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Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic
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Virgin Atlantic Reviews

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 17, 2018

I travelled in Virgin Atlantic on August 9th from London to Atlanta. First I had a 17hr layover and they didn't provide any food vouchers or accommodation. Maybe that's normal. Second I went to ticket counter to check if my baggages were checked in multiple times. The staff were horrible. No support at all. They liked that my baggage was checked in. It was checked in my flight. I still waiting for baggage almost a week. Imagine families traveling in this airline. I feel bad for them. Please take some action.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 5, 2018

Lost my bag at Heathrow airport. Had a flight from JFK to BOM on 2nd June with a layover at Heathrow. System shows bag not scanned at Heathrow and went missing. Airline customer care not helping to find.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 2, 2018

I took a Virgin Atlantic Flight to South Africa in March 2018, I flew Premium Economy. On the return flight my brand new suitcase was badly damaged, cracks and puncture all over. I filed a claim of, $79.99, the price for the suitcase. VA accepted my claim, but I have not received the payment after 2 1/2 months.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 11, 2018

I booked Virgin Atlantic as I thought the customer service would be second to none... Oh how wrong I was. I was shocked to find that I needed to pay an extra £300 to book seats online for my family. To make matters worse they offer the option to choose a seat online included if I booked after March this year but I still have to pay. This obviously creates a situation where we are less likely to be seated all together, as many people can book seats without the charge. I have been told that an adult will be sat with each child no matter what but we could be separated and could be separated from my 14 year old daughter on a 9 hour flight. They are causing stress running up to our holiday and all because of their greed for extra money after we have already paid thousands.

This was an expensive flight to America not an budget airline where you can understand. I have spoke to several people at Virgin regarding this and they agree that the charge is excessive but refuse to do anything to help or even reduce the charge by any amount. I'm disgusted in them and they need to read their reviews on here as most people are having the same experience as me with poor customer service.

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Rated with 1 star
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 30, 2018

I was a overcharged by agent giving wrong exchange rate for ticket I purchased. When I realized and called back I had to wait a minimum of 15 minutes each time. When I explained agents either did not understand or worse put the phone down on me when I ask to speak to supervisor. When I finally spoke to supervisor she understood and said she would arrange refund. I have waited 5 weeks and made 6 phone calls. Still no refund. I think this is dreadful service. I am a frequent flyer member and have 2 million air miles to spend.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 14, 2018

I have been a Virgin Atlantic customer for years now, it is always my preferred company, and every time I get a chance I use Virgin Atlantic, and recommend the company to all my family and friends. In fact, the airplanes and flight crew are fantastic. The same cannot be said about the ground crew, office staff or online services. My specific experience has been beyond disappointing and has shown how very little Virgin employees care for the customers, even when our wellbeing and health might be at stake.

I flew with Virgin on Saturday from Manchester to Orlando, being that Manchester was a connecting airport from my previous flight. Upon arriving in Manchester I had to check into the flight, as it was not allowed online nor could the other airline do it at the airport. When checking in I made a point of highlighting we had luggage and asking the Virgin representative to double check that the luggage would be sent to Orlando, which he pretty much dismissed even though I insisted. Upon arriving in Orlando my luggage and my husband's wasn't there, at that point we opened a case and were assured the luggage would be on the next flight in and dropped at our home the next day or Monday at the latest. It is now Saturday of the following week and I still don't have my luggage.

Throughout this week I have had a terrible experience with Virgin Atlantic's staff. I called the next day, and the next, and everyday I was assured the luggage was located, that it would be on the next flight, and that I would be contacted with updates. Unfortunately even the updates worked poorly, I only received one update from a US representative, other than that I had to either call her and leave voicemail messages before hearing back, or I had to contact the customer service line (located in the UK) directly, which was even more complicated with the waiting time, and less helpful, as call center staff do not appear to care one bit about the fact that I am requesting my luggage to be sent over urgently because I have medication in it.

Eventually, in one of the dozens of phone calls I made, I was informed that the luggage was in Orlando, and that once it cleared customs it would be sent to my home. On Friday morning, and without any of the promised phone calls letting me know that the luggage was through customs and would be sent over via FedEx, I get a call from the management office of my apartment complex letting me know that my luggage had been delivered to the front office. Once I got to the front office there was only one bag, my husband's, and FedEx had not contacted me because the Virgin representative had filled in the tag with the wrong phone number.

At this point I contacted Virgin again, the US representative obviously did not answer the phone, I left multiple messages to no end. I then contacted the customer service line and first no one could tell me where my bag was, then eventually they told me it was with the courier, although FedEx had denied having received a second bag. I asked for help, mentioned the urgency of having the bag delivered as I needed the medication today, and now its Saturday night, there is no indication as to where the luggage actually is, when it will be delivered and no useful feedback whatsoever from Virgin.

On top of this, the excuse I've heard constantly is that I cannot get an update or the tracking number for the delivery company because no one can get in touch with the Orlando crew. I have to say that my luggage has been delayed before with other companies and I never saw this level of incompetence nor such a longer delay anywhere. Right now the blunt disregard for my wellbeing is very clear and I am beyond upset with Virgin and its staff.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 4, 2017

I write this review as a word of warning to any passenger using the Delta Sky Lounge at Atlanta Airport. We (my family of 4) had a connecting flight from Cancun to London via Atlanta airport. I was unwell with some gastroenteritis so went to the Delta Sky Business Lounge to stay near the bathrooms 80 minutes before the flight. We waited in the lounge by the flight screens and desk to wait for boarding to be announced so I could get onto the plane without waiting at the gate (to be near a loo). Numerous flights were announced by staff as boarding and the flight screens were updated regularly to show the flights were boarding.

However our screen stated 'on time' since we entered the lounge but no update on boarding at all. We initially presumed some delay in boarding. We decided 30 mins pre-flight to go to the gate to check what was happening. When we arrived we were told that the gate had closed and we were denied boarding. We argued that the flight was not announced by the staff in the lounge or shown as boarding on the flight screens. We were then shown on our ticket which was issued the previous day a boarding time and told we should have arrived at that time. In the end I had to pay $8000 to book 4 one way economy seats back home with another airline.

I complained to Virgin Atlantic only to be told that Delta do not update flight screens (unlike all the other airlines) to state boarding in the sky lounge and the staff always announce the flight last boarding call (which they did not). Virgin have refused any form of compensation and will not allow us to use the missed flights. I am taking this to the Ombudsman as I feel that there was none of the usual expected announcements I have always relied on for boarding flights over 30 years of flying. We should have been told by Delta Sky staff not to expect the screen to show boarding and to arrive at the Gate at the time shown on the ticket an hour before the flight was due to leave to secure boarding. Let this be a warning to all Virgin/Delta passengers.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 24, 2017

In November 2016 we used Virgin Atlantic to go to New York. Despite many attempts and customer services also requesting special dietary meals this was not shown on the website. I was advised not to worry and that meals had definitely been selected. The female at check-in could not see any dietary meals had been requested and I was advised to go and find a Manager at Heathrow Airport when we were supposed to be going through Security. This was extremely stressful as you can imagine. The Manager informed me not to worry and confirmed that their new website was rubbish.

This year I am going to Las Vegas with Virgin, yet again. We have had nothing but problems still with this website, some 6 months later. Customer Services keep putting the onus on me and blaming me with an array of excuses. Eventually customer services state that they had booked special dietary meals for us, and yes you have guessed it, it doesn't show on the website again. Every time we tried to update the website with essential information i.e. contact details, it was not accepted, stating that this action could not be carried out.

I sent two screen shots of the website messages to Virgin Atlantic Customer Services to prove what I was saying. Furthermore Virgin Customer Services agreed to select seats one way free for the problems we have incurred for months with this website. Again, yes you have guessed it, the seat selection does not show. The seats that we selected with customer services' help are not selected at all and free for anyone to choose.

Despite many, many complaints to Virgin Atlantic Customer Services I am getting absolutely nowhere. All I am getting is stupid comments like I should clear my cookies, when they themselves cannot carry the actions out and like before it is clear that check-in will not see these actions on their version of the website. So who knows where we will be sitting; I may not even be sitting with my son at all. Virgin Atlantic staff have caused us nothing but stress. I have emailed Richard Branson who does not want to know. I am never going to use Virgin again until they get a proper, decent website. Absolutely disgusting and so stressful.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 5, 2017

I quote from one of Virgin's emails. ‘In general, the toilets in Upper Class are for those passengers traveling within this (Upper Class) cabin, however, there are occasions where we allow others to use them. For example, passengers with special needs may be permitted to use them or a passenger who has been injured would be allowed to use these facilities'.

Unfortunately I feel Virgin are being disingenuous regarding this issue. My wife and I paid over £3000 air fare and do not expect to have to compete with premium and economy passengers who definitely do not fit their alleged criteria. The fact is no one was ‘turned away’ from the other passenger sections and their staff informed us ‘We have to allow any passenger to use the toilets’. The issue therefore remains of the non restricted use of the Upper Class Toilets by both premium and economy passengers.

If they were genuine in trying to keep Upper Class toilets for the main use of Upper Class passengers they could simply make the appropriate announcement over the intercom as well as having notices on the toilets saying - ‘Please note these toilets are for the use of Upper Class Passengers only’. I regret I am still very unhappy that after all these years of being a loyal Virgin customer. I feel unappreciated and uncared for by their lack of concern. What is the point of paying over £3000 for our fare if we have to compete with many other non Upper Class passengers for the use of the toilets? Virgin have forgotten that we -'the passengers' pay their wages and are 'the bosses' of the company.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 12, 2017

On Dec 18th we made two bookings. One was for four RT flights from NYC to London on their (VA) website April 8 to April 16. The other was similar but different days. Each ticket was around $600. So pretty good price. On the second booking the total price for the tickets were just over $2400. After hitting the confirm button, a computer glitch occurred and the screen froze. I immediately received an email confirming the transaction was completed but it indicated just over $10,600. I couldn't believe it and was in shock. They overcharged me $8198. We called Cust Serv and waiting on the line for 30 min. A very rude man answered, without checking any facts harshly stated each ticket was 2400 British pounds and HUNG UP on us. We went from being in shock to being visibly upset. We called back again, still being polite, waited another 30 minutes, got a nice lady, then disconnected.

Another 30 min wait, another person. She admitted the mistake was on their end and a refund would be available in 7 to 10 days. We waited. It never came. We called again. This time they apologized (gave my daughter mileage to begin smoothing it over) and said would give it priority. We asked for an email with the correct booking info and the correct price as proof of what they told me over the phone. An email finally came. It still had the wrong high price and now (shockingly) they moved our departure day to April 9 (without our permission) to compound the problem more. I just happened to find this new error a few days later, (now more in shock), called them and politely went through the phone wait cycle again, got them to correct the day back and agree to send me an email with correct price and date. Email received, corrected the date, still again wrong price and still no refund.

Next day same long phone cycle... Got a rep. She said she could not issue the correct email. I asked for a customer service email. She gave me the email and spelled it out and I repeated it back. I sent an email to that address with all info. Waited days, no reply or acknowledgement. Looked up Virgin customer service. Again shock. She gave me the wrong email. It's Wrote that, instantly got an auto reply. Now many days later still no email or call back so while they receive all this, they simply don't care to reply. I've been checking my credit card daily for last 3 weeks, No refund after 3 weeks. Yesterday, I called my credit card company and put a dispute on the charge, but only for the amount expected to be refunded so I don't lose the tickets we booked.

Among the very nice people who tried to help me in VA, there now appears to be a general incompetence or unwillingness to refund even if it is clearly their mistake. This now is the worst collective customer service experience I have ever experienced. Our dream trip in April has started with a nightmare experience dealing with this airline. IT is still unsolved now on Jan 12th for this booking.

There is more to the story. Within minutes of the other family booking, I also booked a RT to London for me on a different schedule and not surprisingly the same glitch occurred, and they overcharge by $2000 on that ticket also. Long story short, after two weeks of another set of wait times, calls, hang-ups, dropped calls, nice ladies, 1 rude man, I finally received the refund owed. That one alone was a bad experience, but I'm still trying to clear up the second set of four tickets and get the $8198 they agreed to... This is now beyond the pale and in British speak I'm absolutely gobsmacked by this.

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