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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Premier Pools and Spas?
    • 4,482,526 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed March 29, 2021

    We had been on the fence for a long time to buy a pool. Premier made the experience about as good as I think it could be. They are swamped busy after Covid but I found my Designer knowledgeable and had some great ideas. Apparently, Premier works as a design team vs a single designer and I think it shows. I don't want to post my home pictures here but they came up with something that was really cool! Much more than we expected.

    We love the travertine decking around the pool... really adds a beautiful touch. Hot tub is something my wife and I love to dip in every day. The hot water is sooo nice. Love the lighting effects and night too. Before this we barely used our back yard and now there is little reason to not go outside. My kids LOVE it... eager for it to warm up a bit. Premier team made this a reality for us and clearly it is far more complex than it seems but sooo worth it.

    Punctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed March 19, 2021

    We were very excited to finally put in a pool. Our design process was great. The designer was very informative and helpful. The builder filed for permits and showed up for the dig in a timely manner. He got it ladies out and dug quickly and received his draw. Unfortunately it all went south after that. His contractors could not figure out the in floor cleaning system and took three weeks to complete the plumbing.

    Once they finally got all the plumbing complete I asked him to come rate the work that had been completed. He agreed that it was very low quality. He brought a second crew to demo the work and Re-plumb. The second crew did a fantastic job. Rebar and framing came next. After the first day I pointed out that the spillway from spa to pool was not correct. This was ignored for a couple weeks. The day before gunite I pointed it out for 100th time. They assured me they would fix it before they shot. Gunite came and was shot over the existing mistake. So... they had to cut and patch. Next came tile and coping. This took five weeks to complete. The builder everyday apologized for the delay and said he would get another crew. This never happened. The builder then refused to do the plaster until he was paid for the tile and coping job that wasn’t completed. After much back and forth we agreed on a payment schedule based on completion and dates.

    Plaster came while they were still tiling and went poorly as well (Note. The plaster issue was not the builders fault and the plaster company did all they could to make it right.). There were multiple issues with missing pool equipment or the wrong parts. The temporary plugs in the main drain all got stuck. The builder spent a week trying to remove them after the pool was full of water. He finally got them out. Or... that’s what he told us. We have been battling the pool functionality for about six months now. In floor system not working properly and the filter pump would starve for water and make a strange noise when at full speed. We recently had to drain the pool for some maintenance.

    I noticed that only two of ten the screws on the main grate were actually installed correctly. When I was tightening the screws I noticed two plugs still installed. The third had a 1” hole knocked through it. The other two are still stuck. I am assuming this is why the In floor doesn’t work and why the pump couldn’t run full speed. Long, dramatic story short. I absolutely would not recommend anyone using this company in the Oklahoma area. He is a very polite person. He is also very unreliable and does not show or follow through with much.

    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 3, 2021

    I’m devastated, disappointed & heartbroken! We signed our contract in September 2020 with Premiere Pools & Spas. Work started in January 2021. After hole was dug finally and framing has begun the work has stopped for few weeks. When finally they call and ask to meet with us for a meeting we ask why. All we are told we got a very rare problem. Will talk in 8 days. Then few days later workers arrive and without any notification or communication they fill in the hole like nothing happened. Finally day 8 of waiting has arrived the sales rep Keith ** and another man named Ron from management arrived. I was anxious to find out what is happening and to hear a solution instead I was blamed, attacked, manipulated, and threatened!

    I find out our property survey is wrong we provided 2 papers which were older surveys at time of signing which the sales rep took photo copy of, then he requested the surveys again few months later. At that time I did not know where I put it. I just reached out to the city and requested the survey from the Port Saint Lucie Building Department. Once I received it via email I sent it! Permit was approved by the city after six weeks. We were good to go! Now they are telling me all 3 surveys they had were all bad. Someone messed up but who the pool company's manager blamed me. It's my fault. He immediately said the price will go up higher and additional charges will be added to our plan. But we had an agreement we signed a contract we had a $42,000 contract.

    I told him I have no more money he immediately started threatening me saying if I don’t pay he will hold a lien against my home but how for what I don’t even have a hole in the ground anymore and they all ready have $18,000 dollars from us! They got upset when we asked a simple question, "Who is responsible for this mistake? Why should we pay for someone else’s mistake and be blamed for it?" They got upset at us asking this question and walked off our property saying they are canceling our contract and they are not willing to work with us any longer and they still have our money! I do not recommend them. We have put complete trust into their hands. They are the professionals who is supposed to know the ins and outs of this business. If they come into a problem they should take the responsibility and try to help a customer and solve the situation but they did not do that! Now I stand here after months $18,000 out and a destroyed backyard!

    Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Aug. 10, 2020

    When you go and pay someone $40,000 I think you are paying a large sum for a service and product. I have had nothing but issues from day one. the salesman lied and told us all these promises. Well, guess what didn't happen then they called me a liar stating it was never said because it was not in the contract. Fast forward to when the pool is finally finished months after they said it would be done mind you. Oh and after the destroyed my fence and fixed it half **. The waterfall fell apart then some stones came loose. It took me calling every day and hijacking their Facebook post for them to finally get back to me and send someone to fix them after we had the pool for a few months.

    Fast Forward to our 2nd August. Having the pool really only one full summer. We have every stone on top of the pool that is now loose, cracked, or falling off the other waterfall is broken. Cracks all around the pool and again they say it's not under warranty. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! They have no verbal communication, it is never their fault and they use contractors so they do not stand behind the people they use and blame them. If you want to waste your money and have a pool that is broken after paying a large amount then be my guess.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed May 9, 2020

    This company doesn’t honor their contracts!! Lied about not having to pay until pool finished! They owe us money! Haven’t finished our pool and it’s been almost a year! They keep sending people out every couple of months to “look” at what needs to be finished and fixed. Then they never come back. Communication is horrible!!

    Punctuality & Speed

    Reviewed May 8, 2020

    About two and a half years ago the wife and I decided to go with Premier Pools in Pensacola FL to build our dream pool. The design process was easy, they started on time, the pool was framed and poured without any issues. After they were “done” the nightmare began. Long story short the company never showed when promised to fix any of the many issues we have had. When they promised a few weeks it ended up being months. My travertine deck is still a disaster after the install company used regular sand instead of Poly sand. Premier tried to fix the hack job but they expectedly fell short.

    I have had and still have light issues not only with the lights working properly but poor engineering that leaves a dead spot in the pool. It took them 6 months to find a pool leak. The pool finishes are horrible. My river rock pool had to be resurfaced and it is still three different colors. I have saved two years of text messages from them lying and blowing me off because the thoughts of getting a lawyer are still smacking me every time I look at the hack job in my yard. You would think that after spending 65K on a pool that the company would come thru and provide the relaxing dream that you were promised but these guys fail to deliver on every level.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Jan. 2, 2020

    I contacted Premier Pools in the fall of 2018 about a new pool project in connection with construction of our new resident. We kept them abreast of the status of the construction in accordance with their request so as to coordinate the completion of the pool at completion of the house. Based on their recommendation, they actually started work on the pool project the first week of June 2019. It is January 2, 2019, and I am still waiting for them to finish everything. It has been an awful experience to say the least. They came the first week and dug the hole for the pool. Then it sat for a week or two. Then they came to frame and pour the pool structure. Then it sat for months with nothing being done. Finally they began the paver deck portion of the project.

    A few days after they finished installing the deck, most of it caved in all the way around the pool. They finally removed and reinstalled the pool deck. This time it was out of alignment with the side of the pool and looked terrible. After more delay they finally came back and removed and reinstalled it again. All the while causing extensive delays. They then laid the stone and top on the fire pit. It was nowhere near level. After more delay they finally came back and removed and replaced the top of the fire pit to level it. When they finally got around to plastering the pool, the material had been sitting on the job site so long that it couldn't be used. As of yesterday, that unused material, which probably weighs 2000 lbs and is not movable, was still sitting on my property.

    Over a month ago the supervisor came out to complete a punch list. We identified a number of items that still were not complete or working. The auto fill did not work. The pool equipment was leaking from numerous places. The pool heater had not been connected. The eye outlets in the pool had not been installed, so there were still just open pipes where the water flows in. The Polaris for the pool had been left coiled up for months, so the tail is all bent and does not function properly to allow it to sweep the pool.

    I'm still, today, begging them to finish the job. Then I learn today that they need me to schedule a final inspection with the county. What? What contractor leaves it to the homeowner to get the needed inspections of their project? It is just absurd. All the while they demand to be paid the instant something is done. Regardless of whether it is done correctly. With regard to the plaster, they demanded final payment for the entire project that very day. Now here I am just begging them to finish the work because they have been paid in full for a couple months. And for context, this is the second home, and second pool, I have had built. The other pool project was nothing like this. It was a breeze, so I know how it should go. Unfortunately, the awesome pool company that installed my other pool, Mystic Pools out of south Georgia, did not serve the Florida panhandle area, so I had to go with someone else.

    I regret that I made the terrible decision of using Premier Pools and Spas. Please save yourself the hassle and heartache and use someone else. I would venture to say you would be hard-pressed to find someone worse than Premier Pools and Spas. It was an all-around awful experience and warrants zero stars. I gave them one so it would allow me to write a review.

    Reviewed Nov. 11, 2019

    If you have experienced the same horrible service, lies, broken promises, unfinished project and headache as our family please contact me. We are now moving forward with an Atty to right some of the wrongs with this project. If you too would like to seek assistance in completing a project or having your wrongs made right please contact us immediately. They are paid in full and nothing is usable.... Even paid for enclosure that doesn’t exist.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 23, 2019

    This is a company that will make you pull your hair out. Started pool in May, now at end of August and we are maybe halfway finished. They haven’t been on the job site in over a month. They don’t answer calls or texts. This was suppose to be a custom pool, so far we have gotten nothing that we picked. It’s their custom pool. Everything has been wrong from the beginning. Wrong pool color, wrong fountain stone, wrong pavers, etc, etc. If you catch them putting in the wrong thing, they will say they’ll order it and they can disappear for a month. I am so sorry we picked them to construct our pool. Hate to see what’s going to happen if there’s something wrong with it. Do yourself a huge favor, stay away from this company.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 12, 2019

    I have been in the pool business for 10+ years. I built pools in NY and am now the owner of a Pool Retail Store and Service location in Boynton Beach. I would like to rate this company 0 stars. So far Premier Pools and Spas has been the worst company I have ever had to deal with. I had a horrible experience with my last pool built by Craftmaster Custom Pools and this experience supersedes that one by far. It's a shame they are dragging the name of a franchise that has become popular on TV down the drain. No communication whatsoever. Text, calls and emails unanswered. $65+k with about $50k paid to them already and this is the service I get. I am very lucky to have been able to supply my own equipment that they were not happy about.

    May 2019, this company broke ground, started plumbing, rebar and gunite. When that part was done I walked out and noticed a huge mistake on the sundeck. The workers had the nerve to say it's fine. The 8x10 sundeck I designed into the plans with 2 bubblers were noticeably off center. Had I not went out to check the work, they would have continued working like nothing was wrong.

    June 2019, we were in the office picking our tile and Travertine Marble. I spoke with Eric and Dana about the mistake on the sundeck and was told it would be fixed that same week. 2 weeks passed and no repair, no communication. Suddenly a guy showed up on a Saturday for 2 hours to do equipment. Another week and no repair, no communication. Suddenly Eric showed up for 2 more hours to do the rest of the Equipment setup. I asked about the sundeck and was told that week for sure because they were ready to start decking the following Monday.

    8/11/2019. Today we are a month since the last communication. My pool sits an empty shell. No one will answer our Emails, Text or calls. I unfortunately learned things about this franchise locations business tactics and horrible customer service by referring them to one of my own customers. My customer had the same issues. I have also spoken with others that have had the same problems and are currently going through problems. Some are talking lawsuit.

    I am currently looking into having the pool finished by a different company. I will be speaking to an attorney about a possible lawsuit for any possible damages to the structure, the repair of the sundeck and any extra cost above the remainder of our actual contract price. Plus any loss of wages and attorney fees. I am interested in anyone else that is having these problems to form a possible class action suit against this company. The pictures show my pool as it sits now. The sundeck with existing pipes where the bubblers are and the black markings of where they are suppose to be plus the umbrella hole in the middle.

    Reviewed Aug. 2, 2019

    I am in the pool business and the presentation was good. Once we paid the first installment it was all downhill. It has been 3 months and I have a hole that looks like a pool but only 2 days of work has been done for 5 weeks. Mistakes are made that I have to get them to correct. I'd say stay away from this company. I learned it's a franchise and the company couldn't care less who buys into it.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed July 3, 2019

    Like so many other reviews on here about Premier Pools and Spas - our experience with Premier has also been exhausting and extremely stressful. We signed a contract July 2018, broke ground November 30, 2018 - they hired contractors who made mistakes that would take days, or weeks, to repair. Premier hired contractors who would scratch their head and walk around aimlessly and confused because they did not know how to install a linear fire feature.

    At one point, Premier asked for one of the payment draws earlier than scheduled because of some excuse that our gas company would not do their work unless the pool equipment was installed first - come to find out that was not accurate. The delays have been because it taking days or weeks to fix their screw ups, as well as their lack of organization and scheduling so that the project can run smoothly and efficiently. It took from February until June to get the linear fire feature installed after getting all the pertaining pieces that go with it piecemeal; set accurately; and, centered. Then when they finally decided to test it (in June) they realized the fire feature was not working - so, that took another few weeks to correct.

    It has been almost 1 full year and we are still not scheduled for final inspection. They are blaming the delays on the city, as well as the companies we have hired to handle the gas and screen, but in reality our screen company was ready and had us on schedule should Premier had been ready for them to begin their part of the project, but when it was time, Premier was not ready for the screen company and we got put to the end of the screen company's schedule since they had other projects to work on and could not sit around and wait for Premier to do their part.

    Premier damaged our neighbor's sod, which we had to replace and they have not even offered to pay for it and have avoided the issue, but now we found out (after them finally testing our sheer descent) that our gas company damaged one of their pipes and they are requesting us to pay them upfront $300.00 for them to fix it. We asked them for an invoice with the breakdown of the repair, including but not limited to the materials and labor, but they refuse to do the work unless we pay them up front. Pathetic is what they are!

    With all of the aggravation and the fact that Premier hired incompetent contractors to do the job right - the first time - we filed a complaint with their corporate website and received no acknowledgment, so we complained to the Better Business Bureau and when asked what we would ask of Premier to do, we asked Premier to split the last draw by 50% and they rejected and said we could hire our own plastering company to finish the pool project. In order to avoid any more delays, we agreed to let them finish the project and paid in full, after we rejected their measly $750.00 offer for us to remove our complaint. We told them that we would rather pay the full amount owed for them to finish the project than to not share with potential interested customers what we have dealt with so that no-one else goes through the same, or even close to it.

    If you are considering hiring Premier, first look at all the reviews online and look at all the complaints with the BBB. You will get all the info you need. If they say they are making good on what is wrong and attending to their unsatisfied customers, well that is, at best, untrue for most customers, including us, as you can see the reviews yourselves. Not only will they not try to make things somewhat right by trying to satisfy a customer, but even the franchise owners (or managers), can be unprofessional and rude.

    I once asked to get the name of the plaster company they would be using and their response was, "what is it to you who we hire to do the work"? Ummmm... how about it is my property they will be doing work on and I have every right to check if they are active and/or licensed contractors! I, too, regret the day we ever came in contact with them!!! A real nightmare. Premier Pool and Spa does not even deserve a one star rating.

    Profile pic of the author.

    Reviewed April 5, 2019

    Stay away from pool maintenance service. I can't comment on repairs or new pools, but I purchased a home where this company was maintaining the pool (they had built it). It has taken me two months to sort out the MAJOR problems. The pool pump broke; they did not notice this (maybe they never came). I found it after 6 weeks. The saline level was 0 (zero). The only way this could happen was if they never checked it - it takes a long time (many month or a year) for the saline level to drop to zero. The saline cell was so caked and damaged I needed to replace it ($500). I went to check the mineral filter cartridge (it should be changed every 6 months) - there was none!! I paid this company for 6 weeks after buying the house and had to stop payment on my credit card after that. I do not know what they were doing but I would stay away from them!!!

    Reviewed Feb. 26, 2019

    PPAS not only built my leaky pool in the wrong location, they also refuse to honor the warranty. I’ve contacted the owners multiple times as well as the CEO of PPAS. I would strongly advise anyone considering building to do your research, look at the reviews for multiple locations and you will see their reputation speaks for itself.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 29, 2018

    I had my pool built by PPAS this Spring... Loved working with Casey, Chad, Marie and Amber and the entire crew. They were super communicative about every step of the process, gave us exactly what we wanted, took less than estimated time to complete and had us enjoying our new pool for the 4th of July last month. I cannot say enough good things about the communication, the overall quality of the workmanship, the ease and painlessness of the entire process, etc. I feel the team there are "family" and my two Goldendoodles LOVED getting check'ins from the team when they were onsite. If you want an in ground pool built, there is NO ONE else to consider.

    Reviewed Aug. 4, 2018

    I have attached pictures for Premier Pool. In November 2016 they resurfaced our pool for the 2017 opening, we paid 13,000. 1 month after the pool opened they started doing patch jobs after we paid 13,000. Here it is 2018 pool open and if you look at the picture it is a nightmare. Good luck to anyone that hires this company, it is just wrong. I did reach out to them to see how they are going to rectify this situation and will keep you all posted. My pool looks worse now than when we hired them to resurface. I will give you an update within a month.

    Reviewed March 31, 2018

    Premier Pools designed and build us the pool of our dreams. The design and execution was flawless. Follow up and warranty issues have been amazingly simple and smooth. Couldn’t ask for a better experience from start to finish. A+ Best Pool Builder in DFW.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed July 27, 2017

    Our experience with Premier Pools has been exhausting and extremely stressful mainly because it has been almost a year since they began construction on our pool and we are not even close to being finished. We could move into our new home in a couple of weeks but we won't be able to because Premier Pools can't find subcontractors to work for them because the word on the street is Premier Pools doesn't pay their subcontractors. They have lied to us over and over again, told us workers would be at our house to work and they never show up, avoided our calls, they are very good at making promises and not following through and they tell you what you want to hear but at the end of the day there is zero progress!!!

    If you are considering hiring Premier, first look at all the reviews online and look at all the complaints with the BBB. You will get all the info you need. If they say they are making good on what is wrong and attending to their unsatisfied customers, well that is a complete lie!!! The subs they hire do average work at best and it's never a crew of workers it's a one man show. Pathetic, aggravating and unprofessional best describes our experience with Premier Pools. I regret the day we ever came in contact with them!!! A real nightmare. The truth is they don't even deserve a one star rating.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Nov. 4, 2016

    I began the remodel of my pool and deck in February, 2016. Despite quoting me an 8 week turnaround, they finally got final sign off on June 13, 2016. I am still having issues with the pool and mostly, the deck. The deck was done in travertine pavers. The job is done poorly: highs and lows, not enough polymeric cement, shoddy workmanship. They have sent subcontractors out to fix things, but they don't know what they are doing and it still looks terrible. Now they are not even returning my calls. Additionally, there has been a problem with the auto fill on the pool since day one. A service tech finally admitted that on October 25, 2016 and promised to send someone to fix it. It is not yet fixed and again, they will not return my calls.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed July 16, 2016

    My contract with Premier states that the pool will be completed within 8 - 10 weeks from excavation date, which was March 31. However, my contract was signed January 26, 2016 and expected construction was to commence on February 15th. Excavation took place on March 31st. They have lied to the City of Fort Myers Inspectors on at least two occasions.

    To date, my pool cannot pass the City safety inspections. The criteria for my final payment was predicated on passing the electrical inspection. On June 3rd, the construction manager for Premier told me they passed inspection and demanded my final check. Approximately a week later, after contacting the City, I learned Premier failed the electric inspection. This action alone constitutes duplicitous behavior. Six months later, I have been advised by the City that it is not safe to swim in my pool because it will not pass the safety inspection. This company is new to Florida, but should not be able to do business here based on their covert lies, lack of ethics, pathetic customer service, harassing by subcontractors, and duplicitous behavior. I would strongly recommend to anyone building a pool to find a different company.

    Updated on 08/15/2016: To date, after spending $50,000 for a pool by Premier Pools, the following items remain unresolved: 1. They have failed to pay the screen enclosure company, Fabritech, and Fabritech is preparing to put a construction lien against my property. The screen enclosure is a part of the contract; 2. The ozonator has failed to work property emitting large balls of air (which are toxic in this form) instead of small bubbles into my pool. This is NOT the way an ozone generator is supposed to work. My pool actually sounds like it's regurgitating; 3. The overflow has failed to work on three separate occasions; 4. The auto fill does not work and I paid another company to test these out, and they confirmed the autofill, like the overflow, do not work at all.

    The company's partner merely responds that everything is fine and has refused to address my concerns. His behavior and communications are duplicitous on many accounts and this is a company that should NOT BE ALLOWED to do business in the State of Florida.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed May 31, 2016

    This pool remodel has been nothing but a nightmare. 9 mo. in and all we get are excuses and false promises. No project management, trash all over yard & safety hazards everywhere. I keep wondering if they are going out of business or something.

    Reviewed July 30, 2012

    A big piece of concrete cracked and eventually dropped into the pool. It took 3 months to get them out to do the repair. The repair looked so bad that they had to come out and redo it. The section that was replaced is lower than the rest of the concrete. My children have stubbed their toes twice due to the difference in the concrete. John with Premier Pools told me that he doesn't see a problem with the concrete and that he's happy with the job that their contractor did for us.

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