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Reviewed Nov. 2, 2020

Contracted on a Maronda spec home in Aug 2020 to be completed Nov 2020. All looked fine until we actually moved down from Virginia Sep 2020 and wanted to visit the project on a regular basis. We were told that we cannot visit without a Maronda rep, after being told we could visit anytime we cared to. I tried to set up a visit with their rep and they were all "busy", and were told we could go with our realtor. So we did that.... And found flaw after flaw after flaw- including a wall that was totally out of square with the opposite wall which made the tile floor look ridiculous. Their excuse was that "the home is not completed yet, you should wait until the final walk thru".

There were numerous other flaws as well, including the shower glass enclosure being mounted opposite from the plans, which had the bathroom door interfering with the shower door, a sliding glass door with a bad rubber seal, exposed roof flashing, really bad finishing on the kitchen island base, cabinet doors that were all racked, HVAC return plenum opening which was way out of square, yet the plenum was forced to fit.... among many cosmetic flaws.

Met with the construction manager and were assured that all would be taken care of before the closing. They had to tear out all of the cabinets and take out all of the appliances to try and fix the wall. They failed, as after putting it all back together, it was still out of square and could be seen when looking at the tile floor. We never saw the shower glass put back in as there was so much wrong with this project that we finally decided to "fire" Maronda and go with another builder.

The list we have is long, so it is not all expressed here- just the major items. Overall, Maronda does not budge on anything and do not want show a buyer the home as it is constructed. We have the images and they are very visible and flagrant. We found out during one visit when we asked what the backsplash would look like, that "there would be no backsplash". We asked about the vent openings in the roof and the contractor could not tell us what one of them was for. The only good thing- we got our $5000 escrow deposit back in 3 weeks, which is being used to pay for 3 months of local room rental as we wait for our new home to be completed. I would stay away from Maronda, and find another builder. Their salespeople are not very transparent.

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Reviewed Oct. 30, 2020

We can only write about our own experience with Maronda Homes in FL. From the moment we met with Heather the sales director to the end of building our dream home in Palm Coast it was an outstanding customer service. We signed the contract on Livorno model in June 2019. It was going to take 12 months to complete the project but the house was done in 10 months. The project manager Barbara was communicating with us every 2 weeks and she was making sure everything was done to our satisfaction. We both have a very good eye for details and quality work.

Being in the real estate business for over 15 years as brokers our expectations are high. Barbara took care of everything and we had stress free 10 months during the project, They did a fantastic job! We would highly recommend Maronda Homes and in fact we are thinking about building another house with them for rental income in Palm Coast FL. This was the best experience ever. 5 stars review is an understatement. Thank you so much Heather and Barbara for everything you did for us! Szymon and Steven

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Reviewed Oct. 9, 2020

I just moved into my Maronda built home 2 weeks ago and I am find things that are not done correctly or broken and when I put in a service request all I get told is that they can’t prove that they did it or that it is not warranted. Cupboard put on incorrectly; broken cabinet; painting that was supposed to be fixed but isn’t; drawers that are falling apart and all this I am told is not warranted. Please make sure if you are building with them please scrutinize everything before and make sure it is fixed before because once you take ownership customer service goes down the drain and they don’t care.

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Reviewed June 9, 2020

Our house is within the warranty period still and the roof leaked during the heavy rain because of Cristobal on Sunday. On Monday I put in a ticket and Roger called within 2 hrs and came and looked and had a Roofing supervisor come and inspect it and found the problem. So far, the problem, was fixed but Roger was prompt and courteous. He said he will keep in touch and we will observe, he will be there to help if needed.

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Reviewed June 4, 2020

We purchased our 2 story home in Melbourne FL in 2014. One of our front windows leaked from the beginning - Maronda came in the first year, re-caulked an expansion joint and called it a day. They told us it was our responsibility to maintain the caulking from that point on. We diligently maintained the caulking and even repainted the entire exterior, to no avail. We believe Maronda placated us with a band-aid fix and let the clock run out, so that after that first year, the problem was no longer theirs.

We are dealing with a severe leak in our front window that no amount of maintenance will resolve, clearly not a maintenance issue. Impossible to reach Maronda by phone; emails are answered with short, one-sentence replies that simply pass the buck. Maronda dealt with us in an unethical manner. Our next home will not be built by Maronda. Furthermore, we will be joining the class-action lawsuit that is being formed against them, after initially deciding against it. Bottom line: While problems can arise with any new construction, it is how the builder responds that makes all the difference. Do your research before choosing Maronda Homes.

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Reviewed Dec. 10, 2019

In 2016 we purchased our dream home, but in late May it turned into a nightmare! In May 2017, my family and I started experiencing different health problems. After going to the ER and multiple doctors and not coming up with anything rational, we decided to do an air-quality test in our new home. These tests are very expensive. They range between $500 to $1000 each test and it takes about 2 1/2 weeks for any results to come in. At the end of the first air-quality test, the home showed severe and high levels of volatile organic compounds known as VOC's which are chemicals in the air that when mixed together and high volumes can deteriorate your health, and can be Cancerous if exposed for a long period of time. My children and I experienced multiple symptoms these included:

Severe headaches and throbbing
Confused. Hard to concentrate
Body shakes
Feeling of faint and vertigo
Lack of appetite
Low energy and fatigue
Radioactive feeling through the body
Body heat in core of the body, fevers
Body aches and soreness
Diarrhea for 7 months
Anxiety and tight chest
Night sweats, tingly feeling
Feeling sad all the time, angry and scared
Ear pain, ear popping
Tight throat & swelling like breathing in fire
Sweaty feet and nervousness
Blurry vision

Kidney or liver pain

We've also gone as far as to buy filters that neutralize the air in hopes that they can get rid of some of the VOC's in the air. Each filter costs $99 plus the scrubbers. We are installing an attic ventilation system to help Off-gas these chemicals through the roof that's another $300. We purchased the $600 shed to put any paints and detergents. We paid for an air-quality test that does five point test which cost $300, and it showed that 66% of the fumes were gasoline based, and that it was at a severe quantity. Not to mention paying out-of-pocket for both ER visits and doctor visits and lab work.

As a builder it should be their main responsibility to make sure that their clients are very satisfied with their new home purchase. Maronda Homes never showed any interest in helping us resolve the issue, and the only response we received was to fill out a form for a six-month inspection. **As a result of this experience we sold the home and left to a new town but the reason for writing this is so that no one every goes through what we went through. It has taken us 3 years to feel better after developing chemicals sensitivities to everything. Please do your research first.**

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Reviewed Oct. 26, 2019

We bought the Maronda home in 2005, spent $25,000 to fix the quack exterior wall, 2 story house. Most of 2 story home in the whole community has the same problem, cheap material and do not responsible for any repair, this talk about couple year after move in, and the value of the house still the same as 14 year ago, Maronda Homes Suck!!!

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Reviewed Aug. 13, 2019

I live next door to a house being built. It is not a good place. My home is so dirty from the site. Can hardly see out our windows. They blocked off the drainage ditches for the last 2 months. Keep in mind this has been the rainy season. Out front of our home smells like the sewer, and the bugs are getting thick. We have complained to the company and to the site manager. They don't seem to care. We even called public works. You have no rights if you live next door.

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Reviewed June 28, 2019

After reading all the many many bad reviews on Maronda Homes, we decided to take a chance and build with them. The price was good I was getting all the space I needed and saw the model of a two story home. I was so excited and happy. When we first went to the sales center in the beginning we noticed bugs swarming and were told they would be around for a few weeks. This was a lie as we went daily to do daily bug check. The bug situation is out of control and they swarm all over doorways and back of homes and screening as well. It is a health hazard as well as a property hazard.

The only way to control the problem because there is no way to get rid of them is to treat the ponds correctly and Maronda does not want to do the right thing. I have lived in this area for 13 years and was surrounded by three ponds and never had a problem. Many people have given reviews that Maronda doesn't care and this is true!!!! I would have gone through and finished building even though was told very poor quality and many issues, I tried to tell my story to management and they did not care. Was told you are not getting deposit back that I defaulted. I tried to explain I want the home but not safe with swarms of these insects so they listed it for sale before the ink was dry to cancel and they are selling for much more money than I was paying. So believe the reviews. Run run or you will be sorry!

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Reviewed April 3, 2019

We had this home built in 2004. 2 months after we moved in we began experiencing backups in the septic. Using the right to cure law for Florida we had a septic contractor come out and we found out that the wrong size drain field was installed. Thankfully a new one was installed at the builder's cost. But since that day we have had problem with water intrusion into our two-story home which has been reported to news stations, insurance companies, plumbers, contractors and to this day we are still having problems.

First everyone blamed the sinkhole we had for the water intrusion. Sinkhole is repaired. We have grated the Dirt away from the house on a slant away and have put rocks to try and keep the water from accumulating next to the slab. We have sealed the concrete slab and house with a water protectant sealant oh, all of these ideas to fix it were from professionals. New carpet was installed recently and we thought everything was fixed after the last contractor was here looking at the house. But today I have more water intrusion on both sides of my house. Furniture is getting ruined, carpet is getting ruined, drywall is getting moldy and people in my house are sick. I am tired of the shoddy Construction.

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Reviewed March 6, 2019

My husband and I have a home built by Maronda Homes. My husband fell 2/3 of the way down our stairs when the handrail pulled out of the wall. He is 5'9" 165#. Not a big guy. We hired a carpenter to come fix the issue to find out that the stud behind the electrical outlet that the handrail should have been anchored in to isn't actually a real stud, but rather a piece of wood just dangling down next to the electrical box and that most of the handrail brackets aren't anchored into anything rather just screwed into the drywall. I have contacted Maronda Homes with no response. The lack of care and concern for this issue where their illegal and shoddy work could have seriously injured someone is alarming.

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Reviewed March 4, 2019

We built a Maronda home in Wimauma, FL. The house won't appraise for the selling price. Maronda doesn't care. They left us waiting till closing day and still wouldn't do anything. They are building houses too expensive for the neighborhood. Even using their lender the house won't appraise. Maronda doesn't care. We are now getting a lawyer to get our money back. Maronda has made it clear they don't care.

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Reviewed March 1, 2019

Moved into the new home in November 2018. We experienced a slow leak from the air conditioning unit inside the house which accumulated into two bedrooms. We noticed water and MOLD DAMAGE. We contacted Maronda Homes. They sent an AC guy to come fix the leaking pipe. He put tape over the pipes that came apart instead of replacing and properly sealing. To take care of the mold/water damage, Maronda did not follow specific guidelines on how to address the problem. They want to take shortcuts to save money. The manager from Maronda came to my house with the mold removal company called Environmental Protective Solutions Inc. This EPS company has no idea what they are doing and they tried to tell us they were only going to remove one carpet from one of the two water damaged rooms.

After convincing them to do the right thing, they finally agreed to replace the carpet. In the removal of the mold, these so-called professionals removed little to no drywall which is where the mold was growing. They sprayed something on the floors then they left fans in the bedrooms instead of dehumidifiers and air scrubbers. They told us not to go into the rooms. Two days later I went in the rooms and realized they never removed the mold 100%. I could VISIBLY SEE BLACK MOLD all along the wood where the trim should go, on the drywall, and under the AC closet. Second time around, EPS was ordered to come back to clean the rooms again and to remove more drywall.

At this time, I called other mold/water removal companies and they told me Maronda was supposed to have a company test the air quality and perform swabbing before and after cleaning the rooms. I tell Maronda this and they agree to have a company come to do the air quality/swabbing. This swabbing company told us even after treatment there was still visible mold and they would give Maronda a report explaining how to care for the situation. Third time around this EPS company who STILL HAS NO IDEA WHAT THEY'RE DOING comes in and “cleans” the rooms again, except they did not follow the report explaining what they should do. They did not sand down the mold that is still visibly there!!!

Our furniture has been cluttered in the entire house and this problem has been ongoing for 4 months now!!! They want to send this company back to clean the mold for a 4th time!!! This is just one problem with Maronda. The master bedroom does not cool down from the AC. AC guy came and said he “fixed it.” Lights keep going out in the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Electrician hired by Maronda said the spotlights they installed are cheap so they keep shorting out. There are cracks in the foundation in the front patio. The sliding doors are leaking in the bathrooms. We scheduled an appointment with Maronda to have them fixed two times, each time no call no show!!! This house and company is a nightmare. They are very unprofessional, naive, have zero clue what they are doing. Customer service is unacceptable. Back and forth with this company trying to take care of an ongoing mold problem for 4 months!?! Everyone run!

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Reviewed Feb. 28, 2019

We purchased our house 1 yr and 4 months. We are experiencing major termite problem. I will be seeking an attorney. Run from Maronda Homes. They will be sorry they sold me this house. I dare you Maronda Homes.

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Reviewed Feb. 4, 2019

Maronda Homes are the worst in the home building business! They have not provided my first year review, they have not responded. 300.000 dollars for the worst home ever built! Low quality product and horrible management. I will never recommend a purchase for the horrible homes, They can go to hell!!!

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Reviewed Nov. 19, 2018

We have lived in a house for a year. The shower costs $13,000 extra and it would not drain properly because the base of the shower was not level. Our shower has been being repaired for over a month and nobody will respond to our communication. The AC is not big enough to cool the main bedroom. They completed a flow test, told us they would get back to us because the AC unit was too small for the house. We have not heard back from the company regarding this issue. The cement in and around our garage is crumbling. We have not heard back from the company. Our gutters and downspouts leak. We have not heard back from the company. We paid $300,000 for the house and it was definitely not worth it! Empty promises!

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Reviewed Nov. 11, 2018

Run away from a Maronda Home. They are not quality builders. Their warranty work is horrible. Anything that could go wrong when they were building our home did go wrong. They walked through with us and provided a punch list of things they would correct. They did not! They had multiple code violations. We were unable to get them to fix many of them. The end product is very lacking. Arbitration lawyers are $300 and up! Good luck with that! Do NOT buy a Maronda Home! You have been warned!!!

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Reviewed Nov. 8, 2018

We built our Maronda home in 2003, and have lived here since. We have had no bad issues with our house. Construction went as scheduled, we visited the build several times and videotaped the progress. The only thing I think could have been done better was the final grade of the lot. There were lots of stones that were spread out during the final grade, which makes gardening somewhat difficult. Overall still very satisfied.

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Reviewed Sept. 30, 2018

At this point I'd rather live in a cardboard box than work with Maronda Homes again. Below average homes. Cheapest materials and labor they can find and time will show that. Poor plumbing work, unlevel concrete pad, protruding electric outlets, low-grade carpet options, incorrectly installed gutters, air handler too small to cool size of home, need I add more? Hopefully you like it dry, it’s gonna hurt.

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Reviewed July 6, 2018

Please don’t buy from Maronda house builder. You will be very sorry. Please read paragraph 13 if you decide to go with them. They have upwards of two years to build your home and they’re very slow working on it. Most unprofessional builders that I’ve ever encountered They know how to work the system in Florida. They will take your money and run. It’s very sad and the one that does the contracts has $100,000 car And no heart. Ted is his name. Very poor business people. They come up with every story in the world. Please people do not buy from them, please. Pass this on. I’m number 154 To complain About these builders.

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Reviewed June 11, 2018

We have bought and build new, many homes in our lifetime, I am a senior citizen and never have felt so neglected. When someone pays over $310,000 for one of their homes, and they are not even custom builders, one would think they would get good service so they could recommend them to our friends. I know several people in this (Eastwood II) subdivision in Melbourne, FL who have had problems with their homes, and are not fixed or repaired to their satisfaction! I would NEVER recommend Maronda homes again, to anyone!!! They have had numerous Construction Supervisors here at the complex since we moved into our brand new Sierra Home in August, 2017. Not even a YEAR yet and we are STILL trying to get someone out here to fix these problems, because God forbid, the one year warranty on this place is expiring in 2 months.

1) We spent a small fortune in plants to add beauty to our spare landscaping here, and they are already dying because of too much water. Why? Because they scraped all the topsoil off the lot here when preparing to build the house, and left nothing but hard clay underneath, and it holds the water and won't drain properly, if at all. We never run our sprinklers in this HOT Florida climate, as the ground STAYS sopping wet and won't drain, therefore killing all landscape plants that don't need that much water!!!

2) Our lawn has been totally ruined by the landscapers who put it in. We paid extra money for sod (over $1500) because we had to sod it again, because the pool people who put in our swimming pool in the backyard ruined the lawn with their big trucks which couldn't be helped, because there was no other way to put in the pool except running over the new sod. The lawn was so soggy to begin with--you would sink into the grass, UP TO YOUR ANKLES anyways. Due to the poor grading in the soil to begin with. It is still this way due to the original landscaper scraping all the topsoil off and leaving us with hard clay!! The front yard is atrocious!

There is nothing but hills and valleys throughout the lawn, due to the poor grading. Also the side yards are full of water - again due to poor grading. We have asked Maronda to come out and look at this horrible situation, and they have refused to come out so far. Our neighbor two doors down is having the same exact problem as us. This is a BRAND NEW Subdivision and people here are very dissatisfied with Maronda HOMES here.

3) We paid $6,000 extra to have one of Maronda's custom bathrooms. They did NOT put a seat of building tile, like the floors, in the huge shower. It's just a BIG BOX. Other showers here have a seat - NOT US. There are cracked tiles throughout the house. There were two HUGE cracks on the floors from the rear outside lanai, which are cracking again. Also the garage floor was full of cracks which they covered up with Home Depot Paint, and are again showing thru the paint. Unsatisfactory again~

4) The only thing they 'fixed" here was a huge piece of 2x4 coming thru the drywall in the ceiling in the entryway and was grossly noticeable. They sent someone out and they had to cut the protruding wood out and re-drywalled and painted the hole in the ceiling. 5) Then the wood trim on the outside eaves of the house was lifting off the house and hanging there, ready to fall out. We are talking about a huge piece of trim work (actually 2 pieces of trim) and had to be replaced.

6) The painters did such a sloppy job on the outside of the house. We had to have them come back AND repaint some of the trim and the main color of the house due to poorly taped off, IF at all, taped off. 7) We have discovered that since we moved in there is problem with the granite in the kitchen and master baths. There is pit marks all over the granite. I have polished it, sealed it three time with granite sealer, and nothing helps. These pit marks are all over not just one place, which tells me the granite people didn't polish the granite enough. I insist that they come back out and do something about this. off. Or replace it.

It's been so discouraging trying to get the Supervisor out here that sees about getting stuff done here. I'll NEVER buy another Maronda home again. It's a case of buy this, and we'll see you...if you can catch us!!! We really request that someone help us here. We are too old to do the repairs ourselves, and why should we? We paid our hard-earned money for this house.

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Reviewed June 8, 2018

Experience with Maronda Homes has been a terrible! We bought the house March of 2017. We had a leak in one of the rooms, our floors had the wrong grout color, the faucet, and one of the outlets is not working. Kirsty from Maronda Home is aware that we were living in New Jersey until my husband retire. I had the hardest time for them to fix my issue! We moved here finally April 25, 2018. Kirsty answer regarding the one outlet was too bad warranty is over. WOW this is how this builder works. There is no room to work with you after you spent so much money in these home! I have 2 people in my family that are going to buy differently. It will not be Maronda Homes! After all the bad reviews I think people should see a lawyer regarding their issues. It's not right!!!

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Reviewed June 6, 2018

When discussing options for the home the sales sat with us for 3 hours as we went over cabinet choices, paint colors, countertops, etc. The salesman was confirming with "the boss" to ensure we could get these choices. We were serious about buying the house so I committed $5k toward the purchase to enable locking in our selection. BEFORE WE EVEN GOT BACK TO OUR HOTEL I got a call from the salesman. He wanted a conference call with "the boss". The boss basically said we did not have any choices and we would have to live with what the builder would pick out. We said no deal! It makes no sense to offer choices and then turn around to say you can't have them. How can they stay in business with this practice? My wife was in tears. Beware of any dealings with Maronda Builders (Lehigh Acres Florida). I will try to get the word out to everyone I can to protect other people from this travesty.

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Reviewed April 18, 2018

We did our research before we had a home built by Maronda. The house we looked at looked good structurally, but this was a home they built to sell outright not for someone. Please believe all the complaints you read here.They are true. We moved into this home on 11/17/2017. The drywall company was Majestic. They are the worst drywall company ever. I did not know who did the framing, the walls are uneven.

The painters did a ** job. I cannot even get Maronda to come in and fix the mess. I have had to fix the drywall where there were dents, the painter just painted over them. I cannot even get them to come back and finish painting the trim. I have had to finish that myself as well. They were to suppose to fix the trim between the cabinets and I have been waiting for them to fix that since I moved in. Cabinets doors were scratched. We had a garden tub put in. It laid on the curb for six weeks before it was put in. It is all scratched up. We were assured it would be fixed. We are still waiting for grass. NO NO. RUN. DON'T walk. Do not have these people build your home. We paid over $250,000 for this home and I am ready to sell it.

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Reviewed March 22, 2018

I closed on my home with Maronda August 28, 2014 and reached out to Karen ** via phone call within the 1st year regarding a leak coming from the wall near a window in the master bathroom. Karen sent Maronda Homes service manager, Jorge and VP of construction, Jim to my house. Karen sent me a follow up email (which I still have record of) indicating Jorge & Jim found a small spot outside that "could" be the cause of the leak and sealed it. I replied back advising my husband and I spoke with Jorge and he stated him and his boss ran water from a hose on the outside of the house and claimed to have located a hole. I informed Karen a towel I left near the window was completely dry therefore my concern is the leak has not been resolved and this problem will continue. Karen assured me via email the account has been notated and if the problem continued, it would continue to be repaired under Maronda Homes.

** Fast forward... I sent an email to Karen in June 2017 regarding the leak coming from the same hole in the wall and Kristinn ** replied advising someone from Coverall was going to be contacting me. 3 months later there were no contact from Coverall so I followed up with Kristinn and she passed me off to the "Warranty coordinator", Catherine ** in Sept 2017. Catherine then sent an email advising a co-called Skytec will be contacting me.

**Fast Forward- Someone from Skytec came out a total of 3 times running different tests ordered by Maronda. The last test took place January 9th 2018 and I confirmed with Skytec they provided the report to Catherine ** a few days later on Jan 12th 2018. Til this day there is still no resolution or repair work. I sent Catherine two emails, 1 on the 14th and again on the 16th of March and she had absolutely no intentions on doing the right thing to honor repairing this ongoing issue. I'm extremely disappointed that Maronda Homes warranty dept has -0 Integrity and Catherine is extremely poor with follow up. The picture attached is the wall above the Brown blind which is drooping down due to water leaking through.

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Reviewed March 11, 2018

First and foremost, this is a production (not custom) builder. They provide a lot of square footage for a fair price. And in all honesty, they build a truly beautiful home. We signed a contract in April of 2017 for the Sierra plan in Cape Coral, Fl. and we’re advised it would be a 10 month build. It ended up being finished a month early, amidst a hurricane, and closing was a pretty smooth process. There were a few minor hiccups and some miscommunication. A couple of changes we asked to make (which they may or may not approve, as we were told) were supposedly approved but we’re never updated in the blueprints. By the time we realized it, it was too late to remedy. It was a clear lack of communication between the salesman and supervisor, frustrating but not the end of the world.

The patio was holding a significant amount of water at the walkthrough. They fought us a little on fixing it, but we stood our ground and they did ultimately come out and refinish the porch for us. After closing, we have had a few minor things pop and they send someone out usually within a week of receiving the work order. Is the house perfect? No, but they put a house up in roughly 120 days (permitting takes the majority of the build time). Yes, some corners were cut. Some things were a little uneven (not that anyone would notice unless they were looking) but I challenge you to find me a house that doesn’t have some imperfections. They were honest in saying they won't change things once they’ve stared, they only allow customization up to a certain point, and don’t provide a custom build experience. Overall, we had a great experience. We expected a few things to come up, but they were handled quickly and efficiently.

Everyone we worked with was always very nice, one of the supervisors gave us his personal number and made himself available whenever we needed him. The house is gorgeous, everyone who walks in immediately asks who the builder is. If you’re looking for a custom home, this is not for you. We are relatively young, we don’t have disposable income, and we had the opportunity to build, and design a lot of aspects of a brand new home. Watching our vision come to life over the course of the past year was a really cool experience. I am not an employee nor affiliated with one, this was not incentivized. I did a lot one of research before building with them and didn’t get many positive reviews. I went with my gut, as I find most satisfied people don’t write reviews. I am so glad we went through with the process. We are loving our new home.

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Reviewed Dec. 28, 2017

I wish I can put negative stars. We started to build the house with Maronda and foundation started back in April 2017. House supposed to be ready by September and construction delayed and extended to November. We sold our previous house end of November so then Maronda provided us closing date is Dec 15. We set up all the moving requirements on the day and the day before closing they said House is not ready. They extended closing to Dec 21. So we rescheduled to it. Another day before notice happened, they said House is not ready, again. So they extended to Dec 27. After Christmas. We drove to the house every single day and we saw no one working on our house. Our concern turned to nightmares. The day before and at 7 pm, they called and told us house is not ready. We had to pay penalty for movers and it wasn’t even 24 hours’ notice.

We have 3 young children and they had no Christmas this year. They lied, House quality is horrible. Floors level are uneven. All the cabinets are damaged. Floor has dip and squeaking. They gave us to do list for fixing. There are hundred of problems still need to be fix. but salesperson said House is ready to go, Go where??? I am totally afraid to move in and I am not sure how many years this house can be survive. Salesman never response emails or questions. They don’t know what they are doing. This company won’t be survive so long I bet millions. Stay away. There are much better builders everywhere. Don’t choose Maronda.

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Reviewed Dec. 1, 2017

Stop wasting your time, money and effort to this builder. We put our down payment for a house last week of Sept of this year and told us that we really like the house, we processed all our reqs etc just to make the process fast, they scheduled the closing Oct 31st in which are ready to move and done packing, however, a day before that they cancelled the closing date and told us they are still working on the papers. My husband hired an appraiser and the result was 260 while the house price is 290 original price down to 278, so the bank and my husband told them that since the appraisal is low they need to lower the price but they did not lower the price and told us that there is NO WAY they are going to give the house to us in that price, so since we really like the house we hired 2nd appraiser, the result was 265.

From Oct 31st they rescheduled the closing to Nov 31st after all this appraisal. We are so excited to move and was confident that this time they will follow the 2nd appraisal but Daisy one of the BS worker told us again (3 days before the CLOSING NOV 31ST) that they are not lowering the price to 265 that there is NO WAY they will give us the house in that price. We waited over two months for this house hoping we can get the house but nope. So the next day my husband and I decided to give up the house and move on. About 6pm Maronda called us telling us that they want us back that they lower the price to 272. Still not the appraisal price so we said NO and since we are not agreeing to the price we want our MONEY BACK. Then they started negotiating again giving us false hope.

The next day, they called us again and convince us to come back and buy the house that this time they lower the price to 268 because they want us to have the house before XMAS (really after all the BS they did to us, waited over 2 months for this house) so still we said NO that we just want out money back. Next day they called us and that person on the phone was one of the salesman. He was telling us that he is going to lower the price to 265 now if we will go to the office ASAP and close the deal.

Still we said NO, that we are done playing the games. But the guy insisted and started telling us that he is going to buy the fence, the fridge, the garage lock, the blind the mailbox etc. if we only come back to them and buy the house that day (NOV 31ST, remember few days before that day Daisy called us. They are not accepting 265 that they are not giving the house to us that the closing is cancelled) and now they are so desperate chasing us to come back. We wonder why?

So we found out from other source that the appraisal results is good for six months and that result will be in the record and since my husband is using FHA Maronda is cannot sell that house higher to the appraisal result within six month. See? Karma is really a big BITCH! After all the false hope, cancellations rudeness of the agents, karma is losing their money. There was first buyer also before us but same thing it did not happen. So whoever will be the next buyer or bidder for this house good luck, GOOD LUCK to MARONDA! Their workers are so unfriendly especially that DAISY!

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Reviewed Oct. 20, 2017

First... I love our house and the property as a whole. We've lived in our house for 18 months and we've been very please with the actual house. Our biggest gripe is the overall experience was one of the most challenging and difficult I've ever experienced. Straight lying and lack of commitment from the salesperson - committing to things that weren't possible - he was never an advocate for his customer in any way. The build process was challenging at times because of that. But the biggest challenge has been since move in.

Many items that were part of the final walk through, and were documented have never been done (e.g., a footprint in our front concrete walkway... left by one of the builders). Also, we paid $10K for a premium lot and the grading was so poor on it that the side and rear were standing water every time it rained and throughout the winter and spring (which is against code). When we requested it be fixed... service group committed to it, but never followed through and became unresponsive.

Finally after 6 months of chasing, we informed the service group that we would be getting a quote and submitting it to Maronda for reimbursement. They agreed with that and when we had the yard regraded and reseeded (a whole other can of worms) for $3500 total, they've refused to pay us. I escalated it to Bob **, who is the Director of the service group after 6 months of battling and then he continued the trend of poor customer service and they refused to resolve the issue. Everything that they documented - they are saying doesn't exist.

I work in an industry where service is provided to customers - and I'd never dream of treating a customer like this. We paid nearly $400,000 for a house and because of their ineptitude, we had to pay an additional $3500, which they refuse to reimburse. Clearly this organization does not have any concerns with customer loyalty. I would never recommend someone else builds with Maronda because the customer experience during, and after the build process was so frustrating.

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Reviewed Sept. 13, 2017

After 13/14 build years, the home is a piece of trash. Granted, we bought the house when it was 3 years old. Maronda built this house with walls that are not even squared off properly. Ok, I can live with that. The turn off valves under the sinks were cheap, plastic push/pull valves that we completely went through and replaced. The master bathroom's garden tub interior has started to peel away in layers, and now needs to be replaced. We have even been able to deal with the fact that this company does not know how to properly grade land before building (in a non-flood zone!!!), and our back porch yard becomes a marsh each time it rains.

However, the straw that has finally broken the camel's back is that we have learned that the air handler they installed was/is too small for the house. If you're unfamiliar with this, be glad. The air handler is located on the second floor in a little closet. This closet has been treated with UV lights, chemicals, etc, and yet, it is still a cesspool of mold, which is now blowing through every AC vent. If you want to bleach walls, AC vents, and even your light socket outlets, this is the company for you. They build cheaply. Settle for their work, and you will regret it. Basically, you're going to be buying a very poorly constructed home that will require at least another $50k-$100K to make livable. Please, consider a well-respected builder instead of this company.

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Reviewed July 23, 2017

Classic bait-and-switch with drastically overpriced options. Much lower base price than custom builders in the same subdivision but then add-on for every simple option to make house anywhere comparable to other buildings in neighborhood. Brochure said that the tile roof was clearly included in the price. Then when pricing the house, Maronda Homes added $30,000 for the tile roof. Seriously? First it was included in the price and then it added $30,000 to price? That is a pretty drastic bait-and-switch on options stated as included. DO NOT TRUST THIS BUILDER as you can see from this review and every other you read!!!

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Reviewed June 11, 2017

My husband and I signed a contract for a 4/3/3 with many upgrades. Once the building started we found several errors, when we reported them that is when everything changed. The sales guy and the supervisor of the project did not communicate well and they super never received our changes and the house was built to the old plans. We of our wanted it changed, everyone ** a fit but agreed to make those changes to what we had ordered. We were told that we could not change anything structurally but inside the house, we could customize - so we wanted square sinks in all the bathrooms vs the oval ones and was willing to me for them.

Maronda refused to authorize a small change such as sinks. We called and spoke to the sales manager and his solution was to downgrade, get a credit at closing and replace it all once we moved in (are you kidding me). Who buys a brand new house and then rips up all the countertops to replace it with square sinks. Our option was for less than 50 dollars. Maronda could put in the square sinks and still make a 7000 dollar profit (Duh that isn't hard to see that our way was better). Oh did I mention the sales manager said the ** word to me. So I spoke with the Assistant District Manager and he was worse - he was arrogant and had a major power trip going on. So we wrote to the president after they cancelled our contract on us (mind you we have been packing up our house, our house was on the market, and we started ordering furniture for our new place).

Maronda lost a 300,000 dollar contract over 50 dollar sinks - not sure what kind of business they run. Money is money and if my customer wants square sinks and good quality work I am going to give that but instead they lost it all by stated they mutually cancelled our contract - there was nothing mutual about that cancellation. Now we are back to square one. Do not go with Maronda even if your life depended on it. So unhappy and sad awaiting for our check from Maronda to arrive in the mail so we can start all over again with a company that will treat us right and give us a good quality home.

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Reviewed June 3, 2017

Beyond impressed!!! Reading these reviews I was a bit worried, but I'm here to say these people don't want you to know the secret of Maronda Homes. I highly recommend them and there is no other builder I would want to build from. Sooo glad they are in the Cincinnati area or maybe I wouldn't have moved here. One and a half weeks into living in my new home, I'm giving Maronda 5 stars despite a few bits of stress of building because in the end, the house itself is a dream. It's exactly what I wanted and more.

The floor plan amazes me every day in its utility as well as beauty - part of it is due to my choice of floor plan and options, but Maronda deserves the credit for creating such a clever floor plan and options. After scouring home builders in the Cincinnati area for floor plans, Maronda is the only builder with the one plan that met my needs (no others do) - and this one goes beyond. It is genius, I could not imagine up a better one, and executed to near-perfection. This floor plan has everything I need, and nothing I don't e.g. no wasted spaces of multiple dining room/living room (although if that's your thing, you can have it. Other builders don't have the option to change it). Maronda is a better value than all other builders in the area, but since we signed the contract, they have raised the price of my floor plan by $25,000 (lucky us). For some reason they don't offer every floor plan in every neighborhood, and discontinue them after a while.

Some of the people we worked with were a pleasure, such as the personable and warm young construction manager who worked closely with us and provided prompt responses to inquiries whether by email or cell phone - he should be on HGTV!! Has the personality and looks. We felt taken care of with him, and give him 10 out of 10 satisfaction rating. Even if it wasn't in his purview, he would tell us who to contact. I'm guessing this is because he just started this position, and still full of excitement. The construction workers were swift and hard-working as well. The house appears to be constructed solidly. We were allowed to look at it every step of the way and can verify it was built well.

Others were average, e.g. the salesman needed extra nudging for communication, and assumed various options for us until prompted, which I presume came from seeing so many buyers over the years who want the same options (e.g. assuming we wanted a wood stair railing upgrade 1 instead of half wall non-upgrade, or iron upgrade 2). Still, not a bad guy.

We didn't get a buyer's agent. Experts recommend a buyer's agent, but I didn't want yet another middle man I had to track down to talk to Maronda. IMO the more links of people, the more delays in communication. Plus, with the great value Maronda delivered to us, I did not want to squeeze their bottom line even more by having to give a few thousand to a buyer's agent (who in new construction where I found the floor plan and picked options, and neighborhood, does little work).

Some other Maronda reps we didn't work with much, but showed up at the very end and were snippy when the closing was delayed. I suspect it is because their profit with us wasn't as big as if we signed the contract 6 months later - the price of this beautiful massive floor plan (3,000 sq feet) is now $25,000 higher. But we weren't the reason for the majority of the delay.

We signed the contract in June 2016, construction started Sept 2016 after our request for the mirror image floor plan did not go through. We were not communicated why, even though the mirror image makes more sense due to our corner lot (we wanted the driveway away from the corner, away from the fire hydrant) - at any rate it turns out, I'm happier with the configuration and it feels better from a feng shui perspective. The house was supposed to be completed January 2017, but it was not completed until April 2017. I expected a longer delay because houses are complex and there are always weather/inspection delays/unexpected issues. So I was not upset whatsoever in that regard, but just letting you know the closing date may be later than you initially think.

The closing date was scheduled for mid-April 2017, but we were not aware of this until the construction manager (favorite guy we worked with at Maronda) told us during the walk-thru. The closing specialist did not find it strange nor did not call the phone number listed, nor did she contact the sales rep when we did not respond for 2 months to an email sent to an erroneous email address (initially our fault - my husband misspelled my email address on one of the docs, I notified the salesman to fix, tried to get that email address but it was taken, even emailed the email address to forward any house stuff to me to no response, all to no avail). So the closing specialist seemed a bit lazy in not following up, try to contact us with alternate ways or contact the salesman or loan officer, who were both in contact with us via email.

Back to the floor plan I picked, which was designed by Maronda. Its plans are open and beautiful, simply outstanding. The floor plan fits my every need and beyond, with no wasted space. For example I detest multiple dining rooms - i.e. an eat-in kitchen or morning room, AND a dining room. I don't have thousands of extra dollars to be buying multiple dining room sets to be unused and a display case for never used dishes. I also dislike multiple living rooms on the same floor. Who is going to sit here for a bit, then sit there for a bit... and need to buy an extra sectional/sofa set? I also dislike staircases at the front door - seems squished and like you are gonna tumble out the front door, or it blocks the front door. I prefer 2nd floor master bedrooms because I prefer to be elevated and don't like to be on the same level as someone walking on the street.

We prefer a separate tub from shower because it's our first house and like showers for daily living, and a bath for relaxation ;). I also prefer a master bedroom far away from the staircase - tucked in the back for privacy - so not everyone has to walk past it to get to their room. It feels safe and secure. And on the other hand any kids don't get used to no one by their door i.e. if the master bedroom was right at the stairs and the kids room are in the back, they would get more privacy instead of the master bedroom.

I need an office because I work from home - but wanted it on the first floor so I can work when others are asleep. I didn't want to make a bedroom or dining room an office, because I want french doors and a large double window on the first floor, with walls for privacy but French doors for openness. Believe it or not, most floor plans have extra dining rooms, living rooms, or both, no walled office, and a staircase that crowds the entrance of the house.

My parents were all about feng shui and insisted the master bedroom was not situated over the garage (most Ryan homes do this). I also wanted an UNfinished basement because I need storage space over space I need to furnish. The Newbury by Maronda fits every last requirement, and more. It is the PERFECT design, and does not jack up the price needlessly by requiring hardwood floors or decorative beams. The house looks good enough as is.

In addition to all the above, the house has a super sunny sun room/dining room, huge island with seating for 4 and bar counter with seating for 3, walk in pantry, upstairs loft (like a living room, but has a closet for storage!) for video games, gigantic master bedroom (25 feet x 16 feet I think) with sitting area, huge closet, tiled shower which is separate from the tiled tub. A huge laundry room too on the 2nd floor (convenient!) with window.

For the basics, which also are above and beyond - Maronda's execution is immaculate. There is a great room on the first floor, a spacious upstairs laundry room, 3 additional upstairs bedrooms, one which we took the Loft option for a 2nd living room, but upstairs, for playing video games right before bed (can shut down 1st floor, no need to climb stairs right before bed).

There is an upstairs bath with 2 sinks (masterbath has 2 sinks also), and a garage entry closet. The 1300 square foot unfinished basement came with a surprise 16 foot x 9 foot cave area excavated due to sunroom, which is perfect to make a climbing wall with three sides. I prefer unfinished to finished basements for the storage options instead of requirement to furnish, and carpets in basements always collect a musty smell.

Further, I already have a ton of living space above ground, and need storage space and exercise space. Lastly, it bugs me when the MLS lists the basement space as part of the square footage because it gives an erroneous idea of how big the house is, when between a house with a finished basement, and a house with an unfinished basement (2 equal sized houses, 1 finished basement, 1 unfinished... people think the finished basement house is bigger/bigger house with unfinished basement may sound like the same size as a smaller house with finished basement, but zero storage space).

Now for the BEYOND my requirements part - great options, but not wasted space options (a living room/dining room would not be "beyond", it would be a drag). There was an option to make a 1st floor guest suite with adjoining full bath for older guests who don't want to climb stairs, and for separation from the guests (and opposite corner from office) - like a guest house in the same house! This created a large walk in pantry and hall closet. And the most amazing frivolous room... a secret hidden vaulted yoga room behind the master bathroom. It has windows on 3 sides, and can be used as a nursery. Maronda makes high ceilings and spacious hallways without additional fees. I can see over my neighbors' houses and see the gazebo from the master bedroom.

Don't be shy at the walk-thru to point out things to fix. They will do it, and quickly also! As for the financing, we went with the bank they work with, and they were pretty easy to work with, and got us the best deal including seller's incentives. Someone there made about 3-4 mistakes that either I caught, or someone in their office caught.

The sod, seed & straw, mulch, plants came in yesterday/today - Maronda kept their promise. The sub-contractors said Maronda is great to work with. You get a lot for the money. It is the perfect house with a ton of space, yet no wasted rooms to furnish. Truly a dream. My only fear is that I will never be able to move out of this house into another house, because this house is perfect. Outstanding!

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Reviewed May 16, 2017

I was not in a hurry and was told up front that the build time would be lengthy. I contracted in December 2015 and the house was completed and closed 10/2016. I have been in the house for 6 months now and I can tell you everything was way better than anticipated. This is my 5th house in central FL. First house was a Condo - Resale home, first out of college. Second house was New, Centex house 1988 when I got married. House was good with some minor problems that I repaired myself. Third house was custom home in Dr. Philips. I stayed here 20 years and frankly the workmanship was horrible. I rebuilt the whole house over this time period and Made it awesome.

4th house was after a divorce, Centex home, townhouse in Apopka. Construction was good, NO issues that I could not handle. It was new and I did some custom work to it and upgrades. Lennox AC unit quit out of house warranty but covered by Lennox warranty and a class action lawsuit that I have not yet been paid on, that's pending. No real complaints and loved the place for what it was. 5th house is the Maronda one and I love it.

I am familiar with Maronda, back in the day my now ex-wife worked there in the mortgage division. They were known for building low-cost starter homes which they still do today. That was over 20 years ago. Frankly I never thought I would live in one as they would not be something I would be interested in. Well fast forward and they had the perfect floorplan in the perfect neighborhood for me. We have half to full acre heavily wooded lots in a country setting. I got the smallest floorplan they offered as its just me and my dog. The build time was slow but that was disclosed up front. I inspected every build phase and frankly I was very surprised with the quality of the components and work done for a budget builder. Slab was reinforced with fiberglass that prevents cracking and so far NONE have shown up. Block work was very good. Windows were a very high grade, roof decking had foil backing for insulation.

I did not realize but the floor plan for this neighborhood included the bonus bathroom that made basically 2 master suites. (Got more than I thought I was getting.) During the time waiting for construction they upgraded the standard trim with price increases and upgraded my house as well. (They had no contractual obligation to do so but did it anyhow.) The tile work was excellent. Cabinets installed great and fit and finish excellent. They installed a Trane AC Unit instead of the standard Lennox. The install job was excellent and I know HVAC installation. Tech used tube bender and made nice smooth bends in tubes instead of the standard 90-degree elbows. This improves efficiency by cutting down on turbulence within the system.

My master shower had 1/2 frameless glass enclosure which is more than I thought I would get, was anticipating 1/4 aluminum frame junk. Exterior paint is an unknown manufacturer, Florida Paint. I can however say they applied it way heavier than I have seen in the past which will reduce moisture problems. Sprinkler system and water system and well are very good though.

The well should have a 1 horse pump instead of the half horse. Suspect this was for energy efficiency so can't knock them. Landscape was poor but not knocking that either. They used the worst Bahia grass with the worst install job I have ever seen. Well it's workable and with some work it's coming around. Bottom line is that all houses will have issues. All tract builders use the same subs and same materials for the most part. Some developments especially in FL are in fact built on wet areas or swamps as some may call them. So do your homework all builders will build on them.

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Reviewed April 11, 2017

We are in the process of building a Maronda Home in PA. Scratch that, they have not broken ground yet, so we are not really building a house yet. We were told by the salesman that our completion date was the middle of July at our first meeting. Then at our next meeting he said, "To be safe let's put the date at the end of July." When we met again I asked him about the end of July date and he said, "To be really safe let's say the first week of August." It is the middle of April and they have not started anything yet.

The issue is we chose flexible buyers for our current house so we would not have to move, but now we are seeing the writing in the wall and we either will have to rent off of our buyers or move twice. The thing is we did not pull these dates out of the air. We made the mistake of believing the salesman. I am not sure what else we were supposed to do. This is our first home build and we talked to others that live in the plan. I have also not heard from the salesman in a while. I sent two emails and they are unanswered. He was great at communicating at the beginning of the process but now we hear nothing.

Updated on 01/10/2018: We were told July, but we ended up closing in late September. Now I want to write about other lies that we were told. When we were picking a lot we picked one right across from one of the ponds in the plan. When we chose it, the pond looked great and we were told it would only get better by having trees planted. Well not only were the trees a lie, but the pond no longer looks great.

Right after our house was started the pond was drained and digging began. We were told that a pipe was bent and they had to fix it. The pond would be fixed and would fill on its own. Now that we have been in our house for a few months I see that the pond water level is low all the time and I can hear it draining all the time. I asked the salesman and he said once the construction was done the pond would look better. During construction the pond has fences in it to filter the mud. My concern is the water level not the fences. I then reached out to the service department and they told me that this is a retention pond and at times could be empty. The level is kept low and will always be low. Would you buy a house looking into a big empty hole? No one would. I spoke to all our neighbors and they knew nothing about the water level being low or the pond could be empty they were told it would look like the pond at the front of plan which is always full.

I just don't understand the lies that don't really matter much. We would have bought in the plan, but just a different lot. I know that the salesman reads these reviews and I am sure he will see this one and think "not this guy again", but why lie? Also, there were three lots left in phase 4 which we wanted to buy in because it was cheaper than phase 5. The one lot was at the front of the plan and when I asked about it he said it was going to be the parking lot for the soon to be completed new model. Well guess what? There is a house being built on that lot now. It's a Presidential model, so all the neighbors are wondering if they were saving it for someone because they wanted a Presidential model at the front.

As far as the house... It has been pretty good. We have had issues with the dishwasher not installed correctly, the furnace didn't work, our locks didn't work on the outside doors, our kitchen cabinets doors were not hung correctly, we have a plumbing problem in our upstairs bathtub, and we have a brick missing on the front of our house. The service department has been pretty good except for the missing brink. They tried to just go over the hole with mortar instead of actually putting in a new brick, but they said they will fix it.

These experiences have lessened the overall experience of building a new home. It has left a bad taste in our mouth. People always ask if we would do it again and I say only time will tell on the quality of the house over the long term. With both my kids in the school district that we want to be in I don't see us moving unless there is some other unforeseen issue.

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Reviewed April 1, 2017

My wife and I first began looking at Maronda Homes in August of 2016. We didn't choose our model and go under contract until middle of November. Our sales associate Eddie **, at first, seemed eager, friendly, and ready to help us. It wasn't until later on during the selection process (upgrades, colors, etc) that we realized he was a practical joke. He was brand new to the company and didn't know almost anything. Even with the twenty plus years of reality experience with other builders that he arrogantly boasted, he still seemed like he was out of the loop with Maronda. Almost all the questions we asked he had to ask the other sales associate Lorena simply because of his inexperience.

Unfortunately my wife and I are barely in our 20s and first time home buyers, so we gullibly took his words and trusted him. Even though her and I did do our research before even thinking about building there were still some things we hadn't learned yet. The questions and concerns we had, he would just write them off and tell us not to worry about them. Foolishly, we listened.

After we told him we had a realtor, he turned into a little jerk. He stopped answering phone calls, emails and texts. I get it, there goes a percentage of his commission, but too bad you are an employee and understand that it happens. Ever since then, he's been salty with us. The latest issue and the worst is that after we signed the contract, we hadn't realized that our model had an available under truss hip screened lanai. The option was not in our selection sheet when our five-star sales associate went over it with us, so we had no way of knowing. It wasn't until later, via the internet that we saw our same model with the lanai added on.

We went back to Maronda and told Eddie that we would like to add the lanai to our upgrades. We already knew that it would cost us and additional $500 dollars like it states in the contract when the buyers want to add an additional upgrade after the contract has been signed. We were fine with that and took responsibility for not knowing beforehand. "Too bad", is basically what they said. He told us that our contract is done and waiting to be looked over by our local city permitting department.

Here's the thing, our lot is in an eagle zone (one of the things he didn't explain to us when we bought the lot!) and after taking a trip to city permitting they told us since the eagle nesting season doesn't end until mid-May 2017, they aren't even going to look at our permitting until then. So there has been an entire three month span where nothing is being done! Why can't the contract be changed/re-done? I don't understand. We spoke to Eddie who said we shouldn't even bring it up to his manager. What? That made no sense to us. We honestly figured it was because he was too damn lazy to write up another contract with the added change. We had our realtor call in and speak to Eddie, again.

Finally, our realtor spoke to the supervisor and he said no also. So my realtor asked for the next person in line, who supposedly happens to be a regional supervisor/manager of some sort. He gave my realtor his number, and we are still waiting to hear a call back from him after almost an entire month. We were even told by the other sales associate, Lorena, to just start another contract. WHAT!? What a ridiculous solution. Yeah, let me give you another $5000 deposit so you can pocket it and scrap my current contract. Seriously, what in the world.

What I don't understand is that this new added lanai is a whole $10,000 that they pocket. It's not like we want to change doorknobs the day before closing! I understand that engineers have to re-do the blueprints, etc but how is it not cost effective to do so? There is no way that the added change could cost them more than what the lanai costs! I can't find anywhere in the contract where it states that changes cannot be done after the buyer signs. I mean, that's literally the purpose of charging the buyer an additional $500 to any change they want to make after the selections have been done. Which is directly stated on the front of their paperwork!

If anybody could please shed some light here on what I could do. Is it worth getting lawyers involved? It's just a lanai that I want added to my home, that won't even start construction until possibly June, I mean, come on. If this is just the beginning, without even having to worry about my home being constructed, what happens during that time? Help.

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Reviewed Feb. 28, 2017

The Sales Agent, Alyson ** is extremely unprofessional. She promised us items for our home and never delivered. After moving in, we found out from all the neighbors that their experience with her as well was horrendous. She has poor follow up skills, sells you with deceit and then gets very combative. We were assured by she that everything in the home would be perfect. We being out of state had a family member checking on the home and found several items such as cracked tile, incorrect backsplash installed, dented appliances, kitchen cabinetry damaged and very sloppy finish work. Alyson promised that she would be in attendance for the first walk through but she was not and demanded that we come in for the walk through.

Not only was the interior of the home a disaster, the exterior was just as bad. My realtor with over 20 years in the industry stopped the process of putting green tape on all the items that needed attention after we noticed that a door was in need of complete tear down including an entire interior wall and brought the "supervisor" Henry (Hank) and myself to the middle of the home expressing her concerns and asking him why he wasn't writing any of what we found down or using a tablet. His response was that he'd remember. That was a complete joke and thankfully we had good notes along with pictures. Hank is not fit for his role. He speeds through the development driving with his door open, jumps out of the car that looks like it's been through a mafia war and leaves it running as he frantically tries to do his job. This experience by far has been the worst ever!

The yard: the sod is literally thrown in, no guidance on how to maintain it. We have twisted our ankles numerous times out in our yard and the VP Jim ** refuses to discuss and reverts back to "Hank's" notes that are a mess of chicken scratch. We have our landscaping noted on our walk through. We've had to spend over $500.00 so far trying to correct the poor install of our lawn. We still have a tree on our property that Hank sent someone over to straighten out but ** will not address and it is a tilting eye sore. The exterior front of our home had to be done three times! The incorrect mantel was put in after what we saw with pictures was what we expected. The team changed the mantel and after three times of me the home owner standing supervising a sublet contractor it was finally correct. The driveway was sinking and had to be redone.

The VP Jim ** is unfit for his role. It has trickled down to everyone that we had/have to deal with. The warranty person Karen ** doesn't return calls, respond to emails and all situations that fall within our warranty are just denied and then we must fight. They send this man Jorge out and all he does is debate the items that are in question of repair and is extremely combative. The CEO Ted Brock was contacted and refused to speak with me. Look at his linked in profile. Speaks volumes about his experience as well and his picture of him reading a book!

This is our dream home. We paid cash for this. Cash!!! These individuals have no skills, are unethical and create havoc every chance given. Do not buy a home from them. We also had a home inspection as recommended from our realtor. Most would think a brand new home would not need that but our inspector found that the entire electrical panel needed redo. Lights tripping and hollow tiles that ** refused to cover repairing. We have documented everything. We have neighbors documents as well.

There's a pond here that is not being appropriately addressed and we have midge flies in our homes as a result. There is garbage everywhere from careless builders and food wrappers from every fast food establishment in our country. They point the finger at the developer and the developer points back at Maronda and we still look at this mess. DO NOT BUY FROM MARONDA!

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Reviewed Jan. 23, 2017

So sad to be taken advantage of by a major company. We just spent a fortune having a house built by Maronda Homes. Once we closed they have washed their hands of us. Several times in the first year during the warranty period, we provided examples of a needed repair to our water. The pictures below will show how bad our water is. No one should ever have to live with this quality of water. They agreed there's a problem, they consulted with an outside company and were given a fix that would cost $1800, but they don't want to spend anything so they said too bad. They called me on the phone to tell me they know that there's a problem. They consulted with a company who proved the problem and provided a fix, but it was never going to happen, it cost too much.

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Reviewed Jan. 12, 2017

I am a real estate agent in Southwest Florida and just finished up with my first and last Maronda home deal. I warned my clients from the start, because of the bad reviews and against my better judgment I proceeded through this transaction with them. The house took just over 20 months from contract date to finish and the communication throughout the process was the worst I have experienced. They failed multiple inspections (some of the same inspections failed multiple times) and they always had what they believed to be a good excuse. They convinced the buyers to use the in-house lender to save on closing costs and the final figure wound up being more than $4000 over the original quote. The home itself is mediocre to say the least. Many flaws that they just did not address properly and now the clients are stuck with a house that already has cosmetic and functionality issues.

Because of the extremely long process they cause my clients to receive a higher interest rate and miss out on homestead exemption, which is a savings on taxes. It is impossible to talk with someone from their corporate office and even when I could get a hold of someone other than the sales rep, they always got very upset with me for calling and actually hung up on several occasions. In closing, you should know that this experience was so bad that I will refuse to ever accept another commission check related to a deal with this company. I honestly feel sick to my stomach just for being a part of the deal and I beg you to do whatever you can to choose another builder.

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Reviewed Dec. 19, 2016

I purchased my home in Sebring Florida from Maronda Homes, 10 years ago. I was never told the home was sitting in wet lands. The drainage plans were approved by Sun 'n Lake District, so Maronda was cleared to build inadequately and as cheap as possible. Now all of the homeowners are living with a flood situation every time it rains. I have taken the matter up with Sun 'n Lake & Maronda, neither seem to give a damn. I have spoken to my County Rep. Mr. Ron **. His answer was "this is not a county problem, so please go away." So I have two suggestions for every home buyer, Don't buy a house in Highlands County Fl. or from Maronda Homes. They are both bad news.

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Reviewed Dec. 13, 2016

I purchased my home from Maronda Homes 2014. My carpet in my whole house is bundled throughout my home which started to unravel just a year after purchase. The kitchen sink they installed was so cheap looking not durable at all. The tile installed is cracked throughout my bathroom and showers, the contractor came out twice within 2 months to seal it and it's still cracked. The garage door has stopped working 3 times within 2 months, the company they are hiring for cheap do not do a great job and when you call the office for repairs, the office manager Karen ** is so rude and unprofessional. She's very curt with a bad attitude when you call with complaints.

And finally the office manager of Maronda Homes Lisa in Palmetto Florida was very unprofessional. She is discussing my sale with other customers and she had no idea they were my friends. They came by looking at their models telling them I am a "Trip" when she was so drugged up on pain pills during the whole process of me purchasing my home. And I know this because she told me! Whole experience a total nightmare!

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Reviewed Nov. 29, 2016

Built new Maronda Home here in Lumber Creek Division in Yulee, FL - took many months - 9 from contract sign to closing... Very slow building - always have excuses. Then closing date was given for November then changed to Dec then changed again and again. Unbelievable... Sales rep Barbara was very rude, nasty and unhelpful. Since closing on January 2016, we have had some warranty issues... A couple of very small issues have been taken care of... but I have bigger issues that need attention and they keep putting me off. Have reached out to the sales rep Fred - who also came and took picture for ac door unit to show VP and Matt (warranty supervisor) who never returns calls or emails or has said coming next week and never shows up.

Need master bathroom door turned - as seniors no room to close door easily because it opens into small area instead of opening out as another builder has done on their homes. Also suppose to have door over ac unit that is located in laundry area - story from Matt was ordered door and it was broken then was going to make something... Can't understand how other builder here has no trouble getting their ac doors. Also big issue is my front walkway is sinking. Can't seem to get anything done. Don't know where to turn... Don't have much longer before year is up. This is not our first built home but it has been the worst... Never, never would I recommend Maronda Homes... Please don't do it!

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Reviewed Nov. 17, 2016

This was going to be the first house that my wife and I built together and I was very excited to start the process. After dealing with Maronda Homes I doubt that I will ever venture down this road again. It has left me with no respect for large home builder companies. We were blatantly lied to on more than one occasion throughout the selection process by our sales rep. We found out after the fact that our sales rep was brand new to the company and my family was the lucky enough to experience his ignorance. We selected many different items for our new Home including cabinets and carpet and after we signed our contract we found out that we would be paying extra for these items because they were an upgrade. Our ignorant sales rep told us to our face that it would be included in the amount.

Our sales rep also didn't know the specs for the specific neighborhood we were to build in and we were required to change our garage entrance a month after signing our contract. Maronda Homes wanted us to pay the difference for the change and I said absolutely not because that was their ignorant mistake. After fighting over the additional cost they decided to press on with the new plan even though my wife and I liked the first plan best. I was told my driveway would be wide enough for two cars to pass each other but after the plan change I was given a blueprint showing a single car driveway. Who would want a single car driveway that leads to a two car garage?

These issues were only the tip of the iceberg because after numerous phone calls and argument the house was still to be built. In June our sales rep told us he submitted the paperwork to the city for permits and when September rolled around and ground had still not been broken I called the city. They had no record of the permits ever being submitted. Lied to again! I spoke with the regional sales manager for Maronda Homes Greg ** and he was very rude and also dishonest about what was happening to my home. After speaking with this joker I had to pull the plug on building this house.

At this point we were 6 months into a contract and nothing had been accomplished or even started. I don't see how they can operate this way and stay in business. They would not refund our deposit and we will now be going to court over the whole ordeal. I beg others out there to really consider other builders because you are in for a horrible experience with this company. They have so many bad reviews and I wish that I would have listened to them before signing a contract with a dishonest company.

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Reviewed Aug. 15, 2016

Seeing all the negative reviews I just had to write. We had built a new Maronda home in 2014. We have been in the home for a year. Any issues that we had which were nothing major were all taken care of. We are very happy with our home and have not had any more problems. As with all builders there will be buyers that have issues with a new home but then write a real bad review. All I can say that Maronda has been around for a long time and are reputable. I would build a Maronda home again. We live in Palm Coast Florida.

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Reviewed Aug. 10, 2016

I have nothing against the owner but you have subcontractors that are rude, peeing off the roof, using my well water without permission. My pressure tank had to be fixed at my cost. Yesterday was awful. They all blocked our street. People could not get through including school buses since school starts today. The blonde lady said "Oh Well". Not the way to handle people who have lived here. You people don't care. I was made to move my mailbox and now I have a new one to be placed and it was up to Maronda Homes to move my mailbox not myself and now I am requesting that Maronda Homes place my new mailbox since I put up with my newly painted driveway which has to be redone from all the trucks and deliveries went over it, people parking in my front yard blocking people. I made the sod people move.

I know it is money for you. I was an employee of Port St Lucie Building Dept years ago and I never saw subs do what they do nowadays: very rude, garbage all over when there is a freedom bucket right there. My neighbors and I picked up most of the cans and papers. We have been here over 20 years - never seen anything like it. I am disabled and watching this house go up and rude subs you need to fix it. I can't wait to see the inside when my new neighbor moves in. I know you owners of Maronda Homes don't care but you need to.

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Reviewed Aug. 6, 2016

If you are in the market for purchasing a new Maronda home buyer be aware, the workers drinking while on the job, then they put the beers inside the kitchen wall had to fish it out, mixer shower valve was leaking since we bought the house new, caused major issues in the kitchen. Have to replace cabinets walls, floors, mold on the sheet rock, mold in the closet, caulk is cracking throughout the house, tubs came with stains, stucco cracking. Need I say more.

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Reviewed July 26, 2016

I have lived in my town all my life and have built homes before. Maronda Homes has been around for a very long time and even lasted through the building slump when other companies went under. This being the case and not being able to afford to go with a custom builder we decided to use Maronda for our builder. Things started off great. The salesman was very friendly and helpful in answering all of our questions. We made many changes and upgrades to the house that were not usual for the builder to do. They started our house in a timely manner and things seemed to be ok until the last 2 months of building.

We drove to the house daily to see how things were going. Every time we did we found mistakes. Walls not attached to the trusses, broken water pipes in the foundation, missing cable outlets that we paid extra for, etc. We told the supervisor about the issues and he tried to get them fixed (so he told us). Two days before our closing I asked the supervisor if we needed to push the closing back to give them more time to fix the issues. He said he couldn't. That Maronda would not allow us to.

The day of closing the house was still not cleaned, the paint on the outside of the house was peeling off, the drywall looks awful, the master shower floor needed to be redone, the master counter is too short, the cabinets were chipped up, the front and back porches looked like a construction zone still (tons of stains on the concrete), the outside stucco looks awful, the driveway has a 2 inch lip (feels like a speed bump), plus so many other things were not fixed.

After moving in a week after closing (gave them some time to fix things, but they didn't) we noticed that the French doors in our enclosed den were not closing correctly. We found more drywall issues, and the A/C does not cool one entire side of the house. We found that they laid the carpet over rocks or what feels like rocks when you walk on them. To top it all off don't look up when you are in the great room. You can see every tape line that was done on the drywall. In calling the supervisor he gave me the numbers for the trades who had done the jobs and told me that I could call them to get things fixed. I guess he was done with me. I have been in the house for 2 months now and still have a long list of things that need to be fixed. Each time I get a company in to fix an issue they cut corners and do a half ass job. Then they give the excuse "Well this is cheap material" or "These aren't the best doors and toilets."

I also am having to use my own money to have the A/C rerouted to get air into the master bedroom and closet. The temperature difference is 5+ degrees and the air company says "Well Maronda designed it, we just put it in." An extra $500.00 I should not have to spend to fix the issue. Guess I should have done more research before going with Maronda for my house. To tell you the truth I HATE my house, and it is a shame after spending the amount of money that I did to build it.

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Reviewed July 10, 2016

We built our first home with Maronda. The wood frame was rotten. When I told them I was hiring an inspector they moved our close date up a month. By the time we were able to get back to our home they had already put the drywall up so no one could see the rotten broken wood frame. They threatened to sue us if we broke the contract. They insisted the wood was just treated wood. Two days ago our kitchen cabinets fell on my daughter causing a concussion and shattering all of our dishes including dishes that belong to my grandmother and mom. Both have passed. If I knew how to include photos I would. They have been posted on Twitter though. Do not buy a minor damage home. They are junk.

Maronda only cares about your money. If I had room I would go into detail on everything that has broken in the 9 months we have owned this crappy home. Huge carpenter ant infestation, doors, and windows don't close properly so constant insects in the house. Water contaminated, horrible poop stench in the back, bedroom damp smell - have to run dehumidifier 24/7. Horrible sound when we turn the faucets on. The list goes on and on. The stress has given me 2 heart attacks.

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Reviewed May 20, 2016

Purchased in the Hartman Ponds community in the Columbus, Ohio area. This is my first home and I couldn't be more screwed. My floor is uneven, my foundation isn't sealed properly and each spring it's like a bug stampede into my home, my neighbors are loud ghetto trash, the main water pipe in my downstairs has burst and I was told it was because of the horrible quality of parts, my windows are off track and I could go on and on. Maronda will not stand by their own warranties but they continue to quickly build these mass produced paper houses.

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Reviewed April 13, 2016

Please do as much research as you can on Maronda Homes before you foolishly decide to purchase from this horrible company. Their homes are mass produced garbage and you will never be happy with your purchase. Here are just a few tidbits to get you started, so you can decide for yourself and do more research. 1: They do not stand behind their warranties. You will be spending a ton of money to fix things they should be responsible for. 2: All of the "parts" to build the home are sub-par from the pipes to the baseboards. We purchased our home brand new in 2011 and have had to spend over 10,000 just to replace broken or damaged pieces.

3: For God's sake, don't buy in the Hartman Pond neighborhood. The person who used to run the model home before they closed up shop said that the reason they were doing so is because "Maronda created a new ghetto." 4: They lie. Hartman Pond is in the Columbus City School District. They will tell you it's Hamilton Local. Not only is it CSD but it's one of the worst CSD schools in the city. Run. 5: The "pond" is just a sewer drainage basin. It's ugly.

6: Maronda fails to upkeep their lots. Ticks are everywhere in the summer. You have to get the city involved just to get them to mow. 7: They are some of the rudest people you will ever meet. Once they have your money they could care less. 8: Did I mention the horrible quality of the homes? Yeah, it needs mentioned twice. 9: They don't seal the foundation/walls. Bugs can just waltz in because there isn't a good barrier to prevent it. 10: The soil has 0 nutrients. OSU tested the soil quality. Maronda sold off all of the top soil to Jones Topsoil before they built. You will never grow a good lawn unless you use a ton of chemicals or have it professional maintained and regrown. ZERO NUTRIENTS. RUN AWAY FROM MARONDA.

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Reviewed April 4, 2016

I cannot express enough how true the previous complaints are about Maronda. Simply put their homes suck. I should have paid more attention. They discouraged me from adding a pool to the mortgage and now I am stuck having to get another loan.

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Reviewed Jan. 28, 2016

When I was first shown this lot at Aosta Valley in Walton, KY, the first thing I noticed as we were looking at the backyard to see where the property would end at was water that was leaching from the neighbors sump pump pipe. I asked Tim, "Would this be a problem to clear up?" and he replied that they would either pipe it underground or swell it off. So I agreed to purchase the lot. GUESS WHAT WHEN THE HOUSE WAS DONE BUILT AND IT WAS TIME TO TAKE CARE OF THE DRAINAGE, the people at the office in Ohio said no it wasn't their problem. And guess what else. When Tim the salesman at Aosta in Walton was asked if we had discussed the drainage situation, he replied that the discussion had never taken place. Folks just get everything in writing because some folks there are like politicians. They will tell you anything to make a sale.

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Reviewed Nov. 1, 2015

I would not recommend purchasing your home through Maronda Homes, in particular Dartmoor Estates in North Huntingdon. March 25th 2105, we entered an agreement with Maronda Homes in Dartmoor Estates. One of the attractions to my wife in particular was the kitchen island at the model home at the Dartmoor Estates location. My wife inquired about the island and we were informed that this was the deluxe island. As we selected our upgrades, my wife selected the deluxe island. We asked the sales man several times that the island that he had in the model was the deluxe model and he confirmed. My wife even went back to the model with visiting family showing them the island letting them know that this is what she was getting with the sales man and never was informed otherwise.

On March 30th we finalized our upgrade options and again addressed that the upgrade that we selected was the island the salesman had in the model and again was informed that yes that was the deluxe island. On April 16th we had a printed copy that confirmed our selection that included the deluxe island. It was during this time that we also addressed the front porch of our home. We stressed the point that we wanted the home as the portrait on the internet and on the model brochure. The porch only has columns with no railing and is a walk off front porch.

On March 25th we signed a copy of the photo of the Harvard Model that we selected as a walk off porch with no railings and just columns. We even addressed this several times with the salesman to confirm that the home was going to be built as shown on the pictures of the model. We received an email from the salesman on March 31st that the porch was to be just the columns.

It was on Monday October 12th that upon a visit to the construction site that the island that was being built in the kitchen was in no way a replication of the island that my wife and I had been lead to believe we purchased. As I was leaving the construction site, I noticed porch railing kits lying in the garage. I ran into the salesman as I was leaving the plan. I addressed these matters with him as he informed me that they must be someone else's railing or a false delivery as he stated he confirmed that the porch would just have columns. I also addressed the island with him and he had no idea why it wasn't the island that we all thought. He stated that he would look into this matter.

Upon returning my call the salesman stated that it was due to code that the porch needed railings. This code only came into place because the porch was not built as shown on the brochure and/or internet photos that were signed. He went on to state that they changed sometime in March or April and that they also changed the type of islands that they were placing in the Harvard Model that we selected. The issue here was, we as the buying customer were never informed of this and given options.

The sales man stated on Monday October 12th that he would address my concerns with the Maronda Homes VP and that we would hear something the next day. On Tuesday October 13th, we heard nothing from the sales man or the Maronda Homes VP. On Wednesday October 14th, I contacted the salesman whom informed me that he had a meeting with his VP and I would be getting a call first thing the next day.

On Thursday October 15th, around 1 pm we heard nothing from the sales man or the Maronda Homes VP. I called the sales man and he stated that his VP would be calling us. We never received a call from the Maronda Homes VP that day. In fact, Friday October 16th came and by 12pm we had heard nothing from the VP. I called and finally was able to talk to the Maronda Homes secretary who informed me that the VP was out of the office and took a detailed message, she stated that he would contact me first thing Monday October 19th.

October 21st came and again about 12pm we had heard nothing from the Maronda Homes VP. I called at 12pm, 12:02pm, and again at 2pm. I finally called from a different number and was able to get the VP on the phone. We talked about my issues where he informed me that he stopped them from cutting the granite counters. He stated that they could build a different island and I informed him at this point that the island would now never fit in the kitchen. I let him know that I will run over to the construction site and measure the island. I let him know that I would call back within the hour. I went to measure and there was no way that the island that we selected would or could be placed into that home.

I called back several times before I was able to get a hold of the VP. I let him know that the island would not fit. I explained to him that this was the island that we believed was being placed in our home the entire time. He stated that it would not fit, the issue here I explained is had we known this, then we might have not upgraded the island or selected a different model home. I addressed the porch with the VP, as he asked me if I was crazy, how they would build a home with the porch on the brochure in Western PA.

As I explained how the sales man led us to believe that this was the island the entire time and that the porch was being built as displayed on the picture as a walk off, the Maronda Homes VP called me a liar. He stated that this was not what the sales man was telling him and could he go now to call the production team as I was holding back productivity, I requested that we have a meeting with the sales man Himself and his supervisor and he ignored my request. I asked for his supervisor's name and number and he informed me that I would receive a call from his supervisor the very next day and hung up. I immediately contacted the sales man who stated that he would call the VP and we should be getting some type of compensation.

Friday October 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, and the 27th came and went with no call from the Maronda Homes VP or his supervisor. At this point my wife and I were thinking this is just another broken promise from Maronda. On October 28th we sent an email to the salesman with several questions to include that the VP never called us back or offered any type of compensations. On October 31st we went to the construction site and had to get the key from the salesman. I stressed to the sales man that again I received no call from the VP to compensate nor received a call from this supervisor, I again stated that we should have a meeting. I informed the salesman of my conversation again with the VP. The sales man was dancing around giving us a garage door opener for the issues.

Island that we thought were getting upgrade cost: $2,190.00, Upgraded island counter top: $1,200.00. Front porch that we added as we thought would be a walk off porch, $8,990.00. Somehow, Maronda Homes, that does not total your resolution: chain link garage door opener: $495.00.

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Reviewed Oct. 15, 2015

We are currently in the process of buying a home at Dartmoor Estates. The sales person told us throughout the process that the huge ditch that spans most of the yard would be filled in. Now a week from closing, they are refusing to honor that and my entire yard is a ditch. If we would back out of the deal now, we would lose our 8000 dollar deposit. I strongly recommend not buying from them.

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Reviewed Sept. 15, 2015

I am in the process of building a home. It took 5 months before they broke ground. Hidden expenses and customer service is the worst I've dealt with to date. With the exception of one person. They only care about the bottom line and customer service is the least of their concern. I would NEVER recommend building a home with Maronda. Please look at other builders because I built a home with Centex and dealt with zero of the issues I'm dealing with now. Horrible builder.

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Reviewed Aug. 21, 2015

Since we moved into our house over 3 years ago we have had problems. Our backyard being one of the biggest issues. We were told multiple times it would be fixed, it still looks terrible. We have huge trenches running all through our backyard. We cannot put a fence or a deck up because of these trenches. Maronda kept telling us that they were going to get to it when they had people in this area again. I have seen Maronda homes being built, there is one going up next door and nobody has fixed our yard. Another issue is our shingles. They told us to call the company that installed them. We did, multiple times. They will not return our calls and Maronda was still being no help.

Finally after 10 months, my husband went ape ** crazy on them and they gave him an email address to contact somebody about our shingles. They then sent us information about a pending class action suit regarding our shingles. So now we are supposed to wait even longer for that to go through! We should have known building with them was going to be a mistake when our original salesmen left the company during our building process and we never found out until we called their corporate office to figure out why he wasn't returning our calls. They never even bothered to assign someone else to us.

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Reviewed Aug. 21, 2015

The lack of respect and professionalism towards me and my daughter got my daughter disappointed to the point of canceling the deal. The deceiving tactics were also a reason. Now, they also refused to refund the $500 deposit to her, after they say it was refundable.

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Reviewed July 7, 2015

I was told from the first time we looked at our lot that the drainage issue would be taken care of by Maronda. We moved in on Jan 8th and the issue is still there. We are now being told that this is a civil issue between me and my neighbor. I was told about a week ago that the manager in the West Chester Ohio office is now finally going to review this of course after he gets back from his vacation. Maronda had an estimate of 700 dollars to put a pipe in but someone in that office decided it was not their problem even though that was the first thing we talked about before we purchased the lot. What's so funny is I'm not going to cut a single blade of that tall grass growing through it and it just so happens to be right behind their new model home they are now building. Just can't wait for the customers to ask me about my swamp going across my backyard.

Updated on 07/19/2015: Finally got my answer on 7-16-2015 about the water drainage problem in my backyard. This answer came from the office in Westchester, Ohio. They said it was not their problem. Even one of their own management personnel said I got a raw deal and would help me anyway he could. It all started from that sales rep in Walton, at the Aosta site. I was told when I first looked at the lot the drainage issue would be handled by Maronda or I would not have even considered purchasing it. Just get everything down in writing before closing, Because after that you are at their mercy. It's always about the next house after they get their money.

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Reviewed May 6, 2015

Dear prospective buyers of a Maronda Home, I am very dissatisfied with the way customer service handles situations. When I called in March of this year about leaking pipes over the ceilings. They told me to find a plumber and pay. This has been a problem since my house was built. They had come to fix the same problems before once plus, the house is breaking outside. It is 10 years for structure and they do not want to repair the outside of the house, nor the faulty pipelines in the bathtubs that they only "repaired" and not replaced. I pay the mortgage for a home valued half for what mortgage is for. I am paying. Please consider carefully before buying a Maronda home. They do not care about your problems, only getting their houses to sell.

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Reviewed May 5, 2015

I plan to buy new home at curtis farm community, Delaware Ohio. When we sign up the contract in December, they gave me the closing date 30th June. After that they sell more homes and start to build more homes, so they not tell me new closing date until May 5th, and on May 5th they email me that my closing date will 30th July. The another thing that they give me reason because of weather condition to pour foundation. But the thing is that the foundation was done by February, so why they tell me the new closing date in May? I think they tell me lie about reason, the main reason is they sell more homes and they want to finish many home together. Thus Maronda home told me lie about closing date.

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Reviewed March 13, 2015

I recently had a new home built and I could not be any happier. Everyone was extremely helpful, caring, and willing to answer any questions at any time. From the office, to the construction site, everything was explained fully. We had our walk through with a gentleman who went over every detail with the new home and the warranties. He found some things that, "HE," was not happy with and did not meet his standards so he put them on a punch list to be fixed by settlement time. And they were done. He cared about his work, and the work that the other people were doing, and it showed.

So naturally I was shocked when I read these reviews. I ask anyone who has read a negative review to carefully examine what the complaint is and think about it in a rational manner.

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Reviewed Feb. 11, 2015

I want to start out and say I read this review before we purchased our home. One thing I will say is they are a cheaper builder but that being said it’s what we could afford. Our house turned out very well. When we had an issue the superintendent took care of the problem, the sales rep always returned or answered my calls. My advice would be that if you want a custom home then go to a custom builder, they all have problems. Yes there are spots they missed painting, and the granite is not the nicest slab I have ever seen but what do you expect for the price?

NOW PLEASE READ: We had got our pick on one of the last lots. None of the remaining ones had a great backyard but that being said one would think they could have showed us the nicest lot based on where the house would sit. A few weeks after we signed the foundation was down on the wrong location according to the print the rep showed us. Now I have to look at the neighbor’s house every time I go outside and wonder - WTF didn't we take that lot.

I was angry and voiced my concerns throughout the whole process but there was really nothing anybody could. So with that being said, the reps sell you on the house, but if a yard is important to you then don't sign a thing until you have an updated copy of the print and you can get that from the municipality. Also I should not have had to pay and extra 3k for a side entry when a rear entry was not an option.

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Reviewed Feb. 4, 2015

If you have a home built by Maronda Homes Columbus in the Ohio region or surrounding areas. Make sure "Bryan **" Maronda Home Builder Project Manager and RiteRug (Michael **doing business as Flooring Distributors) are not contracted to do your flooring. That would consist of Capet install, Wall Tile, Floor Tile, Vinyl, Laminate, Hardware, Kitchen Back Splash, Fireplace, Blinds or Mosaic designs - they are rip offs. The work is unprofessional cause they pay subcontractors below market value for their work. The installers are given a limited amount of time to do the best job they can.

If your experiencing any flooring issues within your home call and request a service call. If your out of warranty it will take a month or longer to get someone out there to repair your home flooring issue because your super "Bryan **" will not pay for us to come to your home. He does sneaky business with RitRuge and RiteRug doesn't care. Bryan ** was quoted a flooring repair price on a homeowner's home of approximately $445.00 by a Senior Account Mgr at RiteRug. When a new hire gave him a lower incorrect price for the same repair of approximately $195.00 knowing that was the case he got upset at the new hire cause he was told he was operating under "shady dishonest business practices." RiteRug stood behind him cause even though they were losing money they would make more money in the long run with other contractual properties. Check you flooring with Maronda Homes.

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Reviewed Oct. 31, 2014

During a wind and rain storm on Sept 26, 2014 rain water came streaming into our Maronda home through the ceiling. I contacted a Maronda representative, who opened a work order for repairs from their vendor. I advised that based on the amount of water coming in the house that I would need to place a tarpaulin on the roof to prevent serious water damage to the ceiling and the contents of the home. The representative agreed and told me that I should work with their vendor, Artistic Roofing. After several attempts to contact them and on the advice of my insurance company, I finally contacted a local company to obtain a tarpaulin.

The local company responded within an hour for an emergency service and charged me $700.00. Maronda's vendor eventually made the repairs to the roof by securing the roofing material that was not installed properly around the turtle vents at no charge to me. While I am grateful they stood behind their work, and they apparently fixed the problem, they refuse to reimburse me for the cost of the tarpaulin because it was not installed by their vendor. Had I waited for the vendor who finally returned my call (by e-mail) three days later before installing the tarpaulin, there would have been extensive water damage to the property.

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Reviewed Oct. 20, 2014

We bought our first home in 2011. It was a Maronda Home in Lockbourne, Ohio. Even looking at the home should have been our first mistake. I was young and stupid and didn't bother doing my research! The home is poor quality. Particle board doors, base boards and cabinets that soak up water when you mop. We will have to replace our kitchen cabinets after only 3 years of living there. The pipes downstairs burst within our first year of living there due to their maintenance guy coming and turning a plastic piece too tight and they sent us the bill. Nope. That won't be getting paid by us, ever.

They apparently had a top soil company come out before they started building the homes and sold them the rights to the top layers of soil. What is left has 0 nutrients (it was tested) and can barely grow if you don't like putting tons of chemicals all over your lawn then you'll just have brown patchy land with weeds throughout.

Maronda likes to give financing to anyone with a pulse, so you'll end up with foreclosures all over your neighborhood and the type of neighbors that drive your property values down. Good luck. Maronda lied to us about the school district. Our zip code is Lockbourne and it should be Hamilton Township's Columbus Schools. It should be considered borderline child abuse to send a child to Columbus City either you want to have a stupid child or you need to be able to afford private school. The "community pond" that was promised is now a filled in waste water collection pit. I love that view of tires and trash from my upstairs. It's glorious. Don't make the same mistake thousands of others did. Run away from Maronda homes as fast as you can. It's nothing but a junk, quick construction house.

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Reviewed Oct. 1, 2014

Floors creak, house unlevel, concrete sidewalks flaking off. Latest thing ceiling in garage is falling down butted joists together. Would never buy another home from them again.

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Reviewed Sept. 10, 2014

We closed on our house in March 2006. Over the past few years the exterior walls have started to show severe mold and last year I sent a letter to Maronda, asking for someone to come out and take a look. I attached pictures. They answered that the exterior was not covered under any kind of warranty. This past week I sent another letter stating the following, again documenting everything with pictures attached:

1. The floor in front of the rear sliding door is warped and is pushing the floor up. This section of flooring, including the sub floor, has to be replaced. In addition, as a result of the above, the bottom section of the entire door frame has been pushed up. An investigation showed that there is absolutely no seal or any kind of barrier installed underneath the door frame. This allowed water to enter through the underside of the door frame, in to the kitchen, rotting and destroying the sub floor. As an emergency resolve I have applied some expanding foam to the underside of the door to prevent further damage. At this time there is no firm evidence of other damage to the area below the sub floor. However, only removing and replacing the damaged floor area will reveal the whole picture.

2. During heavy rains water has come through the exterior front wall near the main front door and created quite a large crack in the wall. I suspected the water coming in either via the area around the front exterior door light or from above the door frame. I have tried and temporarily sealed the area with Silicon to prevent further damage. However, the crack is obviously there and needs to be repaired, and the true reason for the water ingress needs to be determined and fixed.

3. When trying to install new flooring in the foyer and kitchen the contractors, hired for quotations, all pointed out the large dip along the hall way floor. From the left side of the foyer to the bathroom wall the floor falls by more than 1 inch, a direct result of a wall installed over unsupported flooring. With floor beams on 24” center this is less than adequate support. The exterior door is also difficult to close because the door frame is no longer square. Most likely this is another result of the floor drooping but only a more detailed study will be able to determine this.

Maronda's exact response was :"Maronda gives you a one year warranty and you closed on March 17, 2006. This is homeowner maintenance issues". Maintenance issues? All of the above items are the direct result of inferior and shoddy workmanship. The contractors they hire are, of course, the cheapest of the cheap and the homeowners pay the price for as long as they own a Maronda home. I am prepared to hire an attorney and get my issues resolved.

BTW, one of the contractors I hired for the floor replacement used to work for Maronda and he told me about some of the shortcuts they were told to take. He stated that he would be more than happy to go to court with me. Does anyone know of pending lawsuits against Maronda?

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Reviewed Aug. 1, 2014

We live in Liberty Township, Ohio and selected the Pierce model with Maronda last year in August 2013. From the start of the process, we made it clear to Maronda that we wanted all of the features of the home except for the library of congress. We upgraded the home and made all of our selections and were so excited to begin the building process with Maronda.

Once the building process started, we noticed some issues. The foundation walls were poured, but the basement floor was not poured until 3 months later, we thought that was odd but continued the project. After the walls were built, we noticed the floor plan did match what we ordered. The entry room layout was missing a door, the kitchen layout for our double ovens was wrong, and the door from the garage into the house was put in the wrong place. We called out these items to Maronda, only to get more promises that they would fix the issues.

Once the drywall was complete, we noticed there were over 57 major issues that were on the list. We met with Maronda and they assured us they would fix the issues. On several occasions, the foreman was very nasty and told us that he wasn't making anymore fixes and that he would sell the house to someone else. The staff on site were cheap laborers who looked like they were hand picked from the local jail. The poor quality was evident throughout the house.

About a week before closing, the next door neighbor noticed that when they press their garage door opener, it opened our garage door. We had ordered special garage doors with the house; instead of installing new garage doors, Maronda brought the garage doors over from the 2 year old model and installed them on our home.

After pressing the issue that the yard needed to be in before closing, Maronda finally agreed to put the yard in and we started watering the grass. Water began to seep into the basement on 3 of the floor major walls including the electrical panel. The insulation on all 4 walls was dripping wet and began to pull away from the walls. This was identified as a major issue that would need to be resolved before the home inspection. We delayed the closing and Maronda assured us they would fix it. Well unfortunately, they did not fix the leaking house.

We would like to put a warning out to anyone who is considering the home in Meadow Breeze in Liberty Township, it has major issues and Maronda did not fix them. We were forced to end the contract due to Maronda's inability to fix all of the problems with the house. We will never work with this builder again. They are unprofessional, use the poorest quality products and they treat their customers like dirt.

We have plenty of pictures to prove the poor quality and terrible experience we had with Maronda and am attaching a few. Our home inspector advised us getting out of the contract and not purchasing the home was the best decision we ever made. We hope this writeup helps anyone who is considering ever building a Maronda home, our advice is do not ever use this builder. All of the negative reviews are true. Fortunately we could walk away after 9 months and find a new quality home in the same area. We would have been stuck with a poor quality home and a builder who does not support their product.

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Reviewed May 30, 2014

Below is the estimate and findings from Stone Center Inc in Lakeland. Enclosed are some pictures as well. For $3,000 I expected a professional job and did not receive it. I would like to give Maronda's fabricator the change to replace the L shaped piece and the piece left of the stove to match. If the lot # matches then the island would not need to be replaced. If Maronda does not want to re-install the granite, then I would accept $3,000 reduced from the purchase price and will pay the $500 difference to have the job redone through Stone Center. This has been the advice from the VA inspector since I filed a defect report of workmanship through the VA which is code 12A. I will accept either the repair or the deduction from the price. This will be Maronda's choice.

Stone Center Inc. is a stone fabrication facility located in Lakeland Florida specializing in the fabrication and installation of various natural stone products such as counter tops, vanities, fireplaces for residential use as well as commercial projects. We have been in this business for the past 28 years. I personally am the Project Manager for the company with responsibility of overseeing all operations of the fabrication portion of our business. I have been in the stone business since 1988 and a member of the Marble Institute of America.

Natural stone (granite, marble, travertine etc...) can have different interpretations of proper methods of fabrication and installation. The MIA's objective is to offer industry standard's to protect both consumers and contractors. Typically, after a kitchen is measured, a slab layout is done to ensure proper fit, locate seams if necessary, and exclude any natural characteristics that, although are quite normal in a slab of granite, may not be within the original sample shown to a customer. This is the opportunity for the fabricator to communicate any issues with the homeowner or builder. The main area of concern of this particular kitchen is the "L" shaped corner counter top. The overall dimensions of the "L" shape is 61" x 96". With an average granite slab dimension of 72" x 117" in our industry, there was no need for a seam in this counter top.

There are a few practical reasons why this area was seamed, 1) to reduce the weight of the granite and reduce the quantity of installers needed or 2) an incorrect slab size was ordered and a seam was added to prevent utilizing a second slab. Beyond the seam issue, the grain (vein direction) at the seam changes direction 90 degrees created a very unsightly and improperly fabricated counter top. All three of the above were preventable yet were intended as cost savings to the fabricator without any consideration or knowledge of the homeowner. Here are a few other issues throughout the project:

1. Standard slab thicknesses in our industry are 3/4" or 1 1/4". The granite installed in 1" thickness, beyond the standard slab tolerances of +/- 1/16". My assumption is that the slabs were heavily discounted to the fabricator as they are not the standard thickness or the thickness the customers had anticipated receiving. 2. Pattern discoloration on the island that could have been avoided if two slabs were utilized. 3. The inside of the sink cutouts in the bathroom vanities are dull and not polished to the highest grit.

Our price to template, fabricate and install 1 1/4" Santa Cecelia granite counter tops with a 1/2 bull nose edge detail, back splashes and center island with an under mount sink cutout amounts to $3,420.00 and includes removal of the existing granite. To exclude the island from above, the price would be $2,935.00. The issue with this option would be to find an exact "lot" match of the Santa Cecelia slabs. We currently have 14 variations of this material at our facility. It will be the responsibility of the homeowner to select the slab to be used. Even from an experienced fabricator this endeavor will be very challenging as the two counter tops are very close to each other and any difference will be most noticeable in a home. If a matching slab can be located, purchased and delivered to Stone Center (at no cost to Stone Center), we will submit a revised proposal upon request.

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Reviewed May 10, 2014

I purchased my property in 2008 to Maronda Home. When we met with Maronda representative for inspection, we found some holes on the driveway. They fixed the holes but two month after we moved in, we call Maronda because all driveway and sidewalk are dusting and disintegrating. After many call, they put some liquid on but did not work. Now we have problems with HOA because they want me to clean the driveway and sidewalk but is impossible. It would create more problem.

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Reviewed April 26, 2014

Well folks I have read most of your reviews. Considering they built a few hundred thousand homes during the time 108 complaints is not bad. I sold new build homes for 15 years working for 5 or more builders including Maronda. I actually owned a Maronda and so did a few of my family members. Many of the things said here are true. They do use the cheapest materials. No different than you would be able to buy good, better or best at Home Depot. Their service is poor in all markets because when you're selling a home at a 30% discount in the market something has to give. Most of the problems that occur are because of this fact. You get what you pay for.

Working there I was able to control the build. I went in and screwed down the sub-flooring before my floors were put down. I bought the BEST grade of carpet and the ceramic tile. When I moved in I changed the fixtures and threw away the plastic ones they provided. Overall I got a 2400 sq ft home at the price of a 1500 sq ft home from any other builder. Problems do occur and depending on who you deal with will depend on if they get fixed. The people working there are most of the time working in a hornet's nest. Doing 2 and 3 people's jobs with no support from upper management, I was involved in a class action suit in 2007.

I sold out an entire subdivision of homes that the basements filled up with water every time it rained. That's when I left to work for someone else. The people won after 2 years and got their basements fixed. The problem was a decision to not use gravel in the back fill to save a few hundred dollars a home. The guy that made the decision was stupid and eventually fired. If you want to buy a new home you are stupid. It's like buying a car. Buy one a few years old. Buying new you will lose 10% as soon as you move in. You know nothing about what is going to happen in a new subdivision because it's just that new.

Salesmen ALL lie. That is the most important thing to remember. If you think that smiling guy/girl in front of you has your best interest in mind just remember they only get paid if you buy. That is the bottom line. For you 100 or more people that have had a horrible experience I can only tell you I use to sit in my model while grown men and women broke down and cried. It was sad. Many times I almost lost my mind and many times I gave up my commission to pay for upgrades and to fix things. Did I ever lie? Let's just say I didn't tell the whole truth.

The Wolf family are good people and have thousands of employees that they have no control over. The company turns people like a revolving door. I would recommend Maronda to anyone who is willing to do one simple thing. Don't build new and get an inspection before you close. Buy a spec and make them an offer. They will discount another 10% at least and with an inspection you will know what you are walking into. Remember if you build 20,000 homes a year you will have homes that are built great and some that are **. Protect yourself no matter who the builder is. Last run a credit check on any builder you are building with or buying from. Many of these companies are ten feet from bankruptcy. Good Luck.

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Reviewed March 31, 2014

House looks beautiful on the paper and on first look. We were almost ready to buy the house. There was a lot of pressure to close the deal before month end on this model home. Fortunately we were given the opportunity to get the inspection done on the house. That was also because there is only one sales person serving a large area, and Maronda wanted to save time for that agent.

Sufficient number of small issues were found on inspection. However, what was the biggest issue for us was the water covered basement walls. I am unhappy because I believe that Maronda Homes knew about the problem but decided to cover the water problem with lot of insulation. Ran water for about an hour in the new home and the water started to leak into the basement.

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Reviewed March 16, 2014

They use and warehouse the cheapest materials available. The installations are performed by "less than qualified craftsman (I think they use a criminal release program?)" Planning! On WHAT?! The absolute cheapest materials used for plumbing, electrical structure, etc etc etc.. Grading makes the yard a mess after EVERY rain.. My neighbors water line was 8 feet deep!! Yep, quality craftsman once again..

THESE PEOPLE USE CHEAP INSTALLERS WHEN CRAFTSMAN ARE REQUIRED.. WANNA BUY A MARONDA HOME?.. Please BUY MINE.. IT IS TOTAL CRAP.. I AM SUING NOW AND HOPE THEY ARE REQUIRED BY THE COURT TO BUY THIS POS BACK FROM ME... CRAP CRAP CRAP STAY AWAY--FAR AWAY! Cabinets are falling apart, no room for appliances REALLY!!! They must come out and bastardize their own structure in order to fit washer/dryers refrigerators. The simplest of design issues and they can't even get that right.. Missing electrical switches in places required by code.. Fireplace outlet not even powered!!

They are not worth the paper to wipe with.. Please RUN AWAY from these people. I have not had a week where I could relax in my new Maronda POS without having another failure of some kind that demanded my attention.. You will never relax. The home will NOT get you through ANY phase of your life. The countertops need immediate replacement, the floors are total cheap junk, carpets I can't find any cheaper anywhere.. shower and tub enclosures are damaged upon installation and you will have to live with days on end waiting for repairs that never fix the problem.


Your a/c and/or burner WILL self destruct due to this cheap install - call an A/c company and have them evaluate the system.. Junk CHEAP LIES AND DO NOT BUY-- it is pure junk! It is delivered on a flatbed with each pre assembled wall marked "left master bedroom wall" etc. It's crappy erector set RUN AWAY as fast as you can. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED - IF YOU BUY YOU HAVE ONLY YOU TO BLAME!!

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Reviewed Feb. 24, 2014

I bought in 2010 in palm coast cost 169k. I have been complaining for the entire time! Just excuses mold issues the house feels damp and I am tired of it! Please join me and let's filed a class act law suit against Maronda Homes and their poor building practices **. They need to answer for this and more walls that move, concrete that is cracked, cracks on the ceilings and wall. Please join me and let's get legal resolution.. They need to be brought accountable for their actions.

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Reviewed Oct. 13, 2013

My parents got the house dirt cheap, but in my eyes, they could have gotten the house for free and it still wouldn't be worth it. Right now, my bathroom smells horrible. I have cleaned it from top to bottom. I have disinfected with bleach. I have tried everything to get rid of the stench of urine. I did a quick Google search and found out that this could be caused by an improper wax seal. After a quick inspection, I realized that the wax seal isn't properly installed and the floors are rotting. Every bathroom has some sort of problem with it. We also had a bad mold problem when we first moved in and had to have our carpet removed. I'm starting to suspect that Maronda had something to do with that as well. They didn't install our windows properly. Now my window doesn't open. The other windows are very moldy. Who ever thought that mold could grow from having improperly installed windows?

Doors just started falling off the hinges. Our carpet has pockets in it, like the carpet is separating from the floor. There are a million cracks in the wall. One of my neighbors mentioned that when she flushes the toilet upstairs, a ring forms in her wall downstairs. Fortunately we're not a part of the group of neighbors whose foundations are severely cracked. A lot of our neighbors have complained about the quality of the houses and some even suggested doing a class action lawsuit. Then we have some neighbors who don't want to do anything, because they know that they got the house dirt cheap and you get what you pay for.

This house is only seven years old but it feels like this thing has taken years of beatings. I wonder if all Maronda Homes are like this. For some reason, the Better Business Bureau gave them an "A+" but when I Google Maronda, they have hundreds of complaints from angry home buyers. My parents invested a lot of money in repairing things that Maronda didn't build correctly. I remember Florida took a bad storm and the houses were flooded because of something Maronda did. I was too young to remember what it was, but a representative for Maronda came to our home and said he would make sure it got fixed because we were so nice to him. He explained that the majority of our neighbors were rude and cursed at him and that he wasn't going to fix anything for them.

I'm thinking to myself, "You all messed up everybody's houses and you're upset because they have attitudes?" I was grateful that my parents had been kind to him and they weren't yelling but I still felt bad for our other neighbors. He wrote a report saying that the damage to the other homes was no fault of Maronda. In hindsight we should have told our neighbors why their houses didn't get fixed.

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Reviewed Aug. 1, 2013

I purchased a home from Maronda Builders in 2004, have made several complaints after the one years inspection. My windows are leaking, mildew walls on the upper levy and lower levy water leaks in every time it rain, my carpet is swimming on the ground floor. The builder responds it is not their fault, it is nature.

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Reviewed July 17, 2013

We purchased a home in December 2012. Our home came with several warranties and a 6 month inspection. Sadly, Maronda hasn't responded to any of our service requests, inspection issues or phone calls. We submitted a detailed list on their form for this inspection which all should be covered under their warranty. The person that showed up was a subcontractor for Maronda who only brought a caulking gun. Every item that we pointed out, he said that was a construction issue and didn't address further. After about 30 minutes of his rudeness and dismissal our our issues, I asked him to leave.

The construction department has never contacted us nor has the service department. Basically, our six month old home has buckled flooring from not being adhered, buckled facade outside, pipes sticking out of our yard, broken railings (they fixed once, but didn't replace the broken railing rather they just nailed it in a different place), broken mailbox, etc.... The list goes on and on! Again, don't believe that they've cleaned up their act. Feel free to speak with any neighbor in any Maronda community - we all have laundry lists of complaints that have gone unanswered!

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Reviewed June 21, 2013

We bought our home brand new in 2001. We noticed a few months after moving in and after a tropical storm that we have water intrusion. We were told that nothing could be done because we were past the six months inspection. We told Maronda during the six-month inspection that our subfloors upstairs on the stair landing, in the master bedroom, and in my son's bedroom dip and creak. We were told by Maronda that it is normal. We know it's not normal because years after we moved into our Maronda home, we went to homes built by other builders and their floors did not dip and squeak. Some of the homes were a couple of years old, so we know that a better quality home will not have the squeaks.

All of our windows have mold on the caulking because moisture gets in every morning and the window sills are so wet that sometimes the water drips to the floor. Our home was poorly made. The water intrusion in our living rooms and dining room has created a moldy smell after the rains have gone. We're not happy with our home at all. We will not use Maronda again for our next home. We wish Maronda would pay homeowners some money for things that need to be replaced and fixed in the homes that they built. Maronda does not want to take ownership of any of the problems in the workmanship and will basically do nothing to fix it. The most they will do is put some caulk or putty in the exposed nail holes and paint over them.

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Reviewed May 3, 2013

My wife and I thought we had done our research when we decided to build with Maronda. But our salesman assured us that the bad press/reviews we had been reading were common with whoever you build with. Well, I'm sorry to say that this company has outdone itself when it comes to living up to a shoddy reputation. We had decided to build with Maronda back in October 2012, made our selections, chose our lot, all that fun stuff that leads up to the excitement of a new home. Truth be told, the months leading up to 2 weeks ago were pretty seamless. We didn't really have any major issues that we were seeing when we would walk through it (although the issues we did see and communicate to our salesman were not, as we thought, communicated to the supervisor).

Luckily, during one of our personal walkthroughs a couple weeks before we closed, we met one of our new neighbors. As we were talking, when he mentioned, "Yeah, it seems like they are putting a community walkway back to the open green space next to your house," red flags immediately were raised. My wife and I saw a 15 foot wide (from the road down the length of our house) path of gravel that we hadn't noticed before. I immediately got on the phone to try and contact our salesman, but couldn't reach him. The blueprint we signed off on had no mention of a walkway. Our salesman called me back the next day to assure me that it was not a walkway, rather it was an emergency access easement for trucks to use if they would need to access the utilities buried behind our home. And that is supposed to make things better?

So basically, there was a road being marked off for on our property that we were not privy to and Maronda expected us to just accept this. We have two young children and two dogs, so how could this not be a safety issue? We approached Maronda about moving the easement. They said no. We said we were never told about the easement (sadly, the neighbors that are also affected by the easement did not find out about it until the day before their closing and could not back out of the deal) and were pretty much told tough luck. Maronda offered us two solutions - either back out of the deal and get our money back or sign the closing papers with the easement as is. Of course, my wife and I chose the former option (I still contend that the fact they offered to give us back our hand money without us even asking for it is an admission of some guilt).

The worst part about it is that we sold our current home and expected to be moving into the new home two weeks ago, but now with our two kids and dogs, we are relegated to a small apartment while we begin our house search again. I will never ever consider a Maronda home again. Even with our search of resale homes, if the home has every single thing we want and I know it is a Maronda, I would not even consider it. I feel like the company only cares about money and couldn't care less about peoples' lives as I'm sure they will sell our brand new house to some other unsuspecting buyer (and wouldn't be surprised at all if they leave out the part about the easement) and still get their money out of the deal. It's a real shame that something couldn't be worked out, but I feel it was definitely the right decision in the long run.

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Reviewed May 3, 2013

I just purchased a home in Sutton Lakes Jacksonville that was built in 2004. I was told one side of the house had water damage in July 2012 where contractors came out and fixed it; on reports both contractors stated that it was a very, very poor stucco job. I have only been in my house 4 months and woke up this morning and the same side is wet in the master bedroom and my daughter’s room. I think Maronda Homes should be held accountable for doing such a poor job on these homes.

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Reviewed April 23, 2013

We had the same problem with our Maronda Home. I come to find out, the reason the walls are "leaking" is that when Maronda built the houses, they just used basic exterior paint with no sealant, meaning the concrete block just absorbed the water. As a result, you end up with wet floors. We had to seal our entire exterior before repainting it. This builder is beyond cheap.

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Reviewed Jan. 29, 2013

We were pushed into closing on our home prior to construction being completed. The issues still have not been addressed and our phone calls are now being avoided. I am missing cabinet doors and cabinets are falling off of the wall. Entry way walls are crooked, sinks are not mounted properly. We paid for upgraded cabinetry and have said repeatedly that ours are unacceptable. We also paid for upgraded appliances and we didn't even get a matching set. Sales office has no response. Building superintendent has one lie after another (when he answers his phone). I'm dreading moving my family into this mess of a home. Please help.

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Reviewed Nov. 2, 2012

Foundation/Leak - Our home was built in 2000. The next year, a storm passed and I noticed the wall being wet, but I ignored it. When it rains a lot, I would notice the wall in our formal dining room being wet. I think the same thing is happening in the kitchen. We also get a pool of water in one of the garage corner. Is there anything that could be done about this - class action lawsuit?

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Reviewed Oct. 11, 2012

I purchased home in 11/2006. In 01/2008, the upstairs unit began leaking. I contacted Maronda. I was told it was 6 weeks after the 1-year warranty was up and not covered. We complained again, and they sent their A/C repair company out. Person who came was the original installer. Repairman stated that bleach/water s/b used to flush system and leakage would stop. Outside unit was suctioned. Leak stopped for maybe 3-6 months. I followed suggestions using bleach/water and suctioning, and then leaking started again.

I called Maronda again and was reminded the unit is out of warranty. New A/C repairman looked at the unit and told us it was installed upside down. Unit had a lot of water and rust inside. Downstairs kitchen now has three leak marks in ceiling about 3-4 ft. each. I called Maronda and was again reminded that it’s not covered by warranty. Sympathetic Maronda employee sent another person out to look at the unit. The unit was filled with water. Drip pan has no cracks. Coils and interior rusted. New A/C repairman replaced coils. Leak spots in kitchen opened to check for mold then unsuccessfully patched. Leaks stop for about 6 months.

Leaks started again. 5-year warranty is now over. I’m severely disgusted with Maronda. I called new local A/C company (Maronda's came from Orlando area). Now TXV valve is sticking; unit is still filled with rust and water. PVC pipes for down flow system were not properly sealed, and when touched, air escaping can be felt, and it is also loose (it moved when touched). It was suggested that the ducts were not properly sealed as well, because of leak pattern in ceiling downstairs. They also suggested that the unit was not meant to be upside down and that is a major reason for leakage. A unit with an "A" frame should have been installed.

New A/C company suggested installing a new unit in a home that is less than 6 years old; they installed ducts in ceiling like it should have been from the beginning and properly insulate attic. This is going to cost only $9,000.00 for a job that should have been done when the home was built. Also, they want to open the ceiling downstairs to properly seal the joints of the ductwork. This is an additional cost to the price given to replace sheet rock. I am frustrated beyond frustrated. This home cannot be sold with three leak marks in the ceiling. The A/C issue is ongoing and this Tempstar (made by Carrier) is not functioning well. It was also suggested that a leak pump be installed to stop future leaks ($600). We are now checking different A/C companies because we spoke with the chief maintenance officer with the city of Jax, and he stated that this price was a little high. He checked his records, and to our amazement, there were no complaints filed against Maronda or the A/C company.

I did find out that over nine people signed off on inspections for this unit, and that all inspections were passed, and that the unit did not have to run to pass inspection? I am totally confused by that. I would like to know what we can do with this issue. I don't have available cash to pay for this job and this overpriced house that I owe more than what it is worth. We considered contacting our homeowner's insurance, but it must meet the deductible and be an item worth filing a claim on. Help! Please advise what can be done with this sinking endless money pit. I have images of the interior of the unit, but they are saved to a different computer. I will give to anyone who responds to this complaint. I also have receipts from A/C companies.

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Reviewed Sept. 4, 2012

We were paying a lot for electric bills to cool the house down, the garage, the master bedroom, the closets, and the bathroom. But it was very hot. I went up to see the attic. What I saw made me very angry. There was not an insulation, just plain plywood. There is a ruler attached to the 2 x 4 studs, and it shows nothing around it. Please, we want your help to correct this problem. Thank you very much.

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Reviewed Aug. 28, 2012

We have a property at **. This home is rented for the ** family. They complained that the refrigerator freezer is not working. We sent someone to check what was the problem. He found out that it's the compressor. You had called about the problem (last week), you said that we had to call Whirlpool. Please someone take responsibility about this matter as soon as possible. Please help us, this family has children. Thank you for your help.

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Reviewed July 31, 2012

Maronda in the Lake Pleasant Cove neighborhood in Apopka isn't very pleasant anymore. At HOA meetings where Maronda controls the board, they have told us that they are working to fix all of the broken fences, walls and public areas. They have yet to fill any of the promises. This neighborhood has been broken into a bunch of times and I bet the sales department tells everyone it’s a very safe community. When we asked about improving security, they tell us to make a committee; however, they won't let us spend any money from the HOA security budget. How can anything be done when all they want to do is sell the smallest, cheapest homes as fast as they can? They never respond to the emails or phone calls.

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Reviewed July 7, 2012

When building the home, Maronda did not apply enough stucco to the exterior walls; therefore, we have huge water intrusion into the home, which caused the laminated flooring to buckle with thousands of dollars in damages. Maronda refuses to even come out to view the home. They are bad builders (cowboys). Do not buy from them.

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Reviewed July 6, 2012

My wife and I bought a Maronda home in 2009 (previously owned). Since our purchase, we have had nothing but issues and luckily, the home warranty covered most of what went wrong within the first year. The 2nd year was when the bigger stuff happened. A power outage caused our refrigerator's freezer to leak onto the hardwood floor (but we did not notice it in time). The floor buckled causing damage. After talking with a flooring company, it was going to cost $700-800 to repair a 5sq ft area, so we decided to replace the entire floor with porcelain tile. After ripping up the hardwood floor and seeing how the sub-flooring was installed, I was taken aback at the quality of work! Tongue and Groove OSB with 1/2" gaps between sheets and not glued down! Sorry guys, improper installation #1.

Improper installation #2, the 36"x48" island. On each end (36" side), a 12" piece of 2x4 screwed to the floor with 2" screws and (1) 3/4" screw through the side of the cabinet into the 2x4 to hold the island in place. Wow! Anyway, the was flooring replaced and looks nice. 6 months later, it cracks! Not from improper installation either, I guarantee that! I have never seen tiles crack the way this did down the center of the tiles, not in the grout lines. No signs of the house shifting anywhere. Next improper installation #3, I went to redo our powder room. I took down the ugly 3-bulb light installed by the contractor and what did I see? A box that's not even centered over the sink and there's a 2" hole beside it that could have been patched, but was just covered with the light!

#4 Front porch railing. Held together with silicone and numerous drywall screws. Thank God no one leaned on it. #5 Front hallway coat closets. Looking down the hallway from the formal dining room, the walls aren't even lined up square! #6 Every closet door I have had to add a piece of drywall to the header just so the doors fit properly because they framed the opening too big. Each door was maxed out on adjustment. On one door I have to bring the header down 1-1/2". No wonder the previous owner said the door didn't fit. #7 Overuse of spray foam and caulking everywhere! There's a difference between filling a gap to weatherize it and filling a gap because you screwed up! #8 Cheap joists cause too much spring and noise in the floors. #9 Improper R-value in insulation. #10 Second bathroom vent wasn't vented to exterior.

#11 Settling in driveway and it was never finished from initial build. I spoke with Maronda and they basically told me I was ** of of luck because I was not the original owner. #12 Ground fill around the house. I built my own fence and in doing the holes for the posts, I got the auger stuck in several holes because of the amount of debris in the ground from lumber, bricks, metal strapping, tarps, rope, you name it. It's in it! #13 Using MDF lumber on the exterior for trim! Acceptable if properly painted. #14 Siding cut short of the corners. Soffit vent shoved into place, not nailed.

And the biggest complaint I have. Our furnace went out this past February. It was going to cost $1,500 to repair or $2,400 to replace so we opted to replace. The HVAC tech showed me the factory spec plate on the old furnace and the manufacture date was January 1999! The house was built in 2005. So, they just threw in whatever furnaces they had sitting in their warehouses. Heat exchangers have a 10-year warranty. I was pissed Maronda had no answer for it. I could go on but that's enough for now. I am continuously fixing what they failed to install properly the first time.

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Reviewed May 29, 2012

I purchased a Maronda home in 2008 new, the roof leaks badly where the back porch meets the house. I can’t find anyone who will even touch it. Some say it’s the siding installed incorrectly, some say roof problem. They all say it has happened to all the 2-story models with the built porch and the siding. They have since quit using the siding. When I purchased the home, they didn’t tell me they were switching from stucco to siding on the second floor. They told me it would be $10,000 for stucco once I questioned the ugly siding. Does anyone know of a lawsuit over this leak?