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Discount Water Softeners

Discount Water Softeners
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    Have you been interested in installing a water softener system? Discount Water Softeners offers a variety of softeners in order to help you find one that best fits your needs. Not only do we offer a variety of water softeners, but we also have a selection of filtration and reverse osmosis systems, UV lights, water testing kits, and more. Whatever your need might be, Discount Water Softeners guarantees quality products. Visit our website today for specials and order your products today!

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        Rated with 2 stars
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: May 10, 2019

        I received my product via UPS on 5/09/19. The boxes looked pretty beat-up, though nothing damaged. This review is solely to point out that these people do not answer their phones. If you have a problem or a question, leave a message or send an email and they’ll get back to you. This method of providing, “Customer Service” is absurd. Moreover, the videos available on YouTube offered by Discount Water Softeners are lame. When someone spends over a grand on your product, have someone available to answer questions... This is too much to expect from them. You are totally on-your-own! Sure hope this system holds up.

        Doug **

        Phoenix AZ

        Discount Water Softeners response

        Doug, Thank you for your review. I have been monitoring your emails up and back the last few days with Bill and see that he got you answers to your questions about how much water should be in the brine tank. Glad he could assist you. I am sorry that we were assisting other customers when you called. We also show you called on Sunday and did not leave a message. We are not available on Sundays for customer support. Feel free to contact us again if you still need assistance.

        5 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: April 23, 2019

        I'm not sure why a company would think it's okay to provide email technical support only, it's not okay! IF YOU WANT TO BE ABLE TO TALK TO A LIVE VOICE DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! The product was probably ok. Their instructions are lacking. They show a hardness adjustment on a picture in the manual, but there is no explanation of how it works. I wanted to clarify that and a few other things. (I had already spent hours researching it, going through their YouTube Videos and troubleshooting on my own.)

        I left a voice message yesterday and didn't get a response so I emailed them this morning, explained the problem and asked them to call. I promptly got an email back from Bill! The person who responded didn't fully read the email and asked a question I had already addressed. Turns out my well pump is too low in the well and has pumped clay into our softener system. I spent 1 1-/2 days figuring this out, no thanks to them. This has rendered the softener I bought from them useless and has to be replaced. I will never buy from them again. Order #**.

        Discount Water Softeners response


        I do apologize that you did not receive the type of support you requested. We do provide email and phone support and we use both to assist our customers. If more lengthy information is needed or video links need to be sent we do use email to help better explain or show items for support purposes. I know Bill did email with you to help and do apologize if you only wanted a phone call. The image you included was produced by the manufacturer and does show a description of its function. If you need more in depth information we can send along a video on how the bypass operates if you are willing to accept a video link in an email. I am very sorry Bill asked an additional question that you had already answered. I know he likes to be thorough with his support. It does sound like the issues with your well pump are very problematic and would cause any water softener or iron filter to have problems. If there is anything else we can do to assist moving forward, please do lets us know. Feel free to call or email.

        3 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: April 23, 2019

        Updated on 05/10/2019: I’m confused as to what you represent as not accurate. I have researched correspondence from Discount Water Softeners and I can share with you that in no instance was I ever advised the unit required regular routine maintenance. I did locate not one but two messages where I was advised the unit would be very satisfactory for removing high levels of iron. Of course, now I am being told another story. I’m obviously getting the run around and the topic continues to change as you seek to blame me or my equipment.

        Also, in June 2018 I sent an e-mail message to your support e-mail requesting assistance and my message was acknowledged advising it was being investigated and you would provide a response. Apparently it is still being investigated because I never received a response. As far as your advertised warranty, there is none. You state the warranty is void if it is determined the water caused the problem (which will no doubt be the decision whether or not it is true). I would like to have the head of the equipment evaluated but cannot justify the shipping expense knowing the response will be “it is some other problem other than the equipment”. If a conditioner is purchased for the purpose of removing chemical and iron, why would water cause the conditioner to fail?

        Your warranty is interpreted so that it never covers your product because you can always indicate it is water or something else and therefore not covered by warranty which is exactly the case with Discount Water Softeners. Discount indicates they need approval from the manufacture on warranty items and it appears Discount owns or has a majority interest in the Genesis brand of equipment so they control decisions on warranties.

        I’m near the end of my rope with this matter and do not see any cooperation from Discount Water Softeners for a satisfactory resolution. Since you continue to point fingers at different causes, it only complicates matters and tells me you really are not seeking a resolution. I am still interested in determining why I did not receive the water conditioner that was specified and/or why Discount substituted for their brand of equipment.

        Updated on 04/29/2019: I am appalled at the response from Discount Water Softeners. The facts have been twisted and are not factual. Hydrotech did not refer me to Discount Water Softeners with reference to purchasing the Genesis system. I had never heard of Genesis until I noted the unit I received from Discount and had installed was a Genesis brand. The fact is I was working with Canature Water Group who referenced the Hydrotech system their Model #BIF-100, Part#15550912 and provided the complete specs which I relayed to Discount Water Softeners for purchase. The Hydrotech system is designed to remove up to 30 ppm and per tests performed on my water by the State of Wisconsin the iron content in my water is 9 ppm.

        Since you indicated the Genesis brand will fail with high iron content I am assuming the Genesis conditioner does not remove iron content of 10 ppm. Also, let me assure you any equipment I have that requires routine maintenance receives my complete attention and I am very conscious of making certain everything is maintained as required. The water conditioning system was supposed to require limited maintenance because it utilizes air to remove minerals; Apparently not a fact based on the comments. I have no idea what I am supposed to do with this Genesis system other than remove it and replace with a more reliable water conditioning system.

        I was advised I could contact Discount for support and assistance which I did this past summer of 2018 on numerous occasions and received no response. In fact, there has been no response or acknowledgement of my most recent letter that was mailed 6-weeks ago. When calling Discount by phone I never received a live person but instead receive a recording to leave a message. I assume this business practice provides for filtering out anyone they do not want to call back. One of my last messages to Discount this past summer was that it was going to be necessary to abandon my home if we could not resolve the issue with the Water Conditioner.

        Still I received no response and did in fact abandon the house late last summer until I could further research and determine what type of conditioner I should purchase and have installed to resolve my water issue. While I am very receptive to working with Discount Water Conditioners to resolve my problem, I am also determined not to spend more money on the system after having 5 water professionals review the system at the suggestion of Discount Water Softeners. None of the individuals who reviewed the system and my situation would touch the Genesis unit because they know nothing about the system and were alarmed that it has not functioned properly.

        While I could initiate court action to obtain relief from the losses in equipment (water heater, dishwasher, bathroom fixtures, etc) that have been negatively impacted by the water as well as the expense of the conditioner I don’t believe this action would be a wise choice of resources even if I won the case which appears to be strong. Instead I am compelled to replace the Genesis system which failed suddenly and quickly. Furthermore, I have now been advised by Discount the system requires substantial continued maintenance. Interesting enough, all of the homes in our community have water conditioners and after sharing my experience at an annual meeting none of them reported encountering problems with their systems.

        Because of my experience I am concerned with the lack of customer service from Discount Water Softeners as well as the reliability of their equipment. The fact my requests to Discount have been ignored and the fact I was advised the equipment was not under warranty for performance prompted my decision. If the equipment does not perform for any reason, it seems the warranty would apply and Discount would want to know the reason.

        Original Review: We purchased a water conditioner to remove iron and manganese. After much research with a very reliable manufacturer, they recommended a system with a Fleck water conditioning head and also suggested we order from Discount Water Softeners. We ordered from Discount Water Softeners and hired a professional contractor to install the unit. The unit originally functioned but later malfunctioned and stopped operating. At the time of the install I did not notice the unit was not a Fleck head as ordered but Discount had instead substituted and shipped one of their cheaper Genesis units. Efforts to get a resolution to the issue of the malfunctioning unit have been unsuccessful. I was told the water caused the unit to malfunction and they did not warranty performance.

        Really, what do they warranty???? They refused to accept a return of the unit so they could test to determine the problem. I submitted photos and facts to Discount and they had no resolution. Most recently, I have called again several times and never get a live person and no one returns my calls. I resorted to submitting a letter requesting assistance and again no response. I have also noted they no longer offer the system they sold me which is probably an indication it is an unreliable system. This is by far one of the very worst companies I have ever had to deal with. Their only focus is sale, they ship whatever they want to get rid of their inventory with no regard for the actual item specified on the order.

        The Genesis system as well as the Discount Water Softeners are both bad, very unreliable and unresponsive. It appears they only have sales people, no technicians or responsible customer service personnel. If you decide to order from this company (Discount Water Softeners, Inc.) be prepared to deal with the least respectful, least attentive, least helpful and most arrogant people.

        Discount Water Softeners response


        As previously stated, we can repair the control valve if you need us to. Just to let you know HydroTech is Canature. They are one in the same company. As far as the Genesis name, Hydrotech (same as Canature) does not allow their name on the product on the internet. Nothing twisted or not factual. Feel free to confirm with Hydrotech (Canature). As for responses to your emails, we show responses to your emails back in August 2018 indicating that it was recommended that the annual service be performed on the system as recommended in the manufacturer manual. Feel free to share what servicing has been done to it and we can let the manufacturer know and they can suggest how to further assist. as for the system being under warranty, it is still under warranty. We will once again offer to inspect the control valve if you want to send it to us. If any of the parts failed due to manufacturer defect, we will be happy to replace the part at no charge for that part. The warranty covers parts. It is not a performance warranty. No different than your neighbors systems, oxidizing iron needs to be done with an oxidizer such as air or a chemical. If the system can’t draw in air properly then the system will not work and eventually fail. If the maintenance was not done and the system fails as a result, it is not a warranty covered issue. We again wish to assist but we need to know what maintenance was done in the past 4 years and we would need to get the control valve here to inspect for you. Please let us know how you would like to proceed.

        8 people found this review helpful
        Customer increased Rating by 1 stars!
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: April 1, 2019

        Up until this point, we have been very happy with the Genesis softener we bought from Discount Water Softeners, less than 2 years ago. We have well water and really need the softener. My husband realized the valve assembly was leaking, and estimate it was doing so for about 24 hours. It has been about 10 days and communications have been very spotty. Just as we think we are making possible headway, their Support email box is FULL and not accepting messages. And again, no one is returning voicemail messages again.

        We were going to try and contact the softener manufacturer directly, only to learn on the interwebs, "The actual manufacturer remains unknown, however, due to proprietary reasons." What does that mean?!? Apparently, "Discount Water Softeners, Inc." is the only company that’s currently selling Genesis softeners (the seller also handles all warranty issues). We are starting to worry that we are going to be left holding the bag on this one and will have to shell out the money all over again.

        Discount Water Softeners response

        We have now responded multiple times via email requesting pictures of the source of the leak. Please e-mail us the picture so we can assist right away. Please be sure you are emailing the correct address above. Our support email is functioning and the mailbox is not full.

        6 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 4 stars
        Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
        Original review: Feb. 24, 2019

        I was having some problems with hard water and the range on hardness was pretty bad. It was leaving some water spots on the dishes and glass. I got an upflow system through Discount Water Softeners and I was hoping that I would save some money on salt. Everything went alright, except that it was hard to get a hold of the guy I was dealing with. I was trying to communicate back and forth with text messages and email. I had a little problem at first since we had a lot of storms come through here when I put the system in, and I don't know if lightning got it or what it was, but I had some difficulty with it. They seemed to try to help me out with it, and sent me a circuit board, but the circuit board they sent me was wrong. They had to reorder.

        Finally, they sent me a whole control head, and I put that on there and I haven't had any problems since. I had been waiting on them to send me a return authorization. I thought they might want the old unit head or the control back but I never did get a return number on it. At this time, the system seems to be functioning all right.

        4 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        profile pic of the author
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Feb. 19, 2019

        Updated on 02/20/2019: I have yet to get a call or email from this company and got lucky to get an operator yesterday after two attempts to contact. I guess this is the only way they will correspond with me so I’m writing this. I was given a number to call the manufacturer of the control valve. I talked to a guy named Murray and he basically said I had to take the control head apart and order a seal and spacer kit to rebuild it! I asked if he would replace the unit and he said no. I’m not sure why Discount Water Softeners Inc is referring me to their manufacturer of a product they sell.

        Supposedly there is a 7 year warranty on the control valve yet they want me to rebuild it myself which would probably void any remaining warranty if I did. I’m disappointed in the runaround I’m getting. I just want a new control valve sent to me that works for more than a year. It should be your responsibility not mine to get your manufacturer to back its products and right a wrong. Contact me somehow. If I hear nothing soon I will be contacting and filing a complaint with the attorney general's office.

        Original Review: I purchased a Genesis Katalox backwashing and iron filter from discount water softeners website on 6/4/17. I received my tank and head in decent condition, plumbed everything to spec, and ran a manual backwash. To my dismay I found the control unit would not advance to the rinse cycle and could hear the plastic gears slipping and popping. I informed them of the problem and was told to send it back for a replacement. I received the new head and installed it and didn’t have any issues with it until about a month or two ago.

        The replacement head is having the same issue as the first faulty one where it won’t advance to the rinse mode. The head is beeping and I can hear the junky plastic gears slipping and popping again! I unplug the unit and bypass it waited a couple hours and plugged it back in, it advances to the rinse mode. I have called left a voicemail and emailed the website and have yet to hear any response. I have had to get up in the middle of the night and unplug/bypass so my pump doesn’t keep running every time the unit does a regeneration. I’m getting tired of having to worry, and work on my water softener because of faulty workmanship in a product I paid good money for.

        Discount Water Softeners response

        Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I know that you corresponded with Beth here at our office on the 19th (yesterday) and she did provide you with manufacturer contact information to help expedite a resolution for you. We will continue to monitor this for you an ensure you have a system that is operational and continues to be reliable in the future. We do apologize for the issues you have seen.

        6 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 5 stars
        Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
        Original review: Feb. 17, 2019

        I had a great experience with Discount Water Softeners and their system is working very well compared to the last one I had. Previously, I had a water system but it was getting old. The system from Discount Water is also convenient and I'm happy with it. The cost was great and the quality is surprisingly good for the price. I had a positive interaction with their representatives and they helped us. The installation of the new water softener was easy. Before, our water was hard and rusty. Now, I have crystal clear water.

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        Rated with 5 stars
        Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
        Original review: Feb. 15, 2019

        We moved to Vermont and we have a well. And when we did the water test, the water had issues as far as pH, hardness, and some bacteria. I bought a softener and a bacteria filter from Discount. I liked that Discount didn’t string us along. Their competitors would give one price, and they tend to tell you something in email about some special and they kept on lowering their price on water softeners. Discount was a bit more of a straight shooter. Their sales consultants took a little time to get back to me, but they got back to me at some point and we had a good interaction. Since using the Discount products, the water pH is good. You can look at your silverware or your pots and pans, and there is a white film all over it when the water’s really hard. And that’s not there anymore. I can tell we have better water. And based on the test, everything is in line. So, it does work. Discount is good. They’re fairly priced. And I feel comfortable to recommend them.

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        Rated with 4 stars
        Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
        Original review: Feb. 11, 2019

        I needed to get a water softener to replace the old one that I had. I compared prices and reviews, and I found that Discount Water Softeners would be a good one. I purchased a water softener through their website and I had no problems with the site. I installed the system myself, and it was easy to do. So far, the system is good.

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        Rated with 5 stars
        Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
        Original review: Feb. 5, 2019

        We live in a hard water area, so we had to have a water softener. I found Discount online, and it was the cheapest. They also provided a really good complete kit, so it was a pretty easy install. Their site was good, too. However, it was kinda hard to find a video on the installation when I did the self-installation. They might make that a little bit easier to find. The product is easy to work with. We are happy with the water and it’s obviously a lot softer. It is a good value.

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