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John Casablancas Modeling

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Last updated: Nov. 15, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 15, 2017

First it was all good. This woman was very friendly, laughing and calling my husband cuz. She acted like she was really trying to help us help our two children get into the business. She went out the room twice acting like she was getting us a better price for their services. Then she came year old son, back the last time with a buy one get one free offer. She said it several times in front of my husband, year old daughter, and my year old granddaughter.

I even asked her if it was buy one get one free why was my son contract stating a price and she said it would be in the computer it was free. I even asked her about the two registration fees we paid that day and she said we just had to pay for his registration fee. I even told her at the first training that this wasn't what our agreement was and texted her. She's denying saying any of it but, my entire family heard her several times. When parents are trying to give their children a head start ya'll shouldn't have people robbing families.

My children love the company but, this is just wrong and we're trying to solve the issue but, if we have to take further action we will. She's just wrong. I refuse to be taken advantage of. My husband just paid and extra & 251.00 and is expected to pay this for two more months. We either want someone to fix this problem or return our money. Thank you. Her name is Diadira and what looks like **.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 9, 2017

John Casablancas has been a great experience since I started. As soon as you walk in you could see the people being very professional and helpful. They have opened a beautiful new door of acting and modeling to many talented students. They have gave me an opportunity to become part of their team. I really enjoy how every class leaves a great lesson that will stick with me for a great amount of time. I have become more positive with my career since I started coming here. They will make your dream come true.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 5, 2017

Hi, my name is Larissa **, and I have been with John Casablancas for about a year now. I was super skeptical of the program going in, because I did do research before signing up, and many of the "real reviews" said that JC is a scam. However, I am here to tell you that becoming a professional model is hard work. JC is the bridge to full blown professional work, John Casablancas, at least from my experience has given me local work. So yes, I have gotten a couple paid jobs, and I am currently working with Tina (the director) to further my career. Most people walk in expecting jobs, however, you do need training (initial payment) but beyond that, it's up to the model to get far.

Going to model meetings, and staying up to date with what the company is doing, along with growing a relationship with the staff is an important key to being seen and getting jobs. So, if you're looking for an easy ride, don't join JC. If you want them to get you in front of higher level modeling agencies you have to first prove to them that you can handle it, and the only way to do that is to make yourself seen. A good way to start is through social media. So, in conclusion I have gotten a couple of paying jobs from JC, and I am currently working to get further in the industry, and it's not easy. John Casablancas will not make you famous, but they can be the gateway agency to help you.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 8, 2017

I went to the Columbus John Casablancas when it was at the Continent in the 80s. 25 years later, I am still with this wonderful company! I even have my kids in the business now. I learned so much about the business as a teenager, how to act in interviews, how to exude confidence, how to look confident even when I am nervous, and much much more! It gave me the confidence to go for different things that I would have NEVER had the confidence to do!! John Casablancas has helped me through life choices, and I LOVE auditioning for the movies coming through Ohio and Indiana. I am a huge fan of the new twitter feed that feeds you auditions in the area immediately - I book a lot now! I especially like the 'life learning" coaching that I have received for decades for free - I paid for my initial training, of course, but once you start doing auditions, you don't pay any more for lessons - you just keep getting support and coaching.

Modeling and acting jobs in Ohio don't always pay, sometimes they are for charity organizations, which I don't mind supporting, and they are good for my resume! I of course do like the average jobs that pay $20-$200/hour, and my agent gets a cut, so the more I make, the more she makes. I am very appreciative of everyone on the JC MTM team and love hearing the success stories of my co talent. Thank you John Casablancas for such a terrific Agency in Columbus!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 11, 2017

First impression was definitely a good one but as we all suspected and read from reviews it was definitely not a very good experience! At first they call you and tell you they'd love for you to come audition and no hidden fees-yes, this is a question I made sure to ask before even agreeing to go in the very first time-all you had to do is come in and audition. Easy peasy! My kids were part of the group selected for a call back, which meant each kid was rated either an A or a B. A meant you had experience and portfolio made and B was pretty much they saw talent in you but need to take a 10 week course, to learn to walk, dress, makeup, hair and so on.

During the first night, the Director, and both his little sidekicks explained that they are not there to take your money, in fact John Casablancas had this "thing" he'd say which were the 3 "nots". First Not was: They will NOT ask you for your money. And honestly cannot remember the other 2, but as it would for anyone the 1st "not" stuck out. So we agreed to come back, Day 2: you know the normal we do this and that, they tell you everything you want to hear and you get your portfolio and we invest in over 20,000 for each client for photos, makeup, hair and so on traveling for client and plus 1. But they do recommend they take this course for 10 weeks for 2 hrs every Saturday-but hold up! You need $1650.00 for each kid up front before they can sign you up. Crazy huh! But what about the 3 "NOTS"??!

Ok I went against my better judgment and signed them up with a small down payment just to get them started as this was something my kids wanted to get started with doing. I messed up bad! I read all the fine print after-and I def take full responsibility for my bad decision and have learned from this! What I do blame on them though, is that they lied from the get go-from the phone call that I very bluntly asked her if there was gonna be any hidden fees. She said NO! And all throughout the meeting with them.

John Casablancas Modeling & Career Center does not offer, with any of its programs, free portfolios, photos, or makeup. (But in the meeting they said "we do not charge for portfolios, in fact if you come across someone who is trying to charge you for one to RUN!") So I should have run and not gone on then. OH And... They don't tell you that if you want to cancel your transaction, you have to do so in writing, get it notarized and sent via certified mail with 3 business days from the sign on!!! Which is impossible for the letter to arrive to someone available to sign since their business hrs are M-F 2p-9p and Fri 6p-9p and Sat 9a to I believe 5pm. So in my case the certified letter was to arrive on a Friday since we signed on a Tuesday. So I will keep you updated on if my refund is honored.

Getting ahold of someone prior to you telling them you want out is cake but the minute you tell them you want out, absolutely everyone is out of reach and does not return calls/texts/voicemails-finally an email was responded to which the director tried telling me he had tried calling me "several" times the night my voicemail was left but his calls would not go through. I call **. So all in all, I've always been the type of person to give someone a chance despite what others say, which is another reason why I first decided to go ahead, but it didn't take too long for me to see exactly what others were saying were true! So You can either take this as your sign and turn away now or figure it out on your own as I did. Your future is up to you!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 7, 2017

I have been around multiple modeling agencies these past few years. I started because JC scouted me while I was working as a makeup artist. Of course, I was skeptical before I auditioned. It turns out John Casablancas is actually one of the best agencies that I have experienced. They offer a three-year renewable contract, and you are able to work with other agencies. I have made money through them. I have worked with them, and have been assigned jobs from the agent. Most of the people are cool and helpful and full of advice. I honestly do not regret any of it.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 5, 2017

Per my child's request, my child and I were recently invited to an audition in Santa Ana CA. The Director named Roger and the receptionist acted like they were so very bored and did not give eye contact when we arrived or during my child's photo shoot. The director's assistant, a lady that helped us fill out the application and find our way around was wonderful and made us feel at ease. There were about 20 of us, parents and attendees, held in a room with a model's runway at center. The audition led by Roger was a long history about JC and about their successes. Roger trailed off as he spoke but I wasn't concerned, we could catch up with him after the audition. We were told some of us would not make it, some of us would be offered training and a contract, and some may be offered a contract. It went on and on for almost an hour before we were able to demonstrate our talents.

We were invited back the next day to find out what if any opportunity there would be for my child. Roger talked non-stop and again dropped words off the end of sentences throughout the interview. There was no explanation on what the contract would be or what it would entail. The interview ended with an offer: a contract with JC after we had training with JC, or we could choose training wherever we chose and come back in 6 mos. We had to fork over more than 300 dollars before end of that day (it was already late afternoon) to begin right away with JC. If we did not pay by day's end, we had to wait for 6 mos before we could return to JC regardless of whether or not we had training before then. Roger's lack of communication, pushiness and unprofessional questions made me cautious and decline the offer.

I have worked in the corporate world and never is an ultimatum requiring immediate financial action a good business practice; signals poor management, lack of commitment or misrepresentation by the seller. Maybe all is good here, but we are not happy with how things went for us. Roger needs to display better communication, social skills under all circumstances (there were many different styles represented at this audition). Roger was nice and seemed genuinely interested but was it about our furthering our child's career or was he simply interested in our bank account? I just found that Mr. John Casablancas passed away in 2013 and had a sketchy reputation. Shame on me for not noticing there is nothing about JC offering their students a contract: We will not be doing business with John Casablancas.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 30, 2017

This company is a scam at the word go. They called me to audition for their modeling/acting agency TMT. This audition was all smoke and mirrors to get me to sign up to take classes for $2500.00. They obviously play on the hopes and dreams of young people and their hopeful parents. Everything about it... The clever wording used to get you to take classes, reminding you that "You said you were willing to do anything to make it in this business." The director is a fast talker leaving little room for you to ask questions or take the time to make a well thought out decision. You don't even have the option to think about it, if you leave without signing up for classes you are not welcome back, "You blew your chance"... It's dripping in sleazy deceit... Teens and early twenty something, stay away, take some acting classes at a college or submit photos to a " real" modeling agency... This one is a fake.

Original review: July 26, 2017

When I got an audition my mom thought it was a scam. I auditioned then went to an interview. I got into their classes!! For all the people who thought they could just go there then be a model you're crazy you have to know things like different ways to walk how to take care of your skin and do your makeup. And same for acting. And after the 20 classes you get a photoshoot with head shots and you can start your resume!! And you will sign with their agency to get jobs and auditions. And you can switch to a different agency at any time. It is a great way to start your career. And because of them I'm going on a tour to LA to meet with agents for a chance to sign with one and move to LA!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 25, 2017

Working with John Casablancas has been an absolute nightmare. Since I was little I have told my parents that when I grow up I want to be in movies, so all throughout school they took me to auditions. They paid dues for school production, they did everything in their power to support me. So when John Casablancas called and said they were an Agency that was interested in my work, and wanted me to come in for an audition, how could we agreed to come down for an audition. We didn't put any notice to the fact that the audition was tomorrow, that happens often where you will be called last minute to do an audition. But we drive to the audition, that started at 6, and we got there about 5:30 and they were not letting anyone sign in yet. Finally at about 5:50 they had over 100 people in the lobby waiting to sign in.

The "audition" took well over 3 hours, where they made everyone who was auditioning walk the runway despite whether or not you wanted to do runway modelling, which is only available to people at least 5'10 - and i'm well under that requirement at only 5'2 - Then we all had to do 5 photos. After all of that they informed us that this was only part one of the audition, and that there would be a second audition the next morning at various times, but that only some of us would make it. That night they didn't inform us that it was actually a school and that they don't really think that you will be able to make them money at this point in time. So they tell you that if you are under 21 that a parent must accompany you to the audition the next day. Once I get to the "audition" the next day, it's not an audition at all. It's a meeting with a recruiter talking to you about money and how many classes you will have to take before you can be a qualified actor.

Let me tell you, my dad paid an arm, a leg, and a soul ($2,495 + $345 enrollment fee) for me to take these classes, and I haven't been taught anything I didn't already know. They are also extremely unorganized and they will remove you from their system if you have 3 absences without notifying them at least 24 hours in advance; and if they remove you from their system they do NOT refund you any of their money. Another thing about John Casablancas is that since I put it on my resume I have not been called back for anything, even with casting directors who I've known for years, because John Casablacas is a laughing stock in Los Angeles and New York. I wasted my parent's money on JC and I hope this will save you from doing the same.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 22, 2017

I am extremely disappointed. I spent 2,500 dollars plus pictures. Asked to be taken at the center. This company ONLY approves the ones who HAVE MONEY to pay for "the classes" and training. I should have picked out when they call me the first time and asked me: WHAT I DO FOR LIVING. I signed up with them Because I needed Acting classes and they do not know what they are doing, but they have these young guys "teaching classes" THAT they do not really teach but yet not only they mix beginners with students that have been there for more than 10 sessions, but also you have NO CLUE what you are doing and they don't care. They DO NOT TEACH YOU HOW TO ACT. They push you to practice at home. DOMINIC IS THE ONLY ONE teacher that is professional and knows what he is doing. Everyone else in the acting teaching is clueless. When you are close to graduate they make sure you don't pass.

Then you pay extra money to be in their website to supposedly apply for castings and make money. Well that website is scam: you applied AND NEVER get a response ever. The supposedly agent BRIDGGITE NEVER EVER replies to either by email, or phone call or nothing. I got tired of asking everyone who works there for any issue that I had with their website and or their classes. ASHLEY the director never returned my calls, and when I was in the center she never gave me any answer of what I was asking, promising she was going to get back with me which she never did. It seems that all they want is money, for pictures, to sign up in their website and to apply for auditions WHICH YOU NEVER HEAR FROM THEM.

Best example: I emailed BRIDGGITE, their agent about an audition I was applying and she never replied back. I got the email a month later when the audition was already expired and she was asking me about the audition name??? I sent her the whole info so she understand what I am talking about. It's like the Bridgette one does not exist.

Then my last full body pictures which they made me pay wayyy before I had them, it took more than a month to get it: I called so many times. And they never answer the phone or answer and transfer it to another person. Then nobody knows nothing about the pictures, then ASHLEY'S new front girl told me over the phone that they will email me the pictures. Never happened. I went there three times in person. To ask for my pictures last time after so much trouble. I got them. They don't take seriously anything. Much less there is no audition that I know of that exists... Very bad customer service. I don't recommend this place at all.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 20, 2017

John Casablancas, is not a full blown agency, but more so and acting and modeling training school. I do agree that that point should be made clear and known from the off set. I am speaking from experience. I am a graduate of John Casablanca, NC. I was already into acting and had training before I went to them, but got farther insight and training that was priceless. Yes, it is costly. In all fairness, what thing that is worth anything that do not cost something. You must know your limits and budgets. Also in all fairness to John Casablanca, I have to say that everyone I meet and talked with and trained with was very professional and had experiences. And yes, they can only provide you with the tools, it is up to each individual what he or she do with it, young or old. Once again speaking from experiences of not just starting and quitting but actually completing the entire program and graduation testing.

Yes, I said testing. Nothing was just slid by because you paid for it. At the end we as a whole (class) had to put on a full blown acting and modeling production successfully, to graduate, showing everything we had learned during the course. I would not trade my experience with John Casablanca for anything when it comes to acting and modeling. I embraced every minute of it! I learned so much and used it going to auditions. Have I worked since leaving John Casablanca? Yes, I was getting calls before and the call backs increased since using what I learned. You the individual have to go to the auditions and get the parts using the tools they have help develop.

Lastly, since I said they are not a full blown talent agency only, but training school. I have to let it be known as well that even while in training the school will have auditions that come through them for actors and models for work. Even from my class one I remember for sure was the hit show "Home Land" was auditioning and one of the females, I knew and trained with landed a part. Also "Hunger Games," I was there so I want to speak in all fairness across the board. All I am saying is that what you put into it is what you are going to get out of it. First of all the industry is very hard to get and reach the top, and the School did not promise you that, at least not when I went through the one in NC. And I am not doubting the experiences other may have had, but that is not every John Casablanca, just that location and yes if that's the case then something should be done about it, in all fairness.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 10, 2017

They make it seem as though you will likely become a model. But instead they want to see you with a parent so they can lure you into paying a bunch of money for their training program. They never mention in the first audition that it's actually a school. If you are under 21, they make you come with a parent, because according to them, anyone younger won't have money. One class is 1100. Who has 1100?

profile pic of the author
Original review: June 4, 2017

John Casablancas is an amazing agency that has worked wonders for me. I've learned so much about how to be an actor/model and I'm so glad there's an agency for me like this one. For all of the people who don't like John Casablancas and think it's too much money, that money goes towards your child's future and the chance to earn that money back and more with acting and modeling jobs. Even if you don't get many auditions, you still get the experience of an actor or model. John Casablancas has made so many people rich and famous, and I am proud to be part of the agency. Ever since I've joined, I've walked with more confidence knowing that I might become the person I have dreamed to be.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 1, 2017

Yes, I also went to Casablancas with high hopes... but I could sense the scam from the very beginning. There were many RED FLAGS. They call me saying they were a Model Agency and invited me for an audition. Upon arrival a bleach blonde receptionist that talked, moved and acted just like one of the Stanford's Wives (robotically), asked me to get in line for a photo shoot session. The "photographer" was a weird looking old guy with greasy hair and he didn't seem knowledgeable on how to use a camera. He also was bossing around the robotic receptionist like a total jerk. Next they sent us to a big room with a runway where the Agency Manager and Talent experts were going to examine us. We were all so nervous!

To our surprise, the aloof receptionist (Sophia) and the lousy photographer (ROGER) all of a sudden became the Manager and the Talent Expert... awkward (reminded me of that I Love Lucy show, where the sheriff of a small town would change hats to become the firefighter, the judge, and the hotel owner). Roger gave us a 30 minute boring-arrogant speech, afterwards the audition consisted on reading a few lines in front of everybody. At the end they said not everybody will be accepted, and spoke to us about the results of the "audition" individually. Sophia took me to a cubicle and robotically told me I had done great but needed a few classes that they'd be happy to give me for a crazy enormous amount of money. I nicely said I was not interested and express my disappointment about Casablancas turning out to be sort of a school instead of a model agency.

The receptionist/talent expert/Sophia got robotically nervous and went to get Roger to convince me to sign up and pay. Roger came, told Sophia she was very stupid (!!), and apologize to me for his receptionist being "such an idiot", then he proceed to try to brainwash me of giving him a $375 enrollment fee plus $2400 in exchange of a few weird classes and nothing else (no modeling agency work at all). As he couldn't convince me, he got extremely mad and started making racist remarks about my country of origin (Germany), so I stood up and started walking towards the exit while he was following me, now offering me a 50% scholarship and requesting my credit card number to charge me "just 50% of the total"! I smiled, told him "nein danke" (no thanks in German) and left.

ROGER, a jerk who yells at and insults his employees in front of his prospect clients, a jerk who gets furious if his cheap-brain washing tricks do not work on you, and a scammer who wants to take your money and your dreams away.... and all this shows in his face... the guy really looks like a scammer and a jerk. Later at home I google everything and found out that JOHN CASABLANCAS (founder of franchise) was a pervert who abused his students!!! And also that his franchise has been fooling/scamming people for decades!

Please people, if after all the bad reviews you still want to go one of his fake auditions, pay attention to all the red flags. In this particular location of Casablancas (Harbor Blvd in Santa Ana) Roger with his pathetic attitude make the scam super obvious. Hope this review is useful. Oh! Sophia till this day, keeps calling my number to invite me to an "audition of JC Modeling Agency"... telemarketer in the morning, receptionist in the afternoon and talent expert in the evening, cool, and she can receive insults from Roger without even blinking... just like a Stanford Wife robot. ;)

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Original review: May 26, 2017

John Casablancas in Atlanta GA is a joke! This is the most unprofessional and unorganized place of business. All instructors look like they came off the streets, sessions lack content. In one session I was so excited on learning modeling poising but the instructor was so lazy that she instructed us to tear out our favorite model poising out of a magazine then attempt to mock them in a mirror for a whole hour.

Another instructor who was over makeup didn't not sell her product. Meaning I wouldn't want her to do my makeup on a good day. She didn't bring anything that I hadn't already learned from watching MAC or youtube. If you can do better please don't waste your money at John Casablancas in Atlanta. It is so ghetto! I dreaded going and regretting paying my money so I decided to happily withdraw. It was the best decision I could possibly make for peace of mind.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 14, 2017

My understanding at first when I went there was that it was a modeling agency. They rate you either as an A, which means you're signed on right away, or B if you have "Made it" the first round and they want you to make a second appointment. They make it seem as though you will likely become a model since you already made it the first round. But instead they want to see you again with a parent so they can lure you into paying a bunch of money for their training program. They never mention in the first audition that it's actually a school, and most likely you end up being scammed and not actually getting any real modeling jobs. I hope they go out of business, they've wronged so many people and it's illegal what they are doing.

Original review: May 6, 2017

I recently applied for John Casablancas and my son got a call for an audition. The audition is free. My son made the cut and was asked to come in the following morning. Once we sat down and discussed what they offered. They said I had to pay for training and classes. I was immediately skeptical. When an agency is interested in working with you, they find you work and take a percentage of your earnings. Tyra Banks even made that clear on her show. YouTube it. You don't pay!! I was scammed by MODEL PRODUCTIONS! They took my money and didn't follow up with me. Be careful. I'm not too sure about John Casablancas either! Post your review if you are contacted by this agency. Thank you.

Original review: May 4, 2017

I go to John Casablancas in Charlotte, NC. My agent there is Konnie. They have been more than grateful to my family and I because I started out rated as a (B). I started the classes and they are NOT worthless. Since I've been there, I've learned to keep good hygiene, do my own stage make up, model stance, walk confidently down the runway, be confident myself, and love the acting industry. My center is the best HQ of JC and they are extremely friendly there. Everyone gets along and the photo shoots are awesome. Yes it was expensive, but my parents put down a weekly payment of about $60. SO WHAT!

You people have jobs, if you really love your kids and support them in their dreams, you would not put a price on their success. Or maybe if you are POOR, and don't HAVE ANY MONEY you shouldn't try to put your family in more debt. Don't complain about it if you are broke. You shouldn't be doing it in the first place. If you think John Casablancas is a scam you are dead wrong. They take the time to train your child through the Acting/Modeling Industry. If you don't appreciate what they are doing for your son or daughter you ARE LOST.

I know lots of stuff that I implement into my days in public. John Casablancas is so good that I have been Rushes by CROWDS AND CROWDS AND CROWDS of paparazzi asking questions about what I am up to. WOW. They made me famous and they could do the same for you or your loved ones. Enjoy JC because they take time everyday to try to make people famous and get nothing back. BE THANKFUL!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 29, 2017

I had the unfortunate experience with doing business with America at John Casablancas in Charlotte, NC. My daughter went to an audition, which lasted three hours and was asked to come back the next day. We went back for the appointment and signed paperwork. The mistake that I made was not reading the reviews prior to engaging in business with this agency. After the fact, my daughter went online and read reviews regarding the agency and was very disheartened at prior student's reviews. She sent me a text at work and said "Hey Mom, I hope it is not too late to not work with John Casablancas." I inquired as to why she would ask this. She then told me to go online and review this company. I was outdone (not in a good way) with the reviews and was very disheartened.

I then spoke with a co worker sharing my concerns and I was very surprised to find that the coworker had dealt with John Casablancas before. I was in shock at the information that she shared with me. I immediately attempted to make contact with America, the recruiter that we had spoken to the previous day. She had given us her "personal cell phone number." The funny thing is that when I attempted to leave a message (as she did not pick up), her voice mail was full! Really?! That was a red flag for me indicating that she wasn't checking voice mail regularly. If this is a personable company and your claim is "you can call me at anytime. I'm always available" why would the mailbox be full? I then sent a very professional text indicating that I had decided against going with the agency. I also indicated our reasoning as to why, specifically speaking regarding the reviews about the company.

I did not receive a response back until the next day. I also called the office to leave a message after sending the text because I was very shocked that the cell phone number that America had supplied had a full mailbox and I wasn't able to leave a message. I left a message indicating that we would not pursue doing business with the organization, explained why and requested a call back from America. After all, she had been very "accommodating" during the appointment time and had expressed how much she would be there for us during this process. Not only did I not receive a call back but I received a very rude text from America. I am a very cordial individual. I carry myself in a very professional manner. America's text was rude and made excuses for the organization.

It is never my intent to be rude or short with anyone. Simply because I made a decision on the behalf of my daughter to not engage in business with an organization does not give a representative of the organization the right to be rude. I had even offered to bring a written notice to their office terminating and supporting my decision to not engage in business with this organization as I wanted to terminate in a timely and professional manner. I also wanted to ensure that I met with them in person to turn in a written notice. I was told by America that I had to send a certified letter to terminate with their organization. Really!!! So, as a consumer, I decided to not do business with an organization.

I act in a professional and responsible manner. I want to ensure that I give notice and terminate in a manner in which I know that the organization is notified that I will not engage in business with them and I am responded to in a rude, short and uncaring manner. No thanks!!! Don't be fooled by America's fake kindness! She was completely rude and non caring once I made a decision not to do business with John Casablancas! Genuine people do not behave in this manner. I'm so glad America showed her true self on the front end!! Buyer BEWARE!!!

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Original review: April 22, 2017

My name is Anna and I am 19 years old. I was approached by a peer who is interning at John Casablancas and asked to come in for an interview/audition. He spoke to me about the company as though it was an agency so that was what my understanding was. I was a little skeptical to begin with because the man had insisted I not talk about our conversation at all to the director/manager that was to interview me. I ended up going to the interview with my mother and interviewed. We felt pretty good about it after that and received the news I was expected for a second interview in group "B". This is where we went wrong.

We came in this morning for the second interview and were swarmed by children that clearly didn't have a future in the industry taking "classes". We were waiting in the lobby for 30 minutes past our appointment time. We started to look up reviews and realized that this place was but a school and not an agency that has one goal: to take the money from people who think they have a future.

When I very respectfully approached the man who had previously messaged me about this, he tore into me and harassed me telling me that I would never make it in the industry and he would have his manager call me and tell me all the terrible things about me that make it so I am unfit to be a model. I asked him to leave me alone at this point to which he started harassing me about my personal life. I was left in tears over this place. DO NOT GO HERE. They are dishonest money grabbers with employees who are entirely unfit and disrespectful. See the messages below. I have never been so disgusted with a company in my LIFE.

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Original review: April 16, 2017

All of these negative reviews I see on here are strictly from diva moms and their princess daughters who just don't have it in them to become an actor or model. They think this is just some agency that is gonna hand them over acting and commercial gigs and that's not how it works. So their mothers get upset when they are told the harsh reality that their children don't have what it takes. Overall this place is ran by good people and treated my children with the most highest respect and always had positive attitudes. After graduation my one son has already gotten four commercial prints in the JCPenney catalog. He's almost making half the salary I make and he is only 9 years old. So thank you again MTM for everything you have done for us.

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Original review: March 16, 2017

John Casablancas is a huge scammer! People please review a rating and read all the messages from us about this agency! I have an 18-yr-old daughter. I don't know how she find out about this company but made a appointment for an open call audition (the company insisted that a parent join). After SEVERAL hours of casting and catwalk modeling (there were about 40 kids in the audition) she was given a call back interview that evening for that Sat. When we arrived on Saturday a director sat us in his office and started his sales pitch for like an hour or so, following that he presents me with a contract for 2400.00!! I said suddenly, "I can't afford it right now," as it was just a few weeks before Christmas!

Both myself and my daughter was shocked with that high amount, he explained many different ways we could pay! He mentioned to make a deposit of 370.00 so he can keep the spot for my daughter and I can pay weekly payments of 72.00 at every class. I thought we’re there for an interview!!! I explained that I didn't have that kind of money being a single mom and he again pushed the payment arrangements. FELT VERY PRESSURED & INTIMIDATED!! Also made to comment that if we left to think about it that there was no guarantee that a seat would be held for my child... then he brought out the paperwork. Had me sign, after that proceeded to say they're not guaranteed to place the student with any jobs!

Class dates that were assigned for my daughter’s group were a Sunday at 11 am. The following Sunday was Christmas and the week after was New Year’s Day. The school was closed! Well I have come to find out that WE WERE supposed to pay and call to make up those 2 classes for those weeks as we were still being charged for them!!! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?? The school was closed!! The next week my girl went to the class, they gave her a makeup bag and the entire room went in a circle and introduced themselves, that is it! (I was there.) Then the 2nd week she went in, they started off introducing selves again because there were a few new kids just added! Then proceeded to take turns on a catwalk. That is it AGAIN. Didn't teach anything during another 2 hours!

My daughter then decided it was just a horrible waste of time. We called out of the next 2 classes and contacted the director with our thoughts about the program and we're told what to do with a certified letter. So we did that and it went out the very next day. Here I thought that maybe I would get a refund of some sort but no… I received an invoice for 288.00. So I contacted the collection/finance department right away to explain the situation and then I waited for their response but they didn't. So 3 weeks later I get another invoice now with a 10.00 late fee assessed! What the hell!!! How can this be legal?? So generally, people never let yourself being scammed by this company again! They're NOT professional trainers by any stretch of the imagination! Please be smart!! Don't do it.

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Original review: March 10, 2017

John Casablancas is by far the BEST place I have found to get started in modeling and acting! They all really care about you and not like all the other auditions I have attended because all those companies want to do is take a lot of your money and promise you the world and then nothing happens except you lose around $5,000 on a portfolio! The director Mark ** is super nice and make you feel very special every single time I have went into the center as well as every staff member.

Original review: March 9, 2017

John Casablancas is a huge scammer! Peoples please review a rating and read all the messages from us about this agency! I'm a mother of my girl! She's 13 years old and a teenager of a middle school! I don't know when or where did she find out about this company and made a appointment of casting to be a voice actor! So they called me to remind that appointment, after all 3 hours casting and catwalk modeling, she's passed! And the director came up the stage and blah blah blah like 40 mins! He always emphasized about FREE photographs and supply fee for video and makeup things, so next time we came back to the office for registering! The receptionist talked to us about the fee that she asked for $2000 to pay to go to learning this career!

At the same time both of us (myself and my daughter was shocked with that high amount), she explained how many time we should pay or how the methods to pay! I said suddenly they asked and I don't have it or can't afford it right now! She mentioned about make a deposit of $100 first so she can keep the spot for my daughter and I can pay next day like the idea she said monthly payment or pay off with the amount of $2000 so I made deposit $100 in. Cash first to her, then she brought out the paperwork, let me signed all then she started to remind if I don't want it in the near future, in the first 3 days of cancellation, I must have a hand writing letter and notarized by the bank and sent the letter by certified mail to them! And they're not guaranteed the student should have a job after and that's not their responsibility! So they got all my method payment like a checking account and monthly payment!!

Next week after my girl went to the class, they gave her a makeup bag that's it, till the 2nd weeks she went in, she started off boring and said they didn't teach anything beside of let her sitting free during 3 hours! So then her studying at middle school have a lots of homework and projects that she don't have time to do so she wanna quit at JC! At first I showed up myself at the office, the director eating lunch relaxing reminded me that I need to send the termination letter by mail! So I sent it by certified mail with notarized from my banker and hand written letter, and then I waited for their response but they didn't...

I waited till 4 weeks and I called back, the director guy, his name is Mark on the phone line with me again he asked "Did you send by certified mail? Did you have a tracking number? I didn't received your letter," and I asked, "What if I resend it, would I get my refund back cause I already paid $1600, and they gonna stop withdrawing or charging my money from my bank monthly" but he said "No we will constantly withdrawing your monthly payment and you wouldn't get refund back cause this is over 3 days."

So generally, people never let yourself being scammed by this company again! They're Not a professional trainer! They just scammed to rip off your money and now the fee is not $2000 what they said, they add up $400 extra for deposit they said and in the contract paperwork now I know they've never said they will refund deposit back or anything! Please be smart or at least we should sue them and get a FBI involved to closing this company for scamming innocent peoples.

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Original review: March 5, 2017

Like any program, certificate, or degree you receive from any institution or agency, the experience and knowledge that you extract from the program is priceless. After the program, what you do with the experience you gain is up to you to use and make it work. Even the Bible tells you that faith without works is dead. Often times, people think paying money for a program is suppose to create the end results, too. No. How you shape your life is up to YOU! John Casablancas offers the tools, practice, and the insight of the modeling industry which will allow you to make modeling and acting into a career. But it still takes your drive, persistence, and energy, too. You can't give up just because you miss the mark the first or even the second time auditioning. Many times people like to blame the program when in fact it is not the program, instead the real reason is a defeated attitude.

After you receive the information and know how that John Casablancas provides, it is truly up to you to use the resources and LEADS available to shape your own destiny. The practices, workshops, professional photos, and the knowledge of the industry REALLY DOES help you learn what you need to know about modeling, runway, acting, commercials, postures, etiquette, and so much more. The inside leads that John Casablancas showcase to its students are PRICELESS. I enjoyed taking the courses! The teachers were insightful to what you can expect in the industry. The branded name of John Casablancas is honorable to wear.

After taking the course, I can say I have learned a wealth of information which has increased my wisdom about the industry. The practices have brought me to a WHOLE different level of confidence and self-esteem. I can say I feel ready when I audition or perform in front of directors. After you take the courses, how you apply it all is really all up to you! You cannot expect opportunity to come knocking at your door. If John Casablancas does not work for you, maybe acting and modeling just isn't your chosen talent. It is not fair to blame the school if it doesn't work out for you. Bottom line is John Casablancas is definitely worth the money, because you will walk away with a new self-confidence and know-how about modeling, acting, runway, commercials and more. This alone makes it all worth it.

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Original review: March 5, 2017

Today I went for my first casting call, to see if I would be worth their time or not. Like someone said before, you get rated by either an (A) which means that they want you to contact them again, (B) if you need some training, or (C) if they will see you later. I'm 45 years old and for various reasons I thought I might give acting a shot. There were a lot of moms today with their younger kids who were trying to get into the acting or modeling business. They have all these hopes and dreams about their kid making it big. They know about as much about getting into the modeling and acting business than their kids do. So in order to start sorting out the potential good people from the bad, you have to go through a few tests.

First they see if you are comfortable being photographed. Then they ask and tell everyone in the room a bunch of things about modeling and acting. When you answer the questions, it shows them how confident you are about yourself. Many of them were too shy to speak up and say anything. Then they you have to read a quick script to show how comfortable you are behind a camera and "walk the catwalk" like a model would. During all this time, someone else is watching you via camera feed into another room and reading your profile, to find out if you are worth pursuing further. I'm just a regular guy, who is not the best looking, and I thought that for sure I was a (C). BUT, I made an impact on them by what I said and what I did during the short time I was there. I kept my mouth shut for most of the time. I was there and answered questions when nobody else could.

Now I am going on to the next step. Confidence is key. This agency has represented many now famous actors/actresses and models, so it is NOT a scam. They are approved by the Better Business Bureau. They say at the beginning that they take 20% of your earnings like EVERY agency does after you get started. But nothing is free. You pay money for your profile information and acting classes if you need them. Don't be a hater because you might need more training than others. Or if you get passed up by someone else better than you. ** happens, so deal with it. They will work with you if you show the desire to succeed. They are not going to baby you to make you feel better.

Bugging the crap out of them by calling and asking them how things are going won't help you at all. I already know that since I have next to no cash, I will consider working a part-time job to get that money for those classes, because the potential rewards outweigh the risks. I just have to give it my all, because I want to succeed. If you don't make it, suck it up and move on to something else because there are many other careers out there. Don't be such a hater.

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Original review: Dec. 18, 2016

This company is disgusting. The reason why I say this is because all they want is your money. All the training and everything is way too expensive and worthless. They took money out of my daughter's account without her authorization. This fake company had me believe that they are a top company which they are wrong. There are other modeling and acting company that do not charge to sign you up or train you. Thank God I found a company that does not charge and they are wonderful.

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Original review: Dec. 17, 2016

I'm writing this review because I've read the complaints by people, that at best, have a hard time articulating a well-written sentence. I am a Army veteran. I was medically discharged after 17.5 years. When I got out, I went through a rough patch. I didn't know how be anything else and, to top it off, I lost my first job after three weeks. Months went by and I couldn't find a job. Nothing!! Almost 20 years in the Army, with a bachelor's degree, and not even an interview.

One night I was filling out applications and got a pop-up for a modeling site. "NEW FACES WANTED!" It wasn't JC, but two days later JC called me asking if I was serious in modeling or acting. Honestly, it had never crossed my mind. I grew up with a severe stutter and Tourette's. I had learned to control my stuttering through the military and Special Forces, but my muscle ticks are different. Well, I went in for the audition. It was the weirdest thing I'd ever done. From Green Beret to walking a catwalk. I got my callback time and went home.

So, I'm a smart guy. I read every word on every JC website. I also read all the scam warnings from people who looked to have some bad experiences with the company. I also spoke to a college friend who signed Elite right out of college. When I went back for my 45 minute talk, I asked all my questions. That is the key to success in anything. Research and Questions. Now, I didn't have a job or solid income. I was pretty much living on my disability, but I paid my money for the program.

For the first couple of weeks, I blew up the Director's phone. I must have emailed and text once a day. After every class, I would practice hours a night so I'd be ready for the next class. By the end of the first month, I signed my agency contract so I could work. They knew I didn't have a job and would do anything for work. Because I was dedicated, they had no doubt in my ability. I worked a Walmart/Pepsi promotion for 24 days. A couple of months later, a casting director was looking for talent in their 20's. I'm 39. My agent told me to apply. She had a long standing relationship with the director. He was doubtful at first because of my age. Once he met me, he hired me. After the event, he emailed my agent saying I was the talk of the event.

I have been with JC, in Raleigh, NC, four months and it has been great. I am now in the Avanti Showcase for May 2017. I am competing in the 2017 Citrus Pageant and Model Search in Orlando in February 2017. I was just an extra on the TV show Underground in a featured scene. I have made back more money than I had to put into it.

This work is NOT easy. It definitely wasn't easy for me. I was a soldier. I wasn't personable. I wasn't a happy guy, but I learned to be. The more I learn to be happy, the more I actually am. I still don't have solid income, but I have ambition. I'm still working on my MBA, I'm writing a book and a children's book series, and I have a patent pending.

My Director told me day one, "You will get out of it, what you put into it." I practice my runway daily. I practice my monologues and commercials daily. I submit for work... DAILY!!! I will go far in this business, because I need and want to. You can't just show up, go to some classes, and think you, or your kid, will be a star. I've seen kids cut from the program because their parents came dressed, and acted, like tool bags. You ARE your own brand. If you can't be professional, then you don't belong.

For those who have done nothing but complain, most with a poor understanding of simple English grammar, where does the fault really lie? I hear all these scams about JC taking money. Yes, in every business there are some bad apples. Do I know any in JC? No. I do know that, as parents, this is just as much your job as the one you work every day. You can't be in it part-time and expect to see gains. You can't brush over contracts and transactions and think someone will hold your hand if you mess up.

To those who are considering a career in modeling and acting. If you think this is a scam because you have to put money into it, do you your research. Research how much acting and modeling classes are. Research what photo shoots really cost. Do the math and make your own decision. And for those who complained about the A,B,C grading scale. An "A" means you HAVE a portfolio. It means you've done professional work and had professional training. That's why you don't pay money and you go right into working. A "B" means you have little to no training or experience and that you believe you would do well if you did. A "C" means you have no chance. People who say they are a "C", get cut. Why wouldn't they. These individual experiences, good and bad, are INDIVIDUAL. Do your own research and make your own decisions. GOOD LUCK!!!

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Original review: Dec. 12, 2016

I am 15 years old and I have wanted to be a model for about 5 year. This past Friday I had a audition with the company. It was an amazing experience and I guess they liked me so much they gave me a call back this past Saturday. I signed with their company. I've only been there twice and I already feel a big difference in my confidence. Honestly they are so amazing, they do care about your hopes and dreams and they are there to help you achieve them. They are honest and amazing company and I can't wait to start working with them. Honestly it pisses me off when I see people on here saying they don't care about your dreams and they're just scams because they're not. They are an amazing company and I am so glad they gave me a chance at my dreams.

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John Casablancas founded his self-named modeling agency more than 25 years ago. The company currently has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, Tokyo and is present in other various cities. The company focuses solely on representing models and actors, and it provides training and instruction.

  • Fashion based: John Casablancas has access to the best jobs in the industry because of its locations in the world's fashion capitals. This ensures clients have the chance to get the highest-paying jobs with the most exposure.

  • Board of Education certified: In many states, the agency is registered and certified with the State Board of Education, so it is officially recognized as a provider of education and instruction.

  • In-depth instruction options: The company does not simply offer clients basic modeling classes, it has many in-depth courses, including skin and hair care, portfolio development, how to work with photographers, television commercial acting and the business side of modeling.

  • Company reputation: John Casablancas Modeling centers have an excellent reputation because they were founded by John Casablancas, a modeling pioneer responsible for one of the most successful agencies of all time, which is Elite Model Management International.

  • High-quality instructors: The company only employs the highest-quality instructors who have a great deal of field experience in their areas of expertise.

  • Best for: Aspiring actors and fashion models.

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