do it.

    I then went to the Chrysler dealership. The warranty wouldn't cover it. My cost is $961.00. The ignition switch malfunctioned and two things needed to be replaced. They chose to replace the cheaper of the two parts. My cost is over $1000. I paid $1700 for the coverage. I called to cancel and then I was told there was a cancellation fee. I did get a refund, but the transmission still jerks when it shifts. I will never, ever deal with them again. You have absolutely no idea what they will and will not cover. I think it depends on the adjuster's mood.

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    Reviewed July 12, 2011

    Buying 4 runner after lease. Century Warranty Freedom Choice Plus Plan, Mechanical Breakdown Service Contract was recommended my World Omni Leasing. The Vehicle is was leased to my Computer Services Company and will be on the buyout contract as well. In reading over the warranty plan I decided to call Century to have them go over the plan with me.

    After going over a bunch of what if's it seems to me that all these contracts are nothing more than a scam to steal your money because they are designed to make one think these major items are covered but read fine print carefully. Think about this, the main reason any major item fails is because of a lack of lubricants, overheating, or restricted flow. They don't cover any items that normally cause these failures.

    Reading more into the warranty I found another item that excluded me all together because I use this vehicle for company use, the Century Warranty rep stated that I did not disclose this.

    I simply pointed out ...Please read Service Contract Holder Information where it clearly listed my Computer Company name. His response to that was so stupid I cannot list it here.

    Think about this whole extended warranty business... it is in their best interest not to pay out anything or very little against any claim simply because it's not profitable. Therefore they give themselves a way out to do just that.

    Don't take my word for it, Read the complaints! They disguise their scam all wraped up in a nice brochure that makes you feel confident that your covered, that's marketing and they have a legal contract that YOU signed.

    In my case, IF I'd signed my contract it would have covered nothing and in talking to the rep he always had a excuse or reason for everything I stated that excluded them or a lame anwser!

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    Reviewed April 24, 2010

    I took out an Extended Service Contract when I purchased my 2001 Honda Odyssey. I selected the "Select Care" (the 2nd to the best) policy. In November of 2009, I took it into the local Honda dealership for several things and they found that the compliance bushings in the lower control arms were cracked and needed replacing in their opinion, along with a leaking power steering pump. The dealership contacted Century Warranty and they responded by sending out an inspector to assess what they saw as needing repair.

    The inspector denied the repair saying that it was not "bad" enough to warrant repair at this time. I took it back to the same dealership in April 2010 for some other problems, which Century authorized to be covered along with the power steering pump this time. However, they again denied the compliance bushing repair. The dealership called them and I called them as to why. They drew my attention to a fine print clause that gave them an out as they stated that the bushing were worn out due to normal wear and tear that they only covered up to 50,000 miles (my van had over that). Their contract states under "Front Suspension" that bushings are to be covered.

    It cost me $100.00 deductible every time I take my vehicle in under the service contract. So in essence, when you pay for an extended service contract when you buy a vehicle, the company you buy it from is off the hook for the first 3 years/36,000 miles any way. So in reality, under their contract, certain parts such the bushings are really covered for only 14,000 miles and then you are out of luck with them. It left a very bad taste in my mouth with this company.

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    Reviewed April 5, 2010

    I leased a 2004 BMW 645ci through Wells Fargo. The lease came due in Oct 2009 which I decided to keep the car and finance the balanced owed through WF. The WF representative offered an Extended Warranty program for 36 months or 30 thousand miles for $1500 which I decided to purchase. I received the loan documents in November which I signed and returned to the bank.

    December, I was on my way into my office when a waring light came on advising to stop driving the car which I did immediately and had it towed back to my home. I contacted Century Warranty Services and they said I could take the car to any Certified Repair shop which I did that day. I had the car towed ($140) to a very reputable local repair shop ad had them look at it. It was diagnosed that there was a transmission issue but since their computer system was not updated, they suggested I take the car to the local BMW Dealership.

    So I had it towed ($180) to Riverside BMW. After several days, BMW said the transmission had a seal leak and the transmission pan needed to be replaced. Now mind you, the vehicle does not have a warning system indicating a leak or the transmission fluid is low nor does it have a way for an owner to check the transmission fluid. It is a sealed unit and according to the BMW Warranty booklet the transmission is not even serviced until 100,000 miles, my car had 82,000 miles.

    Also, there is an undercarriage that would have collected any fluids leaking from underneath, hence no fluid leaking on the floor of my garage. Riverside BMW confirmed that there would have been no way I would have known of the leak or that the transmission would have been low on fluid. The dealership contacted Century Warranty Services and they authorized the leaking seal to be repaired and the transmission pan replaced. Yes, they authorized the Repairs and told the dealership to contact them once completed and let them know if it took care of the transmission problem.

    Repairs were completed but it did not completely fix the transmission issue, it continued to slip at the higher speed when shifting. It was determined that that there was more damage to the transmission as a direct result of the seal leaking. Century Warranty Services sent out an inspector again but Century Warranty Services denied the additional repairs to completed "Due to lack of lubrication" and driving while low on Transmission fluid. The lack of lubrication was because the seal leaked. I spoke numerous people at Century Warranty including several supervisors and they would not help me! All they did was suggest (stirred) me to take the car to Aamco, a National Account they have relationship with and maybe Aamco (per the supervisor) would be able to find something different than BMW, so I did.

    I had the car picked up by Aamco and after several days, they determined the same results as Riverside BMW. The seal leaked (was replaced by BMW) and because of the leak the transmission fluid was very low which caused further damage to the transmission. Aamco explained to me that that to tear down my transmission, do all the "soft" repairs according to California Repair Standards, and put back together would cost $3495, now if there are any "hard repairs required that would extra. Aamco called Century Warranty Services, explained to them everything, the seal leaked, there is no warning system on the vehicle whatsoever, it is a sealed unit and the owner would never have had any clue of the leak but Century Warranty Services denied the claim again! !...Due to lack of lubrication.

    I had been without a vehicle since December 2009, it is now April 2010. I had no choice to to authorize Aamco to tear down my transmission and agreed to pay the $3495 hoping that would take care of everything. Well, that was not the case. I needed to have the Torque Converter replaced, ultimately costing me $6100.

    I have read the complaints on this website regarding the very same Century Warranty Services and in dealing with Riverside BMW and Aamco I have heard numerous and similar stories of customers purchasing extended warranty service plans only to not have them honored. I plan to look at my options to take Century Warranty Services to court and warn anyone against from purchasing an extended warranty program. These companies get your money and then leave you hanging!

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    Reviewed Feb. 17, 2010

    I leased a 2003 Dodge truck from Wells Fargo. The lease ran up and my choice was to pay them $3,000 and they keep the truck or finance it for $8,000. My initial decision was to give the truck back to them since it had over 100,000 miles. They convinced me to finance the truck and they would give me an extended warranty. It cost $1,300.00. I agreed.

    On February 15th, 2010, I took the truck to a Dodge dealer to have the electric window switches repaired. There was a leak in the exhaust manifold and the engine lights came on including the oil indicator. Century denied all the repairs. The crazy thing is that they require diagnostics to be done before they will agree to repair, and in this case, I had to pay the dealer over $500.00 for just the diagnostics. Century said that since none of the repairs were covered, they would not pay the diagnostics or the car rental. I called Wells Fargo auto finance and told them that since they sold me the warranty claiming it’s an extension of the factory warranty, they better take care of this, or I'll see them in court. So court it is. I'll use some of the comments on this site to support my claim of fraud.

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    Reviewed Sept. 11, 2009

    I owned a 2004, Lincoln aviator. I purchased this vehicle from Rancho Ford 07/02/07 with 52,340 miles. It was reccomended I purchased extended warranty for my car. On September, 2009, I was taking my two children to an optometry appointment and ENT appointment in San Diego. On my way to the optometry office, I noticed my tire light was on. I immediately stopped at Firestone to have my tires checked. The serviceman adds air to a tire and the light went out.
    I left firestone and continue to San Diego as planned. I merged on the 15 South free way to go to San Diego. My children and I smelled smoke and noticed it was coming from the rear of the vehicle. I was able to merge off the freeway and exited Temecula parkway/route 79 and drove slowly to Rancho Ford car dealer/Repair shop. The car started leaking oil on the ground. I explained what happen and was told they will checkout the problem. Meanwhile, I rented a car from enterprise to take my son to ENT as planned. I was told by the Ford representative that the Bell housing needed repair and the repair will cost over 5,000. She contacted Century extended warranty to request repair. Century warranty stated an inspector will evaluate the defect within 24 to 48 hours. 2 days passed and I did not hear from Ford. I called the service rep and she contacted Century to find out the status when the rep is coming. I received a call from the Ford Rep that Century denied the claim due to the aviator was not brought in sooner/ driven before bringing the car in. I contacted Century warranty and requested to talk to the Supervisor. I was forwarded to his line and reached a voicemail. I explained the situation and requested a return call. I called the next afternoon and was told the Supervisor was gone for the day. I called the 3rd day and talked to Supervisor, I explained there was no warning or problem except for the tire light turn, and the smoke from the rear of the SUV. He stated the inspector said the lines or something was black that showed the car was driven too much prior to the needed car repair. I again stating what happen. He stated he would contact the inspector and he will get back to me. I waited 2 days and no response from the Supervisor. I called Century warranty and was told by one of the agent it was denied. I went ahead and consented to have the car repaired. The Ford rep called and said I needed new tires and I consented to purchase 4 new tires. The Ford called few days latter and stated the wrong parts were order and it will take another couple of days for the car to be repaired. I received a call from the rep stating the parts were in and the car should be ready 9/4/09. I received another called stated the Ford rep was going on vacation and one of her associate was taking her customer. I did not receive an update on my car and I called today (9/10/09) for status on my car. I left a message on the agent voicemail, and I didn’t receive a call back. I called back and the agent was paged and called me back. He told the car went out for a final test drive and found another problem. The gearbox or something and it would cost additional 1,700 to fix. I asked to call Century to take of that problem and was told by the agent “if Century warranty denied the bell housing claim, the company will deny this claim too. By the way, I took my car in for an oil change 04/17/09 and to find out why the engine light was on. A diagnostic was done and Electest codes were PO171 and PO174. PCV tube was replaced to correct the vaccum leak. 05/20/09- Engine and tire lights on, took vehicle to Rancho Ford for service. This time the Electest codes were PO306, P0307,PO316,Relative compression test. CYL. 7 down 5 % internal engine problem, checked mode #6. and defective left front low tire sensor. needs ignition coil. Ford agent contacted Century warranty to request coverage. Century requested further diagnosis for low compression cylinder #7. A manaual compression test was performe. The rsults were #5=155. #6= 165. #7=155, #8= 165 Century approved coverage for L/R tire sensor but denied coverage for low compressor cylinder repaired. Century stated the compression results were within industry standards, and did not need repair.
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    Reviewed Aug. 27, 2009

    I bought my truck in August of 2007. I bought the full warranty to cover anything like everybody thinks. The first week of having it, the engine blew and my dealer told me I was getting a new engine and then I picked it up. They told me that my warranty company would not pay for a new engine and they put a used engine in my truck. They did not know how many miles or hours were on the engine. They had my truck for 2 months. Then, I picked it up and I had another problem with the engine which took 2 days to figure out. Now, I just took my truck in and the dealership called me and told me my warranty which I paid for wasn't covering everything wrong. I'm so upset I just want to get rid of my truck. Please help.

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    Reviewed Aug. 25, 2009

    I have a 2004 Lincoln Navigator with 39,000 miles. It was a lease that I bought out from Wells Fargo Bank. I had bought this car in 2004 and have owned and maintained it through the dealerships. When I bought the lease out, Wells Fargo lease sold me this extended warranty through Century Warranty Services, Inc. - a premium care package. Per Wells Fargo, the same as my Factory Ford warranty. Well I noticed a rough idle, so I took the Navigator to my now local Lincoln/Ford dealership in Livermore, CA. They advised the engine had low compression on three cylinders. They called Century Warranty Services Inc., who sent an adjuster to the dealership and then said they would not cover the $2,800 bill to start tearing down the engine to find the problem. They want me to cover the $2,800 bill until they find out what is wrong and then they may cover the work.

    The premium care package I paid for is supposed to cover all work, worn or broken. What gives? This has still not been resolved and I'm getting nowhere with them or the bank on this. I'm still making payments on this vehicle with only 39,000 miles on it and afraid to drive it not knowing what is wrong with the engine and the compression problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Reviewed May 6, 2009

    In November of 2008 I purchased my 2005 Passat off lease from VW Credit. The car only had 35,000 and being that my daughter will be driving to school, I thought I should also purchase a warranty and did so from VW credit. Recently my car started making noises in the front end. I brought it to the local service center where it was discovered that the car would need front axles. I handed the service agent a copy of my warranty so they could get the cost covered. The first thing I was not happy about was this warranty, although sold to me by VW, was a third party warranty and I needed to speak with them. (Century Warranty Services Inc.) They told the service center this was not covered under warranty because the Constant Velocity Joint Boots have been damaged.
    I understand every day wear and tear parts such as breaks, tires and so on, can not covered under warranty. But for the company to specifically not warranty the “CVJ boots, leads me to believe there is a known problem with them. And after further research I found this to be true. I have made several attempts to have my car fixed by Century Warranty and VW. No one will take time to listen to my problem, especially at VW.I feel that since I now own the car Volkswagen and Century Warranty wants nothing to do with me and that’s fine and I now know where I stand with Century Warranty and Volkswagen. I have never seen such horrible customer service.My request from VW and Century Warranty was to please fix my car, which was estimated around $600.00 or refund my cost of the Premium Care Coverage warranty of $1546.82.
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