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Haier designs solutions to enhance consumers' enjoyment of home at every stage of life—from university to first apartment to all shapes of family living. Each solution champions intelligence, individuality and the human drive to create the perfect home, so that each interaction with the consumer is a new opportunity to bring ease and joy to everyday life.

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121 Haier Appliances Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 4, 2015

After 2 years of H*LL with my 4-yr old Haier refrigerator, (freezer cold, refrig too warm, fan doesn't run as often as it should - seems to be a common denominator of Haier refrigerators!!) I broke down & called my town's oldest & most reputable appliance sales/repair center. They said "NEVER buy Haier! These 'economy' brands are not build for longevity!!" Seriously??? I have $50 shoes that have lasted far longer than this hunk of junk! Not only will my reputable sales/repair center NOT SELL Haier, they will NOT service it. Apparently there is too much aggravation to get replacement parts, etc!

Nice job Haier! BITE ME! (It seems like the only time my fridge is happy is when the A/C is on! WTH?? It needs HELP to stay cool?? Never again, Haier! And don't count on me ever to talk nice to anyone about you & I HAVE A BIG MOUTH when I am unhappy & boy am I unhappy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 31, 2015

I purchased a new Haier refrigerator July 2014 (The original refrigerator delivered need to be replaced immediately because of broken light that could not be repaired). In July 2015 the refrigerator stopped cooling. Haier sent out contractor twice and they have done various "fixes" over a two week period but, the refrigerator will be 59 degrees one day than 39 degrees the next. When I called Haier customer services they would not let me talk to a manager as requested. I need to send them a picture of the temperature. This is my first purchase of a Haier product but most likely my last. I have had other makes of refrigerators that lasted 20 years without needing a repair.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: July 28, 2015

The air conditioning unit at my parents' home went out. We got this unit about 5 yrs ago. We have a 10-yr warranty. My dad has contacted this company, @HaierAmerica, several times and they WERE able to pull up his warranty AND serial # but will not fix unit without him providing a receipt from 5 yrs ago! Besides getting a lawyer and contacting the Better Business Bureau, and writing a review, what are my options?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 25, 2015

Haier, who has a very bad reputation, also makes appliances which it sells under other labels. Our Aficionado wine cooler lasted less than three years. Repairs were going to cost around $400.00, with a projected life of 2-3 more years. I was informed by the technician that the cooler was a Haier under a different name (I would never have purchased it, having known that). Lesson learned: if you don't know the brand, ask a technician who the manufacturer is. I'm now looking at name brand coolers, but will talk to a technician anyway, just to be sure.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 12, 2015

One of the worst services provided by this company. Their after sales service is as bad as their product. I bought an LCD TV and when it was not working they told me that the company does not produce the spare parts. They kept the product for more than 5 weeks and then returned back unrepaired. They offered me 5% of the original cost as the value for buy back. I sent many reminders to their customer care but they send a pre formatted reply that we are looking into the matter. No one senior calls back. FOR ME IT WOULD BE NO HAIER PRODUCTS THROUGHOUT MY LIFE.

21 people found this review helpful
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Original review: June 10, 2015

I bought this AC unit several years ago and it worked good but it does not want to work this year. When I plug it in, it lights up then goes back off. What is wrong with it?

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Original review: May 20, 2015

Bought a portable AC about half of a year ago. Use it for a couple of months then put it away because we didn't need it. Got it out about a week ago for our new place in Hawaii. Started to randomly turn off and wasn't sure why until a flashing light started to appear that basically said it was full of water. We emptied it in about half an hour. After we had emptied it the same light came and it was full again.

Called customer service 3 times. The first time, they had asked me to get a hose and connected which I did. The hose would not drink anything. The second time they told me to get a hose for the bottom the drain which no one around me makes a hose that fits such a small drain. I started to get mad and then they told me the only way they would allow me to return it is if I was in the year mark of the warranty - wish I know I was. However, I happen to have misplaced the receipt and they told me they could not do anything to help. Wouldn't they be able to just look up the model and number? I will never be buying another product from them again. I spent $300 on this portable AC that lasted me 3 months. I highly recommend going someplace else with your money. Sincerely -- a pissed off person.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 3, 2015

NEVER BUY A HAIER PRODUCT! We purchased a Haier chest freezer from Sam's Club. Without going into the delivery nightmares and false claims made by Sam's Club, the freezer was delivered with a buckled lid. Haier refused to accept responsibility for replacing the lid and tried to blame it on the delivery. Sam's Club agreed to send a new one, but the delivery and return were a worse nightmare than before. We had to hire a handyman at our own expense to help us. The replacement was delivered with the package undamaged. When opened, we found that it had been packaged at the factory with a cracked end cap on the lid. The lid was also installed crooked.

We can't go through another nightmare return and this damage was clearly done at the factory. Even though the warranty states that it is warranted for defects in materials, Haier refused to fix it. We spoke to a supervisor and the same thing. I don't know what to do. We've paid full price for a poorly constructed, damaged product and Haier refuses to accept responsibility. If you buy a Haier product, you'd better pray that Haier Quality Control was paying attention that day because Haier is dishonest and irresponsible and takes no responsibility for their product. Still trying to decide what to do. We'll probably just return it to Sam's Club and buy a GE from Home Depot. Learn from my mistake. Stay away from these crooks.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 28, 2015

In November 2013 I purchased a brand new a Haier washer and dryer but I did not purchase the insurance protection and that was my second mistake. Purchasing Haier was the first. My mother lives in a senior citizen complex and the amount of laundry she has is about one good load a week. So to keep her from having to go to the laundromat since she in a wheelchair, we got this set for her to make her life less stressful.

Four months later the dryer starts spinning a load and did not stop without unplugging. Called for service and a repair man came said it needed a replacement for a part that I cannot remember what the part was. But he said it shouldn't be more than a week or so and he will return and put the part in all will be done. Well he never came back, said the part never came in. I was told this after four calls trying to find out what happened with the part coming in and where is the repairman.

Nothing was ever done because by this time it was no longer under the six months of warranty. On my own with getting this fixed which after contacting four different appliance repair companies, no one wants to touch anything made by Haier. So you say we still have a washing machine, wish that was true. In April of 2014 the washing machine would stop in the middle of spinning a load in the rinse cycle. Sometimes we can let the washer start over, which it will do on its own or we can stop it, wait awhile, push the knob and hope it continues which it sometimes does and other times it will not complete washing and I have to take the dripping wet clothes out, squeeze them out the best I can and go to the laundromat to either finish washing or try to dry the clothes, depending on how wet they are.

I am out of money spent on purchasing appliances intended to make life easier for my mother instead I have more work on me now because she is not able to do all that must be done to do a load of clothes. My mother is stuck with a washer and dryer that is not 2 years old that do not work nor can we find a service company that will try to fix either appliance became of the bad reputation of the quality of Haier products. Not sure how writing this will help my mother or me in our situation but maybe it will help someone to stop and think before purchasing any Haier products. Thank you.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 5, 2015

I order a refrigerator and freezer door handle in black and a microwave door also in black. Well I received the door handles however when I got the microwave door it was white. Called back for them to send me out the right door and yet again they still sent me another white door but they want to keep charging my credit card for THEIR dumb ass mistakes. So I have talked to supervisors and assistant managers and yet again no one can get me my right merchandise. Now remind you that I did all this within the month of February. So now it's like the 4th day of March and now they are telling me to send back the second white door and that my order for a black door is on back order until April 20th. How crazy is that? So now I am really frustrated so I told them to cancel the whole damn order and I will never ever ever use their merchandise again. So disappointed in them.

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Original review: Jan. 28, 2015

Bought Haier freezer 10 months ago with extended warranty (mistake). Freezer not cooling correctly. Called Haier hotline for customer no service. Couldn't get a tech to our area for 3 DAYS. Will lose hundreds of $ in food. Haier said best they can do as it takes that long to process complaints thru THEIR system. Will never ever ever ever ever buy or deal with Haier again.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 20, 2015

I bought a new Haier 20 cubic ft. refrigerator from Lowe's. It never got cold and Lowe's said they weren't responsible, but to call Haier's repair service. The service said it would be a week before anyone could look at it, and then they might have to order parts. In the meantime, the food is thawing, and neither Lowe's or Haier's service staff made any attempt to rectify the situation as soon as possible. I called an independent repair service and they said to never purchase a Haier appliance. The parts are often not available and that service would not repair any Haier appliances because they were so poorly made.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 19, 2015

I bought two Haier room A/C units & both had blower fans that lasted less than 20 months. I thought the upgrade to a higher BTU unit may have a better fan, but NO such luck... Yes, it took me 2 times to learn my lesson with "Made in China" and assembled in the USA. I'll never purchase another appliance made by Haier. The A/C units performed well, but I can't operate them with long shards of plastic breaking off at 2am, sounding like a truck crashed through the bedroom wall. I'm done with Haier products.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 15, 2015

Installed washer and did not work. Technician came out 5 days later to inform me that the unit needed a whole new board (A BRAND NEW UNIT NEEDS ANOTHER BOARD). Called the manufacturer requesting a new washer. They insist that I try new parts first (could take from 1 to 2 weeks) before resorting to new washer. I explained that this is for a rental unit and my retro has already been without a washer for a month. They did not care. I'm very angry.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 31, 2014

Haier Washer no GWT460AW - I have had washing machines for over 50 years and never had one like this. Thought it might be erratic due to some energy saving feature but in the spin cycle it sounded like a jet engine starting and stopping and even with light loads like 2 bed sheets and 3 towels it would jam up and stop. Then I heard this sound like a gun shot but the spinning tub broke loose and washer hit the wall, top came right off the washing machine and the side of the tub was pushed out.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 26, 2014

Bought Refrig with Freezer on top on Sept 5, 2014 model HT21TS80SP from Lowe's. Looked like a great product, design, functionality & price. China company but designed, manufactured and assembled in USA. So I thought put Americans to work, buy American. JUNK, PURE JUNK!!! 89 days old, unit died on a Thursday, Haier warranty repair company only serves my town on Tuesdays. I lost everything in my frig/freezer. Repair Tech said, “KNOWN problem, bad switch.” He replaced 2 parts (Thermo & Timer) WHY was a recall not performed??? Now, 15 days later on Christmas Eve (Dec 24, 2014) it DIED AGAIN. I lost everything in it AGAIN!!!! with many people coming for the Holiday. I will call Repair Center this morning Dec 26 and wait for repair AGAIN, probably have to wait till next Tuesday. Word to everyone, HAIER is JUNK PURE JUNK. Save your mind and food and buy LG. LG is best product(s) on the market, you pay slightly more but they are great. HAIER should not be allowed to be sold in the USA or its territories. JUNK JUNK JUNK!!!!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 9, 2014

I purchased a new Haier model H21TS80 refrigerator in August 2014 from Lowe's. I have been jockeying the temperature controls between the freezer and the lower compartment trying to obtain a steady 35 degrees in the lower compartment. It is impossible. The temp will go up and down 10-12 degrees. At times it is over 40 degrees then again it is 30 degrees. No one is using it but me and I am not in and out of it a lot. Nor do I place hot items in there so neither one of these apply. There also has been an annoying buzzing sound from the freezer area. Totally unsatisfied with it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 2, 2014

9" Tablet Haier Model HG-9041 - It has a one-year warranty. Purchased on 01/25/2014. First part of October sent to Le Pan for repair or replacement. Cost $12.95 to ship by UPS because tablet was not charging! I sent in on their RMA#. Received back 10/21/2014 - worked fine until 11/2/2014 - will not come on! Was working fine when I turned it off and I charged up to 100% before turning off! This morning nothing. I will never buy any Haier products again! Also, got another RMA# from Le pan service center again today.

13 people found this review helpful
Original review: Oct. 19, 2014

Haier tablets. Don't buy. Has quit working twice in nine months.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 25, 2014

I purchased a Haier chest freezer 7.0 cf for my mom for Christmas 2013. She took delivery of it, plugged it in and within 4 days she had ice build up all around the lid. Called HHGREGG. They said to contact Telrad service. They came out and said it was the seal. So they adjusted the seal and it still iced up. Then she got a New freezer and that one is freezing up. She has had 4 serviceman from Telrad out there and today she was told they would order her a new lid again. Come on this is not right. It needs to be removed from her house and replaced with a different one. Not let's keep trying this and this to see if it works. FIX THIS PROBLEM! She will not accept another Haier freezer. This is ridiculous!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 15, 2014

I bought my first one in June 2014, freezer went nuts minus 20 frig part 60. Haier would not work with me to fix it. Lowes replaced it with another one. This is my second, had it about 2 months, it's now doing the same as the other one. I will never buy anything made by this company again.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 12, 2014

July 28th I reported my Refrigerator was not working. I was referred to 2 places. One could not even talk service for 2 weeks or more. The 2nd place was told they could not help for 24-48 hours until they received the service order. They called back 2 days later then said I would receive a call within 7 business days from the repair department. It is now August 11th at 9:00 p.m. eastern time and they wanted to come the next day at 8 am. I cannot schedule service that quickly as I work. This is a long time to try and live without a refrigerator when you have children. I would never recommend this appliance or purchase this brand again.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 7, 2014

I had registered a complaint for my washing machine for not functioning in the month of May 2014 but it is not yet resolved. My phone was not answered frequently when I had called... And when received it was promised me date and time but never attended... I prefer never to buy HAIER PRODUCT in future...

22 people found this review helpful
Original review: July 24, 2014

I purchased a washer and dryer 12/12, with 2 service calls noted, haier will not do anything. Washer spins the clothes into a rope, they both make terrible noises, the dryer is now failed. Do not buy haier.

21 people found this review helpful
Original review: July 20, 2014

I purchased a washing machine from HH Gregg last the month of February. The washing machine stopped working four months after I purchased it. The dryer stopped working 17 months after I purchased the matching pair. The washer, I was refunded the price of the machine. The dryer on the other hand is out of warranty.

I must say I am very disappointed with their appliances. I have to pay someone to come and repair the dryer. This is what I was told by a woman of God on the telephone in conversation with her 3 days ago. I wish I had never brought these washer and dryer pair by this company. I have several other items I purchased, I only can hope they don't stop working to the Lord. Jesus knows I am praying for a better dryer now.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 20, 2014

I have 3 wine cellars model HVW18 and they can't find my model number so I am unable to troubleshoot or fix the problem. Two of the 3 units will not chill. They are less than 5 years old.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 2, 2014

The unit had a full year warranty and quit after ten months. I took the unit to a warranty repair shop as directed by the Warranty contact phone number. The dehumidifier has been sitting in that shop a month. The shop says they must wait for an ok from Haier to make the repair. This is not acceptable. I would not buy another Haier product.

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Original review: June 24, 2014

Haier 6000 BTU Window AC Unit - First unit did not cool so brought it back, and got an even exchange. Tested the next unit before installing it, cooled and sounded fine. Mounted it in window, used it one night, and left it off for about a week as the weather cooled. Weather got hot, turned it back on, and it sounded like there was gravel for the fan bearings. Let it run for a while and it didn't improve. It's going back tomorrow, and there will be no even exchange. I'm through with Haier. Good riddance!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 4, 2014

I bought a tablet and it had great price and that they had 24-7 hours of support. NO they do not. I think they are open total of maybe 8 hours day, no weekends. States it is in the US, again NO! The tablet just stopped working. It is not even 6 months old. Called them, they can not understand you nor you them and they finally said that I will get an email on how to return the device - a week later, nothing. I am going to submit a complaint against them with the Better Business Bureau and then write a letter to company who said they were going to be great. Very disappointed in the Company who sponsored them that I trust and Haier. I also work with 500 colleagues and word gets out...

9 people found this review helpful
Original review: May 27, 2014

I purchased a 22" Haier TV set from a local box store Nov. 28/12. Took it home, removed the packaging and plugged it in. All I got was a blue screen and nothing else. Took it back to the box store and was told that I had top deal with Haier. I phoned and was told to peel off the serial# label and send it in, which I did. They said that they didn't want the dvd set. About 5 weeks later, I got a replacement set (same model). It was going to be for our RV. It sat in its packaging for about 10 months or so before being unpacked. After I unpacked it, I found that it worked fine. It sat for another month. Put it into my RV last week and drove about 100 miles and stopped.

Turned on the TV and everything was perfect. Camped out for about three days. On the second day, the set was turned on and working well as it should. After turning off the set and leaving it overnight, the set was turned on and there was sound but vertical lines only where the picture should have been. I turned off the set and let it sit. On turning it on later, the same vertical lines and good sound.

I contacted Haier America. They had no record of me or the replacement TV set. I went through all of the info again. When the CSR finally got the info together, I was told that I would be responsible for taking it in for service since she felt that the warranty was over. It makes me wonder as to quality control on the Haier products. Also, it makes me wonder how good their followup and computer info really is. The CSR flatly told me that they had no record of replacing the TV set in question. I didn't make the second set materialize. It had to come from their supply depot somewhere.

I was blown off by the CSR as being totally responsible for the repair to what is, undoubtedly, a second faulty TV. As a consequence, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THEIR PRODUCTS TO ANYONE IF THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF THEIR QUALITY CONTROL AND CUSTOMER SUPPORT! I will be letting anyone I see who might be interested in Haier products as to the treatment I received regarding any of their products. If their other products are like these TVs, THEN I THINK THAT THEY ARE A BUNCH OF POORLY CONSTRUCTED GARBAGE and THEIR SERVICE SUCKS!!!! A Less than satisfied customer!

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