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Bankers Life sells term, permanent and universal life insurance policies. Term life insurance covers policyholders for 5, 10 or 20 years, and the whole and universal policies provide coverage for life. Permanent policies automatically include individual riders. Customers must speak to a local representative for quotes and coverage options, then apply with that representative. The company does not let customers apply online.

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    • Guaranteed cash value
    • Living benefit rider
    • Plans for seniors


    • No online quotes

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    Bankers Life offers term, whole and universal life insurance, including plans for seniors. Specific policies automatically add riders. Customers cannot get online quotes. Agents assist in applications.

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    Online & AppStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 8, 2021

    This is the worst company and people to deal with. I have been dealing with them for 2 years on my mother's behalf. Once you understand how to submit a claim, they change the process. They leave the old process, ex: their website, working so that you do not know it is no longer used. They make excuses, and blame the facility, IMO hoping to get the family arguing with the facility. They are spiteful, hateful, and do not care how they keep from paying. The people you talk to about the claim are not in charge, they are hired help. IMO that is because honest folks would not be a part of the scandalous activity. I don't know how they sleep. How many crimes have been committed for greed?

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    Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

    Reviewed July 20, 2021

    I wish I could give this company a (-) negative 1,000!!!! I first filed a claim in January 2021 and they have given my family and I the run around for the last 6 months! I must admit that everyone (for the most part) has been very nice when I called. But that's all they have going for them. Banker's Life is extremely UNORGANIZED and they lie lie lie through their teeth! The claims department does not have a telephone number so the insured has to rely on un-updated notes from the customer service department. I had one associate that hung up on me!!!! Another associate was so very nice and promised me over and over again they they would call me back and of course that never, ever happened. Absolutely unacceptable. I contacted this company at least twelve times for the same issue!

    Our benefits finally arrived after over six months of the run around and staying on the company. The premiums were extremely high and to have to go through this ordeal after a sudden death of my family member was insanely tough. I hope they get more organized and stop being untruthful to their customers. I will NEVER trust this company again.

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed July 12, 2021

    It is almost impossible to get someone, on the phone. God forbid if there is A death, & the third world country operators just keep repeating the same word over & over again. Hey if you need those services you just as well go out of business. Ms Dell & Ms Carol should never answer the phone- to talk English.

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    Reviewed May 31, 2021

    If I could rate Bankers Life less than one it would be ZERO! I have never had an account with any business that I could never reach a human being when I called them. It is all an automated system. I tried three different numbers that I finally found for Customer Service and they all had the same automated system. The only way to contact anyone is to email, text, or call your insurance agent. The other problem is, I created an online account with them. I only ever had one successful sign in.

    The rest of the time, every single time I tried to sign in, a screen with a red triangle with "PING" in it popped up with an error message so I was unable to sign in. I even created a new account with a different password. After I created the new account I tried to sign in immediately but when I did the PING screen popped up, once again, not allowing me to sign in. I have created a new account in the same day, several times, with a different password each time and I still could not sign because of PING. I have no idea what PING is and why, for whatever reason, it has anything to do with my online account.

    I am sick and angry that my insurance agent convinced me to take out a Bankers Life Medicare Supplemental policy! If I can ever get into my online account I am going to close it immediately. The last thing is, I received an email from PING saying that there had been a request to change the password for my online account. I have no idea why PING, instead of Bankers Life, sent me an email regarding this. I don't understand why PING would be involved in my online banking or in control of sending me emails. I have never been able to sign in to my online account.

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    Reviewed May 24, 2021

    Go through agents like the wind. You will get a new agent every other month. They hire everyone and their brother. You will get phone calls routinely from new agents because they mass hire. They are only concerned with writing new business, not helping you. Good luck If you have a problem!

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    Reviewed March 22, 2021

    My brother died in November 2020 and we still have not been paid. I understand there is a contestable period and we have waited and waited. We have sent all documents promptly as requested. My brother died of aggressive cancer that he did not have when the policy was written. They searched and searched and could not find any evidence of cancer throughout 3 years of records! Then they denied him of uncontrolled diabetes in which was not the cause of death. Also to add more, he stated to them over a recorded call when they did the application that he had diabetes and they approved him for the policy but will not pay now. Who gets denied for having diabetes?? Buyers beware of this company!! I am searching for a lawyer that will start a class action law suit. This company is a rip off!! I hate we took a chance on this company. This company is worth a billion in assets and they won't pay a small claim is beyond my understanding.

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    Reviewed March 18, 2021

    I moved from WI to AZ in June of 2020. I had a whole life policy with Bankers Life. After my move to AZ, I had difficulty contacting the company. I stopped my payment through direct deposit in my WI Bank. This all occurred during the pandemic. Banker's life's employees were working from home. After several attempts, I was able to contact a customer service person after long wait times. I advised them of my change of address and told them that I wanted to be billed, monthly, at my new address. I didn't get a bill for over a month later.

    Later I again called customer service. This time, to tell them about my statement arriving after my payment was due. I then attempted to pay my bill, online, through my new bank. Bankers Life did not accept the payment, though my bank attempted to send it. Bankers Life did not contact me about refusing the payment or giving me a reason why. (I still don't know.) I kept calling the company to say I made a payment, but was still being billed. My mail continued to be sent weeks after the statements were sent, having passed my due date. I went on Banker's Life website and tried to pay it from there. By now, several months have passed. The payment routed through my bank, once again, did not go through.

    After more delayed statements and correspondence, always arriving past the time given to take whatever action was requested. Banker's Life was trying to contact by e-mail. My computer was not set up. I called again to say I wanted to make my full payment. At that time, I was told that my payment was being taken directly from the balance in my policy. I asked to have payments again reverted to me. She said that I would have to apply for reinstatement of my policy first. My whole life had been cha and would end in a few years, after the money in that policy had run out.

    I got the paperwork to apply for reinstatement. I returned the application, was visited by a Banker's Life agent, who also filled out an application for me, and called a company, as directed in (once again) delayed mail, to conduct a telephone interview with a nurse. I did all of this and then was notified that I didn't meet their underwriting standards. I received this letter two weeks after it was mailed.

    My health has not changed significantly since I took the policy out in 2012. I now have non life threatening back issues, that have surfaced. All of my other health issues are well controlled by medication, as they were in the past. While all of this was going on, the company kept taking my payments from the policy. If I had realized that the loss of my policy was impending, I would have cashed it out sooner and benefited from a larger payout. I am going to seek legal remedy for this. This company has been poorly run and communication deficient since this whole journey began.

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    Reviewed Feb. 15, 2021

    My brother-in-law died 6 mos. after my sister. It took BL 3 mos. to send my benefit—except they didn’t send it. Everyone you talk to is reading a screen in Manila. When you ask to speak to a supervisor, you just get another clerk. You want to speak with someone higher up? Send a letter to a P.0. box in Indiana. 3 mos. and I still haven’t seen a nickel.

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    Reviewed Jan. 29, 2021

    It has taken a month to get my money after requesting to cash in my Annuity. 13 business days (2 1/2 weeks) to close the account. Another 5 days to print the check and now they are telling me it's 5 to 7 BUSINESS days to get it. Still waiting for my check. The only reason I bought this annuity is because my wife's son started working as an agent for them. He left after 3 months due to improper business practices and they didn't pay him for the contracts he sold. Bad company to deal with in my opinion.

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    Reviewed Oct. 18, 2020

    Agent told me that my parents' policy covered in-home health care services. When we went to file a claim, we were told otherwise. When I talked to the agent's supervisor, he indicated that the agent had made a mistake. The agent made a representation about coverage without actually looking at the policy. We incurred a huge financial obligation in reliance on the agent's misinformation. I asked the supervisor if he could change or upgrade the policy and he said that he could not. This experience was very upsetting to me and my family. Based on this experience and the quality of people representing this company, I would recommend that people look elsewhere for long-term care insurance.

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    Joe increased rating by 3 stars.
    After a positive interaction with Bankers Life & Casualty Life Insurance, Joe increased their star rating on Sept. 1, 2020.

    Updated review: Sept. 1, 2020

    There was a misunderstanding in the communication and our understanding of the agreement. After clarification with the agent and the company, the case was resolved.

    Original Review: Aug. 27, 2020

    Beware of this company and its agents. while I was in research stage shopping around and getting quotes, this company said the only way to get a quote is to get the whole application filled out (INCLUDING MY PERSONAL BANK ACC.) I trusted the company and the agent and did so. At the end I decided to go with AIG, however this company without notifying me has charged my account for past 12 months. This is while they don't even have my signature on the contract/agreement. This has never happened to me in my life, and something I never expected from such a company. Now I am requesting bank to dispute the charges, and trying to get hold of someone at the Bankers company who cares to listen! Lesson learnt the hard way! Hope it helps someone who considers dealing with this company.

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    Reviewed July 31, 2020

    WOW, In my personal opinion, I would not do any business with this co. Reason it takes too long to get your money after you fill out paperwork to get funds. Even if you cancel your policy it will take over a month to get your money. Money too direct deposit to your account will take a long time, The fees are out of line! Cost way too much, very unreasonable. Be careful. Agents promise a lot of stuff. But they say home office is taking care of issues, NOT it take more than a month to get money. Really just a push of a button done. Filed a formal complaints to Insurance Commissioner to get anything done. BEWARE!!!

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    Reviewed Feb. 12, 2020

    Be very careful with Banker's Life "agents" because many are dishonest and dangerous. I am currently in the process of filing elder abuse charges and insurance fraud charges against a local agent here. I am the legal guardian through the courts for a sweet elderly "incapacitated adult". She became eligible for an insurance program for very impoverished elderly adults that would pay for her blood thinner heart medication and many things she needs in the nursing home she is in. I called Banker's Life to say that she no longer needed and couldn't afford anyway the Colonial Penn Medicare supplement plan that they have deducted $150 to now $181 per month for many years and to please cancel it because she has other insurance for extremely low income people that would enable her to live in the nursing home and to also stop the monthly $181 auto pay from her account.

    The agent said he would and would need to come out in person to have a signature which sounded reasonable and when he was here he said there was an "extra" their insurance company that the "government" provides low income seniors with free things like transportation to Dr appointments, over the counter meds, etc for no cost to them. I said, "She has her two insurances and we weren't interested" so he said it couldn't hurt to have the catalogue and she wouldn't have to order from it. I couldn't get rid of him so signed for the catalogue.

    A few days later I got a letter from a company named Humana saying "Thank you for choosing a Humana Gold Plus SNP DE HMO) Medicare Advantage plan". etc. He had disenrolled her from the standard Medicare plan and enrolled in this Humana plan instead without my knowing it or her needing or wanting it so that even her medication drug plan was hijacked and cancelled, with a letter saying she was disenrolled in it. That means she can't go to her usual specialists, may have to find somewhere to live with her severe dementia and heart problems instead of the nursing home. I was stunned. Had no knowledge of the company. He conned me and used the supposed agreement to the Humana catalogue to use to drop her insurance and enroll her in this unknown unaffordable and not useable plan without my legal permission. Elder abuse.

    I was on the phone for two hours with Medicare who did not know it was being done without permission or our knowledge. He won't return calls and his supervisor called schmoozing and offering to get her the same drug plan in a month etc. Medicare head person for this state called today and really really listened and helped. Is reinstating her and nullifying the policy (unless it is his supervisors impersonating Medicare). I am not done with this. Hope to file Elder Abuse and Insurance Fraud charges against him. Sigh. Please be careful. Lots of con-men out there.

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    Reviewed Jan. 8, 2020

    I cancelled my insurance in Oct. effective Jan. In Jan. they still took out a payment from my autopay account and I have had all kinds of time invested in waiting for them to serve on on the phone and when they did they requested a copy of my new ins. And a letter signed by me sent to them. I photo copied the papers and wrote an response asked for to email the. No. I have to run around town to get copies made and hand mail it to them. I then asked for help from the phone person’s supervisor. I told him how unhappy I was. The response is the policy is this. I told him I was going to write a review here and now he agreed to let me email him personally and he will get it to the right person to refund my money. In this day and age, this is really backwards. I would not encourage anyone to use this company unless they update their technology and service.

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    Reviewed Jan. 3, 2020

    There is literally not enough room to tell you what all this company has put us through. Trying to get paid out CORRECTLY on a policy through them will not happen. The level of incompetency is absolutely astounding. I was told something different every time I called or was sent a letter concerning the policies. They got my policies confused, names incorrect. Told me I wasnt a beneficiary but a contingent, even though that person they said was a beneficiary had been removed. This is the most unprofessional, incompetent, disorganized company I have ever seen. Not to mention I sent out my Poa paperwork to them over and over during a 10 year period. They NEVER retained the info and applied it to my mothers policies. And that is just scratching the surface! Bankers has made my life hell and added stress that I shouldnt be dealing with after my mom passed!

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    Reviewed Dec. 30, 2019

    The Bankers Life sales rep. Francisco G. sent me a letter regarding my future Medicare selections. Two days later he was at my front door wanting to know if I received his letter and if I wanted to do business. I said, "NO.. I hadn’t even had a chance to go thru the mailer he sent me two days ago." I sent him on his way. Two more days go by and he phones my home which has an unlisted number. I told him to quit harassing me or else. Really scary within a week I get a mailer, house call and then a phone call. If he ever shows or calls again... I will phone the police.

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    Reviewed Nov. 30, 2019

    We told the agent to please hold the paperwork until the beginning of December so we could make sure it was feasible for us, called him this past Monday. Told him not to tear up checks. He didn't now we are going to be almost $300 in the hole because he did it with our routing number instead of the check that was postdated for December 9th and took our money. He also did this to my elderly mother and she is almost $80 in the hole. They take advantage of people and take money that they were told not to process, so all in all they are not a reputable company to use.

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    Reviewed Nov. 15, 2019

    After receiving a call from our local Bankers Life Rep, we agreed to have them come to our house & explain about upcoming Medicare Enrollment period. Little did we know that actually all they were doing was giving us a sales pitch about needing another supplemental plan for a cancer policy, because according to them, medicare & BC/BS oF FLORIDA didn't pay for expensive chemo and radiation. After purchasing a plan to cover these expenses, I later investigated & found out that indeed Medicare & BC/BS DID pay these benefits. I called both of the agents as well as their local office in Clearwater, Fl & told them we wanted to opt out and to cancel our checks. All three of them wanted to come out again to talk to us, which we declined due to the previous 2 1/2 hrs wasted the other day.

    My husband went to the bank to stop payment and was told we were the second complaint that week about Bankers Life! I also reported them to the state insurance commissioner, who said it would be their word against mine! So I guess it's OK to come into your home and lie straight to your face to sell an insurance policy....completely unhappy with this company and will NEVER recommend them to ANYBODY!

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    Reviewed Oct. 25, 2019

    One of their agents met with my father to discuss a Medigap insurance policy he needed. I was asked by my father to call to help him during the meeting because I live in Pasadena, CA, not in FL. I called and explained to the agent that 1) he has a financial advisor already, 2) that he only needed the medigap policy (no other sales efforts were requested at that time), 3) that the advisor my father has must review their proposal before he can sign up. My father agreed. She acted like she agreed also, so I got off the phone and back to work.

    When I talked to my father later, he told me she collected a check from him for a "Cadillac" policy - before the advisor's review. And she scheduled another meeting for him to try to get him to change financial advisors. She told him she thought he was paying too much for his advisor. (His rates are discounted and fair in reality.) That claim was especially insulting to hear after she quoted him a medigap policy that would cost us $1200 more a year than the same policy from Anthem.

    After talking to my dad, and at his request, I had told her he didn't want that policy, and that he didn't want the meeting and would not be attending. She ignored my text, email, and voicemails and continued pursuing my father's appointment, pretending not to understand why he wasn't there asking him to come in. She could have called me when she got my first email saying we were not taking that policy and I would have been happy to explain the reason why the advisor didn't recommend that policy - maybe should could have generated a new quote on a different plan and still gotten my father's business. Instead she ignored his family and tried to isolate him to twist him into other contracts that he didn't need or want. Her actions were unprofessional and shameful. I'm not a lawyer but they are probably illegal as well.

    When I spoke to her office manager to complain, he apologized and said he would talk to her. Well, I just talked to my father and the agent came to his house since he stopped answering her calls, she is still simply ignoring our requests to stop soliciting him and she told him she just has his best interest at heart. How could she possibly say that when she doesn't even know the scope of work that my father's advisor does? And her insurance quote from Colonial Life was $100 more per month more than what Anthem quoted? That's $1200 more a year for the SAME coverage! Medigap plan coverage is the same from any provider.

    What an utterly deceptive agent and office, if she talked to me on the phone with my father and acted like she was agreeing to wait for authorization and then tried to sell him things she knew he did not need and already has - why would she think we would trust her with our business? After I contacted them and told them to stop soliciting my father, the agent went to my father's house directly again today try to pressure sell him in person.

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    Reviewed Oct. 24, 2019

    **. Phone numbers. Cell phone **. Home Address **. Agent Mr. L. **, stopped handling the policy, and was turned over to office manager, Josha **, # **. I have yet to receive death settlement, due to lack of followup on getting medical report from a Dr **. I have submitted several medical release forms to them. They wanted me to get it, isn't that their job. Also a beneficiary was to be deleted from the policy, Mrs. Jessica ** (daughter), but for unknown reason, Mr ** cannot locate form, which Mr ** had filled out, but no one can find this. Still waiting on death settlement as of today 10/23/2019. They should be doing their job and and stop stalling, this office seems to mishandle customers problems, and pass them back to persons to do their job.

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    Reviewed Oct. 22, 2019

    Even though my aunt told them that she decided not to purchase guaranteed income insurance, they won't stop calling. I will be her POA if something happens to her, so they came out a second time and I sat through their spiel. It was the next day that she told them she didn't feel comfortable buying their product. They now keep calling me as well. They want me to "convince" her to purchase their product.

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    Reviewed Oct. 16, 2019

    My mother has 3 policies with them. 2 money, and 1 home health. I have been her POA since 2009, and have sent them the POA paperwork 9 or 10 times and EVERY TIME I call they say, SORRY WE DONT HAVE YOU LISTED AS POA! This is the most DISORGANIZED company I have ever seen. I just sent it again this time CERTIFIED. I then call to confirm that I am listed as POA. She assures me yes. I then get a letter in the mail for only 2 of my mother's policies stating MY SISTER is the POA! I cannot believe a company can be so incapable of handling such an easy task. After reading these horror stories and knowing how this company operates I am scared for the day I will have to file a claim on these policies.

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    Reviewed Oct. 6, 2019

    Don't ever use this company or let a loved one use it. My mother paid into her long-term care policy with this company for 20 years and when she, as a result of finally being diagnosed with Alzheimer's and not quite understanding what she was doing, cancelled it, they refused to reinstate her. To be fair, they did not have a copy of the Power of Attorney which would have prompted them to check with me. Even after I provided a copy of the POA which had been in effect at the time my mother cancelled, they still refused to reinstate her. Bankers Life and Casualty has put my mother on Medicaid and there is no way we can afford the type of quality care she will need.

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    Reviewed Sept. 26, 2019

    My sister passed 30 July 2019, and I found a policy my folks purchased for her 26 August 1955. After pulling hens teeth, Bankers Life finally sent me an application for benefits along with a cover letter stating: "We're here to help." Call us at the above number. I called having questions about the application but before I could ask them, I was told that I needed to provide a Small Estate Affidavit in order to file the claim.

    Note: They never clearly identified that document, refused to send me a precise letter explaining their policy or a copy of the company policy itself, and refused to explain why that was not included on the list of documents on the application. They also said I would have to hire a lawyer (250.00/hour where I live) to collect benefits on a 1,000.00 policy. Now there is no guarantee that after I pay the initial 250.00 to the lawyer that my claim will be approved. I have a policy of my own with Prudential. Competition has always been an essential ingredient of capitalism and a free market economy. My advice is to not choose Bankers Life.

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    Reviewed Sept. 13, 2019

    We purchased two annuities from Bankers Life. We mostly did it to help our friend make a quota, and she quit shortly after our purchase. We are now being told that what we purchased was life insurance policies! Not only that, but since we have not been sending them additional money, both policies are now expired. We were duped. Evidently, we weren’t the first victims, but I will do everything I can to help others avoid Bankers Life scams.

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    Reviewed Aug. 19, 2019

    I sent a written cancellation notice per their request via two day express mail. I called and they did acknowledge the receipt of the notice at least 5 days prior. The associate that I spoke with did try to help but seemed unable to get any assistance or response from the people in charge to cancel the ACH from my bank account. I did stop my policy a medicare supplement plan as I found a competitor that had a better increase of premium policy,

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    Reviewed July 27, 2019

    I have worked with several I Insurance companies... and the experience I received from Bankers Life was inconsiderate and rude. I walked straight out of their office within 10 minutes of arriving due to the extremely rude management within. I would never chose to partner with such disrespectful individuals. Genuine service is what defines me and I did not receive that from Bankers Life.

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    Reviewed July 25, 2019

    Filled out their website form and no one contacted me for five days. Finally called and got the agent Victoria who promised to send Medicare quotes by Thursday, it was then Tuesday. Thursday has come and gone and no quote. Also they state they are only in the office on Mondays and Thursdays. Ludicrous. Are they retired? When you call their office after hours they say press O to leave a message and then it says invalid entry! They leave a customer service 800 number on their voicemail and when you call that you get their annuity department when I was inquiring about Medicare supplemental insurance for my Mom. They are unprofessional, very amateurish. Just a terrible experience. It has been a very long time since I have experienced customer service that is this bad. Stay away! I then went to Boomer benefits and spoke with Jana who was immensely helpful and knowledgeable so will be dealing with them.

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    Reviewed May 26, 2019

    My dad died in April and when I called Bankers they said, "Sorry for your loss but we can not do anything until we have a death certificate." Ok then after I had paid for everything. I got a death certificate that stated pending. Well Bankers still did not pay because they said it was not the finished report. So call the agent's supervisor and said, "Why can't your company pay the face value of policy? My other insurance companies did." And they were sorry we need a final report... They sure are a company sorry.

    Now I get the report and it says my dad died "sudden cardiac death associated with solo motor vehicle crash". Now they said that is natural. They just don't want to out. This is the worst company ever. I paid lots of money every month for many years to this company for them not to pay. I will always tell people now don't ever do business with Bankers Life. They are very bad and dishonest. GOD will get the owner of this company for doing this to people.

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    Reviewed May 19, 2019

    Bankers Life and Casualty owes me refund from policy surrender. On May 13, 2019 I contacted Bankers Life and Casualty in order to have my policy canceled and money from policy sent to me. They looked everything up and confirmed the amount due to me. I told them I couldn't do the online form because I do not have a printer, so they transferred me to a woman who said that was ok. All I had to do is fax them a paper with my full name, policy number, refund amount, dated and signed in my own signature and an explanation of why I was writing to them. So I immediately faxed it to them. 6 days later they send me a form to fill out with the info I sent by fax 6 days sooner. I think it is a deliberate stall on their part. I have been a widow since I was 27 yrs old. I am 72 now. Policy was from 9 yrs ago. They had that info on file already and also info re: me being the only policyholder. I want my money.

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