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    Reviewed April 18, 2017

    This product works but only in an empty or next to empty room. My mother's beat up house had an ongoing rodent problem and I tried two different exterminators. Neither worked, so I tried Riddex. No directions came with it. I tried plugging it in for the first couple weeks. The problem was still there. So after reading reviews on Amazon I realized I needed to empty out one of my rooms. So I removed all furniture and boxes from our third bedroom and plug it in an outside wall outlet. Within a day the problem was gone. Riddex really needs to tell customers that the product only works in an empty space.

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    Reviewed Feb. 9, 2017

    After plugging unit in, the night light worked, for about an hour. There are still unwanted pests in the walls, etc. Unit didn't come with an owner's manual of any kind. There's 1 green light on (left side) and a flashing red light (right side), and no working night light. Biggest waste of money I've ever spent. I will NEVER buy anything with the RIDDEX name on it again! Total crap! It got 1 star because it wouldn't let me post with 0.

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    Reviewed Jan. 10, 2017

    Just last week I bought one of your Riddex plus repellent devices and so far it is not working and I am very disappointed. In those pictures are roaches and your product failing to do its job. There's no food in that bowl. It's empty except for roaches.

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    Reviewed Dec. 12, 2016

    I received the 2 I ordered today. When I tried to put them in the outlets they do not fit so I tried power strip and extension cord. It would not go in them. Not even close. What are my options? I do not know my order number because there was no paperwork enclosed in shipping package so I will try and send a picture because it is written in Chinese and I don't read Chinese so maybe you can find it on there.

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    Reviewed Dec. 11, 2016

    Had roaches in my home every so often as well as a spider or two, and ants. I placed two Riddex Plus repellents in my home (1090 sq. ft.) and have not had an insect in my home for 5 years. While you have to keep your house clean and put food away, having these does not preclude people from being a slob. Due diligence on the homeowners part helps, for sure. A few months later, I place one in my garage where everyone has spiders and within a week I cleaned up the webs and had not had webs or spiders for almost 5 years. Be neat and clean and that alone helps with ants and roaches. But, as far as I am concerned, Riddex repellents work.

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    Reviewed Nov. 18, 2016

    I should have applied the money spent to getting a cat!! My mice just ignore this, and I have no idea if it is even working. I live in a house that has less than 1000 sq ft, plugged this into a wall plug in my living room and can watch a mouse just do its thing in that room.

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    Reviewed Oct. 12, 2016

    Riddex Sonic Plus - Ordered this in a set of three. Two of the three were defective. Was told to send them all back because it's a set of three and I had to pay to ship them back. When an item is defective I should not have to pay to return it. Will never order from them again.

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    Reviewed Oct. 6, 2016

    I am not sure what the difference is suppose to be between the two. I purchased 2 of the Riddex Plus for $29.9 because I was tired of paying for pest control and still saw roaches, then the mice came. After a few days of plug in, I notice the mice contracting themselves to squirm through rays looking for a way out! No more problems with mice nor roaches in over 5 yrs using the same two plug in. I put one on one end of the house and another in the center in the kitchen. Works great! Maybe there is a problem with the Sonic Plus but the regular one works just as it suppose too. I do not understand why people are paying over $50.00 and not satisfied. They didn't get what I ordered. My Riddex Plus is still going strong. I have the ones with the green & red flashing light with the little blue night light. Thanks Riddex! I have recommended this to many.

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    Reviewed Aug. 11, 2016

    I've resided at my address for 13 years and have been subjected to Flying Ants every year but not since I purchased a Riddex Plug this year. I can't thank the company enough. All the products I had to buy before eg. Ant Traps, Ant Spray, Ant Powder etc. Not seen any at all this year. Thank you Riddex.

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    Reviewed Aug. 8, 2016

    This product does not work. I had it plugged in. All the lights were on red light flashing and there was a mouse sitting right under the plug.

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    Reviewed June 24, 2016

    This product is garbage. I have put one in my shop. More mice. I put one in my kitchen and mice made a nest 1 foot away from the unit under my toaster and bread maker. Seems like there are more mice. It seems to attract them.

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    Reviewed March 28, 2016

    I usually don't complain but I purchased 8 units and put them in each room of the house. I got after plugging them in a colony is mouse's running through the house and other bugs. This is LEAST EFFECTIVE. PLEASE CONSUMERS DO NOT BUY PRODUCT. The company should be ashamed to say that this product works.

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    Reviewed Jan. 21, 2016

    I've had them plugged in almost a week, and still seeing roaches...uggg... This product is crap! Don't buy it!! If you do it wasting your money.

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    Reviewed Aug. 23, 2015

    We just moved into a very expensive apartment. The review warned "don't come Roaches etc!" Everyone else said they loved it So we are here and the one negative was right. I filled in the cracks and I saw some great changes in the German bugs. Our neighbors that lived side by side to us moved out and as soon as they were gone the bugs poured in. They tried to build nest behind the refrigerator. We moved it and they were hugging in the corner. Killed them and there were no Roaches in the apt but as soon as you put food on the stove one two or three showed up. The bug spray guy came, sprayed. I killed Killed Killed. So now I ask what was the neighbor doing that made them leave? We are very meticulous as well So I thought maybe he had a Riddex. So I went to check reviews and they are all negative. Does it bother the dog? $20 is worth a try. Its just like our Lysol controlling a neighbors cold and mold I hope. UUUUGHUG!

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    Reviewed June 24, 2015

    When we bought a brand new property it was infested with bugs. We didn't know what to do. We tried every option. Nothing would work -- roaches, spiders and mice. When we got this product it was the only thing to rid our house. We have used it for years. It has worked for years and I will use nothing else ever again. This product is great. Not sure why there were some defective ones out there that didn't work for others, but it's always worked great. Well then, that's it. Everything in my walls and home that shouldn't be there.

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    Reviewed May 17, 2015

    The Riddex Sonic plus do not work. It claimed to rid homes of mice, roaches and insects. I never had roaches but I got this product for a mouse problem due to an empty house next to mine that's overrun. I have had them for almost two weeks and there's no difference. I wasted $30 on this worthless product.

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    Reviewed March 10, 2015

    I bought 2 of these pest repeller and they don't work at all to repel mice and roaches. It's like not having anything at all, is this company for real? Because their product it's a joke. Hope I could get my money back. Stay away - don't get caught in this scam.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Jan. 10, 2015

    Not working, red light not flashing - Walk into a mice. Order on Amazon Dec 5, 2014. I want a replacement.

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    Reviewed June 11, 2014

    I tried to order 2 devices as they were buy one get one. Ended up with eight devices because ordering process was so befuddling. I realized the error and immediately called to get it corrected. They said the order wasn't processed yet so I had to call back in 48 hours. When I did, they informed me the orders had been shipped to the tune of over $80 in shipping alone, which they will not refund even though I am so angry that I am sending all the units back. Just a joke of a company and of course you can’t understand any of the supposedly English speaking call center people. No wonder QVC dropped them. Very unfair in their practices, and a shady way to do business! Stay away from this rip-off.

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    Reviewed Aug. 13, 2012

    On July 30, 2012, I observed an infomercial on TV for a Riddex product, and called 1-800-214-6630, and an answering machine responded. I left my name and number in Spanish. They called me back, and I ordered the "item" that they advertised for $30. The TV ad clearly states that the offer is for "Buy one, get one free", just pay shipping. They tried to "up charge" me by recommending a stronger product. When the final amount came out to be $70 total, I declined the complete offer. I explained that my credit card only had $30 available. They charged the $30, and said that they would bill me COD for the remainder $40.

    I am elderly and I live on a limited budget, and this extra amount would more than double what the product was originally advertised for. I have spoken to a live person at least 4 to 5 times since the original conversation, and they repeatedly refuse to reverse the $30 charge to my credit card. They refuse to cancel the order. They keep arguing with me and keep trying to sell me something else for $20. They hang up on me, and when my daughter answers, they are very rude to her.

    I have not received any confirmation on the order, no bill for an order, and no product has arrived. I have been bombarded with phone calls from 8 am to 12 midnight every day of the week. Spanish is my primary language, and I am well educated in English also. The last phone call today was from someone named Malu at 1-800-241-2494. In addition, they are not offering the 2nd item free as advertised. They are charging me ($30 + $30 for 2 products + $10 shipping and handling) $70. Note that the company asks for credit card information before giving a total amount. Thank you for your help.

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    Reviewed Feb. 20, 2012

    The Riddex product does not get rid of roaches and mice. I asked the company for a refund and didn't receive it. I lost $227.10. Please help.

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    Reviewed Jan. 21, 2009

    Its a pest control that I bought..I bought this product as advertised nationwide...that it works right away..
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    Reviewed Jan. 17, 2009

    I bought this product a few months ago. Even though I was skeptical about this electronic pest repellent- I purchased it anyway. The commercial for this product guaranteed that it would work. However, if it didn't, the consumer has 30 days to return it for the full purchased price.
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    Reviewed Jan. 1, 2009

    Riddex Plus is being advertised on TV and online for $29.95 plus $8.95 shipping and handling charge and Buy 1 get 1 free. I ordered online 2 sets for $59.90 to go to the same address. I was charged a shipping fee of $35.80 instead of the advertised $8.95. The customer service number is a machine that does not resolve problems. This $8.95 shipping fee scam is being advertised on TV and online.

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    Reviewed Dec. 25, 2008

    On the TV ad, the makers of Riddex Plus say that their product WILL repel insects, rodents, etc. My brother and I had purchased two of the devices on the 2-for-1 plan and we immediately installed them as soon as we got them. Within one week, we had twice as many insects in the house. So many, in fact, that we had to have someone come into our house to spray. After having the devices for 6 months, we started having a rodent problem (which we still have). Neither item is doing what the manufacturer says it will do. We have tried to contact them...but to no avail. The operator puts you on HOLD and eventually hangs up. Please advise people that Riddex Plus does NOT work and that if they call and give their card number, they can kiss their money goodbye...because Riddex will not reimburse them.
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    Reviewed Sept. 3, 2008

    Nothing happened the product does not work. I'm out 50 dollars because i waited to long hoping it would work. I'm now stuck with 2 units because i got a free one i didn't need and they charged 9 dollars for the free one for shipping and handling. I gave the product a month and i still have bugs. I can't believe that they are still in business. I'm so mad that i'm out 50 bucks and they are getting rich off our money. I guess i was a sucker to think this product would work.

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    Reviewed Aug. 14, 2008

    I had sent in a complaint to you on August 1, 2008 regarding a credit that I was trying to get for several months from Riddex Plus for a product that I never received. This email will confirm that they have issued the credit of $47.85 to my american express card on August 12, 2008 and I have no further dispute or issues with this company.

    Thank you if you had any thing to do with my receiving this credit. I told Riddex that I would contact you after the credit had been posted to my account to let you know that this issue had been resolved.

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    Reviewed Aug. 1, 2008

    I placed three orders with them, two on line and one over the phone which they suggested I do since I had not received the order placed in February, 2008 # 2008022709591132 and they they would issue me a credit for that one of $47.85. I have been calling for months and they keep telling me that they are back up and my credit had not gone to the account department. Loss of fund.

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    Reviewed July 21, 2008

    The as advertized on tv site says 100% guaranteed,,,,to call customer service at number above. I called, it was all in spanish, though I speak English and then the phone line went dead. There is no way to get your guarantee and the product does absolutely NOTHING!!

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    Reviewed Jan. 10, 2008

    well i brought a product from riddex plus and it did work so i decided to ship it back, and i did not receive my full payment.i payment $29.95 for buy one get one free and my shipping and handling was $17.90.and the total was $47.85. they refuse to give me my shipping and handling back,they say they are not responsible for it. On the receipt it said 30 day money back guarantee. and i did return the merchandise before the 30 days was up.

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