Does a home warranty cover flooring?

Check flooring coverage to avoid costly surprises later.

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Home warranties cover a wide range of appliances and systems. Sometimes, additional areas of your home are also covered. While it’s rare, you may be able to get a policy that gives your floors at least some protection.

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Some home warranty companies cover flooring.

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Flooring is typically an add-on and doesn’t come in a base package.

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Your plan may not cover damage caused by anything other than normal wear and tear.

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What flooring services does a home warranty cover?

Flooring coverage is usually not included in home warranty base packages. You’ll typically need to upgrade to a higher-tier package or include it as an add-on.

Your flooring coverage will vary depending on the home warranty company and the plan you choose. Some companies may cover the cleaning of hardwood floors or carpets, while others may cover repairing or replacing damaged flooring. It’s important to check your contract before signing up to find out exactly what you’re getting.

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Potential exclusions to flooring warranty coverage

Even with top-notch companies, it's inevitable that some stipulations in your contract could lead to a denied claim. When it comes to flooring, you might encounter a few hurdles. Here are some potential situations that may not have coverage:

  • Damage that's not a result of normal wear and tear
  • Damage from events deemed as "acts of God," like flooding or fire
  • Flooring in detached buildings like guesthouses or storage buildings
  • Improperly installed flooring

What to do if your home warranty doesn’t cover flooring

It’s important to stress that flooring isn’t a common feature of home warranty plans. Most don’t cover it. You’re not completely without coverage, though. You may be covered under the builders warranty if your home is new, or your floors may still be under a manufacturer’s warranty.

If you have flooring damage from something like a flood, fire or earthquake, then your homeowners insurance will probably cover it.

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    What does a home typically warranty cover?

    Home warranties usually cover large appliances, built-in microwaves, water heaters and systems like HVACs, plumbing, ductwork, pool heaters and well pumps. Some plans also cover additional items like pest control, septic systems, central vacuums, sump pumps and more.

    Is carpeting covered under a home warranty?

    Carpeting isn’t typically covered under a home warranty policy. You may find a company that covers flooring as an add-on.

    What is not covered by a home warranty?

    Usually, a home warranty company won’t cover damage caused by factors other than normal wear and tear.

    Bottom line

    Home warranties typically do not cover flooring as part of standard coverage. However, some home warranty companies offer optional coverage or add-ons for flooring. It's essential to review your home warranty contract's specific terms and conditions to understand what is covered and any limitations or exclusions that may apply. If flooring coverage isn’t included in your home warranty plan, you may need to explore other options, such as homeowners insurance.

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