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    145 John Casablancas Modeling Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 15, 2018

    What a disappointment. Over the phone, the receptionist stated that there were no fees, that no modeling agency should charge anything except for commission when you start work. Absolute lies! After your kid gets their hopes up because they "made the cut" after walking the runway and reading a script, they call you in for the next interview the next day, one on one. That's when the heartbreaking begins. To watch my son's face light up only to slowly be let down was a parent's absolute torture.

    The presentation was completely unprofessional, looked like copies off a 50 year old copier. The "agent" was way too young to be doing her job as she could not sufficiently answer my questions about How they could justify their $375 registration fee. I asked too many questions apparently as she had to call in a slightly more experienced agent who could still not justify the hefty registration fee. Then you have $2k worth of classes that are btw totally required. Run, just run away from this place and spare your child the heartache when you have to turn them down because of their unfair policies and fees.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 1, 2018

    When doing a search for modeling jobs, this agency called right away and wanted to make an appointment for an audition (for my daughter). The initial call with Matt was a bit concerning because he spoke really fast, which in my opinion, was a way to avert giving details. I asked questions because I am leery of agencies in the first place - I asked what the costs were and he replied, "The audition is free, the photographer will take some photos and that is free". So I asked, "Does it cost to join the agency in order to get modeling jobs?" His response was, "Our agency gets a commission."

    So I made the appointment. We cancelled the next day because my daughter changed her mind and wasn't ready for it. The woman that I spoke to was abrupt and said, "What do you mean she is not ready?" She continued to argue and ask questions and said, "She may never get another chance at this". That was a huge red flag for me and will never pursue this agency if my daughter wants to start modeling. We have also had another comparison with Ford Modeling Agency, who has been VERY professional and understanding.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 1, 2018

    My little sister got a call to come in for an audition! She did a photoshoot in one room and read some lines in another. Then she came into the room where the parents are and so did the other kids. The director who is also the receptionist one of them anyways came in talked about JC & showed us photos of successful talents they signed and showed us videos as well. The kids had to walk the runway and rate themselves an A B or C & how much they wanted to be there. With an 8 being low and she wouldn't accept them! They all did the runway and talked about what they rated themselves and how badly they wanted to be there! She also asked the parents and family members how long the children been wanting to do this since what age & if the family is supportive.

    Then at the end of everything which took about an hour and a half she said, "When I call your name you will get your things and your person you came with," and go with the lady next to her! There were about 20 people in there and only about 6 people stayed! My sister being one of them. Then they closed the doors and said, "Congratulations. You made it past day one! I will call out times so you can pick which time you want so you can come back tomorrow!" We got the earliest time and came back the next day!

    Now the next day we saw the headshots that were taken and paid $10 for which BTW they told us we would have to bring $10 for if we wanted them! Then we went into the room and talked about next steps! Now we went back to the rating of A B or C & about the training she would be doing! Now my sis will be going to a performing arts school in NY so she couldn't do the longer program which was 8 months. So I don't know the pricing of that but I do know that it was going to be two hours each training and I believe every two Saturdays. But since she is going to school for acting in NY she couldn't do that! So we are doing the three months program which she said are usually for people who is in the business or was and needs a refresher! So with this one it’s the same as the original one but crammed into three months! So learns the first few curriculums in one day for 4 hours!

    Then the next two of them in July and August and graduates! The good thing is that she gets to do ads and promos after the first month! Then once she graduates she gets to do auditions for acting for TV shows and movies! Price included, photoshoots, training explaining how to do your makeup, the shade you will need, walking in heels, different terms for modeling and acting, reading from the teleprompter, and way way more! 3 months 3 classes on Sundays and 4 hours each class! And she also gets to attend the workshops to brush up on these skills since it’s once a month she is going for she will utilize the workshops! And those are included in the fee! The price was less than $1000! Was about $930!

    But the good thing is I CALLED up the agency asking questions so I knew going in what it was about! They will not give you auditions for you to fail because you don't know what certain terms mean! You have to learn these things first! And they teach you that & she is signed for the year! If she did the 8 months one it would have been for 3 years! But she did the three months one so it’s only for a year and then she can either renew her contract or not! But she starts promos and ads after the first month and after she graduates she can do acting which is what she really wants to do!

    They give you a secret site that only people who got accepted into it knows about and you get auditions sent to your phone and you need a login and password to look at it! You also do an online portfolio to help them decide which person to send on certain auditions that casting directors are looking for. My sister is very excited! She starts in 2 weeks! The good thing is if she does get auditions for acting and gets jobs for TV shows and movies she don't need to go to a school in NY for acting because she already got training here & she saved $40,000 because that school is very expensive! She will be spending less than $1000 here for 3 extensive months and they send her out on auditions and it’s up to her to book the gigs! So she won't need to go to college for acting when she already did school for way cheaper! And she is getting jobs! So that is amazing too!

    They also do not promise you anything! They said they don’t promise you will get a job they don't promise you that they will hook you up with an agent or manager because that’s on you! They will get you auditions but it’s up to you to use the training and workshops you went to book your own gigs! They get your foot into the door it’s up to you to get your body through it! Commission is 10-20%. They don't get commission if you make anything less than $100 & yes!

    So yes it is a training facility but they do get you to auditions as well! So we are all excited to see which auditions my sister gets after the first month and even after she graduates! The agency is a training facility first and an agency last because they want to make sure you will actually make them money for that year or 3 years you are in contract with them! And if you book an audition on your own they don't get commission for that because they didn't book the audition for you! And they are not exclusive so she can look for auditions and other agencies and agents and managers if she wants too as well which is perfect!

    JC isn't bad! You need to ask questions when they call your child in for an audition ask to see what it is like. I did when they called my sister and you won't be shocked and surprised when they tell you she needs training! Of course your child needs training. They never done this before and they need to make sure you will make them money! And we saved $40,000 on a college she was going to for two years for ACTING CLASSES and spent less than $1000 going to training classes for three months and she will be getting auditions while in training! Yeah def a no brainer.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 20, 2018

    Acting: I had an appointment to meet with them about April 16, 2018. I canceled as my research showed that they were only interested in signing you up for expensive classes. I got a second call from them stating that is not the case and they recognize those who don't need training and asked me back for a second audition. I was tentative though felt I had nothing to lose. Showed up last night, did much better than anyone there, selected out of 25 individuals to read a script again and walk the runway. Some, I have to admit really sucked. They sent home 2 leaving myself and 4 others. We walked the runway again and read another commercial script. I KNOW I did the best as others were monotone, stuttered their words, basically talentless... P.S. ran the runway back and forth. The kept me till everyone was gone telling me how well I did and they wanted me back at 12:30 the following day which is today.

    I showed up on time and soon taken into a room for a private interview of my pics and experience. Suddenly as they saw in recent comments that I refused to take lessons if I should need to pay for them their entire attitude immediately changed... saying that they have individuals with seniority that would be ahead of me for these roles and I should come back in 8 months. I have to say I was pissed as I had to drive a total of 80 miles to make what I thought was going to be a successful endeavor. They told me to come back in 8 months which I had no interest in doing so. I asked to purchase the photos the photog took the previous night. They told me to bring 10 bucks to purchase them though they said they lost the photographs.

    THE ENTIRE EXPERIENCE WAS A SCAM... I know I was the most talented there which is why they shunned me knowing I would not pay for lessons as that is where they make their money. As I continued to query them as to why they were insistent on having me come back today they got nasty and said they would call the cops should I not leave as there were other prospective clients there. STAY AWAY FROM THEM... even the famous individuals they claim started their career with John Casablancas is UNTRUE!!!

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 20, 2018

    I was harassed on the phone (text) numerous times, mostly text. I was suspicious of their hours, had a suspicion they were not the real deal when they told me I would do a cold read. Nobody in the industry has cold reads anymore. The office was loud with music, blaring lights, and a lot of over made up and overly perfumed Valley Girl types. It was maybe appropriate if you were going to sign with the Circus. I have written a book about this scam, I have 25 years in the business and I plan to launch an all out attack on this fraudulent activity, starting in Orlando.

    12 people found this review helpful
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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 12, 2018

    It was my first time trying anything for modeling. I’ve thought about it time and time again. I finally decided to try. They are cool peoples and nice and honest which I respect them for. Unfortunately I was cut when asked on a scale of 1-10 how serious I am. I said 5. Yes I wanna do this and if I passed I was gonna go for the top but at the same time it’s not a necessity to my already ongoing life and career. The one woman complained about wasting time but as she put it no one there was really "that good" so why not waste more time to see if there was a diamond in the making? That’s the only problem I had. Bring out one’s interest in modeling before asking them how much they wanna do it. And ask the right questions... smh. You can want very much to do something but that doesn’t mean you have the capability of doing so. They should have asked, "Can you see yourself doing this." But that’s just me.

    I researched JC (John Casablancas) and saw a lot of scam claims. No, the woman said an "A" means you got the talent and you can start pretty much. A "B" and "C" is that you need a little assistance which is why you’re sent to a program/school to help you with your acting and modeling. Which unfortunately costs money that they don’t pay for. They aren’t mean. Just honest and people forget the truth hurts. I Feel they are legit. Most of the scam claims are misunderstandings of what it takes for them to do what they came to do, model and acting.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 27, 2018

    A place where you learn about how to become an actresses and/or model. They taught me things that changed my life forever. The teachers are caring and want to see you succeed. It is definitely a self esteem lifter. I looked forward to taking the classes and I met a lot of good friends.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 20, 2018

    First you're called to audition, you go there, this placed is so **. They take your picture, then you read a line (for Gap), then you walk on the runway (** deck) then they tell you (you made the cut, come back tomorrow for a second audition and bring 5 pic). We get there, the receptionist is already trying to help someone on the phone that is ** that they never got their photos from them. Then we go into this office, she sits us down and says (I will be right back). Leaves for like 5 min. Then comes back asking my son (How do you feel you did?) Then say we love you, we graded you a B+. Then looked at the 5 photos we did (she did nothing with them). Then sat there and she did nothing but lift him to the top by saying (Oh, how do that make you feel, How does that sound, if we work with you?) Then the fine print comes out after her whole car salesman pitch.

    Then we get the ok, here is our packages for the classes $ 2150.00 (The VIP). You must pay right now, because he has to start classes next week. The way they portray things is very deceiving, and slimy. You think you are going to audition for something, then you think you're coming back to audition for some part, BUT NO, it's to take their classes. This whole operation is a SCAM to get you to enroll into their school.

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    30 people found this review helpful
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 19, 2018

    Like everyone else, my daughter which is 11 and I went to the audition and was told to come back the next day for the second part of the audition or interview or sales pitch whatever you want to call it, I just knew they was going to ask for money and there my 11 year old daughter looking at me with hope and excitement in her eyes and I was going to give it a shot even though it cost a arm and a leg. After reading these reviews I now know this isn't the place I want to to do business with.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 18, 2018

    This company is only interested in selling classes. I have over a decade of experience in film, television and stage acting but they did not even bother with a call back. They bring in kids and clueless people and use tired cliche salesman tactics to lure you into buying classes. They promise you the world up until the point where they realize they have failed to sell their snake oil. Stay far far away from these people. Another review was spot on about the Jennifer Lopez music that was playing way too loud. Skylar is rude and condescending. She doesn't realize that if she was any good at her job she would be out in Hollywood and not stuck in Orlando selling BS. She has all the charm of a 70's used car salesman.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 14, 2018

    I heard a lot of bad reviews about John Casablanca. However I decided not to take those reviews into consideration and research things for myself. My daughter is 13 years old. She has been into the acting and drama and then since she was 3 years old John Casablanca has given for the opportunity to blossom into so much more than what we were able to. The school with every great thing there comes across no cost is too great when you have a passion. The staff was outstanding. They're able to accommodate you and work around you or your own personalized schedule that you have. They are definitely not scam. I've seen many opportunities be given and I seen great outcome from several different people.

    18 people found this review helpful
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 13, 2018

    Went there tonight with my son who had gone to his first "audition" last night and was asked to come back because he "made the cut". He had an 8pm appt and was told to arrived 10 minutes early. We arrived 15 minutes early and sat in a dirty ghetto waiting room for over 30 minutes past appt time. Then we got called into the office to discuss my sons future. The woman asked if he would be interested in some training, and I ask How much $$, she then says that will be discussed later.

    Then goes on to ask more stupid questions getting back to his interest in training. I again ask how much. Then all of a sudden her manner changed and she says, "It clear you're not ready to commit to this." And I say, "Why are you avoiding answering my question about the price?" It went for bad to worse. Bottom line is, my son shouldn't have to pay people to have this career, they should be paying him! I am not some entitled princess mom or whatever I've read in some of these comments. But I know ** when I see it!! Don't go to this SO CALLED agency.

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    21 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 4, 2018

    They say you don’t have to pay but when you go back for an interview it costs 3k for the classes they make you take. If they were upfront day 1 about the costs and didn’t lie then I probably would have signed but I don’t like when people try to pull the shade over my eyes. Not cool. And when I texted him telling him I didn’t want to sign they were not nice. Very unprofessional.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 25, 2018

    My daughter is 11. Since she started at JC she has come out of her shell. She is so much more confident. She has appeared on TV numerous times. If you put in the work at JC you will get the results you are looking for. It is a school not an agency. They give you the tools to be successful. Like any school, you have to work for it!!!

    17 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 8, 2018

    We drove 2 hours, then one camera shot, and rush through a Coca-Cola line, then mushed in a room while waiting and watching loud J-Lo music videos, then she talked and talked and talked about how this one and that one was found while parents sat on rock hard chairs and the audition people stood in lines squished together while she talked for 2 hours. Then she had each person walk a narrow runway and have parents clap for each one. Then she asked each person rate how much they are interested, experience, and how long they've been interested as all are listening and waiting. Then she calls names to be dismissed.

    All they are interested in is signing people up to give money for classes. I was so upset that I wasted all my time and money on gas and tolls. Horrible experience! The main thing is my son was disappointed with all this. Customer service was horrible and how they treated him was so rotten. They lied on the phone and then he had no positive feedback. Please know that this is such a scam.

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    24 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 25, 2018

    What more can I say about John Casablancas Modeling that hasn't been said and already proven to you that this company is a certified triple OG HUSTLER! They almost had me until I started reading these reviews and then putting 2 and 2 together from my recent experience over these last two days. Not to mention at the time I was super broke so even stupidity wasn't gone be enough to get them any closer to me paying a dime.

    I received a random phone call saying I was referred and they wanted to invite me to audition. Blah blah first of all Trish told me to come photoshoot ready all I gotta say is that this real sensitive guy took our pictures in a room setup up like a photoshoot and took our pics with his cell phone (lol) like really and it wasn't even an iPhone. Yo, it was so tacky, but I ignored it because I'm so caught up in the moment and my daughter was with me. Pretty much everyone has explained in accurate detail as far as the whole process goes. This particular scam hub went next level though. They had a guy give a sub-par powerful performance in giving us the history and jargon crap about the company. He then the sensitive guy gave us 5 things to remember which he talked so much he forgot to mention the third and as I just review the past two days in my head I feel so lame for really believing anything coming out of anybody's mouth.

    So here's something funny. They actually had a guy on site who was dressed like a really serious photographer and we were told that he was a photographer and yet he wasn't the guy taking our photos lol. The place is a complete joke need I say more. So when I luckily didn't get the call meaning if you did receive a call between the hours of 8am-9am it means you didn't make the cut. When in actuality those who got the call were the lucky ones because they weren't the fools like us superstars who didn't receive a call to come back for day 2. What they do is prey on the people who are serious, who have passion, and who truly desire to make in the industry. Those are the real suckers who they want to bleed dry.

    In conclusion, the entire presentation is an act and real live SCAM! I will say this particular scam branch was really really good. They had me for a minute but like the bible says the truth will always come to the light if you truly desire to see it. I just thank the Lord for revealing it to me in this way and to every individual who took time out and who may have been burnt by J.C. Modeling just so that I could see and they be exposed. Thank you so much and I pray this helps the next person.

    P.S. The reviews that have 5 stars and are pretty much are saying the same lame dead reviews are trolls and are not real. Pay attention to the wording and the tone of the review and also take notice how no one ever state what job they've actually done and/or how much they were making. They never talk about where they traveled; well there is one exception one jarhead stated she got signed and was able to tour LA like it was Europe or something. Anybody not from LA with a plane ticket can go to LA.

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    29 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 16, 2018

    Scam artists. They will invite you. Tell your innocent child they want them for audition. John Casablanca will get your child's hope's up, even when they do not need to and the child is truly beautiful and talented. Then they will invite you back. You will ask them about if there is money involved to be paid day one. They will tell you no. They ARE ABSOLUTELY LYING. They convince you there is no money involved. They will invite you back for a second audition. They will not give your child a second audition, but rather give you an unending office sales pitch without ever talking money. You will finally be so sick of the sales pitch that you will finally ask them when they will get to your child's audition. They will tell after we are done in the office. You will finally have had so much of the sales pitch, that you will ask, "Can you tell me if where you are going with this", "Are you going to charge us for these services", and they yes, but only the first 6 months.

    My child began crying when I said, I knew it. So can we talk about it later, after 2nd audition? My child did memorize, and did in fact do her part, and is patiently waiting for this 2nd audition, which is why we are here. They tell me well, 'We will get to that eventually". What they mean is no, and said no, until we sign her up for over 2,000 in "training". Take it from me, it is all about them hooking you in, and yes, they will waste your time and give you one sales pitch after another without ever admitting they in fact do want you to pay but deny it at first.

    At the end of the day, they are deceitful, dishonest, and will break your child's heart. There is no 2nd audition, unless you are willing to cough up over 2K in their office first. They are fraudulent in their practices. Don't believe a word they say. It is a waste of time and money. They lack all integrity, and worst of all, do not care if they bring a child's hopes up to the sky, only to let them down if the parent doesn't pay them money when and if they finally tell you. You have to pry it out of them. Good luck. These people are insensitive, cruel, and lack all integrity. They just want your money.

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    36 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 10, 2018

    When I signed on to MTM training in the spring of 16, little did I know the extent of the life changing experience I was about to discover. This is truly the greatest thing I've ever done for myself! I found things buried inside of me I never knew existed. I've always had a positive and outgoing personality but little did I know that my persona existed at just the surface level. The training but mostly the instructors, through patience and tough training skills, allowed me to plumb the depths of my personality, talents and confidence I never knew existed. This has resulted in more joy and satisfaction in the interactions with others and a brighter outlook in all of the events and activities around me.

    What I find amazing is how people around me and even in casual contact can see something in me that no one has ever seen before. I know this because I can see how people respond to me. It's a wonderful feeling. Feeling the change that has been evolving in me for the past two years. And I credit the MTM experience for all of this plus I give thanks to the Lord for placing me in just the right place and moment to discover the opportunity of self discovery and to find talents here-to-fore unknown to me. The best experience of my life has been afforded me by this truly life changing experience. Thanks again to all of you at MTM Denver, staff and students alike - something I will carry with me, happily, for the rest of my life. Once again, this journey of self discovery has been one the greatest things I've ever done.

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    16 people found this review helpful
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 19, 2018

    John Casablancas branch Illinois - When you get the call from them it is like: You are the diamond among the stones. What they want it is to sell you their training course for something between 3,5 and 5K$. And you need to say yes or no at that point. Not tomorrow, because the training is starting today... And they leave the room so you can talk to your kid alone about it. Sure thing, a teen will be disappointed if you don't pay for the training. This company it is a TRAINING company, this is not an agency. The worst about the company it is that they make your kid feel sad.

    38 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 9, 2018

    John Casablancas in Cary, North Carolina is the worst place to go for your modelling. They will just get two thousand dollars out of your pocket and you will get out of there with no experience and no talent. They will make you do work for them and will never pay you. Piece of advice; if you can help it don't step your foot in there. Take it from me straight up.

    41 people found this review helpful
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 5, 2018

    We went in for a, so called, audition, and after a long wait listening to extremely loud music, the spokeswoman bragged about how great they are, and pointed out historical accomplishments. They then play a video advertising their training program and how it is a MUST. Then they illuminate some people, and make you feel like you have it takes. Because you made it, and set up an appointment for the next day, where they will interview you and your child and if you do well, they will sign a non-exclusive contract with you. BIG LIE! It's not an interview. Is a car sale day.

    They break down the cost for you and pressure to get it the same day or the offer is off. The real winners were the people that were eliminated the 1st night. Don't make the mistake of ignoring the reviews, like I did. Do Not put your child or teen through that disappointment. Lucky for me I had already warn my girl, and we are now hiring a REAL actor trainer locally. Just keep an eye on where auditions are taking place and take your kid, once they you both feel you're ready. Being from Casablancas does not get you in - They are usually the JOKE of the industry.

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    38 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 3, 2017

    My daughter has been interested in modeling/acting for a long time. She came across John Casablancas, did the online application and received a call right away. I went with her to her interview with Rodger and I was pleasantly surprised of how professional and helpful he was. The office is always so cheerful and pleasant, I recommend John Casablancas to anyone looking to get into modeling and acting!

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 15, 2017

    First it was all good. This woman was very friendly, laughing and calling my husband cuz. She acted like she was really trying to help us help our two children get into the business. She went out the room twice acting like she was getting us a better price for their services. Then she came year old son, back the last time with a buy one get one free offer. She said it several times in front of my husband, year old daughter, and my year old granddaughter.

    I even asked her if it was buy one get one free why was my son contract stating a price and she said it would be in the computer it was free. I even asked her about the two registration fees we paid that day and she said we just had to pay for his registration fee. I even told her at the first training that this wasn't what our agreement was and texted her. She's denying saying any of it but, my entire family heard her several times. When parents are trying to give their children a head start ya'll shouldn't have people robbing families.

    My children love the company but, this is just wrong and we're trying to solve the issue but, if we have to take further action we will. She's just wrong. I refuse to be taken advantage of. My husband just paid and extra & 251.00 and is expected to pay this for two more months. We either want someone to fix this problem or return our money. Thank you. Her name is Diadira and what looks like **.

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    27 people found this review helpful
    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 9, 2017

    John Casablancas has been a great experience since I started. As soon as you walk in you could see the people being very professional and helpful. They have opened a beautiful new door of acting and modeling to many talented students. They have gave me an opportunity to become part of their team. I really enjoy how every class leaves a great lesson that will stick with me for a great amount of time. I have become more positive with my career since I started coming here. They will make your dream come true.

    20 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 5, 2017

    Hi, my name is Larissa **, and I have been with John Casablancas for about a year now. I was super skeptical of the program going in, because I did do research before signing up, and many of the "real reviews" said that JC is a scam. However, I am here to tell you that becoming a professional model is hard work. JC is the bridge to full blown professional work, John Casablancas, at least from my experience has given me local work. So yes, I have gotten a couple paid jobs, and I am currently working with Tina (the director) to further my career. Most people walk in expecting jobs, however, you do need training (initial payment) but beyond that, it's up to the model to get far.

    Going to model meetings, and staying up to date with what the company is doing, along with growing a relationship with the staff is an important key to being seen and getting jobs. So, if you're looking for an easy ride, don't join JC. If you want them to get you in front of higher level modeling agencies you have to first prove to them that you can handle it, and the only way to do that is to make yourself seen. A good way to start is through social media. So, in conclusion I have gotten a couple of paying jobs from JC, and I am currently working to get further in the industry, and it's not easy. John Casablancas will not make you famous, but they can be the gateway agency to help you.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 8, 2017

    I went to the Columbus John Casablancas when it was at the Continent in the 80s. 25 years later, I am still with this wonderful company! I even have my kids in the business now. I learned so much about the business as a teenager, how to act in interviews, how to exude confidence, how to look confident even when I am nervous, and much much more! It gave me the confidence to go for different things that I would have NEVER had the confidence to do!! John Casablancas has helped me through life choices, and I LOVE auditioning for the movies coming through Ohio and Indiana. I am a huge fan of the new twitter feed that feeds you auditions in the area immediately - I book a lot now! I especially like the 'life learning" coaching that I have received for decades for free - I paid for my initial training, of course, but once you start doing auditions, you don't pay any more for lessons - you just keep getting support and coaching.

    Modeling and acting jobs in Ohio don't always pay, sometimes they are for charity organizations, which I don't mind supporting, and they are good for my resume! I of course do like the average jobs that pay $20-$200/hour, and my agent gets a cut, so the more I make, the more she makes. I am very appreciative of everyone on the JC MTM team and love hearing the success stories of my co talent. Thank you John Casablancas for such a terrific Agency in Columbus!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 11, 2017

    First impression was definitely a good one but as we all suspected and read from reviews it was definitely not a very good experience! At first they call you and tell you they'd love for you to come audition and no hidden fees-yes, this is a question I made sure to ask before even agreeing to go in the very first time-all you had to do is come in and audition. Easy peasy! My kids were part of the group selected for a call back, which meant each kid was rated either an A or a B. A meant you had experience and portfolio made and B was pretty much they saw talent in you but need to take a 10 week course, to learn to walk, dress, makeup, hair and so on.

    During the first night, the Director, and both his little sidekicks explained that they are not there to take your money, in fact John Casablancas had this "thing" he'd say which were the 3 "nots". First Not was: They will NOT ask you for your money. And honestly cannot remember the other 2, but as it would for anyone the 1st "not" stuck out. So we agreed to come back, Day 2: you know the normal we do this and that, they tell you everything you want to hear and you get your portfolio and we invest in over 20,000 for each client for photos, makeup, hair and so on traveling for client and plus 1. But they do recommend they take this course for 10 weeks for 2 hrs every Saturday-but hold up! You need $1650.00 for each kid up front before they can sign you up. Crazy huh! But what about the 3 "NOTS"??!

    Ok I went against my better judgment and signed them up with a small down payment just to get them started as this was something my kids wanted to get started with doing. I messed up bad! I read all the fine print after-and I def take full responsibility for my bad decision and have learned from this! What I do blame on them though, is that they lied from the get go-from the phone call that I very bluntly asked her if there was gonna be any hidden fees. She said NO! And all throughout the meeting with them.

    John Casablancas Modeling & Career Center does not offer, with any of its programs, free portfolios, photos, or makeup. (But in the meeting they said "we do not charge for portfolios, in fact if you come across someone who is trying to charge you for one to RUN!") So I should have run and not gone on then. OH And... They don't tell you that if you want to cancel your transaction, you have to do so in writing, get it notarized and sent via certified mail with 3 business days from the sign on!!! Which is impossible for the letter to arrive to someone available to sign since their business hrs are M-F 2p-9p and Fri 6p-9p and Sat 9a to I believe 5pm. So in my case the certified letter was to arrive on a Friday since we signed on a Tuesday. So I will keep you updated on if my refund is honored.

    Getting ahold of someone prior to you telling them you want out is cake but the minute you tell them you want out, absolutely everyone is out of reach and does not return calls/texts/voicemails-finally an email was responded to which the director tried telling me he had tried calling me "several" times the night my voicemail was left but his calls would not go through. I call **. So all in all, I've always been the type of person to give someone a chance despite what others say, which is another reason why I first decided to go ahead, but it didn't take too long for me to see exactly what others were saying were true! So You can either take this as your sign and turn away now or figure it out on your own as I did. Your future is up to you!

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    Original review: Aug. 7, 2017

    I have been around multiple modeling agencies these past few years. I started because JC scouted me while I was working as a makeup artist. Of course, I was skeptical before I auditioned. It turns out John Casablancas is actually one of the best agencies that I have experienced. They offer a three-year renewable contract, and you are able to work with other agencies. I have made money through them. I have worked with them, and have been assigned jobs from the agent. Most of the people are cool and helpful and full of advice. I honestly do not regret any of it.

    41 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 5, 2017

    Per my child's request, my child and I were recently invited to an audition in Santa Ana CA. The Director named Roger and the receptionist acted like they were so very bored and did not give eye contact when we arrived or during my child's photo shoot. The director's assistant, a lady that helped us fill out the application and find our way around was wonderful and made us feel at ease. There were about 20 of us, parents and attendees, held in a room with a model's runway at center. The audition led by Roger was a long history about JC and about their successes. Roger trailed off as he spoke but I wasn't concerned, we could catch up with him after the audition. We were told some of us would not make it, some of us would be offered training and a contract, and some may be offered a contract. It went on and on for almost an hour before we were able to demonstrate our talents.

    We were invited back the next day to find out what if any opportunity there would be for my child. Roger talked non-stop and again dropped words off the end of sentences throughout the interview. There was no explanation on what the contract would be or what it would entail. The interview ended with an offer: a contract with JC after we had training with JC, or we could choose training wherever we chose and come back in 6 mos. We had to fork over more than 300 dollars before end of that day (it was already late afternoon) to begin right away with JC. If we did not pay by day's end, we had to wait for 6 mos before we could return to JC regardless of whether or not we had training before then. Roger's lack of communication, pushiness and unprofessional questions made me cautious and decline the offer.

    I have worked in the corporate world and never is an ultimatum requiring immediate financial action a good business practice; signals poor management, lack of commitment or misrepresentation by the seller. Maybe all is good here, but we are not happy with how things went for us. Roger needs to display better communication, social skills under all circumstances (there were many different styles represented at this audition). Roger was nice and seemed genuinely interested but was it about our furthering our child's career or was he simply interested in our bank account? I just found that Mr. John Casablancas passed away in 2013 and had a sketchy reputation. Shame on me for not noticing there is nothing about JC offering their students a contract: We will not be doing business with John Casablancas.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 30, 2017

    This company is a scam at the word go. They called me to audition for their modeling/acting agency TMT. This audition was all smoke and mirrors to get me to sign up to take classes for $2500.00. They obviously play on the hopes and dreams of young people and their hopeful parents. Everything about it... The clever wording used to get you to take classes, reminding you that "You said you were willing to do anything to make it in this business." The director is a fast talker leaving little room for you to ask questions or take the time to make a well thought out decision. You don't even have the option to think about it, if you leave without signing up for classes you are not welcome back, "You blew your chance"... It's dripping in sleazy deceit... Teens and early twenty something, stay away, take some acting classes at a college or submit photos to a " real" modeling agency... This one is a fake.

    121 people found this review helpful

    John Casablancas expert review by ConsumerAffairs

    John Casablancas founded his self-named modeling agency more than 25 years ago. The company currently has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, Tokyo and is present in other various cities. The company focuses solely on representing models and actors, and it provides training and instruction.

    • Fashion based: John Casablancas has access to the best jobs in the industry because of its locations in the world's fashion capitals. This ensures clients have the chance to get the highest-paying jobs with the most exposure.

    • Board of Education certified: In many states, the agency is registered and certified with the State Board of Education, so it is officially recognized as a provider of education and instruction.

    • In-depth instruction options: The company does not simply offer clients basic modeling classes, it has many in-depth courses, including skin and hair care, portfolio development, how to work with photographers, television commercial acting and the business side of modeling.

    • Company reputation: John Casablancas Modeling centers have an excellent reputation because they were founded by John Casablancas, a modeling pioneer responsible for one of the most successful agencies of all time, which is Elite Model Management International.

    • High-quality instructors: The company only employs the highest-quality instructors who have a great deal of field experience in their areas of expertise.

    • Best for: Aspiring actors and fashion models.

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