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About Orange County Solar

Orange County Solar installs residential solar panels in Orange County, California. Renewable solar energy is generated and converted into electricity, which can help lower your monthly utility bills. Orange County Solar also offers solar solutions for pools and backup battery options in the event of an outage. Solar panels are backed by a 25-year warranty.

Pros & Cons


  • 25-year warranty
  • One day installation
  • Multiple payment plans
  • Tax incentives


  • Limited service area
  • Can be pricey

Bottom Line

Orange County Solar specializes in residential solar panel installation. It offers complete project management services, and installation can be done in as little as one day. Solar panels are backed by a 25-year product and installation warranty. Orange County Solar serves homes in Orange County and the Los Angeles area.

What is Orange County Solar?

Orange County Solar specializes in solar panel installation, solar for pools and backup battery solutions. It serves Orange County, California, and the greater Los Angeles area. Once the project planning phase is complete, solar panels from Orange County Solar can be installed in as little as one day. Products and installation are backed by a 25-year warranty.

How does Orange County Solar work?

Orange County Solar starts with an in-person consultation. This helps determine the best fit for your solar needs. Additionally, the consultant will determine what plan works best. Once a plan is complete and the quote is accepted, Orange County Solar manages your project with continual updates. Project management includes working to meet homeowners association requirements, material orders, structural work, electrical work and placard installation. This process takes around two to four weeks to get everything prepared for solar panel installation.

The last step is to get the solar panels installed. Professional installers can complete installation in as little as one day. After solar panel installation, you should have lower monthly utility bills and federal tax incentives. Orange County Solar warrants its products for 25 years. An installation warranty is also included.

Orange County Solar plans

Orange County Solar offers multiple plans and financing options for solar panel installation. These include:

  • Monthly loan: Monthly loans are available for homeowners with a zero-down-payment option. The monthly loan includes fixed monthly payments. This is Orange County Solar’s most popular financing plan.
  • Solar lease: Solar leasing is another financing plan option. Instead of owning the solar panels outright, a third party leases them to you. There are zero-down-payment options with a fixed monthly payment. The main benefit of a solar lease is that it offers the lowest monthly payment option.
  • Cash purchase: An outright cash purchase for solar panels offers the fastest return on investment. There is no monthly payment, and the solar panels are paid for in full.

All Orange County Solar plans include the enhanced 25-year installation and product warranty.

Orange County Solar products

Orange County Solar specializes in solar panel installation in Orange County, California, and the greater Los Angeles area. In addition to solar panels, it offers backup battery systems and solar products for your pool. It is a licensed Panasonic installer. Other brands it partners with include LG, Tesla, REC and Qcells. Products include installation and product warranties.

Orange County Solar pricing

Solar panels in Orange County can range from $8,000 to $20,000. An average gross price for solar in Orange County is around $14,000. This does not account for federal investment, tax credits or interest on financing. There are several factors that affect the cost of solar panels, including system size, panels used, type, brand, quality and installation company. There may also be additional fees for permitting.

Orange County Solar FAQ

Is Orange County Solar Worth it?

Orange County solar panels can help lower your monthly energy bills. The investment upfront can be pricey but worth it in the long run.

Can Orange County Solar panels save me money?

Solar panels typically save on monthly utility bills by using renewable energy. This helps save money.

When should I install Orange County Solar panels?

Solar panels can be installed any time of year.

Does Orange County Solar offer financing options?

Yes. Multiple financing options are available with low- or no-down-payment options. Terms range from 60 to 240 months.

Does Orange County Solar offer warranties on its products?

Yes. Products and installation are backed by a 25-year warranty.

Do we recommend Orange County Solar?

If you live in Orange County or the Los Angeles area, Orange County Solar is a good option for solar panel installation. With multiple financing options and purchase plans available, it works to personalize solar panel solutions for your home. Added benefits include lower monthly utility bills, federal tax incentives and using renewable, clean energy to power your home. Orange County Solar backs its installation and products with a 25-year warranty, which adds additional peace of mind in the long run.

Orange County Solar Reviews

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Verified purchase
Customer ServiceTechPriceBattery

Reviewed July 2, 2023

After five quotes, Orange County Solar was one of the less expensive for a higher-end solar system. Jason, my rep that I contacted, did a great job. Came to the house even on a weekend with his wife sitting in the car. I talked to him three times. He was my lead person before I turned it over to in-house. He set up all the pricing. We had to make some changes. He worked with everybody. After four emails, changes and reviews, we signed up for the project.

They changed representatives four times. The owner was hard to get ahold of. And trying to get calls back was hard. But I kept sending the messages, emails, voicemails until I got responses. And their guys would reply. In the garage, I had one outlet that was 17 volts instead of 110. Because the wire nuts weren't tight in the main when they transferred everything over. So, they had to replace my refrigerator. I blew a vacuum up because the outlet in the bathroom was 220. I didn't notice it, because my razor was 110. We worked through all those issues. They took care of everything. They called back. It wasn't timely. It was a four-month process. But within three days, they got a technician out there. And so far, the system has been working great. These guys, for me paying up front, did a great job. I'm extremely happy. I even referred Jason a couple of times to some friends.

If you look at my December, January, and part of the last two months, with the overcast, my batteries would not supply full power if I needed it for the house. But the rest of the year, I could go off grid with overproducing electricity and running my batteries at night. They'd recharge during the day. I use 16 to 18 kilowatts a day now. My system produces 35, and I have 20 kilowatts of backups of power. My batteries could run the house if needed, and recharge if I had a one or two-week out, as long as it wasn't in the overcast months. Because they charge by the solar system, not by the grid. The grid will power the house, but it won't charge my batteries. So, it's nice.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed June 30, 2023

    Orange County Solar was very good. They came out, gave an estimate and they were quick and professional about it. They also stood by their estimates, so nothing ever changed once I made my decision. The timelines were realistic too. The only thing bad about the timelines is that there was a lot of rain that delayed a lot of stuff for about three months. If I took the rain out, from beginning to end, it was four months, and I combine that with replacing the roof first. They got another contractor involved to replace the roof. That was done in one day, and it was done well. They also had to do all the permits, and there was a lot of work there. It was another one and a half days to do the solar. So far, it's all working, and they followed up and made sure I was satisfied. I even got $100 for a referral afterwards. Overall, it took longer than I wanted, but I would recommend Orange County Solar.

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceTech

    Reviewed June 28, 2023

    The first part of the process was good. The rep was very informative. It was very quick and easy and informative. The information was provided very quickly as far as what products they were offering. They did a sketch based on the measurements of my roof and where I wanted them. They didn't want them on the front facing part of the house. So they had to work with what was not facing the street. The installers arrived on time. They came when they said they were gonna come, and got the work done. Orange County Solar has a tracking system that has to do with Tesla, and then there's an actual tracking system that I can see how much wattage and what's being saved as well to my battery. My bill has already dropped immensely. From start to finish, it was seamless. They had great customer service and they did quality work. I'm happy.

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPriceBattery

    Reviewed June 28, 2023

    The people that came out were really nice and friendly, and professional. The installation process was pretty straightforward. The only problem was dealing with the city of Anaheim because they had to come out and approve the work. There was a time period that I was kind of frustrated because with OC Solar, they took a long time to get back to me for that rework. But other than that, they were pretty good. I understood the person that I was working with. She was no longer with the company, so I haven't heard a while and I had to keep calling and make sure they were on it. The installation crew was pretty good. I like them. The customer service guy that I was working with was really good.

    I thought OC Solar was supposed to help calculate the amount of solar panels that will cover the cost. But every month here, I'm looking at around $50 to $70 in my bill. So what else is next? Do I have to get a battery now? But I can't afford it because 19,000 a battery. So I called the city of Anaheim, and I worked with them, and they said that was probably due to the net metering. I'm getting screwed where I'm selling them cheaper than what I'm buying it for. So that's where it comes in. So for a person going solar, don't expect to be zero on your electric bill.

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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupContract & TermsTechOnline & AppFinancing

    Reviewed June 14, 2023

    We did everything with Orange County over email and they never came out in person until we were going to install. Initially, they didn't respond right away and it took them two weeks to respond. That was when we started to become engaged. Setting up the solar was pretty easy because they sent over the contract through DocuSign, and explained it. Even when I had questions, they would modify it. For example, at first, it was a "pay all cash," then it was "take out a loan." So it was straightforward. Once I signed it, they assigned a project manager who was keeping me up to date on all the stages of the project.

    For the financing part, they helped connect me with their preferred financing partner, which is great. We used them, but it felt like they were disconnected. So there was a part in the project where everything was ready, but I haven't gotten anything from the finance company. Orange County said they were sure I'd get it. But from a consumer standpoint, you don't want to commit to something unless you know that the loan has been approved. Then, it wasn't until I told them that we were going to pause until I hear back from the financing company that they reached out and there was some traction.

    As soon as I gave the green light with financing, they called me the following week, said that they had an installation available as soon as the equipment was ready, and asked if I wanted to take it. I told them it was too early and that I had something else going on. So we scheduled it at another time. On the day of the installation, they arrived on time and delivered the solar panels four hours after they started doing the initial work. The downside was, they drilled through the roof and into the finished ceiling. We have vaulted ceilings, so the space between the roof and where the finished room is, the actual ceiling is thin. But they came back, patched it up, and painted it, so it looks fine.

    They finished in one day, checked everything out, and everything was green. They didn't give me direct access to the app until the city approved everything, but I figured out how to get access the following day and it showed that nine of the panels were not functioning. So, they came out three weeks later and fixed it before the city inspection. All in all, I'm satisfied with my decision to go solar. I wasn't sure if the system that Orange County provided me was going to be sufficient enough, but it was. And seeing the numbers is great.

    One of our friends was getting solar at the same time, but we didn't know the other was getting solar, and a couple weeks ago, we were hanging out and talking about it. We talked about the pricing and without the loan, our total was $28,000 for 29 panels while our friends paid $37,000 for 21 panels with no loan. So they got less solar production and paid more than we did. So it was a good value. And when I started doing the research on the equipment they provided me, it felt like it was higher-end equipment.

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    Customer ServiceInstallation & Setup

    Reviewed Nov. 9, 2023

    OC Solar is an amazing company, especially Customer Service Mr. Sergio ** and Ms. Sharon ** are Super hardworking people. They have followed up with the project from the time we have signed the documents. They were available to reach on the phone and updated every step of the progress. The person, who did the roof preparation and Solar Panel Installation are the BEST, very well mannered and communicated issues and helped us to resolve those. We are very very happy and pleased.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed July 3, 2023

    I had a very good experience with Orange County Solar a few years ago, and I've referred them to a lot of dear friends of mine. I only do that when I'm very satisfied. Also, going solar was great for us, financially. It saved us a lot of money on our monthly bills.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed June 30, 2023

    Orange County Solar clearly has been doing this for a very long time and seem to have a lot of experience. Also, they were very responsive. Any questions I had, everybody was nice and helpful. It was a very easy experience with a couple of minor hiccups that were easily solved and were not a big deal. It was a fantastic process. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed June 29, 2023

    Orange County Solar is a recommendation of a friend who used them. We're in the start-up phase, and so far, it's been excellent.

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