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I was coerced into signing a contract to pay for modeling classes under the pretense that this was my only chance with this agency and if I didn't pay them right then and there I would lose this opportunity. I didn't have the money then and the manager told me he would just write my debit card number down and run it when I did have the money, but he needed the card number so he could "get me in the system" I was not informed verbally that I had three days to cancel payment otherwise they send it to collections. He also told me in his email that as a result of my non-payment I was committing a felony and they would pursue legal action.

As someone who has been passionate about modeling for so long, building up the courage to actually go after my dream was a big step for me. I was matched with John Casablancas and went into the open casting (which was free of charge), had some sample photos taken by an accredited photographer, and walked the runway in front of the other 30 or so attendees. I returned the next day with my mother to see about moving forward. JC is first and foremost a school, not an agency, and therefore classes were necessary. It wasn't that I did terribly at my audition, I just had never had any formal modeling/acting training, and they were there to polish me up and build that foundation to get my career started.

Now the classes broke down into one class per week for 20 weeks, ranging in education on how to properly apply makeup for different photo shoots, to runway training with Chelsie, to skin care with Jai, to acting, to resume building and job interviews. It wasn't cheap, the total cost was around $2,300, but it is reasonable, and there are multiple payment options, so it comes out to about $115 per session; and two of the sessions actually are full-fledged photo shoots. The most outstanding part for me was when the very knowledgeable and talented JC director, Greg **, encouraged me to go to a few castings for a hair show before I had even completed my program. I ended up booking two of the castings and getting paid for both jobs!

The payment aside, I went on go-sees, earned work experience for my resume, and since I was modeling at a hair show I got a fresh, updated salon-style hair makeover by top professionals in the industry FOR FREE. And it was a blast! I would recommend John Casablancas to anyone who wants to break in to modeling and acting and wants to do so with a solid foundation and a truly supportive team behind them. The knowledge I have gained from the people who teach at JC and have been in this industry for decades is truly invaluable, and I feel so blessed to have gotten the opportunity to work with them.

I registered my daughter and was going to move forward but change of plans due to finances. I talked to a representative who told me I can cancel and what to do which I did. It's a get over with the fine unclear prints in the contract and the 3 day time frame. When I called no one knew what I was talking about as I followed up and realized I never received my money. I feel they took my money of $150.00. My problem is my daughter never started. What did they do with my money. I know I'm not the only person this happened to. That's why they're rich taking people money! I am VERY upset and WILL NOT refer or go back to this company. I don't care how good the company does with working with people. What about the people they STOLE money from that they living off probably sitting right in the owner bank account. Be care when dealing with them. I took it as a loss and lesson learned. Trust God will replace it with more and also punish them!

I work with John Casablanca and I love it so much there. I'm naturally a shy person but being there really let me break out of my little shell.The teachers there are really nice but they do not put up with anything. I've made some good friends there. It's a great place for you to really get out of your little bubble plus they really do show you what you have to do to make it far in life.

I am 40 yrs old and have a daughter that is now 13 that has been a part of John Casablancas Modeling for over a year now. I had to have a part in a review. I feel a lot of wonderful talent will be missing out on an amazing experience due to some of the reviews that are posted. It saddens me to read such things that some has said about this company.

First, I want to get something out before I start. I live in Illinois and am in the medical profession. I began as a Certified nurses aide, moved on to L.P.N ultimately becoming an Emergency Medical Technician. All that reads this will probably ask, "What does this have to do with what you think of this company?" Well, my answer will be all in that which follows. Just read on!!

If you want to be a better you, in any shape or form this company is what you are looking for. Will there be money involved that you will have to pay? "YES" Just the same as I had to pay out money to get where I am at today in the medical profession. It didn't matter how small or big the class was or how much I learned in one day to the next. I still had to pay for the knowledge I was being taught. Some days was short some days was long but still had to pay the price if I really wanted what I was after. My dream, my goals etc. This being said, there are no places in this world you will go and get what you will receive from this company for free. YES, everything has a price. The question is, "How bad do you want to succeed, grow, accomplish, conquer, and win?" If this is things you want to do then John Casablancas Nashville is where you want to go.

You may ask, "Why Nashville?" This is where my daughter has been for her training. What has she gained?? Well, let me tell you!! She has become one of the many mature, hard-working, respectful young ladies I have ever been around. You say, "You would say something like that she is your daughter." NOTE: I said, one of the many! I have never in my life seen so many well rounded, amazing teens in my life until I took my daughter to John Casablancas Nashville. One of the best things is now my daughter is one of them.

She has accomplished much while being under the instruction of the center in Nashville. She is now a 4.0 student, who has accomplished receiving one of the biggest awards given by her hometown school (School being over 1000 students) (Citizenship Award). There is much criteria to be considered of being a recipient of an award like this. (This all happened when she was just 12 yrs of age.) She has landed main roles in plays that has been open to a whole community. This is just a small portion of the many things she has gained from being a talent at John Casablancas. She has currently been called by a director in Nashville for a part in his film.

As a parent I have been more than pleased with what my daughter has received from being a part of John Casablancas. I have seen many accomplishment that other talent has gained (all ages mind you) from being there. Matter of fact in the past year I have seen many move on to amazing things. My daughter's many accomplishments has been because we have taken a part of the program this company offers. I am more than excited to see where it is going to take my young 13 yr. old daughter next.

Do yourself a favor. Don't visit a company like this entering their doors with negative thoughts in your head because of something you read or experienced somewhere else cause that will only set you up to fail. Come with a positive, hopeful, eager attitude because that is when things will happen and doors will open for you, just like they did and continue to do for my daughter.

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Hello. I was a model at John Casablanca back in the 80's and it has not changed at all. My girlfriend's daughter is going to try and be model, she is still trying to go through with it even after all the bad reviews. I had told her I wish her luck but you cannot tell someone that has stars in their eyes. We all know what they do when you get there but the first thing they say is look at the Better Business reviews and then talk about the bad reviews and say that other agencies pay people to write them. If I am in business and I know that I am a good company I am going to tell my customers about it but I know first hand and they are money grubbing place and they don't care about your little girl's dreams or boy and that is the most depressing thing.

I hope that will do what say and make good on all their promises but we know they won't. I know in my heart and I tried to tell my girl, she paid 1500 upfront and it bothers me because I felt helpless. If you are looking to get in modelling please don't go to Casablanca's modelling - they don't care. I hope that what I shared with you about this experience that I had, and what is going to happen in future. I hope that somebody that really and truly finds a modelling agency that will make all their dreams come true. Please save yourself money and despair by avoiding this modelling agency at all costs. It's not just the money that they get from you, they take your heart and soul and when you are a little boy or girl there is no amount of money that can ever replace the time or disappointment when it is over.

This company is a rip off... I was told I would have 24 hours to decide whether I would move forward for classes. They scammed me with the fine print, cashed my check, and didn't return my call until the 3rd day according to the FINE PRINT. I've been scammed... I'm a single dad and as far as I'm concerned they stole from me.

Don't get me wrong, everyone has to make a living. Strange enough, that's what was going through the back of my head when I signed up for JC and their classes in Tulsa. 2300 bucks for the "VIP" program of 30 classes. I was given a call in November to "audition" for this agency. Sure enough, I go in and audition. They gave me a "B" rating and the agency director told me that I was a model. Now, I never believed I was model material, but I've always had an eye and fascination for film and theatre. I've always wanted to be an actor, and believed that this agency would be a good stepping stone into the film/modeling industry.

What I didn't know, was how wrong I was. I took the classes and I can tell you firsthand that they are lackluster. The classes are unorganized, unprofessional, and the common sense lectures become quite predictable. They give you a monologue/commercial to memorize and train to master, as well as a Runway style to copy step by step (Which is completely out of style and OLD). I doubt that any real runway would have their clients do such a preposterous example. The classes are so basic and obviously pander to the delusional minds of the easily manipulated.

They tell each and every one of their students that they believe in their potential, yet don't make any moves to back you up. I do; however recommend this program to kids of youth (Grades 1st through 5th) to build confidence and an assurance about what to possibly consider as a career path. If you're any older, then consider this school, or as self-promoted "Agency" a scam. They don't work for you. They take money from you. They don't have any actual agents. The "agents" they have working there aren't in the business and probably wouldn't know who to call FOR a job. If you have acting/modeling aspirations, then apply for REAL modeling agencies/audition for plays. Don't waste your time with these twisted clowns.

I was contacted by a lady name Konnie with JC in Charlotte NC. I went in. I had a photo shoot & was told that if I didn't sign the contract right then and there, I would lose my opportunity to model for the next fashion show, and I wouldn't be able to do the head shots. I got scammed. I wrote NEA a letter to cancel & they say I still owe money after attending one class. I didn't like the class at all. I am now a model with agent I found & have posed for some sketcher ads & uniform ads. Please save your money people. Don't go here.

WOW, won't make that mistake again. Scheduled an interview, was going to go in, but my dad saved me an hour long trip from being wasted when he told me the reviews. I immediately called & left a polite message stating that I was cancelling. Later get a call from the girl who very snippily told me I should do more research and make 'big boy decisions' the whole time talking to me like I'm stupid. Told me that Yelp charges extra to post positive reviews. Well, every other site was showing consistency in negative reviews.

Normally I'm not one to do consumer reviews, but I've always had this dream of being a model, and when JC scouted me I was very excited. I get to the audition and I immediately leave because I'm not dressed how the others were. They call me back later that night to tell me that the talent scout was very interested in me, so I go back the next day for a one on one. It all went well, I was rated with a "B" and so they asked to sign me. At the time I was a college student with no job (this was actually very recent) and I had let them know that just chatting with them. I sit down to sign, the scout slides the paper over and the classes were about $4000 up front. I was completely blown away.

I came in with the notion that they would sign me and I would immediately start doing shoots and what not. I didn't know a lot about the modeling industry but I actually watched quite a few youtube videos today over the matter, and every single one said that if you have to pay anything up front, there is a 98% chance it was a scam. The modeling industry pays you, you rarely pay them, and if you have to it's typical for a photo shoot and it is nowhere near $4000, or even $68 once a week like the price sheet at JC displayed. I am so, so, so relieved that I never signed with them! I'm just hoping this review will help some people out!!

In 1986 I thought my 4 yr old daughter was precocious and pretty enough to be a child model. We eventually ended up at JC. After the first interview we never returned. They said they were very interested and to "assure" her future she would have to enroll in "classes" and pay for a photographer...their photographer. I told them if they were that interested in her then they front the money. Obviously their interest ended. It totally distresses me that thirty years have passed and they are still pulling the same act... When will this end?

Well, I made the mistake of paying $1495 to this company for my shy 12 year old daughter. I wanted her to have a great experience of the modeling world. So, I decided to pay for the classes for 6 months. Most of the time there was no class, they would sit around and do nothing. My daughter was suppose to have photos taken outside. It never happened. They always told me that the photographer was not available. We would reschedule and it didn't happen. Her photos were so unprofessional. I overpaid for classes that was not up to par with the amount. Teachers were so unprofessional. I do not recommend this place at all. They call to continue to have my daughter come in so I can overpay them. They are very rude rude rude. Do yourself a favor and hang up on them when they call for an interview. It's a waste of money.

I'd just started a new job & since I had every Saturday off, I thought I'd try this. I should've thought twice. I contacted this "agency" online. I received a call back the next day for an "audition." I went to the audition & was told that if I passed the audition, I'd receive a callback. Of course I received a callback. EVERYONE DID as I realized when I showed up to begin the classes. I could afford to pay for the classes so that wasn't a big deal for me. HOWEVER, there were a few red flags indicating this was not the real deal.

I'll start by describing some of the other "talents." Bad hygiene, bad teeth, bad skin. I'm not being judgmental. I'm only stating facts. This was explained that there was a market for everyone. Of course there is when they want your money. Most of the other "talents" could hardly read a complete sentence. Simply bad. These people wouldn't have even been successful in community theater. This agency (I use this term very loosely) taught us how to apply makeup. The makeup they gave me was crap & I actually replaced all of it which was no easy feat because I'm male.

Let's talk about the headshots. The photos were very good, but honestly they were no better than ones I could've taken (& have taken) myself with my iPhone for free. As I've stated, they were good, but one was so badly retouched that I complained. I looked plastic in it. They apologized & took another one. I had to tell them how to retouch it & specifically, what NOT to do. At the time when my photos were taken, I weighed 150 & am 5'10". I had no blemishes. My teeth are perfect. They're all crowned. I was 39 when I started, but I looked 29. I take excellent care of my face & body. As another reviewer stated, if an agency wants to use you, they do not ask you for money. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!!

My daughter went to JC back in 1998. Once these jokers told her that she had to lose weight. I told them where to get off. My daughter was 14 years old, and weighed 125 pounds. My Mother went on and paid for a few classes but my daughter had sense enough to know that they were a bunch of scam artist. I am too surprised to know that they are still in the Charlotte North Carolina area.

I just completed my callback with John Casablancas here in Tampa, Florida. Everything seemed to be on the up and up during my first audition, however when I went back today for the callback I met with a young woman and she informed me they rated me as a "B" and that they wanted to move forward with signing me but only after I completed their training program for modeling and film/television acting. She stated that JC was going to cover half the cost for the classes and I would have to pay the other half IAO $1995.00. In my head all I could hear was Tyra Banks saying, "you are the talent, you are what makes them money. If someone wants to work with you then they will work with you, do NOT give anyone a dime." Not to mention, what proof did I have that these classes were truly valued at $4,000.00???

The young lady continued and then pulled out a sheet with different payment options in case I didn't have the full $1995.00 today. The option listed at the top and was circled was one lump sum of $1995.00 or I could pay $320.00 today and then make payments of $67.00 per week for 30 weeks. I asked her to step out of the room so I could make a phone call to a relative to see if I could borrow the money, when in reality I wanted a moment to look at everything and make decision. I did NOT sign with them and then came home and read the horrific reviews and I am so thankful my gut instinct did not let me down.

In closing thank you to TYRA BANKS again for teaching me through ANTM the following: 1. NEVER pay anyone a dime to make you a model. If a legitimate agency wants to work with you then they will work with you, no questions asked as you are the talent and will make them money. 2. Anytime someone claims they need an answer right then or else your spot will be lost, walk away. Again, if someone wants to work with you then they will work with you, no questions asked. 3. Acting/Modeling requires hard work and dedication. If an agency leads by telling you about their huge success stories by way of pictures ONLY beware.

If an actor or model achieves fame by way of an agency 9 times out of 10 they will be happy to record a statement or have something on their social media thanking the agency for giving them their big break. If you cannot confirm any of the endorsements they're touting then move on. I have uploaded all of the paperwork I received during this process as proof I am not blindly disparaging the agency, just trying to prevent someone for getting "taken for a ride". Never give up on your dreams and always trust your gut.

I have contacted this agency so many times to comply and refund me back my initial down payment. I complied with the certified mail to cancel my application for my child. A true modeling agency would never ask you for money. Nonetheless, these people are rude and inconsiderate of other people rather they are low income or whatever their situation is. I complied within the 3 day window for my refund, and now I am having the hardest time to get back my 100.00. Can you guys be that hungry to steal other people's money? I wish I had never wasted my time with this place. Good luck to any of you trying to become something with this agency.

I decided to cancel my classes at this institution and in the contract it states, in order to cancel, they need a cancellation letter written and certified U.S. mailed to them and you should get a refund in 6-8 weeks. It has been 9 weeks and I STILL have not seen any refund. I have called to see what was going on and Mark, (the director) says they tried to contact me because my credit card information was not on my letter, which is BS because I am looking at my copy I sent them right now and it is on there!! I've been calling weekly and still no refund. I am about to open a lawsuit against this institution because it has been 9 weeks and they keep giving me the run around on my refund. They are not professional and cannot be trusted. If it were them needing the money, they would take it in a heartbeat but slow to give. I am not the type to ever write a bad review and I give people the benefit of the doubt, but this is beyond RIDICULOUS!!

Reading all of the previous comments and complaints certainly confirmed everything I've seen and experienced with JC... Unprofessionalism, rude, condescending, arrogant and lack of integrity are only a few works to describe what I feel about this "agency". Now, mind you, I have a pretty extensive resume in acting and comedy as well as training from some of the best casting agents and directors... Just to name a few: AMTC Graduate 2013, Barry Shapiro - Herman & Lipson Casting, Inc. AMTC/Brooklyn, NY, Dee Fat Doctor Ultimate Stand-up Comedy School Alexandria, VA, DC Improv Comedy Club

David Elliott - David Elliott of Don Buchwald & Associates - Acting Coach.

As I stated, just to name a few. This arrogant, Director, Tyler tells me, "you've had so much training I don't know what to do with you". Ok, shouldn't that be a great thing??? Of course not, it's because you can pull the wool over my eyes. And technically, I don't need them, they need me. I found it interesting how they were turning people away because they "didn't have experience" but here I am with a resume with tons of experience and he tells me "I don't know what to do with you"??? Really dude??

Then he proceeds to tell me that he thinks I would be a great Instructor!! Excuse me? So I asked him, "what made you come to that conclusion?" He started rattling of absurd comments like, well, "when you were here the first time, you were a little "Goofy!!!" Yes... I'm like, "I beg your pardon!" I remember very well the first time I came here and everything about me was professional and I was super encouraging to the younger talent, very humble and very respectful. Remember, I'm not new to this. I know the drill.

Tim, the blonde headed lady with the spiked hair and mixed match socks was super excited and applauded my resume and my confidence so I have no idea what was written in my folder but I do know that he was making up stuff to throw me off and seemingly felt offended that I questioned him. During my first "audition", I had braids, styled rather nicely I might add, but the lady Jill, Jan, whomever, who is no longer there by the way, told me "I COULD NEVER SUBMIT THESE PICS TO A CLIENT WITH THAT LOOK!!!"

Basically, my look was too ethnic! Honey, I knew at that moment that this was not the agency for me. Oh, not to mention that I am a voluptuous, tall, confident, radiant, African American women, with tons of experience... so you can understand why Tyler "didn't know what to do with me!" Dude is a joke. Promised to call me on Monday, February 1st... still waiting for the call. Now that's integrity. BUT, they want you to honor your word. UGH!

I left a little insulted at first but I realized that they knew they would not be able to pull the wool over my eyes and they also knew that I had the goods and they weren't able to offer me what I needed. I feel sad and nervous for anyone who truly has a desire to get into this business because "agencies" like this can destroy you if you're not prepared. Parents, DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE. THIS "AGENCY IS A JOKE".

I received a call from John Casablancas when I was 17 asking me to come in for an audition. When they called me a few hours after the audition they rated me a B (like everyone else I ever met there) and said to come in for another audition. Everyone who ever auditions gets to take the classes as long as they pay the money. When I first started, I was almost insulted. I was in class with some teenagers who couldn't even stand and read a script in front of 5 people. I knew I wasn't anything special to them at that point.

They "saw potential" in anyone with a checkbook. The instructors while some are nice are not qualified to teach those classes. One of them claims she is in Shawshank Redemption. I watched the movie twice after meeting her and she must be in the deleted scenes... They rave over the receptionist, Cassie, who was in the movie "Parker..." as an extra. For half a second the camera passes and you can very briefly see her in the background. Exciting, yes, but you're not a star. They had me audition for a New York talent tour and I made it along with 40 other people out of 600 who auditioned. It was $1500 to go, get a photo shoot in Central Park and meet with 9 agents. 5 agents said they knew exactly how they would use me. They loved my look, wanted me to come back in 6 months to sign with them and model for companies like Nike, Abercrombie, American eagle... etc.

The director of the trip, Maria, said that the agency would receive lists of people from each agent for a callback. To this day, almost a year later, they didn't receive them. I have doubt that some of those people were even agents. While it was a great trip with my friends from the agency and with my mom, shortly after getting back me and both my good friends that I met there left the agency. They both were signed with agencies and did little to no work. I chose to look for some work on my own and became closely involved with the REAL modeling community here in Columbus by walking as a finale girl for designer Kevin Black in Columbus Fashion Week and had the pleasure of working with Steven ** who scouts for New York Fashion Week.

I found more opportunity by looking on my own for work than being with this company. They want your money and truly don't give a damn about you or your dreams. Sure, they taught me some stuff but I literally could have spent less time and saved gas by just googling it. The most JC ever got me were two unpaid segments on Good Day Columbus, where yes I received exposure and gave me 5 minutes of local fame, but being on Good Day Columbus isn't going to land me in the Victoria's Secret Fashion show.

If you're looking for REAL agencies in the Columbus, Ohio area.. Heyman Talent and Sigal Models are actual, credible agencies in east Columbus that are truly looking for new talent and get people jobs internationally. But whatever you do, don't waste your time at John Casablancas because they are fantastic con artists who take advantage of those who have big dreams. Save yourself the time and humiliation.

This place is a scam! We went to an 'audition' where they made it seem very elite to be allowed but it seemed like everyone was offered some sort of program. I.e. everyone made the cut. So then the director Mark Ewing starts talking about all the famous people that have taken classes at JC. He said that Julia Roberts 'Auditioned' and was turned away three times before she finally made it. This turned out to be a complete lie. She never worked for JC. She was an Elite Model and her parents owned and operated an acting school. Also her brother is a famous actor, Eric Roberts. and he helped her get her first moving role. Also, the staff/'professionals' that teach the classes are very low end and we didn't consider them quality nor very experienced people to be teaching modeling and acting classes.

Finally the front desk staff, Natasha and Mariah are incredibly rude as is the Director. It's clear the education level is low there and you’re dealing with some very ignorant people. Also something they don't tell you is it takes about 35 - 40 minutes to check in before every session - so while you pay for and show up for your weekly 3 hour class, you actually don't get the full amount of class time since you’re standing in the hall for so long. And if you complain you are stonewalled. They won't speak to you or return your calls. We finally cancelled the classes halfway through their program and found a legitimate talent agency. Don't waste your time or money here. If you are serious about a career in acting/modeling spend the money on some quality pictures and go to a real acting school. Not this place.

I paid $100 on Nov 21, 2015 to reserve a seat for my daughter at JC and $295 on Nov 28 so my granddaughter could start her first of 30 sessions at JC. The contract stated my first bi-weekly payment of $139 would be extended until December 12th. I did not ask to have my payments. It was offered to me and stated on my contract. The next session was Dec 5th. I paid my first installment although it was not due. On December 12th they refused to let my granddaughter attend her session unless I made another $139 payment. I explained I had paid early but they still refused to let her attend her session. My granddaughter (12) was frustrated and humiliated because they would not let her into the class. So I paid $139 again in advance to get Madison in her class then the cashier took me back to an office so that she could explain my bill to me.

After she looked closely she realized I was correct and explained that if she had not done that she would have been fired. I explained to her that she was going to get fired because she would not let Madison in her session. I asked her to refund the $139 since it was not due but of course she is not authorized to do that. By this time the cashier is in tears and I almost felt sorry for her. She still refused to get Janet the Manager or anyone that could correct my payments and due dates. I requested her to have Janet to call me but she never returned my call. I called the number on my receipt and was told that Janet set the account up incorrectly and only she could fix that. They were very rude and would not listen.

I called Janet maybe 5 or 6 times and finally got a call back from Janet. Janet stated extending payments were no longer allowed and I will still behind. I pointed out I was looking at my contract and no payment was due until Dec 12th and I had made and early payment on Dec 5th and forced to pay again on Dec 12th. She said she would call corporate and call me back. She called me back a few days later and said that I did not have to pay again until January 9th (which was correct) but I would have to sign a new contract and pay monthly. I explained I was not signing a new contract and I would like to get corporate's number.

She emailed my number and stated that since Madison would not be there the next Saturday (Dec 19th) she would mark her records. I texted her back and said Madison would be there for her session and I would like for her to apologize to Madison and maybe give her a JC tee shirt since she or her cashier and humiliated Madison in front of 20 or 30 people who were in the lobby. I thought was a small request after all I had been through and of course Madison not being able to get in her class. She said she would leave a tee shirt but was not apologizing to a child. Madison went to her session on Dec 19th but no tee shirt was left at cashier for Madison.

On Wednesday Janet called me to explain they were breaking Madison’s contract and refunding all my money ($690). She said she was concerned when Madison was signed with Disney or some other big name she was not sure how I would talk to the scouts. That was too funny. I am very lucky and I think she realized that she could not scam me. Today on December 26th, I received my $690 check. I had already decided they were not getting any more of my money. The public needs to be aware of JC. The staff are very hateful people and that is just wrong to treat children that way. I really don't think it was legal for them to break the contract but it was certainly easier that if I had broken my end.

Please read before going to John Casablancas Newton, Mass... I am just like anyone else here. I was interested in auditions and wanted to get some gigs. Pursue my interests in acting. I received a call from John Casablancas. They said, "we are having auditions for Ghostbusters 3" and would like me to come audition. (They will say they only have a few spots left to encourage you to want to come more. When they really have no limit to amount of people.) I of course said "Yes, I'll go." Cause it sounds too good to be true right?? Lol. Well it was. So I got to John Casablancas. We then read a script and walked a runway. Toula the director started talking about how we need training to be able to audition and how great they are and the other people who made good gigs with them.

After that we all get called into separate offices. I personally spoke with the director Toula. She just got straight to the point. Laid out a contract right away and said she thinks I am great and wants to sign me right away and I'll be taking classes for 12 weeks and be with Zoom Agency. I was baffled and confused. When I started to question this, she was just trying to sell me the dream saying I will be great for the part in Ghostbusters and The Code. And brought in Tim the casting guy. He said the same and agreed. So I of course caught some interest. Then I was trying not to be rude and told them I will think about this, and contact them back. They just kept harassing me to sign. I told them I don't know how I'm going to get here every day for the classes. I have work. I need to figure out how it will work first. (Because I wanted to leave.)

And then she kept on heavily persuading me to sign. Even dropped the price down. Laid out a good payment plan... Next thing you know I signed. I don't even remember how or why but they put so much nonsense in your mind all at once and you get stressed out and confused. Once I left the building I was thinking to myself, "what did I just sign?" I don't know how I'm going to make it here with work all the time. And they didn't respect that when I told them. Now it was my problem. So since I signed I decided to give them a chance, even though I was so disappointed with them already for how they treated me getting to sign. But guess what? The classes they had didn't work for me. I worked each of those days and I would spend an hour in traffic each time. So I explained to them I won't be able to make it like I told them before I signed! They then said they will start classes on a certain day which did work for me.

So I agreed to try that. I had to wait about 2 months to begin classes. Driving an hour in traffic each time. The classes really don't teach u anything crazy or important. You literally can Google and Youtube all the information they give you for free instead of waste money on this place. I also sent numerous emails to Tim the casting guy to get audition for the Ghostbuster and The Code like they had told me when I was signing, and you know what he said??? I wasn't qualified for those auditions!!! Ha!!! But they sold me that dream before I signed and said I would be perfect for those parts!!! Wow. I was so aggravated with these people. Anyways I stopped going to these classes after 4 of them because it's a waste of my time. And decided I will cancel my membership so at least I wouldn't have to pay the full balance. And I would have to just be in shame with myself for signing with people and a company like this.

Well... It gets worse. So canceled my membership sometime after I stopped going. And they told me I had to pay full balance. I said "Why?" And said "I took 10 classes when I only took 4." I was literally arguing with the girl "Gigi" from the front desk. She was very rude and unkind. If I ever wanted to talk to Toula she was never available to talk. (Even though she is in the building.) I asked to speak with corporate. She said "there is no corporate." Then she says again later that she will not give me corporate's number because she doesn't want to get in trouble. I even spoke with the Connecticut location to see if they can help me get in touch with corporate. She sent them an email but explained to me that John Casablanca likes to keep a good reputation so they don't talk to anyone (including the students)!!!

I then realized how horrible this company is! Trying to keep a clean image when it's the opposite. Like a wolf in a sheep costume!! I spoke with the financing company. They are sooo rude. They say I have to pay, I can't even speak with corporate first they said or it will go to collections. So I can't get in contact with corporate, I'm forced to pay because they only say... And I can't even get clarification of this from a professional corporate personnel!! I explained to everyone I talked to how I was treated and persuaded by these people... And all they say is "I didn't have to sign" and I guess they say even "if I'm not at the class it still counts as me taking a class!?!? This place is a joke!!! hahahaha.. But it's ok for them to lie and then heavily persuade you with crap to make you sign?! They even suggested I just continue the classes instead of leave since I have to pay in full anyways.. Yea right I will never attend ever again!!!

I will pay this large amount of money over time because I can't afford it but I am a strong believer in karma, and the way John Casablancas runs things is not right... And you can't even tell the corporate because they only want and care for your money. I am telling everyone my experience with John Casablancas and please take my advice!! They are a scam. At first trick you into coming to them and then sell you the dream!! Heavily persuade you to sign!!! They are not professional!! And when you need to speak with the director or corporate office they will give you the runaround!!! DO NOT SIGN UP WITH JC!!! There are plenty more professional and cheaper places in Boston!! Thanks for listening and reading me vent out my experience. I hope this helps out anyone wondering about this place! Take my word for it!!! So much time/energy/money wasted for nothing.

My daughter is a client at JC's. She is doing well and having a blast. My concern is the ladies at the check in are a bit rude. They stare at you like you've done something wrong or are an alien. It is very rude. Don't try to call them to let them know what is going on if you need to reschedule a class. They talk over you and won't let you speak. My only other issue is they allow their students to congregate outside the front door and talk trash about other students. This is not right. The director of the Charlotte office is a very nice and helpful lady.

I am actually a professional full-time actress/model and I am signed with 2 agencies currently and am very successful. A representative from Casablancas called me this evening and texted me as I was trying to pick up the missed call. I immediately returned the call before knowing she had left a message and as soon as I was transferred to her line, she answered, addressed me by saying she had heard I was interested in a modeling career. I corrected her, stating I was a successful actress/model already working F/T. She then said "so when can you be here tomorrow to interview with us?" I corrected her and said, "first of all based on the text you sent, I didn't know you wanted to interview me, much less tomorrow. Secondly, based on MY schedule, I will not have availability until next week being that I am currently on location filming a commercial."

She wanted to know if I was in the country or out and who the commercial was for. Then she rudely stated that she would note my contact information of my schedule and how she needed to get off the phone with me so she could call other candidates that could make an appointment with her tomorrow. First of all, I was returning her call and secondly, you do not tell a potential client that. The lack of class she shown on that call, revealed to me that this is a scam. If any models/actors are successful with this agency could have been more successful via another agent, because this one clearly makes a good compensation for each 'head' they have on the roster. I will not be wasting my time meeting with them next week should she call again, I have better things to do when I return home like read a few film scripts that are waiting for my arrival.

Well, great sales pitch. Ended up wasting my time and money. Didn't learn a damn thing about my craft and now I look like a damn fool for going to this place. Please do not go to this place if you want to be a serious actor. Go to your local theatre and take classes there. They're probably a lot cheaper.

Over 20 years ago, I went to this agency as a teen. A woman spoke to me about the classes and training and at the end of the interview, explained that they had two more people to see before the classes would be filled. I understood lightweight pressure and declined to attend. So here we are years later, a friend of my daughter decides she wants to give these crooks a chance. I told her, they are NOT a talent agency, they steal from young, naive girls (and boys) and NEVER sign ANYTHING with them.

We went for the song and dance and sure enough, they pressured her into a 'contract'. There were classes on how to apply fingernail polish! You parents out here looking to make a star out of your daughter or whatever, don't go to these people, they are NOT a credible agency filled with 'scouts' in the know. NEVER PAY FOR ANYTHING FROM PLACES LIKE THIS! Have your daughter take some head shots, body shots, and send to an agent who can give you direction from there. Stop falling for this BS by folks who are looking to make money off of your naivete. RESEARCH and STAY AWAY FROM JOHN CASABLANCAS!!!

So I signed up yesterday for this dang modeling agency. And I get a call today. I pick up the phone and a woman says "Hey is this kylie **" and I said, "Yes." They said, "Hey how are you doing? We are looking for new faces and we would love for you to come down tomorrow for a photo shoot and audition since I hear you're looking for a modeling agency" and I said, "Actually I am busy tomorrow because I usually go to church on Wednesdays." And she said, "Oh well, thank you anyways." She didn't even give me time to explain when I can be available for another audition. She was rude and honestly they don't give a damn about who you are or how they can help you. Waste of your time. Thank you, speak my piece!!!

Biggest scam on earth. I attended JC school in Charlotte NC. They gave this great sales pitch about how they were the best, but you had put in the work. I just love how they stated that people get paid to write bad reviews about them. Trust me if I could get paid doing this I would every day. I paid all this money. They promised me a portfolio for free. They promised me the pictures they took were free. They promised me I would only have to pay for the classes attended. The catcher is you have to sign a contract stating you weren't promised any of it. Red flag right there, I had to smile in every single picture, I absolutely hate my smile. The pictures were terrible. I've modeled before so I thought this might help, but it was just a big joke.

My "instructors" knew I was not happy because I told them I wasn't, but still told me to put something nice on the comment sheets they hand out, because it reflects their reputations there & they didn't want to lose their jobs, so of course I did. I only attended a few classes, and wanted my money back. I canceled my payments. Told them I wasn't satisfied at all. They said it didn't matter if I attended the classes or not. That the $1200 was a tuition fee because they were not an agency but a school. I refused to pay. They sent me a letter threatening to send me to collections, and stated in there, legal actions would be taken. So I retaliated. They would never return my phone calls, so when I finally got someone to answer, it basically turned into a screaming match.

The Education Agency they are part of were the most disrespectful people I have ever been in contact with, unbelievable how they talk to the costumers. They kept saying well you signed the contract so you can only blame yourself, which of course is true, it was basically my word against theirs. I hired a lawyer to call them & threaten them back. They never returned my phone calls or my lawyer's. I filed a complaint with the BBB. During that time I found a modeling agent that helped me. He gets 15% of what I make. I got a response from the Vice president stating how he was happy that I got a modeling career after attending these classes.

I couldn't help but laugh at this idiot & write him back and say, it's amazing after only attending 3 classes: 1 of which was talking about picking a part to act out (which I don't act at all), 2 was how to put on makeup & listening to my instructor cough the whole time (because she's a chain smoker), 3 taking a photo shoot (where all my pictures turned out terrible). So please stay away from these people. They really are a scam. Only very very few make it. It's true not everyone can be rich & famous but you don't want to get into debt with people that really don't anything from you but money.

They took my daughter and sold her the same dream they sell everyone. I paid them BUT stopped with I never got her portfolio we were promised. They only cared about getting paid and not what they promised me. I would have paid if I got what I paid for.

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John Casablancas founded his self-named modeling agency more than 25 years ago. The company currently has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, Tokyo and is present in other various cities. The company focuses solely on representing models and actors, and it provides training and instruction.

  • Fashion based: John Casablancas has access to the best jobs in the industry because of its locations in the world's fashion capitals. This ensures clients have the chance to get the highest-paying jobs with the most exposure.
  • Board of Education certified: In many states, the agency is registered and certified with the State Board of Education, so it is officially recognized as a provider of education and instruction.
  • In-depth instruction options: The company does not simply offer clients basic modeling classes, it has many in-depth courses, including skin and hair care, portfolio development, how to work with photographers, television commercial acting and the business side of modeling.
  • Company reputation: John Casablancas Modeling centers have an excellent reputation because they were founded by John Casablancas, a modeling pioneer responsible for one of the most successful agencies of all time, which is Elite Model Management International.
  • High-quality instructors: The company only employs the highest-quality instructors who have a great deal of field experience in their areas of expertise.
  • Best for Aspiring actors and fashion models.

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