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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Premier Pools and Spas?
    • 4,460,028 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
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    Customer Service

    Reviewed Oct. 29, 2023

    Premier Pools and Spas Remsenburg NY. Jonathan and Carlos are greedy thieves. We signed a Contract, gave them a 10,000 deposit and they made no attempt to honor their contract or refund our deposit. They made many lame excuses. We hired an attorney to recoup our money which at first agreed to pay but later decided not to pay. We ended up having to go with a much more reputable contractor who honored their contract and word. Had they just refunded our deposit, which would not have been great but they decided it was necessary to steal our money! They will be in court and we will be suing them!

    Buyer beware. They seem to pick and choose who they do business with. My name is Frank and my number is ** if you have any questions. I have email and texts to back up everything. It is not my nature to post such a negative review but I have never had to deal with such a catastrophe of a company who thinks they are entitled to stealing our money.

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    Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 28, 2023

    Premier Pools - Unprofessional, Incompetent, Liars and Thieves. Travis, Jaren and Premier Pools team are the least professional people and business I have ever dealt with. They lie to get your business, underestimate the bids and then give you the real bid once work has started, they have 10’s of thousands of dollars and your yard is torn apart. They use many tactics to pressure you and extort more money. You can see these patterns if you search other reviews. They promise dig to swim in 60 days and are nowhere close but attempt to place blame on the client at every turn. Run, don't walk, the other direction from Premier Pols of Utah.

    When the project started, we all got on a text chain to have transparent communication. Immediately, the chain and protocol were broken, and we saw that the communication was almost nonexistent unless they were seeking payment. Simply put, they are so awful that they post reviews on their website that are written by their own employees.

    Jaren (project manager) reviews his boss and business on their site - "Excellent company. There have been some challenges with some of the project management in the past that have given PPAS a bit of a black eye. Those days are behind them. Jeremy is an excellent leader and really knows his stuff! The product is unbeatable, and the communication is on point. Don’t let the issues of the past scare you away. These guys are doing things right. Building a pool is a tough process, but PPAS will guide you along and help you understand things along the way. Highly recommend!" - Shameful.

    The bid and design were poorly thought out and rushed so the design was not going to work. Without exception, if they said they would do something or be at our home on a certain date or time, they never showed up or did what they said on the date or time promised. Even the initial day they promised to start excavating was moved repeated times because they are so inept. I have almost 6 months of texts messages that are basically garbage excuses.

    Their design failed to incorporate a retaining wall, that, if they had been professional and not scammers, they would have foreseen and included in the bid. When they announced that we needed this, they sent my wife a $16,000 bill and asked her to resign the new contract and pay immediately so they could stay on track because they were already behind. This was not on the group communication because they tried to force it through her quickly. They said they had been getting bids for 2-3 weeks and that was the best price. This was a lie. I asked for and got the bids and they were basically forged.

    The bids were dated after the day I asked for them and supposedly they had been getting them for weeks. The bids were also incomplete because the contained none of the engineering specs. When I, in turn, bid the wall to concrete companies, I had to wait 2 more weeks to get the engineering specs from Premier pools to get bids so clearly theirs were bogus. Of all the bids we got, not one was even half as high as theirs.

    Jaren is an unprofessional baby who shuts down all communication with the client when he is called out on his **. It is hard to even call him a project manager because he cannot even manage simple communication or client relations. He could not manage the construction toilet correctly, it showed up 5 weeks early and left a month late. Money was wasted everywhere due to his incompetence, and we were always left without communication. Travis is a skilled salesman who is very quick to lie and do anything possible to get your signature and your money. He is slimy and not to be trusted under any circumstances. Do your research on this company. I'm willing to bet that any positive reviews are fake or written by employees or close contacts of Premier pools. Our pool took just over 6 months from dig to swim. It is Ok, but I would not have done it if I had known how terrible the experience would be.

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    Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Oct. 27, 2023

    We did our research. In September of 2021 there were over 200 Google reviews for this company and they were 4.8 out of 5 stars positive. Let's just say that they've had $120,000 of our money for 2 years and we are not the only ones. There is no way that the current positive reviews are real. We paid 50% in October of 2021 and then 45% in March which was in the contract. We were to be swimming in July of 2021 but that did not happen. It is now 2 years later and the project is still not completed. They do not reply to calls, text messages or emails.

    I have mostly worked with Erik & Allen who are not owners but they are a big part of the problem. I would imagine that they just relay what they are being told by the owners, Aaron ** and his wife. WOWT/Mike McKnight just did a story on them and this is nothing short of a ponzi scheme in my opinion. Crazy thing is, they seemed to be a legit pool contractor before 2021. They claim labor shortages but they keep taking on new contracts and getting 95% of the money while promising a pool in 90 days. People have had liens put against their property due to the concrete contractors & plaster installers not getting paid by Premier. I am at the end of my rope. The contract says that I cannot post this without notifying them first. I have notified them and I am done. This has put a strain on every area of my life.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Oct. 16, 2023

    Delays, horrible customer service, misplaced before actual permit and fiberglass pool had to be moved, couldn’t get pool and after 8 tries we settled for “close” because coping began to crack, never show up on time or return phone calls, etc etc.

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    Reviewed Aug. 20, 2023

    I had recently purchased my home and was excited about getting a pool. Someone I recently met through church works for this company, so I talked with him about pool options. I informed him that we have a septic tank and that I was not sure where the leach beds were exactly. I was promised that he would be working the job and that they would obtain the leach bed diagram from the county. I signed the contract and paid the deposit.

    First day in the job, I get a message from someone from the company asking me if I had septic or sewer. Apparently the person I was working with did not work the job, nor did the company obtain information from the county and had ripped 100 ft. of my Leach beds out. They told me not to tell the county and they rerouted the main line to some of the leach lines that were remaining, I expressed concerns about any problems I would run into with this, and was told that it was going to work fine. Not sure how this will turn out if I need to sell my house in the future and there is a pool where leach lines are supposed to be.

    Customer ServicePrice

    Reviewed Aug. 4, 2023

    PLEASE AVOID THIS COMPANY - THEY STOLE $18,000 OF MY MONEY WITH NOTHING IN RETURN. We had to cancel our pool contract before ANY work was started but we had paid a 25% deposit. Because no work was started and contractually they were able to keep our deposit, we asked to re-allocate our deposit to a smaller patio project that would roughly cost what our 25% deposit was, since no work or money was dished out yet for the pool. We were told that the company already ordered the pool shell - before permits were approved - and that it was non-refundable and that my money was gone. Why did they order a pool shell before the project was approved? And why did that financial responsibility fall onto me as a vulnerable and unsuspecting consumer?

    Instead, the company offered NO solutions and instead has kept $18,000 of a hardworking consumer's money with NOTHING to show for it. I was not given ANY product or service that justified them keeping that money, and not offering any alternative. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY - They will order your shell immediately and transfer the responsibility to you without you knowing!! Don't make the same mistake I did and please bring your money elsewhere to a more respectable company that values its consumers and does not look to steal from them and completely screw them over for no reason other than to keep their multi-thousand dollar deposit. They have been a nightmare to work with. They have not responded to my Consumer Affairs complaint or BBB - you can check their rating - it is currently and accurately an 'F.' THIS IS NOT A CONSUMER FRIENDLY COMPANY.

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    Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

    Reviewed July 25, 2023

    They have subpar work, refuse to acknowledge or fix their errors and will tell you lies! My pool took 10 months longer than the 12-16 week time frame in my contract. They have terrible communication within their own employees and even worse communication to their subcontractors. If I hadn't worked from home, I would have had an even bigger disaster. I had to have them correct the pool depth, slope, size, skimmer location, equipment location, let them know about missing equipment that I had paid for. The concrete decking crew poured wet concrete into the skimmer. Many crews left trash all over the place that I had to clean up.

    Other trash was buried with the gravel they brought in. They refuse to fix the grout that is white and grey instead of all grey. Their subcontractors damaged the new decking and they don't care and refuse to fix it. Instead they gave a credit "because it's been a difficult build". The credit doesn't even cover half of what is needed to fix the damage. This is only part of the many errors they made and refuse to acknowledge. I have been lied to. They have lied to the Better Business Bureau. They will lie to you!! The owner is mad about my reviews and stated in a text, "Therefore, we're not interested in doing any more extra work in good faith". I didn't ask for extra work, I asked them to fix their mistakes.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed June 5, 2023

    We were promised a 8 week start (time the fiberglass liner showed up) until finish. We’ve spent over 250k on a pool that has been left unfinished for months past the original end date. Still waiting on pieces and parts that were ordered in February. No one shows up for over a week at a time, do one small task, and then won’t return for another week or so. What is finished is stained, messy, and even cracked already. We have no end in sight. The geese have now taken over and there are thousands of tadpoles living in our “glorified pond.” We currently have a hazardous area for children to drown left in our backyard. This is my biggest complaint. They have left a massive hazard area for my children and I cannot get anyone to come finish this job! The last thing I want is for one of my children or a neighbor’s child (or animal) to drown in our pool!

    The contractor in charge (Jim) promises things will be finished and his workers will come out but they never do. The guy in charge of design (Cameron) has made excuse after excuse on why certain things now cannot be built the way HE designed them and refuses to take ownership for his mistakes. The guy in charge of the company (Dane) refuses to take our calls.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed March 18, 2023

    !!!Terrible service, terrible quality!!!! Has been the worst two years of my life. My pool is not level; they have lots of excuses. The making of the fiberglass pool has irregularities and isn’t level but the water is. Walking on the surface of the pool you can feel all the problems. They say it’s normal. That’s the way it should be. Grading, rocks, setting the pool, and water was all done in one day. That is not the correct way to do it. My decking concrete has been a nightmare. Chucks left on the bottom floor. Discoloring. Brush strokes. Paint variations. Cracking immediately from day 2. Not just normal cracks, huge separating cracks. Grading was done improperly. And poor choice of concrete person so he could save some money. Mark admitted it wasn’t great. He promised to build me the pool of my dreams and it’s the total opposite. I can’t believe they think this is good work.

    Drypro has been out 3 times to do repairs. They say it’s bad concrete. The tensile is not correct. It’s falling off the coping. From inside the pool it’s terrible. My husband sanded some of the coping himself to help me feel a little better. Mark said he would come back and look again but then ghosted me. Hasn’t returned any calls or messages as of late. I’m completely defeated and have high anxiety anytime I’m out there. It’s not my happy oasis place. Do your research and homework and talk to all the people you can.

    Reviewed March 15, 2023

    Just a closing update from my 7-year experience with a Premier Pool. The flagstone coping is still sticking up 1/2" above the concrete patio since the install so that you trip/cut your foot as you get in the pool. This has happened a few times. The stamped concrete patio around the pool the salesman said was the best for non-slippage is still the slipperiest surface I have ever seen and everybody that has walked on it wet has busted their ass. The filter control panel has long dilapidated and crumbling and you can no longer see the text on the panel. (lasted about 2 years) Overall a most disappointing ownership of a pool I have ever had. They tried to fix the stone in the beginning but just did not have a stone mason that knew what quality is.

    Customer ServicePricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed March 11, 2023

    If I had known how awful the experience would be, I would not have installed the pool. I now know that the Sales Staff are totally disconnected from the ground crew. The ground crews (most of the workers on site) are not English Speaking, do not seem to respect personal property and leave trash all over the job site. I had one of them, on camera, taking a piss on the side of my house. Many were just throwing trash into a pile in my front yard when a trash can was only feet away. They even put boards and other construction materials on top of their trash to conceal it. I made requests to have the crew show up after 7:00 AM to satisfy my disgruntled neighbor, but these request were ignored. I also requested that, due to a new baby in the home, the crew show up on a later time frame, but these requests were also ignored.

    The level of professionalism was bottom barrel. A tile crew showed up and did zero work for 2 1/2 days. When I called the office of Premier Pools about this, the office was closed due to the ENTIRE staff being on a training trip out of town. Speaking of the lack of response, the entire office was closed for weeks during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. Also, forget trying to contact anyone there on Saturday or Sunday. Zero replies. There is a total lack of care and concern for a client purchasing a pool/spa combination for the price of $111,000.00+ during a recession.

    The entire staff from top to bottom conduct themselves as if they are above reproach and do not owe a customer common courtesy or decency. They show up without notification and leave without the job being completed. My advice? Get out of the service industry. Go to work for a Bank or the DMV. They will welcome you with open arms. (Except the banks, which are all open on Saturday). Get another bid.

    Reviewed Feb. 19, 2023

    Great experience with a great company. Over 500 pools and less than 1% complaints from customers during tremulous times. Thanks to the 99% who are enjoying their pools. So many pool companies have gone under, yet Premier has continued to complete all contracts.

    Punctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 3, 2023

    Seth does what he says he's going to do. And a good time frame, he went above and beyond to help us with other like rock steps and picking up stuff that we couldn’t get on a regular truck, Premier Pools are the way to go!!! I would do it again with this pool company!!!


    Reviewed Jan. 17, 2023

    Do not use a Premier Pools franchise to build your pool. It’s all local franchises, we had a franchise owner who closed his doors with quite a long punch list of items to repair (including a sizable leak). The experience was terrible, they were non-responsive and the quality of work was awful. Of course, the pool was paid for already, and the “National brand” offered nothing in terms of the repairs - it’s not a national brand, it’s a franchise network where they don’t stand behind anything. Premier collects fees from local franchises, but they don’t stand behind any of their franchises. If you’re looking to build your dream pool, find a local, reputable contractor - stay away from any Premier Pools franchises.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 17, 2023

    We used Premier Pools to design and build our inground pool. Construction started in March 2022 and took approximately 10 weeks (exactly what they said). On day one I met our construction manager who was Aric **. He was my main contact throughout the entire process. Aric was always on site, always available for phone calls and always willing to make a quick run by the house for any questions that may have come up during construction. He was a pleasure to work with; and always honest and respectful. To this day, I can text him with a question and he always responds. I would use Premier again and am very pleased with our final product. Thanks Aric!!!

    Verified purchase
    Customer Service

    Reviewed Nov. 15, 2022

    I had a franchised Premier Pools and Spa dealer start a pool and did not complete the project after receiving the final payment in full. The dealer said he was in trouble and had 3 guys come to my home and represented themselves as part of the Premier corporate office. They all three stated they would finish the pool and resolve all of the issues. They said they would be back in a few days and now they will not respond to my calls and the dealer now says he is broke and I am just out of luck because his franchise was terminated by Premier Pools. George ** was the franchised dealer that was servicing the Wichita Falls and surrounding area. I am out $80,000.00 and the pool is not complete and cannot be used.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 26, 2022

    Do Not USE This company to build your pool. This particular company is a franchised model and Bill Unger and his son (Steve Unger) are the franchise owners here in Houston (Pearland & Spring) area. We contracted to have them build us a pool with a contract date of 06/2020. 09/26/2022 **** POOL FAILED THE FINAL PLUMBING INSPECTION AGAIN ON 09/16/2022.

    We also have a issue with the pool overflow draining. Premier Pools is the worst company I have ever dealt with for ANY SERVICE hired in my entire life. They do not communicate and value customers. They do not return calls, voicemails or emails. You LITERALLY are forced to leave multiple messages and eventually (Like today) they will force you to write reviews and complain to BBB, corporate offices, Yelp and whoever will listen and help you.

    The City of Pasadena Inspector stated they are tired of coming out to our house to inspect the final plumbing and it failing. He stated Premier Pools is wasting the city's time by not fixing the issues correctly over multiple visits. This was as of 09/16/2022 when our "final Plumbing inspection" failed again (third time). Please read the other will see a distinct pattern of the very same thing. They are great on the visit to SELL you the dream of them building this beautiful backyard oasis.

    Once you sign the contract and start paying them's totally different and you are immediately hit with the reality that you are now just a number. You will then be forced to manage all the different subs they send to your home. They have multiple customers unhappy and complaining. They meet every Tuesday morning to go over all projects. Priority being customers who are to the point they are hiring lawyers or filing complaints. They will then call you and apologize and make new promises which always lead to one place...Frustration, lack of follow up and multiple calls/emails to get them to get something done.

    Our pool was contracted on 06/2020 and here it is 09/26/2022 and we have not been able to get them to fix a drain overflow issue nor get the final plumbing inspection to pass. Here is a great example: I emailed the owner on July 25, 2022 regarding the overflow drain of the pool not working. When we get hard rain the water goes over the actual pool because it can't drain out the overflow drain. Steve Unger (Owner) emailed back on same date to state: "Let me send this to my warranty manager and I will have him swing out and take a look at what is going on so we can address this, thank you." Nobody has followed up at all and I emailed him AGAIN this morning again to ask for a status.

    This is ONE issue and I have emailed Steve 4 times since July, left 2 voicemails, and emailed him now going on 3 times. ****No Response At all**** This is ONE example. I looked today and on this one project (pool build)...I/my wife has emailed complaints 47 times about issues we have experienced trying to get our pool done. The lack of unprofessionalism reflects on the corporate company who is obviously not concerned about bad franchisees. A pool build is a very stressful situation to begin with. I would advise to never ever use this company for anything. Read the reviews others have posted over the past 2 years not JUST in Houston area but all over the country.

    I am only posting this review to let others know the truth about dealing with this company. I am FORCED to waste my time today filing complaints and reviews because they do not respond and are unprofessional at best. Don't walk...RUN from Premier Pools. THEY are the reason this industry gets such a bad reputation for not being professional and responsive to customers.

    Lastly,...check the BBB for Houston and you will find plenty more complaints as well as with the Yelp reviews. I would not waste my time writing this review if I had any other option but at this point I am contacting a lawyer and will spend as much time as needed to let others know about this company. If you hire them have a lawyer on file to use because you will need them.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Sept. 17, 2022

    This is the worst company you could use to build your pool. The disorganization and lack of accountability is mind blowing. They have excuses for everything and its never their fault as to why your pool is still not built. We are now sitting at day 10 with a completed pool but does it work? Who knows! The equipment finally arrived 8 days after the pool was filled. It's now connected but no one has come to start it up. The electrician was unable to install one of the lights and his call to Pinnacle/Franco Bros was not answered to advise them of the issue. All they say is he refused to install it which is not the case. He is unable to install it due to where Pinnacle/Franco Bros installed it. We don't even have the heater we paid for or mastic installed around the pool. Like how do you leave a partially newly built pool in this condition?

    Now let's talk about the stagnant water that has algae and now mosquitos. They keep saying that's normal....ummm.....don't think it is. Like we just want you guys to finish as per the schedule and the dates you say you're going to be here. They never show or don't show or push dates out. Like why? Just finish! There is no reason you shouldn't have finished by now. For Your own sanity go with another company. Don't use this company to build your pool! Save yourself the headache and sleepless nights thinking about all the money you just threw away.


    Reviewed Sept. 16, 2022

    We just finished our pool with Premier and couldn’t be happier! Dustin was our sales guy and he was great! He helped us get exactly what we wanted while staying in our budget. Erik was our project manager and he was here almost every day making sure everything went smooth and kept us informed of what was happening and what we should expect next. I’m very impressed with the work they did and the quality of our pool. I highly recommend Premier!

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    Raygina increased rating by 3 stars.
    After a positive interaction with Premier Pools and Spas, Raygina increased their star rating on Sept. 30, 2022.

    Updated review: Sept. 30, 2022

    Worked with me and resolved the problem. I'm very happy now!

    Original Review: Sept. 9, 2022

    Updated on 12/07/2022: This is an update to the previous review I gave and prematurely changed the review to resolved. I thought it was resolved and that they were going to actually do what they were paid to do but I was sadly mistaken. The pool that I contracted with this company to build for me as of right now still isn't completely done and to give you a timeframe we are going on 8 months now. This is the worst pool company ever!! DO NOT BUY A POOL FROM THEM!! I mean unless you want to work with an unprofessional company. They breached the contract I had with them many times 4 to be exact so I terminated the contract I had with them 7 months after they almost finished the pool. I sent a termination letter and still haven't heard back from them. NOTHING!! Not even an apology. Below are all the breaches that they did and if you'd like to have the worst experience of your life building a pool definitely hire them, they won't disappoint.

    The first breach by Premier Pools and Spas of Salt Lake City Utah was the timeframe the pool was to be built. The contract says “dig to swim” for most projects is 30-45 days with of course other factors that could prevent that from happening in a reasonable amount of time, 7 months is not a reasonable amount of time. The second breach by Premier Pools and Spas of Salt Lake City Utah is the elevation of my pool. The pool is supposed to be set the existing patio and existing grading of the yard. My pool was not set to the correct elevation of my existing patio or yard. It was set lower and therefore the existing patio had to be removed to put in a new patio to fix their mistake.

    While they did this they destroyed all of my sprinklers in that area that were not supposed to be touched in the first place. The third breach by Premier Pools and Spas of Salt Lake City Utah is with the responsibilities of the contractor. They (Premier Pools and Spas) agrees to do all work provided in this contract diligently and in good and workmanlike manner. Obviously, this hasn't happened at all. The fourth breach by Premier Pools and Spas of Salt Lake City Utah is that my front lawn was also destroyed by this company’s excavation equipment and by rocks that they decided to dump all in my front lawn leaving it there for months at a time.

    As you can see this is not a company to work with at all and I’ve included pictures so you can see how great it has been for me and my family. It’s been the worst experience that I have ever had with a company. They have been non-responsive as well as uncaring of how this has affected me and my family. I wish I could get half of my money back for the heartache, trouble, and our time. Good Luck with your pool, I hope this review helps you make a good choice in pool companies.

    Original Review: I have a terrible experience with this company. I'm sitting here September 2022 and my pool is still not done. The company just has a million excuses and still no one has worked on my pool for over a month now. They don't communicate with me. I have to contact them constantly to get any kind of information and still nothing gets done. I highly suggest going with a different company. We've been waiting for this pool for over 6 months now. Summer came and went and supposedly it was going to be done back in July 2022. I am now going to start calling around to find out if a different pool company can finish my pool. I'm tired of the excuses and I'm tired of waiting. It's way too much money to not finish the job but yet I'm still waiting.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed July 25, 2022

    Cameron was a great asset to us! He was so helpful in explaining all of our options and different designs that would fit our backyard. Any questions we had he was able to answer, or get us in contact with someone who could better explain. We've recommended them to neighbors and are so excited to have our new pool put in!

    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed May 4, 2022

    After speaking with a few different pool contractors and receiving some different quotes, we chose to go with Premier primarily due to the reviews I found online as well as the presentation they sent us about their business and the so-called prestige that went with it. In the beginning everything went very smooth. We were very pleased working with Jodi on the design and her knowledge and expertise was a huge help. We really liked how she presented us “menu” types of options based on our budget as well individual line-item fees for such features and options.

    My father was a general contractor, so I know how construction goes and the fact that the construction industry is extremely busy right now with materials being scarce and costs going up. Therefore, I tempered my level of expectations on both the project and the completion date yet was super excited to get into our new pool!

    As I mentioned before things were off to a good start. Then towards the latter half of the project is when things started to deteriorate. It really started with having a junior project manager assigned to our project that had absolutely no idea what he was doing. There were a lot of empty promises made and ignored requests which created problems that could have been easily avoided. Towards the end I didn’t even want him stepping foot on our property ever again. I understand that Premier needs to use sub-contractors to assist them in finishing the project and I feel they could have done a much better job as well.

    This company has serious communication problems and a persistent “pass-the-buck” mentality. Their attention to detail was messy and to this day I am still scraping off the over-spray of concrete and plaster, removing chunks of concrete from my planters, and the final task of applying the clear coat on my BBQ counters took an additional 4 months after the job was finished. There was little to no follow up on equipment claim requests due to equipment failures and I had to keep badgering them to get things done. Of the people I have spoken with now that our pool is finished, I tend to hear the same complaints about Premier; bad communication, poor project management, and that all they care about is the money.

    There were many frustrations towards the end and not once did the owner of the company reach out to us to offer any type of customer service, relief, or even a “thank you” for the massive amount of money we spent to have our dream pool and back yard. I am stoked now to be working with Pool Pros on our monthly pool maintenance and the fact that they can handle most of the warranty issues directly. I have submitted warranty claims on a few faulty issues and never once even got a reply from Premier which just flat-out sucks. Installing a pool is a lengthy, messy, expensive, and emotional process therefore I would not recommend working with Premier.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed April 10, 2022

    If I could give 0 stars I would. This particular location is in Plano, but they are a franchise mostly owned by a few people. This place is a dumpster fire of incompetence, from their internal staff lying, and messing up the legal documents, plans etc, to their countless careless sub contractors who aren't qualified to dig ditches much less build pools and construction projects. We are going on more than a year now for our pool project, (we were prepared for some delays, knowing many people who recently built pools and gave us heads up on pitfalls so we planned for them in advance.

    We paid upfront for equipment and tiles and had them delivered before they broke ground, stored them in our garage so they couldn't say supply chain delays), then we had mishap after mishap, incredibly poor craftsmanship at every turn, property damage, theft of personal property by their sub contractors, damage to a brand new trampoline we had just purchased for our kids rendering it unsafe to use, damage to our new cedar fencing from their careless heavy equipment drivers, and zero accountability when issues are pointed out, over 130k paid out so far and over a year later they keep dragging their feet with only 1 days worth of work to be finished.

    They dug our hole, and let it sit bare last spring during the rain season, then when it caved in multiple times, they said it was an act of God vs their negligence in not getting the gunite poured for over 4 months and tried to charge it back to our pool costs, contractors have damaged our driveway, our neighbors yard has huge visible dually tire ruts and destroyed lawn from their countless contractors driving over their lawn breaking water lines and sprinkler heads not even on our property, they broke concrete footings on our hvac equipment never fixed it, installed tiles upside down and laid incorrectly all over the place, came out and fixed it multiple times, each trip they made it worse, mismatching the grout, now visibly crooked, falling off again... cracked and failing grout everywhere, with gobs of mortar all over the surface and falling off, left boot prints all over the fresh salt finish concrete patio they laid, cement and gunite splatters all over the back of our house, all over our windows.

    They've damaged our gutters' down spouts so bad we had to get them replaced, they destroyed our fence so bad taking it out to gain access to our yard they couldn't put it back together, the contractors for that came out 4x and made it worse with each trip. Booger welds, spray paint on my house, lost sections, they even cut off the once functional outdoor gate hinges and welded on interior house door hinges, we finally told them to stop destroying the fence and we'd hire our own contractor to come out and build a new one since between their mangling, careless "attempted" repairs" and lost parts, it couldn't be salvaged.

    They dug holes and planted beams for our structure in the wrong spot 2x even after I showed them on their own plans they were doing it wrong, they buried unterminated drains during our final grade so drains couldn't empty and water would simply pool on our decking. Had to hire a landscaper to come fix them, We have had to escalate multiple times, our project manager while a nice, guy, is near impossible to have come out to the property to actually inspect the work he's supposed to be "managing", much less get our concerns actually addressed to several internal managers who were either indifferent, or plain rude, had one even yell at me on the phone because I was a "bad customer" for holding them accountable and then he threaten me.

    Have literally dozens of unreturned calls for unresolved issues. We're now 6+ months past their "estimated" finish date, they have just the plaster and pool fill to complete, yet months have gone by and we've heard crickets.. It's just sitting empty besides all the trash their people left in it, and keeps filling up with nasty water to be drained with each rainfall, Keep contacting our PM and asking when the pool will be done.. He has no idea, has zero ability to get us scheduled... Again at the mercy of "sub contractors" who may just show up one day unannounced.

    During this wait we've had the fence rebuilt, the entire yard re-plumbed for irrigation, re-sodded and plants installed and extensive landscaping done, all in less time than it's taken them to even get us scheduled for the plaster... DO NOT USE THESE GUYS... They claim to be the "Biggest Pool Company in the country" and it's a joke They changed their name from Premier to Pinnacle mid project which threw up tons of red flags, do some googling you'll see hundreds of recent complaints from pissed off customers, but we were already under contract so we're basically stuck, they sub out everything and have zero control, zero accountability and much of their internal staff is unreachable once you give them money.

    I have hundreds of pictures of their incompetence, documented every bit of damage and communication of this damage to our property and our neighbors property even video where my cameras would catch them, even their contractors defecating and urinating in my yard and in bottles later found stuffed in corners of our property and in my cesspool of a hole that should be a functional pool by now. I fully plan to leave reviews on every site and include pics of all the issues where possible.

    Customer ServicePricePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed April 8, 2022

    We started our pool and coordinating hardscape & landscape in August and here it is April and our project is still not complete. The design process with Jodi went well and the first few months we were pleased. If we had been asked to write a review in October it would have been 5 stars. However, the last couple of months have been the most frustrating encounter with any contractor we have ever had! We have owned 6 homes and each one we completely remodel, so we have dealt with quite a few contractors. Very poor communication - we have to ask for updates othwerwise none is given. Even when you ask for an update and a timeframe, you do not get a response or get a "canned" answer like "We will check on it" or "We put in a work order".

    We have been waiting on an amended permit for a fireplace that was never added to the original fireplace. We cannot get final inspection and yet the inspector told them in December during the pre-plaster inspection it needed to be done. It should have been handled before the inspector even said it but still here it is 4 months later and still nothing. We have a Pebbletec repair that we have been waiting on since January. Getting the outdoor BBQ complete was like pulling teeth! Keep in mind they charge a premium on these other items like fireplace, BBQs, etc. of about 20% which we paid to "streamline" the process. It has been anything but streamlined! Our backyard looks great and pool looks good but their customer service is terrible.

    Reviewed Nov. 8, 2021

    We used Premier Pools and Spas in NJ operate by husband Dickson ** and wife Allison **. This company was unprofessional all around. They will take your money and then become unresponsive to any of your questions or concerns. They damaged my property and denied any responsibilities. The entire process was a nightmare. Be careful with their reviews on Google as we came to find out afterwards that many of their positive reviews were written by themselves or subcontractors that they hired and work with. Unreliable and unprofessional summarize this company. If you are in the market for a new pool, look for another company who truly cares about your project and one that has the professional ethics to work along with.

    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 24, 2021

    This is our experience with Premier Pools and Spa owned by Chip Rayburn. This company overpromises and underdelivers. Their ads and salesman promised to finish our pool in 6-8 weeks, as it is the standard for their local competitors. The salesman was initially responsive to our inquiries and provided references who highly recommended him; they were not specifically in the Bryan/College Station area but in the Houston area. We did not make a big deal of it and concluded that if the references were trustworthy, we were going to acquire a pool of similar quality to those offered by the local competitors plus it would be ready by early Summer (Several friends had highly recommended a couple of local competitors but the companies admitted to be very busy and already scheduled far beyond what Premier Pools and Spa claimed to be).

    From all the five bids we requested, Premier Pools and Spa was the most expensive one; however, we decided to move forward with their contract as we thought that the extra thousand dollars were paying for earlier completion of the pool and the promising good customer service. Neither the customer service nor the anticipated timeline for the pool were achieved after signing the contract, and too late we realized how overcommitted this company was. Premier Pools and Spa took 18 weeks from excavation to plaster, at which point they considered the pool “complete”. Through the 18 weeks process, they were unresponsive and evasive to our questions regarding the schedule delays, although one time they accepted to be overcommitted and claimed a shortage of labor (it seemed their subcontractors often dropped the company projects at the last minute to attend other companies that paid better).

    Premier Pools and Spa also underdelivered in the quality of the project. They caused several expensive damages to our utilities - but they protect themselves from liability in the contract. The deck was constructed close to the house foundation without proper expansion joints, as was promised during the sale. Due to lack of supervision, the plaster crew damaged the coping and installed the wrong color, with a rougher texture than the sample shown during the sale (the texture is so rough that often causes skin abrasions to my son and has damaged our bath suits). After the plaster error, they offered either a small refund or stripping the plaster. We were exhausted from dealing with them - at this point, 4+ months - and decided to go with the refund and save us from more damages.

    For several work orders, due to their lack of responsiveness, my husband simply decided to get them done himself, including cleaning construction debris and food trash from subcontractors, compaction of soil pre-decking, installation of the fence, etc. In the end, we were willing to put up with all of that and get it done but once they give us the refund, we did not hear from them anymore despite multiple calls, texts and emails. We signed the contract in February and 8 months later they have not even done a proper City inspection for the final approval.

    The last straw - and the main reason to rate 1-star - is when the owner of the company, Mr. Rayburn, called me after an honest review I left in one of their facebook ads, to stop me from writing any review. More details about this incident in their facebook page reviews (**). Overall, we truly advise to stay away from this company.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 23, 2021

    Do yourselves a favor, take heed to the BBB rating and run from this company. I was excited to get my third pool built, and being new to the Austin area, we selected Premier since they were the most attentive to the lead. We were super excited when Aaron ** met with us and created the video for our pool. We were promised three things which helped us make the AWFUL decision to go to Premier Pools.

    Premier Pools would get the required permits.
    Premier Pools would get approval from the Santa Rita Ranch HOA on our behalf prior to our closing on the home.
    Excavation would begin a week after move-in.

    If for some reason, we decide not to go with Premier pools, we'd receive our $1000 deposit back minus $100 for the contract processing.

    We've been lied to by Joan ** with blatant intent. She promised me everything was moving forward, but when I contacted our HOA, nothing had been submitted with our address on it. I informed Joan of it and quickly crafted a lie. She even said she spoke to my wife, unknowingly to her my wife and I were sitting together, and we caught her in the lie and called her one it. When Joan was caught in the lie for not submitting our application to the HOA, she became angry, stated, "I'm mad now," and said she'd call Aaron to get it fixed. Five days later, nothing happened. I called to cancel the entire deal only to be told that we lose the deposit if we canceled. This was not what was promised to us at all during the consultation.

    We closed 7/10, no movent through 8/23, and now it's 9/23, still no refund, no pool, no response. Horrible company! I equate this to a robbery. I thought Aaron ** was a good guy, but he hasn't refunded me; he has been more concerned about his commission even though we were very patient. I don't take kindly to being robbed for $1000 for nothing. Run, Run, Run!!!

    Customer ServicePrice

    Reviewed Sept. 15, 2021

    Premier is not an honest Company and they will take your money and become nonresponsive. Project started on April 10, 2021 and is still not completed. They hire sub contractors that breaks things and want to pass cost off to you. They will not do work for 3 to 6 weeks at a time and won’t call you back. The owners are liars Garrett and Andy. They will try to keep squeezing more money out of if you let them. They also want o be paid in full before a job is completed. They will leave your yard a mess and say, "It’s on you or pay me more money." They check off things in contract and don’t complete them and try to say not in contract even if point them out. Don’t use this company. Worst ever and they should not be doing business in period. Choose another Company as they will treat you poorly as a customer and based on your race.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed July 15, 2021

    I am giving this review to this company for many reasons. First, they are irresponsible with his job. They didn't informed me the schedule for his job, so you never know when they come to work. They dug the hole months ago, and I didn't receive any news from them since then. I called many times from seller to the supervisor, and they did no answer my call. When they finally answer me, they excuse did not have sensed. Therefore, I don’t recommend you to contract this company.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed April 9, 2021

    We have a contract that states our pool will be done in 14 weeks. It is week 30 and it is STILL NOT DONE! We have had issues every step of the way from changes to our contracted specs without consultation, sales guy made promises Premier didn't intend to honor (if you do work with them get EVERYTHING specifically spelled out in writing), to flooding our basement, months of no returned phone calls, and more issues than I can list here.

    While Premier does have some good people, the organization and scheduling/prioritizing is atrocious and done purely to get more jobs started to get more money in. Even after Zack finally apologizing... 2 months have passed and our pool is still not completed. The sub-contractors who do 95% of the work seem to scratch/forget/mess up something every time they come that has to be fixed again! For almost 8 months people have come and gone with no notice and no respect for our property. The pool itself (the part completed) is lovely... but this has been a nightmare of a process with such poor communication.

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