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State Farm Business Insurance Reviews

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about State Farm Business Insurance?
    • 4,460,553 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 28, 2016

    Lack of COMMUNICATION & unprofessionalism. After over 10 years with a local agent whom had our personal home insurance, all personal vehicles, our New Building Insurance, Workman's Comp., and all of our vehicles for our business, it was assumed by our agent that we would know our increases, know when an audit was happening, know that the business owners were not exempt on our Workman's Comp. policy, and know that the most unprofessional emails would be sent when cancelling a policy due to his unprofessionalism and arrogance that he portrayed. We have immediately found another very professional and courteous agent to take care of all of our policies, over 10 of them. I have never nor will ever deal with State Farm Ins. again.

    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 25, 2016

    The insurance company people are always so respectful and helpful if I have any questions. Every time I have a question the insurance company people answer it without a problem. I have never had a bad experience yet with the customer service. The variety isn't the greatest but it has everything you need. I am pretty satisfied with the variety. It might not the greatest but it still is enough to satisfied me. The price is between the high side and the low side but it's not too much. I wish it was a little lower. Sometimes I have a hard times paying it. The claim process is very simple to do. Everyone is understanding when I have to do a claim. I have never had a problem with my claiming process.

    Customer ServiceCoveragePriceStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 23, 2016

    The customer service is great with this company. They made it easy for me to pick out a policy that fit my needs and my budget. They are extremely helpful whenever I call with a concern. This insurance company offered a wide variety of services that I use such as car, home, and business insurance. They also offer renter's and motorcycle insurance if that's what's needed. The prices are some of the best offered in my area. I have shopped around and other companies are way too expensive. I get great coverage at an affordable price. The claims process is easy to understand. They even have an app if you need help. Or you can call anytime if you have a problem.


    Reviewed Aug. 22, 2016

    The staff are very friendly and professional. They gave me an insurance package that fit my business needs that was tailored just for my fit. Car, home, life insurance are all services offered by State Farm. Also bonds and liability insurance for my company. They also have fire and flood too. The cost of business insurance isn't cheap. But I have coverage for a million dollars so it's worth it to spend the extra money to make sure I am covered for any job I do. I really can not comment regarding the claims process because I have never had to file a claim yet. But everything else they do is great so I am positive I would be happy.

    Customer ServiceCoveragePricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 20, 2016

    Customer service from my local agent was quick in understanding my problem. They checked into any problems that we were having in a short period of time, and got any claims settled quickly. This is quality service from a great company. State Farm provided any type of business insurance that our company needed. The local agent worked with us to determine what insurance and level of coverage we needed. He realized that price as well as coverage were important. This was great for our company. We found that State Farm's business insurance prices were competing with other companies.Our agent worked with us to keep this cost as low as our needs permitted. We found it easy to file claims. The local agent and the company got the claims processed and paid on a timely basis. They realize how important claim payment is to a small company.

    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 18, 2016

    I went into a State Farm one morning after work looking for insurance and the receptionist was exceedingly helpful and the agent herself was the picture of professionalism. I had an entirely positive experience and would recommend to everyone. They offered a wide variety of business plans. Several of the services included discounts for bundled insurance. You can also purchase home and life insurance and receive discounts on all of them. The price was not exactly the lowest I have ever encountered. However, they were extremely reasonable and the agent was more than willing to negotiate and discuss the availability of discounted purchases. Should an incident occur, the claims process was explained and was exceedingly easy to follow. The agents are available online, telephone, and email at any time.


    Reviewed Aug. 14, 2016

    They don't send me to a automated line but instead they handle it with a real person. They work with you on the rates and get it to a reasonable rate. From auto, life, homeowners, business insurance, State Farm can meet all your needs in one place. You can sit down with them and they show you the best options. They offer a competitive price and show you how you can save money. You can get your price lower when they research for you to find the best price. You call the claims department or you can use their website to report a claim. Within a few hours, someone will contact you by phone and then you can see your claim online. Within 3-4 days they have worked the claim.


    Reviewed Aug. 9, 2016

    They were outstanding. With every question I had. They were there to help. Very kind and helpful personnel. The monthly payment was very low within my budget which was nice and very so often they would drop by to see how I was doing and if they could help to which I was very thankful. The variety was awesome. They covered everything and everyone in there like fire, slip and falls, theft, damages to the structure, windows, doors and parking lot. They were just awesome. The price was worth it - every penny. It fell right into my budget and gave me peace of mind. Made it easy to sleep at night. No worries they would handle it all for me. My agent was always around asking if I needed help on my coverage. The claims service was great and didn't take long to process. Sometimes that same day it would be fixed. I think one time it took a week but it was outside so it didn't matter much to me. I meant no hassles.

    Customer ServiceCoveragePrice

    Reviewed Aug. 8, 2016

    Never seemed to have the answer to the problem I was looking for or my policy didn't cover what I needed at the time of when I needed it to. They really didn't have much of a variety. Pretty basic layout and not much to vary from in order to tailor to what you need specifically. Way too expensive for something you don't necessarily have to have. You'd think for something that is supposed to give you peace of mind that you wouldn't have to worry much about it. Like I said before it seemed like everything I needed I didn't have so the claims process was very difficult at times and would have to find ways to figure out a solution.

    Customer ServiceCoveragePricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 5, 2016

    My dad was my agent - there were no problems, he watch everything. I had no problem in beauty shop. The premium was not bad. In business you need to have a business insurance in case someone sues you. I never had this problem, always careful who I would color, perm, or relax hair.

    They have all insurance that you could want. If you have all your insurance needs its like cable it comes in a bundle pack so you get it cheaper. It's better instead house with another company so if something bad happens you call one person. The claims people act on things pretty quickly, they want it off their desk as soon as possible. So you get your problem taken care of quickly.


    Reviewed Aug. 3, 2016

    They're very helpful in general. I've been with them for quite a while now and there isn't a problem they can't resolve. They're very kind on explaining anything you need help with. I feel like they don't have a "variety" of services to offer. This service is probably not the best but I love this company in general. They're the best. I wouldn't switch them for anything. Well there's a bad experience I've had. I had to fight with them once because they added additional charges unnecessary but they justified the price for me and after that I've never had a problem. They're more than helpful to help you with the claims process. They will not hesitate to explain and help you get through the process. They'll give you the process and break it down for you.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed May 31, 2015

    December 2014 I contact a State Farm agent for new commercial insurance on a box truck with commercial plate, DOT # & registered business name and request DOT filings. The policy gets issued with no problem, the agent staff called to verify everything was ok and properly issued. Couple of weeks later I contact the state of NJ to make sure the DOT filing has been done so I can operate my business and of course, State Farm did not process the request. I contact my agent office in NJ who contact the regional office in PA and was told it will be process in 7 to 10 days. I decide to call and see who and when this will be processed. I talk to someone in Arkansas, someone in NY, someone in AL, being told "it will be processed, send me this document, sign this, etc". At this point I think it will be done two days the most .

    However, still not done. I contact the agent in NJ again and was aware, State Farm was oblivious of how to process the DOT filing. I contact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and they email me the direction, which I email them to my NJ agent. Keep in mind State Farm already sent my paper work to sign in order to process the filing. My agent calls me back and said "ok we are going to process, but Underwriting is requesting you take out a NON-Owned policy in order to get the filing done". Really! Why wasn't I told of this at the time of the application?

    I contact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and told them the issue with State Farm. This filing is all done electronically, there should be no reason a client should have to research instruction and forward email direction to one of the largest insurance company. I rejected the bully command for NON-Owned policy from the Underwriter.

    Days have past, still no DOT filing so my truck is park and unable to work. Called the State Farm agent again and still have no idea of what's the hold up. I again research the form from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website and email them a copy. Now, I thought this was finally going to get done. Contact State Farm Agent again, not done - at this point I contact the State Farm corp. office to file a complaint. They take all my information and someone was going to get back to me response.

    I contact the Department of Banking and Insurance and filing a complaint. I was advise to let the agent know I have filed the complaint, which I spoke with the agent on how unhappy I was with the handling of my request. I again call State Farm corp. office to speak with the same gentlemen and was informed, "Since you filed a complaint, you must speak / wait for Underwriting to contact you. We should have no further contact." Could not believe that response. I called the Insurance Department and advise them of the neighborly service I just gotten. Still no DOT filing and truck sitting making no money.

    Keep in mind my initial payment was taken, and I made my second payment for insurance and they did not provide what was request. Over $2000.00 paid to State Farm Insurance and I am losing money in my business because of the filing not being processed. After the Insurance Department complaint, State Farm decide to re-underwrite my application and process an underwriting cancellation. I get a call from PA supervisor asking me how the vehicle is being used, the vehicle is used the way your State Farm Agent submitted the application. I asked her what was the reason in cancellation - "vehicle for hire are ineligible". I told her the cancellation should read " Underwriting and Agency error" as my agent stated "this would have been on your book of business for years if I had not ask for the DOT filing".

    Where was the proper underwriting from the beginning? The Department of Banking and Insurance working with State Farm and nothing has change. State Farm hide behind the rules when they make COMPANY errors. 60-day rule...they have up to 60 days to process a cancellation. This worked for them instead of taking responsibility for their errors. If a call to me with an apology from the State Farm Agency Underwriting due to their error for issuing me a policy with ID. If I had not gotten the run around for weeks at a time, this was going to be done. I could have research for new insurance in a timely matter and my truck would have been making an income and I would not have filed this complaint.

    Application issue - December 2014. Insurance Department complaint - January 2015. January 2015 - call from management, cancelling not only my truck insurance but my cargo commercial vans. State Farm cancel - February 2015. Insurance Department complaint continue. May 2015 - notice from the Insurance Department via State Farm: "they will not issue a refund and they stand behind the 60-day rule and why it took so long can't be answered". When I asked for a copy of my application, I was told "I could not have a copy". I asked the Insurance Department to get me a copy and what do I see...the agent office did not select the proper request for the the DOT filing, again another State Farm error. No accountability for their error!

    I worked for State Farm for many of years and from the client side, I see now how the clients must feel when things are done wrong. I wonder if the treatment on my policy was because I was a ex-employee. I no longer work for State Farm, was my choice to leave. Never second-guess about leave - it was a good choice for me. As a consumer, fairness to their policyholder are questionable. I have read some of the complaint listed on ConsumerAffairs and again the accountability and errors seems to be the pattern of State Farm. In my case, pushing work out and the lack of knowledge has cause this complaint.

    Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 13, 2015

    In July 2003 the City of New Berlin had a rainstorm. Just west of my residence the subdivision was under construction and the city of New Berlin had all the sewers covered, to protect any debris clogging the sewer from the construction area. As a result of this, all the water from that area came down the street, into our Cul-de-sac, and filled the entire street with water. New Berlin city water dept. was unaware that the Sanitary Sewer Covers had a small hole in the cover, compromising the Sealed System and because my sub pump is connected to that system, I received water in my basement from the backup.

    I contacted my State Farm Agent Gary ** relative to the damage to both my personal items as well as my business inventory. I provided a detailed list of the item lost due to this back up. Agent ** later called me and verbally stated that I was not covered by ‘for floods’, because I had no flood insurance. However I explained to him that it wasn't a flood but caused by the City of New Berlin. He advised me that State Farm has denied the claim. Since then I have been advised that I still can make a claim from the city, but would need a declination letter from my insurance Company. I contacted my agent to provide such declination letter, which he has yet to provide me.

    His Secretary stated that their records do not reflect that a claim was made. It is my belief that Agent ** never filed the original claim, either on my homeowner’s and/or Business insurance. I can tell you that I'm very upset to find out this was not done properly by your agent, and I’m contemplating filing a lawsuit if this can't be resolved. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed June 5, 2013

    From November 14, 2011 to November 14, 2012, ** (hereinafter referred to as "Customer") obtained Workers' Compensation and Employer General Liability policies with State Farm Insurance through agent, Mike Fisher at 5930 Brook Road, Richmond, VA 23227. Customer paid regular monthly payments of $66.57. On February 24, 2012, Customer obtained a change in coverage which lowered monthly payments to $50.99.

    Customer opted NOT to renew either policy with State Farm in November 2012. In April 2013, State Farm was notified by VA Worker's Comp Commission that Customer did not need to renew policies. On May 15, 2013, Customer began receiving bills for premium adjustment from Mike for $23.00 for charges related to "business consultant".

    On May 23, 2013, Customer contacted agent Mike, via email, to inquire about charges to policies that expired 6 months ago. Upon inquiry, he indicated there would be additional charges to Customer for complaining. On May 23, 2013, Customer contacted State Farm Ins Headquarters in Bloomington, Illinois and was told Customer did NOT owe any money to State Farm and to disregard statement or send to headquarters for further investigation. Customer contacted Mike, via email, with such information, but no reply by him.

    On June 4, 2013, Customer received an additional premium adjustment statement indicating that "terrorism" was added to policy of November 14, 2011 through November 14, 2012; however, the policies at time of adjustment had expired 6 months ago and NO notifications in changes to policies had been sent to Customer while the policies were in effect. Complaint with Better Business Bureau was filed as these changes/charges to previous (expired) policies are tantamount to FRAUD.

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