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Finding the best medical alert bracelets

Compare cost, material and engraving options

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Most people with life-threatening allergies and chronic illnesses know that proper care is essential. But what happens when you're unconscious? How do you ensure those helping you care for your medical conditions if they don't know what they are?

That's where medical alert bracelets help. Medical ID bracelets display your medical information, including your conditions, allergies and medications. This information alerts emergency responders to your medical needs when you can't.

Our favorite medical ID bracelets

With hundreds of medical alert jewelry options available, it's difficult to sift through the good and the bad. We looked at 69 medical ID bracelets on Amazon and evaluated each one based on ratings, cost, style and functionality. Remember to consider your lifestyle, medical needs and design preferences when choosing from these five medical ID bracelets.

What is a medic alert bracelet?

Medical alert bracelets display information about your allergies, medications, chronic conditions and mental health, which lets EMTs provide an educated response during emergencies. A medical ID bracelet prevents a misdiagnosis or a fatal allergic reaction. The medical alert bracelet you choose needs a clear medical symbol that ensures emergency responders do not mistake it for an ordinary piece of jewelry.

Anyone with a chronic condition, mental health diagnosis, allergy or medication regimen benefits from medical alert jewelry.

Our favorite medical alert bracelet for women

LinnaLove’s rolo chain bracelet has a classic look and subtle chain that makes it a popular option for women. Of the 19 feminine medical alert bracelets we considered, LinnaLove’s rolo chain bracelet is one of the most fashionable and has a great price. The bracelet is available in gold, silver and rose gold and can be engraved with 15 options. Unfortunately, this bracelet is not customizable beyond these options, but the small size keeps it simple and beautiful.

linnalove medical alert bracelet
  • Cost: $29.99
  • Material: Gold, silver or rose gold
  • Colors: Rose gold, silver and gold


Our favorite medical alert bracelet for men
Wendy Made

Wendy Made’s stainless steel bracelet has a watch-like clasp and metal strap that gives it a look many men enjoy. To find our favorite medical alert bracelet for men, we looked at 18 metal and leather bracelets and narrowed our choice based on reviews and price.

Wendy Made engraves information on the front and provides a free wallet card for any information that doesn’t fit on the bracelet. The stainless steel material is waterproof and resists corrosion.

wendy made medical alert bracelet
  • Cost: $15.99
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Colors: Metallic gray


Our favorite medical bracelets for kids

We reviewed 22 children’s medical bracelets before choosing this model for its ratings, price and color options. JF.Jewelry offers a wide range of kid-friendly medical alert bracelets, including this silicone model. It comes in eight colors, and you can engrave up to 60 characters on the bracelet’s face. JF.Jewelry offers a lifetime warranty on certain parts of this bracelet.

jf jewelry medical alert bracelet
  • Cost: $6.99
  • Material: Silicone and stainless steel
  • Colors: Blue, black, pink, purple, red, white, yellow and cyan


Good for smartwatches
Road ID

We found four medical IDs that attach to smartwatches and chose Road ID because of its high ratings and unique design. Road ID’s tag hooks easily onto an Apple Sport band and displays up to five lines of valuable information, including allergies, illnesses or emergency contact numbers. The tag is available in graphite or slate, which helps it blend with the design of your Apple Watch. Road ID’s tag does not hook onto Apple’s customized or designer wristbands, and you should consider that an EMT may not notice the tag in an emergency. Road ID also designs tags for other smartwatch brands.

road id medical tag
  • Cost: $30.00
  • Material: Thin metal
  • Colors: Slate and graphite


Good for athletes
MyID Hive

The MyID Hive Medical ID comes in eight colors and has a waterproof and sweatproof silicone band designed for active individuals. Instead of displaying personal medical information on a metal plate, the MyID Hive has a URL and personal ID so emergency responders can easily access all your pertinent medical information. There is no limit to how much information users can store in their profile, but EMTs may miss important information if it’s not displayed on the bracelet.

myid hive medical bracelet
  • Cost: $29.95
  • Material: Silicone strap
  • Colors: Navy, black, blue, coral, mint, purple, red and white


Pros and cons of medical alert jewelry

Medical alert bracelets are made to save someone’s life, but they have limitations.


  • Displays allergies and conditions at a glance
  • Attractive designs in any style
  • Fairly inexpensive


  • Can’t update information
  • Limited amount of information fits on bracelets
  • Doesn’t contact emergency services for you

Medical alert bracelet systems

Medical alert bracelet systems that come with monitoring provide additional protection by calling help with the press of a button. A representative at a monitoring center assesses your needs and calls emergency responders for help. Representatives have your personal medical history on file and give a complete list of your conditions, medications and allergies to emergency responders, which ensures you receive appropriate treatment. Medical alert systems are available as GPS systems or watches.

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Medical alert bracelet FAQ

What information should be on a medical alert bracelet?
Medical alert bracelets typically have information about allergies, medications, chronic conditions and mental illnesses, but many are customized to also include personal information or emergency contacts.
Do I need a medical ID bracelet?
If you have a severe allergy, chronic condition or mental illness or you depend on life-saving medication, we recommend you get a medical alert bracelet. Epilepsy, autism and diabetes are common conditions that require a medical ID bracelet.
How do I get a medical alert bracelet?
Order any of these medical alert bracelets by clicking on the Amazon buttons above. When you’re checking out, you’re prompted to customize your bracelet by writing in personal information or by selecting from a set of pre-engraved options.
How much do medical alert bracelets cost?
Medical ID bracelets are very inexpensive and range from $4 up to $50 or more, depending on the material and technology.
Are medical alert bracelets covered by insurance?
Your insurance company could reimburse the cost of a medical alert bracelet if your doctor prescribes it. Call your health insurance provider for more information.

Bottom line: Should I get a medical alert bracelet?

If you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic condition, mental illness or allergy or you require consistent medication, you should consider a medical alert bracelet. A medical alert bracelet is inexpensive and could save your life by preventing emergency responders from misdiagnosing your condition and miscalculating your needs. With hundreds of medical alert bracelets on the market, it’s easy to find one that fits your style and is within your budget.

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